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Thursday, November 19

Kate Moss criticized after skinny-is-good remark

Eating disorder experts criticized Kate Moss on Thursday after the supermodel cited as her motto a phrase used on Web sites that encourage girls to avoid eating. [More]

Stimulus job creation data flawed

The government watchdog overseeing economic stimulus spending said Thursday that, in its rush to take credit for saving hundreds of thousands of jobs, the Obama administration was overly confident in its job-counting and did not acknowledge significant errors in the figures. [More]

Pastor in plastic surgery, Botox case ‘very sorry’

A New York pastor accused of using church funds to pay for plastic surgery has been ordered to serve five years probation. [More]

Obama Has Little to Show From His Trip to Asia

President Obama returns from his four-nation tour of Asia with few concrete accomplishments in hand. Even so, the White House defended the trip as an important step toward changing America's image overseas. [More]

College students arrested for not paying tip

College students Leslie Pope and John Wagner and four of their friends went to the Lehigh Pub in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The bill came to $73, which they paid, but they refused to pay the mandatory $16.35 tip, because they said the service was lousy. So they were arrested. [More]

Virginia College Student Mistaken for Deer, Shot to Death

A Virginia college student was shot to death while collecting frogs for biology class by a hunter who mistook her and her classmates for deer, officials say. [More]

Accountant stole money to buy dolls

A former accountant and trustee was sentenced to four years in prison for stealing more than $500,000 in trust fund money and using it to buy a doll collection, county prosecutors said today. [More]

Liquor Store Clerk Shoots, Kills Gunman in Botched Robbery

A liquor store clerk who was quick on his feet prevented three masked and armed robbers from holding up the Delaware establishment during his shift Tuesday night, reported. [More]

Alabama Boy, 13, Nabbed in Prostitution Sting

An undercover officer posing as a prostitute in Alabama tried more than once to run off a 13-year-old boy who asked her for sex, but police say the teen insisted and had to be arrested. [More]

Awards honor top 10 Internet moments of the decade

The explosion of Craigslist's online classifieds. The death of Napster. The "Twitter Revolution" in Iran. All big moments on the Internet. In fact, they're among the 10 biggest of the past decade, according to the Webby Awards. [More]

Teen calls police when parents take Xbox

Police in suburban Chicago said a 15-year-old called 911 to ask authorities whether his parents had the right to confiscate his Xbox video game console. [More]

15-Year-Old Missouri Girl Indicted in Murder of Neighbor, 9

Blessed with a Friday off school, 15-year-old Alyssa Bustamante dug two holes in the ground to be used as a grave, authorities said. For the next week, she attended classes, all the while plotting the right time for a murder, they said. [More]

Woman used stun gun, hammer to discipline children

Deputies arrested a 31-year-old woman on charges she used a variety of items, including a stun gun, hammer and belt, to discipline seven children, one less than a year old, during the last five years. [More]

Man brought baby to drug deal

A Florida man robbed while allegedly trying to buy drugs with his 18-month-old daughter in tow was himself arrested, police say. [More]

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Myriad [myr·i·ad] adj.  Constituting a very large, indefinite number; innumerable: "The myriad snowflakes in the winter." [More]

7 strange plastic surgery procedures

Offbeat procedures designed to fine-tune those near-perfect features – are starting to attract consumer interest. [More]

Stars Without Makeup

The 'Will & Grace' star tries to hide her bare face with her phone while out shopping at Fred Segal in Santa Monica on November 11. Hopefully she was calling her stylist. [More]

Cop in Fatal Crash Was Driving 94 MPH

An arrest affidavit says a Milford police officer charged with manslaughter for a car crash that killed two teenagers was driving 94 miles per hour and was not on an emergency call. [More]

Robber got only $2 from crimes

Chicago police said they arrested a man who had only $2 to show for a string of four apparently unarmed robberies. [More]

Man Who Plowed Into New Jersey Cyclist Was Texting About Drug Deal

Police say a man who drove his car into a New Jersey cyclist had been sending a text message about a drug deal. [More]

Jury Awards $100K in Naked Torso Case

A jury has awarded $100,000 to a woman whose doctors supplied photos of her naked torso for a newspaper article without first obtaining her permission. [More]

$40,000 left at holy site — for safekeeping

Operators of a Catholic shrine in Maryland thought they had been blessed with a big donation this month when a worker found $40,000 worth of rare coins on the grounds. [More]

Pennsylvania Woman Killed by Stray Bullet That Burst Through Wall During Gunbattle

Police say a suburban Philadelphia woman lying in bed was struck by a bullet that came through a wall, killing her. [More]

Wednesday, November 18

Forbes: Will Ferrell is Hollywood's most overpaid star

Funnyman Will Ferrell and British actor Ewan McGregor on Wednesday headed a list of Hollywood's most overpaid stars when looking at the financial returns of their movies. [More]

Sheriff's officer who took lawyer's paperwork might go to jail

A Maricopa County Sheriff's detention officer has been found in contempt of court for walking up to an attorney's desk in a Phoenix courtoom and removing a document from files sitting on the desk. [More]

Father of Michael Jackson Molestation Accuser Commits Suicide

The father of the boy who once accused Michael Jackson of molestation has committed suicide, authorities said. [More]

Man selling marijuana door to door

A teenager who had been going door to door trying to sell marijuana was arrested after he went to the residence of a Brownsville police officer, police said. [More]

Johnny Depp is the sexiest man alive, again

"Pirates of the Caribbean" star Johnny Depp is the sexiest man on the planet, according to People magazine Wednesday. [More]

Seized tanker's captain dies, Alabama attacked again

The captain of a Virgin-Islands owned chemical tanker hijacked this week has died from gunshot wounds sustained when the ship was attacked, a Somali pirate said on Wednesday. [More]

White House reports billions of improper payments in 2009

The federal government made $98 billion in improper payments in fiscal 2009, and President Obama will issue an executive order in coming days to combat the problem, his budget director announced Tuesday. [More]

Police hunt armed gunmen who held 15 people

Police were searching for two gunmen at a T.J. Maxx in a Venice, Fla., shopping mall early Wednesday morning after they took a total of 15 people hostage, NBC News reported. [More]

Obama spends five minutes with half-brother in China

U.S. President Barack Obama took time out of his busy diplomatic schedule in China to meet with his half-brother, who lives in the southern part of the country - but only for five minutes. [More]

Nicolas Cage caused his own financial ills, ex-business manager says

Nicolas Cage brought about his own financial ruin with a spending spree that included two castles, 15 palatial homes, a flotilla of yachts and a squadron of Rolls Royces, his former business manager said. In 2007 alone, Cage's "shopping spree entailed the purchase of three additional residences at a total cost of more than $33 million; the purchase of 22 automobiles (including 9 Rolls Royces); 12 purchases of expensive jewelry; and 47 purchases of artwork and exotic items," Levin's filing said. [More]

Arkansas Police Use Taser on 10-Year-Old Girl

Ozark Police Chief Jim Noggle says one of his officers used a Taser on a 10-year-old girl who was combative when the officer tried to get the girl into a patrol car to be taken to a youth shelter. [More]

Brazil miniskirt student enjoys fame

Fresh from an appearance on one of Brazil's most popular TV shows, the young woman whose short, pink dress got her kicked out of college is enjoying her newfound fame, yet has her eye on getting back to class. [More]

Billionaire’s divorce could be lucrative for U.S.

The U.S. government could collect billions of dollars in court-ordered restitution under a new divorce decree between imprisoned former Cendant Corp. chairman Walter Forbes and his wife of 27 years. [More]

NJ clerk sells winning lottery ticket by mistake

No one is complaining about a $100,000 mistake made by a southern New Jersey store clerk. [More]

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Pervasive [per·va·sive] adj.  Having the quality or tendency to pervade or permeate: "the pervasive odor of garlic." [More]

11-Month-Old Arizona Girl Dies After TV Falls on Her

Authorities say an 11-month-old girl injured when a television fell on top of her inside her family's north Phoenix apartment has now died. [More]

Madoff yacht, boats sold at auction

Bernard Madoff's yacht "Bull," two smaller boats and a Mercedes-Benz convertible have been auctioned in Florida for over $1 million combined. [More]

Wisconsin Man Charged With Killing 14-Year-Old Stepson

A Wisconsin man strangled his 14-year-old stepson with a necktie in a minivan in a Walmart parking lot, telling investigators he wanted to get revenge on his wife and her relatives for interfering in his business, prosecutors said Tuesday. [More]

Jury indicts suspect in Orlando office shooting

A man accused of shooting one worker to death and wounding five others in an engineering office where he used to work has been indicted by a grand jury. [More]

Biden's Security Detail Crashes, Again

A police car working ahead of Vice President Joe Biden's motorcade was involved in a minor traffic accident Tuesday evening. Vehicles linked to Biden have already been involved in two accidents in a week. Last Thursday, two armored Secret Service vehicles struck and killed a man as he was crossing a parkway in Maryland. [D] [More]

First U.S. trial of 9/11 case was full of surprises

Zacarias Moussaoui was a clown who could not keep his mouth shut, according to his old al-Qaida boss, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. But Moussaoui was surprisingly tame when tried for the 9/11 attacks — never turning the courtroom into the circus of anti-U.S. tirades that some fear Mohammed will create at his trial in New York. [More]

Tuesday, November 17

Gaddafi tries to convert 200 women to Islam

Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi, in Rome for a U.N. food summit, spent several hours in the company of 200 Italian women recruited by an agency and tried to convert them to Islam, Italian media reported Monday. [More]

90-Year-Old Ex-Member of Nazi SS Charged With 58 Counts of Murder

A former SS sergeant who worked unnoticed for decades as a train-station manager was charged with 58 counts of murder Tuesday after a student doing undergraduate research uncovered his alleged involvement in a massacre of Jewish forced laborers. [More]

Suspect in Custody in Oklahoma Murders of 4, Including Pregnant Reality Show Prostitute

A former Marine turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday after being named a suspect in the shooting deaths of four people whose bodies were found in a burning home, including a prostitute featured on the HBO reality series "Cathouse," police said. [More]

Sexiest Mag Covers of '09

From Aniston to Alba to Fergie, it's been one sexy year for magazines. Check out our top picks for the hottest female covers of the year. [More]

Florida Police Search for Bank Robber With 'Notably Bad Breath'

Authorities in Broward County are searching for a man with "notably bad breath" who is suspected of robbing a South Florida bank branch. [More]

Cook goes on trial for spitting on police chief's hamburger

Image_8687271 A woman testified that Jaime Perez told her that he had put vegetables for the sandwich in his mouth before placing them on the hamburger and that he spit on the police chief's burger. [More]

Detroit man kills naked son with 'execution style' gunshot

One wonders what was going on in the head of Jamar Pinkney Senior yesterday when he marched his son out of his mother's house at gun point. We may never know the root cause for this senseless tragic crime. [More]

French woman marries dead partner

A French woman said she was granted a wedding to her fiance nearly a year after his death in a car accident. [More]

Newspapers raided in union corruption probe

The New York Police Department raided circulation offices at some of the nation's largest newspapers as part of a union corruption probe. The official says the offices of The New York Times, the New York Post, El Diario and the Daily News of New York were raided Tuesday. [More]

Georgia Teacher Accused of Putting a 'Hit' on Student

A Georgia teacher reportedly has been placed on paid administrative leave after being charged with making terroristic threats against a 16-year-old student. [More]

Cancer scientist reveals secret life as prostitute

An erotic blogger whose double life as a prostitute became a hit TV series has ended years of fevered speculation by revealing her most intimate secret - her true identity. [More]

Repo man struck by repossessed car

An Ohio man was accused of striking a repo man with his car when he tried to take it back after it was repossessed. Police said 41-year-old Charles Alexander was arrested late Saturday near his home in the small town of Silverton, near Cincinnati. [More]

Tobacco execs quickly find tax loophole

With a simple marketing twist, tobacco companies are avoiding hundreds of millions of dollars a year in taxes by exploiting a loophole in President Barack Obama's child health law. [More]

"Unfriend" takes word of the year honors

"Unfriend" is the New Oxford American Dictionary's 2009 Word of the Year. It means to remove someone as a friend on a social networking Web site such as Facebook. [More]

Slew of offshore tax evaders settle with IRS

More than 14,700 U.S. taxpayers came forward to disclose billions in offshore bank accounts in 70 countries under a voluntary Internal Revenue Service program allowing most to avoid criminal prosecution as long as they pay what they owe, IRS officials said Tuesday. [More]

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Avarice [av·a·rice] n.  Immoderate desire, greed for wealth: an unreasonably strong desire to obtain and keep money. [More]

Middle fingers cost Titans' owner $250K

A few seconds of exuberant finger-flipping cost Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams a quarter of a million dollars Monday. [More]

Man upset over ticket phoned trooper's mom

Police said a Long Island man upset about a speeding ticket tried to get even with a state trooper by making a prank phone call to his mother. Police didn't think it was funny. The 54-year-old was arrested Thursday and charged with second-degree aggravated harassment. [More]

Mass. judge tosses lawsuit against Hasselbeck

A federal judge in Massachusetts has dismissed a lawsuit accusing television personality Elisabeth Hasselbeck of plagiarism. [More]

Bailed-out companies mute holiday parties

Caviar and cocktails are out, while casseroles and cookie trays are in as many employers scale back holiday party plans this year in recognition of an economy still struggling through a deep downturn. [More]

Monday, November 16

15 million will have to pay back some of Obama tax credit

More than 15 million taxpayers may owe the government $250 or more because of how the IRS last spring set up President Barack Obama's tax break that was designed to help consumers spend the economy out of recession. [More]

Union troubled by Eagle Scout project

In pursuit of an Eagle Scout badge, Kevin Anderson, 17, has toiled for more than 200 hours hours over several weeks to clear a walking path in an east Allentown, PA park. Little did the do-gooder know that his altruistic act would put him in the cross hairs of the city's largest municipal union. [More]

Man carrying $600 pinched for stealing a pencil

Police have arrested a man after he allegedly stole a pencil from a Bellingham store even though he was carrying $600 in cash. [More]

Oklahoma doctor held in death of son

A doctor in suburban Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was arrested Monday and accused in the early morning death of his 9-year-old son, police said. [More]

Rosie admits partner Kelli 'moved out two years ago'

Rosie O'Donnell may have said last month that she was done commenting on breakup rumors dogging her relationship with her partner of five years, Kelli Carpenter, but that changed Friday. On her Sirius Satellite radio show, O'Donnell suddenly admitted Carpenter had moved out of their home two years ago. [More]

Equalizer actor Edward Woodward dies

British actor Edward Woodward, best known for roles in 1973 cult classic "The Wicker Man" and U.S. television series "The Equalizer," died Monday aged 79. [More]

Man drives 840 miles for Chicago class

An Oklahoma man said he commutes 1,680 miles a week to take an improv comedy class at the famous Chicago school that trained his hero. [More]

New Jersey Actor Who Played Santa Jailed for Sex With Boys

A small-time actor and former children's entertainer who was known for playing Santa Claus was sentenced Monday to nearly 20 years in prison for his role in an international sex tourism ring that preyed on young children. [More]

Firefighter Charged With Arson After Warehouse Fire

An on-call firefighter has been charged with arson for allegedly starting a fire that destroyed a warehouse in northern Maine where large rolls of paper, plastic bags and drums of ink were stored. [More]

Ohio chief's trial begins in Parker-Broderick case

Jury selection has begun in the trial of one of two Ohio police chiefs accused of snooping on the woman who carried twins for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. [More]

Broadcast pioneer NBC prepares for takeover by cable company

Cable TV operator Comcast Corp. is expected to buy a controlling stake in NBC Universal, perhaps as early as this week, bringing the networks of NBC, USA, SyFy, CNBC and The Weather Channel under the corporate control of the company that owns the Golf Channel and E! Entertainment Television. [More]

Body believed school board chief found in Chicago River

A body believed to be that of Michael Scott, the president of the Chicago Board of Education, was found in the Chicago River near the Merchandise Mart this morning, police said. [More]

Park status for Billy Carter gas station?

A U.S. taxpayers group is objecting to giving national park status to a gas station once owned by Billy Carter, the brother of former President Jimmy Carter. [More]

Idaho boy kills bear that wouldn't leave porch

An 11-year-old Idaho boy fatally shot a black bear on his family's front porch after he said it wouldn't leave. [More]

Arrest at Walmart Leads to Charges of Racism

Nearly three years after Heather Ellis switched checkout lines at a southeast Missouri store and touched off what she calls a racially charged dispute with white customers and authorities, the young black schoolteacher faces a trial that could send her to prison for 15 years. [More]

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Synergism [syn·er·gism] n.  Interaction of discrete agencies or conditions where the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual parts.  "All the stockholders saw considerable synergism in the merger."  [also Synergy]. [More]

Police catch helicopter jailbird

Greek police have arrested a heavily armed fugitive, Alket Rijai, who embarrassed authorities by twice escaping from prison in a helicopter. [More]

Fla. suspect in Mo. child sex case 'devastated'

A sixth member of a family facing multiple child sex abuse charges in western Missouri said he is "devastated" and had "no idea" about the rape allegations against him. [More]

Sunday, November 15

Jackpot: Lawyers earn fees from law they wrote

Every lawsuit filed or threatened under a California law aimed at electing more minorities to local offices, and all of the roughly $4.3 million from settlements, can be traced to two people: a pair of attorneys who worked together writing the statute. The law makes it easier for lawyers to sue and win financial judgments, while shielding attorneys from liability if the claims are tossed out. [More]

Mexican Drug Lord Shows Up on Forbes Billionaire List

Joaquin Guzman Loera is listed as number 41 on Forbes list of the world's most powerful people. He's also a drug lord and Mexico's most-wanted man. [More]

Police Officer Resigns After Allegations He Had Sex While on Duty

Two police officers in Glendale, Arizona have resigned following accusations that one of the officers had sex with a female co-worker while on-duty. [More]

Man Dies After Being Tasered at Mother's Home

Police say a man who had locked himself and his mother in her Long Island home died after he tussled with officers and was zapped twice with a stun gun. [More]

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Specificity [spec·i·fic·i·ty ] n.  1. The condition or state of being specific rather than general.  "His input added a desirable note of specificity to the discussion." [More]

Tiger wins Aussie Masters

Tiger Woods gave record crowds at Kingston Heath what they wanted to see — exquisite shots and a closing round of 4-under 68 to win the Australian Masters on Sunday for his seventh victory of the year. [More]

Veteran's Ashes Stolen Day Before Funeral

An urn containing the ashes of a decorated Korean War veteran has been stolen from a van the soldier's family rented to attend his burial at Arlington National Cemetery. [More]

South Fla. man says he'll choose pet pig over town

Town officials have ordered a man to get rid of his 300-pound pet pig, but the owner says he'd rather leave town than give up the animal. [More]

Saturday, November 14

Govt: Medicare paid $47 billion in suspect claims

The government paid more than $47 billion in questionable Medicare claims including medical treatment showing little relation to a patient's condition, wasting taxpayer dollars at a rate nearly three times the previous year. [More]

Body parts sold to kebab stand, police say

Russian police have arrested three homeless people suspected of eating a 25-year-old man they had butchered and selling other bits of the corpse to a local kebab house. [More]

Wandering jet: FAA 'could have done better'

The government's reaction to an out-of-communication jet that flew past its destination last month was marred by poor communication and a failure to notify the military for more than an hour, officials said Friday. [More]

Obama to Congress: Put Off Hood Probe

President Barack Obama on Saturday urged Congress to hold off on any investigation of the Fort Hood rampage until federal law enforcement and military authorities have completed their probes. [More]

How low will he go? Obama gives Japan's Emperor Akihito a wow bow

President Obama will receive a lot of approving nods in Japan this weekend, especially among the older generation of Japanese who still pay attention to the royal family living in its downtown castle. Very low bows like this are a sign of great respect and deference to a superior. [Click for Photo] [More]

Ex-congressman gets 13 years in freezer cash case

A former Louisiana congressman who famously hid $90,000 cash in his freezer was sentenced today to 13 years in prison for taking bribes, the longest term ever imposed on a congressman for bribery charges. [More]

No prison time for ex-judge

Appeals judge Thomas E. Stringer avoided any prison time for committing federal bank fraud to help a stripper he had known for years. Instead, he was sentenced to a year of probation, ordered to forfeit $222,000 and fined $250. [More]

Man convicted of robbing mom at gunpoint

A 27-year-old Anchorage man has been convicted of robbing his mother at gunpoint because she didn’t give him money to help pay a $430 parking ticket. [More]

Update: Stripper ad campaign halted in Las Vegas

Live strippers on the back of a truck is too much — even for Sin City. A Las Vegas strip club has agreed to stop an advertising promotion in which it hauled bikini-clad exotic dancers around in a truck with clear plastic sides. [More]

Owner arrested after dog attacks woman

A 33-year-old Tampa man's pit bull got out and attacked a woman today, a Hillsborough County Animal Services spokeswoman said. [More]

Hasan had communications with Pakistan

The Army psychiatrist charged with killing 13 people in a shooting spree at Fort Hood made or accepted wire transfers with Pakistan, a country wracked by Muslim extremist violence, a Republican congressman said Friday. [More]

Federal case threatens mosques, charity work

The organization that federal investigators say is a front for the Iranian government has spent millions of dollars over the years on philanthropy: buying property for four U.S. mosques, funding religious schools and language classes, and translating books on Islam. [More]

LA police arrest 74-year-old tagging suspect

A 74-year-old man said to be the oldest graffiti vandal ever captured in Los Angeles County was arrested Friday, authorities said. [More]

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Innocuous [in·noc·u·ous] adj.  1. Having no adverse effect; harmless.  2. Not likely to offend or provoke to strong emotion; insipid.  [the seemingly innocuous e-mail actually contained a malicious virus]. [More]

Jon Gosselin sues TLC for $5 million

In the latest skirmish in his war with TLC, Jon Gosselin has filed a $5 million claim against the network, saying its representatives damaged his reputation and career by preventing him from working with other media outlets. [More]

Wal-Mart to keep stores open 24 hours to ease Black Friday

Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) said Wednesday it will keep its stores open 24 hours and take new crowd-control measures Thanksgiving weekend after a temporary employee was trampled to death in a Black Friday rush last year. [More]

Woman charged with DUI after mistaking Tennessee police officer for Sonic drive-in car hop

A woman who mistook a police officer for a car hop at a Sonic drive-in was charged with DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia. A caller to 911 Saturday reported the woman nearly struck several vehicles before pulling into the drive-in. [More]

Illness Could Turn Little Girl to Stone

A 5-year-old English girl is battling a very rare illness that threatens to turn her body into a rock. [More]

Cooking school uses Viagra in dessert

A Colombian cooking school has concocted a "love dessert" made with passion fruit - and Viagra. [More]

'DJ AM' Goldstein estate sues for wrongful death

Court documents say the estate of Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein is suing several defendants for wrongful death. [More]

Friday, November 13

Balloon boy parents plead guilty

The Colorado parents accused of pulling a spectacular hoax by reporting their son was aboard a runaway balloon have pleaded guilty to charges that could bring some jail time and probation. [More]

Woman arrested after pretending to have cancer, using money from fundraiser for breast implants

Authorities say a Robinson woman told them she lied about having breast cancer and then spent $10,000 raised for her at a charitable benefit on breast implants in an attempt to save her failing marriage. [More]

Connecticut Doctor Accused of Inseminating Patient With Own Sperm

A Connecticut doctor is under fire after allegations surfaced that he substituted his own sperm for that of a patient's husband to conceive their twins. [More]

Update: NC principal leaves after cash-for-grades flap

A North Carolina principal is retiring after school district leaders halted a cash-for-grades fundraiser she approved. [More]

Cops Watched Ray Clark Scrub Floor Drain at Yale Murder Scene

Accused Yale murderer Ray Clark was seen by authorities moving a box of wipes to hide a blood spatter in the room where Yale lab tech Annie Le was killed, and he later got down on the floor in front of surprised investigators to scrub a drainage area with scouring pads. [More]

Arkansas evangelist gets 175 years for child sex

A federal judge on Friday sentenced Evangelist Tony Alamo to 175 years in prison for child sex crimes. [More]

Michael Jackson planned 'robot duplicate' of himself

Pop legend Michael Jackson intended to construct an eerily-lifelike robotic duplicate of himself, according to reports. Detailed three-dimensional scans of the deceased globo-celeb's body were made, and the super-accurate body maps are now said to be on sale for a million dollars. [More]

Bank employee goes to class reunion in Marine uniform, faces charges

Steven Douglas Burton was a member of the marching band at Alhambra High School, where he struggled to fit in and wasn't known for being athletic. So when he showed up at his 20-year reunion with a buzz cut and dressed in a crisp Marine Corps uniform, fellow members of the class of 1988 were more than a bit surprised. [More]

Drunken Pa. man drove tractor on beer run

Pennsylvania State Police say a man was drunk when he hopped on a lawn tractor and drove it to buy more beer. Police say 63-year-old Ford Earl Broome's blood-alcohol content was about double the state's legal limit for drivers. [More]

Friday the 13th phobia? You have plenty of company

Friday the 13th is a day when people rearrange travel plans, delay surgery or just pull up the covers and stay in bed until Friday the 13th turns into Saturday the 14th, convinced that even stepping out of the house would cause bad luck to find them the way an anvil finds Wile E. Coyote. [More]

Indiana Principal on Leave After He Allegedly Drove Drunk Wearing Dress

An Indiana elementary school principal was placed on leave from work after police say they stopped him driving home from a Halloween party drunk - and in a dress. [More]

Man charged over Cindy Crawford extortion bid

A German man has been charged with attempting to extort 100,000 dollars from Cindy Crawford over a photo showing the former supermodel's daughter gagged and bound to a chair, federal prosecutors said. [More]

Fort Hood suspect kept for staff goals?

The military psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people at Fort Hood was part of a medical psychiatrist corps stretched to its limits, raising questions about whether the Army kept him on to meet personnel goals. [More]

Who Shot Hasan During the Ft. Hood Massacre?

It was a feel-good hero story that for several days gave Americans some comfort after the murder of 13 soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas. But like so many war stories — including the infamous rescue of Private Jessica Lynch during the 2003 invasion of Iraq — the exact details are growing more murky by the day. [More]

Fort Hood shooter is paralyzed, lawyer says

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the U.S. Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people at Fort Hood Army Post in Texas a week ago, is paralyzed, his lawyer said Friday. [More]

Pa. couple soaked after allegedly trying to steal working copper pipes

Police said the couple had tried to steal copper pipes from a vacant apartment building, not realizing that water service was still turned on inside. [More]

Lawsuit: Trip over dog ruined sex life

A New York octogenarian claims in a lawsuit against a bar that his sex life was ruined by an injury suffered when he tripped over a dog at the establishment. [More]

WordThink - Word of the Day

Autonomous [au·ton·o·mous] adj.  1. Independent in mind or judgment; self-directed.  2. Not controlled by others or by outside forces; independent: "an autonomous judiciary." [More]

Missing N.C. Girl Seen With Man at Hotel

A missing 5-year-old North Carolina girl was seen with a man at a hotel, but not the same person charged in her kidnapping, police said late Thursday. [More]

Skydiver Killed After Hitting Plane

A skydiver was killed Wednesday when he struck the airplane from which he had jumped. [More]

Prospective groom drops ring from hot air balloon

A young Ohio pastor didn’t lose his nerve about asking his girlfriend to marry him — even after he accidentally dropped the diamond engagement ring overboard during their hot-air balloon ride. [More]

Contestant dies 2 weeks after competing on ABC's 'Wipeout'

A contestant who was hospitalized after competing briefly on the game show "Wipeout" died two weeks later of a stroke apparently caused by a rare condition, his father said. [More]

Top White House lawyer to be pushed out

In the first major shakeup among President Obama's senior staff, White House Counsel Greg Craig is being pushed out in favor of veteran Democratic lawyer Bob Bauer because of a dispute over plans to close the U.S. military prison in Cuba, CNN has learned. [More]

Trump puzzled by Prejean's 'Larry King Live' stand-off

Donald Trump expressed shock at former Ms. California Carrie Prejean's attempt to end the interview with host Larry King during her appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live." [More]

Man distracted by bird drives Bugatti into marsh

A man blamed a low-flying pelican and a dropped cell phone for his veering his million-dollar sports car off a road and into a salt marsh near Galveston. [More]

Man gets life without parole in Arkansas TV anchor's murder

A jury sentenced an Arkansas man to life in prison without parole for killing a television anchor, officials said Thursday. [More]

Former Marine Beaten To Death

A former U.S. Marine was beaten to death on Monday in Victorville, California while installing cable. Trevor Neiman, 25, served in the Marines from 2003 to 2008. [More]

Burger King Sued for Selling Cheap Burger

Burger King, a popular food chain is being sued by franchise owners for selling its double cheese burger for $1. The complainants say they are losing at least 10 cents for every burger that they sell. [More]

$52 parking ticket becomes $1,010

A Seattle man says he is paying a $1,010 parking ticket from Baltimore because he can't afford to fight it in court. [More]

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