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Thursday, December 31

World rings in new decade with fireworks and parties

Revellers started ringing in the New Year across the globe with spectacular fireworks displays and massive parties hosted by world capitals against a backdrop of tightened security. [More]

Mayo Clinic in Arizona to Stop Treating Some Medicare Patients

The Mayo Clinic, praised by President Barack Obama as a national model for efficient health care, will stop accepting Medicare patients as of tomorrow at one of its primary-care clinics in Arizona, saying the U.S. government pays too little. [More]

Mother Charged in Attempted Christmas Eve Robbery

Florida authorities have arrested a mother of two after she allegedly tried committing an armed robbery, telling the victim she had nothing to give her children for Christmas. [More]

Woman Found in Stolen Van Had Blood Alcohol Level of .708

South Dakota authorities say a woman found passed out in a stolen delivery van earlier this month registered a blood alcohol content of .708 — nearly nine times the legal limit and a possible record for the state. [More]

Teacher Reportedly Charged in Two Bank Robberies

A Massachusetts middle school teacher has reportedly been placed on paid administrative leave after being charged with robbing two banks. [More]

Sound familiar? Agencies didn't connect clues

The National Security Agency four months ago intercepted conversations among leaders of Al Qaeda in Yemen discussing a plot to use a Nigerian man for a coming terrorist attack, but American spy agencies later failed to combine the intercepts with other information that might have disrupted last week’s attempted airline bombing. [More]

Errant Chinese smoker stops world's fastest train

The world's fastest train hit its first speed bump in the form of a disobedient smoker less than a week after it began running in southern China. A cigarette triggered an alarm that forced a two-and-a-half hour stoppage. [More]

TSA Threatens Blogger Who Posted New Screening Directive

Two bloggers received home visits from Transportation Security Administration agents Tuesday after they published a new TSA directive that revises screening procedures and puts new restrictions on passengers in the wake of a recent bombing attempt by the so-called underwear bomber. [More]

Early secret prison release a mistake

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn reversed a secret policy Wednesday that allowed more than 1,700 inmates to be released from state prison early, some of whom have already been sent back for new offenses, including aggravated battery, weapons charges and assault. [More]

Cop Went Wild With Taser, Diabetic Says

A suburban Chicago police officer Tasered a man 11 times while he was having a diabetic seizure, and the 56 seconds of needlessly inflicted electric shock, "inflicted ... while he was lying unresponsive on the floor of his bedroom, permanently scarred [him] and caused him neurological damage that has not abated," the man claims in Chicago Federal Court. [More]

Nevada gov. fires adviser for calling first lady 'window dressing'

Gov. Jim Gibbons fired his campaign adviser today for comments that described first ladies as "window dressing." Gibbons said Robert Olmer's comments earlier this week to a Reno newspaper were demeaning, sexist, and do not reflect his own feelings. [More]

Teen charged with putting baby in hot water

A teen father has been charged with intentionally scalding his infant with boiling water. Police say the 17-year-old father and mother took the 6-week-old baby to a Gainesville hospital last Thursday with second-degree burns. Officers responded to investigate the injury. [More]

Arizona Man Charged With Molesting 5-Year-Old Girl

Arizona authorities say formal charges have been filed against a man accused of kidnapping and molesting a 5-year-old Phoenix girl on Christmas Day. [More]

Girl, 13, finds success as fashion blogger

A 13-year-old suburban Chicago girl says despite drawing rave reviews for her fashion blog, most people in her hometown are unaware of her national fame. [More]

Congress lets 50 tax breaks expire at end of ’09

When members of the U.S. Senate went home earlier this month, they left the future of 50 individual and business tax breaks in limbo. All expire at the end of 2009. [More]

Lawyers: Sheens want to reconcile despite arrest

Actor Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke want to reconcile, their lawyers said Wednesday, even though she told police he put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her less than a week ago. [More]

WordThink - Word of the Day

Hubris [hu·bris] n.  1. Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance.  2. A strong belief in a person's own importance: "He was punished for his hubris." [More]

How Are We Going To Say “2010?

Say the year “1810" out loud. Now say the year “1999" out loud. See a pattern? It’s been easier, faster, and shorter to say years this way for every decade (except for the one that just ended) instead of saying the number the long way. [More]

Rules would ban buggy smoking

The New York City Health Department is proposing new rules governing horses in Central Park, including a ban on smoking in buggies. [More]

Woman sells wedding rings for $1,700 - in counterfeit bills

With her relationship in Indiana over, Nikki Jones and her new boyfriend decided to sell her gold and diamond wedding rings on the classified ads Web site Craigslist. [More]

Texting While Driving, Smoking Target of '10 Laws

Texting while driving, smoking in public and cooking with artery-clogging trans fats will be that much harder under a bevy of state laws set to take effect around the country on Friday. [More]

Connecticut Funeral Home Cremates Wrong Body

A grieving family learned their 95-year-old great-grandmother had been cremated when they found a stranger's body in her casket, and a Connecticut funeral home is being investigated in the incident. [More]

Tweets, sexting "unfriended" in U.S. banned word list

If you recently tweeted about how you were chillaxin for the holiday, take note: Fifteen particularly over- or mis-used words and phrases have been declared "shovel-ready" to be "unfriended" by a U.S. university's annual list of terms that deserve to be banned. [More]

AIG executive resigns over pay limits

A top executive at American International Group Inc has resigned because of pay curbs imposed by the Obama Administration's pay czar, the insurer said on Wednesday. [More]

Florida patrol: Woods met with troopers 5 days after accident

After three failed efforts by troopers to meet with him in the aftermath of his November 27 auto accident, golfer Tiger Woods met with the Florida Highway Patrol five days later - after they'd closed the case and decided to cite him for careless driving. [More]

‘Cash for clunkers’ comes to the laundry room

Next year may be to appliance buyers what 2009 was to car buyers: time for government rebates. [More]

Taliban claims responsibility for bombing

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing Wednesday that killed eight Americans believed to be CIA employees. [More]

Women exchange same card for 32 years

Two New York state friends said they are marking their 32nd year of exchanging the same Hallmark birthday card. [More]

Wednesday, December 30

Bar sued over falling moose

A New York woman's lawsuit against a bar claims she suffered injuries and "embarrassment" when a stuffed moose head fell from a wall and struck her on the head. [More]

Free funerals for drunk drivers

A Georgia funeral home says it is offering free services and burial for anyone who plans to drink or do drugs before driving on New Year's Eve. [More]

Texas Assistant Principal Charged With Soliciting Sex From Students

Prosecutors have accused a high school assistant principal of soliciting sex from students using text messages. [More]

Wis. man's bank quip earns him Champion Liar title

The Burlington Liars Club bestowed its highest award today for this line: "I just realized how bad the economy really is. I recently bought a new toaster oven and as a complimentary gift, I was given a bank." [More]

For a dead guy, he still throws a great party

Jack Greenberg throws himself one heck of a birthday party every year: lunch and limousine service for 37 friends and their guests, a nice speech about himself, group photographs, and gifts of $1,500 for each invitee. But the party, which takes place today, has one quirk - Greenburg is dead. [More]

US 'stopped Dutch installation of full body scanners'

The United States prevented Dutch authorities from installing full body scanners before the suspected Christmas Day bomb plotter passed through security at Amsterdam's airport, the Dutch government claimed today. [More]

Letterman extortion suspect looks to Tiger Woods for defense

The TV producer accused of shaking down David Letterman to keep mum about his affairs is drawing on the Tiger Woods sex scandal to try to bolster his defense. In court papers filed today, Robert "Joe" Halderman's lawyer cited published reports that Woods paid an alleged mistress millions of dollars to stay silent. Attorney Gerald Shargel suggested that since the woman hasn't been charged with a crime, Halderman shouldn't be, either. [More]

Australia's 'Best Job' winner stung by jellyfish

The winner of Australia's "Best Job in the World" contest has survived a sting from a potentially deadly jellyfish just days before the end of his dream stint on the Great Barrier Reef. [More]

Accused shoplifters cause chaos at Walmart

Chattanooga police said a couple they believe tried to steal a cart full of TVs and a computer caused chaos at a Walmart. According to a news release, Officer Josh Wright was off duty when he saw a man trying to force his way past a greeter with about $2,000 worth of stolen goods Sunday night. [More]

JCPenney supervisor charged with grand theft

Michael Robert Nelson, a store supervisor at the JCPenney in Spring Hill, was arrested and charged Christmas Eve with one count of grand theft for stealing $2,280 from the store, a sheriff's office report shows. [More]

Ring out the old year with a blue moon

Revelers ringing in 2010 will be treated to a so-called blue moon. According to popular definition, a blue moon is the second full moon in a month. But don’t expect it to be blue — the name has nothing to do with the color of our closest celestial neighbor. [More]

WordThink - Word of the Day

Auspicious [aus·pi·cious] adj.  Marked by success; prosperous.  Suggesting a positive and successful future: "an auspicious time to purchase the stock." [More]

Attorney: PETA worker neglected snakes in his care

Attorneys for an exotic animal dealer have accused an employee of intentionally neglecting animals to further his work as an undercover investigator for an animal rights group. [More]

Woman selling unopened gifts from ex

A British woman says she is selling still-wrapped Christmas presents from her cheating ex-boyfriend on eBay to benefit a hospice. [More]

Phone points illegal border crossers to water

A group of California artists wants Mexicans and Central Americans to have more than just a few cans of tuna and a jug of water for their illegal trek through the harsh desert into the United States. [More]

Graceland Too attracts offbeat tourism in Miss.

Paul MacLeod is a perpetually caffeinated Elvis fanatic who's taking care of business 24-7-365 at the antebellum home he calls "Graceland Too." [More]

Woman, 2 Boys Rob California Clothing Store

Los Angeles County sheriff's detectives are looking for a woman and two small boys who were caught on surveillance video grabbing cash and clothing at a store in Paramount on Christmas Day. [More]

Burglars hit business three times in one night

Investigators continue their search for the burglars who hit a Lake Placid business three times in one night last week. [More]

Tuesday, December 29

Girl, 11, and boyfriend try to set mom on fire

An 11-year-old girl and her 15-year-old boyfriend tried to kill the girl's mother this morning by burning her alive as she slept, Clearwater police say. [More]

Vt. judge: Birth mom must give child to ex-partner

The birth mother of a 7-year-old Virginia girl must transfer custody of the child to the woman's former lesbian partner, a Vermont judge ruled, adding that it seems the woman has "disappeared" with her daughter. [More]

Photo Catches N.Y. Prison Guard Sleeping on Job

A city correction officer took a cell phone photo of his co-worker sleeping on duty, leading to disciplinary action against both of them. [More]

Police union leader cited for drunken driving

The leader of Wisconsin's largest police union was cited for drunken driving last week after he left his apartment to help another union employee who had crashed her car into a shed, according to police reports obtained Monday. [More]

Yemen: U.S. didn’t warn us about bomb suspect

Yemen's government said Tuesday the U.S. should have shared its warnings about the Nigerian suspect in the botched Christmas Day airline attack. [More]

Suspicious teddy bear stuffed with pot, toy store owner says

An early Christmas delivery to Toy Town turned out to be a teddy bear stuffed with three vacuum-sealed packages apparently containing marijuana, said toy store owner Joshua Vecchione. [More]

Charlie Sheen's wife claims knife threat in assault

Charlie Sheen's wife accused the actor of threatening her with a knife in a Christmas Day emergency phone call to police that led to his arrest, a recording released on Monday revealed. [More]

Drama for Obama as child's injury delays golf game

Vacationing U.S. President Barack Obama interrupted a golf game on Monday and sped back to his holiday house after the child of friends was hurt in a beach accident. [More]

Singed remains of terrorist's underwear bomb

Here's the frightening first look at the powerful underwear that bomb terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab hoped to use to blow up Northwest Flight 253. [More]

Internet makes protecting stars even tougher

In the Internet age, the comings and goings of Hollywood celebrities are often as available as weather reports or sports scores. And that can add up to massive headaches for the folks in the security industry who are hired and entrusted to keep celebrities away from intruders. [More]

Is ex-beauty queen a victim or schemer?

Who is Rachel Yould? Is the former Miss Anchorage a victim of domestic violence or a schemer who took on two identities to get rich? That depends on whose side of the story you believe. [More]

Metallica drummer struggles with ringing in ears

The noise in the concert hall is loud, throbbing. The crowd chants, "Metallica ... Metallica!" [More]

WordThink - Word of the Day

Dogmatic [dog·mat·ic] adj.  1. Expressing rigid opinions; Prone to expressing strongly held beliefs and opinions. 2. Asserting opinions in a doctrinaire or arrogant manner; opinionated. [More]

Wash. state officer wounded in ambush dies

Authorities in Washington state say one of two officers shot in an ambush by a drunken man has died after being taken off life support. [More]

Fewer law enforcement officers died on job in 2009

Law enforcement deaths this year dropped to their lowest level since 1959, while the decade of the 2000s was among the safest for officers — despite the deadliest single day for police on Sept. 11, 2001. [More]

Tom Ridge: Terror suspect doesn't deserve 'full range' of rights

The man who allegedly lit an explosive on board a U.S.-bound international flight deserves none of the constitutional protections afforded American citizens, a former top Bush administration official said Monday. [More]

Better airport scanners delayed by privacy fears

High-tech security scanners that might have prevented the Christmas Day attempt to blow up a jetliner have been installed in only a small number of airports around the world, in large part because of privacy concerns over the way the machines see through clothing. [More]

GM Plans Pontiac Fire Sale

General Motors Co. is offering its dealers hefty incentives to move thousands of leftover vehicles from its discontinued Saturn and Pontiac brands. The unusual tactic could inflate the car maker's December sales and cut the cost to car buyers by as much as 46% off the sticker price. [More]

Egypt's poor selling organs to survive

Egyptian poverty has been become so harsh that organ selling is viewed as a means to survive. One woman sold a kidney for $2,185 in order to pay off debts and feed her family. [More]

Man fakes own kidnapping to fund holiday

A 22-year-old Indian man with a taste for the high-life has unsuccessfully staged his own kidnapping at the weekend, demanding $45,000 from his father to fund a trip to Macau. [More]

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston seek custody of son

A judge's ruling has revealed a heated legal custody battle between Sarah Palin's daughter and the father of her grandson. [More]

Monday, December 28

Homeless man charged with crashing plane

A homeless man trying to leave town in a stolen plane crashed the single-engine aircraft on a municipal airport runway without ever leaving the ground, police said. [More]

Woods Scandal Costs Shareholders Billions

Infidelity has its price. Just ask shareholders of Nike, Pepsi and EA Sports, three of Tiger Woods' biggest corporate benefactors. According to a new study by economists at the University of California Davis, the Woods scandal has cost those who own stock in the golfer's chief sponsors an estimated $12 billion. [More]

Napolitano today: 'We failed'

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano conceded Monday the aviation security system failed miserably in the foiled Christmas bombing, a stark reversal after claiming the system worked "like clockwork." [More]

Explosives enough to blow hole in jet

CNN has learned the amount of explosive allegedly held by airline bombing suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab could have blown a hole in the Detroit-bound aircraft. [More]

Explosive in Detroit Flight Is Easily Detectable

The explosive device used by the would-be Detroit bomber contained a widely available - and easily detected - chemical explosive that has a long history of terrorist use, according to government officials and explosive experts. [More]

Napolitano on Detroit flight: "the system worked"

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says "the system" worked just fine on Flight 253 - that's if you don't include the $50 billion intelligence apparatus designed to prevent terrorism. [More]

Second Detroit plane scare draws tough response

When the first emergency alert from Detroit's airport went out just before noon on Sunday, it looked oddly like a mistaken repeat of the scare from two days earlier: "Nigerian national caused disturbance on Flight 253." [More]

Bomb suspect came from elite family, best schools

As a member of an uppercrust Nigerian family, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab received the best schooling, from the elite British International School in West Africa to the vaunted University College London. [More]

Former teacher expected 'great things' from Flight 253 terrorist

Undies bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab first showed signs of Islamic radicalism in high school, when he backed the Taliban during a class discussion, his former teacher said Sunday. [More]

WordThink - Word of the Day

Pensive [pen·sive] adj.  Deeply, often wistfully or dreamily thoughtful. Expressive of melancholy thoughtfulness. [More]

15-year-old dies after being ejected from truck's bed

A 15-year-old died early Saturday morning after falling from the bed of a pickup truck involved in a single-vehicle crash, the Florida Highway Patrol said. [More]

Man, 2 Girls Shot at San Francisco Restaurant

Police say a man and two girls have been shot and injured at a landmark waterfront restaurant near San Francisco's ferry building. [More]

Tiger ends month of misery as an Invisible Man

One month after his one-car crash touched off a sensational sex scandal that drew the world's attention, Tiger Woods has become an Invisible Man even as his world has collapsed around him. [More]

'Cadillac' tax isn't a tax - it's a plan to finance real health reform

As we prepare for the final round of debate over health reform, perhaps the most contentious issue will be financing. Both the Senate and House agree that most of the financing for reform should come from scaling back overpayments to Medicare insurers and providers, as well as excise taxes on some of the sectors that will most benefit from 30 million newly insured consumers. [More]

Sunday, December 27

Charlie Sheen accused of using weapon

Authorities say actor Charlie Sheen is accused of using a weapon in an alleged case of domestic violence in Aspen. Police spokeswoman Stephanie Dasaro did not provide details on what kind of weapon Sheen is accused of using. [More]

$1.1 billion to make California sidewalks accessible for disabled

In what is described as an “unprecedented” court settlement, California’s transit agency agreed to spend $1.1 billion to make public places accessible for the disabled. In what will be no small task, the state will be required to upgrade and repair 2,500 miles of sidewalks and crosswalks along California’s state roads and highways. [More]

Dutch hero 'reacted on a bang' to subdue suspect

"I just jumped, I didn't think," said Dutchman Jasper Schuringa, who has emerged as a Christmas Day hero for his impulsive tackling of a terror suspect who tried to blow up a US-bound airliner. [More]

Police: Ivana Trump becomes angry, taken off plane

Police say Ivana Trump has been escorted off a plane in Florida after she became belligerent when children were running and screaming in the aisles. [More]

WordThink - Word of the Day

Plethora [pleth·o·ra] n.  A superabundance; an excessive amount or number: Upon returning from the trip, she had a plethora of calls to make. [More]

Man Seriously Injured in Fire After Burning Divorce Papers

Sacramento firefighters say a man has been seriously injured after starting a house fire while apparently burning his divorce papers. [More]

Judge decides to pack a pistol

A female judge in Alabama, concerned about court security cutbacks, says she is keeping both a gun and pepper spray next to her gavel. [More]

Saturday, December 26

Pastor Fatally Shoots Son During Fight on Christmas

A Philadelphia pastor fatally shot one of his eight children on Christmas Day during a dispute at the family home, where more than a dozen relatives had gathered to celebrate the holiday, police said. [More]

Father of Nigerian would-be plane bomber warned US

U.S. government officials tell The Associated Press that the Nigerian man charged with trying to destroy a jetliner came to the attention of U.S. intelligence in November when his father went to the U.S. embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, to express his concerns about his son. [More]

Nigerian charged with trying to blow up US airliner

A 23-year-old Nigerian man was charged Saturday with trying to blow up a packed airplane as it descended toward Detroit on Christmas Day, US officials said. [More]

Vermont Man Stabbed While Trying to Help at Car Accident

Police say a Good Samaritan who stopped at what he thought was a car accident ended up getting stabbed in the hand by a man who had just rammed into his wife's car. [More]

Party Time at the FAA; Critics Question $5 Million Gathering

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spent five million dollars this month to bring 3, 600 managers to a conference in Atlanta that FAA whistleblowers and critics say was little more than an excuse to throw a three-week-long Christmas party. A conference attendee asked a female ABC News reporter if she was a "hooker" because "I was ready to reach for my wallet." [More]

WordThink - Word of the Day

Acerbic [a·cer·bic] adj.  Sharp or biting, as in character or expression: The director occasionally allowed an acerbic tone to an otherwise subtle dialogue. [More]

Dallas has first White Christmas in more than 80 years

Residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area briefly experienced a white Christmas, their first in more than 80 years. Not since Dec. 25, 1926 — when 6 inches fell on Dallas and Collin counties — had the area had a true postcard-looking Christmas. [More]

Passengers help foil attack on Detroit-bound plane

An attempted terrorist attack on a Christmas Day flight began with a pop and a puff of smoke — sending passengers scrambling to subdue a Nigerian man who claimed to be acting on orders from al-Qaida to blow up the airliner, officials and travelers said. [More]

Hardhat 'lucky to be alive' after falling 8 stories

The hardhat who plunged from midtown scaffolding had one thought after miraculously cheating death - he would see and hold his family on Christmas. [More]

Girl abducted in Phoenix rescued by police

A 5-year-old girl abducted by a man as she played outside her Phoenix home Friday was rescued hours later after police chased down the suspect's pickup and found her "alive and well" inside, officials said. [More]

Friday, December 25

Developing: Al-Qaida link in failed plane attack

U.S. officials say a Northwest Airlines passenger from Nigeria said he was acting on behalf of al-Qaida when he tried to blow up a flight Friday as it landed in Detroit. Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., identified the suspect as Abdul Mudallad. [More]

Terrorist has third degree burns

When the terrorist set off what is being called a "fairly sophisticated" explosive device, he himself was seriously injured. Passengers quickly subdued the 23-year-old man. Two other passengers received minor injuries during the initial explosion. [More]

Explosive device ignited aboard Delta flight to Detroit

A Nigerian passenger ignited an explosive device Friday on a flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Detroit, Michigan, federal authorities say. DEVELOPING [More]

Charlie Sheen Arrested, Jailed After Fight With Wife

Charlie Sheen spent Christmas in jail in Colorado after being arrested on felony domestic violence charges following a scuffle with his wife. [More]

Traffic stop yields marijuana gifts

Some people won't be getting the Christmas presents they were expecting. [More]

South Carolina Family Arrested in Christmas Hoax

A South Carolina family was traveling through Jennings, Louisiana on their way to Texas when they were stopped, arrested, tried, convicted then sentenced to some "southern hospitality." [More]

Woman who attacked Pope was foiled last year by guards

The Vatican was forced to defend the quality of security around the Pope today after it emerged that the woman who dragged him to the ground during Christmas Eve mass attempted the same attack last year. [More]

How many people does it take to wrap up one man's apartment?

It turns out that it takes 16 people armed with 35 rolls of wrapping paper eight hours to wrap up a bachelor's belongings in Christmas paper. [More]

FAA proposes maximum fine in balloon boy case

The FAA says it is seeking the maximum $11,000 fine against the man behind the balloon boy hoax on grounds that he operated a balloon in a hazardous manner. [More]

Woman fatally knifes thug in subway attack, then flees on train

Several thugs tried to drag a woman off a Queens subway train Thursday night, but she fought back and fatally stabbed one of her tormenters before fleeing on another train, police said. [More]

Woman who knocked down pope hospitalized: Vatican

The woman who knocked down Pope Benedict XVI during Christmas Eve mass at St Peter's Basilica will undergo "necessary treatment" in hospital, the Vatican said on Friday. [More]

Man threw Molotov into wrong house

Police in Georgia said they arrested a man who bungled his revenge scheme against an ex-girlfriend by tossing a Molotov cocktail into the wrong house. [More]

Man Dies After Skiing Into Tree at Colorado Resort

A 41-year-old Tampa, Fla., man has died after skiing into a tree at Breckenridge Ski Resort. [More]

Teacher charged with DUI and indecent exposure

A Hillsborough County elementary school teacher who drove by deputies on a traffic stop - nearly hitting one - was arrested Wednesday after she urinated on a curb in East Fort Myers. [More]

Thief offered to sell back stolen car

Sheriff's deputies in Florida said a carjacker used a cellphone left in a stolen vehicle to call the owner and offer to sell it back. [More]

Update: Post office standoff suspect was angry at feds

A man accused of taking three people hostage in a Virginia post office told them he was angry at the federal government because his son had died in Afghanistan and his beloved truck was about to repossessed, one of the hostages said Thursday. [More]

Georgia Couple Arrested for Allegedly Breaking Baby's Bones

A Marietta woman and her boyfriend have been arrested after their 2-month-old daughter was found to have 20 broken bones and a skull fracture. [More]

WordThink - Word of the Day

Quixotic [quix·ot·ic] adj.  1. Idealistic without regard to practicality; impractical. 2. Impulsive: tending to act on whims or impulses. [More]

Treasury lifts cap on aid to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

The Treasury Department said Thursday it removed the $400-billion financial cap on the money it will provide to keep the companies afloat. Already, taxpayers have shelled out $111 billion to the pair, and most analysts hadn't expected the companies to hit the limit. [More]

Fannie, Freddie CEOs set for $6 million payday

The two chief executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could get paid as much as $6 million for 2009, despite the companies' dismal performances this year which cost taxpayers more than $100 billion. [More]

California Man Charged With Murdering Ex-Girlfriend With Ice Pick

A 30-year-old East Los Angeles man has been charged with murder after police say he stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death with an ice pick because she wouldn't get back together with him. [More]

LA almost doubles revenue in Red Light Zone

L.A. drivers, beware: if you run a red light the police have everything they need to fine you. A security camera program at 32 of the city's intersections has helped to boost the city's revenue. [More]

Bank robber blames TV for hold up

A Kentucky parolee told a judge he robbed an Indiana bank because he had been influenced by a serial robber he had seen on the news. [More]

Couple sues Gene Simmons over alleged attack

A couple who said they were assaulted by Gene Simmons sued the KISS bassist for unspecified damages Thursday, court records show. [More]

Salvation Army major shot dead in Arkansas on Christmas Eve

A Salvation Army major was shot dead in front of his three children on Christmas Eve in North Little Rock, Arkansas, authorities said. [More]

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