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Friday, October 9, 2009

· Hummer sold to Chinese company.  Hummer, the off-road vehicle that once epitomized America's love for hulking trucks, is now in the hands of a Chinese heavy equipment maker.  Read More

· Girl sues Phillies, gets back home run ball.  Jennifer Valdivia scooped up the baseball after it sailed into the right-field stands. The 12-year-old smiled and giggled over the keepsake from her first Major League ballgame. She'd have to sue to get the ball back.  Read More

· Ralph Lauren apologizes for digitally retouching model.  Ralph Lauren has been forced to apologize after digitally altering a picture of a slim model to make her look appallingly thin. In the disturbing image for the fashion firm's Blue Label range, Filippa Hamilton's head actually appears to be wider than her waist.  Read More

· Historian: Obama's award 'more of an embarrassment to the Nobel process.'  Only two other sitting presidents, Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 and Woodrow Wilson in 1919, have been awarded the prestigious Peace Prize. "They're not comparable," Allan Lichtman, professor of history at American University said. "[Roosevelt and Wilson] were six or seven years into two-term presidencies, and Obama has not completed a single year of his presidency, so it makes very little sense."  Read More

· Golfer Loses Arm in Alligator Attack in South Carolina.  A 77-year-old man has lost his lower arm after he was bitten by an alligator on a coastal South Carolina golf course. The man was picking up his golf ball when a 10-foot alligator pulled him into a nearby pond.  Read More

· Child-care provider held on suspicion of making bombs.  By all appearances, Rebecca Kuzelka used her home to operate a child day-care business on a quiet, tree-lined street in Lake Elsinore. But on Thursday morning, deputies arrested Kuzelka and her son Grey Kuzelka, 21, on suspicion of using their home to make bombs and grow marijuana.  Read More

· Just in time for halloween: Giant pumpkin cannon.  John Gill and Gary Arold from Hurley, NY built a compressed air cannon that fires a pumpkin at 600mph for up to a mile. The pumpkin cannon has a 97-foot-long barrel that shoots gourds roughly 4,000 feet in the air - and as far as a mile away. [with video]  Read More

· UCLA Student's Throat Slashed in Lab.  Students and faculty at UCLA are stunned following a horrific attack in a campus chemistry lab in which a male student allegedly slashed the throat of a female student.  Read More

· Obama awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.  President Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday. The first African-American to win the White House, Obama was praised by the Norweigan Nobel Committee for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."  Read More

· Police stop more than 1 million people on street.  Americans in big cities have been stopped on the street by police using a law-enforcement practice called stop-and-frisk that alarms civil libertarians but is credited by authorities with helping reduce crime. Police in major U.S. cities stop and question more than a million people each year — a sharply higher number than just a few years ago.  Read More

· Astor's son convicted of looting her $200M fortune.  Brooke Astor's 85-year-old son was convicted Thursday of exploiting his philanthropist mother's failing mind and helping himself to her nearly $200 million fortune.  Read More

· Women more likely to be expelled under 'don't ask.'  Pentagon statistics obtained by University of California researchers show that women are far more likely than men to be kicked out of the military under the "don't ask, don't tell policy" banning openly gay servicemembers.  Read More

· Teacher gets probation for spiking autistic student's soda with hot sauce.  A Miami Lakes special education teacher was sentenced today to two years of probation after she was found guilty of putting hot sauce in an autistic student's soda.  Read More

· Nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide is Muslim.  Nearly one in four people worldwide is Muslim - and they are not necessarily where you might think, according to an extensive new study that aims to map the global Muslim population.  Read More

· Blackface 'Jackson Jive' skit shocks Harry Connick Jr.  Movie star and singer Harry Connick Jr. made waves around the world by condemning, on air, an Australian television skit featuring a group of performers who wore blackface to impersonate the late pop star Michael Jackson and his brothers.  Read More

· Saudis ask for aid if world cuts dependence on oil.  There are plenty of needy countries at the U.N. climate talks in Bangkok that make the case they need financial assistance to adapt to the impacts of global warming. Then there are the Saudis. Saudi Arabia has led a quiet campaign during these and other negotiations — demanding behind closed doors that oil-producing nations get special financial assistance.  Read More

· Priest Seeks Custody of Child From Stripper.  A South Florida priest on indefinite leave is seeking custody of the child he conceived with a former stripper.  Read More

· Image of ultra-thin Ralph Lauren model sparks outrage.  The latest such image to cause an uproar is one featured in a new Ralph Lauren advertisement that shows a model, Filippa Hamilton, so emaciated that her waist actually appears to be smaller than her head.  Read More

· Church Thief Shot by Calif. Police Awarded $1.2M.  A San Francisco Bay Area city will pay $1.2 million to settle a lawsuit filed by a burglary suspect who was left a paraplegic after being shot by a police officer.  Though the man was unarmed, the officer said he mistook items that Charles Davis was stealing from the church for a gun.  Read More

· Woman Found in Fla. Home Under 8 Feet of Trash.  Authorities have found the body of a 71-year-old woman after wading through a Jacksonville, Florida home filled with garbage piled eight feet high.  Read More

· Teacher charged with stealing lunch money.  A Cason Lane Academy teacher accused of pocketing students’ lunch money was charged with theft under $500 Monday by Murfreesboro Police. Teacher Angela M. Strube, 30, was charged with theft of the money from her third grade students.  Read More

· Researchers Create Penny-Sized Nuclear Battery.  University of Missouri researchers are developing a nuclear energy source that is smaller, lighter and more efficient.  Read More

· 'Whatever' tops most annoying word poll.  Whatever" easily beat out "you know," which especially grated a quarter of respondents. The other annoying contenders were "anyway" (at 7 percent), "it is what it is" (11 percent) and "at the end of the day" (2 percent).  Read More

· Congress: Working hard or hardly working?  After taking control of the House in 2006 — and again when President Barack Obama was elected president in 2008 — Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) boasted that lawmakers would work four or five days a week to bring change to America. But Hoyer’s House has settled into a more leisurely routine. Members usually arrive for the first vote of the week as the sun sets on Tuesdays, and they’re usually headed back home before it goes down again on Thursdays.  Read More

· DHS strips Arizona sheriff of authority to patrol for illegal immigrants.  Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he will continue his controversial "crime suppression operations" despite a Department of Homeland Security decision to strip him of authority to arrest suspected illegal immigrants based solely on their immigration status.  Read More

· Anna Nicole Smith investigated in murder plot.  The FBI investigated whether Anna Nicole Smith was part of a plot to kill her tycoon husband's son, whom she was battling for his late dad's fortune, but prosecutors ultimately decided there wasn't enough evidence to charge the Playboy Playmate who died in 2007 from a drug overdose.  Read More

· Saudi sex bragger gets 5 years, 1,000 lashes.  A Saudi court on Wednesday sentenced a man who caused uproar by bragging about his sex life on television to five years in prison and 1,000 lashes, according to Ministry of Information officials.  Read More

· Airline asks passengers to use the toilet before boarding... so they will weigh less and help cut carbon emissions.  All Nippon Airways (ANA) claims that empty bladders mean lighter passengers, a lighter aircraft and thus lower fuel use.  Read More

· ACORN Awarded $1M Grant Over Firefighters.  Nearly $1 million in Homeland Security funding typically earmarked for fire departments has been awarded to ACORN, despite a clear signal from Congress that it intends to cut off federal funding to the embattled group.  Read More

· High Court Takes Up Case of Cross on Public Land.  The cross, located on a rocky outcrop in the Mojave Desert, has been covered in plywood for the past several years following federal court rulings that it violates the First Amendment.  Read More

· Mel Gibson's drunk driving conviction expunged.  A judge has ruled that Mel Gibson's conviction stemming from his notorious 2006 drunken driving arrest is being expunged. The ruling Tuesday came after his lawyer had requested the dismissal.  Read More

· Ohio Teen Sentenced 2 Years for Baby's Rat Bites.  An 18-year-old Ohio man has been sentenced to two years in prison for his role in an infant's loss of two toes to rat bites inside a filthy mobile home.  Read More

· Wis. Parents Face 25 Years in Child's Prayer Death.  A Wisconsin mother and father convicted of reckless homicide for praying instead of taking their dying daughter to a doctor could spend up to 25 years in prison.  Read More

· Democratic leaders fight against posting healthcare bill online.  As Congress lurches closer to a decision on an enormous overhaul of the American health care system, pressure is mounting on legislative leaders to make the final bill available online for citizens to read before a vote. As of now, there is no assurance that members of the public, or even the senators themselves, will be given the chance to read the legislation before a vote.  Read More

· 1,800 Fla. Patients May Have Been Exposed to HIV.  More than 1,800 patients treated by one nurse at a South Florida hospital may have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis. Broward General Medical Center said Monday the nurse reused saline bags and tubing during cardiac stress tests involving the injection of fluids.  Read More

· Swiss reject Polanski's bid for prison release.  Roman Polanski lost his first bid to win his freedom Tuesday as the Swiss Justice Ministry rejected an appeal by the 76-year-old to be immediately released from prison, an official said.  Read More

· Woman distracted by cell phone struck, killed by train.  Newark Police said a woman was struck and killed by a train near the University of Delaware campus Monday morning. Witnesses reported the victim was distracted by a cell phone conversation when she was struck by the train.  Read More

· ACORN Embezzlement Totaled $5 Million.  An internal review by ACORN's board of directors found that $5 million was embezzled from the community organization, far more than the previously reported amount of $1 million, according to documents released Monday.  Read More

· David Letterman had secret bedroom above Ed Sullivan Theater, sez ex-'Late Show' staffer.  An ex-"Late Show" intern unmasked herself Saturday as one of David Letterman's former flings - and sources revealed the randy funnyman keeps a bachelor pad atop the Ed Sullivan Theater.  Read More

· Letterman apologizes to wife, staffers at taping.  David Letterman offered a "heartfelt" apology before a live studio audience Monday to his wife and female staffers over last week's "sextortion" revelations, fans at the taping said.  Read More

· Homeless Man Gets 15-Year Sentence for Stealing Box of Cereal.  A homeless man with a long criminal record received a 15-year sentence for stealing a box of cereal and a can of evaporated milk.  Read More

· Docs as Props: Obama calls in white coats to resuscitate 'public option.'  The White House assembled 150 doctors — all supporters of the so-called 'public option,' and costumed in white coats — as an audience for the president's latest sales pitch for health reform.  Read More

· Cops: NYC Mom Slashed Own Baby's Throat.  A Brooklyn mother, apparently upset when her baby wouldn't stop crying, slashed him across the throat yesterday and then plunged a knife into her own leg.  Read More

· Woman Mauled to Death by Pet Black Bear.  A woman was killed by a captive 350-pound black bear as she cleaned its cage Sunday night. Officials said Monday her husband, an exotic pet dealer, was operating with an expired license.  Read More

· Egyptian Lawmakers to Ban Kit That Helps Women Fake Virginity.  Conservative Egyptian lawmakers have called for a ban on imports of a Chinese-made kit meant to help women fake their virginity and one scholar has even called for the "exile" of anyone who imports or uses it. [D]  Read More

· Sniffer dogs thought deputy sheriff was killer.  Michael Buchanek became the prime suspect in a Texas murder case after sniffer dogs indicated he was involved. The dogs were wrong. His case is at the heart of a controversy over the use of an investigative tool known as dog-scent lineups. "It's left me with a pretty bad taste for law enforcement," says Buchanek, a former sheriff's deputy.  Read More

· India pilots in mid-air 'scuffle.'  Pilots and cabin crew have come to blows on an international flight bound for India, media reports say.  The scuffle is said to have begun as an argument in the plane's cockpit over claims of sexual harassment but spilled into the galley, startling passengers.  Read More

· Pack of raccoons mauls 74-year-old Florida woman.  A Lakeland woman is recovering from serious injuries in the hospital after sheriff's investigators say she was "gang attacked" by five raccoons Saturday afternoon.  Read More

· CBS Removes David Letterman’s Mea Culpa From YouTube.  Keeping quiet about an apparent extortion attempt against David Letterman and “The Late Show,” CBS worked over the weekend to stamp out unauthorized copies of the late-night host’s televised explanation.    Read More

· Judge Accused of Trading Sex for Leniency.  Herman Thomas had an enviable political record that was once the Democratic Party's choice to be the first black federal judge in south Alabama. Then his career collapsed under allegations that he brought inmates to his office and spanked them with a paddle.  Read More

· Texas Mayor Dies After Being Hit By Train.  The mayor of Liverpool, Texas has died after being hit by a train in what Brazoria County authorities say appears to be a suicide.  Read More

· Fake Fertility Doctor Molested Sperm Donors.  An Arizona man faces criminal charges for allegedly posing as a fertility doctor so he could sexually molest men while pretending to give them physical examinations.  Read More

· Airbrushed Images Could Carry Warnings, Fines in France.  A law has been proposed in France that would see digitally enhanced images carry a warning to viewers that the image has been retouched to change the physical appearance of a person.  Up to $54,000 fine is being proposed for undisclosed photoshopped images used in advertising and packaging.  Read More

· Ex-Japanese Minister Involved in Scandal Found Dead.  A former Japanese finance minister who stepped down after appearing to be drunk at an overseas news conference was found dead in his home Sunday, police said.  Read More

· Massachusetts Couple Beats Man at KFC Over Slow Order.  A couple, upset over the slowness of their Kentucky Fried Chicken order, assaulted a man who asked them to stop yelling profanities for the sake of children in line, police said.  Read More

· 'Real Housewives' cast member's fiancé dies after fight at strip club.  Kandi Burruss, the newest cast member of the reality show "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," was mourning the death Saturday of her fiancé, who died after a fistfight last night.  Read More

· Tips on tax cheats skyrocket with bigger rewards.  Dangle some cash and a lot of people are happy to turn in their employers for cheating on their taxes. Since Congress beefed up whistleblower rewards in late 2006, tips about suspected tax cheats owing at least $2 million have jumped more than tenfold, the Internal Revenue Service said.  Read More

· Letterman is target of the kind of jokes he tells.  Late-night hosts didn't waste a moment poking fun at the troubles of one of their own, after a CBS newsman was charged with trying to blackmail David Letterman for $2 million in a plot that forced the late-night comic to acknowledge having sex with some of the women who have worked for him.  Read More

· Arrest made in ESPN reporter's voyeur video case.  Authorities arrested a man accused of secretly taping ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews in the nude and posting the videos on the Internet, the FBI said Friday.  Authorities arrested 48-year-old Michael David Barrett at Chicago O'Hare International Airport on Friday.  Read More

· CBS producer charged in Letterman bribe case.  A CBS producer accused of trying to extort $2 million from "Late Show" host David Letterman has been charged with first-degree attempted grand larceny and was being arraigned Friday afternoon, the Manhattan district attorney said.  Read More

· Rio de Janeiro to host 2016 Olympics.  Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee announced today. Rio beat out Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo. It is the first time South America will host an event.  Read More

· Obama Nation Billboard Draws Attention.  The billboard is located along I-70 reads, "How do you like your change now? Obama Nation. They are coming for you! The Taxpayer. First and Second Amendments are in jeopardy. Live free or Die." There is also a hammer and sickle on the sign.  Read More

· CBS worker arrested in Letterman blackmail plot over affairs.  A CBS News employee is accused of trying to extort $2 million from David Letterman, forcing the late-night host to admit in an extraordinary monologue before millions of viewers that he had sexual relationships with female employees.  Read More

· Scientists find path to fountain of youth.  The fountain of youth may exist after all, as a study showed that scientists have discovered means to extend the lifespan of mice and primates.  The key to eternal - or at least prolonged - youth lies in genetic manipulation that mimics the health benefits of reducing calorie intake, suggesting that aging and age-related diseases can be treated.  Read More

· Empire State Building lit for China, drawing ire.  Red and yellow lights shone from the top of the Empire State Building at dusk Wednesday, a tribute to communist China's 60th anniversary that protesters labeled "blatant approval" of totalitarianism and criticized as inappropriate for an icon in the land of the free.  Read More

· Update: Elizabeth Smart says she was raped daily.  Elizabeth Smart testified Thursday she was raped repeatedly each day after she was abducted from her bedroom seven years ago and told she would be killed if she yelled or tried to escape.  Read More

· Autopsy: Jackson was healthy.  Michael Jackson's arms were covered with punctures, his face and neck were scarred and he had tattooed eyebrows and lips, but he wasn't the sickly skeleton of a man portrayed by tabloids, according to his autopsy report obtained by The Associated Press.  Read More

· Forbes: Tiger Woods is first athlete to reach $1 billion. is reporting that Tiger Woods is the first athlete to reach $1 billion in earnings, beating out Michael Jordan and Michael Schumacher.  Read More

· Schoolgirl Sells Granny on Ebay for $3,500.  Zoe Pemberton, 10, put her 61-year-old grandmother up for sale on the auction website with no reserve price, describing her as "rare and annoying and moaning a lot." She also said pensioner Marion Goodall was "very cuddly," loved word searches and enjoyed drinking tea.  Read More

· Elizabeth Smart Faces Alleged Kidnapper for First Time Since Ordeal.  Elizabeth Smart is facing her alleged kidnapper for the first time Thursday in court as she testifies against him about her 9-month-long abduction.  Read More

· Obama's 'Safe Schools' Czar Admits He Poorly Handled Underage Sex Case.  Kevin Jennings was teaching high school in 1988 when a gay student confessed an involvement with an older man. Rather than reporting it, he told the boy, "I hope you knew to use a condom."  Read More

· 'Miracle on Hudson' pilot flying again.  US Airways announced Monday that Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger would be making regular flights and supervising other pilots as part of the airline's safety management team.  Read More

· Prisoner Escapes After He's Mistaken for Lawyer.  Police are looking for a well-dressed robbery suspect who walked out of a Manhattan courthouse after an officer apparently mistook him for a lawyer.  Read More

· Former prosecutor says he lied about Polanski case.  A former prosecutor says he made up a story he told a film crew about advising a judge handling Roman Polanski's sex case to send the director to prison.  Read More

· Convicted child killer Couey dies in prison, Florida officials say.  A Florida death-row inmate convicted of abducting and murdering 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford in 2005 has died, prison officials said Wednesday.  Read More

· Whoopi Goldberg comes to the rescue of Roman Polanski: It wasn't 'rape.'  Whoopi Goldberg used her spot on ABC's "The View" to try to clear up the record regarding the crime to which Polanski pleaded guilty in 1978. "I know it wasn't 'rape' rape. I think it was something else, but I don't believe it was 'rape' rape," said Goldberg, dismissing the possibility that Polanski had forced himself on the 13-year-old.  Read More

· Fighter jets chased plane with unresponsive pilot.  A small plane crashed outside Muncie, Indiana, as military F-16s trailed it Wednesday after its pilot failed to respond to radio calls, the North American Aerospace Defense Command said.  The plane crashed into a farm field in Randolph County, Indiana, officials said.  Read More

· Sheraton offers free night stay at 86 locations.  The owner of Sheraton hotels will offer thousands of guests a free night's stay in dozens of North American locations as part of a massive campaign that kicks off Wednesday to highlight the chain's $6 billion revitalization efforts.  Read More

· State to mom: Stop baby-sitting neighbors' kids.  Each day before the school bus comes to pick up the neighborhood's children, Lisa Snyder did a favor for three of her fellow moms, welcoming their children into her home for about an hour before they left for school.  Regulators who oversee child care, however, don't see it as charity. Days after the start of the new school year, Snyder received a letter from the Michigan Department of Human Services warning her that if she continued, she'd be violating a law aimed at the operators of unlicensed day care centers.  Read More

· The rich are getting poorer.  For the first time in seven years, the wealthiest Americans in the world are getting poorer, according to The Forbes 400 list published Wednesday. The collective net worth of the super rich sank $300 billion in the past 12 months. And you no longer have to be a billionaire to be named one of the 400 richest Americans in the world: $950 million now gains entry to the exclusive club.  Read More

· Tennessee Police Search for Newborn Allegedly Snatched by Fake Agent.  Police are looking for a 4-day-old newborn snatched from his mother's home in Tennessee by a woman allegedly posing as an immigration agent.  Read More

· Senate Finance panel rejects government insurance option.  Liberal Democrats failed Tuesday to inject a government-run insurance option into sweeping health care legislation taking shape in the Senate Finance Committee.  Read More

· 507 Carat Diamond Found.  One of the largest, high quality diamonds discovered to date has been found at a mine in South Africa, mining group Petra Diamonds said.  Read More

· Court dismisses Dan Rather's suit vs. CBS.  A New York state appeals court on Tuesday dismissed former TV newsman Dan Rather's lawsuit against CBS Corp in which Rather claimed he was made a scapegoat in a scandal over a 2004 report on then-President George W. Bush's military record.  Read More

· DJ AM's death ruled accidental drug overdose.  DJ AM died accidentally from a lethal cocktail of prescription drugs and cocaine, the medical examiner's office ruled Tuesday.  The toxicology report showed the 36-year-old had in his system cocaine, OxyContin, Hydrocodone or Vicodin, antianxiety drugs Xanax and Ativan, Klonopin which also controls anger, Benadryl, and Levamisole.  Read More

· Grande Gamble: Starbucks Launches Instant Coffee.  The company that added "venti" to American vocabularies will launch a push throughout North America Tuesday to convince even connoisseurs to sample what many see as a down-market drink — instant coffee.  Read More

· Arizona Bars Get Ready For Gun-Toting Patrons.  Beginning tomorrow, anyone with a Arizona-issued permit to carry a concealed weapon will be able to bring it into a bar or restaurant where beer, wine or liquor is sold.  Read More

· Bomb-Making Teen Blasts Off Own Hand.  Suffolk County Police say a bomb-making teenager accidentally set off one of his explosives and may have amputated one of his hands Monday evening.  Police say the teenager was in the process of creating a bomb in his basement at the time of the unexpected detonation.  Read More

· Nixon's Undelivered Disaster Speech If Astronauts Had Died On The Moon.  The following speech was prepared by president Nixon's then speechwriter, William Safire, to be used in the event of a disaster that would maroon the astronauts on the moon.  Read More

· New Connecticut $3 Cigarette Tax Takes Effect October 1.  The bill raised the cigarette tax from $2 to $3, the second-highest in the nation behind Rhode Island. Gov. Jodi Rell estimated that the extra revenue could bring in close to $230 million over the next two years alone. Every cent will be going into state coffers to help balance the state budget.  Read More

· Workers' Porn Surfing Rampant at Federal Agency.  One senior executive at the National Science Foundation spent at least 331 days looking at pornography on his government computer, records show. The cost to taxpayers: up to $58,000.  Read More

· Beatles 'Lucy In The Sky' Inspiration Dies.  Woman who inspired Beatles' Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds dies at age 46 after battling incurable lupus disease.  Read More

· Secret Service Probing Obama Assassination Poll on Facebook.  The U.S. Secret Service is investigating a "poll" posted on Facebook that asked users the most unsocial, unspeakable question: Should President Obama be assassinated?  Read More

· Driver will stand trial in texting-while-driving death.  An Orange County Superior Court commissioner decided today that a Costa Mesa man accused of texting while driving and fatally hitting a pedestrian must stand trial for gross vehicular manslaughter.  Read More

· Teen dies after cliff jump into lake.  Authorities say a 16-year-old Rocklin boy died after jumping off a cliff into Lake Natoma near Sacramento.  Cody Isaacson and another boy jumped from China Wall, a cliff around 40 to 50 feet high, on Sunday afternoon, but Isaacson didn't surface. It's unclear if he struck the cliff face on the way down.  Read More

· Invisible Dogs.  2,000 people participated in the "invisible dog walk" in Brooklyn, New York yesterday.  Read More

· Liberals Seek Health Care Access for Illegals.  Fearful that they're losing ground on immigration and health care, a group of House Democrats is pushing back and arguing that any health care bill should extend to all legal immigrants and allow illegal immigrants some access.  Read More

· Chicken Lays Giant Egg, Dies.  Chris Schauerman, of Honeoye Falls, N.Y., found an ailing chicken inside his chicken coop when he went out for daily chores last week. The chicken, known as Roberta, died later that night, but not before leaving behind a giant egg.  Read More

· ACORN Loses Bank Backing.  A spokesman for Bank of America said it has "suspended current commitments" to ACORN Housing, an affiliated group, and "will not enter into any further agreements with ACORN or any of its affiliates."  Read More

· Grandmother arrested for buying cold medicine.  Sally Harpold is a grandmother of triplets who bought one box of Zyrtec-D cold medicine for her husband , and less than seven days later, she bought a box of Mucinex-D cold medicine for her adult daughter. Those two purchases put her in violation of Indiana law. When the police came knocking at her door, she was arrested.  Read More

· More school: Obama would curtail summer vacation.  Students beware: The summer vacation you just enjoyed could be sharply curtailed if President Barack Obama gets his way. Obama says American kids spend too little time in school, putting them at a disadvantage with other students around the globe.  Read More

· Man unhurt after sneaking into bear exhibit at zoo.  A man snuck into the grizzly bear exhibit at the San Francisco Zoo Saturday but was rescued immediately afterward without incident, authorities said.  Read More

· Jackson sneak peek screenings sell out in 2 hours.  Advance screenings to the music documentary "Michael Jackson: This Is It" sold out within two hours early Sunday as fans who began lining up three days earlier snapped up all 3,000 tickets to the Los Angeles shows.  Read More

· Caesars Escalator Death.  A hedge fund executive fell to his death from an escalator at the Pier Shops at Caesars. James Vellanti died early Sunday morning and police continue to investigate. It is the second time someone has died in a fall from the escalator.  Read More

· One-in-five U.S. drivers admit to texting.  Nearly one-in-five U.S. drivers surveyed have read or sent a text message while behind the wheel even though nearly all of the respondents in an AAA survey released on Friday considered it unacceptable.  Read More

· Preacher-Turned-Reality Star Charged With Murdering Former Porn Actress.  A preacher-turned-reality TV star faces charges of torturing and killing an ex-porn actress in the couple's shared Los Angeles-area apartment.  Read More

· Polanski arrested in connection with rape charge.  Filmmaker Roman Polanski has been arrested in Switzerland on an arrest warrant issued 31 years ago in connection with a rape charge.  The Academy Award-winning director pleaded guilty in 1977 to having sex with a 13-year-old girl in the United States, but fled the country before he could be sentenced.  Read More

· N.Y. Congresswoman's Husband Dies on Mountain Climb.  The husband of U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney has died on a mountain climbing expedition in the Himalayas, aides to the congresswoman said Saturday.  Read More

· Father won't be charged for striking man having sex with daughter.  A father who attacked his 37-year-old best friend and roommate with the butt of a shotgun after finding him having sex with his 16-year-old daughter will not be charged in the attack.  Read More

· Woman tries to sell kid for gas.  According to Melbourne, Florida police a 37-year-old woman was arrested on a child-neglect charge Friday afternoon after a tow truck driver told police the mother offered to sell her child in exchange for gas money.  Read More

· Local VFW enacts own form of justice against flag burner.  Members of a local VFW hand down their own punishment after a man burns an American flag on their property. "Let's just say he volunteered to sit out here duct taped to the pole."  Read More

· Gore-Backed Car Firm Gets Large U.S. Loan.  A tiny car company backed by former Vice President Al Gore has just gotten a $529 million U.S. government loan to help build a hybrid sports car in Finland that will sell for about $89,000.  Read More

· NJ woman celebrates 100th birthday — at work.  Astrid Thoenig got dressed, went to work and sat at her desk smiling Thursday as she slid her finger gently under the envelope flap of yet another identical birthday card. They don't make that many that say "Happy 100th."  Read More

· Famous Actors and the TV Roles They Turned Down.  From Bridget Fonda - to Paul Shaffer, eleven actors that turned down some pretty good TV roles.  Read More

· N.J. Principal Unapologetic for Videotape of Kids Praising Obama.  The principal of a New Jersey elementary school where young students were videotaped singing the praises of President Obama is making no apologies for the videotape and says she would allow the performance again if she could.  Read More

· Update: Randy Quaid freed on bail after arrest in Texas.  Randy Quaid was given a ride from a small West Texas jail to get bail money from a bank after the actor and his wife were arrested for allegedly skipping out on a $10,000 California hotel bill, according to the sheriff who drove him.  A felony warrant for burglary, defrauding an innkeeper and conspiracy was issued out in Santa Barbara.  Read More

· Ohio Mother Implanted With Wrong Embryo Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Boy.  Carolyn Savage, 40, had a Caesarean section on Thursday with her husband Sean by her side. The couple was able to spend a few minutes with the child, according to the report, before giving the newborn to his biological parents.  Read More

· Chicago cabbies ask for fare hike, $50 clean-up fee for vomit.  Armed with a survey that shows they’re working 13 hours a day for $4.38 an hour, Chicago cabdrivers on Thursday made their case for a 22 percent fare hike.  Read More

· Ex-Manson follower Susan Atkins dies.  Susan Denise Atkins, a former member of the Manson family who killed pregnant actress Sharon Tate during a two-day killing spree in 1969, has died, according to a California corrections spokesman. She was 61.  Read More

· Man sues BofA for "1,784 billion, trillion dollars."  Dalton Chiscolm is unhappy about Bank of America's customer service - really, really unhappy. Chiscolm in August sued the largest U.S. bank and its board, demanding that "1,784 billion, trillion dollars" be deposited into his account the next day.  Read More

· Sex offenders welcome: Fla. apartments offer home.  No sign marks Miracle Park, a cluster of one-story yellow buildings surrounding a small church that caters to one of society's most despised demographics: sex offenders.  Read More

· Showbiz mogul Dick Clark under harsh spotlight in documentary.  As ailing showbiz mogul Dick Clark prepares to celebrate his 80th birthday in November, a new documentary threatens to tarnish his image by recounting his controversial beginnings.  A congressional probe in 1960 revealed that Clark had interests in dozens of companies that could profit from "American Bandstand," including labels, record-pressing plants, and a talent-management firm. [D]  Read More

· Two-meal diet aids in oldest man's longevity.  So what does the world's oldest man eat? The answer is not much, at least not too much. Walter Breuning, who turned 113 on Monday, eats just two meals a day and has done so for the past 35 years.  Read More

· Tim Russert's father - 'Big Russ' - dies at 85.  Timothy Joseph Russert Sr., the father of the late Tim Russert of NBC's "Meet the Press," died from natural causes Thursday, according to his family. The elder Russert was the subject of his son's 2004 book "Big Russ and Me."  Read More

· Randy Quaid and Wife Arrested for Felony Burglary After Struggle With Cops.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they were picked up by Presidio County Sheriff's deputies. There was allegedly a struggle and deputies had to wrestle Evi to the ground as she screamed.  Felony arrest warrants had been issued for the Quaids in Santa Barbara, CA for burglary, defrauding an innkeeper and conspiracy.  Read More

· Jobless Man Finds Gold Hoard With Metal Detector.  An unemployed man has unearthed the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold ever found with the help of his metal detector. More than 1,500 pieces of treasure—including around 11lbs of gold and 5.5lbs of silver—has now been uncovered.  Read More

· Texas Teacher Stabbed to Death by Student in Classroom.  A Texas teacher who helped children with special needs by playing them the guitar was stabbed to death by a juvenile student at a high school in Tyler on Wednesday morning, authorities said.  Read More

· Pelosi Seeks to Make Health Reform Bill More Liberal.  When House leadership brings a final health care bill to the full House floor, it may be more liberal than moderate House Democrats expected, according to reports.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is planning to include in the bill a tax on wealthy Americans, as well as a more robust government-run health insurance plan (or "public option"), abandoning the compromises key leaders worked out.  Read More

· A McDonald's Is Never More Than 107 Miles Away.  Stephen Von Worley put together a beautiful map listing all 13 thousand McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. to determine the farthest distance between Golden Arches. He calculates that there is no more than 107 miles between a McDonald's restaurant, anywhere in the contiguous United States. [With "heat map"]  Read More

· Animal-cruelty charges dropped against cop.  During a bizarre hearing there yesterday, a Superior Court judge dismissed animal-cruelty charges against a Moorestown police officer accused of sticking his penis into the mouths of five calves  Read More

· White supremacist groups call for protests in bus attack.  White supremacist groups say they want hate crime charges filed in the Belleville West bus attack case and are encouraging a protest. “People in this town are rightfully angry at the double standard that we know how this would be working if the races were reversed,” wrote an announcement on the website for the National Socialist Movement, a white supremacist group.  Read More

· Ammo Sales Spike Continues Into Obama's Term.  Shooting ranges, gun dealers and bullet manufacturers say they have never seen such shortages. Bullets, especially for handguns, have been scarce for months because gun enthusiasts are stocking up on ammo, in part because they fear President Barack Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress will pass antigun legislation.  Read More

· Environmentalists Seek to Wipe Out Plush Toilet Paper.  Environmental groups say that plush U.S. toilet paper is usually made by chopping down and grinding up trees that were decades or even a century old. They want Americans, like Europeans, to wipe with tissue made from recycled paper goods.  Read More

· Feds Probe Hanged Census Worker With 'Fed' Scrawled on Chest.  51-year-old Bill Sparkman was found hanged from a tree near a Kentucky cemetery and had the word "fed" scrawled on his chest, a law enforcement official said, and the FBI is investigating whether he was a victim of anti-government sentiment.  Read More

· ACORN Sues Filmmakers.  ACORN and two former employees of its Baltimore office filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit Wednesday against the makers of a hidden-camera video that showed the employees giving tax advice to a man posing as a pimp and a woman posing as a prostitute.  Read More

· Critics Assail Obama's 'Safe Schools' Czar.  President Obama's "safe schools czar" is a former schoolteacher who has advocated promoting homosexuality in schools, written about his past drug abuse, expressed his contempt for religion and detailed an incident in which he did not report an underage student who told him he was having sex with older men.  Read More

· Fed slows $1.45T program to aid housing market.  With the economy on the mend, the Federal Reserve on Wednesday said it is slowing the pace of a program to lower mortgage rates and prop up the housing market.  Read More

· Mackenzie Phillips says she had sex with her dad.  Mackenzie Phillips reveals she had a sexual relationship with her father, John Phillips, a member of the '60s Mamas and the Papas band.  People magazine says Phillips writes in her new book, "High on Arrival," that she had sex with her father on the night before she was to get married in 1979.  Read More

· Democrats nix putting pre-vote health bill online.  Senate Finance Committee Democrats have rejected a GOP amendment that would have required a health overhaul bill to be available online for 72 hours before the committee votes.  Republicans argued that transparency is an Obama administration goal.  Read More

· Dirty Restaurant Secrets.  It can be tough for restaurateurs to turn a profit and Slashfood has uncovered some of the ultra-dirty deeds even the best restaurants commit in order to pinch pennies. Here are some subtle, sneaky and downright disgusting ways restaurants cheat to save a buck.  Read More

· Postal worker admits stealing 3000 Netflix DVDs.  A postal worker who stole more than 3000 DVDs mailed by Netflix to its customers pleaded guilty yesterday to federal theft charges.  Read More

· Prison sentence for woman who kept mom's body.  A Florida woman was sentenced on Monday to a year and a day in prison for keeping her dead mother's body in a bedroom for years while collecting more than $230,000 in pension benefits.  Read More

· Boxer gets life without parole for murder during sexual assault.  The son of a church deacon sat with his hands chained to his waist in a mustard-colored jail uniform today as an Orange County judge sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole for murdering a woman who tried to prevent him from raping a co-worker.  Read More

· Couple Charged After Leaving Baby Outside Omaha Bar.  A Malvern, Iowa couple was charged with misdemeanor child neglect after police said they left their 4-month-old daughter in their car while they got drunk in a west Omaha bar.  Read More

· LA passes law limiting roosters to 1 per household.  The chickens have come home to roost for Los Angeles city dwellers who keep roosters. The City Council on Tuesday passed an ordinance that—with few exceptions—allows only one rooster per property. It was spurred by complaints over noise and hygiene and concerns over illegal cockfighting.  Read More

· Beer May Help Brain Injuries.  People who suffer a traumatic brain injury from a car crash or other mishap are more apt to survive if they had been drinking at the time of the injury, according to a study published Monday.  The finding "raises the intriguing possibility" that giving alcohol to brain injured patients may improve outcome, the study team suggests in the Archives of Surgery.  Read More

· FDIC could borrow from banks to shore up its fund.  Regulators may borrow billions from big banks to shore up the dwindling fund that insures regular deposit accounts. The loans would go to the fund maintained by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. that insure depositors when banks fail, said industry and government officials.  Read More

· Merced police used Taser on unarmed, legless man in a wheelchair.  The Merced Police Department's Internal Affairs is investigating a complaint alleging that an officer twice used a Taser against an unarmed, wheelchair-bound man with no legs.  Read More

· French police bulldoze immigrant camp near Calais.  French police cleared out, then bulldozed, a squalid forest camp near the northern city of Calais on Tuesday, detaining hundreds of illegal immigrants who had hoped to slip across the English Channel into Britain.  Read More

· Edwards asked aide to claim paternity.  Former Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards talked a campaign aide into claiming he fathered a child born to Edwards' onetime mistress, sources familiar with the issue said Monday.  Read More

· Documents: Anna Nicole Smith's doctors were warned.  A Los Angeles pharmacist told Anna Nicole Smith's internist that the drugs the internist prescribed to the model after her son died were "pharmaceutical suicide," according to unsealed documents written by state officials.  Smith's doctors were warned about prescription drugs by three pharmacists, according to unsealed affidavits obtained Monday by the Los Angeles Times.  Read More

· U.S. charges Obama fund-raiser in $290 million fraud.  Hassan Nemazee, a fund-raiser for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, has been indicted for defrauding Bank of America, HSBC and Citigroup Inc out of more than $290 million in loan proceeds, U.S. prosecutors said on Monday.  Read More

· Death row inmate's last words.  The New York Times ran a long list of last words spoken by inmates in Texas before they were executed. Here are the first few: "Nothing I can say can change the past," "I have come here today to die - not make speeches," "Is the mike on?"  Read More

· Actor David Hasselhoff rushed to hospital.  Reports indicate David Hasselhoff was admitted to hospital after friends of his former wife called 911 on Sunday. Reports indicate one of his two daughters said that her father had been drinking.  Read More

· School Bus Carrying Swim Team Dives Into Pond.  A school bus carrying a Texas high school swim team slid off a road and into a pond on Monday.  Read More

· Insane Killer Captured.  An insane killer who slipped away from the staff of a mental institution during a trip to a county fair was recaptured Sunday, three days after he escaped his monitors — and more than 180 miles away.  Read More

· Renault gets suspended ban in crash scandal.  Renault escaped severe punishment Monday for ordering former driver Nelson Piquet Jr. to deliberately crash in a race, receiving only a suspended ban from Formula One.  Read More

· Calif. Rapper Charged With Killing Virginia Pastor.  A California rapper whose lyrics spoke about the thrill of murder and mutilation has been charged with killing a Virginia pastor, whose body was found along with three others inside the home of his estranged wife, authorities said Sunday.  Read More

· Coffee Spill Costs Community College $200,000.  St. Louis Community College at Forest Park must foot the bill after a coffee maker rigged to a faucet and left on in a photo lab led to a ruptured water line in July. About 10,000 gallons of water spilled down four floors, damaging ceilings, walls, computers and files.  Read More

· 2 Skydivers Killed After Parachute Doesn't Open.  Authorities say a parachute failed to fully open during a tandem jump at a northwestern Ohio skydiving center, killing an instructor and his student.  Read More

· IRS extends amnesty program for tax cheats.  Tax dodgers who hid assets overseas will get a few extra weeks to apply for an amnesty program that has been flooded with applications ahead of the Wednesday deadline.  Read More

· Obama: Requiring health insurance is not a tax increase.  President Obama insists that requiring Americans to get health insurance does not amount to a tax increase.  In a testy exchange on ABC's "This Week," broadcast Sunday, Obama rejected the assertion that forcing people to obtain coverage would violate his campaign pledge against raising taxes on middle-class Americans.  Read More

· Elderly Bank Bandit: I Robbed to Pay Off My Mortgage.  Listening to how Michael Casey Wilson of Santee tells it, a 17 percent mortgage, the threat of homelessness and a terminal health condition will turn a man to crime.  Read More

· Former Stripper Claims Priest Fathered Baby.  A woman who described herself as a former stripper in Miami has filed a petition for a restraining order against a South Florida priest, who she now claims fathered her baby.  Read More

· John Travolta may testify at Bahamas trial.  Actor John Travolta is among the potential witnesses at a Bahamas trial beginning Monday for two people accused of trying to extort $25 million from the movie star, court officials say.  Read More

· Rep. Rangel: Popular lawmaker with ethics issues.  Rep. Charlie Rangel, the latest congressional titan with ethics problems, is described by a longtime House colleague as the guy who would make sure everyone put on oxygen masks during a flight emergency, but would have to be told to put on his own.  Read More

· Obama asks N.Y. governor to step aside.  Party leaders in Washington have become concerned about Paterson's political weakness, believing the governor's office is too important to risk losing, one of the state Democratic advisers told the AP on Saturday.  Read More

· Child Brings Cocaine to Day Care After Dad Tells Him It's Candy.  New Jersey police say a 4-year-old boy shared cocaine with his friends at day care because his father told him it was candy.  Read More

· Chicago mobster Al Capone's Wis. hideout for sale.  The buyer of a scenic property in northern Wisconsin will get more than just its bar and restaurant: They'll have a former hideout of Chicago mobster Al Capone.  Read More

· Insane killer escapes on field trip to county fair.  A criminally insane killer from Spokane, Washington is on the run after escaping during a field trip to the county fair that his mental hospital organized.  Why such a dangerous person was out in public was questioned by many, including Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire.  Add to this, hospital administrators waited nearly two hours before calling law enforcement after the man escaped. [Developing]   Read More

· Ex-aide says Edwards fathered mistress' child.  A man who once claimed to have fathered the child of John Edwards' mistress says in a book proposal the former presidential candidate is the real father and that Edwards and worked with his campaign finance chairman to hide that secret, according to a newspaper report published online Saturday.  Read More

· Muslim teen alleges discrimination by Abercrombie & Fitch.  Abercrombie & Fitch is being sued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for allegedly not hiring a Muslim Tulsa teenager because she wears a hijab, a religiously mandated head scarf.  Read More

· Ex-Chicago Cops Admit to Invading Homes, Stealing.  Four members of a now-disbanded Chicago police unit have admitted they used to break into people's homes and steal money.  Read More

· San Francisco Mayor Wants To Tax Retailers Who Sell Soda.  Calling soda the new tobacco, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom will introduce legislation this fall that would charge a fee to retailers that sell sugared beverages.  Read More

· Millions go to signs flagging stimulus projects.  They're spending hundreds of billions of dollars to stimulate the economy, so Senate Democrats said Wednesday they might as well spend millions putting up signs to highlight where the money is being spent.  Read More

· Parents Sue Walmart After Kids' Bath Photos Fiasco.  An Arizona couple accused of sexual abuse after taking bath-time photos of their children and then trying to have them developed at Walmart are suing the state and the retail giant.  Read More

· Typical day of grocery shopping.  Let's say you're preparing dinner and you realize with dismay that you don't have any certified organic Tuscan kale. What to do? Here's how Michelle Obama handled this very predicament yesterday afternoon:  The Secret Service and the D.C. police brought in three dozen vehicles and shut three streets and an entrance to the McPherson Square Metro station. They swept the area with bomb-sniffing dogs and installed magnetometers in the middle of the street, and put up barricades to keep pedestrians out. Though the produce stand was only a block from the White House, the first lady hopped into her armored limousine and pulled into the market amid the wail of sirens.  Read More

· TV anchor's flub turns into catch phrase overnight.  A veteran New York City news anchor flubs a line and an obscene catch phrase goes viral on the Internet. Ernie Anastos of Fox affiliate WNYW was bantering with the weatherman Wednesday night when he cheerfully dropped an F-bomb on the air. What he likely intended to say was, "Keep plucking that chicken."  Read More

· Ticketmaster finds another way to cut out scalpers.  Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. has developed a new way to resell tickets that shuts out the brokers and scalpers it has long scorned, and instead keeps the profits for itself, musicians and venue owners.  The system relies on Ticketmaster's "paperless" ticketing platform, which makes customers prove their purchase by showing a credit card and ID when they arrive at an event. Without paper tickets, there's nothing for scalpers to resell.  Read More

· Harry Reid: Health care bill won’t work for Nevada.  No sooner than the Senate Finance Committee's chairman released his long-awaited health care bill today than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said it's not good enough for Nevada.  Reid is concerned about the cash-poor state's inability to boost Medicaid spending as would be required under the bill.  Read More

· Coach found not guilty in death of player.  A jury Thursday acquitted a former Louisville, Kentucky, high school football coach of all charges connected to the heat-related death of a player last year.  Read More

· Woman Dies After Catching Fire During Surgery.  An attorney says a southern Illinois woman died six days after being accidentally set ablaze during an operation at a Marion hospital.  Read More

· Napolitano Says Border Construction Halted Until Department Review Completed.  Facing criticism for her handling of federal stimulus money, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that she would not start any new border construction projects while the department reviewed how projects were selected.  Read More

· Suspected drunk driver on a motorized wheelchair.  Police pulled over a suspected drunk driver on a Wisconsin highway, but he wasn't in a car. The man was swerving down the foggy road on a motorized wheelchair.  Read More

· Lab technician arrested in slaying of Yale student.  A Yale University lab technician was arrested Thursday in the killing of a graduate student whose body was found stuffed behind the wall of a campus research building.  Read More

· Police: Bones found on Garrido property.  Investigators have found bones on the property where kidnapping suspects Phillip and Nancy Garrido lived for 18 years with Jaycee Dugard and her two daughters, police said Wednesday.  Read More

· Government Healthcare: Question a doctor and lose your child.  In the UK, parents are being threatened with having their children taken into care after questioning doctors’ diagnoses or objecting to their medical care.  A couple had all six of their children removed from their care after they disputed the necessity of an invasive medical test on their eldest daughter.   Read More

· 'Laugh-In' actor Henry Gibson dies at 73.  Henry Gibson, the veteran comic character actor best known for his role reciting offbeat poetry on "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In," has died.  Read More

· Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary dead at 72.  Mary Travers, one-third of the hugely popular 1960s folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary, has died.  Read More

· No thumbprint, no money, bank tells armless man.  Bank of America in Florida refused to cash a check for an armless man because he could not provide a thumbprint. Even though the teller saw the man's prosthetic hands, they still insisted on a thumbprint identification for him to cash a check drawn on his wife's account at the bank, even though he showed them two photo IDs.  Read More

· Woman Arrested for Allegedly Spanking Stranger's Kid.  Police say a woman has been arrested for allegedly spanking another person's 2-year-old son in a Cincinnati store.  Read More

· Yale student strangled, official says.  Yale University graduate student Annie Le, whose body was found in the wall of a basement lab, was strangled, a spokesman for the Connecticut medical examiner's office said today.  Read More

· Trial postponed for Pa. man who flipped off cop.  The lawsuit stems from an April 2006 incident in which David Hackbart, 34, displayed his middle finger at a motorist and a city police officer. The officer cited him for disorderly conduct.  Read More

· Fourth Videotape Reveals ACORN Advising 'Pimp,' 'Prostitute' in California.  A fourth video by an independent filmmaker posing as a pimp along with a purported prostitute has surfaced depicting an ACORN staffer in California assisting the couple in their quest to obtain housing for their illegal sex business.  Read More

· Johns Hopkins student kills apparent burglar with sword.  A Johns Hopkins University student killed an apparent burglar with a samurai sword after discovering the man in his garage, police said Tuesday.  Read More

· DeLay injured during 'Dancing With the Stars' rehearsal.  Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was injured while rehearsing for ABC's "Dancing With the Stars."  "Old age is catching up to me, may have a stress fracture in my foot," DeLay wrote Tuesday on Twitter.  Read More

· Train misses drunken teen napping on track.  A drunk French teenager narrowly escaped death on Sunday after falling asleep on a railway track and slumbering undisturbed as a high-speed train roared over him, police said.  Read More

· Technician in custody in Yale grad student slaying.  Police have taken a Yale University animal research technician into custody to collect DNA samples and searched his apartment for evidence that might link him to the death of a graduate student who worked in the same lab.  Read More

· Mother charged over rape of biological son.  A mother has been charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct after she allegedly tracked down the son she adopted out a decade ago, seduced and then raped him. [C]  Read More

· Media Accuracy Rating Hits Two Decade Low.  The public’s assessment of the accuracy of news stories is now at its lowest level in more than two decades of Pew Research surveys, and Americans’ views of media bias and independence now match prior lows.  Read More

· Dell agrees to pay $4 million for deceptive ads.  State Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo announced today that Dell and its subsidiary, Dell Financial Services, have agreed to pay $4 million in restitution, penalties and costs to resolve alleged fraudulent and deceptive business practices.  Read More

· Wells Fargo fires exec over Malibu house scandal.  Wells Fargo & Co has fired a senior vice president after investigating reports she held lavish parties at a foreclosed beachfront Malibu house owned by the bank.  Read More

· Relax: Bernanke says recession 'very likely over.'  Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Tuesday that the worst recession since the 1930s is probably over.  Read More

· D.C. Shooting: Police Search for Suspect in Wheelchair.  Washington D.C. police said they are searching for a gunman in a wheelchair who shot a woman in her right foot Monday, then fled before patrol cars arrived.  Read More

· Obama Calls Kanye West a 'Jackass.'  President lashes out at the hip-hop artist in an off-the-record comment during a television interview, an ABC News anchor reported Monday evening on Twitter.  Read More

· Some showerheads harbor disease-causing bacteria.  Released Monday by the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science journal, the study looked at 45 showerheads in nine cities, including Denver and New York. Using standard genetic tests, the team discovered about 20% of the samples contained mycobacterium, at least 100 times more than expected, according to the study. That is worrisome because strains of the bacteria cause lung disease, and showerheads "aerosolize" bacteria, making them easy to inhale. [D]  Read More

· Yale apologizes for 'Killer Cover Letters' e-mail.  Yale University officials are apologizing for an e-mail notifying students about a job-search workshop named "Killer Cover Letters" that was sent out as police investigate the killing of a graduate student.  Read More

· 'Jay Leno Show' premiere gets strong start.  Jay Leno pulled a 12.1 preliminary metered-market household rating and 19 share for the debut of NBC's high-wire-act 10 p.m. comedy show.  That's 70% stronger than the final national household rating for Conan O'Brien's "Tonight Show."  Read More

· Patrick Swayze dies of cancer at 57.  Actor Patrick Swayze, who went from Broadway dancer to Hollywood star in box-office hits like "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost," died on Monday after battling pancreatic cancer for almost two years.  Read More

· Man leaves boy in car, looks for drugs, then can't find his car.  A man from Bucks County has been arrested for allegedly leaving his 6-year-old stepson inside a car while he went in search of drugs. Dino Vicente finally called police after he couldn't find where he parked his car. Police found the car 9 hours later with the child inside.  Read More

· The Top 10 White Trash Heroes of Cinema.  Redneck and "white trash" culture tends to get a bad rap by the snootier elements.  Most in this list are laughing all the way to the bank.  Read More

· Tax evaders rush to beat amnesty deadline.  Rich Americans who have evaded taxes by hiding foreign holdings have about a week to turn themselves in to an Internal Revenue Service amnesty program or gamble they will not be caught.  Read More

· Air Force Shoots Down Runaway Drone Over Afghanistan.  A drone pilot's nightmare came true when operators lost control of an armed MQ-9 Reaper flying a combat mission over Afghanistan on Sunday.  Read More

· Pregnant Teen Shot Dead at N.C. School Bus Stop.  Police say a pregnant 15-year-old was shot and killed Monday morning as she waited at a North Carolina school bus stop.  Read More

· CBS' Harry Smith Says He Might Have Swine Flu.  "Early show" host Harry Smith has taken a sick day from work, telling viewers he thinks he may have swine flu. In an interview live from his New York City apartment Monday, Smith told CBS viewers he started feeling achy and feverish over the weekend after a 25-mile bike ride in the rain and dancing all night at a birthday party.  Read More

· 2 Elite Skydivers Die When Chutes Tangle.  Two members of an elite skydiving team were killed when their parachutes got entangled at 6,000 feet during a group jump in California.  Read More

· Court: Employer must pay for weight-loss surgery.  An Indiana court has ruled that a pizza shop must pay for a 340-pound employee's weight-loss surgery to ensure the success of another operation for a back injury he suffered at work — raising concern among businesses bracing for more such claims.  Read More

· NJ pharmacy tech sues employer over mock holdup.  A New Jersey pharmacy technician who says she was traumatized when a masked gunman burst into her store demanding OxyContin is suing her employers for arranging the mock holdup.  Read More

· Kanye West grabs Swift's mic at MTV awards.  Even by the standards of the anything-goes MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West's hijacking of country-pop sweetheart Taylor Swift's speech was particularly brutal. A giddy Swift was in the midst of her acceptance speech for best female video when West rushed onstage, grabbed her mic and let loose an outburst on behalf of Beyonce Knowles.  Read More

· Video  Kanye West spoils the show at MTV awards.  Read More

· Iraq to make biofuels out of rotting dates.  Iraq's prime minister has approved a project by a United Arab Emirates-based company to make biofuel from dates that would otherwise be wasted because they have started to perish, Iraqi officials said.  Read More

· Police confirm body found inside Yale lab building.  Police in Connecticut say a body has been found in a building where a Yale University graduate student vanished.  Read More

· 6 Hong Kong workers die in elevator shaft fall.  A construction platform inside an elevator shaft collapsed Sunday, sending six workers falling about 20 stories to their deaths inside a Hong Kong skyscraper, officials said.  Read More

· Bizarre ending to Williams' title defense at Open.  Serena Williams walked toward the line judge, screaming, cursing and shaking a ball in the official's direction, "If I could, I would take this ... ball and shove it down your ... throat," Williams said.  Read More

· Man Killed In Crash Lobbied For Route 32 Safety.  For the third time in just the last three months, a horrific and deadly accident on one dangerous section of road rocks Howard County. This time a doctor is dead, and in a tragic twist of fate, that doctor fought for safety improvements on the same road he was killed.  Read More

· Key Blagojevich adviser Christopher Kelly dead.  The man federal prosecutors pressured to cooperate in the corruption probe of Chicago ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich died of an apparent aspirin overdose on Saturday, law enforcement sources said.  Read More

· Texas governor sends Rangers to Mexico border.  Special teams of Texas Rangers will be deployed to the Texas-Mexico border to deal with increasing violence because the federal government has failed to address growing problems there, Gov. Rick Perry said.  Read More

· Missing Yale Student's Body Reportedly Found.  FOX 61 reported its sources said the 24-year-old's body was found inside the building where she was last seen and according to the New Haven Register, bloody clothes and other evidence also was found, in the ceiling of the same building at the New Haven university.  Read More

· Homicide Suspect Fell Asleep While Holding Couple Hostage.  Authorities say the man who held a couple hostage in their Kansas home fell asleep and they escaped unharmed.  Read More

· Pam Anderson's PETA Ad Too Sexy for CNN.  Pamela Anderson plays an airport security guard who screens travelers for animal products. CNN's Airport Network had scheduled the ad for 48 U.S. airports, but then deemed it too sexy.  Read More

· Body Worlds plans cadaver show dedicated to sex.  German anatomists plan a new show dedicated solely to dead bodies having sex as part of the Body Worlds exhibitions.  Read More

· Arizona driver wears monkey masks to elude tickets.  A driver has racked up dozens of speeding tickets in photo-radar zones on Phoenix-area freeways while sporting monkey and giraffe masks, and is fighting every one by claiming the costumes make it impossible for authorities to prove he was behind the wheel.  Read More

· Mom arrested for letting 6-year-old daughter drive SUV.  Police in Coatesville say they stopped a white SUV being driven by a young girl on Sunday afternoon. Authorities say 30-year-old Lakisha Hogue was in the passenger seat when they stopped the vehicle. Hogue is charged with endangering the welfare of a child, corruption of a minor and other charges.  Read More

· Multi-million dollar Warhol art collection stolen in Los Angeles.  Police in Los Angeles are offering a $1 million reward for information leading to the recovery of a multimillion dollar collection of original Andy Warhol artwork stolen from a West Los Angeles home.  Read More

· Runner reported to have internal male sex organs.  Caster Semenya had heard the taunts and whispers — that she was different from other girls. Now the most intimate details of her anatomy are headline news, and there is worry about how the 18-year-old runner from a poor South African village will handle it all.  Semenya won the 800-meter race at the world championships in Berlin on Aug. 19 by world-record 2.45 seconds.  Read More

· World's oldest person dies in Los Angeles at 115.  Gertrude Baines, who lived to be the world's oldest person on a steady diet of crispy bacon, fried chicken and ice cream, died Friday at a nursing home. She was 115.  Read More

· Update: Coast Guard Blames Media For Potomac Mishap.  The Coast Guard conducted a training exercise in the Potomac River near the Pentagon amid Sept. 11 commemorations Friday, sparking confusion that scrambled FBI agents and led the nearest airport to briefly ground flights.  Read More

· Coast Guard allegedly fires on boat in Potomac River in Washington.  The U.S. Coast Guard fired on a suspicious boat in the Potomac River in central Washington, D.C., amid high security while September 11 memorial ceremonies were being held nearby at the Pentagon, CNN reported on Friday.  Read More

· Record companies sue 'Ellen' show over copyrights.  Some of the world's largest recording companies are suing "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," claiming producers violated their copyrights by playing more than 1,000 songs without permission.  Many of the songs were played during the "dance over" segment of the show, when DeGeneres dances from the stage to the interview area, often through the audience.  Read More

· Dead Football Player Had 109-Degree Temperature.  A teenager whose collapse and death spurred a reckless homicide prosecution of his coach likely had a temperature of 109 degrees when he went down, a heat stroke expert testified Thursday.  Read More

· Women face trial for staged motel tryst ending with glued penis.  A Wisconsin judge ruled there is enough evidence for four women to stand trial for their roles in a staged motel tryst that ended with a man tied to a bed, his penis super-glued to his stomach, a lawyer for one of the women said Wednesday.  Read More

· Baby Born At 9:09 On 9/9/09 Weighs 9 Lbs, 9 Oz.  Chuck Berendes of La Crosse said he will never forget the birthday of this third child, born Wednesday on the ninth day of the nine month in the year 2009.  Read More

· School principal 'attacked auditor with hammer.'  Police say the 41-year-old auditor was conducting a routine audit at the Meekatharra School of the Air's Geraldton campus when the principal, John McHale, allegedly attacked him with a hammer.  Read More

· Marijuana farming rebounds in economic hard times.  Machete-wielding police have hacked their way through billions of dollars worth of marijuana in the country's top pot-growing states to stave off a bumper crop sprouting in the tough economy.  Read More

· Update: Shock, Anger After 2 Die in Raid to Rescue New York Times Reporter.  Hostage negotiators expressed shock and anger at Gordon Brown’s decision to approve a commando raid to free a kidnapped British journalist, saying that they were within days of securing his release through peaceful means.  Read More

· DeGeneres joins 'American Idol' as judge.  Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres will join the judges' panel on "American Idol" for the show's ninth season beginning in 2010, a Fox spokeswoman confirmed Wednesday. The popular comedian and entertainer will fill a seat left vacant by Paula Abdul.  Read More

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· 'Contraception cheapest way to combat climate change.'  Contraception is almost five times cheaper as a means of preventing climate change than conventional green technologies, according to research by the London School of Economics.  Read More

· Plan to steal landscaping rock sinks.  Two thieves tried to pilfer landscaping rock early this morning, but their would-be heist sank, literally. Witnesses told police the men backed a brown Ford Explorer to the edge of the Arkansas River shortly before 1:20 a.m. They loaded several landscaping rocks into the truck — but then the load shifted, and the Explorer rolled backward into the river and sank, Lt. Guy Schroeder said.  Read More

· Read the Union Health-Care Label.  In the heated debates on health-care reform, not enough attention is being paid to the huge financial windfalls ObamaCare will dole out to unions—or to the provisions in the various bills in Congress that will help bring about the forced unionization of the health-care industry.  Read More

· Getting away with murder is the norm in Detroit.  At least 7 in 10 people who committed murder in this city last year have gotten away with it. "It is absolutely horrible," said Gary Brown, a former deputy chief of police and current City Council candidate. "Today, I'm packing my gun just to go to CVS. The city is not safe. The city is out of control. And anyone who lives here knows so."  Read More

· Tibetan Mastiff is 'most expensive' dog at $580,000.  A black Tibetan Mastiff, 31 inches high and answering to the name of Yangtze River Number Two, is believed to have broken the world record as the most expensive dog after a Chinese woman paid 4 million yuan (US $581,342) for the “priceless” canine. [D]  Read More

· Taped Sex Remarks Cost Calif. Lawmaker His Job.  Mike Duvall's second term as a member of the California Assembly was progressing pretty much like his first - in relative obscurity, with few notable legislative accomplishments.  The Orange County Republican is now a YouTube hit after KCAL-TV aired his racy comments about sexual conquests that were caught by an open microphone in a Capitol hearing room.  Read More

· ACORN Officials Videotaped Telling 'Pimp,' 'Prostitute' How to Lie to IRS.  Officials with the controversial community organizing group ACORN were secretly videotaped offering to assist two individuals posing as a pimp and a prostitute, encouraging them to lie to the Internal Revenue Service and providing guidance on how to claim underage girls from South America as dependents.  Read More

· Harvard says Holocaust denial ad published by accident.  Harvard University, one of America's premiere academic institutions, is coming under fire for running an advertisement in its campus newspaper questioning the reality of the Holocaust.  Read More

· Anger as soldier dies rescuing newsman.  Hostage negotiators expressed shock and anger at Gordon Brown’s decision to approve a commando raid to free a kidnapped British journalist, saying that they were within days of securing his release through peaceful means.  Stephen Farrell — who was in Afghanistan for The New York Times — was not harmed in the raid but his Afghan translator, Sultan Munadi, and a British soldier from the Special Forces Support Group were killed.  Read More

· Woman beaten to death at China Wal-Mart.  A woman in eastern China was allegedly beaten to death by five employees of a Wal-Mart store who accused her of shoplifting, a police report and state media said Tuesday.  Police have arrested two employees from the store in Jiangxi province, while three others are being investigated.  Read More

· Dem Plan: Up to $3,800 fine for failure get health insurance.  A top senator is calling for fines of up to $3,800 on families who fail to get medical insurance after a health care overhaul goes into effect.  The plan from Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana would make health insurance mandatory, just like auto coverage.  Read More

· Obama open to 'sin tax' on fizzy drinks to stem obesity.  President Barack Obama hinted he could support a "sin tax" on soda to help lower high rates of US obesity, but admitted it would be an uphill battle against corporate and economic interests.  Read More

· Hoarding energy-guzzling bulbs ahead of EU ban.  Germans, who sometimes see themselves as guardians of the environment, are hoarding energy-guzzling incandescent light bulbs ahead of a looming European Union-wide ban, a market research firm said.  Read More

· Motorized parachute crashes into Utah crowd; 6 hurt.  A motorized parachute crashed into a crowd at a Labor Day festival in Hooper, Utah, injuring at least six people, including children, authorities said.  The parachute was operated by a man and his son who were on the aircraft, but neither was injured when it dropped to the ground amid spectators.  Read More

· Father, Son Drown During Fishing Tournament.  Authorities said the two boaters who drowned this weekend during a fishing tournament were father and son.  Family members said 67-year-old William Reed and his 38-year-old son John Reed were experienced fishermen.  Read More

· Life Begins After 50.  Whether it's focusing on a new career - or discovering a rewarding hobby - many successful late achievers find a craft or profession they enjoy, and are often rewarded with more happiness, security - and much less stress.  Here are a few people who didn't let age stand in their way.  Read More

· Marriage Proposal Ends Badly.  A man took his girlfriend hiking Sunday afternoon on the gorgeous - albeit rocky and rough - Billy Goat Trail, on national parkland near Great Falls. At some point, he popped the question. She said yes. As they continued their walk, the woman apparently slipped and fell down a rock face.  Read More

· Madoffs get $13,800 property tax rebate.  The government had frozen Bernie and Ruth Madoff's funds and occupied their homes, seizing the fruits of Bernie Madoff's massive fraud: their cars, their boats, their piano, even their silverware.  That's when Palm Beach County wrote the couple a $13,800 check - a rebate, handing back taxes the Madoffs paid on their Palm Beach mansion.  Read More

· America's Most Stressful Cities.  Crowding, poor air quality, a high 11% unemployment rate and free-falling home values have created a cocktail of constant worry affecting many resident of Chicago - the most stressful city for the second year in a row.  Read More

· Fried Butter One of Many Creative Treats at Texas State Fair.  Deep fried butter is among eight creative food items by vendors at this year's State Fair of Texas in Dallas. The fried butter can be ordered in several different flavors: sweet cream, cherry or garlic. [D]  Read More

· Arrest Made in Wisconsin Serial Killer Case.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Milwaukee police have arrested a suspect in connection with the killings of seven women over a 21-year period that started in 1986.  Read More

· 2 radio towers in Washington state toppled.  Two radio station towers were toppled early Friday, and the station's manager said an ecoterrorist group's initials were left at the scene. A sign bearing the letters ELF was found near the towers.  Read More

· Obama 'green jobs' adviser quits amid controversy.  President Barack Obama's adviser Van Jones has resigned amid controversy over past inflammatory statements, the White House said early Sunday.  Read More

· Labor Day Weekend Delivery: Baby Born In NYC Taxi.  Working Labor Day weekend has taken on a new meaning for two New York City police officers who helped deliver a baby girl in a livery cab.  Read More

· Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin.  Whether because exercise makes us hungry or because we want to reward ourselves, many people eat more — and eat more junk food — after going to the gym.  "In general, for weight loss, exercise is pretty useless," says Eric Ravussin.  The basic problem is that exercise has another effect: it can stimulate hunger.  Read More

· Missing Boy Allegedly Abducted in Custody Battle Found Hidden Behind Wall.  A boy allegedly abducted in a custody dispute nearly two years ago has turned up alive, hiding with his mother in a small, specially built secret room at his grandmother's Illinois home, investigators said.  Read More

· Pa. man fires cannon, hits neighbor's house.  A Pennsylvania history buff who recreates firearms from old wars accidentally fired a 2-pound cannonball through the wall of his neighbor's home. William Maser, 54, fired a cannonball Wednesday evening outside his home in Georges Township that ricocheted and hit a house 400 yards away. The cannonball, about two inches in diameter, smashed through a window and a wall before landing in a closet.  Read More

· NY nun busted for drunk-driving - in the church van.  A Long Island nun who crashed her church-issued vehicle into a tree was arraigned on drunken driving charges Friday.  Read More

· Jury: Death for man who murdered cop's daughter.  A Florida jury has recommended that a plumber who kidnapped, raped and murdered a police detective's daughter be executed.  Read More

· Cop charged with hiring hitman to stab ex-wife.  A veteran Queens cop was charged Friday with hiring a hitman to kill his ex-wife.  Read More

· People With Thin Thighs Die Sooner, Study Finds.  People who have agonized over their fat thighs might be able to relax a bit — Danish doctors said on Thursday they found patients with the thinnest thighs died sooner than the more endowed.  Read More

· How 20 popular websites looked when they launched.  From Google to youtube, from craigslist to flickr - how some of today's biggest sites looked back in the early days of their existence.  Read More

· Transsexual Allowed to Transfer to Women's Prison.  A British court issued a landmark ruling Friday, allowing a transsexual prisoner serving life for manslaughter and attempted rape to be transferred to a women's prison.  The prisoner, who began gender reassignment treatment years ago to become a woman, was not named to protect his/her identity.  Read More

· Pastor fatally shot by police in mistaken drug sting.  A north Georgia pastor was shot to death by police when he struck an officer with his car after he was seen in a vehicle with a drug suspect, authorities told CNN.  Police later determined what they had seen was not a drug transaction, but "other circumstances were involved, and that's part of the investigation," police said.  Read More

· ObamaCare Supporter Bites Off Finger Of Protester.  A healthcare-reform opponent whose finger was partially bitten off Wednesday during a Thousand Oaks rally said today that doctors could not re-attach the severed section.  Read More

· Girl, 15, Admits to Trying to Poison Dad With Jell-O.  A 15-year-old Montana girl has admitted trying to poison her father using Jell-O laced with lamp oil.  Read More

· Internet addiction center opens in US.  The center, called ReSTART, is somewhat ironically located near Redmond, headquarters of Microsoft and a world center of the computer industry. It opened in July and for $14,000 offers a 45-day program intended to help people wean themselves from pathological computer use, which can include obsessive use of video games, texting, Facebook, eBay, Twitter and any other time-killers brought courtesy of technology.  Read More

· Missing Woman, 86, Found Trapped in Crashed Car.  An 86-year-old woman missing for two days has been found alive in a car that went off the road in western Pennsylvania.  Read More

· 2 Women Found Dead With Throats Slashed in L.A. Home.  Two women in their 20s were found dead today at a vacant house in North Hollywood, Calif. with their throats slashed, and a third woman in her 40s was taken to a hospital with knife wounds.  Read More

· Stranger allegedly slaps crying child in store.  A Georgia man allegedly slapped a toddler at a Walmart store because she wouldn't stop crying, authorities said. Roger Stephens, 61, was arrested Monday and charged with first-degree cruelty to children.  Read More

· Feds failed to clear brush in LA wildfire area.  Federal authorities failed to follow through on plans earlier this year to burn away highly flammable brush in a forest on the edge of Los Angeles to avoid the very kind of wildfire now raging there, The Associated Press has learned.  Read More

· Medicare pays 4 times suppliers' wheelchair cost, report says.  Power-driven wheelchairs are costing Medicare and its beneficiaries nearly four times what suppliers pay for them, and competitive bidding could have reduced those costs, according to an inspector general's report released Wednesday.  Read More

· DJ AM autopsy finds pills in stomach.  DJ AM had prescription pills in his stomach and one in his throat when police found him dead in his apartment, a New York City official said Wednesday.  Read More

· Pfizer to pay record $2.3B penalty for drug promos.  Federal prosecutors hit Pfizer Inc. with a record-breaking $2.3 billion in fines Wednesday and called the world's largest drugmaker a repeating corporate cheat for illegal drug promotions that plied doctors with free golf, massages, and resort junkets.  Read More

· ABC News: Gibson retiring, Sawyer will be anchor.  Charles Gibson, who provided a steadying hand to a "World News" broadcast reeling from tragedy, will retire at the end of the year and ABC News appointed Diane Sawyer to replace him in January.  Read More

· "We missed Madoff," SEC review finds.  The Securities and Exchange Commission overlooked "more than ample" evidence, including six complaints, that red-flagged the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, an internal watchdog said.  Read More

· Sex, scandal, yawn: Madoff books are a bust.  Sex and scandal have not been enough to make major sellers out of books about Bernard Madoff.  Read More

· Outrage Grows Over Ad Showing Planes Crashing Into NYC.  The World Wildlife Fund is joining a growing chorus of voices expressing outrage over an ad bearing its symbol that shows dozens of planes bearing down on downtown Manhattan with a tag line that reads, "The Tsunami Killed 100 Times More People Than 9/11."  Read More

· Driver in N.Y. Wrong-Way Crash to Be Exhumed.  The body of a woman who killed herself and seven other people by driving a minivan the wrong way on a parkway and crashing into an SUV will be exhumed for testing in an attempt to counter findings that she was drunk, a family lawyer said Tuesday.  Read More

· Reid: Teddy's death "going to help us."  The Reno Gazette-Journal has a sit-down with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who addresses the Ted Kennedy question in, um, an interesting way.  Q: How will U.S. Sen. (Edward) Kennedy's death affect things? A: I think it's going to help us. He hasn't been around for some time. We're going to have a new chairman of that committee.  Read More

· Revenue-hungry Kansas will be owner of new casinos.  In Kansas, Carrie Nation battled booze by smashing up saloons, the state school board once approved science guidelines questioning evolution and anti-abortion leaders have made their stiffest stands - all burnishing the state's conservative credentials.  Read More

· Man Allegedly Kills Wife Over Facebook Account.  A man allegedly killed his girlfriend after becoming suspicious of her activity on Facebook, a court has heard.  Read More

· Kevin Federline singlehandedly reverses global warming for one day.  Britney Spears' ex-husband removed his shirt for a swim this weekend, and the resulting reflection of UV rays contributed to a measurable decrease in the Earth's average temperature.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Pragmatic [prag·mat·ic] adj.  More concerned with practical results than with theories and principles [the CEO used a pragmatic approach to making his business a success].  Read More

· FAA Lets Southwest Fly With Unauthorized Parts.  The Federal Aviation Administration had given Southwest Airlines until Tuesday to replace unauthorized parts on more than 80 of its jets, but the airline filed for an extension to finish the job.  Read More

· Guard Caught Sleeping at Major NYC Bridge.  A security guard at the George Washington Bridge, which connects New York City and New Jersey, was caught sleeping on the job  Read More

· Former Miss California USA sues pageant officials.  Carrie Prejean has filed a lawsuit against Miss California USA officials who stripped her of her title, accusing them of libel and religious discrimination for her views on same-sex marriage.  Read More

· Latest Study: Daily dose of aspirin may do more harm than good.  A new study by British scientists suggests that healthy people who take a daily dose of aspirin to prevent heart attacks may be doing themselves more harm than good.  Read More

· LA fashion designer gets 59 years to life sentence.  Fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander was sentenced Monday to 59 years to life in prison for sexually assaulting aspiring models he lured to Los Angeles.  Read More

· World's oldest dog dies in NY at 21 — or 147.  A wire-haired dachshund that held the record as the world's oldest dog and celebrated its last birthday with a party at a dog hotel and spa has died at age 21 — or 147 in dog years.  Read More

· Michael Jackson hoax was 'experiment,' broadcaster says.  A hoax video purporting to show Michael Jackson hopping out of a coroner's van alive was produced by a German television station as an experiment, the broadcaster told CNN Monday.  Read More

· E-mails show kidnap victim worked at suspect's business.  Customers of the printing company knew her as "Allissa." They spoke to her about graphic design, business cards and fliers, and describe her as professional, polite and responsive. But "Allissa," authorities say, was really Jaycee Dugard, kidnapped 18 years ago from her home in South Lake Tahoe, California.  Read More

· Florida Man's Body Found Tangled in Bulldozer.  Putnam County Sheriff's authorities say 61-year-old Tommy Brenner was found dead Friday by a friend. Brenner was using the bulldozer to clear a plot of land when he somehow became stuck in the hydraulic arms that raise the machine's bucket.  Read More

· 57% Would Like to Replace Entire Congress.  A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 57% would vote to replace the entire Congress and start all over again. Eighteen percent (18%) are not sure how they would vote.  Read More

· Nurse Arrested for Alleged Sex With Convicted Rapist.  A nurse in Great Britain has been arrested over claims she had a four-month fling with a violent rapist who was being held in a mental health ward at a British hospital.  Read More

· Questions arise over how kidnapper went undetected.  His neighbors knew he was a registered sex offender. Kids on his block called him "Creepy Phil" and kept their distance. Parole agents and local law enforcement regularly visited his home and found nothing unusual, even after a neighbor complained children were living in a complex of tents in his backyard.  Read More

· DJ AM found dead in New York apartment.  Nearly a year after surviving a plane crash in South Carolina, disc jockey Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein was found dead in his New York apartment Friday afternoon, his publicist said. He was 36.  Read More

· Former Olympian Shot to Death Outside Home.  Police say former Olympic shot putter Dave Laut has been shot to death outside his Southern California home.  Read More

· $16,000 fines on robocalls take effect Tuesday.  Starting Tuesday, many "robocalls" from telemarketers will be illegal.  Businesses that try to push products on consumers with automated and unsolicited calls will face fines of up to $16,000 per call, according to the Federal Trade Commission.  Read More

· Pastor Tried to Fight Off Killer Before Throat Slashed.  The wounds suffered by a pastor killed inside her church indicate that she tried to fight off her attacker before her throat was slashed and she was nearly decapitated, according to a forensics expert.  Read More

· Comments left on rapist's blog.  Here are the blog comments of convicted kidnapper and rapist Phillip Garrido, who was recently arrested for kidnapping Jaycee Dugard 18 years ago. The comments are (understandably) heated and ridden with profanity.  Read More

· Surprise: Tax on 'Clunker' rebate.  Many people cashing in on the clunkers program are surprised when they get to the treasurer's office windows. That's because the government's rebate of up to $4500 dollars for every clunker is taxable.  "They didn't realize that would be taxable. A lot of people don't realize that. So they're not happy and kind of surprised when they find that out."  Read More

· Bill would give president emergency control of Internet.  Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.  Read More

· Florida man kills himself before jury's 'not guilty' verdict.  Authorities say a St. Augustine, Florida man on trial for sexual battery charges apparently killed himself before learning the verdict: not guilty.  Read More

· Kidnapped woman hidden in backyard shed for 18 years.  From the time she was an 11-year-old, blue-eyed, freckle-faced blonde until she was a 28-year-old woman with two children, Jaycee Dugard was kept locked away in a shed by a couple police say abducted her. Dugard's two children - fathered by her abductor, police say - were born in the shed and raised there.  Read More

· Florida Thong-Wearing Bicyclist, 55, Arrested.  A 55-year-old man known for biking around Tallahassee wearing nothing but a thong is facing a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct for exposing himself.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Diminutive [di·min·u·tive] adj.  Extremely small in size; tiny. A very small person or thing [a diminutive report].  Read More

· 'Person of interest' questioned in model's slaying.  Canadian authorities said Thursday they talked with the woman believed to have helped reality TV star-turned-fugitive Ryan Jenkins check into the motel where he later took his own life.  Read More

· TV Contestant's Trail of Evidence in Model Murder.  A reality contestant wanted in the gruesome murder and mutilation of his ex-model wife didn't start his 1,000-mile dash for his native Canada until 24 hours after her body was found and he moved out of his penthouse and picked up his speedboat, police said.  Read More

· Mom in Pa.-to-Fla. abduction hoax gets prison time.  A white suburban mother who placed a 911 call claiming two black men had carjacked her — but instead flew to Disney World with her child to escape a looming arrest — was sent to prison Thursday for nine to 23 months.  Read More

Thursday, August 27, 2009

· Democratic Health Care Bill Divulges IRS Tax Data.  One of the problems with any proposed law that's over 1,000 pages long and constantly changing is that much deviltry can lie in the details.  Section 245(b)(2)(A) says the IRS must divulge tax return details - there's no specified limit on what's available or unavailable - to the Health Choices Commissioner. The purpose is to verify "affordability credits."  Read More

· Model Arrested for Posing Nude in NYC Museum.  Kathleen Neill, 26, was busted yesterday among the other classic nudes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for posing naked. Cops charged her with public lewdness.  Read More

· Kentucky Man Accused of Killing Couple Admits Having Sex With the Woman.  A former drifter accused of killing two high school sweethearts nearly 30 years ago told detectives he had sex with the woman and then watched a group of men stomp the couple to death, according to a criminal complaint.  Read More

· Sheehan returns to rebuke Obama.  After spending weeks dogging George W. Bush's presidential vacations, anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan is now trying to make life uncomfortable for President Obama. She told US peace activists to wake up and protest Obama's escalation of the war in Afghanistan, and complained that despite the president's anti-war stance, troops remained in Iraq.  Read More

· Cops believe 1991 kidnap victim found alive.  Sheriff's officials said Thursday they believe a woman who walked into a police station had been kidnapped as an 11-year-old in 1991 outside her South Lake Tahoe home.  Read More

· Millions of Window Blinds Recalled After Kids' Deaths.  Six companies are recalling millions of window blinds and shades, following the deaths of three children who got caught in cords that help the coverings move up and down.  Read More

· Denver marijuana panel backs $1 penalty on small amounts.  Denver's marijuana policy review panel agreed Wednesday to send a letter to the presiding judge of Denver County Court urging a $1 fine as penalty for possession of marijuana of less than an ounce.  Read More

· Crime story author Dominick Dunne dies.  Author Dominick Dunne, who told stories of shocking crimes among the rich and famous through his magazine articles and best-selling books including "Another City, Not My Own," about O.J. Simpson's murder trial, died Wednesday in his home at age 83.  Read More

· Murdered Swimsuit Model's Car Found in West Hollywood.  A white Mercedes-Benz found in a parking lot in West Hollywood belonged to an ex-model whose brutal murder prompted an international manhunt for a former reality TV contestant wanted in the murder, police said Wednesday.  Read More

· ACLU Sues DHS over Laptop Searches.  The American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday sued the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to uncover documents related to laptop searches at the border.  "The ACLU believes that suspicionless searches of laptops violate the First and Fourth Amendments," the group wrote in the suit, filed in a New York District Court.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Altruism [al·tru·ism] n.  Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness.  (also 'Altruistic').  Read More

· Fed chairman victim of identity fraud ring.  Federal Reserve Board chairman Ben Bernanke was one of hundreds of victims of an identity fraud ring that stole over 2.1 million dollars from individuals and financial institutions, Newsweek magazine reported on Wednesday.  Read More

· Driver, 83, Chases DUI Suspect Across 2 States.  An 83-year-old driver chased a pickup truck for 15 miles from New York into Connecticut, helping police catch the drunken driving suspect who had rear-ended his car.  Read More

· Richardson Probe 'Was Killed in Washington.'  New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former high-ranking members of his administration won't be criminally charged in a yearlong federal investigation into pay-to-play allegations involving one of the Democratic governor's large political donors, someone familiar with the case said.  "It's over. There's nothing. It was killed in Washington," the person told The Associated Press.  Read More

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

· VA to apologize for mistaken disease notices.  The Department of Veterans Affairs said Wednesday it will apologize to veterans who were mistakenly told they'd been diagnosed with a fatal neurological condition.  Read More

· Female teacher allegedly paid student after sex.  A 28-year-old teacher charged with having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old male student paid her victim between $1,400 and $1,500 after the encounters, court documents allege.  Read More

· Union backs health care bill that provides UAW $10 billion.  The United Auto Workers is urging its members to back efforts in Congress to reform health care coverage, citing a provision that includes $10 billion to defray the medical costs of union members and others in retiree group health care associations.  Read More

· Cash for Clunkers generates 700K new car sales.  Cash for Clunkers generated nearly 700,000 new car sales and ended under its $3 billion budget, the Transportation Department said Wednesday.  Read More

· Man found beaten to death at California prison.  Authorities today are investigating the beating death of an inmate inside a two-man cell at California State Prison in Lancaster.  Read More

· Jackie Kennedy's Half Brother Indicted on Child Sex Abuse Charges.  The half brother to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis has been indicted on felony charges of encouraging child sexual abuse in Oregon.  Read More

· Microsoft Edits Black Man Out of Photo, Apologizes.  Software giant Microsoft Corp. is apologizing for altering a photo on its Web site to change the race of one of the people shown in the picture.  Read More

· Papa John's founder pays $250K for beloved Camaro.  With the help of a $250,000 reward, the founder of the Papa John's pizza chain has finally reunited with the muscle car he sold years ago to help keep his family's business afloat.  John Schnatter sold the gold-and-black 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 in 1983 to start what would become a worldwide pizza business.   Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Copious [co·pi·ous] adj.  Large in quantity; abundant. Abounding in matter, thoughts, or words; wordy.  "Taking copious notes during the meeting."  Read More

· AFL-CIO President Named Head of New York Fed.  The Federal Reserve chose a labor leader to succeed a former Goldman Sachs executive as the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of New York's private-sector board of directors.  Read More

· Chris Brown sentenced in Rihanna assault case.  A judge on Tuesday sentenced Chris Brown to five years' probation and six months' community labor for the beating of Rihanna and ordered the R&B singer to stay away from his former girlfriend for the next five years.  Read More

· Mass. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy dies at age 77.  Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, the last surviving brother in a political dynasty and one of the most influential senators in history, died Tuesday night at his home on Cape Cod after a year-long struggle with brain cancer.  Read More

· Time gap in Jackson death could prove key to case.  A key point of contention has emerged in the case investigators are piecing together about the death of Michael Jackson: Exactly when did Dr. Conrad Murray realize that his patient had stopped breathing?  Read More

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

· Columbine-Style Attack by Armed California Teen Thwarted by 'Heroic' Teachers.  A teen armed with a sword and chainsaw who had several pipe bombs strapped to his body was arrested Monday after two explosions rocked Hillsdale High School in San Mateo.  Read More

· Comedian sued over mother-in-law humor.  "Take my mother-in-law — please," isn't a joke you're likely to hear often these days from Sunda Croonquist. The comic is being sued by her mother-in-law after making her the punchline of too many jokes.  Read More

· Stimulus Checks Mistakenly Sent to 1,700 Inmates, Federal Agency Says.  The inspector general's office for the Social Security Administration is looking into the problem as part of its broader audit on stimulus spending. The Social Security Administration acknowledged the $425,000 glitch following a report that nearly two-dozen inmates in Massachusetts had wrongly received the $250 stimulus checks.  Read More

· 'Person of interest' sought in slain model's case.  Canadian authorities are searching for a woman in their investigation into the death of a reality TV contestant, who is suspected of killing his wife in Southern California. The woman helped rent a room for Ryan Alexander Jenkins, who was found dead at the budget Thunderbird Motel.  Read More

· 'Most dangerous' celebs to search for online.  Security technology company McAfee Inc. reported that searches for 27-year-old Jessica Biel are more likely to lead to online threats such as spyware and viruses than searches for any other celebrity.  Read More

· Jury awards punitive damages to smoker's daughter.  A jury on Monday recommended that cigarette maker Philip Morris USA should pay $13.8 million in punitive damages to the daughter of a longtime smoker who died of lung cancer.  Read More

· 1,000 cameras 'solve one crime.'  Only one crime was solved by each 1,000 CCTV cameras in London last year, a report into the city's surveillance network has claimed.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Ambiguous [am·big·u·ous] adj.  Open to more than one interpretation: an ambiguous reply. Doubtful or uncertain.  Read More

· Official tells AP Jackson death ruled a homicide.  The Los Angeles County coroner's finding that the death of Michael Jackson was a homicide could mean criminal charges for his doctor, who told investigators that he administered a mix of powerful drugs to treat the pop star's insomnia hours before his death.  Read More

· Update: Fox News' Glenn Beck exposes 'Color of Change' co-founder.  Glenn Beck used his popular Fox News show to attack the background of Van Jones, a White House environmental advisor who co-founded an African American political advocacy group that organized an advertising boycott of his program.  Read More

· Study finds people who multitask often bad at it.  The people who multitask the most are the ones who are worst at it. That's the surprising conclusion of researchers at Stanford University, who found multitaskers are more easily distracted and less able to ignore irrelevant information than people who do less multitasking.  Read More

· Laguna Beach slapped with $1 million federal bill.  The city must return more than $1 million of federal funds it received to help rebuild after a devastating June 2005 landslide.  Read More

Monday, August 24, 2009

· Mom, Man Charged In Tot's Python Death.  The mother of a 2-year-old girl who was strangled by a python, along with the mother's boyfriend who owned the snake, were arrested Monday in connection with the girl's death.  Read More

· Maine spectators ignored warnings before wave hit.  Park Rangers insisted Monday that they had done all they could to warn visitors before beauty suddenly turned brutal, launching a hurricane-generated wave over a group of gawkers, dragging several into the roiling Atlantic and killing a 7-year-old girl. Many visitors didn't heed alerts Sunday to keep back from huge waves that crashed spectacularly and dangerously against the rocky shore.  Read More

· Propofol killed Jackson.  The Los Angeles coroner has concluded preliminarily that singer Michael Jackson died of an overdose of propofol, a powerful sedative he was given to help him sleep, according to court documents released today.  Read More

· Glue on Public Toilet Seat Called a 'Sick Joke.'  A man who used a public toilet in a shopping mall was taken to a hospital to have the toilet seat removed from his backside after someone smeared it with glue in what an official condemned Monday as a sick joke.  Read More

· Authorities Seek Missing Georgia Woman in North Carolina.  Searchers acting on a tip called in to the television show "America's Most Wanted" are looking for a missing north Georgia woman in North Carolina.  Read More

· Latest Stimulus: 'Cash for Refrigerators.'  A $300 million cash-for-clunkers-type federal program to boost sales of energy-efficient home appliances is the latest government give-away to provide hope for beleaguered makers of washing machines and dishwashers.  Read More

· Police say fugitive reality TV star found hanged.  Ryan Alexander Jenkins, a reality TV contestant suspected in his wife's slaying, was found hanging from a coat rack in a motel room in an apparent suicide, according to Canadian officials. The real estate developer and reality show contestant was wanted in California on first-degree murder charges after the mutilated body of his ex-wife was found near Los Angeles.  Read More

· Attack on Obama riles Beck's advertisers.  Glenn Beck returns to Fox News Channel after a vacation on Monday with fewer companies willing to advertise on his show than when he left, part of the fallout from calling President Barack Obama a racist.  A total of 33 Fox advertisers, including Walmart, CVS Caremark, Clorox and Sprint, directed that their commercials not air on Beck's show.  Read More

· 2 Students Charged After Prank Results In Fatal Shooting.  Two Purdue University students are facing charges in connection with a fatal shooting Saturday evening that stemmed from a prank gone wrong at an off-campus apartment, police said.  Read More

· Ind. money manager faces more trouble at home.  Marcus Schrenker, 38, was sentenced Wednesday to more than four years in federal prison on charges stemming from the Jan. 11 plane crash in Florida. But his legal problems are far from over - he faces 11 felony counts tied to his financial dealings in Indiana, and each carries a penalty of two to eight years in prison.  Read More

· Annie Leibovitz, photographer of stars, faces ruin.  Annie Leibovitz is as famous as the people she photographs but now the genius behind the lens is close to financial ruin - a victim, some say, of her own relentless artistic ambition. Others say she isn't known for her knack for finance.  When she was hired to shoot ads for American Express in the 1980s, it emerged she had been previously turned down by the company when applying for a credit card.  Read More

· Boy Dies After Dragged by Own Cow at Alaska Fair.  A 9-year-old Alaska boy has died after he was dragged several hundred feet by his own cow at the Kenai State Fair in Ninilchik.  Read More

· Actor Antwon Tanner pleads guilty in scheme in NYC.  "One Tree Hill" actor Antwon Tanner has pleaded guilty to selling more than a dozen Social Security numbers for $10,000. Tanner told a federal judge in Brooklyn on Friday that he was a middleman, selling numbers someone else provided.  Read More

· Taliban cut off fingers of Afghan voters.  Making good on a threat of election day violence, the Taliban sliced off the index fingers of at least two people in Kandahar province.  Read More

· Ex-model's breast implants were key to body's ID.  The remains of a former model whose killing set off an international manhunt for a reality television star were so badly mutilated that investigators had to use the serial numbers on her breast implants to identify her.  Detectives tracked the serial number on the implants because they could not use fingerprints or dental records.  Read More

· White House: Obama's 'Wee-Weed Up' Comment Refers to Bed-Wetting.  President Obama puzzled people when he said Washington "gets all wee-weed up." The White House offered a translation Friday: Folks are wetting the bed over the health care debate.  Read More

· Regional carrier, not crew, at fault in plane's tarmac stranding.  A poor decision by a regional airline was being blamed Friday for Continental Airlines passengers getting stranded overnight as their plane sat on a tarmac in Minnesota, federal transportation officials said Friday.  Read More

· Auto Dealers Brace for Final 'Clunkers' Frenzy.  Auto dealers are bracing for a possible rush of last-minute shoppers before the Cash for Clunkers program ends Monday, but some buyers may find they won't be able to cash in on big government rebates.  Read More

· Daily drinking may raise risk of several cancers.  Men who drink beer or liquor on a regular basis may face a heightened risk of several different types of cancer, a new study suggests.  Read More

· Nephew: Michael joined family weeks before death.  A nephew of Michael Jackson says his uncle joined a large family dinner a few weeks before he died, and talked openly about his creative plans beyond the 50-date concert stint in London.  Read More

· Obama Administration to Increase Deficit Estimate.  In a report next week, the Obama administration will increase its 10-year budget deficit projection to roughly $9 trillion, an increase of about $2 trillion from the previous projection.  Read More

· Gov. David Paterson blames calls for him to step aside on race.  Gov. Paterson blamed a racist media Friday for trying to push him out of next year's election - launching into an angry rant that left even some black Democrats shaking their heads.  Read More

· Judge refuses to throw out octuplets guardian lawsuit.  An Orange County judge today refused to dismiss a lawsuit that seeks to have a guardian appointed for the octuplets of Nadya Suleman – who has gained celebrity status since her children's births.  Read More

· Ariz. Woman Admits Torturing Man in Wheelchair.  A Phoenix woman accused of torturing and killing a man in a wheelchair says she did it because he was a snitch, and she enjoyed it.  33-year-old Angela Simpson says she beat Terry Neely with a tire iron, pulled out his teeth and strangled him with a television cable during three days of torture.  Read More

· Tribune to Sell Cubs, Wrigley Field to Billionare Family for $845 Million.  Tribune Co. has reached a long-awaited definitive agreement to sell the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field to the billionaire Ricketts family. The Ricketts family founded online brokerage TD Ameritrade Holding Corp.  Read More

· Ex-Wives Eagerly Await the UBS Tax-Cheater List.  It's not just the U.S. government that wants to get its hands on the list of Americans who hold secretive Swiss bank accounts. Prominent New York City divorce lawyer Raoul Lionel Felder says he is already getting calls from ex-wives who want to know what they can do to get their portion of the money they always suspected their ex–loved one had tucked away overseas.  Read More

· Man goes from heroic husband to hammer-wielding wife killer.  Michael Ratley was known as a hero. In December 2006, Ratley carried his 2-week-old son, Aiden, and his wife, Effie Ratley, 29, from the flames as fire engulfed their Bryceville, Florida, trailer. A month later, Effie Ratley was dead, bludgeoned with a hammer in a bedroom of her in-laws' home.  Read More

· Heat deaths put pressure on football tradition.  On Monday, a high school coach goes on trial on charges of reckless homicide and wanton endangerment in the heat-related death of one of his players.  Read More

· Texas Sheriff Reprimands Officers Over Waitress Photo.  An embarrassed Sheriff Gary Painter fired one Midland County deputy and suspended three others without pay after a scantily dressed waitress holding a rifle posed for photographs on the hood of a patrol vehicle.  Read More

· Slain model's fingers, teeth were removed.  Police said Thursday that Ryan Alexander Jenkins, 32, removed the teeth and fingers of 28-year-old Jasmine Fiore, presumably to impede authorities in their efforts to identify the naked body, which was found stuffed in a suitcase in a California trash bin over the weekend.  Read More

· Altered Sears Web Site Offers Grill to 'Cook Babies.'  The Web site for department store giant Sears offered a gruesome sales pitch Thursday — a grill that could "cook babies" and be used to roast body parts.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Atypical [a·typ·i·cal] adj.  Not conforming to type; unusual or irregular. Deviating from what is usual or common or to be expected; often somewhat odd or strange.  Read More

· Spector requests 'better prison' in letter.  Convicted murderer Phil Spector is speaking out about his prison experience and now the California Department of Corrections is launching an investigation into his safety.  Read More

· Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession.  Mexico decriminalized small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and heroin on Friday — a move that prosecutors say makes sense even in the midst of the government's grueling battle against drug traffickers.  Read More

Thursday, August 20, 2009

· Michigan Town Outraged Over Plan for Gitmo Detainees.  The Obama administration is considering sending the 229 detainees to the Standish Maximum Correctional Facility, which is scheduled to close this year because of state budget cuts.  Read More

· Cash for clunkers program to end Monday.  The $3 billion cash for clunkers program will end on Monday, the government said Thursday. Officials decided to wind down the program, which Congress passed to spur flagging auto sales, after determining its funds would soon run out.  Read More

· 100-Year-Old Beaten, Robbed In Philadelphia.  Detectives are going door to door trying to get information about a robbery and assault that left a 100-year-old man beaten to the ground.  Read More

· Woman Jailed, refused medication over parking ticket.  A New York state cancer survivor says she was held in jail in Buffalo for a weekend and denied access to her medication because of a parking ticket.  A month after she was released, Linda Arthur, 60, of Evans pleaded guilty to the parking violation and paid a $15 fine.  Read More

· Woman sues David Copperfield for sexual assault.  A Seattle woman has sued magician David Copperfield, contending he sexually assaulted and threatened her while she was a guest on his private island in the Bahamas.  Read More

· NY teen pulls brake after school bus driver dies.  A 16-year-old camp counselor in New York is being hailed as a hero for stopping a school bus carrying nine children after the driver collapsed behind the wheel and died.  Read More

· Scotland frees the Lockerbie bomber on compassionate grounds.  The Scottish government says it will release Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds to allow him to return to Libya to die.  The airliner — which was carrying mostly American passengers to New York — blew up as it flew over Scotland. All 259 people aboard and 11 on the ground died when the aircraft crashed into the town of Lockerbie.  Read More

· CBS Embeds a Video Playing Ad in a Print Magazine.  In the latest example of finding media innovation where you’d least expect it, CBS is embedding a video player in a print ad in Entertainment Weekly that will serve up a buffet of its fall TV lineup.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Antiquated [an·ti·quat·ed] adj.  Very old; aged. Too old to be fashionable, suitable, or useful; outmoded.  Read More

· "Possessed" Teen Stabs 3 Younger Siblings.  A troubled Bronx teen allegedly in a zombie-like trance stabbed his two younger brothers and sister yesterday – and was prevented from murdering them by a Good Samaritan, authorities said.  Read More

· Virginia Smokers Start Growing Tobacco.  Driven largely by ever-rising tobacco prices, a growing number of smokers have turned to their green thumbs to cultivate tobacco plants to blend their own cigarettes, cigars and chew.  Although most people still buy from big tobacco, the movement took off in April when the tax on cigarettes went up 62 cents to $1.01 a pack.  Read More

· Heist of $1 million from Northshore JC Penny.  Police says at least two suspects broke into a JC Penny's overnight, making off with over a million dollar's worth of jewelry and perfume.  Read More

· Shipwreck pocket watch returned after 128 years.  A glimpse of something shiny on the ocean floor nine years ago led a Welsh diver to uncover a piece of local history that had been forgotten for more than a century.  Read More

· Report: Edwards to Move Ex-Mistress Closer, Help Raise Love Child.  John Edwards will move the mother of his love child into his North Carolina neighborhood so he can help raise their 18-month-old baby, the National Enquirer reported Wednesday.  The Enquirer also reported that Elizabeth Edwards, who is stricken with cancer, was furious when her husband told her of his parenting plans.  Read More

· Georgia Fisherman Catches Monster Catfish.  Tom Head, 76, almost had to scratch his head after hooking a huge catfish on the Ocmulgee River near Warner Robins. Head pulled in a 103-lbs catfish earlier this week. The fish was more than 57 inches long and greater than 41 inches in girth.  Read More

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

· Richardson: N. Korea now feels it's 'owed' talks.  North Korea believes it's owed bilateral talks with the United States after the communist government released two detained American journalists this month.  Read More

· Unapproved TV spots land 'Survivor' Hatch in jail.  The lawyer for "Survivor" winner Richard Hatch said Wednesday that her client was taken to jail because he granted two TV interviews without getting permission from the federal Bureau of Prisons.  Read More

· Woman's House Mistakenly Auctioned by Bank.  Anna Ramirez found all of her stuff out on the front lawn of her Homestead home last week and a strange man demanding she get out of his newly purchased house.  The eviction came after Ramirez’s home was mistakenly auctioned off to the highest bidder by Chase Bank.  Read More

· Beaten mayor: It got 'very ugly, very quickly.'  A visibly battered Wisconsin mayor recounted Wednesday how he was beaten with a pipe after he attempted to help a screaming woman outside the state fair.  Read More

· DUI arrests of women up 30 percent.  Arrests for women driving under the influence jumped by nearly 30 percent during the decade ending in 2007, according to a study released Wednesday by the U.S. Transportation Department.  Read More

· Government bureaucracy: Dealers pull out of clunkers program.  Hundreds of auto dealers in the New York area have withdrawn from the government's Cash for Clunkers program, citing delays in getting reimbursed by the government, a dealership group said Wednesday.  Read More

· Female cop abducted by cop.  A statewide manhunt was launched Tuesday after deputies say a Katy ISD police officer was abducted by a fellow cop.  Read More

· Michael Jackson's Doctor Will Be Charged With Manslaughter.  Michael Jackson’s personal physician will be charged with manslaughter within the next two weeks, a law enforcement source said.  Read More

· '60 Minutes' Creator Don Hewitt Dies.  "60 Minutes"spokesman Kevin Tedesco confirmed 86-year-old Don Hewitt has died. Earlier this year, Hewitt was diagnosed with a small, contained tumor.  Read More

· Felony Charges Possible in Obama 'Joker' Case.  A Florida teenager could find himself in a sticky situation as a state attorney prepares to review possible felony vandalism charges in connection to the posters depicting President Obama as the Joker.  Read More

· Coroner: Wild dogs killed Ga. woman, then husband.  An elderly woman killed by a pack of wild dogs had been out for a walk when she was attacked, and her husband died trying to fight off the mauling animals when he discovered the bloody scene near their rural Georgia home, authorities said Tuesday.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Ubiquitous [u·biq·ui·tous] adj.  Being or seeming to be everywhere, or in all places, at the same time; omnipresent.  Read More

· Reality Show Finalist Sought in Swimsuit Model's Murder.  Police in California and Canada are looking for a VH1 reality show finalist in the strangling murder of a former swimsuit model whose body was found dumped in a trash bin.  Read More

· Funeral Fiasco: Wrong body sent to family.  The funeral was to be held at Tindley Temple United Methodist Church on South Broad Street Tuesday morning, but the body that was brought there was not that of Kenneth Monroe Roberts, a South Philadelphia resident and army veteran.  Read More

· Update: Woman 'Pregnant' With 12 Babies Exposed as Fraud.  Just a few days after a Tunisian woman claimed she was pregnant with a record-breaking 12 babies, the 34-year-old has been exposed as a fraud, the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph reported.  Read More

· Mom, Boyfriend Charged in Death of Idaho Boy.  The mother of an 8-year-old boy found dead in an Idaho canal and her live-in boyfriend have been indicted on first-degree murder charges.  Read More

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

· Kansas Porn Model Seen Kissing Her Accused Killer.  A Kansas college student who led a secret life as an Internet porn model spent the evening she disappeared with her friends at various bars, where she was seen kissing and then leaving with the man accused of killing her, witnesses testified Tuesday.  Read More

· Widow sells husband's tomb above Marilyn Monroe.  A widow is selling her husband's burial spot directly above film legend Marilyn Monroe so that she can pay off her mortgage.  Read More

· Debt collector used sex threats, harassment.  New York's attorney general said Tuesday he is trying to shut down a debt collector whose employees used outrageous tactics in several states, such as threatening to sexually attack one debtor's daughter, berating people as drunks and deadbeats, and bullying others with threats of arrest.  Read More

· Robert Novak dies.  Conservative columnist and former CNN "Crossfire" co-host Robert Novak has died after a yearlong battle with cancer, his family said Tuesday. He was 78.  Read More

· Microsoft asks court to hold off on Word ban.  Microsoft Corp. is asking the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to allow it to keep selling Word software as it fights an unfavorable patent ruling.  Read More

· Michael Jackson to be buried on his birthday.  A Jackson family spokesman says the King of Pop will be buried on what would have been the singer's 51st birthday.  Read More

· VIDEO: Michael Jackson's Physician Breaks His Silence.  Speaking out for the first time since he's been targeted in the manslaughter investigation into Michael Jackson's death, the singer's personal physician thanked his supporters and expressed confidence he'll overcome the ordeal.  Read More

· Mom Gets 99 Years for Cutting Off Son's Genitals.  A Houston mother convicted of mutilating her infant by cutting off his genitals two years ago was sentenced Monday to 99 years in prison.  Read More

· Disney Worker Dies After Stunt Show Accident.  A Walt Disney World cast member died Monday night about an hour after he was injured during a stunt show rehearsal at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Insipid [in·sip·id] adj.  Lacking flavor or zest; not tasty. Lacking qualities that excite, stimulate, or interest; dull.  Read More

· Woman Reportedly Pregnant With 12 Babies.  A teacher, who has not yet been named, is expecting six boys and six girls, according to reports. She conceived the babies following fertility treatments, after suffering a number of miscarriages.  Read More

· Man takes assault rifle to Obama protest.  A man toting an assault rifle was among a dozen protesters carrying weapons outside President Obama's speech to veterans on Monday, but he wasn't breaking the law.  Read More

· Anti-War Protesters Want UC Berkeley Prof. Fired.  Anti-war activists protested at the University of California, Berkeley to call for the firing of a law professor who co-wrote legal memos that critics say were used to justify the torture of suspected terrorists.  Read More

Monday, August 17, 2009

· Sunday School Teacher Indicted in Kidnap, Rape, Murder of California Girl.  A San Joaquin County grand jury has indicted a Sunday school teacher on charges she kidnapped, raped and killed an 8-year-old girl and drugged two other people.  Read More

· Man accused of sex act with car.  An Albuquerque man faces indecent exposure charges after police say children saw him simulating a sex act with his car.  Witnesses told police they saw Danny Brawner, 46, "humping" his car's trunk while swinging his arms in the air and shouting. His pants were around his ankles.  Read More

· AARP loses members over health care stance.  About 60,000 senior citizens have quit AARP since July 1 due to the group's support for a health care overhaul, a spokesman for the organization said Monday.  Read More

· Prosecutors say man stole 130 million credit card numbers.  Federal prosecutors on Monday charged a Miami man with the largest case of credit and debit card data theft ever in the United States, accusing the one-time government informant of swiping 130 million accounts on top of 40 million he stole previously.  Read More

· White House pulls plug on "fishy" e-tips box.  Following a furor over how the data would be used, the White House has shut down an electronic tip box — — that was set up to receive information on “fishy” claims about President Barack Obama’s health plan.  Read More

· New study finds that 90% of U.S. currency has cocaine residue on it.  Research presented this weekend reinforced previous findings that 90 percent of paper money circulating in U.S. cities contains traces of cocaine.  Read More

· Reader's Digest plans to file for bankruptcy.  Reader's Digest Association Inc, publisher of the widely-read Reader's Digest magazine, said on Monday it would likely file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for its U.S. businesses to cut its debt load.  Read More

· Man Falls Through Rusted Sidewalk Plate.  A New York City man walked away with only scratches and bruises after falling 30 feet below the sidewalk when a rusted-out metal plate gave out.  Read More

· The health care system is imploding - in Canada.  The incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association says the health-care system is imploding and doctors have to develop a plan to cure it. Dr. Anne Doig says the care being provided to patients right now is less than optimal. She says doctors, who are gathered in Saskatoon for their annual meeting, recognize that changes must be made.  Read More

· White House Passes Blame on Unsolicited Health Care E-Mails.  The White House for the first time Sunday seemed to acknowledge that people across the country received unsolicited e-mails from the administration last week about health care reform, suggesting the problem is with third-party groups that placed the recipients' names on the distribution list.  Read More

· Auto Dealers Paid for Just 2 Percent of 'Clunkers' Claims, Congressman Says.  The federal government has only reimbursed auto dealers for 2 percent of the claims they've submitted through the popular "cash for clunkers" program. Rep. Joe Sestak, D-Pa., said only 2 percent of claims have been paid and that four of every five applications have been "rejected for minor oversight."  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Nefarious [ne·far·i·ous] adj.  Infamous by way of being extremely wicked. Wicked in the extreme; abominable; iniquitous; atrociously villainous; execrable; detestably vile.  Read More

· Teen driver distracted by iPod leads to deadly crash.  A young driver reportedly distracted by an iPod was involved in a deadly crash in Drexel Hill Friday, police said.  According to police, the driver lost control, crossed over two lanes of traffic and slammed into two pedestrians on the sidewalk who had just walked out of the hospital.  Read More

· Budget nightmare: Chicago closed Monday.  The City of Chicago will basically be closed for business on Aug. 17, a reduced-service day in which most city employees are off without pay, according to the Office of Budget and Management.  Read More

· Sprint Executive Killed By Boulder.  A Sprint executive died Friday night when a boulder fell off a Colorado mountain and landed on his car.  Read More

· White House retreats; may drop government-run insurance option.  Bowing to Republican pressure and an uneasy public, President Barack Obama's administration signaled Sunday it is ready to abandon the idea of giving Americans the option of government-run insurance as part of a new health care system.  Read More

· Milwaukee mayor attacked by man with pipe.  The mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was in stable condition Sunday at a Milwaukee hospital after he was attacked by a man with a metal pipe at the Wisconsin State Fair on Saturday night, police said.  Read More

· Update: Tax Dodgers Scramble for Options Amid Crackdown.  The U.S. and Swiss governments announced a court settlement last week in efforts by the IRS to force Zurich-based UBS AG to turn over the names of some 52,000 Americans believed to be hiding nearly $15 billion in assets in secret accounts.  Read More

· Dad Accused of Child Abuse for Hitting Girl With Pizza.  A Gainesville father has been arrested for hitting his daughter with a pizza slice after asking her to turn off her computer. Police say the 38-year-old father "intentionally threw a slice of pizza at the victim, striking her in the back of the neck, against her will," and charged with child abuse without great harm, a third-degree felony.  Read More

· Controller Talked About Dead Cat Before Midair Crash.  The air traffic controller handling the small plane involved in a deadly crash with a helicopter over the Hudson River was chatting on the telephone about a dead cat at the airport and initially failed to warn the pilot of other aircraft in his path, officials say.  Read More

· Mom Charged After Fire Killed Child Left Home Alone.  A Rochester mother has been indicted on a manslaughter charge for leaving her three young children home alone on a night that a fire broke out in her house.  Read More

· New Jersey Homeowner Calls Cops on Bob Dylan.  Rock legend Bob Dylan was treated like a complete unknown by police in a New Jersey shore community when a resident called to report someone wandering around the neighborhood. [D]  Read More

· Skateboarding pioneer killed by insect bite.  Known for building skate parks and shaping the skateboarding scene in New York, Andy Kessler, 48, died this week after an allergic reaction to an insect sting.  Read More

· Madoff victim tells of secret 20-year affair.  A new book says that an investor who claims she was devastated by Bernard Madoff's multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme had a two-decade affair with the disgraced financier.  Read More

· Moms stage 'nurse-in' at restaurant.  More than 30 breast-feeding women descended on a local Chick-Fil-A restaurant Friday. They were trying to make a point that it's OK to breastfeed in public. The "Nurse-In," as it is being dubbed, was organized by a mother who felt she was discriminated against at the restaurant.  Read More

· Woman sets self on fire, walks around Miami mall.  A woman doused herself with a flammable liquid and set herself on fire at a Miami mall Thursday, then walked around engulfed in flames as shocked shoppers watched, authorities said.  Read More

· Government Builds Crime Cases on Clients of UBS.  Federal prosecutors are building criminal cases against 150 wealthy American clients of the Swiss banking giant UBS as part of a continuing investigation into tax evasion. Nearly $20 billion was hidden in offshore accounts.  Read More

· School prayer charges stir protests.  Students, teachers and local pastors are protesting over a court case involving a northern Florida school principal and an athletic director who are facing criminal charges and up to six months in jail over their offer of a mealtime prayer.  Read More

· Man accused of attacking Cape Coral doctor arrested.  The man detectives say attacked his doctor, biting off part of the doctor's finger, has been arrested.  Read More

· Update: Air traffic controller chatting on phone with girlfriend during Hudson River crash.  The air traffic controller at Teterboro Airport was on the phone with his girlfriend during the mid-air collision over the Hudson River. His supervisor had wandered off and wasn't even in the tower.  Read More

· Update: Edwards to admit paternity of ex-mistress' child.  Sources have told WRAL News that they expect former U.S. Sen. John Edwards to admit that he is the father of his former mistress' 18-month-old daughter.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Voluminous [vo·lu·mi·nous] adj.  Having great volume, fullness, size, or number; ample or lengthy in speech or writing: voluminous paperwork.  Read More

· Teen Confesses to Killing Parents and Brothers While They Slept.  A 16-year-old Corsican boy has confessed to shooting and killing his sleeping parents and 10-year-old twin brothers with a hunting rifle, officials said Thursday.  Read More

· Teen Dies at Grand Canyon After Water Runs Out.  An 18-year-old who was among a group of eight hikers that had run out of water at the Grand Canyon has died.  Read More

· Michael Phelps in car crash.  Olympic gold medal swimming champion Michael Phelps was involved in a traffic accident in Baltimore Thursday night, police said. Phelps was driving one of two vehicles that collided at an intersection.  Read More

Thursday, August 13, 2009

· FAA suspends 2 air traffic controllers over Hudson crash.  The FAA has suspended two air traffic controllers from New Jersey's Teterboro Airport over Saturday's collision of two aircraft.  The controller handling the flight of a Piper PA-32 Saratoga carrying three people "was involved in apparently inappropriate conversations on the telephone at the time of the accident."  Read More

· Michael Vick signs with Philadelphia Eagles.  Michael Vick, recently reinstated to the NFL after being freed from federal prison after a dog fighting-related conviction, has signed a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, according to his agent.  Read More

· Man sentenced after leaving water bottles for immigrants.  An Arizona man caught leaving water bottles in the desert for illegal immigrants has been sentenced to 300 hours of community service and a year of probation, an aid group said.  Read More

· Teacher to Pay $22G Fine for Phone Call During Class.  The attorney for a New Jersey teacher says she won't appeal a $22,000 fine for making a four-minute personal call during class.  Read More

· Nuns Chase Down Armed Robber on Foot.  A pair of sandal-clad nuns in Missouri chased down an armed robbery suspect and helped police put handcuffs on him.  Read More

· Cops Say Man Crawled Under Theater Stall To Molest Boy.  Police say they are looking for a movie theater molester who attacked a teenage boy in the bathroom stall Tuesday night. The boy was at the movies with his family, but when he stepped out of the show to use the restroom he was attacked.  Read More

· Boy's Poodle 'Fried to Death' at Ohio Dog Groomer.  Young Josh Jones was excited for his best friend Miles, a toy poodle, to receive a new haircut at the groomer. In a horrible turn of events, though, the dog never came home.  Read More

· Best Buy offers $1,800 TV for $9.99 online by accident.  Few if any of the deals retailers have offered online during the recession have been as good as Best Buy Inc.'s sale price of $9.99 on a 52-inch TV Wednesday. But it quickly turned out the offer was too good to be true.  Read More

· Va. Man Allegedly Sets Driver on Fire During Dispute.  Virginia police arrested a man suspected of setting a woman on fire during an argument while he was riding in her car.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Myopia [my·o·pia] n.  Distant objects appear blurred - Lack of discernment or long-range perspective in thinking or planning.   (also 'Myopic').  Read More

· JetBlue offers all-you-can-fly plan for $599.  JetBlue Airways will offer an "all-you-can-jet" pass for $599 in which passengers can book an unlimited number of flights within a one-month span, the airline said.  Read More

· Admitted Affair Sullies Coach Pitino's Reputation.  Karen Sypher, the woman accused of trying to extort $10 million from Rick Pitino, approached him in a restaurant six years ago and they had sex, the coach told police. She says it happened after closing time at a table.  Read More

· GE calls Fox bombs report 'maliciously false.'  The General Electric Co. called a Fox News Channel report about the company supplying terrorists with material used in bombs "irresponsible and maliciously false" on Wednesday as a feud between Fox's Bill O'Reilly and MSNBC's Keith Olbermann kept sizzling.  Read More

· Michael Jackson's doctor left singer alone after giving him powerful drug, sources say.  Michael Jackson’s personal physician left the performer alone and under the influence of a powerful anesthetic to make telephone calls the morning the pop singer died, according to three people familiar with the investigation.  Read More

· Guitar Legend Les Paul Dies at 94.  Les Paul, the guitarist and inventor who changed the course of music with the electric guitar and multitrack recording and had a string of hits, many with wife Mary Ford, died on Thursday.  Read More

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

· Police say 'money cleanser' vanished with $140,000.  Police said a mysterious woman known as Senora Monica offered to spiritually "cleanse" money for at least seven Hispanic families, but it was the families who got cleaned out. The woman vanished with $140,000.  Read More

· Officer sentenced for forging, using handicapped-parking permit.  A former Olmsted County probation officer has pleaded guilty to forging a temporary handicapped-parking permit to park at the city-county Government Center in Rochester.  Read More

· Report: DNA Tests Proves Edwards Fathered Videographer's Daughter.  A secret DNA test proves former presidential candidate John Edwards is the father of the baby born from an affair with a campaign aide.  Read More

· Man convicted of groping Minnie Mouse.  A 60-year-old man has been convicted of groping a woman in a Minnie Mouse costume at Walt Disney World.  Read More

· Post Office Vandalized With Obama 'Joker' Posters.  A vocal and graphic Internet campaign attacking President Barack Obama just hit Central Florida and one of its first targets was a U.S. Post Office.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Genteel [gen·teel] adj.  1. Refined in manner; well-bred and polite.  2. Free from vulgarity or rudeness.  3.Elegantly stylish: genteel manners and appearance.  Read More

· Update: Woods Says He Was Not Fined for Comment.  Tiger Woods has said he was not fined by the PGA Tour for his critical remarks about a rules official putting the last group on the clock at Firestone.  Read More

· Gator kills Dalmatian in Florida.  A large alligator killed an 80-pound Dalmatian on Saturday after biting off a leg while the dog was illegally off its leash and drinking from the lake at Jacksonville’s Hanna Park.  Read More

· Beer could stop bones going brittle.  A study found that the bones of women who drink beer regularly are stronger, making them less likely to suffer from osteoporosis.  Read More

· 60-Pound Bag Of Cocaine Found.  Indian River County deputies are trying to figure out who left $1 million worth of cocaine just lying around. On Saturday morning, eyewitnesses saw a suspicious looking burlap sack in Sebastian Inlet and called police. Inside the bag they found approximately 60-pounds of cocaine.  Read More

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

· Wis. Girl, 13, Charged in Fatal Stabbing Over Milk.  A 13-year-old Milwaukee girl accused of fatally stabbing her step-grandfather because he poured her milk down a drain is being held on $150,000 cash bond.  Read More

· Disney Performer Dies After Accident on Set of Magic Kingdom Show.  Investigators are trying to determine what caused the death of a Disney performer who was injured while performing in a Magic Kingdom show.  A friend says 47-year-old Mark Priest was sword-fighting in "Captain Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tutorial" when he slipped.  Read More

· PETA's Bloody 'Unhappy Meals' Making Parents Angry.  "Unhappy Meals" featuring a knife-wielding Ronald McDonald and bloody rubber chickens are upsetting parents who say the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are unfairly targeting their kids at McDonald's restaurants across the country.  Read More

· Woman books entire business class so her dog can fly with her.  An Israeli woman spent $32,000 to book the entire business-class cabin of an El Al jet from Paris to Tel Aviv so that her dog could fly with her and be spared the trauma of the cargo hold.  Read More

· GM says mercury pollution not its problem anymore.  As hundreds of thousands of clunkers head to the scrap yard, General Motors has dropped out of a partnership that collects toxic parts from recycled automobiles to prevent mercury pollution.  Read More

· Plane pilot in Hudson collision had clean record.  The pilot of the single-engine airplane that collided with a tourist helicopter over the Hudson River obtained his license to fly more than a decade ago, had a clean flying record that included missions taking ill patients to medical facilities and was trained to fly even in poor weather.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Lucid [lu·cid] adj.  1. Easily understood; intelligible.  2. Mentally sound; sane or rational.  3. Translucent or transparent.  Read More

· Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor?  It's too bad so many people are falling into poverty at a time when it’s almost illegal to be poor. You won’t be arrested for shopping in a Dollar Store, but if you are truly, deeply, in-the-streets poor, you’re well advised not to engage in any of the biological necessities of life — like sitting, sleeping, lying down or loitering.  Read More

· Woods to Be Fined for Criticism of Rules Official.  Tiger Woods will be fined by the PGA Tour for his public criticism of a rules official after winning the Bridgestone Invitational, a tour official said Monday.  Woods was bothered after his four-shot victory Sunday because he and Padraig Harrington were put on the clock at the par-5 16th. He said that caused Harrington to rush three difficult shots, leading to triple bogey.  Read More

· JFK's sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver dies.  President John F. Kennedy's sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who carried on the family's public service tradition by founding the Special Olympics and championing the rights of the mentally disabled, died Tuesday morning, her family said.  Read More

Monday, August 10, 2009

· Woman gets 8 years for pulling healthy people into surgery scam.  A woman who admitted recruiting more than 90 healthy patients to undergo unnecessary and dangerous surgeries in order to fraudulently bill medical insurance companies has been sentenced to eight years in prison.  Read More

· Michael Douglas's son could get life in prison.  The son of Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas could face life in prison for selling large amounts of an illegal drug over a three-year period before his arrest late last month, court records show.  Read More

· 47 trapped on 'nightmare' flight to the Twin Cities.  Continental Airlines diverted a Twin-Cities-bound plane to Rochester due to a storm, and then locked the entire planeload of passengers in the plane overnight for nine hours.  47 people - including babies - were locked into the plane with no food and overflowing toilets.  Read More

· Arizona Proposition 300 is apparently working.  More than two years after Arizona voters passed a law denying in-state college tuition and other state-funded benefits to illegal immigrants, thousands of people are still applying for those services and being turned away.  Opponents say the numbers show thousands of bright young people are being denied the opportunity to improve their lives through education and contribute to society.  Read More

· Burglars Steal $15.5M From Saudi Princess.  Italian police said they are hunting for burglars who stole $15.5 million in cash and jewelry from the hotel room of a Saudi princess.  Read More

· US banks to collect $38 billion in overdraft fees this year.  US banks stand to collect a record $38.5bn in fees for customer overdrafts this year, with the bulk of the revenue coming from the most financially stretched consumers amid the deepest recession since the 1930s, according to research.  Read More

· NY pilot who radioed warning: Plane like missile.  The pilot who radioed a desperate, last-minute warning says a plane that struck a helicopter over the Hudson River "looked like a cruise missile hitting a target."  Ben Lane says a crash was inevitable along the busy corridor. He says helicopter pilots stay in constant radio contact. But many small plane pilots — he calls them "weekend warriors" — do not.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Verbose [ver·bose] adj.  Using or containing a great and usually an excessive number of words; wordy.  Read More

· Judge approves Michael Jackson film.  Audiences will get to see the King of Pop perform one more time after a judge approved a major deal to produce a movie fashioned from footage of his final rehearsals.  Read More

· New York pays almost $50M on fund managers as pension fund loses $1 billion.  New York recently paid almost $50 million to private stock managers to actively invest part of the state's massive public pension fund, and they lost more than $1 billion - a worse performance than stocks that were essentially untouched.  Read More

· GM to Sell Its Cars on eBay.  General Motors and eBay Inc. announced Monday that hundreds of the auto maker's California dealers will let consumers haggle over the prices of new cars and trucks through the online marketplace.  Read More

· Death toll up to 8 in California police chase.  The death toll climbed to eight in a crash tied to a police pursuit in central California, authorities said Sunday.  Read More

· 15-year-old arrested in stabbing death of brother.  A 15-year-old is in custody, charged in the fatal stabbing of his 16-year-old brother, according to officials with the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.  Read More

Sunday, August 9, 2009

· Opposition Emerges to House's Jet Spree.  Bipartisan opposition is emerging in the Senate to a plan by House lawmakers to spend $550 million for additional passenger jets for senior government officials.  The Obama administration had sought $220 million to buy four passenger jets. Before leaving town for the August break, House lawmakers doubled the aircraft order to eight.  Read More

· Driver finds boy in diaper crawling in Ohio street.  A 14-month-old boy wandered from his house Friday and was found crawling in the middle of a busy street by a passing driver. "Thank God nothing happened and that people stopped," police Lt. Jeff Meyers said.  Read More

· Teen Killed After Fall From Roof of Moving Car.  A Huntington Beach teenagager who was riding on the roof of a friend's car has died from injuries sustained when he fell from the vehicle.  Read More

· 7 Dead in California Police Chase.  The CHP says a police chase near Fresno has ended with seven people dead, including four children.  Patrol Sgt. Jon Baker says police were trying to stop a car for a traffic infraction when the driver went through a stop sign during the pursuit and collided with a pickup truck.  Read More

· DOT report warned about New York's lax safety oversight.  Less than a month before the deadly midair collision involving a private plane and a sightseeing helicopter over New York's Hudson River, a federal watchdog warned about the lax safety oversight of the for-hire flight business.  Read More

· Your family dog may be smarter than your kid.  Using adapted tests designed for human children, psychologists have learned that average dogs can count, reason and recognize words and gestures on par with a human 2 -year-old.  Read More

· Ortiz says supplements may have landed him on list.  David Ortiz said he never knowingly used steroids and that over-the-counter supplements and vitamins likely caused him to land on a list of alleged drug users circulated by the federal government.  Read More

· Bear Found Feeding on Elderly Woman's Body in Colorado.  Wildlife officials say a bear was found feeding on the body of a 73-year-old woman who had been repeatedly warned not to give dog food to the bruins that live near her home.  Read More

· Ben Stein loses NY Times column over endorsement.  Monotone TV personality Ben Stein has been stripped of his Sunday New York Times business column because of his work as a pitchman for a credit monitoring company.  Read More

· Plane, copter collide over Hudson River, killing 9.  A small plane collided with a sightseeing helicopter over the Hudson River on Saturday, scattering debris in the water and forcing people on the New Jersey waterfront to scamper for cover. Authorities believe all nine people aboard the two aircraft were killed.  Read More

· Idaho Father, Son Face Separate Rape Charges.  Authorities in Twin Falls County say a father and his son are being held on separate charges of sexual assault of a minor under 16, and two counts of statutory rape for two incidents involving a 15-year-old girl.  Read More

· Update: Billy Mays' family never saw signs of cocaine use.  The family of TV pitchman Billy Mays said they were never aware that he used cocaine or other non-prescription drugs before his death and they were considering whether to have an independent review of an official autopsy.  Read More

· Jackson show insurance excluded 'illicit' drug use.  A concert promoter's insurance on Michael Jackson's London shows has provisions that may deny a multimillion dollar payout if the pop star was found to have illegally possessed drugs or was involved in the "illicit taking of drugs."  Read More

· Autopsy: Cocaine a factor in Billy Mays' death.  An autopsy report issued Friday by Hillsborough County, Florida, cites cocaine as a contributing factor in the death of TV pitchman Billy Mays, who died in June at age 50.  Read More

· Las Vegas Boy Dies After Getting Stranded in Death Valley.  An 11-year-old Las Vegas boy died after his mother's car got stuck in sand for five days on their way to Death Valley for a camping trip, officials said Friday.  Read More

· Senators' VIP loans broke no ethics rules.  The Senate ethics committee cleared Sens. Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad of breaking rules by accepting VIP mortgages, but scolded them for not being more careful to avoid the appearance of sweetheart deals.  Read More

· Alaska's Airport to Nowhere: $15 Million for Town of 150 People.  Ouzinkie, Alaska, is a village so small and remote that most Alaskans have never heard of it. With only 150 residents, the village doesn't have any stoplights, there are no paved roads and no stores. There isn't even a town - it's just a collection of dirt roads and some houses.  And yet Ouzinkie has hit the federal stimulus jackpot.  Read More

· Sister: Journalists admit entering N. Korea illegally.  U.S. journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee, who were recently pardoned and freed by North Korea, did cross illegally into that country, Lisa Ling told CNN on Thursday.   Read More

· Accused Shoplifter, 86, Arrested 61 Times Since 1956.  Authorities said a 86-year-old woman charged with shoplifting wrinkle cream and other items from a Chicago grocery store has been arrested 61 times since 1956.  Read More

· 'Nurse of the Year' charged with not being a nurse.  A 56-year-old woman who was honored at a 2008 dinner as the so-called Connecticut Nursing Association's "Nurse of the Year," was charged with pretending to be a nurse.  According to the arrest warrent, that association does not exist and Betty Lichtenstein spent more than $2,000 of her own money to stage that dinner.  Read More

· NYC prosecutors: Michael Douglas' son dealt meth.  Michael Douglas' son traveled coast to coast dealing large quantities of methamphetamine before his arrest last month, according to a criminal complaint made public Thursday.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Tempestuous [tem·pes·tu·ous] adj.  Tumultuous; stormy: "A tempestuous relationship."  Read More

· New Michael Jackson songs on missing hard drives.  Another thriller is developing in the complex afterlife of Michael Jackson.  His sister LaToya has taken possession of computer hard drives that contain a trove of unreleased songs he recorded with A-list singers such as Ne-Yo, Akon, and of the Black Eyed Peas, according to Rolling Stone magazine.  Read More

· Dad beat, sat on 7-year-old son who died.  Newly released court documents allege that a Massachusetts man who authorities say severely beat his son on Father's Day and is charged with killing the 7-year-old had choked the boy, hit him with a belt, shoved him into the wall, sat on him and struck him in the stomach.  Read More

· 2 Adults, 2 Kids Found Dead Inside Ariz. Home.  Two adults and two children were found dead inside a rented Scottsdale home Thursday and police are calling it a murder-suicide.  Read More

· Experts: Women are drinking more, DUIs are up.  It seemed too horrendous even to imagine. But the case of the mother who caused a deadly wrong-way crash while drunk and stoned is part of a disturbing trend: Women in the U.S. are drinking more, and drunken-driving arrests among women are rising rapidly while falling among men.  Read More

· N.J. Police Investigating Explosives Found in Car.  New Jersey authorities say they removed a package containing 5 to 8 pounds of homemade explosives from a car parked outside a home in southern New Jersey.  Read More

Thursday, August 6, 2009

· Pitcher who injured Ohio fan gets 30 days in jail.  A judge has ordered a minor league pitcher to serve 30 days in jail and three years' probation for injuring a fan when he threw a baseball during a melee in Dayton last year.  Read More

· Obese Houston inmate found with gun after 5 searches - stashed in fat rolls.  An obese Harris County jail inmate turned over a pistol that had been hidden in the folds of his skin after he went through at least five searches upon his arrest and was booked into two different local lockups, authorities said.  Read More

· California city shuts down girl's lemonade stand.  Eight-year-old Daniela Earnest has made lemonade out of lemons in more ways than one this week.  Hoping to raise money for a family trip to Disneyland, the Tulare girl opened a lemonade stand Monday. But because Daniela didn't have a business license, the city of Tulare shut it down the same day.  Read More

· '80s teen flick director John Hughes dies at 59 in NYC.  A spokeswoman for John Hughes says the director of 1980s coming-of-age films like "Sixteen Candles" and "The Breakfast Club" has died in Manhattan.  Read More

· Actor Tom Sizemore Arrested in Domestic Dispute.  It's been 70 days since his last arrest — and actor Tom Sizemore is already back behind bars.  Read More

· Ex-Edwards mistress at court amid campaign probe.  The former mistress of John Edwards arrived at a federal courthouse in Raleigh where a grand jury was meeting Thursday — an appearance that comes as federal investigators examine the two-time presidential candidate's finances.  Read More

· Ambulance driver facing sex charge requires treatment in court.  An ambulance driver being arraigned for sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl had an anxiety attack in court and was treated by members of his own rescue squad, Coeymans police said.  Read More

· Man accidentally shoots girlfriend in head.  A 21-year-old woman survived a gunshot to the head after her boyfriend accidentally shot her in a desert area in Phoenix on Tuesday evening, authorities said.  Read More

· Man Allegedly Abused by Wife, Three Lovers Arrested Over Accusations of Child Abuse.  A Wisconsin man prosecutors say was tied up, humiliated and assaulted by his wife, two of his lovers and another woman as payback for his cheating ways has been jailed on accusations of child abuse.  Read More

· New Details in Alleged Rape of 8-Yr-Old.  An unthinkable crime - complicated by a language barrier and the ages of those involved. Now, there are new details about the alleged gang rape of an 8-year-old girl. As if the crime wasn't bad enough, newly released police reports reveal how the victim's parents treated their daughter after the rape along with more shocking details about the case.  Read More

· Shooter's online rants were like trees in forest.  In hindsight, it seems so obvious. We look back at the creepy online ramblings of a tortured soul like George Sodini and realize we should have known all along of the horrors to come.  That is, if anyone actually read Sodini's Web page before he sprayed bullets into a suburban Pittsburgh fitness class, killing three women and then himself.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Voracity; Voracious [vo·ra·cious] adj.  Consuming or eager to consume great amounts of food; ravenous.  2. Having or marked by an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit; greedy: "A voracious reader."  Read More

· Kid Rock helps out robbery victim.  The Papa John's pizza delivery man brutally beaten and robbed of a small amount of cash and some pizza last month discovered a pleasant surprise Tuesday when he was released from University Hospital after undergoing reconstructive surgery on his face.  A $1,500 check from musician Kid Rock.  Read More

· Teacher Forces Student to Smoke Cigarettes.  A Malaysian teacher forced a student to smoke 42 cigarettes in two hours as punishment after finding the boy had a cigarette and lighter.  Read More

· Aerosmith's Steven Tyler falls from stage in SD.  Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler was airlifted to a hospital after falling from stage during a concert at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in western South Dakota.  Read More

· Falling Tree Branch Kills Woman Jogging in Park.  A woman jogging in a Philadelphia park has been killed by a falling tree branch just days after a similar incident in New York's Central Park left a man comatose.  Read More

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

· Congressman guilty on 11 of 16 counts.  A jury in suburban Washington has convicted a former Louisiana congressman on 11 of 16 counts including bribery in a case in which agents found $90,000 in his freezer.  Read More

· Update: Freed U.S. journalists back home.  Laura Ling on Wednesday expressed the shock she and Euna Lee felt when former President Clinton showed up in Pyongyang, North Korea, to help secure the two journalists' release. "We feared at any moment that we could be sent to a hard labor camp, and then suddenly we were told we were going to a meeting," a tearful and emotional Ling said at a news conference Wednesday morning in California shortly after arriving by plane with Lee and Clinton.  Read More

· Pardoned US journalists in North Korea worked for Al Gore.  The two journalists pardoned early morning Wednesday in Asia by North Korea and released worked for a successful television and online channel co-founded by the environmentalist and former US vice president Al Gore.  Read More

· Murdoch: We will charge for all news sites.  News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch said Wednesday that the company intends to charge for all of its news Web sites.  Read More

· Controversial Doll Lets Little Girls Pretend to Breast-Feed.  A controversial new doll is leaving some parents wishing for the good old Cabbage Patch days.  Read More

· DWI Case Against Judge Dismissed.  A judge who threw out key blood evidence from a drunken driving charge against state District Judge Elizabeth Berry has granted a prosecutor's request to dismiss the case.  Read More

· After 34 years, Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme to be released.  The president she tried to assassinate has been dead for nearly three years, and her longtime idol and leader, Charles Manson, remains in prison. However, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme is about to get her first taste of real freedom in more than three decades.  Read More

· Teen Beaten to Death in Internet Addiction Clinic.  His parents hoped their teenage son would be home in a month, cured of his addiction to the internet. They never thought that within 10 hours of taking him to an addiction clinic they would receive a telephone call notifying them that he was dead.  Read More

· Charges Dropped Against Teacher Accused of Forcing Student to Eat From Garbage.  A Connecticut kindergarten teacher accused of forcing a 5-year-old student to eat food from a garbage can in her Bridgeport classroom has had criminal charges against her dropped.  Read More

· Fed judges order California to slash prison population.  In a decision that could dramatically reshape California's criminal justice system, a panel of federal judges Tuesday ordered Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and state legislators to find ways to cut the prison population by 40,000, or about one-quarter of all inmates.  Read More

· Lawyers always win.  Angry victims of convicted Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff are up in arms over as much as $250 million in legal fees they claim will be paid to Irving Picard, the court-appointed trustee overseeing the break-up of the fraudster's fake investment firm.  Read More

· House Orders Up Three Elite Jets.  Last year, lawmakers excoriated the CEOs of the Big Three automakers for traveling to Washington, D.C., by private jet to attend a hearing about a possible bailout of their companies.  But apparently Congress is not philosophically averse to private air travel: At the end of July, the House approved nearly $200 million for the Air Force to buy three elite Gulfstream jets for ferrying top government officials and Members of Congress.  Read More

· Pa. man kills 3, himself; Web page describes plans.  A man who sprayed bullets into a fitness class filled with women, killing three and then himself, apparently kept a Web page in which he wrote about years of rejection by women and an earlier plan for violence at the gym in which he said he "chickened out."  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Vociferous [vo·cif·er·ous] adj.  Making, given to, or marked by noisy and vehement outcry.  Read More

· Obama Daughters Featured in Controversial Food Ad.  A controversial ad campaign featured in the Washington, D.C., metro area is comparing public school lunches across the country to what President Obama's daughters eat at their elite private school.  Read More

· Gov't insurance would allow coverage for abortion.  Health care legislation before Congress would allow a new government-sponsored insurance plan to cover abortions, a decision that would affect millions of women and recast federal policy on the divisive issue.  Read More

· Abdul says she's quitting 'Idol' with sad heart.  If Paula Abdul's abrupt Twitter announcement that she's quitting "American Idol" is a contract negotiating ploy, it's a spectacular one.  Read More

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

· Four die in gym shooting near Pittsburgh.  A shooting at an LA Fitness gym outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, killed four people and wounded as many as 15 on Tuesday.  Read More

· Deputy charged with forcing men into sex act during traffic stops.  The Broward sheriff's deputy accused of intimidating at least eight men into performing sex acts with him during traffic stops in Oakland Park, Florida will remain locked up at the county jail.  Read More

· Women Glue Cheating Man's Penis to Stomach.  A married man who planned to rendezvous with one of his handful of lovers at a Wisconsin motel instead got his penis glued to his stomach, according to court documents.  Four women, including his wife, showed up to bind and blindfold the man, all in a bizarre plot to punish him for a lover's quadrangle gone bad.  Read More

· Trade your clunker for a Hummer.  The 2009 Hummer H3T is an eligible new car for "Cash for Clunkers" program.  Read More

· NYC Family Sues Over Funeral Home Horror.  The people who attended 43-year-old Fernando Maldonado's wake said it was a horror show. Tears filled William Maldonado Jr.'s eyes as he described the condition of his younger brother's corpse. "Bleeding," he said. "There were flies going in and out of the wound."  Read More

· Off-Duty Cop Pulls Gun On Club Bouncer After He's Denied Entry.  An off-duty city cop was arrested after he pulled out a gun on a bouncer who allegedly refused him entry into a trendy Queens nightclub.  The gun he pointed at the bouncer was reportedly unlicensed and the serial number had been scratched off.  Read More

· Basketball coach fired for taking money from students.  The district investigation found that the teacher was taking $3 from students who wanted to skip running in gym class. Nearly 100 students told officials they had paid money to avoid running.  Read More

· Federal tax revenues plummeting.  The numbers could hardly be more stark: Tax receipts are on pace to drop 18 percent this year, the biggest single-year decline since the Great Depression, while the federal deficit balloons to a record $1.8 trillion.  Read More

· Russian Soccer Fans Urged to Drink Whiskey to Ward Off Swine Flu Virus.  Russian soccer fans have been told to drink whiskey on their trip to Wales for next month's World Cup qualifier to ward off the H1N1 swine flu virus.  Read More

· Lawsuit Claims Salmonella at Fast Food Restaurant Responsible for Girl's Brain Damage.  The unsanitary practices of staff at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Australia could have led to a young girl becoming brain damaged after she ate a Chicken Twister, according to a lawsuit that is being heard in court.  Read More

· Ryan O'Neal hits on his daughter Tatum at Farrah Fawcett's funeral.  Ryan O'Neal admits that he was so frazzled at Farrah Fawcett's funeral that he hit on his own daughter, Tatum O'Neal.  “They had just put the casket in the hearse and I was watching it drive away when a beautiful blonde woman comes up and embraces me," Ryan tells Vanity Fair. "I said to her, 'You have a drink on you? You have a car?' She said, 'Daddy, it's me - Tatum!'   Read More

· Mesa Air Pilots Fell Asleep Due to Work Schedules.  Early work schedules and undiagnosed sleep apnea contributed to two Mesa Air Group Inc. pilots falling asleep in flight before landing safely, a U.S. safety board concluded.  Read More

· Minn. Mom Accused of Starving Disabled Daughter.  A Minnesota woman has been charged with starving to death her developmentally disabled 10-year-old daughter, who used a feeding tube to gain nourishment.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Antithesis [an·tith·e·sis]  1. Direct contrast; opposition.  2. The direct or exact opposite: "Hope is the antithesis of despair."  Read More

· Mystery vapor hurts 100+, 2 critically.  Investigators are still on the scene at a New Bedford trash transfer facility Tuesday, trying to determine what caused a release of toxic gas fumes there that sent more than 100 people to the hospital.  Read More

· Michael Douglas' son in NYC drug arrest.  Law enforcement officials say the son of Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas has been arrested on a drug charge at an upscale New York City hotel.  Read More

· Woman, 99, Targeted In Robbery.  Police in Maryland continued to investigate Monday after two men burst into a 99-year-old woman's apartment and attacked her.  Read More

· Tool Bag Lost In Space Meets Fiery End.  A tool bag lost by a spacewalking astronaut last year met its fiery demise in Earth's atmosphere Monday after months circling ever closer to the planet. The $100,000 tool bag plunged toward Earth and burned up as it re-entered the atmosphere.  Read More

· $100 Million Payday Poses Problem for Pay Czar.  In a few weeks, the Treasury Department's czar of executive pay will have to answer this $100 million question: Should Andrew J. Hall get his bonus? There is little doubt that Mr. Hall is owed the money under his contract. The problem is that his contract is with Citigroup, which was saved with roughly $45 billion in taxpayer aid.  Read More

Monday, August 3, 2009

· California Bleeding Manufacturing Jobs.  California is shedding manufacturing jobs faster than any other state thanks to heavy regulation, a hostile legislature and the highest tax rate in the United States, according to a new study.  Read More

· Vermont Man Charged With Digging Up Dad.  A Vershire man has been accused of digging up his father's remains and bringing them home with him because he missed his late father.  Read More

· 'Australian Idol' Judge Fired After On-Air Stunt Reveals Rape.  A judge on the talent show 'Australian Idol' was fired and his radio show taken off the air after a lie-detector stunt in which he questioned a 14-year-old girl about her sexual activity — and, she revealed that two years earlier she'd been raped.  Read More

· Mother Finds Her Baby Son Up for Adoption on Craigslist.  A Massachusetts mother was horrified when she found her 7-month-old child’s photo on popular site, Craigslist, advertising his own adoption.  Read More

· The Feds want Arizona sheriff to stop arresting illegal immigrants.  The Homeland Security Department wants Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., to stop arresting illegal immigrants whose only crime was crossing the U.S.-Mexico border without documents.  Read More

· Former WaMu execs sue for golden parachutes.  Nearly 100 former Washington Mutual executives have filed lawsuits demanding the government pay them millions after they were fired.  Read More

· Father trying to rescue children drowns in Lake Michigan.  Police in southwestern Michigan say an Illinois man apparently drowned in Lake Michigan while trying to rescue his five children from rough waters.  Read More

· Garbage man to be reinstated after theft.  A German garbage collector will be reinstated after a court ruled he was unlawfully fired for taking a child's travel bed out of the trash, a judge said.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Oxymoron [ox·y·mo·ron]  A phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are used together for special effect, for example, “wise fool” or “to make haste slowly.”  Read More

· Deliberations to continue in Jefferson's trial.  A jury is scheduled to resume deliberations in the corruption trial of a former Louisiana congressman who had $90,000 hidden in his freezer.  Read More

· Toxic Water Flows from Jeans Plant.  There's a disturbing report today of dangerous waste being dumped by a plant in Africa which manufactures blue jeans for American consumers.  Read More

· Brawl Ensues Over $1 Worth Of Gas.  A convicted felon was charged with battery after witnesses said he attacked a gas station clerk over a dispute over $1 worth of gas.  Read More

· Geithner Won’t Rule Out New Taxes for Middle Class.  To get the economy back on track, will President Barack Obama have to break his pledge not to raise taxes on 95 percent of Americans? In a “This Week” exclusive, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner told me, "We’re going to have to do what’s necessary.”  Read More

· College Grad Can't Find Job, Wants Money Back.  She went to college to boost her chances of finding a great job once she got out of school, but now that that hasn't happened, Trina Thompson wants her money back.  Thompson, a graduate of Monroe College, is suing her school for the $70,000 she spent on tuition because she hasn't found solid employment since receiving her bachelor's degree.  Read More

· Mich. woman's begging to get smokes ends in arrest.  A 49-year-old southwestern Michigan woman who asked a sheriff's deputy to lend her money for cigarettes after just being told to stop begging by the deputy ended up behind bars.  Read More

· Seattle Bank Teller Fired for Chasing Down Robber.  A Seattle bank teller has lost his job because he ran down a would-be bank robber and held him until police arrived.  Read More

· Smoking-ban murder.  A restaurant owner in southwest Turkey was shot dead after he tried to prevent his customers from smoking to comply with a new law on the use of tobacco indoors.  Read More

· California public union OKs strike authorization.  California's largest state employees' union voted on Saturday to approve a strike authorization measure to protest furloughs of state workers and pressure state officials to ratify its labor contract.  Read More

· Update: Boy indicted in rape of 8-year-old Phoenix girl.  A 14-year-old boy has been indicted in connection with the rape of an 8-year-old Liberian refugee at a Phoenix apartment complex, authorities said Saturday.  Read More

· Dad Who Prayed for Sick Girl Found Guilty in Her Death.  A central Wisconsin man accused of killing his 11-year-old daughter by praying instead of seeking medical care was found guilty Saturday of second-degree reckless homicide.  Read More

· Remains of pilot missing 18 years in Iraq found.  The remains of the first American officer shot down in the 1991 Persian Gulf War have been identified, according to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.  Read More

· Jury awards $675K in Boston music downloading case; Shared 30 songs.  A federal jury on Friday ordered a Boston University graduate student who admitted illegally downloading and sharing music online to pay $675,000 to four record labels.  Federal law allows as much as $150,000 per track if the jury finds the infringements were willful.  Read More

· New Photos Released From Flyover Blunder.  Responding to dozens of requests from the public, the Defense Department has released 146 more photos from the infamous Air Force One flyover that struck fear in thousands of unsuspecting New Yorkers.  Read More

· It's OK to call them terrorists again.  Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who drew criticism for not mentioning the word "terror" during her first appearance before Congress in February, has reinserted the term into her lexicon.  Read More

· Update: House OKs $2 billion more for clunkers.  The House voted today to spend another $2 billion on the cash for clunkers program. "I'm pleased about the progress made in the House today about the cash for clunkers program," said President Obama immediately following the vote.  Read More

· Ritual of Throwing Babies Off Mosque Roof Blasted .  Rights activists lashed out Friday at local officials who allowed hundreds of infants to be dropped from the roof of a mosque in western India in the belief that the fall — which ends when the babies are caught in a bedsheet — would ensure good health and prosperity for their families.  Read More

· White House makes visitors pay for lunch.  Four of the most powerful business leaders in America arrived at the White House one day last month for lunch with President Barack Obama, sitting down in his private dining room just steps from the Oval Office.  White House staffers collected credit card numbers for each executive and carefully billed them for the cost of the meal with the president.  Read More

· Cash for clunkers program running on empty.  The government's popular "cash for clunkers" program may be running out of money after only a matter of days as car shoppers flock to dealerships to take advantage of the rebates.  Read More

· Government Suspends 'Clunkers' Program.  In a shocker, the government announced it would suspend the program at midnight because demand was too great. "If they can't administer a program like this, I'd be a little concerned about my health insurance," car salesman Rob Bojaryn said.  Read More

· Cop suspended for calling Prof. Gates a 'jungle monkey' in mass e-mail.  The Boston cop suspended for calling Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates a "banana-eating jungle monkey" in a mass e-mail was turned in by fellow cops.  Read More

· 96 Immigrants Found Inside Refrigerated Truck.  Arizona authorities stopped a refrigerated truck hauling fruit and found almost 100 illegal immigrants — some as young as 9 — crammed inside the trailer in near-freezing temperatures, officials said Thursday.  Read More

· Police at center of Parker-Broderick case arrested.  Two Ohio police chiefs suspected of snooping for tabloid fodder at the home of a surrogate mother for actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are to be arraigned on undisclosed charges.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Precocious [pre·co·cious] adj.  Manifesting or characterized by unusually early development or maturity, especially in mental aptitude. "A precocious child."  Read More

· Bad bridges passed up for stimulus cash.  Tens of thousands of unsafe or decaying bridges carrying 100 million drivers a day must wait for repairs because states are spending stimulus money on easier projects like repaving roads.  Read More

· Happy hour at the White House.  Happy hour finally arrived Thursday at the White House. President Obama knocked back some cold beer in the Rose Garden with Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and police Sgt. James Crowley of Cambridge, Mass., the two men at the heart last week of a heated debate over race in America.  Read More

· Hoboken mayor to resign as result of corruption bust.  Embattled Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano is expected to resign Friday, a week after he was busted in a massive Jersey corruption sting and a month after taking office.  Read More

· Money-troubled doctor found lifeline in Jackson.  Dr. Conrad Murray needed a big payday when he became Michael Jackson's personal physician last spring. The Las Vegas cardiologist owed at least $780,000.  Read More

· Tiger Escapes Magic Act, Ends Up on Vegas Streets.  Police in Las Vegas say a tamed tiger that escaped from a magic act has been captured.  Read More

· Jogger ran to help Google genius.  He's the Google genius' guardian angel. Dr. Rajiv Narula was jogging through Central Park on Wednesday when he was jolted by the sound of a gargantuan tree branch snapping, followed by an ear-splitting scream.  Read More

Thursday, July 30, 2009

· Tow truck driver texts on one phone, talks on other, hits car, crashes into pool.  Police said a Buffalo-area tow truck driver was texting on one cell phone while talking on another when he slammed into a car and crashed into a swimming pool.  Read More

· Porn Star Mulling Senate Bid Charged With Battery.  It's been a tough week for porn actress Stormy Daniels - complete with a domestic violence charge and a car explosion - as she continues to mull a U.S. Senate bid that could make life uncomfortable for incumbent first-term Louisiana Republican David Vitter, still recovering from a sex scandal.  Read More

· Gatti's death seen as suicide as police free wife.  The death of Canadian boxer Arturo Gatti in Brazil this month was probably a suicide and not a murder as first believed and his wife has now been cleared of suspicion of any crime, reports said Thursday.  Read More

· Reporter Accused of Running Prostitution Ring.  A veteran newspaper sports reporter was charged Wednesday with running a prostitution ring in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and possibly into Canada.  Read More

· Mother leaves son in lurch after duo’s shoplifting caper foiled.  A Johnson City woman was accused on Tuesday of using her 12-year-old son to wheel a shopping cart out of Wal-Mart without paying for the merchandise while she waited in her car in the parking lot, then driving off and leaving the boy when he was detained by store security officers.  Read More

· Fat police officer continues fight for job.  Chris Parent fought for his job with the Bellevue Police Department after being fired for not being physically fit. Now he has been told that he must have a medical evaluation before he can return.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Pedantic [pe·dan·tic] adj.  1. Characterized by a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules: "A pedantic attention to details."  Read More

· Policy Would Allow Cops To Shoot At Fleeing Cars.  The Chicago Police Department is considering a major change in policy regarding the use of deadly force.  Read More

· 14-year-old discloses rape on radio show.  Australians have called for a national strategy to prevent child abuse and exploitation in the media after a 14-year-old girl was forced on a Sydney radio program to reveal she had been raped when she was twelve.  Read More

· 34 Taken to Hospitals After Woman Sprays Perfume.  At first, fire officials suspected that carbon monoxide or some other toxic fumes had sickened almost 150 people at a Texas bank call center. It turned out that perfume was to blame.  Read More

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

· Baltimore's Mayor indicted on theft, and perjury charges... again.  Baltimore's Mayor Dixon has been indicted on new charges. The Maryland State Prosecutor's office says Dixon has been indicted on perjury and theft charges.  Read More

· Whoah: Man busted having sex with horse ... again.  A South Carolina man was busted for having sex with a horse, while on probation for having sex with the same horse.  Read More

· Homeless Offered 1-Way Plane Tickets to Leave NYC.  It's part of a program by Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration to keep the homeless out of the expensive shelter system, which costs $36,000 a year per family.  Read More

· Suspect in N.J. Corruption Scandal Found Dead.  A political consultant involved in a sweeping corruption scandal in New Jersey was found dead Tuesday in his Jersey City apartment.  Read More

· Madoff Says He Pulled Off Fraud Scheme Because Feds Were Asleep.  In an extraordinary 4½-hour interview from behind bars, convicted Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff told a San Francisco trial lawyer yesterday that he got away with his $65 billion scam because regulators weren't paying attention.  Read More

· Top 10 Ironic Ads From History.  Remember when you could buy barbiturates for the baby? Cover your house with asbestos? Or get heroin from the doctor? Probably not, but thanks to the immortal beauty of advertising, you can take a trip back in time.  Read More

· Prisons ban inmates from having pen pal ads.  In her online profile, Paula Jones says she is 42, "nonjudgmental" and likes fishing, gardening and cuddling. There's a catch, though. Jones' picture shows her in her blue Florida prison uniform.  Read More

· Blue Food Dye Used in M&M's May Treat Spinal Cord Injuries.  A common and safe blue food dye might provide the best treatment available so far for spinal cord injuries, U.S. researchers reported.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Assiduous [as·sid·u·ous] adj.  1. Constant in application or attention; diligent: "An assiduous worker who strove for perfection."  2. Unceasing; persistent: "Assiduous cancer research."  Read More

· Debate over gay business contracts resurfaces.  Chicago’s first openly gay alderman today re-opened the volatile debate about whether City Hall should establish contract set-asides for businesses owned by lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered residents.  Read More

· Jackson chef recalls doctor's role, final days.  On the day Michael Jackson died, his personal chef says her first hint of something amiss was when his doctor didn't come downstairs to get the juices and granola he routinely brought the King of Pop for breakfast each morning.  Read More

· Tanning Beds as Deadly as Mustard Gas, Arsenic.  International cancer experts have moved tanning beds and other sources of ultraviolet radiation into the top cancer risk category, deeming them as deadly as arsenic and mustard gas.  Read More

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

· Strip clubs, pot eyed to close budget gaps.  One controversial idea is to legalize the sale of marijuana, as proposed in a bill introduced in California's state legislature.  Lawmakers in Georgia turned not to pot but to poles as a possible source of additional revenue.  Read More

· Flight grounded by coffee maker aroma.  The electrical smell that caused a Southwest Airlines Co flight to make an unexpected landing Sunday was caused by a coffee maker in the back of the aircraft, a company spokesman said on Monday.  Read More

· Firefighter shoots bicyclist to teach lesson on safety.  A driver, now identified as an Asheville, NC firefighter, shot a bicycle rider because he was angry the man was riding with his child on a busy road, Asheville police said.  Read More

· Stabbed Playboy Model Names Boyfriend as Killer in Final Words.  A former football coach in Great Britain faces a life prison sentence after he was found guilty Tuesday of murdering a young model who named her killer with her dying words.  Read More

· MTA Operator Let Kid Drive Train.  Driving a subway is so easy an 8-year-old could do it – and one straphanger claims that's who he saw behind the controls of the train.  Read More

· What Global Warming? Chicago Sees Coldest July In 67 Years.  The National Weather Service says 2009 has seen the coldest July since the official recording station was moved away from the lakefront in 1942. The average temperature this month in Chicago has been a mere 68.9 degrees.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Precarious [pre·car·i·ous] adj.  1. Dangerously lacking in security or stability: "The precarious life of an undercover cop."  2. Subject to chance or unknown conditions: "His kingdom was still precarious."  3. Based on uncertain, unwarranted, or unproved premises: "A precarious solution to a difficult problem."  Read More

· Update: Killer of Kelsey Grammer's sister denied parole.  A man convicted of killing the sister of Kelsey Grammer and two other people more than three decades ago was denied parole Monday after the prison board heard a written statement from Grammer calling the man a butcher and a monster.  Read More

· Woman Spent Week Stuck Between Toilet, Door.  The 67-year-old woman, suffering from dehydration, was taken to a hospital after firefighters in the eastern city of Ipswich ended her ordeal Sunday by removing the bathroom door from its hinges.  Read More

· Prison consultants help inmates get good digs.  Bernie Madoff once had the best that money could buy when it came to his many homes. For his latest accommodations, he sought out a different kind of broker: a type of prison consultant increasingly popular among white-collar wrongdoers.  From Martha Stewart to Michael Vick, prison consultants are often hired by celebrities, white-collar miscreants and disgraced politicians to lobby for good prison placement, mitigate sentence length and offer crash courses in prison culture.  Read More

Monday, July 27, 2009

· AP source: Jackson doc gave him drug before death.  Michael Jackson's personal doctor administered a powerful anesthetic to help him sleep, and authorities believe the drug is what killed the pop singer, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press on Monday.  Read More

· Vick could play in October after being reinstated.  Michael Vick is back in the NFL. Now all he needs is a team to play for. Vick, free after serving 18 months in prison for running a dogfighting ring, was reinstated with conditions by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday  Read More

· California Dad Kills Daughter, 7, Self in Murder-Suicide.  The bodies of 50-year-old Carl Jacobson and his daughter, Katie, were found around 9:30 p.m. Saturday by the man's wife when she returned home after visiting other relatives.  Read More

· Mom Says Devil Told Her to Behead Baby.  Dallas police said they found a 3 1/2-week-old infant stabbed and decapitated in a Texas home on Sunday and his mother "screaming that she killed her baby" after the devil told her to do it.  Read More

· Harvard professor Henry Gates: "Whitey now sits in judgment of me."  Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. wrote in his Yale application: "As always, whitey now sits in judgment of me, preparing to cast my fate."  Read More

· Bikini-clad woman steals car, attempts robbery.  A 24-year-old woman has been charged with carjacking and assault after taking a car and trying to rob a Southaven business on Thursday, all while wearing swimming attire.  Read More

· Union Pensions in the Red; Labor chiefs are doing better than the workers.  Union pensions are even more in the red, and it’s one reason union chiefs are so eager to rig organizing rules to gain more dues-paying members. A mystery is why the unions do a far better job with funds created for their officers and employees than for its union workers, according to The Wall Street Journal.  Read More

· Ex-Boxing Champion Shot and Killed in Georgia.  Former boxing champion Vernon Forrest was shot and killed during an apparent robbery in Atlanta, police said.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Intrepid [in·trep·id] adj.  1. Resolutely courageous; fearless. Persistent in the pursuit of something.  "A team of intrepid explorers."  Read More

· 'Frasier' star misses flight, parole hearing.  "Cheers" and "Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer will not be at the parole hearing Monday for a man convicted of killing Grammer's sister in 1975.  Grammer was expected to be in Colorado for the hearing at the Limon Correctional Facility but he missed his flight.  Read More

· Cambridge police: Race not mentioned in 911 call.  The 911 caller who reported a possible break-in at the home of black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. did not mention race in the call, according to a statement issued by her attorney and backed up by Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert Haas.  Read More

· Former 'American Idol' contestant killed.  A 23-year-old man was arrested in the death of a former "American Idol" contestant, who was struck by a car in New Jersey, authorities said.  Read More

· Plus-sized TV shows find big audience.  Style Network's "Ruby," NBC's "The Biggest Loser," Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" and Fox's forthcoming dating show "More to Love" all center on the overweight and are tapping into an audience that can relate to the desire to shed a few pounds.  Read More

· One short name, one giant headache for Ohio man.  Sharing a name with someone who lives in your area isn't usually a big deal — unless your name is Neil Armstrong.  Read More

· Jackson advisor says he turned over $5.5 million.  A former financial advisor to Michael Jackson said Friday that he was the person who recently turned over to executors $5.5 million, which had been "a secret between Michael and me."  Read More

· Arrest shines light on disorderly conduct charge.  In law enforcement, few situations are clear-cut, and disorderly conduct is one of the fuzziest, reports. As Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. now knows, the misdemeanor charge can be used to corral people who are simply uncooperative or rude. Gates was arrested at his home on a disorderly conduct charge after police responded to a report of a possible burglary.  Read More

· House permits needle exchange programs.  The House voted Friday to lift a ban on using taxpayer dollars for needle exchange programs for intravenous drug users intended to prevent the spread of HIV and other diseases.  Read More

· Obama says words ill chosen, calls white policeman.  Trying to tamp down a national uproar over race, President Barack Obama acknowledged Friday he had used unfortunate words in declaring that Cambridge, Mass., police "acted stupidly" in arresting black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. "I could've calibrated those words differently," he said.  Read More

· Black officer at Gates home during arrest said scholar acted strange, supports arrest.  A black police officer who was at Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s home when the black Harvard scholar was arrested says he fully supports how his white fellow officer handled the situation.  Read More

· Evangelist Tony Alamo Found Guilty of Taking Young Girls From State to State for Sex.  Evangelist Tony Alamo convicted of transporting underage girls — as young as 9 — across state lines to perform illegal marriages for the purposes of sex.  Read More

· Teen Strippers, Old Enough to Be Indoor Hookers but Too Young to Drive.  Elizabeth Roberts' 17-year-old daughter was put through the bureaucratic wringer to get a summer job in her home state of Rhode Island this year. In Rhode Island, where Roberts is lieutenant governor, the teen - with a work permit - can take off all her clothes at a strip club, even those where adult men can touch the merchandise.  Read More

· 7-year-old waits in getaway vehicle while dad attempts robbery.  Harris County deputies say a man took his 7-year-old daughter along as he tried to break into an apartment. But the person who lived there happened to be home. He grabbed a gun and started shooting.  Read More

· As patient lay dying, doctor had a cookie.  An anesthesiologist left the recovery room for a snack while a liposuction patient with weak vital signs lay on what was to become her death bed, a hearing heard yesterday. [D]  Read More

· Is 'Cash for Clunkers' for Chumps?  Americans will get a new incentive to trade-in their gas-guzzling cars today when a government rebate program that offers cash vouchers to people who trade in their cars for new fuel-efficient vehicles officially starts.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Apathetic [ap·a·thet·ic] adj.  1. Feeling or showing little or no emotion; unresponsive.  2. Feeling or showing a lack of interest or concern; indifferent.  Read More

· Westpac customer protests at loan refusal.  A Mapua-based man withdrew all his $190,000 in savings in $20 notes from Westpac today in protest at the bank's refusal to grant him a mortgage.  The Nelson Mail reported that artist Roger Griffiths met the 20 percent deposit criteria with $200,000 of cash for a $385,000 property, but his application for a $80,000 mortgage was rejected.  Read More

· Silverton mayor's revealing outfit sparks complaint.  Silverton's openly transgender mayor is under fire for his choice of attire when he went to speak to a group of students.  Ken Hector, President of Silverton Together, said the mayor violated the city's dress code when he spoke to a group of leadership students wearing a bathing suit top, a mini skirt and high heels.  Read More

· Lawsuit alleges unsafe salt at Denny's.  A class action lawsuit filed Thursday by a New Jersey man alleges meals at Denny's contain unsafe salt levels, a non-profit groups said.  Read More

· Obama says victory isn't necessarily a goal in Afghanistan.  President Obama has put securing Afghanistan near the top of his foreign policy agenda, but "victory" in the war-torn country isn't necessarily the United States' goal, he said Thursday in a TV interview.  Read More

· Young love rekindled after 85 years.  A 93-year-old Illinois man says he is marrying his third-grade sweetheart after 85 years apart.  Read More

· Woman tries to get husband killed once, twice, three times.  A former northwest Indiana resident has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in the death of her husband at his Merrillville office in 2003.  Read More

Thursday, July 23, 2009

· Land mine left in Goodwill donation box.  A land mine found in a suburban Denver Goodwill donation box forced the evacuation of a strip mall.  The rectangular, olive-green box with the words “Front Toward Enemy” raised the suspicions of Goodwill workers.  Read More

· Florida Official Fired Over Marriage to Porn Star.  A South Florida town manager who married a porn star last year was fired "without cause" at an emergency meeting after the mayor and council members learned about it.  Read More

· Minimum wage hike could threaten low earners' jobs.  A federal minimum wage increase to $7.25 that takes effect Friday could prolong the recession, some economists say, by forcing small businesses to lay off the same workers that the pay hike was meant to help.  Read More

· 8-Year-Old Gang Raped by 4 Boys.  Four boys between the ages of 9 and 14 are in police custody after they allegedly raped an 8-year-old girl in Phoenix.  The child is currently in Child Protective Services having been disowned by her Liberian parents after the assault. Detectives say her parents blame her for being victimized and bringing shame to their family.  Read More

· Update: Trooper suspended 5 days for scuffle with paramedic.  An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper was suspended Wednesday for five days without pay following a highly publicized scuffle with a paramedic in Okfuskee County in May, according to the Highway Patrol.  Read More

· Nas ordered to make $40K monthly payments to Kelis.  A judge has ordered Nas to pay Kelis nearly $40,000 in monthly support for the near future, a day after the "Milkshake" singer gave birth to the divorcing couple's baby boy.  Read More

· 2 NJ mayors, lawmaker arrested in corruption case.  The mayors of two New Jersey cities and a state legislator are under arrest Thursday as part of a major corruption and international money laundering conspiracy probe.  Read More

· Man Claims He Bit Into Condom in Soup, Sues.  A 50-year-old California man says he ordered French onion soup and bit into a condom instead of melted cheese.  Read More

· Fla. hospital defends secretly deporting patient.  A South Florida hospital secretly repatriated a seriously brain injured patient back to Guatemala. The man's guardian, also his cousin, is suing the hospital for essentially deporting Luis Jimenez, who was an illegal immigrant.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Divisive [di·vi·sive] adj.  Creating dissension or discord; Causing disagreement or hostility within a group so that it is likely to split.

· ESPN reporter secretly videotaped nude in hotel.  ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was secretly videotaped in the nude while she was alone in a hotel room, and the video was posted on the Internet, her attorney said. The blurry, five-minute video shows Andrews standing in front of a hotel room mirror.  Read More

· Blood loss from rat bites kill baby.  Blood loss due to an attack by a rat or rats was determined to be the cause of death of the three-month-old girl who died last week in a Westwego home, according to a statement by Jefferson Parish Forensic Pathologist Susan M. Garcia.  Read More

· Obama: Police who arrested professor 'acted stupidly.'  President Obama said that police in Cambridge, Massachusetts, "acted stupidly" in arresting a prominent black Harvard professor last week after a confrontation at the man's home.  Read More

· Obama 'stupidly' comment disappoints Mass. cop.  A white police sergeant who arrested renowned black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. said Thursday he's disappointed President Barack Obama said officers acted "stupidly," despite acknowledging he didn't know all the facts.  Read More

· Cop who arrested black scholar is profiling expert.  The white police sergeant criticized by President Barack Obama for arresting black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. in his Massachusetts home is a police academy expert on understanding racial profiling.  Read More

· Taco Bell's top dog dies at 15.  Gidget, the 15-year-old dog best known for her Taco Bell ad campaign, died of a stroke Tuesday in Los Angeles, California, said Sue Chipperton, her trainer.  Read More

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

· Murder suspect: I was paid to kill 'suicidal' motivational speaker.  A 36-year-old career criminal told cops a bizarre tale, claiming Jeff Locker was suicidal and going broke and hired Minor to kill him so his family could inherit his hefty insurance payout.  Read More

· 'Manslaughter evidence' sought from Jackson doctor.  Detectives searched the Houston, Texas, medical office of Dr. Conrad Murray on Wednesday for "evidence of the offense of manslaughter," Murray's lawyer said. The search warrant "services part of the ongoing investigation into the death of Michael Jackson," a Los Angeles Police spokesman said.  Read More

· Government Meeting? Stay Away From Fun City.  What do Reno, Orlando and Las Vegas have in common? To some pockets of the federal government, they just seem like too much fun.  Instead, employees at some big agencies, like the U.S. Department of Agriculture, are being encouraged to host meetings in more buttoned-down places like St. Louis or Milwaukee.  Read More

· Woman Found Dead at McDonald's Food Processing Plant.  A 40-year-old woman has been found dead in a machine at a Southern California food processing plant that is a major supplier for McDonald's restaurants.  Read More

· 3 Accused of Letting Rats Chew Toes Off Ohio Infant.  Three people have been accused of letting rats bite a 6-week-old girl and chew off her toes at their cluttered Ohio mobile home.  Read More

· California announces budget deal, to free 27,000 inmates.  Less than 24 hours after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders announced a plan to close California's massive budget deficit, Republicans threatened to back out of the deal over a provision to cut the number of prison inmates by 27,000.  Read More

· Chinese worker commits suicide over missing iPhone.  An employee at a factory that makes iPhones in China killed himself after a prototype went missing. Apple Inc. offered its condolences as the company waits for the results of an investigation.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Myriad [myr·i·ad] adj.  Constituting a very large, indefinite number; innumerable: "The myriad snowflakes in the winter."  Read More

· Paris, Texas dragging death case ignites 3rd rally.  Texas troopers in riot gear rushed onto Main Street in Paris today to keep apart about 200 black separatists and at least one dozen white supremacists. [D]  Read More

· More bodies go unclaimed as families can't afford funeral costs.  The poor economy is taking a toll even on the dead, with an increasing number of bodies in Los Angeles going unclaimed by families who cannot afford to bury or cremate their loved ones.  Read More

· A second safe in slain couple's home contained $100,000.  A second safe found in the home of a slain Florida couple known for adopting special-needs children contained about $100,000, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN late Tuesday.  Read More

· U.S. bombs poppy crop to cut Taliban drug ties.  The U.S. military bombed about 300 tons of poppy seeds in a dusty field in southern Afghanistan Tuesday in a dramatic show of force designed to break up the Taliban's connection to heroin. [D]  Read More

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

· Minn. man killed by deputy after day of swimming.  A plainclothes sheriff's deputy shot and killed an unarmed 24-year-old man wearing only swim trunks after an argument ensued when he confronted the man for erratic driving, authorities and witnesses said Tuesday.  Read More

· Critics Slam Overweight Surgeon General Pick.  Dr. Regina M. Benjamin, Obama's pick for the next surgeon general, is a full-figured African-American that is under fire for being overweight in a nation where 34 percent of all Americans aged 20 and over are obese.  Read More

· McMenacing: Cop To Be charged.  The Arapahoe County District Attorney plans to charge a Denver police officer with felony menacing for allegedly brandishing his gun at an Aurora McDonald's restaurant after his order took too long to fill.  Read More

· Palin implicated in ethics probe.  An independent investigator has found evidence that Gov. Sarah Palin may have violated ethics laws by accepting private donations to pay her legal debts, in the latest legal distraction for the former vice presidential candidate as she prepares to leave office this week.  Read More

· Budget chief: Docs fees not paid for in Obama bill.  A senior administration official says billions of dollars to raise fees for doctors treating Medicare patients are not covered by President Barack Obama's pledge to pay for health care legislation.  Read More

· Roethlisberger accused of sex assault in lawsuit.  A woman is accusing Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger of raping her last summer in his penthouse hotel room at Lake Tahoe.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Ambivalence [am·biv·a·lence] n.  1. Uncertainty or indecisiveness as to which course to follow.  2. The coexistence of opposing attitudes or feelings, such as love and hate, toward a person, object, or idea.

· Dog Drags Infant Into Woods.  A baby is in critical condition after a family dog dragged him from his home near Nicholasville.  The baby's father said his son had been put in his crib for a nap and, when he was checked on, he wasn't there.  Read More

· Man bursts into flames after Taser shock.  A man, who doused himself with gasoline and charged at an officer, burst into flames when he was hit with a Taser, police in Australia said Tuesday.  Read More

· Whoopi Goldberg questions moon landing.  Whoopi Goldberg questioned the original moon landing on today's edition of "The View." Goldberg, a co-host, wondered who shot the footage and why the flag was "rippling" if there was no wind.  Read More

· The male brain - how it's wired.  The more science learns about how men are different from us (right down to the structure of their brains), the more we find ourselves hoping it will finally explain some age-old mysteries. For instance: Why do men keep their cars spotless but live like pigs at home - while for women it's the other way around? [D]  Read More

· Smelly pig farm yields $1.1M settlement.  A couple who sued a nearby hog farm over the smell it creates on their Kansas property has been awarded a $1.1 million settlement.  Read More

· White House moves news conference after NBC balks.  After some hesitation and a time shift, three major broadcast networks have agreed to carry Barack Obama's latest primetime news conference.  Read More

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