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Thursday, January 14

Cocaine found in shuttle work area, NASA says

NASA is investigating how a small amount of cocaine ended up in a space shuttle hangar at the agency's Florida spaceport. [More]

Former Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter Nabbed in Teen Sex Sting

Former chief United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter was arrested in a Pennsylvania sex sting in November on a litany of charges involving a lewd Internet conversation with a person he thought was a 15-year-old girl. [More]

Deal Reached on Taxing 'Cadillac' Plans

The White House has reached a deal with health care negotiators, including labor unions, on taxing the high-level "Cadillac" plans. State and local workers and union members are exempted until 2017. [More]

Who's running Haiti? No one, say the people

With the 7.0 magnitude earthquake collapsing the presidential palace, a string of ministries and the headquarters of the U.N. peacekeeping mission in the country, Haiti faces a dangerous vacuum in security and government. [More]

Security fails to spot gun at Montana airport

TSA officials say security screeners at a Bozeman-area airport failed to spot a gun in a passenger's luggage last month, but the man turned himself in when he realized his error. Airport chairman Dick Roehm says he's disappointed at the lapse and is looking into turning to a private company to handle security at the airport. [More]

Woman's Car Repossessed with Toddler Inside

Police in California say a car dealer who repossessed a San Jose woman's Honda Accord left with something a bit more valuable: her 2-year-old son. [More]

11-Year-Old Driver Cause of Fatal California Car Crash

Investigators were mystified Wednesday as to why an 11-year-old boy was behind the wheel when the car ran a stop sign and crashed into another vehicle, killing him, his mother and younger sister. [More]

Arizona Mom Tries to Trade Daughter for Gun

Authorities say they have arrested an Arizona woman who traded her 2-year-old daughter for a gun. [More]

Pat Robertson says Haiti paying for 'pact to the devil'

Pat Robertson, the evangelical Christian who once suggested God was punishing Americans with Hurricane Katrina, says a "pact to the devil" brought on the devastating earthquake in Haiti. [More]

Teen pleads no contest in brother's death

A 15-year-old boy who police say fatally stabbed his younger brother in a fight over loud music has pleaded no contest to manslaughter in a deal with prosecutors. [More]

California Pastor Indicted on Visa Fraud Charges

A California pastor has been indicted on charges of helping foreigners fraudulently obtain student visas for a university where some say they never attended class. [More]

Wife moves in, Charlie Sheen moves out

Brooke Mueller has moved back into the Los Angeles home she shared with Charlie Sheen -- and the "Two and Half Men" star has moved out so as not to violate a restraining order filed against him after their domestic dispute on Christmas Day. [More]

Sheen seeks to bar TV camera from Jan. 20 hearing

An attorney for Charlie Sheen has asked a judge in Colorado not to let television cameras record a court hearing next week related to allegations that he threatened his wife with a knife. [More]

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U.S. Holds Fire in Google-China Feud

U.S. government officials and business leaders were supportive but wary of taking sides in Google Inc.'s battle with China, a sign of the delicate tensions between the growing superpower and the West. [More]

Officer Allegedly Shocks 3 Boys During Unauthorized Taser Demonstration

Police in Illinois say an officer assigned to a junior high school has been placed on administrative leave after he allegedly shocked three boys during an unauthorized Taser demonstration. [More]

Feds give up on prosecuting 'Junior' Gotti

The Teflon apparently doesn't fall far from the tree. After four trials in five years ended with hung juries, federal prosecutors appear to have given up on convicting John A. "Junior" Gotti of mob-related charges. [More]

NYC's 'skinniest' house sold for $2.1M

A town house dubbed New York City's skinniest house has sold for $2.1 million. The red, 9.5 foot wide, 42 foot deep brick building in Greenwich Village was built in 1873 on land used as an alley between homes. [More]

Colorado man arrested for 'unfaithful' Tiger Woods labels

Federal agents today arrested a Denver-area man accused of placing pictures of Tiger Woods and his wife on Tropical-Mango Gatorade bottles and putting them on store shelves. [More]

Rush Limbaugh tells America not to donate to Haiti

Rush Limbaugh told viewers that Haiti is run by dictatorships and that the US has already helped Haiti. Limbaugh's radio show on Wednesday was filled with racist comments. "We've already donated to Haiti, Limbaugh said. It's called the U.S. income tax." [More]

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R&B star Teddy Pendergrass dies at 59

R&B singer Teddy Pendergrass, who was one of the most electric and successful figures in music until a car crash 28 years ago left him in a wheelchair, has died of colon cancer. [More]

Are gloves coming off between Leno, O'Brien?

Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno seem to be turning on each other after days of focusing jokes on NBC over the late-night mess. [More]

Tulsa Police Shoot Gunman at Radio Station

Tulsa police say they shot a gunman who entered a broadcaster's office and demanded to speak to a radio personality. [More]

Tough penalties weighed for security scofflaws

A Georgia man dashes through a checkpoint at the Atlanta airport and gets 10 days in jail. A British man in a hurry bypasses security in Philadelphia and gets a $500 fine. A drunken man stumbles onto a Chicago airfield and gets 18 months' supervision. All caused major air travel delays costing millions of dollars — and all got what critics call a slap on the wrist. [More]

Prosecutors charge woman in celebrity burglaries

A woman suspected of being the mastermind behind a series of break-ins at the homes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan has been charged with felony burglary and receiving stolen property. [More]

Parents, doctors debate tots teetering in heels

A pair of sparkly, peekaboo shoes with heels 2 inches high are favorites of 6-year-old Helena Bell ever since she got them for a wedding. “She's worn them to the point where the jewels have fallen off,” says Helena's mother, Dana Bell of Woodland Hills, Calif. “It's not my preference, but I've stopped fighting it.” [More]

Wednesday, January 13

Obesity rates flat as most of us are already pigs

America’s rapid rise in obesity appears to have leveled off, with new government figures showing no significant increase in a decade. But there's little reason to cheer. More than two-thirds of adults and almost a third of children are overweight, and there are no signs of improvement. [More]

Democrats apologize for Carter-free mailer

Chicago-area Democrats apologized for the omission of Jimmy Carter from a mailer featuring presidents from the party. [More]

11-year-old girl accused of trying to kill mother released

A judge this afternoon ordered the release of Samantha Broadhead, the 11-year-old girl accused of trying to kill her mother by setting her bed on fire in Clearwater. [More]

Judge orders $500K for each of preacher's victims

Five young women who testified last year that evangelist Tony Alamo took them as "wives" and sexually assaulted them when they were minors are entitled to $500,000 each from his multi-million-dollar ministry, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. [More]

'Bad day' led to McDonald's rampage

Police in Missouri said a woman charged with trashing a McDonald's told officers she was angry because she was having "a bad day." [More]

Woman moved $1 million from missing lottery winner's account

A business associate of missing Florida Lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare moved more than $1 million from Shakespeare's bank accounts into her own after he was last seen in April, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office. [More]

Mother Faces Charges For Cursing At Principal

A New Jersey woman is in court Wednesday for a disorderly conduct charge after she cursed out a middle school principal. [More]

Grandmother forgotten in jail for 15 days

A 78-year-old Florida grandmother was arrested for driving on a suspended or revoked license and spent 15 days in jail — including Thanksgiving — before being released, the Miami Herald reported on Tuesday. [More]

California considering full legalization of marijuana

Going beyond the legal medical applications of marijuana, California is now considering fully legalizing the growth, sales, consumption and taxation of marijuana for all adults in the state. [More]

Prostitutes see gold at Olympics

Olympic athletes won’t be the only people going for gold in Vancouver next month. Thousands of prostitutes — including scores from Edmonton — are expected to descend on the West Coast city to cash in on the swelling numbers of fans, media and Olympic employees. [More]

'Cougars,' 'cubs' unwelcome on Carnival cruises

Carnival Cruise Lines won't be sailing anymore with a boatload of "cougars" and their willing prey. The Miami-based company has turned down a request from a singles travel group to book another cruise with the cougar theme. The term refers to older women who date younger men. [More]

Royal Caribbean says yes to sexually-charged cougar cruises

Is Royal Caribbean the new bad boy of the cruise industry? The world's second largest cruise line says it will pick up where industry leader Carnival left off in hosting a "cougar cruise" organized by California-based Singles Travel Company. [More]

Barry Bonds' son pleads not guilty to battery

The 20-year-old son of former San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds has pleaded not guilty to five misdemeanor charges related to a fight with his mother. [More]

Cybill Shepherd's son charged in mid-air thefts

The son of actress Cybill Shepherd has been charged with stealing from fellow airplane passengers during a cross-country flight. Police say 22-year-old Cyrus Shepherd-Oppenheim was arrested in Philadelphia on Tuesday around midnight after the United Airlines plane arrived from San Francisco. Police say witnesses identified Shepherd-Oppenheim as the man who allegedly stole cash, a digital camera, leather make-up case and a small travel bag from two passengers' carry-on luggage. [More]

Gov. Paterson's teenage son arrested over stolen credit card

Manhattan cops took Gov. Paterson's 15-year-old son into custody Tuesday after he was caught shooting dice and holding someone else's cash card, authorities said. [More]

Megan Fox's Armani Campaign

A few months ago Armani announced it was switching from Posh Spice to Megan Fox. Today's the day. [More]

Mel Gibson feels sorry for Tiger Woods

Mel Gibson, who endured one of the bigger Hollywood scandals of recent years, said the Tiger Woods affair has been blown way out of proportion - but that it wouldn't do the golfer any good to whine about that now. [More]

O'Brien won't move "Tonight Show," no other offers

Conan O'Brien said on Tuesday he will not carry on as host of NBC's "The Tonight Show" if the struggling network moves the program to an after-midnight slot as part of a revamped evening line-up. [More]

Queens teacher who punched 'Jersey Shore' star to be fired

The Queens gym teacher charged with sucker-punching "Jersey Shore" cast member Nicole (Snooki) Polizzi is getting the boot. [More]

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CIA missed glaring red flags on double-agent bomber

"This is the biggest deception ever of intelligence agencies, whether CIA or Jordanian intelligence," said Hassan Hanieh, a former Islamic extremist who now studies jihadist movements. "From the beginning, he was deceiving them." [More]

PETA pulls ads featuring Michelle Obama

The animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said Tuesday it is pulling an ad campaign that used the likeness of first lady Michelle Obama without her permission. [More]

Company agrees to take down Barack Obama billboard

Weatherproof Garment Co said on Monday it will take down a Times Square billboard of U.S. President Barack Obama wearing one of its coats, agreeing to a White House request even though the company said it had legal grounds for using his image in its advertisement. [More]

Obama wants record $708 billion for wars next year

President Barack Obama will ask Congress for an additional $33 billion to fight unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq on top of a record $708 billion for the Defense Department next year, The Associated Press has learned - a request that could be an especially hard sell to some of the administration's Democratic allies. [More]

Obama to announce bank fees Thursday

President Barack Obama is ready to announce a plan to recover Wall Street bailout shortfalls with a bank fee on the country's biggest financial firms, a senior administration official said. [More]

Obama's Approval Rating Hits New Low

President Obama is still sliding down in the polls, with a new CBS News survey giving him one of his lowest ratings yet, at 46% approval. [More]

Woman lying in road struck, killed by car

A woman from Sarasota was run over and killed early Saturday while lying in a Pasco County road. [More]

Burned boy: 'Somebody lit me on fire'

A 15-year-old boy who was set on fire told police six weeks after his October attack that he remembered "cold stuff all over my clothes and ... burning." [More]

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Mexico Opens New Year With 69 Drug Murders in One Day

Mexico opened the new year with what could be its most dubious distinction yet in the 3-year-old battle against drug trafficking — 69 murders in one day. [More]

Dad drives to police to teach girls lesson

Police in a Chicago suburb say a father whose twin 9-year-old daughters were disrupting his driving pulled into a police station for teachable moment. [More]

Florida Man Charged in Machete Attack on Son

A Florida man was charged with attacking his adult son with a machete after the son reportedly criticized the man for dating a much younger woman. [More]

American appeals ‘milkshake murder’ ruling

An American expatriate convicted in Hong Kong of killing her investment banker husband after sedating him with a laced milkshake launched her final appeal of a life sentence on Tuesday. [More]

Rape Investigation Into David Copperfield Closed

Federal prosecutors have closed a two-year investigation into rape allegations against magician David Copperfield without filing charges. [More]

Howard Hughes'Failure' Brings Success to McMinnville, Oregon

McMinnville has recently been named as one of the best places to live in the United States.. What accounts for its selection is in part due to a Howard Hughes invention and the ingenuity of a small town in Oregon in bringing it home. [More]

Jacko's Giraffes Dying

Two of Michael Jackson's four pet giraffes have died, and now animal rights activists want the remaining two confiscated from the new owners. [More]

N.Y. Court Rejects Dan Rather's Appeal Against CBS

New York's top court has rejected Dan Rather's bid to reinstate his $70 million breach-of-contract lawsuit against CBS Corp. [More]

Tuesday, January 12

GM: No more free Cadillacs for Tiger

General Motors says that its agreement with Tiger Woods that allowed him to have free vehicles, like the Cadillac Escalade he crashed in his Florida neighborhood on Nov. 27, ended two weeks ago. [More]

Conan O'Brien rejects moving 'The Tonight Show'

Conan O'Brien says he's rejecting NBC's attempt to move "The Tonight Show" to a post-midnight slot to accommodate Jay Leno's return to late-night. [More]

104-Year-Old Famed Strongman Dies After Being Hit by Car

A famed strongman who once lifted 3,200 pounds at Coney Island during its heyday and was still bending quarters with his fingers at age 104 died Monday after he was hit by a minivan. [More]

'Shocked' Woman Drove With Body In Windscreen

A Japanese woman has been arrested after driving for four miles with the body of an 80-year-old lodged in her car windscreen. [More]

Ohio Teen Charged With Rape, Assault of Woman

A southwest Ohio sheriff says a 14-year-old boy accused of raping a 64-year-old woman, beating her with a weapon and robbing her was arrested. [More]

Oliver Stone: Hitler Was Scapegoat, Stalin Misrepresented

Director Oliver Stone has spoken about his new TV series that he says will portray Hitler as a scapegoat, show how U.S. corporations helped the Nazis rise to power, and illustrate how Stalin led the fight against Germany during World War Two. [More]

‘Perfect inn guests’ swindled proprietors, police say

“The perfect inn guests,’’ said Marilyn Mudry, who has run the Hawthorne Inn in Concord with her husband for more than three decades. “Just a cute, charming older couple. That’s what we thought, anyway.’’ But that was before 79-year-old Benjamin and 72-year-old Jane Wolff allegedly skipped out on the $3,600 bill. [More]

Woman who helped hide Anne Frank dies

Miep Gies, the office secretary who defied the Nazi occupiers to hide Anne Frank and her family for two years and saved the teenager's diary, has died, the Anne Frank Museum said Tuesday. She was 100. [More]

N.J. Legislature OKs medical marijuana bill

The N.J. Legislature on Monday approved a bill that would make the state the 14th to allow chronically ill patients access to marijuana for medical reasons. [More]

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Leno holds nothing back in monologue after getting prime time ax

Jay Leno pulled no punches on his show Monday night, the first since NBC confirmed the TV host was being kicked out of his low-rated 10 p.m. slot after just three months. [More]

3-year-old causes $60,000 damage to house

A 3-year-old boy playing with matches Monday afternoon caused $60,000 worth of damage to the home, Tampa Fire Rescue said. [More]

Unions angry over Obama-backed insurance tax

Labor leaders are pushing hard on President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats to drop a proposed new tax on high-value health insurance plans, warning of political consequences. [More]

Ex-Funeral Director Gets House Arrest for Giving Wrong Ashes to Families

A former Missouri funeral director has been sentenced to 60 days of house arrest and five years of probation for intentionally giving the wrong ashes to grieving families. [More]

Burglar caught in women’s underwear pleads guilty

A Salem man caught while wearing his female neighbour’s underwear this summer has pleaded guilty to burglary. [More]

Domino’s tough love on itself is getting noticed

For a pizza joint, it's a bold move to tell customers your crust tasted like cardboard and your sauce was like ketchup. [More]

Walmart pulls children's jewelry from China

Federal and state watchdogs open a new front in the campaign to keep poisons out of Chinese imports, launching inquiries into high levels of cadmium in children's jewelry while Walmart pulled many suspect items from its store shelves. [More]

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Obama Considering Tax on Rescued Banks

A senior administration official said Monday that Obama would seek modifications to the law that sent billions in bailout money in 2008 and 2009 to a flailing Wall Street that was approaching collapse. [More]

Jimi Hendrix, dead 40 years, releases new album

Jimi Hendrix's music legacy continues as a new Hendrix album is about to be released nearly 40 years after the musicians death in September 1970. [More]

Oregon man in court over joke on airplane

An Oregon man who FBI agents say was angling for frequent flier miles has made his first court appearance on a charge of interfering with a commercial jetliner crew by filling out a comment card that talked about crashing into the ocean. [More]

School orders 4-year-old to braid long locks

A Texas school board has agreed to adjust its grooming policy for a 4-year-old boy whose long, flowing hair got him suspended. But his mother says it isn't enough. [More]

Tobey Maguire, director won't return for 'Spider-Man 4'

Tobey Maguire has hung up his spandex suit and will not return as Spider-Man when the fourth film based on the web-slinging superhero hits cinemas in 2012, studio officials confirmed. [More]

Monday, January 11

McGwire finally admits to using steroids

Mark McGwire finally came clean Monday, admitting he used steroids when he broke baseball's home run record in 1998. McGwire said in a statement sent to The Associated Press on Monday that he used steroids on and off for nearly a decade. [More]

Bloodmobile offers beer to blood donors

A Washington state blood center is offering donors a deal: Give a pint of blood, get a pint of beer. Cascade Regional Blood Services in Tacoma says its "Give blood, get beer" promotion has worked so well that it's being expanded. [More]

Mom Sentenced in Death of Quadriplegic Daughter

A Flint woman was sentenced to a minimum of 10 years in prison for the death of her adopted quadriplegic daughter whose starved body was stashed in a storage unit. [More]

Wife allegedly changes wires on saw to shock hubby

Court papers allege that an Olympia woman, angry that her husband left her, tampered with his power tools so that he received a powerful electric shock. Carolyn Paulsen-Riat was booked into the Thurston County Jail for investigation of third-degree assault, domestic violence, and second-degree malicious mischief. [More]

Ex-FEMA Worker Charged in $721K in Hurricane Katrina Fraud

A former Federal Emergency Management Agency employee and her cousin are being accused of stealing more than $721,000 in Hurricane Katrina relief money. [More]

Lawyer says Palin takes Fox News commentator job

Sarah Palin is taking her conservative message to Fox News. An attorney for the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate says Palin will provide some type of commentary for the cable network. [More]

Too much TV may mean earlier death

The more time you spend watching TV, the greater your risk of dying at an earlier age -- especially from heart disease, researchers found. [More]

Walmart Greeter Punched By Customer Gets Fired

A Walmart greeter who was shown on video getting punched by a customer has been fired. Ed Bauman, 69, said the act of defending himself cost him his job. [More]

Calif. boy, 3, dead after pit bull attack

Authorities say a 3-year-old boy has died after his family's pit bull attacked him at a home in Southern California. [More]

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Body scanners can store, send images, group says

A privacy group says the Transportation Security Administration is misleading the public with claims that full-body scanners at airports cannot store or send their graphic images. [More]

Phila. man arrested in drunken joyride

Michael Saunders was just about falling-down drunk when he climbed behind the wheel of his minivan early yesterday and transformed a small parking lot into his own amusement park from hell, police said. [More]

In Hasan case, superiors ignored their own worries

A Defense Department review of the shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, has found the doctors overseeing Maj. Nidal Hasan's medical training repeatedly voiced concerns over his strident views on Islam and his inappropriate behavior, yet continued to give him positive performance evaluations that kept him moving through the ranks. [More]

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Blagojevich claims he's 'blacker' than Obama'

Ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich says he's "blacker than Barack Obama" and tells Esquire magazine that he was a real person in a political arena dominated by phonies. [More]

Sunday, January 10

Cabbie returns $10K left by passenger

A New York cabbie spent Christmas Eve tracking down a passenger who left $10,000 in his vehicle, the passenger said. [More]

Howie Mandel Replaces Hasselhoff

Howie Mandel is replacing David Hasselhoff as one of the judges on NBC's "America's Got Talent." [More]

NBC confirms cancellation of 'The Jay Leno Show'

NBC host Jay Leno is going back to late nights after a low-rated experiment in prime time, the network announced Sunday. [More]

Disgraced wife of Ireland leader to step down

The wife of Northern Ireland's leader will step down as a lawmaker within days, British media reported Saturday, as pressure mounted on Peter Robinson's shaky coalition government over her admissions of an affair with a 19-year-old. [More]

Anti-Whaling Group Files Piracy Complaint Against Japanese Whalers

A conservationist group that lost one of its ships in a clash with Japanese whalers off Antarctica has filed a piracy complaint in the Netherlands against the captain and crew of the whaling vessel, one of the group's leaders said Saturday. [More]

Obama to Meet Union Leaders Over Their Opposition to Cadillac Tax

President Obama plans to meet with union leaders Monday to discuss their opposition to a proposed tax on high-cost insurance plans that would pay for his health care overhaul plan. [More]

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Bond Set for Fla. Teen Accused of Lighting Boy on Fire

Bond has been set for a 16-year-old Broward County teen accused of lighting another teen on fire. [More]

CIA Director Defends Agency in Suicide Attack

CIA Director Leon Panetta says the Jordanian man who killed seven CIA employees and himself in a bombing in Afghanistan was about to be searched before the explosion. [More]

Nicklaus: Woods' quest 'a little tougher' if he doesn't play in 2010

Tiger Woods is four majors behind the record set by Jack Nicklaus going into a year in which three majors will be held on Woods' favorite courses —Augusta National, Pebble Beach and St. Andrews. [More]

Warnings About Pediatrician Accused of Molesting 100 Were Ignored for Years

Dating back almost a decade, there were complaints and investigations involving Dr. Earl Bradley, a well-known Delaware pediatrician who authorities say may have molested more than 100 children. [More]

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Gumby animator Art Clokey dies

Animator Art Clokey, whose bendable creation Gumby became a pop culture phenomenon through decades of toys, revivals and satires, died Friday. He was 88. [More]

Former Fla. judge sentenced for stealing from agency

A former Miami judge has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for stealing more than $80,000 from a social services agency he ran. [More]

Lesbian Lawmaker in Utah Carries Baby for 2 Gay Men

Rep. Christine Johnson will serve an additional role when the Utah Legislature convenes this month. The lesbian lawmaker announced she's a surrogate mother, carrying a baby for two gay men. [More]

Man loses part of finger in family dispute

After a man pulled a gun on his son-in-law this Saturday evening in Manatee County, the two got into a tussle, the firearm discharged, and the man who had pulled the gun had about a half inch of his pinkie finger blown off as a result, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. [More]

Saturday, January 9

Reid calls Obama "light skinned with no Negro dialect"

A new book about the Obama campaign, "Game Change," says that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid described Obama as "light-skinned" and with "no Negro dialect." In response to the outrage, Reid said "I deeply regret using such a poor choice of words. I sincerely apologize for offending any and all Americans, especially African Americans for my improper comments." [More]

Obama's Green Jobs Program Costs $135,294 Per Job

The White House announced Friday the awarding of $2.3 billion in tax credits — the money comes from last year’s stimulus bill — to companies to create “green jobs.” [More]

Doctor gets 5 years for road rage against cyclists

A former emergency room doctor who deliberately hit his brakes so that two bicyclists rammed into his car in a road rage incident was sentenced Friday in a case that sparked international interest among cyclists. [More]

Man arrested in Newark airport security breach

A man believed to have breached security to bid his girlfriend goodbye, triggering the shutdown of a busy Newark Airport terminal that led to snarled flights worldwide, was arrested in New Jersey and faces a trespassing charge and a fine of up to $500, punishment a senator says should be much harsher. [More]

Boy, 12, robs store with a toy gun

A 12-year-old boy was arrested after pointing what turned out to be a toy gun at a convenience store clerk in northern Florida, authorities said. [More]

Man Breaks Into Jail, Begs Officials to Take Him Back Into Custody

A Brevard County judge has found a Cocoa man guilty of violating his probation by trying to break into the county jail. [More]

Officials Blast Media Blitz by 'Balloon Boy' Father

The father who orchestrated the balloon boy hoax is taking advantage of his final days of freedom by making the rounds on news shows and telling anyone who will listen that he is innocent and being framed. [More]

Governor orders women out of Kentucky prison

Gov. Steve Beshear on Friday ordered some 400 female inmates removed from a privately run prison after widespread allegations of sexual misconduct involving the predominantly male corps of corrections officers. [More]

Man Claims to Be Illegal Immigrant to Avoid Facing Charge

Border Patrol agents say a U.S. citizen claimed to be in the country illegally, possibly hoping to be deported instead of having to face an attempted murder charge in Southern California. [More]

Man robs bank in drag

Police in Kentucky said they are investigating whether a bank robbery involving a man in women's clothing is connected to other cross-dressing crimes. [More]

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Innocuous [in·noc·u·ous] adj.  1. Having no adverse effect; harmless.  2. Not likely to offend or provoke to strong emotion; insipid.  [the seemingly innocuous e-mail actually contained a malicious virus]. [More]

Google "Bug" for Islam searches

Type "Christianity is" into Google and you'll get a list of common unfiltered - and uncomplimentary - search results. But the engine appears to suppress results for "Islam is." [More]

Man Arrested for Driving While Standing Through Sunroof

An Arizona driver was arrested after standing through his sunroof while speeding 79 MPH in a 65 MPH zone on US 60 Freeway. [More]

Conan may find door open at Fox if he bolts NBC

If "Tonight Show" host Conan O'Brien decides to leave NBC over its proposed late-night lineup revamp, he might find a warm welcome waiting for him at Fox. [More]

Muslims, Christians set homes ablaze

Muslims and Christians set fire to each others' homes and shops near the southern Egyptian town of Nagaa Hamady on Saturday, three days after a gunman killed six Coptic Christians in a drive-by shooting, security sources said. [More]

Plane Plot Suspect Boasted of Others Trained to Blow Up Jets

The Nigerian man suspected of trying to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day told investigators after his arrest that close to 20 other young Muslim men were being trained in Yemen to blow up airliners, CBS News reports. [More]

Woman shocked after Christmas greeting

A 29-year-old woman was arrested after allegedly using a stun gun on a woman who tried to hug her on Christmas night. Deborah Downing has been jailed with a $15,000 bond. She was charged with aggravated battery, petty theft and violation of pretrial release. [More]

Bookie refuses to pay out $11 million on snow bet

Bookmaker Ladbrokes is refusing to pay out more than 7 million pounds ($11 million) to a man who gambled on a white Christmas across the UK, as the bet was accepted by mistake. [More]

Halle Berry and boyfriend bypass airport line

Canadian police said Friday that it was wrong for one of their officers to whisk Halle Berry, her model boyfriend and baby through airport security at Montreal's Trudeau airport. [More]

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Delta Reportedly Sacks Security Breach Whistleblower

A Delta Airlines employee was fired after going to the airline's top officials with details of an alleged security breach at John F. Kennedy International Airport — one that came barely a week after the failed terror attack on a Detroit-bound flight on Christmas Day, according to a published report. [More]

Stern sidekick Artie Lange stabbed self

Police say self-inflicted stab wounds put Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange in a New Jersey hospital. The 42-year-old comedian was unconscious but breathing after stabbing himself with a 13-inch Wolfgang Puck kitchen knife. [More]

Rare U.S. nickel sells for $3.7 million

An extremely rare U.S. nickel that was featured in an episode of TV's "Hawaii Five-O" sold for more than $3.7 million in Florida, the auctioneers said. [More]

UBS whistleblower Birkenfeld begins prison term

Bradley Birkenfeld, the former UBS AG banker who became the whistleblower in the U.S. government's tax probe of the Swiss bank, on Friday began a 40-month prison term that he had sought to reduce and delay. [More]

Jumpers take record leap off Dubai tower

The world's tallest building in the United Arab Emirates was the stage Friday for two parachutists who claimed a world's record for base-jumping. [More]

Impressionist Rich Little becoming US citizen

A Canadian impressionist famous for his takes on American presidents and celebrities is becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen. [More]

Friday, January 8

Do New Airport Body Scanners Violate Child Porn Laws?

British airports are largely in a holding pattern over the introduction of full body scanners, amid concerns the technology may breach child pornography and child protection laws, which ban the creation of indecent images of children, according to UK paper The Guardian. [More]

Home invader finds own kids

Police in Colorado said a man who broke into a house with a friend found himself under arrest when his own children were inside and recognized him. [More]

Chicago PD Might Get Rid of Entrance Exam

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that the Chicago Police Department is strongly considering getting rid of their entrance exam because they say it costs them too much to administer. [More]

Police: Man attacked wife with meatloaf

Authorities in Florida said a man was arrested for allegedly smearing meatloaf in his wife's face while they were discussing a separation. [More]

Railroad Safety Inspectors Nearly Hit by Speeding Train

The Tri-State Oversight Committee, which monitors safety at Metro, says a team of inspectors was nearly hit by a Metro train that appeared to be traveling at full speed. [More]

Man busted for drunken snowblowing

Barrie Police noticed the drunken 'public servant' while on patrol. Local motorists almost hit the guy twice while he was clearing the road of snow. For his own sake the 41-year-old was arrested and held until he sobered up. [More]

10 ways to be a whole lot happier

Experts attribute about 50% of a person’s happiness to genetic endowments and another 10% to circumstances — where we live, how much money we make, how healthy we are. That leaves 40% of our happiness in our control. [More]

Bag of teeth links man to Seattle-area dental burglaries

The bag of teeth found on a North Seattle sidewalk was the link that police were looking for. [More]

CIA bomber's wife says war must go on Against US

The Turkish wife of a Jordanian doctor who killed seven CIA employees in a suicide attack in Afghanistan says her husband was outraged over the treatment of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison and the U.S.-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. [More]

Christmas Tree Rocket Video

32 large rocket engines and some careful calculations ensured fun for this family. [More]

NBC weighing Leno return to late-night

Jay Leno might get another another chance to reign as late-night king at NBC. The network, contemplating disppointing ratings for Leno's new prime-time show, is weighing a plan to return him to the 11:35 p.m. EST slot he held for 17 years as "Tonight Show" host. [More]

A goodbye kiss triggered New Jersey airport scare

The security scare that shut the Newark, New Jersey airport for hours and delayed thousands of passengers was caused by a man who slipped into a secure area to give a woman a goodbye kiss, video released on Thursday showed. [More]

Dozens walk past abandoned guard post at Newark airport

A man took advantage of a guard's absence to sneak past a Newark Liberty International Airport security checkpoint Sunday evening and walk arm-in-arm with a woman into a secure area, causing a terminal shutdown that delayed flights across the globe and called into question just how secure the nation's airports really are. [More]

Thief in hospital gown flees Wal-Mart in motorized scooter

A Smithfield man allegedly stole cash from his ex-girlfriend after she offered to pay for his prescription medication and then fled from the retail store where the robbery occurred on a motorized cart, all while he was clothed in a hospital gown. [More]

500 expected at no-pants train ride

Organizers of Seattle's first "No Pants" light-rail ride said 500 people have signed up to ride the train from Westlake Center to Sea-Tac Airport sans trousers. [More]

Miscommunication leads to $128.6M jackpot

A $128.6 million lottery winner in Kentucky said his winning ticket was given to him by a shopkeeper who misunderstood his request. [More]

Obama: On security 'the buck stops with me'

President Barack Obama declared today "the buck stops with me" for the nation's security and suggested he would not fire anyone for the Christmas attack on a Detroit-bound airliner. Security lapses that led to the near-disaster were not the fault of a single individual or agency, he said, vowing they would be corrected. [More]

WordThink - Word of the Day

Placate [pla·cate] tr.v.  To make somebody less angry, upset, or hostile, usually by doing or saying things to please him or her; appease. [More]

Man drove around for 2 days with wife's body in pickup

Maureen Allaben, the spunky set decorator for “The Mo’Nique Show” and a local food stylist, was killed Sunday by her husband, who drove for two days with her body in the bed of his pickup truck before turning himself in, authorities said Wednesday. [More]

Swiss millionaire fined $290,000 for speeding

A Swiss court has slapped a wealthy speeder with a chalet-sized fine — a full $290,000. Judges at the cantonal court in St. Gallen, in eastern Switzerland, based the record-breaking fine on the speeder's estimated wealth of more than $20 million. [More]

Restaurant food has more calories than advertised

Dieters can't believe everything they read: The food at many popular chain restaurants and in the freezer section of the supermarket may contain a lot more calories than advertised. [More]

Driver, 92, crashes into restaurant, then orders breakfast

Diners at the Biscuit's "N" Gravy and More restaurant in Port Orange received a surprise Wednesday when a car plowed into the side of the building. [More]

Robbery Suspects Caught Via GPS

Last week, the FBI and local police were able to track down suspects in a suburban Chicago bank robbery thanks to two credit-card-sized Global Positioning System devices that had been stuffed in with the stolen cash. [More]

Steele's comments anger congressional Republicans

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele, under fire this week for statements he has made while promoting his book, has so angered the party's congressional leaders that their aides said they told his handlers to "get him to stop." [More]

Your Daily Horoscope

The UPI's daily horoscope is a prediction of events which some people believe will happen to you today or in the future. [More]

14-year-old prodigy offered place at Cambridge

A 14-year-old math prodigy has been offered a place at Britain's prestigious Cambridge University — if he can pass just one more exam. [More]

IRS Is $32 Billion Short

The Internal Revenue Service suddenly reduced the amount of revenue it reported from delinquent collections by $32 billion, or about 27 percent, providing little information about what happened to the money, according to a report released Wednesday morning. [More]

Plea deal for Ohio chief in Parker-Broderick case

The second Ohio police chief charged with snooping on the woman who bore twins for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick pleaded no contest Thursday to a misdemeanor. [More]

Ariz. Sheriff Investigated by Federal Grand Jury

Two officials said Thursday night they have been subpoenaed to answer questions next week before a federal grand jury about a high-profile Arizona sheriff who gained attention for aggressively cracking down on illegal immigration. [More]

Naked jogger nabbed near White House

Secret Service officials in Washington said a naked jogger was arrested near the White House and a suspicious package was found to be his clothes. [More]

Bogus Lawyer, Doctor Tries to Visit Fort Hood Massacre Suspect

An unarmed man falsely claiming to be an attorney and a doctor has been blocked from visiting the Army psychiatrist charged in the Fort Hood shootings. [More]

Possible Breakthrough in Tylenol Poisoning Case

In a potential breakthrough in a 27-year-old case, the sole suspect in the poisoning of Tylenol capsules that led to the deaths of seven people was subpoenaed this week to attend a court hearing that would order fingerprint and DNA samples. [More]

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