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Thursday, January 21

TSA Agent Pulls Practical Joke on Unsuspecting Passenger

A traveler was deeply upset when a TSA agent pulled an inappropriate "practical joke" by planting a small bag of white powder in her carry-on luggage while it was on the scanning machine. [More]

New website tells the world what you buy

On a new website called "Blippy," people enter their credit card information and Blippy automatically sends out short, public "blips" of information about what people are buying - including the prices of the items and where they were bought. [More]

Scott Baio attacked with death threats

Ex-"Happy Days" star Scott Baio says he's received a barrage of death threats after he mocked Michelle Obama on Twitter. [More]

Man poses as cop, interferes in sex sting

A 51-year-old Detroit man was arrested for impersonating an officer after police said he interfered with a prostitution sting. Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon said in a release Wednesday that the man pulled alongside an undercover female officer on Detroit's east side, flashed a badge and yelled "get off the street." [More]

Officer sues Amtrak over foot shooting

A former Amtrak police officer claims in his Pennsylvania lawsuit the passenger rail corporation is liable for a woman taking his gun and shooting his foot. [More]

Obama: "We Lost Touch... Didn't Speak Directly to the American People"

President Obama said today that he believes he lost a direct connection to the American people in his first year in office because he focused too heavily on policymaking. [More]

Obama's First Year: 223 Speeches and Interviews

During his first year in office, President Obama had 158 interviews - far more than his recent predecessors; 42 News Conferences; and 23 Town Hall Meetings, according to CBS News. [More]

Pelosi says Senate health bill cannot pass House

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday she did not think the Senate's version of healthcare reform had enough support to pass the House of Representatives without changes. [More]

Edwards admits fathering child with mistress

For the first time, John Edwards is publicly admitting that he is indeed the father of a 2-year-old daughter conceived with Rielle Hunter, a campaign videographer with whom he had an affair. [More]

Conan O'Brien signs deal, Friday his last 'Tonight Show'

It’s official: Conan O’Brien is leaving NBC. The network has confirmed that the host signed his exit papers and will end his seven-month run on The Tonight Show Friday with guests Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell. [More]

Obama Blames Voter Anger, Frustration for Republican Victory in Massachusetts

"People are angry, and they're frustrated. Not just because of what's happened in the last year or two, but what's happened over the last eight years," president Obama said in an interview yesterday with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos. [More]

Prize-winning picture used rented wolf

The winner of Wildlife Photographer of the Year has been stripped of first place after judges decided the animal featured in the picture was likely a "model." [More]

Senate Democrats Propose $1.9T Increase to U.S. Debt Limit

Senate Democrats on Wednesday proposed allowing the federal government to borrow an additional $1.9 trillion to pay its bills, a record increase that would permit the national debt to reach $14.3 trillion. [More]

McCain's wife, daughter back gay marriage movement

Cindy McCain, the wife of 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain, and their daughter Meghan have posed for photos endorsing pro-gay marriage forces in California. [More]

Judge to ex-mayor: Time to pay the piper

Riley: The mistake the court made last February was trusting former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to get out of jail, move to Texas and begin paying the city the $1 million he owed in restitution. (The prosecutor didn't trust him, but that's Kym Worthy's job. After all, she got him convicted of perjury.) [More]

Court rejects corporate campaign spending limits

The Supreme Court struck down on Thursday long-standing limits on corporate spending in U.S. political campaigns, such as this year's congressional races and the 2012 presidential contest. [More]

Former Texas Pastor Convicted of Killing Wife

After convicting a former Texas minister of killing his wife, jurors on Thursday were to hear new evidence — possibly about sexual advances toward other women — as the punishment phase began. [More]

Obama's choice to head TSA withdraws name

The Obama administration's nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration withdrew his name from consideration Wednesday. [More]

PetSmart fires man who brought dog to work

PetSmart fired employee Eric Favetta for "theft of services" after he parked Gizmo, his 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, in the store's doggie daycare facility during an overnight shift. [More]

YouTube gets into the movie rental business

The Internet's most popular video channel will make its debut as a rental outlet Friday to help promote some of the movies that will be shown at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. [More]

Sitting Too Much Could Be Deadly, Experts Say

Scientists are increasingly warning that sitting for prolonged periods — even if you also exercise regularly — could be bad for your health. And it doesn't matter where the sitting takes place — at the office, at school, in the car or before a computer or TV — just the overall number of hours it occurs. [More]

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Polanski victim wants director given time served

The attorney for the victim in Roman Polanski's 32-year-old sex case is joining his lawyers' bid to have the director sentenced in absentia to time served. [More]

Bowling Alley Owner Accused of Burning Down Rival Lanes

The owner of a New Jersey bowling alley is accused of burning down a rival's business — wiping out the only other bowling alley in Cumberland County. [More]

Charlie Sheen gets permission to talk to sick wife

A Colorado judge on Wednesday gave the go-ahead for actor Charlie Sheen to visit and speak to his sick wife for the first time since a violent Christmas Day quarrel. [More]

After Ft. Hood, eye turns to promotions

Members of Congress focused on the Army's soldier-performance review and promotion process Wednesday, questioning the chief investigators behind a Pentagon report examining November's shootings at Fort Hood, Texas. [More]

Stop paying the airlines to carry your bags

Now that the airlines have raised, yet again, their fees for checked bags, it’s time to take another look at the alternative: shipping your bags, or better yet (if you’re staying in one place once you arrive) just the contents of your bag ahead of your arrival using economical ground shipping services. [More]

Utah Man Asks for More Jail Time to Kick Drug Habit

A Utah man has chosen to fight heroin addiction by spending more time in jail. [More]

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Mom Who Killed Brain-Damaged Son With Heroin Gets Jail Time

A mother who killed her brain-damaged son with heroin has been sentenced to a minimum of nine years behind bars for his murder. [More]

Study: Terrorists can be turned away from violence

Since 2001, al-Qaida is believed to have dispatched three men to blow up American airliners. Two of them tried but failed to set off explosions, and the third backed out of his assignment. What made him different? A new study suggests family ties may have played an important role. [More]

U.S. moves to ban ‘alien snakes’

Federal officials want to keep nine kinds of constrictor snakes out of the United States, saying they belong to invasive species that pose the single biggest threat to the nation's environment. [More]

David Hasselhoff to star in reality TV show

Former "Baywatch" star David Hasselhoff, whose struggles with alcohol abuse were put on vivid display in a 2007 home video, will star in a reality television series this year. [More]

Olympic officials say they’ll be trucking in snow

Olympic organizers plan to truck in snow for the freestyle skiing and snowboarding events at Cypress Mountain. [More]

Wednesday, January 20

Man, 99, attacked by 83-year-old

A 99-year-old New York man found himself on the ground with an 83-year-old shouting at him in Russian during a dispute about parking, police said. [More]

Ohio Police Find Woman's Body in Backseat of Man's Car

An Ohio man was arrested Wednesday after police pulled him over in his car and found a woman's body in the backseat. [More]

Ohio Teenager Charged With Raping Woman in Broad Daylight

A 15-year-old boy has been charged in Ohio in the rape of a woman along a street in broad daylight as cars drove past. Police say the woman had a learning disability. [More]

Very hot chili lands teens in hospital

Officials say eight teenagers were hospitalized after a test of courage in which they drank chili sauce more than 200 times hotter than normal. The Scoville scale, which measures the hotness of sauce, measured 535,000 - compared to 2,500 for normal Tabasco sauce. [More]

Saudi Teen Sentenced to 90 Lashes for Cell Phone in School

A teenage girl in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 90 lashes and two months in prison for taking a cell phone to school, the U.K.'s Daily Mail reported Wednesday. [More]

Man tells cops he paid for sex, but didn't get it

Police said a man and woman from New Hampshire are each facing prostitution charges after the man called police to say he'd paid for sex, but the woman then refused. [More]

New York Times to charge for Web access in 2011

The New York Times says it will charge readers for full access to its Web site starting in 2011, a risky move aimed at increasing online revenue without driving away advertisers that want the biggest possible audience. [More]

Women try pushing man out of car going 80 mph

After kissing a man and stealing his wallet, a 24-year-old Tampa woman tried pushing the man out of a car traveling 80 mph, police say. [More]

Letterman case will go to trial

A New York judge refused on Tuesday to toss out a case against a TV producer accused of a $2 million extortion attempt against David Letterman over the talk show host's sexual affairs with co-workers. [More]

Obama targets "tax cheats" seeking government work

President Barack Obama will order federal agencies on Wednesday to take measures to prevent companies that are delinquent in paying taxes from obtaining new government contracts, the White House said. [More]

Mich. woman bites off sister’s nose

A Michigan woman is charged with mayhem and domestic violence after allegedly biting off part of her sister's nose in a fight. [More]

Country star Charlie Daniels recovering after stroke

American country music performer Charlie Daniel, whose hit "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" won him a Grammy in 1979, is recovering at home after suffering a mild stroke, his agent said Tuesday. [More]

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Tips for buying infomercial products

Whether it's to tighten your tummy, remove dead skin from your feet, give your hair a boost or find use for a towel that supposedly holds 12 times its weight in liquid, you may feel tempted by energetic pitchmen peddling such products via late-night infomercials. But buyer beware, says Consumer Reports magazine. [More]

Massachusetts deals major blow to Obama

Republicans have won a stunning upset in Massachusetts' Senate election, dealing a potentially fatal blow to US President Barack Obama's health care reforms. [More]

Democrats cast blame at each other over Senate campaign

The buck stops ... Well, it was hard to tell just where the buck stopped Tuesday when it came to the Democratic party's loss of the Massachusetts Senate seat that had been held by Edward M. Kennedy for nearly half a century. [More]

Passing the buck: Blaming others is contagious

Blaming mistakes on others is socially contagious, according to a new study. Just watching someone pawn their failures off on another can make you do the same to protect your self-image. [More]

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Man found guilty of slapping girl in Ga. Walmart

A Georgia man has been found guilty of second degree child cruelty for slapping a crying 2-year-old at a Walmart. Police said Roger Stephens approached the mother and said, "If you don't shut that baby up, I will shut her up for you." [More]

O'Brien's staff is sticking point in talks

The sticking point in Conan O'Brien's complex exit negotiations with NBC involves severance deals for his TV staff, sources say. NBC fired back in a statement, saying "it was Conan's decision to leave NBC that resulted in nearly 200 of his staffers being out of work." [More]

Tuesday, January 19

Mom, boyfriend beat alleged pot dealer

A Memphis mom and her boyfriend were charged with aggravated assault for allegedly beating up a man they said sold her son pot, police say. [More]

Mistress says Texas minister admitted killing wife

The state rested its case Tuesday in the murder trial of a Texas minister whose ex-mistress testified that he drugged his wife, handcuffed her to the bed under the guise of spicing up their marriage, then smothered her with a pillow until she died. [More]

Fat Wars: Weight Watchers Sues Jenny Craig

Weight Watchers International is suing rival weight-loss company Jenny Craig over ads it says are misleading and deceptive. [More]

Alleged burglar showers, cuts hair, fries chicken

An eastern Pennsylvania man was charged after he allegedly broke into a home, cut his hair and prepared fried chicken before being discovered. The man was charged with breaking into the home in Easton, about 50 miles north of Philadelphia. [More]

Heidi Montag 'not addicted' to plastic surgery, wants size H breasts

Heidi Montag, who had 10 cosmetic procedures in 10 hours last November, is now saying she's "not addicted" to plastic surgery. Meanwhile, Heidi tells Extra that her chest is now a "triple D," but she might want to go bigger. "F. I like the F. I actually want H for Heidi." [More]

Blind woman lands 214-pound fish

A blind British grandmother landed a 214-pound freshwater catfish while vacationing with her family in Spain, her relatives said. [More]

N.J. medical marijuana bill signed into law

New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine has signed legislation granting chronically ill patients legal access to marijuana. Corzine's office said the governor signed the bill late Monday, his last full day in office. [More]

Man shoots himself in the leg practicing quick-draw techniques

A Cape Coral man was hospitalized Sunday after he accidentally shot himself in the leg while practicing his quick-draw technique. [More]

Testimony ‘from the grave’ in Peterson case

Six years after she mysteriously drowned in a bathtub, Kathleen Savio is finally getting her day in court. [More]

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Monolithic [mon·o·lith·ic] adj.  1. Massive, solid, and uniform: "The monolithic cathedral."  2. Large and unchanging: massive, uniform in character, and slow to change. [More]

Weapons company takes flak over rifle scopes branded with Bible verses

A Michigan weapons company is under fire for branding thousands of rifle scopes used by U.S. soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan with passages from the Bible. [More]

Nicolas Cage will pay IRS $14 million

Nicolas Cage is determined to get his financial house in order and to pay the IRS all that he owes in back taxes. [More]

Leno: ‘Conan O’Brien has been a gentleman’

Jay Leno turned serious on his show to discuss the late-night chaos at NBC, telling viewers that he'd been doubtful about launching a prime-time show but was prevented by NBC from going to another TV network instead. [More]

NBC chief defends role in late-night debacle

The NBC executive who has overseen the network's decline in recent years said on Monday he showed "guts" and "leadership" by shaking up the network's late-night programing - a disastrous move that will likely send talk-show host Conan O'Brien to a rival broadcaster. [More]

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LA council set to vote on marijuana ordinance

The Los Angeles City Council is poised to vote on a medical marijuana ordinance after months of hammering out criteria that would shutter hundreds of dispensaries. [More]

Pirates get record ransom for Greek supertanker

Somali pirates on Monday freed the Greek supertanker Maran Centaurus, its owners said, after a plane dropped a ransom of seven million dollars in cash on deck. [More]

Wacky infomercial filmed in Clearwater

A company spokeswoman says Mighty Thirsty, the sponge-like product Sullivan was pitching, absorbed 5 gallons of water. [More]

Monday, January 18

Man shoots his way out of sinking SUV

A driver whose SUV plunged into a Northern California creek after he was startled by his hands-free cell phone device escaped the sinking vehicle by blasting out the window with a handgun. [More]

CNN star performs brain surgery on US military ship

CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta - a practicing neurosurgeon - performed brain surgery on a 12-year-old Haitian girl Monday aboard a US military ship. [More]

Chicago Man Mauled by Daughter's Pit Bulls

Chicago police are investigating the death of a 56-year-old man from the city's far South Side who was apparently fatally mauled by his daughter's pit bulls. [More]

Town 'forgot' council elections

Officials in a Georgia municipality said the state's secretary of state informed them they forgot to hold elections for two city council posts last year. [More]

When resigning, don’t follow Conan’s example

Late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien got to do something last week that almost every disgruntled employee would love to do: speak his mind. In a resignation/ultimatum letter to his employer NBC, he publicly aired his unhappiness with the network’s decision to shift “The Tonight Show,” which he hosts, to a later time slot. [More]

Dems look at bypassing Senate health care vote

A panicky White House and Democratic allies scrambled Sunday for a plan to salvage their hard-fought health care package in case a Republican wins Tuesday's Senate race in Massachusetts, which would enable the GOP to block further Senate action. [More]

List of Golden Globe Award winners

List of winners for the 67th annual Golden Globe Awards, announced Sunday in Beverly Hills, California. [More]

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Obtuse [ob·tuse] adj.  1. Lacking quickness of perception or intellect.  2. Characterized by a lack of intelligence or sensitivity: "An obtuse remark."  3. Not distinctly felt: "An obtuse pain." [More]

David Beckham spends $3K to fly dog home

Soccer star David Beckham was given a British Bulldog puppy by his former Spice Girl wife Victoria as the couple and their three sons celebrated Christmas at their U.K. home. Now residing in Beverly Hills - where David plays soccer for the Los Angeles Galaxy - they needed to make sure the pooch got back safely, so the couple paid $3,260 to make sure he flew back in luxury. [More]

California Teen Made Up Rape, Kidnapping Story

A 15-year-old California girl who told police she had been kidnapped off the street and raped now says she made up the story. [More]

The Masturbating Bear is Dead

NBC owns the intellectual property behind such popular O'Brien characters as Pimpbot 5000 and Conando, as well as recurring segments such as In the Year 3000 and Desk Driving. Sources involved in the settlement negotiations say NBC is keeping the copyrighted and trademarked elements of O'Brien's shows as part of the deal. [More]

‘No remorse’ for tech who gave Hepatitis to 36

A surgery technician who infected three dozen people with hepatitis C and may have exposed thousands of others by switching used syringes with ones filled with a powerful painkiller says she got careless while at two Colorado hospitals and doesn't expect to be forgiven. [More]

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Obesity treatment for kids works, panel says

An influential advisory panel says school-aged youngsters and teens should be screened for obesity and sent to intensive behavior treatment if they need to lose weight — a move that could transform how doctors deal with overweight children. [More]

Twitter airport joke lands man in trouble

A man has been arrested by anti-terrorism police and suspended from his job after he sent a Twitter message joking that he was going to blow up an airport. [More]

Pope John Paul’s gunman released from prison

The Turkish man who shot Pope John Paul II in 1981 was released from prison on Monday after more than 29 years behind bars. [More]

Sunday, January 17

Woman leaves cats a home, trust fund

A 77-year-old woman in Auburndale, Mass., left her cats a $300,000 trust fund and a home to live in due to concerns for the felines' welfare, an attorney says. [More]

Woman suing to quiet operatic neighbors

A New York woman alleges in a lawsuit that a couple living next door to her play their opera music so loud she and her son cannot sleep through the night. [More]

Winston Churchill's cigar for sale

A half-smoked cigar British Prime Minister Winston Churchill put down before a Cabinet meeting in 1941 is up for auction. [More]

Pot farm unearthed in buried school bus

Normally one would expect to find marijuana growing in a yard, remote hillsides or fields, in a closet. Police in Kingston, North Carolina, were surprised to find it growing in a buried school bus. [More]

Woman Who Stripped to Avoid Arrest Going to Jail

A 36-year-old Wisconsin woman who stripped in front of her children in a drunken attempt to avoid a shoplifting arrest is going to jail. [More]

Boy's science project prompts school evacuation

Fire officials said a San Diego middle school was evacuated when a student's science project was mistaken for a bomb. Fire-Rescue spokesman Maurice Luque said a vice principal's concerns prompted the evacuation of Millennial Tech Magnet Middle School Friday afternoon. [More]

Amish Exempt From Health Mandate

While most in U.S. need proof of insurance to avoid fine under health reform, at least one group won't have to worry. [More]

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Bloviate [blo·vi·ate] i.v.  To speak or write at length in a pompous or boastful manner. [More]

Father refuses to take back daughter, is arrested

After reporting his 14-year-old daughter as a runaway, a Tampa man refused to take her when she tried to return home, and he was charged with child neglect Friday as a result. [More]

Man accused of smacking police horse

A Brandon man was arrested early Saturday on charges he struck a police horse on the butt. [More]

Sighted, blind men both wowed by women's tiny waists

Consider an upcoming study in the journal Evolution & Human Behaviour, which finds that even blind men prefer slim-waisted women, "when assessing female body shapes through touch." [More]

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Cindy Sheehan Leads Protest at CIA, Dick Cheney's Home

A group led by anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan has protested near the CIA's headquarters and former Vice President Dick Cheney's home in northern Virginia. [More]

Spanish lawmaker's photo used for bin Laden poster

A Spanish lawmaker was horrified to learn that the FBI used an online photograph of him to create an image showing what Osama bin Laden might look like today. [More]

Congress makes job creation top 2010 priority

Members of the U.S. Congress begin 2010 scrambling to reduce the double-digit U.S. jobless rate, knowing their own jobs will be at stake in the November election if they fail to deliver. [More]

Saturday, January 16

Michigan Couple Charged in Dragging Death of Kmart Security Guard

Authorities say a Michigan couple is charged with murder in the dragging death of a Kmart employee who was trying to stop the man from stealing $400 worth of CDs. [More]

Radio Host Accused of Shooting Wife Gets Another 60 Days in Jail

A central Florida radio host accused of shooting his wife while aiming at her dog will spend another 60 days in jail. [More]

Fort Hood aftermath: Some Army officers’ careers may be over

A report released Friday on the Fort Hood shootings was short on specifics about Army officers who failed to do their jobs. But the Army is conducting another investigation, which could result in disciplinary action. [More]

Survivors of Hudson crash toast to anniversary

They looked like they were posing for an eclectic class picture: dozens of smiling faces, everyone carefully lined up. As cameras clicked, the survivors of US Airways Flight 1549 cheered and laughed loudly enough to remind everyone that they had made it. [More]

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Apathetic [ap·a·thet·ic] adj.  1. Feeling or showing little or no emotion; unresponsive.  2. Feeling or showing a lack of interest or concern; indifferent. [More]

Governor in hot water over prisoner massage

The governor of the US-administered Northern Mariana Islands is feeling the heat after ordering the temporary release of a jailed suspect to give him a massage. [More]

California Student Arrested for Slashing Principal

A 16-year-old student has been arrested for allegedly wounding the principal with a knife at a Catholic high school in Los Angeles County. [More]

Man Threatens to Rape Governor's Wife and Dog Unless He's Pardoned

Jason Clay Anderson, 20, threatened to have someone shoot West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin in the head if his pardon was not granted. He also threatened to rape Manchin’s wife, daughter, and family dog, according to the complaint. [cr] [More]

NBC reportedly agrees to pay Conan $30M

The network has agreed to pay O'Brien $30 million to vacate the 11:35 p.m. "Tonight Show," individuals involved in the negotiations have told TheWrap. If Conan managed to land a new job at Fox within a year, the Peacock might shell out less than the full $30 million. [More]

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John 'Junior' Gotti finds new calling - writing true crime stories

Finished with the mob, John A. (Junior) Gotti said he wants to start a new career - writing true crime tales, his and others. [More]

Red tag sale: NASA cuts space shuttle price

Here's a recession bargain: the space shuttle. NASA has slashed the price of these 1970s era spaceships from $42 million to $28.8 million apiece. As for the space shuttle's main engines, those are now free (just pay for shipping and handling). [More]

Murderer pleads for mercy in rap song to jury

Convicted double murderer Cordaro Hardin had one chance to make a final plea to the jury. Instead of begging for mercy, he burst into a rap song. It must not have gone over well. When Hardin finished the nearly two-minute rap, the judge sentenced Hardin to back-to-back life sentences. [More]

Lawyer plans to leave Blagojevich defense team

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich may be losing a lawyer. Veteran defense attorney Allan Ackerman filed papers in federal court asking permission to withdraw, citing "philosophical differences" among the lawyers. [More]

US Admiral Says Aid Distribution 'Stymied'

Supplies are not reaching victims of the massive earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday because of a coordination failure among military operations and humanitarian agencies, Navy Rear Adm. Ted N. Branch said today. [More]

Friday, January 15

Woman orders armed man out of her shop in the name of 'Jesus'

Marian Chadwick used the heftiest weapons she could find when a man tried to rob her Frisco shop Monday night - her finger and the power of God. And they worked. Chadwick pointed her finger at the masked man and said, 'In the name of Jesus, you get out of my store." He walked out of the store cursing. [More]

NBC exec: Conan is ‘chicken-hearted, gutless’

NBC executive Dick Ebersol called O’Brien and Letterman “chicken-hearted and gutless to blame a guy you couldn’t beat in the ratings." Ebersol met with O’Brien several weeks before he was due to take over “The Tonight Show” seat last May, encouraging him to broaden his appeal, and was not pleased that O'Brien didn't take his advice. [More]

Robber forgot ski mask until too late

Police in New York say an armed robber forgot to pull down his ski mask until after security cameras, a store clerk and customer had already seen his face. [More]

Cop Fired Over Nude Photos Sent to High School Student

A 30-year-old Dallas police officer has been fired after an internal investigation revealed he sent nude photos of himself to a high school student. [More]

Food Network admits 'Iron Chef America' vegetables were not from White House garden

For months, the Food Network ran ads about a forthcoming episode of "Iron Chef America," its flagship chefs plus secret ingredient versus time competition. The show would take place at the White House garden. The only problem: the fruits and vegetables used on the show weren't from the White House. They were stunt produce. [More]

Earth could be entering global cooling for the next 30 years

According to many scientists, Earth is in a current "cold mode" and will see temperatures fall over the next 30 years as the world enters a "mini ice age." [More]

Woman leaves baby in car while turning tricks

A woman left her 3-month-old baby in her car for more than an hour while she met with a man for sex, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. [More]

Officers May Be Punished for Ft. Hood Rampage

As many as eight Army officers may be punished for failing to heed warning signs and take action against suspected Fort Hood gunman Maj. Nidal Hasan, a U.S. official said Thursday. [More]

Woman charged in poisoning of estranged husband

Citrus County authorities say a Spring Hill woman has been slowly poisoning her husband. [More]

Florida Family Fighting to Keep Chickens as Pets

A Florida family is in a protracted fight with the city of Hollywood over their right to keep chickens as pets. [More]

Car repossessed with 2-year-old asleep in backseat

Police in California say a car dealer who repossessed a San Jose woman's car left with something a bit more valuable: her 2-year-old son. [More]

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Myriad [myr·i·ad] adj.  Constituting a very large, indefinite number; innumerable: "The myriad snowflakes in the winter." [More]

Tearful mother pleads for leniency in son's death, gets probation

A mother whose 9-month-old son drowned when left unattended in a bathtub was placed on probation for five years today on child neglect charges. [More]

Former NAACP leader says he was assaulted at bank

City council candidate and former Hillsborough NAACP leader Curtis Stokes says he was assaulted by an employee at Progress Bank last week and has filed a lawsuit against the bank. [More]

Fake $500 Tip Proves An Expensive Mistake

A generous tip to a hotel chamber maid proved a costly mistake for a Lebanese man after it led to him being caught with $66m of fake currency. [More]

Robber foiled when owner refused

Police in Illinois said a would-be robber was foiled by an 88-year-old store owner's simple refusal to hand over any cash. [More]

Husband rescues wife from earthquake rubble, only to see her die in his arms

A husband's heartbreak was etched on his face Thursday as he stood outside a Port-au-Prince chapel crying for his dead wife, wishing she hadn't returned from a New York vacation. [More]

A case in which the only winners are lawyers

Do you wonder why lawyers are the target of such scorn in this country? This story of about a class-action suit is sure to anger some of you. Attorneys get $3 million, consumers get coupons in Honda class action case. [More]

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Pediatrician Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison for Sex Abuse

An Ohio pediatrician charged with sex crimes against former patients pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and was sentenced to 13 years in prison. [More]

DJ AM's estate settles plane crash lawsuit

Court filings show DJ AM's estate has settled a lawsuit filed over a South Carolina plane crash that killed four and left the celebrity disc jockey seriously injured. [More]

Cops rescue woman stuck in elevator for 8 days

Police say they rescued a woman who was trapped for eight days in an elevator in her house in northeastern Spain. [More]

Massachusetts Authorities Find Couple Dead, Horse Shot at Burning Home

Authorities say a husband and wife have been found shot to death in an apparent murder-suicide at a burning Massachusetts home, and a horse suffering from several gunshot wounds was discovered in a barn on the property. [More]

100-Year-Old Fitness Fanatic's Tip For Life

A 100-year-old fitness fanatic - thought to be Britain's oldest regular gym-goer - has revealed her secret to a long and healthy life. [More]

Chicago businessman charged over Mumbai attacks

A Chicago businessman was charged with helping an old friend from military school in Pakistan plot the deadly 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed 166 people, officials said. [More]

Arizona Police Search Home of 'Persons of Interest' in Missing Baby Case

Tempe police have searched the home of a Scottsdale couple considered "persons of interest" in a missing baby case. [More]

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