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Tuesday, October 26

Judge: Free speech protects Amazon buyers' data

Lists that identify the books, music and movies individual customers bought from online retailer are protected from North Carolina tax collectors, a federal judge has ruled. At stake are millions of dollars in taxes that North Carolina wants to collect. [More]

How to Open an Airplane Lavatory Door from the Outside

Next time your kid locks him/herself in the airplane bathroom, or you just feel like being particularly creepy with a stranger, here's how you can easily unlock an airplane lavatory with nothing but your finger. [More]

Cell phone time traveler from 1928?

Is a woman in a 1928 film who appears to have a cell phone glued to her ear in fact a time traveler? That's what some conspiracy theorists think this eerie scene from Charlie Chaplin's 1928 film. [video] [More]

Oregon town to vote on dumping 'Detroit' from name

A tourist town in Oregon says Detroit is giving it a bad name that is often associated with crime, corruption, failing schools and a shaky auto industry. [More]

Former girlfriend says Clarence Thomas was a binge drinker, porn user

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was a binge drinker who had a pornography habit or fetish in the 1980s, then changed radically when he stopped drinking alcohol, his former girlfriend told CNN on Monday. [More]

Woman's head stepped on by Rand Paul supporters

Lauren Valle of liberal group, said she was trying to give Senate candidate Rand Paul a spoof "employee of the month" award when his supporters took her to the ground. [More]

'Hiccup Girl' case: Botched robbery netted $50

An uncontrollable case of the hiccups brought an odd sort of fame to Jennifer Mee, who was 15 when she appeared on television morning shows trying to find a cure for her mysterious affliction. [More]

Report: Charlie Sheen Found Naked in Trashed Hotel Room

Police were called to The Plaza Hotel in New York City just after 2 a.m. Tuesday where they allegedly found an highly intoxicated and naked Charlie Sheen amid a trashed hotel suite, the New York Post reported. [More]

Charlie Sheen's Rep Blames "Allergic Reaction" for Hospitalization

Charlie Sheen was hospitalized early Tuesday morning in NYC because he "had an adverse allergic reaction to some medication," his rep tells [More]

Don't like Google Street View? Just move, says CEO

Google CEO Eric Schmidt created a little buzz when he appeared on CNN's Parker Spitzer talk show. When asked about the creepiness of Google Street View's camera drive-bys, he said, "We drive exactly once. So you could just move, right?" [More]

Chicago set for biggest storm in seven decades

Strong wind and torrential rain buffeted the Midwest on Tuesday as forecasters predicted the giant storm could be the most powerful to hit Illinois in over seven decades. [More]

Ex-stripper in judicial scandal gets a year probation

A former stripper whose accusations unseated a state judge was sentenced today to one year of probation for bank fraud. [More]

Officials try to determine if body is ex-gov's son

Authorities are trying to determine whether the body found over the weekend on an East Texas ranch is a son of former Texas Gov. Bill Clements. [More]

Prosecutor admits Chandra Levy errors

Police investigating the 2001 murder of Chandra Levy were wrong to focus their inquiry on a congressman she was having an affair with, prosecutors said. [More]

U.S. slips to historic low in global corruption index

The United States has dropped out of the "top 20" in a global league table of least corrupt nations, tarnished by financial scandals and the influence of money in politics, Transparency International said on Tuesday. [More]

Who owns your genes? In many cases, not you

Many companies hold patents on patient's genes, affecting testing, cancer research. [More]

Jackson tops list of top-earning dead celebrities

With gross earnings of $275 million, Michael Jackson earned more than the other 12 deceased stars on the list combined. Still more impressive: His estate's 12-month haul was greater than the pooled earnings of this year’s two biggest living acts, U2 and AC/DC. [More]

Nudist RV park wants disabled man gone

The homeowners association of a Florida nudist park wants to evict a disabled resident said to be disruptive and not nude often enough. [More]

Obama: Republicans 'Gotta Sit in the Back'

The president attacks the GOP with gusto as he plunges into a final week of midterm election campaigning, but his party's prognosis remains darkened by the feeble economy. [More]

Harry Reid Aide Lied to Feds Over Sham Marriage

An aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repeatedly lied to federal immigration and FBI agents and submitted false federal documents to the Department of Homeland Security to cover up her illegal seven-year marriage to a Lebanese national. [More]

Florida gets additional $800 million for high-speed rail

Florida's high-speed rail project gained additional momentum Monday when the Obama administration awarded the state $800 million that essentially completes funding to build the Tampa-to-Orlando route. [More]

WikiLeaks docs raise questions of Obama policies

President Barack Obama stepped into the White House pledging to end George W. Bush's gloves-off approach to interrogations and detention — but a flood of leaked documents suggests that some old habits were hard to break. [More]

Monday, October 25

'Hiccup Girl' Charged With First-Degree Murder

A Florida teenager whose uncontrollable hiccups once brought her worldwide attention was arrested and charged with murder. [More]

Favre admits leaving voicemails

Brett Favre reportedly admitted leaving voicemails for the former New York Jets game hostess to whom a website says he also sent lewd photos. [More]

Employers looking at health insurance options

Gov. Phil Bredesen, D-Tenn., said last week that employers could save big money by dropping their health plans and sending workers to buy coverage from the taxpayer-subsidized insurance markets. They'd face a fine of $2,000 per worker, but that's still way less than the cost of providing health insurance. Employers could even afford to give workers a raise and still come out ahead. [More]

The man who did not kill JFK

A man few know about, but who might have changed history as drastically and irrevocably as Oswald did. Kennedy was elected in November 1960; a month later, this man came very close to making sure that Kennedy never served a single day in office. [More]

Okla. man jailed for breaking dog out of pound

An elderly Oklahoma man landed himself in jail after using bolt cutters to break his prized pooch from the pound. [More]

Thirteen pensioners killed at Mexican rehab center

Thirteen retirees were shot and killed late Sunday in an execution-style massacre at a Mexican drug rehabilitation center near the border city of Tijuana. [More]

Wife of Man Missing on Border Lake Wants Obama to Take On Mexican Cartels

Tiffany Hartley, the wife of David Hartley who was allegedly shot and killed by Mexican pirates on a border lake with Texas, is telling President Obama that it's time to take on drug cartels. [More]

Driver thanks man who hit him on purpose

A Boeing manager and engineer by training, Duane Innes of Kent is credited with saving the life of a driver who'd lost consciousness on Highway 167. Innes pulled his minivan in front of the runaway truck before it slammed into other vehicles. [More]

Karzai admits receiving 'bags of money' from Iran

Afghan president Hamid Karzai admitted Monday that his chief of staff had received "bags of money" from Iran but insisted the payment was transparent and a form of aid from a friendly country. [More]

Sunday, October 24

Man electrocuted in botched copper wire theft

One man was electrocuted and his female partner was severely burned after the couple attempted to steal copper wire from a vacant property in Southern California, police said. "I believe they thought the power was off," said Lt. Keith Hupp. [More]

NYC cop getting her hair done thwarts salon robber

New York police say an armed man who was trying to rob a beauty salon in Brooklyn exchanged gunfire with an off-duty police officer who was getting her hair done. [More]

Dentist offers discount in exchange for sex

A 37-year-old British woman is speaking out after her dentist offered to give her a discount on two root canal operations if she slept with him. [More]

Parents accused of fleeing Brandon store, leaving kids behind

A Thonotosassa couple was arrested Saturday on charges they bolted, leaving behind their 6-month-old son and 2-year-old daughter, after they were caught stealing from Sears at the Brandon Town Center. [More]

Men dressed as beer bottles attacked

Two men wearing beer bottle costumes were attacked in front of their Seminole home early today, leaving one with life-threatening injuries, deputies said. [More]

3 Calif. beaches closed after deadly shark attack

A string of beaches on California's Central Coast were shut down Saturday and there was no word on when they would reopen after a deadly attack on a bodyboarder from what some scientists said was probably a great white shark, authorities said. [More]

Ohio mom angry judge let her daughter, 17, marry

An Ohio judge allowed a pregnant 17-year-old to get married without her parents' consent after the bride-to-be said she could be forced to have an abortion if she stayed at home. [More]

OJ Simpson appeal denied by Nevada Supreme Court

The Nevada Supreme Court refused Friday to overturn O.J. Simpson's armed robbery and kidnapping convictions, rejecting a claim that prospective jurors were dismissed because they were black. [More]

Saturday, October 23

Deputy fatally shoots herself at park

A Florida deputy is dead after reportedly shooting herself during an off-duty argument at a Naples park. [More]

Inspector tripped up by vibrator

A former building inspector with the City of Edmonton who was caught coming out of a woman's bedroom closet after playing with a vibrator has been found guilty. [More]

Randy Quaid, wife freed in Canada

Canada releases actor Randy Quaid and his wife on bond after they tell immigration officials they're fleeing "Hollywood 'Star Whackers.' " [More]

Toddler pricked by contaminated needles

A girl taken to a clinic for a skin rash had to be treated with a drug cocktail to prevent HIV and hepatitis after she was accidentally pricked by contaminated needles on the floor, according to the attorney for the family. [More]

Friend: Waves Turned Red With Blood After Attack

A bodyboarder killed by a shark at a Central California beach cried out to his friend for help as the shark flashed out of the water, bit into his leg and pulled him under in a tide of blood, the friend said Friday. [More]

Man with first mind-controlled bionic arm dies after car crash

An Austrian man who lost both his arms in an accident but was able to drive because of a An Austrian man who was the first in Europe to wear an innovative high-tech artificial arm has died after the car he was driving veered off the road and crashed into a tree. [More]

Fla. pastor picks up car for canceled Quran burn

A Florida pastor who drew international criticism by threatening to burn a copy of the Quran picked up a free car on Friday, his reward from a New Jersey car dealer for calling it off. [More]

Michigan Woman Faces Civil Rights Complaint for Seeking a Christian Roommate

A civil rights complaint has been filed against a woman in Grand Rapids, Mich., who posted an advertisement at her church last July seeking a Christian roommate. [More]

Principal's bad grammar angers parents

The New York principal who sent teachers an ungrammatical e-mail should be dismissed, some parents say. [More]

Texas sends a $269 million tax bill Inc said Texas sent it a $269 million bill last month for uncollected sales taxes for purchases that its residents made through the online retailer. [More]

Calif. coroner IDs body left in car for months

Medical examiners have identified a mummified corpse that was left in a car's passenger seat for 10 months in Southern California, a police spokesman said Friday. [More]

Friday, October 22

Randy Quaid, wife arrested in Canada

A prosecutor in California says Randy Quaid and his wife have been arrested in Canada and their bail increased to $500,000 apiece. The Quaids are wanted in Santa Barbara on felony vandalism charges. [More]

Lohan avoids jail, ordered back to rehab

Lindsay Lohan sidestepped another jail stint Friday when a California judge sent the 24-year-old troubled starlet back to rehab, telling her she was an addict and faced jail time if she relapsed again. [More]

Man drives off with officer's fingers stuck in door handle

Police say a man pulled over during a traffic stop changed his mind about getting out of his sport utility vehicle and sped off while a Boynton Beach, Fla., police officer's fingers were stuck in the door handle. [More]

Prosecutor Seeks Jail Time for Parents Who Skip Out on School Conferences

A Detroit prosecutor is getting tough on parents who skip out on parent teacher conferences, calling for legislation that would put parents in jail if they repeatedly miss their children's school conferences. [More]

Nuclear launch card was missing 'for months,' new book says

A former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says in a new book that while Bill Clinton was in the White House, a key component of the president's nuclear launch protocol went missing. [More]

Insurance company won't pay for damage in fire engine accident

A firefighter passed out behind the wheel of a fire engine and caused damage to five yards and a house, but his employer's insurance company notified homeowners it wasn't going to cut them a check. [More]

Big public works projects a hard sell in U.S.

Infrastructure spending stands at half of what it was in 1960, and may continue a decline due to out-of-control costs. Boston's Big Dig, the highway and tunnel project, was originally envisioned at less than $3 billion and wound up costing nearly $15 billion. [More]

Juror says she was the 911 caller in beating case

An Ohio juror listening to opening statements in an assault case suddenly announced she saw the alleged beating and had called 911. [More]

For some, jobless benefits trump a job

You know the economy has become truly screwy when it pays more to collect jobless benefits than to get an actual job. In Massachusetts, for example, the maximum benefit is $943 per week. [More]

Couple sue after Mega Death sauce hospitalizes son

Some don't like it hot. A Steak 'n Shake restaurant in Cleveland, Tenn., was sued by a couple who claimed it served a hot sauce that sent their son to the hospital. [More]

School Buses Students to Vote, Gives Them Democrat-Only Sample Ballot

The Cincinnati Public Schools system "expressly denies" that it did anything wrong when it allowed a group of high school students to be bused during school hours to the Board of Elections, to be shown sample ballots that included only Democrats, and then to vote. [More]

Two U.S. air marshals flee Brazil after being charged with assault

Two U.S. air marshals who arrested the wife of a Brazilian judge on a flight to Rio de Janeiro - and were themselves arrested and had their passports confiscated by Brazilian authorities - fled the country using alternate travel documents rather than face what they believed to be trumped-up charges. [More]

Mother charged with 'hug assault'

A mother in Newport News was charged with assault for hugging her daughter, according to Newport News police. [More]

Woman drove around with body for months

A California woman who befriended a homeless woman and let her sleep in her car told police she didn't know where to turn when the woman unexpectedly died — so she drove the body around for months along with a box of baking soda to hide the smell, authorities said Thursday. [More]

Burglar mom left toddler in car

Police in Michigan said a woman who broke into a home had her mother and 2-year-old daughter waiting for her in the car. [More]

Power goes out at Golden Nugget casino in Vegas

A spokeswoman for the Golden Nugget hotel-casino in downtown Las Vegas says the building has lost power, forcing patrons to stop gambling at slot machines and table games. [More]

Major Northern Calif. mall burns after standoff

Part of a high-end regional mall that is one of the main retail centers in a broad swath of Northern California was destroyed Thursday after police say a man barricaded himself inside and started a fire. [More]

Thursday, October 21

Penthouse magazine's Guccione dies

Bob Guccione, who founded Penthouse magazine and created an erotic corporate empire around it, only to see it crumble as his investments soured and the world of pornography turned toward video and the Internet, died Wednesday. He was 79 and had been battling lung cancer. [More]

Woman who disabled rival's parachute found guilty

A jealous schoolteacher was found guilty of murder Wednesday for sabotaging the parachute of a rival in a love triangle, causing her to crash to her death. [More]

Woman hurt falling from motor home while using bathroom

A 55-year-old Alabama woman has been injured after she fell out of a motor home traveling on a Florida interstate while trying to use the bathroom. [More]

NPR Ends Williams' Contract After Muslim Remarks

National Public Radio said it terminated the contract of news analyst Juan Williams after he said on Fox News that he gets nervous when he sees people with Muslim garb on planes. [More]

Wallet left in old jeans as new ones stolen

There was no mystery in identifying suspect Dustin Matthew Marshall, police in Gallatin, Tenn., say — they just looked at the license in his wallet that he'd left in the jeans he shucked when he allegedly stole a new pair at Walmart. [More]

Pals throw groom in the air - but don't catch him

A 29-year-old Chicago man spent his wedding night in the hospital after a celebratory dance at a local banquet hall landed him flat on his back. [More]

Michael Lohan: 'No more press cooperation'

Lindsay Lohan's estranged father, Michael, has vowed to turn his back on the press and fight all his future family battles in private. [More]

Man accused in Internet sex assault gets 2.5 years

A Phoenix man accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman while broadcasting it live on the Internet has been sentenced to 2½ years in prison. [More]

Mexican student made police chief

A 20-year-old female college student is the new police chief of one of Mexico's most dangerous drug war towns on the US border, where policemen have quit and officials have been killed. [More]

One-handed model in bra becomes overnight sensation

A one-handed model who posed in a bra for a charity ad campaign has become a European sensation. [More]

Israeli soldier involved in bulldozer death to testify

A former Israeli soldier is expected to testify Thursday in a civil suit filed by the parents of an American peace activist, who was crushed to death in 2003 by a bulldozer as she tried to prevent Israel from bulldozing homes in Gaza. [More]

Holiday travelers: Be prepared for beefed up security

The process of heading home for the holidays will, for many travelers, contain some new hurdles this year. New measures aimed at thwarting potential terrorists may throw you off course if you're unprepared. [More]

Wednesday, October 20

Ex-agent: I almost shot LBJ hours after JFK assassination

A former Secret Service agent says in his new book that he nearly shot President Lyndon B. Johnson hours after John F. Kennedy's assassination. [More]

Cheerleader, 11, ousted for refusing to ‘shake booty’

An 11-year-old girl who was thrown off a Nebraska elementary school’s junior cheerleading squad because she refused to “shake her booty” says that while the gyrations may be a crowd-pleaser, she doesn’t think young girls should be moving their bodies like that. [More]

Obama requests emergency stay of 'don't ask, don't tell'

Finding itself in a strange legal position, the Obama administration wants to continue barring gays from the military. "They are in a very bizarre position, frankly of their own making," said CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. [More]

Appeal Fails Twice-Hit DUI Suspect

A man who authorities say drunkenly wrecked his pickup truck and was sprawled injured on a road before being twice run over by another intoxicated driver isn't having much luck suing two law enforcers he claims failed to protect him. [More]

Boy Scouts tell gay leader to take a hike

The father of a 9-year-old Cub Scout said Tuesday he has been forced out of a leadership role with the organization and ordered not to wear its uniform because of his sexual orientation. [More]

Say goodbye to traditional free checking

The days when you could walk into a bank branch and open an account with no charges and no strings attached appear to be over. Now you have to jump through some hoops — keep a high balance, use direct deposit or swipe your debit card several times a month. [More]

Pentagon tells recruiters: You must accept gays

The Pentagon said on Tuesday it had told U.S. military recruiters to allow gays and lesbians to apply for service, as gay veterans tested a court order striking down the military's ban on openly serving homosexuals. [More]

Mexican Assassins Headed to Arizona, U.S. Warned

Drug smuggling gangs in Mexico have sent well-armed assassins, or "sicarios," into Arizona to locate and kill bandits who are ambushing and stealing loads of cocaine, marijuana and heroin headed to buyers in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security has warned Arizona law enforcement authorities. [More]

Man charged with sexually assaulting horse

A Connecticut man was arrested Monday night after someone called cops to report he was touching a "horse in a sexual manner and the horse appeared to be in pain," according to a police statement. [More]

Obama to appear on 'The Daily Show'

President Barack Obama is taking his campaign message to "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart. [More]

Teachers sue Arizona over new 'anti-Hispanic' schools law

Eleven Tucson, Arizona, educators sued the state board of education and superintendent this week for what the teachers consider an "anti-Hispanic" ban looming on Mexican-American studies. [More]

Officers didn't realize man was shot when they handcuffed him

The police chief of a New York City suburb defended his officers Tuesday, days after they shot and killed a Pace University student. [More]

Justice Thomas's wife calls husband's accuser

The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said on Tuesday she called the woman at the center of his 1991 confirmation hearings scandal and one news report said she asked Anita Hill to consider apologizing for "what you did with my husband." [More]

Ignored warnings, lax security led to 7 CIA deaths

Warnings were ignored, security was lax and good judgment was lacking, leading to one of the worst tragedies in CIA history, when a double-agent suicide bomber killed seven CIA employees in Afghanistan last December. [More]

Tuesday, October 19

'Happy Days' dad Tom Bosley dies at 83

Actor Tom Bosley, who rose to fame playing sage father Howard Cunningham on the long-running comedy series "Happy Days" has died. [More]

Randy Quaid and wife issued with arrest warrant

An arrest warrant has been issued for actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi after they failed to show up at a court for squatting at a California home. [More]

Amorous man, 92, banned from libraries

Authorities in Florida said a 92-year-old man has been banned from the public library for making unwanted sexual advances to female employees. [More]

California Boy Lost by Drunk Dad Found Safe

After a frantic all-day search, a 3-year-old boy who authorities said was lost by his intoxicated father was found safe Sunday night, sleeping peacefully strapped into his car seat in a parking garage. [More]

'I'm too rich to go to jail'

A Florida woman is under arrest after allegedly getting in a fight in a taxi at a country club, then telling police what trouble they'd be in if they arrested her. [More]

Witness: Foreclosure firm owner gave gifts for altering documents

Some employees of Florida's largest "foreclosure mill" were given jewelry, cars and houses from the firm, in exchange for altering and forging key documents used to obtain foreclosures, according to a statement released today by the Florida Attorney General's Office. [More]

Flight delays cost passengers $16.7 billion

Airline flight delays cost passengers more than inconvenience — $16.7 billion more — according to a study delivered to the Federal Aviation Administration on Monday. [More]

Buy the votes: Dems make $250 pre-election pitch to seniors

Democrats are making a pre-election pitch to give Social Security recipients a one-time payment of $250, in a move described as "a last-ditch election-year Hail Mary." [More]

Dem's ad drops party ID, wields assault rifle, garners new medals

When you're a Democrat running for Congress in a heavily Republican district, it helps to look like a Republican. [More]

Panty raid: Women stuffed liquor bottles up their skirts

Police want to conduct their own version of a panty raid on a group of women who stole more than $3,000 worth of liquor from a Hallandale Beach liquor store by stashing the bottles in their underwear. [More]

Crystal Cathedral megachurch files for bankruptcy

Crystal Cathedral Ministries, an Orange County landmark and megachurch founded by television evangelist Robert H. Schuller, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Monday morning. [More]

End of the Earth Postponed

The conversion between Mayan and modern calendars may be off by a decade or ten. Oops. [More]

Goat that killed Wash. hiker known as aggressive

A mountain goat that fatally gored a hiker over the weekend, then stood over the man and stared at people trying to help, has shown aggressive behavior in the past, Olympic National Park officials said Monday. [More]

Rescuers free man with arm stuck down toilet

Chinese rescuers have freed a man after he got his arm stuck in a toilet pipe in an attempt to retrieve his mobile phone. [More]

Money, gold, snake found in Pa. sewers

Sewer workers in the Philadelphia area said items found in sewer pipes include money, jewelry and even a live snake now kept as a mascot. [More]

Digital photos can reveal your location, raise privacy fears

Skim through the photos on Flickr or Photobucket, and you'll find pictures of cats pawing at living-room sofas, children playing in backyards and mothers gardening at home. [More]

Deflated bus tires force Ohio school closing

A school district near Cleveland has canceled Monday's classes because vandals deflated tires on most of the school buses. [More]

JetBlue attendant in famous meltdown due in court

The former flight attendant whose famous New York City meltdown landed him in court is scheduled for another hearing and may avoid jail time. [More]

Monday, October 18

Woman stabbed during anger management class

A woman in Bellvue, Wash., is accused of stabbing another woman during an anger management class. [More]

Queen's Pilot Admits to Murders, Sex Attacks

A Canadian commander who flew Queen Elizabeth II pleaded guilty Monday to the murders of two women, the sexual assaults of two others and dozens of breaking and entering charges. [More]

California Town Gets Phone Service for First Time in History

The California Public Utilities Commission paid $2.5 million to get the 200 residents of Iowa Hill, California telephone service for the first time. [More]

Ex-NFL Star Junior Seau Drives Off Cliff After Being Arrested

Former NFL linebacker Junior Seau drove his SUV off a cliff in Carlsbad, Calif., on Monday, just hours after being arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, KGTV reported. [More]

2 female postal employees shot dead

Two post office workers were killed Monday in a shooting at a post office in West Tennessee during a possible robbery attempt, authorities said. [More]

Hathaway says ex's arrest taught her to be wary

Anne Hathaway is now at a point where she can joke about her former boyfriend admitting he was a con artist. [More]

A negative poll for federal workers

More than half of Americans say they think that federal workers are overpaid for the work they do, and more than a third think they are less qualified than those working in the private sector. [More]

Police find lost bong; suspect says thanks

A Florida man, arrested after admitting to police there was marijuana in his car trunk, thanked them for finding his bong, lost for seven years, officers say. [More]

Questions for JonBenet's brother - again?

Police in Boulder, Colorado, want to talk to the older brother of JonBenet Ramsey, the 6-year-old girl slain at home on Christmas night 14 years ago, the Ramsey family's attorney said. [More]

Dog regains sight thanks to face lift

A pedigree Shar Pei who was born with a condition that rendered her blind has had her sight restored thanks to a face lift. [More]

California Mayor Arrested After Wild-Ride Purse Snatch

A suburban Los Angeles mayor has been arrested after a purse-snatching and a wild ride through streets with a woman clinging to his sport utility vehicle. [More]

Obama streaker doesn't get full $1M

The U.S. billionaire who offered $1 million to the first person to streak past President Barack Obama says the man who did it wasn't supposed to talk about it. [More]

Thief steals laptop, sends victim backup files

A professor at Umea University in northern Sweden had his laptop stolen but was completely surprised when the thief mailed him back the computer's contents on a memory stick. [More]

After 9 years and Condit's fall, Levy trial begins

Jury selection begins Monday in the trial of a man charged in the death of Washington intern Chandra Levy, more than nine years after her disappearance generated headlines around the world. [More]

Snoring to success in Spain's first national siesta championship

The competitors started off by lying down. On blue sofas. Some in pajamas. Most fast asleep and a few on the verge of snoring. [More]

Cheating Chilean Miner Offered $100,000 to Be Spokesperson For Infidelity Agency

Yonni Barrios hit headlines last week not only because he was one of 33 men rescued after 69 death-defying days trapped in a collapsed mine in Chile, but because he requested both his wife of 28 years and his (gasp!) mistress be there greet him on the completion of his ascent. [More]

Obama to appear on 'Mythbusters'

President Barack Obama has a myth that may need busting. [More]

Show's over for Liberace Museum in Vegas

This weekend marks the end of an era for many fans of the iconic Liberace. The Las Vegas museum dedicated to preserving the glitz, the glamour and even the gaudiness that defined the entertainer's career is closing Sunday after more than 30 years. [More]

CPR switch: Chest presses first, then give breaths

New guidelines out Monday switch up the steps for CPR, telling rescuers to start with hard, fast chest presses before giving mouth-to-mouth. [More]

Sunday, October 17

Baltimore officer slain in fight over parking spot

An off-duty Baltimore police detective who was out celebrating his birthday was killed Saturday night in a dispute over a parking space, authorities said. [More]

NM man cleaning gun accidentally shoots mom, son

Investigators in New Mexico say a Chaparral man who was cleaning his handgun Saturday morning accidentally shot his 4-year-old son and the bullet passed through the boy and hit the man's mother. [More]

Lesbian couple meets with shopping center officials over ouster

A lesbian couple who say they were asked to leave a North Carolina shopping center after sharing a kiss and a hug met with the center's property manager on Saturday. [More]

San Diego border inspector charged with bribery

A border inspector nicknamed "Hammer" pleaded not guilty to taking bribes to help vehicles loaded with illegal immigrants and tons of marijuana get through his lane. [More]

Anti-Obama billboard in Colorado taken down

A billboard in western Colorado that used caricatures to depict President Barack Obama as a terrorist, gangster, Mexican bandit and a gay man has been taken down. [More]

Hilton workers in Chicago start 3-day strike

Hundreds of Hilton Chicago Hotel workers started a three-day strike Saturday that union officials say is in protest of the hotel chain's efforts to "lock workers into cheap recession contracts." [More]

Wife gives 2nd statement on border lake shooting

The wife of an American tourist reported shot to death by pirates on a border lake has given helpful new details about the incident to Mexican authorities, Mexico's government said Saturday. [More]

American freed in Iran says he is innocent

An Iranian-American businessman said Sunday he spent more than two years in a Tehran prison despite being innocent — simply for handing over $200 in cash to a man in Iran that an acquaintance in the United States had given him. [More]

Discovery of GPS tracker becomes privacy issue

Yasir Afifi, a 20-year-old computer salesman and community college student from California, took his car in for an oil change earlier this month and his mechanic spotted an odd wire hanging from the undercarriage. [More]

Saturday, October 16

Man says he was told he was too disabled to fly

A motivational speaker with cerebral palsy said he was humiliated when he was kicked off a U.S. Airways flight after being told he was too disabled to fly alone. [More]

Barbara Billingsley, Beaver Cleaver's TV mom, dies

Barbara Billingsley, who gained supermom status for her gentle portrayal of June Cleaver, the warm, supportive mother of a pair of precocious boys in "Leave it to Beaver," died. She was 94. [More]

Former Wis. prosecutor sued by woman he 'sexted'

A domestic abuse victim filed a lawsuit Friday claiming a disgraced Wisconsin prosecutor violated her constitutional rights by sending her text messages seeking to start an affair while prosecuting her ex-boyfriend. [More]

Sex Survey at D.C. School Sparks Controversy

A Washington, D.C., middle school is under fire after distributing a survey to seventh-graders asking both boys and girls about their sexual orientations and whether they knew how to put on a condom, among other sex-based questions. [More]

Teen who strangled brother gets life in prison

An Indiana teenager who admitted he strangled his 10-year-old brother and told police he identified with a TV serial killer was sentenced Friday to life in prison without parole. [More]

"Whopper" Condom Lawsuit Settled

The lawyer for a Vermont man who claimed he bit into a Burger King sandwich and found an unwrapped condom says his lawsuit's been settled out of court. [More]

California NOW Chief: Calling Whitman a 'Whore' is Accurate

The president of the National Organization for Women may have said it's wrong for anyone to call a woman a "whore," but the head of the California NOW affiliate says Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman is one. [More]

For cops, citizen videos bring increased scrutiny

Some of the controversial videos made using hidden microphones and cameras found their way to network and cable television, exposing police to deserved criticism. [More]

Oprah Winfrey sending 'Daily Show' audience to DC

Oprah Winfrey surprised audience members at Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" on Thursday by saying she's sending them to Washington, D.C. this month. That's where host Jon Stewart is hosting his "Rally to Restore Sanity" in politics. [More]

Keith Richards calls Mick Jagger 'unbearable'

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards says in his new autobiography that Mick Jagger became unbearable over the years and reveals he also calls the imperious lead singer "Your Majesty" and "Brenda." [More]

Police ticket woman, 82, for doing 110 mph

An 82-year-old woman running late for an appointment got a $1,103 traffic ticket for doing 28 mph over her age on Thursday, Oregon State Police said. [More]

Calif. woman killed after driving replica Indy car

A woman crashed a replica Indy race car into a wall at a high rate of speed and died while taking part in the Mario Andretti Driving Experience at a Southern California motor speedway. [More]

Girl drowns during father's birthday celebration

An 18-month-old girl drowned Thursday night while her family was celebrating her father's birthday, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said. [More]

Record-breaking space dive grounded by lawsuit

A lawsuit on Earth has grounded plans by Red Bull energy drink to send an Austrian daredevil into the stratosphere in an attempt to break the world record for the highest skydive. [More]

Pentagon cautions gays about revealing identity

The Pentagon said on Friday it was abiding by a court injunction not to discharge openly gay men and women in the U.S. military but warned them against changing their behavior while legal challenges continue. [More]

Politics trumps loyalty in Democratic House effort

Grasping to keep control of Congress, Democratic leaders are turning their backs on some of their staunchest supporters in the House and propping up stronger candidates who have routinely defied them on health care, climate change and other major issues. [More]

Friday, October 15

Soldier Says He Was Ordered to Delete Fort Hood Video

A soldier who recorded the terror of last year's deadly shooting rampage in Fort Hood using his cell phone was ordered by an officer to delete both videos, a military court heard Friday. [More]

Wolfgang Puck's Dallas restaurant turns away WWII vets

Wolfgang Puck's hostess said the men did not meet the restaurant’s “business casual” dress code. The restaurant’s general manager, Marcus Cascio, sent the group two bottles of Scotch, a written apology and an invitation to return to the restaurant. [More]

Man gets $650,000 for lap dance eye injury

A South Florida man may have a few more dollars to toss around at strippers after he won $650,000 in a settlement for injuries he suffered during a lap dance. [More]

Police: Doughnut thief pees, offers officer sex

Police say an Oklahoma woman tripled her trouble when she stole a doughnut from someone's truck, peed in a parking lot and offered to perform a sex act on an officer for money. [More]

Fla. pastor wins car for canceling Quran burning

A New Jersey car dealer plans to keep his word after offering Florida pastor Terry Jones a new car if he promised to not burn a Quran. [More]

Average American teen sends and receives 3,339 texts a month

The average 13- to 17-year-old sends and receives a whopping 3,339 text messages a month, and adults' use of text messaging is starting to climb - although to nowhere near the levels of American teens. [More]

Dane Cook's half brother jailed for embezzling millions from actor

The half brother of Dane Cook was sentenced to five to six years in prison Wednesday for embezzling millions of dollars from the actor and comedian while working as his business manager. [More]

Mexican lake victim possibly mistaken for other

The American tourist who reportedly was shot and killed by Mexican pirates on a border lake may have been a victim of mistaken identity, a U.S. consulate official said Thursday. [More]

NY mosque argument on `The View' leads to walk-off

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walked off the stage of "The View" Thursday during an argument with Bill O'Reilly over the proposed Islamic center near the site of the Sept. 11 attacks. [More]

Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate's Name Misspelled as 'Whitey' on Ballot

An Illinois gubernatorial candidate's name reportedly is misspelled as "Whitey" on the touch-screen voting machines in a number of wards with a majority of black voters. [More]

Nearly $1 billion in NYC police payouts

The fiancee and friends of an unarmed man killed in a 50-bullet police shooting on his wedding day said they wanted justice. The legal system gave them money — more than $7 million. [More]

Government to report on $1 trillion-plus deficit

The Obama administration is set to report Friday that the federal budget deficit exceeded $1 trillion for the second straight year, providing critics of government spending with fresh ammunition ahead of the midterm congressional elections. [More]

Wall Street blames homeowners in foreclosure fiasco

Wall Street's reaction to the allegations that some banks cut corners while foreclosing on 3 million homes since 2007: Pay your mortgage in the first place. [More]

$1 million prize eludes Obama rally streaker

A New York City man who ran naked through President Obama's campaign rally in a bid to win a $1 million Internet challenge will not receive the full prize. [More]

Man shot by Cheney: 'I was lucky' to escape death

The lawyer shot five years ago by then-Vice President Dick Cheney told The Washington Post Thursday that his injuries from the hunting accident were more extensive than revealed at the time. [More]

Democrats latch onto GOP tax ideas in final blitz

Democrats desperate for a political game-changer in the final days of the campaign are raising alarms about Republican ideas for reforming the nation's tax code, arguing that their plans will roil middle-class families. [More]

Mexican TV reporter wants out of locker rooms

A Mexican television reporter who said she felt uncomfortable in the New York Jets locker room last month is returning to work and plans to conduct her interviews anywhere but there. [More]

Rapper T.I. back in court on probation violation

Rapper T.I. may learn his fate at an Atlanta, Georgia, court hearing Friday, days after he helped a suicidal man who wanted to jump off of a building. [More]

Judge: Suit over health overhaul can go to trial

Crucial pieces of a lawsuit challenging the Obama administration's health care overhaul can go to trial, with a judge ruling Thursday he wants to hear more arguments over whether it's constitutional to force citizens to buy health insurance. [More]

Love really can ease pain, new study shows

Falling in love can act as a potent painkiller, and now scientists have figured out why: It stimulates the brain's reward pathway, much like the rush of an addictive drug. [More]

Average Cost of Murder Tops $17 Million

The study calculated the costs from 654 convicted and incarcerated murderers. In the most severe murder case, involving nine murders, the study put the ultimate cost as high as $160 million in terms of victim and criminal justice costs, lost offender productivity and public willingness-to-pay costs. [More]

Thursday, October 14

Teen crashes into license center after passing test

A teenager who just passed his driving test crashed into a state driver license center in western Pennsylvania. [More]

Judge tells burger joint to turn off grill

A popular burger joint in Washington shut down early Wednesday, after a judge ruled its grilling fumes disturbed a neighboring law firm. [More]

Dead man named in illegal gambling charges

Federal prosecutors have filed criminal charges against a Detroit man accused of running an illegal lottery. His lawyer says there's a problem: Herbert Daniels Sr. is dead. [More]

Jupiter police officer charged with DUI

A Jupiter police officer was charged with driving under the influence after reportedly driving his marked patrol car onto a curb in the police department parking lot. [More]

Tips on beating polygraph end interview

A man lost his chance at a Washington state job when a guide to fooling polygraphs was found in his car, the State Patrol said. [More]

Alleged robber: 'Is this a bad idea?'

Police in Wisconsin said a robbery suspect interrupted an attack on an intended victim to ask whether his crime was a "bad idea." [More]

Transgender woman sues LPGA over birth rule

A transgender woman is suing the LPGA over a requirement which states all competitors must be "female at birth." [More]

Police: Beheading won't stop search

Despite the grisly slaying of the Mexican government's lead investigator, the search for an American reported missing in a lake along the border will go on, authorities on both sides of the border vowed Wednesday. [More]

Jonas Brothers cancel Mexico show due to violence

Disney stars the Jonas Brothers have canceled a concert scheduled in the Mexican city of Monterrey because of security concerns. [More]

AP Investigation: Nearly $1B in NYC police payouts

The fiancee and friends of an unarmed man killed in a 50-bullet police shooting on his wedding day said they wanted justice. The legal system gave them money — more than $7 million. [More]

Vendor stops Superman comic thief

A vendor at New York Comic-Con says he chased down a thief who snatched a $4,000 Superman comic, but an accomplice made off with an $11,000 issue. [More]

Grandma's ashes mistakenly sold at Panhandle yard sale

Grandma Marge's ashes weren't for sale, but a bargain hunter in Florida walked away with them anyway. [More]

Dozens charged with largest Medicare scam ever

A vast network of Armenian gangsters and their associates used phantom health care clinics and other means to try to cheat Medicare out of $163 million, the largest fraud by one criminal enterprise in the program's history. [More]

Walking 6 to 9 Miles a Week May Help Save Memory

Walking about six miles a week appears to protect against brain shrinkage in old age, which in turn helps stem the onset of memory problems and cognitive decline, new research reveals. [More]

N.Y. engineer admits letting passenger drive commuter train

A former engineer for a New York commuter railroad has pleaded guilty to official misconduct after admitting he allowed a passenger to operate a train. [More]

Haiti volunteer gets $35K mobile bill

Kerfye Pierre had recently returned from volunteering in the aftermath of January's Haiti earthquake when she got the most outrageous mobile phone bill of her life. [More]

Rescued miners face celebrity, ponder future

Chile's 33 newly rescued miners recovered from their ordeal while also pondering the celebrity status they have gained following a more than two-month entrapment. [More]

Wednesday, October 13

Mistress, not wife, greets Chilean miner on exit

Yonni Barrios, the 21st miner to be pulled out of the San Jose mine this morning, was greeted on the surface by his mistress - not his wife of 28 years. [More]

Man gets 9 years for scaring woman to death

A man accused of scaring a woman to death will spend nine years in prison. [More]

Band arrested after blocking LA freeway to perform

A rock band will have to face the music after blocking a Los Angeles freeway and performing atop its trailer. [More]

Police chief finds ammo he reported stolen in his kids' fort

The police chief of Sebeka didn't have to go far to find the ammunition and other police equipment he believed had been stolen. It turns out the ammo was in his kids' backyard fort. [More]

Colorado man struck after jumping from police car

Colorado authorities say a 20-year-old man being taken to jail has been seriously injured after he jumped out of a police car going 60 mph and got hit by another car. [More]

Phoenix luggage thief gets 10 years in prison

A man who admitted stealing up to 1,000 pieces of luggage from Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix has been sentenced to 10½ years in state prison. [More]

Mo. man survives mile-plus trip through sewer

A worker who descended into a city sewage system on Tuesday became unhooked from his safety line and was pushed through a 27-inch-wide pipe for over a mile before his calls for help were heard and he was rescued. [More]

Brown Makes Apology to Whitman for "Whore" Comment

In a televised debate moderated by Tom Brokaw, California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown apologized to Meg Whitman, his Republican counterpart, for someone in his campaign camp referring to her as a "whore." [More]

Christina Aguilera and husband separate

Christina Aguilera and her husband of nearly five years have separated. The "Beautiful" singer says in a statement released Tuesday that she and husband Jordan Bratman's commitment to their 2-year-old son remains "as strong as ever." [More]

Global warming 'the most successful pseudoscientific fraud ever': US physicist

An American professor has branded global warming as "the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud" he has ever seen. [More]

DC schools chief Rhee to resign

D.C. schools head Michelle Rhee, whose decision to fire many teachers helped bounce the mayor who appointed her out of office, will announce her resignation on Wednesday, a person with knowledge of the situation said. [More]

Robo-signers: Mortgage experience not necessary

In an effort to rush through thousands of home foreclosures since 2007, financial institutions and their mortgage servicing departments hired hair stylists, Walmart floor workers and people who had worked on assembly lines and installed them in "foreclosure expert" jobs with no formal training, a Florida lawyer says. [More]

Back in business: US lifts deep water drilling ban

The U.S. is back in the deep water oil-drilling business. The question now is when work will resume. [More]

Ex-Minn. cop pleads guilty in more robberies

A former Minneapolis police officer has pleaded guilty to a string of robberies. [More]

Los Angeles porn actor tests positive for HIV

California's multibillion-dollar adult entertainment industry has been left reeling after another positive HIV test for a pornography actor. [More]

Police: No one has seen missing N.C. girl in a month

The stepmother of a missing 10-year-old girl has admitted writing a ransom note found at the family's home, authorities said Tuesday. [More]

Update: Sheriff says Mexican investigator was decapitated

A Mexican police commander investigating the reported shooting of an American tourist on a border lake plagued by pirates was decapitated, a Texas sheriff says. [More]

As they emerge: How each man spent his first moments above ground

Isolated in a dark, underground world for more than two months, the first seven miners to emerge from the San Jose mine savored the fresh air amid eruptions of applause. Here's how each man spent his first moments above ground. [More]

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