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Thursday, February 18

Army Investigates Attempt by Soldiers to Poison Food

The U.S. Army is investigating allegations that soldiers were attempting to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. The suspects were part of a Arabic translation program called "09 Lima" and use Arabic as their first language, two sources said. [More]

Obese woman gives birth

A 25-year-old woman weighing 528 pounds gave birth to her first baby on Thursday in what one expert called a rare and risky case. [More]

Man crashes plane into Texas office building

A software engineer upset with the Internal Revenue Service set fire to his home Thursday and then flew his plane into a multi-story office building that houses federal tax employees, authorities said. [More]

Official: Plane crash pilot left anti-IRS Web note

A U.S. law official identified the pilot as Joseph Stack — whose home was set on fire just before the crash — and said investigators were looking at an anti-government message on the Web linked to him. The Web site outlines problems with the IRS and says violence "is the only answer." [More]

Manifesto Of Austin Texas Crash Pilot Joseph Andrew Stack

The complete multi-page-text allegedly left on Joseph Stack's website before it was taken down. [More]

Olympia ice machines give officials Herculean problems

On Saturday it was a hiccup, on Sunday an awkward slip, but on Monday, the eco-friendly Olympia ice resurfacing machines at the Richmond Olympic Oval did a face flop in front of millions of TV viewers, thousands of spectators and dozens of frustrated speed skaters, coaches and officials. Officials hoped Tuesday’s arrival of a Zamboni machine from Calgary meant an end to the problems. [More]

Ex-NYC police boss Kerik gets 4 years in prison

Former New York City police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who was hailed as a hero after the Sept. 11 terror attacks and nearly became chief of Homeland Security, was sentenced Thursday to four years in federal prison. [More]

Cleveland tops list of most miserable U.S. cities

Cleveland secured the position thanks to its high unemployment, high taxes, lousy weather, corruption by public officials and crummy sports teams. [More]

Duke Lacrosse Accuser Charged With Attempted Murder

North Carolina police responding to a domestic violence call have arrested the woman who falsely accused three Duke University lacrosse players of rape. [More]

NBC strikes ratings gold — Olympics beat ‘Idol’

In a startling turnaround from the night before, the Olympics clobbered “American Idol” in the ratings Wednesday night, the first time in six years that anything has beaten the nation’s No. 1 show head to head in the ratings. [More]

Girl's arrest for doodling raises concerns about zero tolerance

There was no profanity, no hate. Just the words, "I love my friends Abby and Faith. Lex was here 2/1/10 :)" scrawled on the classroom desk with a green marker. Alexa Gonzalez's hands were cuffed behind her back, and tears gushed as she was escorted from school by police. [More]

President of New York Concrete Testing Company Convicted of Altering Test Results

The president of a concrete testing company that worked on such New York City landmarks as the new Yankee Stadium was convicted Wednesday of concocting phony test results, but a jury acquitted a low-level manager and has yet to reach a verdict on the top racketeering charge against the president and company. [More]

Cops: Imitation pot as bad as the real thing

There may be nothing like the real thing, but some industrious marijuana users have seized on an obscure but easily accessible substance that mimics the drug's effects on the brain — creating a popular trade in legal dope that has stymied law enforcement authorities. [More]

Trudeau gets 30 days for crashing judge's computer

A federal judge in Chicago who was barraged by e-mails from supporters of best-selling author and infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau has sentenced Trudeau to 30 days in jail and fined him $50,000. [More]

Top UN climate official resigning

Top U.N. climate change official Yvo de Boer told The Associated Press on Thursday that he was resigning after nearly four years, a period when governments struggled without success to agree on a new global warming deal. [More]

British boy, 3, admitted to Mensa

A 3-year-old British boy has become one of the youngest-ever members of the world's largest organization for people with high IQs. [More]

Man offers to pave woman's driveway in exchange for oral sex

Billie Bobbie Harrison, 24, is accused of exposing his private part to a 55-year-old Chesnee woman near a Crawford Road residence Tuesday and offering to pave the driveway in exchange for oral sex. [More]

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Florida Psychologist Accused of Having Sex With Patient

A psychologist is accused of having sex multiple times with one of his female patients and billing her insurance company $1,400 for "sessions," according to records from the Florida Department of Health. [More]

Mother accused of hitting son with bat

A Charleroi woman was arrested Sunday for allegedly hitting her son with a baseball bat during a confrontation at their home. [More]

Man slapped by bear, slapped with fine

A Florida man whose face was cut by a slap from a bear outside his door pleaded no contest to a charge of feeding wildlife. [More]

Wis. man finds stolen iPhone through GPS

A man whose iPhone was stolen from his car used GPS to track it down. Tiernan Paine left a $400 phone in his unlocked car while at Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Oak Creek on Thursday night. The 28-year-old subscribes to MobileMe, a service that synchronizes data between his phone and home computer. It also includes a global positioning system. [More]

3 Tesla Motors Employees Killed in Calif. Plane Crash

The three people killed on board a small plane that went down in a Northern California neighborhood were all employees of Tesla Motors Inc. [More]

No cancer but breast removed in Windsor hospital horror

A surgeon at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital misread a pathology report and removed a woman's breast although she did not have cancer. The hospital was not told about the error by Dr. Barbara Heartwell. Now, the hospital is scrambling to appease the patient. [More]

TSA to start swabbing passengers' hands

TSA has announced that they are planning to swab the hands airline passengers' in order to search for explosives in light of the December attempted attack. [More]

Murder arrest for BBC man who said he killed his lover

British police said Wednesday they have arrested a BBC television presenter on suspicion of murder after he told viewers he carried out a so-called mercy killing on a former lover. [More]

Hand-swabbing a bigger part of security

Air travelers may have their hands swabbed more often as part of a stepped-up effort to screen passengers for explosives, an Obama administration official said Wednesday. [More]

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Professor charged in IHOP fight

An Alabama professor accused of gunning down her colleagues at a university last week faced criminal charges after an altercation at a Massachusetts restaurant nearly eight years ago, police said Wednesday. [More]

Missionaries freed by Haitian judge arrive in Florida

Eight U.S. missionaries who were detained for almost three weeks in Haiti on child kidnapping charges arrived in Miami, Florida, late Wednesday night after a judge ordered them freed. [More]

Ohio Man Raped Woman in Theater, Kept Watching Movie, Police Say

A 24-year-old Ohio man is accused of raping a woman at a movie theater under cover of a bathroom break — then returning to watch the rest of the movie with his wife and kids, reported. [More]

Jesse James reunited with lost dog

After three weeks of desperate searching for his beloved pit bull, Jesse James Tweeted Wednesday that he and CinnaBun have been reunited. James, who is married to actress Sandra Bullock, had hired a pet detective and offered a reward of $5,000 for the dog's return. [More]

Wednesday, February 17

Kournikova's mother charged with felony child neglect

Tennis star Anna Kournikova's mother has been charged in Florida with felony child neglect. She was arrested and released from the Palm Beach County Jail after posting a $3,000 bond. [More]

Woods to apologize, discuss future at Friday news conference

Tiger Woods will end nearly three months of silence Friday when he speaks to the media for the first time about his middle-of-the-night accident that sparked shocking revelations about his infidelity. [More]

Man was renting out other people's homes, deputies say

Stephen Bybel rented out a host of homes in Pasco County. Problem is they weren't his homes. [More]

Census wastes millions as count approaches

Were those pricey Super Bowl ads a waste? Maybe not, but paying $3 million to census employees who didn't do any work surely was. The Census Bureau, a month away from its 2010 population count, has already wasted millions of dollars paying temporary employees who never did the work and others who overbilled for travel, according to excerpts of an audit. [More]

McQueen left a note and hanged himself, coroner says

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen hanged himself in his wardrobe and left a suicide note, a coroner told a London inquest Wednesday. McQueen, 40, was found dead at his London apartment Thursday. The cause of death was asphyxia and hanging. [More]

Search for Baby After Father Claims He Threw Her Off Bridge

New Jersey State Police are searching for a 3-month-old girl after her father told them he threw his daughter off a bridge and into a river. [More]

Body of Climber Who Fell Into Mount St. Helens Crater Recovered

The body of a veteran climber who fell 1,500 feet into the crater atop Mount St. Helens was recovered Tuesday after he spent more than a day in the snow, authorities said. [More]

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Aspirin cuts death risk after breast cancer

Breast cancer survivors who take aspirin regularly may be less likely to die or have their cancer return, new research shows. Those in a large study who took aspirin had a 50 percent lower risk of dying from breast cancer and a 50 percent lower risk of cancer's spread. [More]

Dubai: Hit squad killed Hamas leader

Dubai police appealed for an international manhunt Tuesday after releasing names and photos of an alleged 11-member European hit squad accused of stalking and killing a Hamas commander last month in a plot that mixed cold precision with spy caper disguises such as fake beards and wigs. [More]

Illinois Police Arrest 3 Men With Two Tons of Pot

Three California men are being held on $1 million bond each after their arrest on suspicion of hauling more than two tons of marijuana across eastern Illinois. [More]

Sen. Feinstein's Plan to Decimate CA's Water Supply

CA Democratic Senator Feinstein has been attempting to take California's water supply out of the hands of Californians and putting it into the pockets of a select group of billionaire farmers by sneaking an amendment into a fast-tracked Senate Jobs bill. [More]

North Carolina Woman Guilty of Killing Fortuneteller, Her Daughter

A California jury has found a North Carolina woman guilty of murdering a fortuneteller and her daughter. [More]

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Longtime Leno bandleader Kevin Eubanks may exit

Jay Leno's longtime bandleader, Kevin Eubanks, may not play very long once the Leno troupe returns to "The Tonight Show." [More]

Suri Cruise carries $850 handbag

The 3-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was spotted in Boston last fall wearing high heels, and recently, lipstick. Now, she’s toting around another grown-up accessory — an $850 Salvatore Ferragamo “Sofia” handbag, as identified by Us Weekly. [More]

New clip shows JFK arriving in Dallas in 1963

New color video footage showing President John F. Kennedy's arrival in Dallas the day he was assassinated is the best home movie ever made of the event, the curator of the Dallas JFK museum said. [More]

Tuesday, February 16

TSA apologizes for forcing 4-year-old to remove leg braces

The Transportation Security Administration concedes that a 4-year-old boy heading to Walt Disney World for a birthday celebration should not have been forced to remove his leg braces during an airport-security screening in Philadelphia. [More]

Father arrested for punching, slapping 3-month-old son

Authorities say a central Florida man was arrested for punching his 3-month-old son in the stomach twice and then slapping him across the mouth. [More]

Southwest offers fat guy 'heartfelt apologies'

Southwest has issued a lengthy apology to director Kevin Smith on its site and tries to explain their "Customer of Size" policy. [More]

Woman who demanded conjugal visit charged with DUI

A woman was charged with driving under the influence after showing up at the Flagler County jail and demanding a conjugal visit with a specific inmate. The sheriff's office reports that a 45-year-old woman had a visitation appointment but was turned away because she was late. Also, the jail does not allow conjugal visits. [More]

Python stolen from petting zoo

Authorities said a thief with an eye for pricey reptiles broke into a Florida petting zoo and walked off with a 9 1/2-foot python. [More]

Two Lindseys split on sexy magazine shoots

To keep it on or take it off? That is the question women Olympians face every four years, when the offers pour in to pose in swimsuits — or even less. [More]

Disabled Woman's Death May Be Hate Crime, Prosecutors Say

Pittsburgh's federal prosecutor is reviewing the torture murder of a mentally disabled woman under a new federal law banning hate crimes against people with disabilities. [More]

U.S. airlines' attempt to increase fares fizzles

U.S. airlines' second attempt of 2010 to raise ticket prices has fizzled, with major carriers pulling back fares over the long holiday weekend, according to [More]

Parachutist jumps from balloon, gets away

A man jumped from the Great Park balloon ride in Irvine, Calif., ran to a waiting car and got away before anyone could stop him, authorities said. [More]

Colo. teen beaten to death after being hit by car

Police in Colorado say a 16-year-old boy died after he was hit by a car then beaten by its occupants. [More]

Tiger, pregnancy claims and a ‘liar’ charge

Although adult film star and alleged Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James recently claimed she got pregnant twice by the embattled golf great, a source close to James warns she has a habit of lying. [More]

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Man builds 625-square-foot snow house

An Ohio man said he is putting the finishing touches on his winter project: a 625-square-foot snow castle built in the front yard of his family's home. [More]

Obama to announce loan help for nuclear power

The Obama administration, advancing nuclear power use to help cut greenhouse gas emissions, will announce on Tuesday an $8.3 billion loan guarantee to help Southern Co build two reactors, a government official told Reuters. [More]

Romney Assaulted on Flight Leaving Olympics

A passenger became "physically violent" when the former Massachusetts governor asked him to move his seat upright for take-off. [More]

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Democratic Sen. Bayh won't seek re-election

Senator Evan Bayh, a popular Democrat seen as having a good shot at a third term, said Monday he won't run again because of the kind of bitter politicking that has put President Barack Obama's whole agenda in jeopardy. [More]

Police: Late woman made up hit-and-run

Police in Pennsylvania said they arrested a woman who allegedly invented a story about being struck by a car to avoid losing her job due to tardiness. [More]

Monday, February 15

Badge saves Las Vegas officer from bullet

A police officer's badge may have saved his life when it stopped a bullet during an exchange of gunfire in North Las Vegas. [More]

France Issues Arrest Warrant for Cyclist Floyd Landis

The United States cyclist Floyd Landis was stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs, but the fallout from his doping case has lingered. [More]

Ronald McDonald arrested for pot

Police arrested Ronald McDonald for possession of marijuana and allowing others to use drugs at his Iowa residence on Sunday. [More]

Peggy Fleming hurt in Biden motorcade crash

Former U.S. Olympians Peggy Fleming and Vonetta Flowers were slightly injured Sunday in a collision involving the van they were riding in as part of Vice President Joe Biden's motorcade, Biden's office said. [More]

Body of Missing Florida University Professor Found in Haiti

A second Lynn University professor has been identified and found dead in Haiti. School officials said Saturday that 59-year-old Richard Bruno has been officially declared dead. His body was found at the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince, along with the bodies of three students and another professor. [More]

'Too Fat' Actor In Airline Twitter Tirade

Filmmaker and actor Kevin Smith has launched a furious Twitter attack on a US airline after he was booted off a flight for being too fat. [More]

Man Training to Be 911 Operator Saves Son's Life

An Iraq war veteran training to be an emergency operator in Thurston County saved his own son's life when his wife called 911 in a panic as the boy choked on a small piece of plastic. [More]

Fla. lottery winner led problem-filled life

When Abraham Shakespeare cashed in a $30 million Florida Lottery ticket in 2006, the barely literate ex-con posed for a photo with a giant oversized check. [More]

Woman says God told her to shoot at neighbors

A Brevard County woman claiming to be God's messenger has been charged with attempted murder after reportedly shooting at a family on their back porch. [More]

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Web designer sells Detroit lot for $1 per sq. inch

A Web designer is hawking square inches of an empty lot in Detroit for a dollar each to show what can be done with vacant spaces. [More]

Activist boards Japanese whaling ship

An anti-whaling activist jumped aboard a Japanese security ship on Monday in a bid to make a citizen's arrest of its skipper over the sinking of their boat, an animal rights group said. [More]

Boy, 12, accused of killing stepdad, shooting girl

A 12-year-old boy was charged Friday with murder and other counts in a shooting that killed his stepfather and wounded a girl in Iowa. [More]

ACLU Sues Over Student Airport Detention

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a college student who was arrested at an airport for being in possession of Arab language flash cards. [More]

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Oldest Death Row Inmate in U.S. Dies at Age 94

An Arizona Department of Corrections spokesman says Viva Leroy Nash died late Friday at the state's prison complex in Florence. [More]

Gunman shoots 2 teens at California church

Police were seeking a hooded gunman who horrified the congregation of a San Francisco Bay area church when he paced the aisles then pulled out a gun and shot two teenagers. [More]

Woman keeps world’s largest rodent as a pet

Caplin Rous relishes snuggling in bed, going to the pet store with his owner and doing tricks like sitting and shaking for treats. [More]

Ohio Give $1.1M to Man Wrongly Convicted of Rape

Ohio has agreed to give $1.1 million to a man who spent nearly 18 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit. [More]

The Knack lead singer Doug Fieger dies

Doug Fieger, leader of the power pop band The Knack who sang on the 1979 hit "My Sharona," died Sunday. He was 57. [More]

Sunday, February 14

Cop Car Crashes Into N.Y. Tiffany's Store, Arrested for DWI

An off-duty cop was arrested for drunken driving after he slammed his car into the front of Tiffany’s flagship Fifth Avenue store at 3 a.m. today, police said. [More]

Woman sues Anderson Cooper after fall at NYC home

An interior designer is suing CNN anchor Anderson Cooper after she took an unusual fall at an old New York City firehouse that he is converting into a new home. [More]

Accused Alabama prof shot, killed brother in 1986

The professor accused of killing three colleagues during a faculty meeting was a Harvard-educated neurobiologist, inventor and mother whose life had been marred by a violent episode in her distant past. [More]

Out of luck: $2.5M Hoosier jackpot goes unclaimed

Hoosier lottery players have been digging through their trash, scouring their cars and bringing fistfuls of old tickets, some in shoeboxes, to an Indianapolis store, hoping they would find the winning — but unclaimed — $2.5 million jackpot ticket. [More]

Wife of slain Olympian arrested

The wife of an Olympic shot put medalist gunned down in his Southern California back yard last summer was arrested Saturday in the homicide case, authorities said. [More]

Husband Says 'I Love You' in Manure

Nothing says "I love you" like a half-mile wide heart made out of manure. [More]

TSA to Clear 10,000 Workers for Secret Intelligence

The Transportation Security Administration plans to clear 10,000 workers for access to secret intelligence. [More]

Drunk driver had grandson in one hand and a beer in the other

A Collegedale man is behind bars, charged with driving drunk. Police say the man had his grandson in one hand, and a beer in the other. [More]

Woman Denied Protective Order From Stalker Before Murder

A 23-year-old woman killed outside her Orlando office by a stalker had asked for a protective order but was denied, reported. [More]

Official confirms death of Olympic luger

An Olympic official with direct knowledge of the situation says a men's luger from the former Soviet republic of Georgia has died after a crash during training. [More]

Man convicted over landmine garden

A Russian man has been convicted on weapons charges after he planted landmines around his garden to defend it from intruders, prosecutors said. [More]

Woman Convicted of Lighting Bikini Dancer on Fire at Los Angeles Club

A San Fernando Valley woman who doused a bikini dancer with gasoline and set her on fire has been found guilty of aggravated mayhem and torture. [More]

Google Street View shows murder scene

The Google software company agreed to a request from the Canadian city of Windsor, Ontario, to remove its Street View images of a murder scene. [More]

Woman, 95, dies after crashing car

A 95-year-old woman has died after she lost control of her car, side-swiped another vehicle and crashed into a streetlight guide wire, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said. [More]

Frisbee inventor dies at 90

Walter Fredrick Morrison, the man credited with inventing the Frisbee, has died. [More]

Man Sentenced to 25 Years for Throwing Wife Off Cliff

A man who killed his newlywed wife by throwing her off a cliff in suburban Los Angeles has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. [More]

Florida Cop Fired After Demanding Free Starbucks Rehired

An arbiter has ruled that a Daytona Beach police officer fired over accusations by local coffeehouse employees must be rehired and given all his back pay. [More]

Seattle security guards watch girl get beaten

The brutal beating and robbery of a girl in a Seattle bus tunnel has been caught on tape - along with the inaction of three security guards from whom she sought protection. [More]

Man Stinks Up Wal-Mart

The South Kitsap Wal-Mart was evacuated Sunday after a 51-year-old Belfair man allegedly dumped “Stink Bombs” liquid and sprayed “Super Fart Spray” inside the store. The man said he did it because he thought it would be funny. [More]

Man Smashes 29 Televisions Inside Georgia Walmart

Police in Georgia say a 23-year-old man grabbed a baseball bat inside of a Walmart and smashed 29 flat-screen televisions. [More]

Iowa mom accused of pimping daughter

A Cedar Rapids woman was accused of arranging her daughter's effort at prostitution. Mary J. Doolin was arrested Wednesday in connection with a Sept. 29 incident in Coralville. Police said Doolin sent her daughter to meet an undercover officer who had contacted her during a prostitution investigation. According to police, Doolin's daughter, 37-year-old Debra Voshell, was later charged with pandering. [More]

Debra Medina self-destructs on Glenn Beck radio show

Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina imploded on the Glenn Beck radio program this morning when she said she didn't have an opinion on whether the US government was behind the 9/11 attacks. [More]

Hundreds forced into labor, sex in Ohio

About 1,000 American-born children are forced into the sex trade in Ohio every year and about 800 immigrants are sexually exploited and pushed into sweatshop-type jobs, a new report on human trafficking in the state said Wednesday. [More]

Obama report: 95,000 jobs to come each month

The United States is likely to average 95,000 more jobs each month this year, while personal savings will remain high as credit remains tight, according to a White House report released Thursday. [More]

Woman's Dismembered Body Found on L.A. Freeway

The body, originally thought to be a dead dog's, was reported shortly before 9:30 p.m. Wednesday on the southbound Interstate 5 in Sun Valley. [More] canceling deliveries

On the eve of Valentine's Day, flower giant is cancelling hundreds of flower deliveries in their tracks and has stopped honoring coupons on thousands of boxes of chocolate, each worth $5 to $20 instantly off a flower order. [More]

John Mayer apologizes for Playboy interview

John Mayer is apologizing for his mouth. In his interview, he calls former girlfriend Jessica Simpson "sexual napalm" and says Jennifer Aniston is a technophobe who wishes she could go back to her career prime in 1998. He also uses the N-word. [More]

Georgia Boy, 11, Shot in the Head While Sleeping

Police in Chamblee say an 11-year-old boy was hospitalized after being shot in the head while he slept. [More]

Ohio man accused of tattooing tot’s rear end

Police say an Ohio man tattooed the letter "A" on the rear end of a 1-year-old girl visiting his home. [More]

Internet hoax bedevils Ohio man

A local official in Ohio was the target of an Internet hoax that sent a string of strangers to his house to cart away his belongings, authorities say. [More]

Dennis Hopper's divorce battle getting uglier

Civil war is raging at the house of cancer-stricken actor Dennis Hopper, who is seeking a divorce from his fifth wife so that he can spend more time with their 6-year-old daughter in what could be his dying days. [More]

Jackson’s vocals in ‘We Are the World’ remake

The late Michael Jackson will appear in the 25th anniversary remake of “We Are The World,” Access Hollywood has learned. [More]

Michelin-starred chef quits in burger and chips row

The head chef of a Michelin-starred British restaurant has walked out after the owner demanded he change his menu from haute cuisine to burger and chips. [More]

Now that's cold! NYC terrier mugged

A Brooklyn woman said a mugger stole a doggie coat right off the back of her mild-mannered terrier. [More]

Jillian Michaels sued over diet supplement

Jillian Michaels has been sued for alleged false advertising by a woman who claims she was duped into buying a diet supplement endorsed by the celebrity trainer. The product and a Web site advertising include the claim, "Two Capsules Before Main Meals and You Lose Weight ... That's It!" [More]

Bush billboard in Minnesota: `Miss me yet?'

Former President George W. Bush has returned on a Minnesota billboard funded by some people who apparently aren't happy with the way things are going in Washington.The billboard's tagline: "Miss me yet?" [More]

Nev. Medicaid cuts could bring diaper rationing

Nevada officials on Tuesday outlined drastic cuts to the state's Medicaid program that include plans to ration adult diapers, eliminate denture and hearing-aid programs, and force personal care assistants to buy their own disposable gloves. [More]

Faberge egg mistaken for grenade

A U.S. woman said she was lucky to make her flight on time when security at a German airport mistook a Faberge egg in her luggage for a grenade. [More]

Man shoots himself in leg outside Fla. gun store

A man accidentally shot himself in the leg shortly after leaving a Jupiter gun store. Police said the unidentified man went to Chuck's Guns and Ammo Monday afternoon, looking for batteries for the laser sight on a small handgun. [More]

John Edwards proposes to mistress Rielle Hunter, buys $4.5M beach house: report - New York Daily News

The disgraced 2008 presidential contender has proposed to his baby-mama, Rielle Hunter, and is even setting her up in a swank $3.5 million beachfront mansion, The National Enquirer reported Wednesday. [More]

Young delivers Edwards sex tape

Lawyers for Andrew Young handed over video that they shows former presidential candidate John Edwards having sex with a woman who appears to be his mistress Rielle Hunter to a Superior Court judge Wednesday. [More]

Climate Group Admits Mistakes

Some top officials of a Nobel Prize-winning climate-science organization are acknowledging the panel made some mistakes amid a string of recent revelations questioning the accuracy of some of the information in its influential reports. [More]

Scientists seek better way to do climate report

A steady drip of unsettling errors is exposing what scientists are calling "the weaker link" in the Nobel Peace Prize-winning series of international reports on global warming. [More]

New aerial photos of 9/11 attack released

Newly released aerial photos of the World Trade Center terror attack capture the towers' dramatic collapse, from just after the first fiery plane strike to the apocalyptic dust clouds that spread over lower Manhattan and its harbor. [More]

Cocaine found hidden among Valentine roses

A week before Valentine's Day, a consignment of cocaine was found hidden among 20,000 roses from Latin America at Amsterdam airport, Dutch authorities said Wednesday. [More]

'Deadliest Catch' captain Phil Harris dies at 53

Phil Harris, the fishing boat captain whose adventures off the Alaska coast were captured on the television show Deadliest Catch , has died, the Discovery Channel said Tuesday night. [More]

Wells Fargo rejects Richfield man's 30-year-old certificates

A retired miner and rancher in southern Idaho, who found long-lost certificates of deposits estimated to be worth more than a half-million dollars, was informed by the bank holding the CDs that they aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. [More]

Former Texas Rep. Charlie Wilson dies at 76

Charlie Wilson, the former congressman from Texas whose funding of Afghanistan's resistance to the Soviet Union was chronicled in the movie "Charlie Wilson's War," died Wednesday. Actor Tom Hanks portrayed Wilson in the 2007 movie about Wilson's efforts to arm Afghani mujahedeen during Afghanistan's war against the Soviet Union in the 1980s. [More]

CNN will not use Associated Press wire services for one week

CNN has announced it will evaluate its need for the Associated Press wire service next week in order to determine if it can handle original reporting on its own. [More]

Fugitive granny arrested in Fort Myers

Deputies arrested an 86-year-old woman on a failure to appear warrant in Fort Myers on Monday. She reportedly told the arresting deputy she knew she had court, but wasn't feeling well. [More]

Drunk Man Steals Ambulance With Patient Inside

Authorities say a drunken man stole an ambulance from a Wisconsin ski area with the patient and paramedics still inside. [More]

UN slams Haitian hospitals for charging patients

The United Nations has warned that it will cut off shipments of free medicine beginning immediately to any Haitian hospitals that it finds are charging patients. [More]

White House pokes fun at Sarah Palin

Even the White House's top spokesman is getting in on the act of mocking former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin for looking to talking points written on her palm during a speech to "tea party" activists. [More]

Dad of Palin grandson bares all for Playgirl cover

The teen father of Sarah Palin's grandson is featured on the cover of the upcoming print version of Playgirl magazine — sporting nothing but a sultry gaze. [photo] [More]

Dubai tower shut after visitors stuck in elevator

Visitors on the observation deck of the world's tallest tower heard what sounded like a small explosion, then saw dust that looked like smoke seeping through a crack in an elevator door 124 floors above the ground. The 15 people inside were trapped for 45 frightening minutes until rescuers managed to pry open the doors. [More]

Mother was on beer run when fire killed child

A 22-year-old New York mother accused of going out on a midnight beer run when a stove fire erupted in the apartment where her children were left alone has been found guilty of criminally negligent homicide. [More]

S.I. swimsuit issue cover model revealed

Brooklyn Decker didn’t know she made the cover of Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue until the day before it came out. [More]

State Farm says it warned NHTSA on Toyota in 2007

The nation's largest auto insurer said Tuesday it alerted federal safety regulators in late 2007 about a rise in reports of unexpected acceleration in Toyota vehicles, the latest warning sign to emerge about the massive recall. [More]

John Murtha, defense appropriations chair, dies

Democratic Representative John Murtha, chairman of the House of Representatives defense appropriations subcommittee who exercised enormous influence on defense issues, died on Monday. [More]

Col. Sanders statue stolen from KFC

A Kentucky KFC is offing free chicken for the return of a $1,200 bronze bust of KFC founder Colonel Sanders stolen from in front of the fast-food eatery. [More]

Man swallows 18 swords

An Australian sword-swallower said he set a world record by shoving 18 sharp swords. [More]

Water Cannons Fired in Latest Antarctic Whaling Clash

Activists vowing to stop the killing of whales exchanged water-cannon fire with a Japanese whaling fleet they are tailing in the Antarctic Ocean, as sea confrontations that have led to collisions and a sunken vessel continue. [More]

Charlie Sheen charged with assaulting wife

Actor Charlie Sheen was charged on Monday with three crimes including felony menacing stemming from an assault on his wife Brooke Mueller in a heated Christmas Day argument. [More]

Teen crashes car into school, drives down hall

A 17-year-old boy crashed his parents' car through the doors of Shorecrest, Washington High School, then drove it down the hall, sheriff's deputies say. [More]

Super Bowl is most watched TV show ever

The New Orleans Saints' victory over Indianapolis in the Super Bowl was watched by more than 106 million people, surpassing the 1983 finale of "M-A-S-H" to become the most-watched program in U.S. television history, the Nielsen Co. said Monday. [More]

Man tries to buy crack with credit card

Authorities said a man accused of stealing a car then reporting it stolen remains in custody after telling police he was robbed at gunpoint while trying to buy crack cocaine with a credit card. The Flint Journal said the man reported Thursday night that a 2003 Chevy Malibu had been stolen. [More]

Senator calls for investigation on UN climate panel

s the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change faces more pressure on the questions of its scientific sourcing and merit, Republican Senator John Barasso is ordering an investigation. [More]

Pitt and Jolie sue over split claim

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have begun legal action against a British tabloid that reported the celebrity couple was going to split, a lawyer acting on their behalf confirmed Monday. [More]

Michael Jackson's doctor arrives at courthouse

The doctor authorities say caused Michael Jackson's death has arrived at a Los Angeles courthouse to face a manslaughter charge. [More]

Ex-Philadelphia Cop Charged With Murder

A murder warrant was issued Monday against a former Philadelphia police officer accused of fatally shooting a neighbor during an off-duty altercation in November. [More]

Child 'Waterboarded' By Dad Over Her ABCs

A US soldier has been accused of "waterboarding" his four-year-old daughter because she would not recite the alphabet. [More]

Body found in Delta jet's wheel well at Tokyo airport

Japanese authorities said Monday they are trying to identify a body found inside one of the landing gear compartments on a Delta Airlines plane flight that arrived in Tokyo from New York. [More]

The best and the worst of the Super Bowl ads

Let the record show that 2010 was the year of older women being viciously tackled in Super Bowl commercials. It’s about time: These old biddies have been getting away with far too much lately. [More]

Tebow Super Bowl ad strikes light-hearted tone

The 30-second "Celebrate family, celebrate life" ad starring Heisman winner Tim Tebow ended with him tackling his mom as she tells of how she nearly lost him during her pregnancy. [More]

Letterman, Leno's Super Bowl Reunion: How It Happened

USA Today reports that Letterman, 62, concocted the idea for the 15-second spot, which featured him and Leno, 59, watching the game and Oprah Winfrey serving as the referee. [More]

Former sex worker enters N.Y. gov. race

Former sex worker Kristin Davis, dubbed the "Manhattan Madam," said she intends to run as a Libertarian in the race for governor of New York. [More]

Shuttle launch is one for the history books

Endeavour and six astronauts rocketed into orbit today on what's likely the last nighttime launch for the shuttle program, hauling a new room and observation deck for the International Space Station. [More]

Nagin replaced as New Orleans mayor

Frustrated by term-limited Mayor Ray Nagin's leadership of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, voters elected Louisiana Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu to succeed him Saturday, turning to a political scion to speed up the city's recovery. [More]

Street Preachers Shot to Death in Florida

Two men ministering on the streets of Boynton Beach were allegedly gunned down by an 18-year-old man. [More]

Suspected thief flees into police station

Police say a man suspected of stealing a bottle of Schnapps from a Wyoming grocery store didn't have the best escape route planned. [More]

I thought of killing myself, says climate scandal professor

The scientist at the center of the “climategate” email scandal has revealed that he was so traumatized by the global backlash against him that he contemplated suicide. [More]

Sticker Shock on U.N. Food Aid

The $1.2 billion cost of a U.N. program to feed 7.4 million Afghans is more than double what it needs to be, but the U.N. counters that it's the nature of the operation [More]

Sledder, 62, hurt when improvised rocket blows up

A 62-year-old sledder looking for a burst of power got it when the homemade rocket strapped to his back exploded, burning him over nearly 20 percent of his body. Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe said the man, whose identity hasn't been released, was hospitalized in stable condition Monday. [More]

Illinois Dem defiant after arrest history surfaces

A political newcomer who won the Democratic nomination for Illinois lieutenant governor said he has no intention of leaving the race after details emerged about his arrest for allegedly holding a knife to his former girlfriend's throat. [More]

Girl, 12, arrested over desk doodle

A New York woman said her 12-year-old daughter was led out of her school in handcuffs and detained for several hours for writing on a desk in erasable marker. [More]

Rare illness turns girl, 15, into ‘sleeping beauty’

When 15-year-old Louisa Ball takes a nap, she doesn’t mess around. She sleeps for days on end, and no amount of shaking or prodding can fully wake her up. [More]

Sheen vehicle stolen, crashed in ravine

A Mercedes that Charlie Sheen reported stolen from his Sherman Oaks home was found overturned hundreds of feet down a nearby cliff early Friday, but there's no evidence anyone was in the car when it went into the ravine, police said. [More]

Man charged with operating on his own dog

A Rhode Island man who says he couldn't afford veterinary care for his dog has been charged with illegally operating on the pet. [More]

Palin hasn't paid tax on cabins

Records show that Sarah Palin hasn't paid any property taxes on cabins that have been built on two backcountry plots partially owned by the former Alaska governor. [More]

Grand Jury Refuses to Indict White Cop Who Killed Black Man

The case of an elderly black man who was shot to death by a white police officer in the north Louisiana town of Homer will not go to trial. [More]

Bruce Springsteen demands his name comes off lawsuit

Bruce Springsteen demanded Thursday that his name be removed from a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against a Midtown bar. [More]

Update: Banker's Job Rescued By Model He Ogled

A banker caught looking at semi-naked photographs in the background of a live TV interview has kept his job after the girl he was ogling came to the rescue. [More]

Ex-cop claims pot-spiked meatballs

A former New York City counterterrorism detective who says he was unfairly fired as a result of a failed drug test he blamed on his wife's marijuana-spiked meatballs has lost a court bid to get his job back. [More]

Airline bomb suspect flips on cleric

The Nigerian suspect in a failed Christmas Day airliner bombing turned against the cleric who claims to be his teacher and has helped the U.S. hunt for the radical preacher, a law enforcement official said Thursday. [More]

Anthony may not be tried until 2011

The Florida mother charged with killing her toddler daughter may not go to trial until next year. Prosecutors today outlined a tentative schedule that would have the trial beginning in May 2011 — almost three years after 2-year-old Caylee Anthony disappeared. [More]

Air marshals say service roiled with cronyism, chaos

Despite calls from President Obama to beef up the program designed to provide security aboard U.S. flights, the Federal Air Marshal Service is in disarray, a CNN investigation has found. [More]

Two-inch LEGO gun gets 4th-grader in trouble

Patrick Timoney, a 9-year-old student, was in the school cafeteria Tuesday playing with LEGOs when he was taken to the principal’s office and threatened with suspension. One of his toys was a LEGO policeman that holds a 2-inch plastic gun. [More]

Millions in Stimulus Spending Being Doled Out for Questionable Jobs

Federal agencies are spending stimulus money at the rate of $196 million an hour. Among the spending: $233,000 to the University of California at San Diego to study why Africans vote. Jobs created: 12, but seven of those are Africans in Africa; Penn State University got $1.5 million to study plant fossils in Argentina. Of 5 jobs created, 2 belong to Argentines; The State University of New York at Buffalo got $389,000 to pay 100 Buffalo citizens $45 each to record how much malt liquor they drink - and how much pot smoke each day. [More]

Fresno tops list of 'drunkest' city

Fresno, Calif., tops Men's Health magazine's list of America's "drunkest" cities while Boston, home to the "Cheers" bar where everyone knows your name, was deemed the "least drunk," besting even Salt Lake City. [More]

Boy,13, dies during hot dog eating game for charity

A 13-year-old boy died after choking on a hot dog while participating in an eating game at an event to raise money for earthquake victims in Haiti. [More]

Rush Limbaugh on Rahm Emanuel "retarded" comment: Liberal activists are "retards"

Rush Limbaugh has pounced on Rahm Emanuel's "retarded" blunder and is using the same offensive term to bludgeon his enemies on the left. [More]

Wayne Newton Abandons Airplane, Ignores Storage Fees

Wayne Newton parked his plane three years ago at Oakland County International Airport in Waterford, Michigan. There it has sat, abandoned, and unpaid for in storage fees. [More]

California Woman Found Shot Inside Her Ice Cream Truck

Vallejo police say a woman was hospitalized after she was found shot inside her ice cream truck near a middle school. [More]

Camel burger newest "healthy" option on Dubai menu

A traditional Emirati restaurant in Dubai has added a new entree to its menu billed as a fat-free choice for carnivorous but health-conscious diners: the Camel Burger. [More]

Missing 2-Year-Old's Body Found in Va. Landfill

Authorities say the body of a toddler found dead in a Virginia landfill is that of a 2-year-old who was reported missing last month by his stepfather. [More]

Man dies in rare fatal shark attack in Florida

A man kite surfing off a Florida beach died Wednesday after being surrounded and attacked by sharks. [More]

Coroner: Casey Johnson's death diabetes related

Socialite Casey Johnson, 30, died of diabetic ketoacidosis, the coroner said in a brief statement. [More]

Actress Brittany Murphy death accidental

Brittany Murphy died from multiple drug intoxication, pneumonia and "iron deficiency anemia," Los Angeles coroners said Thursday, ruling the actress's death an accident. [More]

Woman seeks "Jessica Alba" makeover to win back lover

A Chinese woman is seeking extensive plastic surgery to look like U.S. actress Jessica Alba, mainly because she hopes to win back her boyfriend who she said always wished she looked more like the Hollywood star. [More]

Legit Web sites team up with shady operators

It's bad enough the Internet is a money-making machine for con artists and swindlers. Now you have to worry about “legitimate” companies that team up with dishonest marketing firms in order to boost their profits. [More]

Chinese Childcare

Chuanliu Chen said he has to chain his two-year-old son to a tree while he's working because he can't afford nursery care for him. "It seems harsh but it's better than losing him," said Chen."[with photo] [More]

Unruly passenger blames actions on pot cookies

The FBI says a San Francisco man told investigators he was high on a double dose of medical marijuana cookies when he allegedly attacked crew members and forced the diversion of a US Airways flight to Pittsburgh. [More]

Deputy locked in dog cage after DUI stop

A Tennessee sheriff's deputy arrested on a drunken driving charge wound up in a dog house before he was taken to the big house. [More]

Obama aunt to fight deportation for second time

President Barack Obama's aunt, an illegal immigrant who has cared for his siblings, will on Thursday face a federal immigration court to avoid deportation to Kenya, the Boston Herald reported. [More]

Pet owner killed by dogs after saving them from death

A Slovenian who saved his three dogs from being put down for attacking humans was himself mauled to death by them, police said Wednesday. [More]

Restaurant encourages bathroom sex

A co-owner of a Toronto restaurant says she is encouraging patrons to have sex in its four unisex bathrooms to celebrate Valentine's Day. [More]

Schwarzenegger: Florida known for ‘old people’

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says Florida is "for the old people" and that no one wants to take a vacation in Iowa. [More]

Fla. trooper accused of writing bogus tickets

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper based in South Florida has been arrested on charges of official misconduct, after authorities said he wrote hundreds of fake citations to drivers. [More]

Man irate about gas pump not working drives SUV into store

A Jefferson County man is charged with attempted murder after authorities say the man, irate because a gas pump wasn't turned on, threatened to kill the service station clerk and then drove his truck into the store. [More]

Mom to sue school after son's mouth was taped

The Denver mother of a 6-year-old boy whose mouth was taped shut by a school secretary is suing the school system. [More]

Giacometti sculpture fetches record $104M

A life-size bronze sculpture of a man by Alberto Giacometti was sold Wednesday at a London auction for 65 million pounds ($104.3 million) — a world record for the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction, Sotheby’s auction house said. [More]

Obama 'Not Welcome' in Sin City

The president's insistence that "you don't blow a bunch of cash on Vegas" during a speech in N.H. quickly sparked a flurry of reaction from federal, state and local lawmakers in the Silver State. [More]

Taxpayers to Fork Out $2.5 Million for Single Census Ad During Super Bowl

Taxpayers might want to pay close attention to this Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast or they'll miss Uncle Sam's 30-second, $2.5-million reminder to stand up and be counted. [More]

House faces tough vote on $1.9 trillion more debt

Facing a politically excruciating vote, House Democratic leaders are counting on new budget deficit curbs to help smooth the way for a bill allowing the government to go $1.9 trillion deeper into debt over the next year — or about $6,000 more for every U.S. resident. [More]

Federal Government to Grow to 2.15 Million Employees in 2010

The Obama administration projects the number of employees on the government payroll will grow to 2.15 million this year, reportedly making it the largest federal workforce in modern history and fueling criticism over the size of government. [More]

Former Aide Says Edwards Should Return Campaign Donations

The former John Edwards confidante who has turned on his old boss with a tell-all book said Wednesday that the two-time presidential candidate should return the millions in campaign contributions he collected over the past decade. [More]

Stewart tells O’Reilly he’s voice of sanity on Fox

Comic Jon Stewart told Bill O’Reilly that the “no spin zone” ringleader had become the voice of sanity on Fox News Channel, although “that’s like being the thinnest kid at fat camp.” [More]

Obama Tells Dems: Turn off CNN, Turn off Fox

At today's question and answer session between President Obama and his former Democratic colleagues in the Senate, members got a bit of unexpected TV-viewing advice from the Commander in Chief: stop watching politics on TV. [More]

Toyota Admits Design Flaw in Prius Brakes

Toyota acknowledged design problems with the brakes in its prized Prius, adding to the catalog of woes for the Japanese automaker as it reels from massive gas-pedal recalls in the U.S. [More]

Motivational speaker charged in sweat lodge deaths

Motivational speaker James Arthur Ray was arrested Wednesday on manslaughter charges after three people died following a northern Arizona sweat lodge ceremony he led last year. [More]

Leif Garrett arrested for heroin possession

Former teen idol Leif Garrett was released on bail on Wednesday, after being arrested and booked for heroin possession by police who saw him "shaking and sweating" on a subway platform, a law enforcement spokesman said. [More]

Banker Caught Looking At Racy Pics On TV

An Australian banker is facing an uncertain future after he was caught looking at racy photographs at his desk - during a live television broadcast. [More]

Tax court allows deduction for woman's sex change

The U.S. Tax Court ruled Tuesday that a Massachusetts woman should be allowed to deduct the costs of her sex-change operation, a decision that could have broad implications for transgender people. [More]

Man buries himself in snow to evade police

A pickup truck driver in southwestern Ontario was recovering in hospital from hypothermia Sunday evening after he crossed a river on foot and then buried himself up to his neck in snow in an attempt to hide from police. [More]

Obama budget: Record spending, record deficit

Spelling out painful priorities, President Barack Obama urged Congress on Monday to quickly approve a huge new shot of spending for recession relief and job creation, part of a record $3.8 trillion budget that would boost the deficit beyond any in the nation's history while only slowly beginning to put Americans back to work. [More]

Ariz. principal suspended over sarcastic letter

An Arizona school principal who penned a sarcastic letter that chided parents for children who were either "too lazy or too stupid" to complete their assignments in class was suspended after the missive was mistakenly sent home. [More]

NASA grieves over canceled program

NASA and President Barack Obama's administration expect to spend months working out the specifics for their new plan for U.S. space exploration, even as some within the space agency mourn the loss of its current effort to send astronauts back to the moon. [More]

Faith-healing parents guilty in teen son’s death

An Oregon couple was found guilty Tuesday of criminally negligent homicide for praying over their ill son instead of seeking medical help. [More]

LA judge sends Ryan O'Neal's son back to rehab

A judge in Los Angeles is sending the troubled son of Ryan O'Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett back to rehab after more than a month in jail. [More]

Man kills Ohio teen throwing eggs at cars

Police say charges have been filed in the 2006 death of an Ohio boy who was killed after he and two others threw eggs at passing cars. [More]

Jenny Sanford: Governor asked her advice on affair

In a new memoir, South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford writes that Gov. Mark Sanford sought her advice about his romance and how to deal with the media after she discovered his extramarital relationship with an Argentine woman. [More]

NTSB: Pilots' 'complacency and confusion' resulted in crash

Evidence laid out by safety investigators today pins the cause of an airline crash into a house near Buffalo, N.Y., last year on errors by the pilots, but officials said the root problems extend far beyond a single event. [More]

Boston Legal Star Dies at 27

Actor Justin Mentell, a former star of ABC's Boston Legal, died in a car accident in rural Wisconsin on Monday. [More]

Strange case of moving weather posts

It is well-known that the concrete, bricks and asphalt of urban areas absorb more heat than the countryside. They result in cities being warmer, especially at night. So the question is whether rising mercury is simply a result of thermometers once in the countryside gradually finding themselves in expanding urban areas. [More]

Rip Torn heading to rehab after arrest

Rip Torn was so intoxicated when he broke into a Connecticut bank carrying a loaded gun that he thought he was home, taking off his hat and boots and leaving them by the door, according to court records. [More]

D.C. Man Gets 61 Years in Murder Over Grass Clippings

A 25-year-old man has been sentenced to 61 years in prison for fatally shooting a landscaper over some grass clippings that landed on him as he was walking by. [More]

Greyhound Passengers Stranded for Four Days in Memphis

Dozens of Greyhound Bus Line passengers have been stranded for up to four days in Memphis, Tenn., where one passenger was forced to wait outside in the frigid air in apparent retribution for speaking to reporters about their plight. [More]

Rare ailment makes girl, 13, look like she’s 50

On the inside, Zara Hartshorn is just like any 13-year-old girl — but on the outside she looks middle-aged due to lipodystrophy, a rare condition she inherited from her mother. She said she suffers cruel taunts from other children who “call me Grandma.” [More]

Obvious conclusions from obvious studies

After months of planning and hypothesizing, weeks of research compiled, numbers crunched, and data analyzed. Days of rigorous revision to prepare for publication. Finally, in this month's Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, a University of Rochester study revealed that … People are happier on weekends. [More]

Dog discharges shotgun, wounding master

Authorities say a central California hunter was wounded when his own dog accidentally shot his master in the back. [More]

Man Gets 8 Years Behind Bars for Beating New Jersey Rabbi

A man who savagely beat a New Jersey rabbi with a baseball bat during an unprovoked attack has been sentenced to eight years in state prison. [More]

Man says police destroyed mystical powers

An Oregon man claims in a lawsuit Idaho police destroyed the mystical powers of a medicine bag when they opened it during his drunken driving arrest in August. [More]

WordThink - Word of the Day

Colloquialism [col·lo·qui·al·ism] n.  1. An informal word or phrase that is more common in conversation than in formal speech or writing.  Colloquialisms can include words such as "gonna" and phrases such as "ain't nothin'" and "dead as a doornail." [More]

Man to Plead Not Guilty to Charges He Abused Haitian Boys

A Colorado man is expected to plead not guilty to new charges that he sexually abused boys at a school he founded in Haiti. [More]

Polar bear plunge canceled — too cold

The second of two scheduled dips in the water at the 14th annual Polar Bear Plunge in Annapolis, Md., was canceled on doctors' orders. [More]

If I didn't take it all off for Cosmo I wouldn't be new Mass. senator

Newly-elected Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown Sunday defended his nude photo spread from his college days - and said the racy pictures helped get him where he is today. [More]

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NASA's space change: Renting the Right Stuff

Getting to space is about to be outsourced. NASA's budget calls for spending billions of dollars to support the development of private-sector space taxis. [More]

Edwards sex tape may be sold to highest bidder

Earlier today, Rielle Hunter, former mistress of once Presidential hopeful John Edwards, sought and won an injunction for the return of a video that reportedly contains images of Mr. Edwards and Ms. Hunter engaged in sexual activity. [More]

Gisele says she gave birth in bathtub

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen says she gave birth to her son in a bathtub and that it didn't hurt a bit. [More]

Sunday, January 31

Alleged robber calls cops when punched

An alleged California robber called police when a man punched him in the face in a bid to stop the crime, police say. [More]

Eateries at odds over heart attack theme

A restaurant owner in Arizona alleges the owners of an eatery in Delray Beach, Fla., stole the theme behind his Heart Attack Grill. Heart Attack Grill owner Jon Basso alleges in a federal lawsuit the owners of the Heart Stoppers Sports Grill in Delray Beach copied his theme of having a restaurant with a medical theme and unhealthy foods, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel said Friday. [More]

At 78, Willie Mays decides to share his story

As the forthcoming book makes clear, the legend's life, in baseball and out, was dotted with difficulties. Like other blacks, he was a target of racism. He had persistent money woes, and especially in the second half of his career, persistent physical ones. [More]

Actor Rip Torn arrested drunk, armed in Conn. bank

Emmy award winning actor Rip Torn, who has had a recurring role in the NBC hit "30 Rock," has been arrested after police found him intoxicated and armed inside a Connecticut bank. [More]

Missouri Woman Accused of Drugging Granddaughter

A Missouri woman is accused of drugging her 1-year-old granddaughter, hoping that the child's divorcing parents would get back together if they had a sick child. [More]

WordThink - Word of the Day

Clandestine [clan·des·tine] adj.  1. Kept or done in secret, often in order to conceal an illicit or improper purpose. "The CIA maintains clandestine operations in many countries." [More]

Dudes don't kiss dudes on CBS

CBS has rebuffed the publicity-seeking entry from a new gay dating service, Mancrunch. The company had pounced on a chance to present their ad when they heard time was still for sale for the big game. [More]

10 Americans held in Haiti; tried to move kids

Haitian police arrested 10 U.S. citizens after they tried to take 33 Haitian children out of the earthquake-stricken nation, authorities said Saturday. [More]

Obama pushes nuclear energy to boost climate bill

President Barack Obama is endorsing nuclear energy like never before, trying to win over Republicans and moderate Democrats on climate and energy legislation. [More]

Obama to Propose $3.8 Trillion Budget

President Obama is expected to send a $3.8 trillion budget to Congress on Monday for the coming fiscal year, according to The New York Times. [More]

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Ex-Nevada deputy relieved over bribery acquittal

A former Nevada sheriff's deputy says she's relieved that a jury has acquitted her of bribery charges, but still hurt because of how her colleagues turned against her. [More]

Light switches have $792,000 price tag

City officials in Cleveland say installing light switches in the city's nine-story police headquarters will likely cost $792,000. [More]

Ex-California Swim Coach Gets 40 Years in Prison for Molestation

A former San Jose swim coach who pleaded no contest to 20 child molestation charges has been sentenced to 40 years in prison. [More]

Books pulled from in pricing dispute

New copies of Hilary Mantel's "Wolf Hall," Andrew Young's "The Politician" and other books published by Macmillan were unavailable Saturday on, a drastic step in the ongoing dispute over e-book prices. [More]

Saturday, January 30

Tell-all by ex-Edwards aide paints him as cold, reckless

A new book about former Sen. John Edwards paints him as a cold, calculating and reckless politician willing to deny fathering a daughter, risking his marriage and putting the Democratic Party in potential political jeopardy - all in the name of trying to win the presidency. [More]

Man Steals Idling NYPD Cop Car, Drives to Airport

A man stole a New York City police vehicle left idling in the Bronx, N.Y., Saturday morning and drove it to LaGuardia Airport. [More]

Derogatory 'Jeopardy' board launches TSA probe

The Transportation Security Administration has launched an internal investigation into an air marshal field office in Florida where supervisors are alleged to have used a crew assignment board to ridicule and keep score on women, gays and minorities, sources told CNN. [More]

Cost dispute Halts airlift of Haiti quake victims

The United States has suspended its medical evacuations of critically injured Haitian earthquake victims until a dispute over who will pay for their care is settled, military officials said Friday. [More]

'N.J. Housewife': 'I'm a born-again virgin'

Danielle Staub, the polarizing star of "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey," is turning over a new leaf: She's abstaining from all sexual activity until she's married. [More]

Edwards' ex-mistress wants 'private' tape returned

The ex-mistress of two-time presidential candidate John Edwards wants a "very private and personal" videotape back from a campaign aide who wrote a book about the politician, according to court documents. [More]

Deputy acquitted in ‘Girls Gone Wild’ trial

A federal jury has acquitted a former Nevada sheriff’s deputy of bribery charges after she was accused of accepting nearly $10,000 in gifts to give special treatment to Joe Francis. [More]

WordThink - Word of the Day

Attenuate [at·ten·u·ate] v.  1. To reduce in force, value, amount, or degree; weaken: "The layoffs attentuated the company's sales forecast." [More]

Man Accused of Burning Puppy in Front of Kids

Police say a Philadelphia man poured rubbing alcohol on his family's puppy and set it on fire in front of his children. [More]

Police: Man stole thousands of men's shoes

A Delaware man arrested Friday is suspected of stealing thousands of pairs of men's shoes and photos of men during the past 20 years, police said. [More]

Utah Teacher Fatally Shot in Preschool Parking Lot

A teacher was shot and fatally wounded in the parking lot of her preschool Friday, and a 70-year-old woman accused in the attack called 911 and then calmly waited for police, authorities said. [More]

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Driver denies knowledge of $1M find

A thinly populated county in southwest Kansas may be getting a $1 million infusion of cash following a police seizure of suspected drug money, authorities said. [More]

Biggest and brightest full moon of 2010 tonight

Tonight's full moon will be the biggest and brightest full moon of the year. It offers anyone with clear skies an opportunity to identify easy-to-see features on the moon. [More]

Review: Ozzy memoir is ride through rock history

It's Ozzy Osborne's stumbling, rambling, decadent-beyond-recognition memoir, as over-the-top as the author himself. The book would be heartbreaking if it weren't so hilarious. [More]

Friday, January 29

Truck Driver Blames Chili for Crashing Into Home

Police say a lumber truck crashed into a Massachusetts home after the driver was knocked unconscious when he choked on chili from Wendy's. [More]

McCarron accuses Mickelson of cheating

Already missing Tiger Woods because of a sex scandal, the PGA Tour headed into another mess Friday when a player accused Phil Mickelson of "cheating" for using wedges that are allowed under a legal technicality. [More]

Police: 743 lbs. of pot in septic tank

In a messy drug bust this week, investigators uncovered more than 700 pounds of marijuana stuffed in a septic tank truck full of human waste, Arizona police said Friday. [More]

Pastor accused of pulling gun on son at church

The son of a well-known Alcoa pastor has taken out an order of protection against his father, claiming he was threatened with a gun during an argument at a church over his lack of church attendance. [More]

Update: Remains buried under driveway are lottery winner

Police have identified human remains found buried under recently added concrete at a home in Plant City, Florida, as missing lottery millionaire Abraham Shakespeare, police said Friday. [More]

Amazing Superimposed Photos

These clever superimposed photos align historical photos with today's actual surroundings. [More]

Marijuana Megastore Plants Roots in Oakland

There's a new store in East Oakland that's sure to draw a huge cloud of controversy. The 15,000-square foot warehouse is a one-stop shop for everything cannabis cultivation - from lights and fans to fertilizer and additives. An on-site doctor will issue recommendations and technicians will be on-hand to teach prospective growers how to get their roots into the business. [More]

Priest checks fingerprints for mass attendance

A Polish priest has installed an electronic reader in his church for schoolchildren to leave their fingerprints in order to monitor their attendance at mass. [More]

Scientists broke the law by hiding climate change data: But legal loophole means they won't be prosecuted

Scientist at the heart of the 'Climategate' email scandal broke the law when they refused to give raw data to the public, a privacy watchdog has ruled. But the scientists will escape prosecution because the offenses took place more than six months ago. [More]

Woman struck by flailing fire hose dies

An 82-year-old woman died Thursday, two days after a hose dangling off a passing fire truck struck her in Cambridge, Massachusetts. [More]

Nevada Woman Jailed for Leaving Daughter Outside Bar

A Nevada woman is jailed on allegations of neglecting her toddler daughters after police say she went to a bar and left her 1-year-old in a stroller outside and her 2-year-old at home alone. [More]

Hearing scheduled in Jackson dad's bid for stipend

A judge has scheduled a hearing to decide if Michael Jackson's father should receive a monthly allowance of more than $15,000 from the pop star's estate. [More]

Undersheriff finds $1 million during traffic stop

A Clark County undersheriff said he was just following his instincts when he found more than $1 million during a traffic stop. [More]

Joyriding 8-year-old drives into creek

Police in Pennsylvania said an 8-year-old joyriding in his grandmother's car was not injured when he plunged the vehicle into a creek. [More]

N.H. Teen Sentenced to Prison for Disabled Worker's Murder

A New Hampshire teenager convicted in the killing of a disabled Wal-Mart cashier was sentenced Thursday to 20 to 40 years in prison, capping the prosecutions of four young people who set out to avenge the victim's passes at a co-worker. [More]

Man buys car, finds $200K in counterfeit cash

A Georgia man got more than he bargained for when he bought a car from a towing company late last year. Officials with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office said Thursday that Tye Kuykendall found $200,000 in counterfeit money inside a hidden compartment behind the back seat of the car. [More]

WordThink - Word of the Day

Oxymoron [ox·y·mo·ron]  A phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are used together for special effect, for example, “wise fool” or “to make haste slowly.” [More]

Update: Obama calls high speed rail funding a 'down payment'

President Obama announced at a town hall meeting at the University of Tampa Thursday that the $8 billion allotment to Florida's high speed rail and other rail projects in 30 more states as a "down payment." [More]

NASA must scratch moon plan

President Barack Obama is essentially grounding efforts to return astronauts to the moon and instead is sending NASA in new directions with roughly $6 billion more, according to officials familiar with the plans. [More]

White House orders Justice Department to look for other places to hold 9/11 terror trial

White House officials have told the Justice Department to consider other venues for the 9/11 terror trial that was to be held in lower Manhattan, the Daily News has learned. [More]

Senate permits government to borrow an additional $1.9 trillion

The Senate voted Thursday to allow the government to go a whopping $1.9 trillion deeper in debt, offering a vivid election-year reminder that the government has to borrow 40 cents of every dollar it spends. [More]

Rollins: Obama tries to rally his scared party

The president's first State of the Union speech was an attempt to rev up his troops and convince the country he can lead them to the promised land. [More]

Couple learn cracked vase worth thousands

An elderly British couple have been told a cracked Chinese vase they hid in a spare bedroom is worth more than their house and possibly everything else in it. [More]

Your Daily Horoscope

From UPI. [More]

The mystery grows: What’s in Salinger’s safe?

The death this week of J.D. Salinger ends one of literature's most mysterious lives and intensifies one of its greatest mysteries: Was the author of "The Catcher in the Rye" keeping a stack of finished, unpublished manuscripts in a safe in his house in Cornish, N.H.? [More]

Va. School Pulls Anne Frank Diary After Parent Complaint

A parent complaint has prompted the Culpeper County school system to pull a version of Anne Frank's diary off library shelves. [More]

Remains buried under concrete may be lottery winner

Human remains found buried under recently-added concrete at a home in Florida are likely those of missing lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare, police said. [More]

Lindsay Lohan's father arrested again in New York

Police on New York's Long Island say Michael Lohan was arrested Thursday morning and charged with criminal contempt. Police did not provide further details. [More]

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