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Sunday, May 16

Sleeping on couch, Detroit girl, 7, fatally shot by cop

A 7-year-old Detroit girl was shot and killed this morning after a Detroit Police officer’s weapon went off while executing a search warrant for a homicide suspect on the city’s east side, police said this morning. [More]

Woody Allen comes out in support of Polanski

Woody Allen has restated his support for fellow filmmaker Roman Polanski, who is in house arrest in connection with a 33-year-old sex scandal. [More]

NYC Subway Savior Leaps to Aid Woman, Dies as Both Struck

A good Samaritan died in a horrific New York City subway accident Friday night as he valiantly tried to save a young woman who jumped into the path of an oncoming train to retrieve her jacket, the New York Post reported Saturday. [More]

Michael Jackson doctor helps passenger in distress

The doctor accused of administering a powerful anesthetic that killed pop star Michael Jackson helped stabilize a young woman who fell unconscious on a US Airways jet on Saturday. [More]

California Woman Earns College Diploma at Age 94

It's never too late to earn your college degree. Just ask 94-year-old Hazel Soares. [More]

Calif. Softball Coach Apologizes for Making Players Drink From Shoe

A California high school girl's softball coach has apologized for requiring eight players who struck out during a recent game to drink soda pop out of a team member's shoe, a school district official said. [More]

Calif. investigating high school strippers

The assistant principal at a California high school has been placed on leave after a campus talent show where male students pranced seductively in underwear and Speedos. [More]

Woman says LT's accuser ‘wasn’t raped’

A woman has come forward as a defense witness in the sexual assault case against Lawrence Taylor, saying the 16-year-old girl who accused the NFL legend of rape never had sex with him. [More]

Found: genes that let you live to 100

Scientists have discovered the “Methuselah” genes whose lucky carriers have a much improved chance of living to 100 even if they indulge in an unhealthy lifestyle. [More]

Families to Killer “Go straight to Hell”

Sixty family and friends of both Amber and Chelsea pack one side of the courtroom. Eight members of the general public are sitting behind the media, everyone else is in a near by overflow room watching on TV. [More]

Endless beer supply fills infield for Preakness

The best thing about paying for an endless supply of beer is that it doesn't matter if you spill a cup. [More]

Barbara Walters' heart valve surgery 'went well'

The television legend's spokeswoman, Cindi Berger, said Friday that the surgery "went well and the doctors are very pleased with the outcome." [More]

Saturday, May 15

Police: TV chef solicited homeless in murder plot

California police say the former host of a Food Network show is accused of soliciting homeless people to commit a murder. [More]

Teacher apologizes for recorded beating of student

A teacher who was recorded on cell phone video beating a student apologized Friday, saying she was "without excuse" for the attack on the 13-year-old. [More]

Accused Texas High School Student Impostor Charged With Sexual Assault

Guerdwich Montimer was arrested for the third time in four days, this time after a 16-year-old girl in Odessa told police and school district officials she had sex with him at a home in August when she thought he was 15-year-old Jerry Joseph, said Odessa police Cpl. Sherrie Carruth. [More]

Australian Teen Becomes Youngest Person to Sail Solo Around the World

A 16-year-old Australian who spent seven months at sea in her pink yacht sailed across the finish line of her round-the-world journey Saturday, becoming the youngest sailor to circle the globe solo, nonstop and unassisted. [More]

Wash. Sheriff's Deputy Kills In-Laws, Himself

A sheriff's deputy accused of fatally shooting his wife's parents was found dead in his Gig Harbor, Wash., home early Saturday, after an hourslong standoff, police said. [More]

LA DA meets actress who claims Polanski sex abuse

Los Angeles County prosecutors have met with a British actress who claims she was sexually abused by director Roman Polanski in his Paris apartment when she was 16 — years before she appeared in one of his movies. [More]

Russell Crowe storms out of radio interview

Actor Russell Crowe stormed out of a BBC radio interview after suggestions that he had made the quintessentially British legend Robin Hood sound Irish in his latest movie. [More]

College Student May Owe ROTC $80,000 After Coming Out as Lesbian

A student who received a full-ride ROTC scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill may now owe the Army nearly $80,000 for the money it put toward her tuition and books after coming out as a lesbian. [More]

Former UCLA student's kidnap hoax could be costly

A young woman who faked her own kidnapping to avoid telling her parents she had dropped out of college could be sued for the costs of the extensive search, but she won't face criminal charges, police said Friday. [More]

15 Celebs Who Were Adopted

Sandra Bullock’s announcement of son Louis was only the most recent in a long line of celebrity adoptions. From Katherine Heigl to Sheryl Crow, the Hollywood elite seem determined to give a loving family to orphaned children both stateside and abroad. [More]

Friday, May 14

New Immigration Law May Be Good For Arizona Business

While some politicians are boycotting Arizona, many Americans are supporting Arizona businesses with their pocketbooks. One Arizona company,, received a nice jewelry order from a first-time California customer yesterday, with a note: "Doing a little early Christmas shopping to show support for Arizona." [More]

Thieves steal Ohio hearse with body inside

A corpse was taken for a ride in Cleveland by thieves who stole a crematory's hearse, then abandoned it with a note saying where they'd dumped the body. [More]

Man, 84, accused of running down brother-in-law in money spat

An 84-year-old Sevier County man was being held in Garfield County Jail Wednesday on a charge of attempted murder after allegedly running over his brother-in-law with a car - and then beating him with a cane. [More]

Georgia College Student Ignites Immigration Debate

In the roughly six weeks since she was arrested for driving without a license, the case of Jessica Colotl, an illegal immigrant and college student in suburban Atlanta, has become a flashpoint in the immigration debate. [More]

Familiar Figure in Latest Arizona Uproar

The school official who nixed an Illinois girls high school basketball team trip to Arizona once supported a controversial program that required students to attend a “freshman advisory” class where gay upperclassmen shared stories of their high school experience with new students. [More]

Lawyer allegedly fired at census worker

A Texas lawyer was charged with aggravated assault after she allegedly fired five shots from a handgun at a census canvasser. [More]

Man Who Branded Kids Acquitted On Assault Charges

A jury in Port Angeles has acquitted a man who branded his children like cattle of two felony second-degree assault charges. [More]

Kagan and the 'Gay Question' Controversy

When Elena Kagan goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee this summer, she'll be asked dozens of questions by probing senators eager to understand the influence her education, career path, family life and personal views would have on her judicial philosophy. [More]

Airline Charging More for Hamsters Than People

Frontier Airlines says it will let customers carry small pets on board, but it will cost more than some of the fares that Frontier charges its two-legged passengers. [More]

Iowa's 'Field of Dreams' site for sale for $5.4M

In "Field of Dreams," Kevin Costner's character builds a baseball diamond out of a corn field after a voice tells him: "If you build it, he will come." Well, now he can buy it. [More]

Heidi Montag calls cops on mom

Another day, another drama for Heidi Montag. On Thursday, the "Hills" star called police after her mother, Darlene Egelhoff, arrived at her Los Angeles home. [More]

Source says Elin ‘100 percent filing’ for divorce

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's marriage is all but over, and there is “zero chance of reconciliation” between the two, according to a source close Nordegren. [More]

Will 'Law & Order' live on, to break a TV record?

Will the criminal justice system be alive on "Law & Order" next fall? It's down to the wire whether the venerable cop drama will be nabbing more bad guys in a history-making run. [More]

Thursday, May 13

Los Angeles to boycott Arizona over immigration law

Los Angeles officials on Wednesday approved a ban on future business with Arizona in protest against its crackdown on illegal immigrants, becoming the largest U.S. city to impose such an economic boycott. [More]

Armed Police Officer Hunted by Fellow Cops in Massachusetts

An armed police officer was being pursued by state police in Belchertown, Massachusetts after a domestic incident with his wife Wednesday night. [More]

ACLU: Pa. police cite hundreds just for cursing

Pennsylvania police wrongly charged hundreds of people with disorderly conduct for swearing, the American Civil Liberties Union said in a pair of free-speech lawsuits filed today. [More]

U.S. airport security officers targeted in ID theft

A Massachusetts couple has been charged with stealing the identities of dozens of Transportation Security Administration officers, who screen passengers and baggage at U.S. airports. [More]

Records allege Utah man beat stepson to death

Newly released police records show a Utah man held in the slaying of his 4-year-old stepson became increasing violent toward the boy in the days leading up to the child's death, then disfigured the boy's face before burying his body in a canyon. [More]

Sanford visited the Florida Keys with Argentine lover

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford said today he spent last weekend in Florida with his Argentine lover, hoping to rekindle the affair that wrecked his marriage and his political future and brought a formal rebuke from legislators for embarrassing the state. [More]

Fannie Lost $13.1 Billion In 1Q, Needs Another $8.4 Billion

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae bled another $13.1 billion during the first quarter, prompting the U.S.-owned company to request another $8.4 billion cash infusion from the Treasury Department. [More]

Gamblers see ‘near misses’ as wins

Problem gamblers have a stronger response in the reward section of their brains to so-called "near misses" than do people who only gamble casually, a new study finds. The results might explain why gamblers have such a hard time pulling themselves away from the slots, the researchers say. [More]

Man Arrested for Drunk Driving Golf Cart

Vermont State Police say a man was charged with suspicion of drunken driving after being pulled over in a golf cart, with an open can of Bud Light. [More]

Collider on course for exotic results

Scientists working on the Big Bang project probing the secrets of the cosmos said on Wednesday their giant particle collider is on course to make unexpected discoveries about the origins and makeup of the universe. [More]

Sean Penn sentenced for paparazzi scuffle

Oscar-winner Sean Penn was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to undergo anger management counseling Wednesday after pleading no contest to a charge arising from a confrontation with a photographer last year. [More]

Student: Suspected impostor 'played the part good'

A lot of guys dream about going back to high school and recapturing their athletic glory days. A man who went by the name of Jerry Joseph did it, police say, and now he's in big trouble. [More]

Wednesday, May 12

Drunk pregnant woman crashes into home

A 24-year-old pregnant woman was charged with driving under the influence after she crashed her car into a Cherry Hill home Monday, police said. [More]

Elderly lottery winner does not have to share jackpot with sister

An 87-year-old Connecticut woman doesn't have to split her share of a $500,000 lottery jackpot with the 84-year-old sister she hasn't spoken to since they began fighting over the windfall in 2005, a judge ruled today. [More]

Mexico's top diplomat in Arizona braces for exodus of Mexican citizens

Mexico's new consul general in Phoenix is appealing for Mexicans in the state to remain calm, but is still bracing for an exodus because of the state's tough new immigration law, The Arizona Republic reports. "We are sending the message. Stay calm. You don't have to take your kids right away (and leave). But if the school year ends, and the law is enforced, then you have to take proper action." [More]

Son of 'Diff'rent Strokes' star Dana Plato kills himself nearly 11 years to-the-day after mother's suicide

Tyler Lambert, the 25-year-old son of actress Dana Plato, committed suicide this month, nearly 11 years after his “Diff’rent Strokes” star mother took her own life, according to reports. [More]

Teacher cleared of molestation: ‘Nobody wins’

Cleared of all charges of molesting young girls, kindergarten teacher Tonya Craft spoke out about her two-year ordeal, which included death threats and watching her own daughter testify for the prosecution. “Nobody wins in this situation," she said Wednesday. [More]

Philly Police: Sgt. Lied About Being Shot by Black Man

A white Philadelphia police sergeant is being fired after confessing that he shot himself on purpose and fabricated a story about being shot by a black man, authorities say. [More]

Police: High school hoops star actually 22

A West Texas student who led his high school basketball team to the state playoffs last season was actually a 22-year-old man, police said Tuesday. [More]

Arizona gov. signs bill targeting ethnic studies

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill targeting a school district's ethnic studies program, hours after a report by United Nations human rights experts condemned the measure. The measure signed Tuesday prohibits classes that advocate ethnic solidarity, that are designed primarily for students of a particular race or that promote resentment toward a certain ethnic group. [More]

Lawyers: Rig workers asked to sign statements

Workers aboard an exploding offshore drilling platform were told to sign statements denying they were hurt or witnessed the blast that rocked the rig, killed 11 and spewed millions of gallons of oil into the ocean, their attorneys said Tuesday. [More]

Celebrity burglar reality star jailed for six months

A teenage reality television actress who was allegedly part of a gang of youthful thieves that targeted homes of Hollywood celebrities was jailed for six months Monday, officials said. [More]

Nebraska police nab alleged 'toilet paper' bandit

Police said they suspect they've captured the "toilet paper bandit." A man who concealed his face by wrapping his head with toilet paper robbed a Lincoln convenience store last month. Police said the man was armed with a knife, but no one was hurt in the robbery. He escaped on foot with an undisclosed amount of money. [More]

Larry King saves marriage with 7th wife

Legendary TV host Larry King's spokesman said he is back with his seventh wife Shawn Southwick and called off their divorce, according to media reports Tueaday. [More]

Working overtime raises heart disease risk

Clocking in overtime may adversely affect a healthy heart, says a new study. The results, from the long-running study following more than 10,000 civil servants in London (UK): the Whitehall II study, are published in the European Heart Journal . [More]

Walgreen will start selling genetic test kits

The largest U.S. drugstore chain, Walgreen Co., will start selling genetic testing kits at many of its stores later this month, according to Pathway Genomics, which makes the kits. [More]

Customer conks gunman with beer bottles

A customer who bashed a gun-wielding man on the head with two beer bottles foiled a robbery at a truck stop off Interstate 95, officials said. [More]

Arizona immigration law hits Latino businesses

A month ago, Efrain Gaytan's Mexican diner was bustling with migrant workers wolfing down a breakfast of eggs and burritos before they headed out to work as landscapers and day laborers across west Phoenix. But around 8 a.m. all but three tables are empty as customers rattled by Arizona's tough new law cracking down on illegal immigrants stay away -- even though the law does not go into effect until July. [More]

Boycott over immigration law could put dent in Arizona tourism

Arizona's $18.6 billion travel industry could take a big hit if a boycott announced last week in response to a new immigration law gains momentum. The boycott's biggest target: Major League Baseball's 2011 All-Star Game. [More]

Pair facing charges after boy's body found in Utah

The body of a missing 4-year-old boy was found in a Utah canyon and his mother and stepfather were taken into custody, police said. [More]

Playboy readers get 3-D centerfold

Playboy readers who can only imagine what it would look like if a centerfold jumped right off the page are getting new specs to help them see into Hef's world. [More]

Health overhaul law potentially costs $115B more

President Barack Obama's new health care law could potentially add at least $115 billion more to government health care spending over the next 10 years, congressional budget referees said Tuesday. [More]

Agents for actress ask judge to nix ankle monitor

Agents for a Mexican-born actress accused of having a sham marriage say her court-ordered ankle monitor is hurting her career. [More]

Man Accused of Killing Yale Doc to Give DNA Sample

An unemployed Chinese-born doctor charged with fatally shooting a Yale University physician has been ordered to give authorities a DNA sample. [More]

Tuesday, May 11

'Charlie's Angels' Star Kate Jackson Says Financial Advisor Left Her in 'Financial Ruin'

Kate Jackson, one of the original stars of "Charlie's Angels," claims she's now in "financial ruin" ... and she's blaming it all on a guy she met through Farrah Fawcett. [More]

Judge: Death penalty not sexist in Anthony case

Casey Anthony will face the death penalty, a Florida judge ruled, rejecting defense arguments that capital punishment in her murder case was sexist and unduly harsh. [More]

4 missing after sinkhole swallows Quebec home

Four people, including two children, were missing after the land beneath their home gave way and swallowed their house northeast of Montreal, officials said Tuesday. [More]

E-Trade Mocks Lohan Suit

Lohan is "a pot-stirring, lazy, irresponsible, disrespectful little drama queen," the papers - filed in Nassau County Supreme Court - quote one on-line commenter as saying. [More]

3 plead not guilty in deadly home invasion linked to internet ad

Three men accused of killing a Washington state man in a home invasion after the victim posted a Craigslist internet ad for a diamond ring were arraigned Monday, with all three pleading not guilty. [More]

Mother of 15 charged after leaving 3-year-old girl at Walmart

Police charged a Northside woman with endangering children after she left her 3-year-old in a Walmart store Thursday night and didn’t realize the girl was missing until Friday morning, when a relative told her she had seen the child on the news, according to the official complaint filed Friday in Hamilton County court. [More]

Calif. woman pleads guilty in Sandra Cantu murder

A local Sunday school teacher's guilty plea in the killing of an 8-year-old girl has brought relief to residents of this small California city, even as disturbing questions remained — including how, where and why the girl was murdered. [More]

LPGA player Erica Blasberg, 25, dies

Erica Blasberg, an LPGA player, died early Monday morning in Henderson, Nev., according to her agent, Chase Callahan. The six-year tour player was 25 years old. [More]

Tiger's swing coach quits

Tiger Woods' troubled career took another blow Monday, when one of his coaches said he would no longer be working with golf's No. 1 player. [More]

BP leads blame game in Senate testimony

When the top executives from BP, Transocean and Halliburton go before a Senate committee Tuesday, the companies at the center of the Gulf oil spill will direct their fire at one another, with nobody taking direct blame for the ecological disaster. [More]

Suspect bites police dog

San Diego police said they arrested a suspected car thief who bit a police dog while rolling down a canyon. [More]

Golf reporter confuses 'disc' with penis

A reporter for U.S. cable network The Golf Channel mispronounced Tiger Woods' "bulging disc" to instead refer to the golfer's genitalia. [More]

Celebrity burglar reality star jailed for six months

A teenage reality television actress who was allegedly part of a gang of youthful thieves that targeted homes of Hollywood celebrities was jailed for six months Monday, officials said. [More]

TV journalist Barbara Walters to have heart surgery

Veteran US television journalist Barbara Walters said Monday that she will have surgery this week to replace a faulty heart valve. [More]

Anna Nicole items up for auction, Dannielynn benefits

Larry Birkhead, partner of Anna Nicole Smith and the father of her daughter, Dannielynn, is selling some of the former model's memorabilia at an upcoming auction for charity and his daughter's future. [More]

Nebraska police nab alleged 'toilet paper' bandit

Police said they suspect they've captured the "toilet paper bandit." A man who concealed his face by wrapping his head with toilet paper robbed a Lincoln convenience store last month. Police said the man was armed with a knife, but no one was hurt in the robbery. [More]

Monday, May 10

It's official: Cher's gender-swap son Chaz Bono is legally a man

Cher's offspring Chaz Bono is officially a man after he changed his name and gender in court last week. [More]

Woman left gun in public restroom

An Alaska woman said she accidentally left her $400 gun in a public restroom and the weapon was gone when she returned for it. [More]

Legendary singer Lena Horne dies at age 92

Lena Horne, the enchanting jazz singer and actress who reviled the bigotry that allowed her to entertain white audiences but not socialize with them, slowing her rise to Broadway superstardom, has died. [More]

New pizza recipe did wonders for Domino's sales

Just four months after a desperate Domino's tossed its much-mocked pizza recipe out the window and rolled out a spicy new one, the chain reported on Tuesday what CEO J. Patrick Doyle calls a "historic" leap in sales at locations open at least one year. [More]

And the most popular baby names are...

Move over, Emma. There's a new queen in town. Isabella dethroned Emma as the top name for girls born last year, according to the Social Security Administration's annual list of most popular baby names, released Saturday. [More]

Study: A Good Night's Sleep Saves You From Early Grave

Whether you're getting too little or too much shut-eye, those off-kilter sleep habits can significantly increase your risk of early death. [More]

Woman guilty for giving dog treats laced with Tylenol

For Kole the Australian shepherd, his master's love life nearly became a case of fatal attraction. Mike Janosz said that once he told Sarah Cain that she had to move out of their Greenfield apartment, she gave the dog treats laced with Tylenol, stole Janosz's important papers and cut the crotches out of his pants. [More]

Europe unveils trillion-dollar crisis fund

Europe on Monday announced a trillion-dollar rescue package for crisis-hit euro countries backed by the IMF and central banks worldwide, sending the euro surging in Asian trade. [More]

Stock futures surge on rescue plan

U.S. stock futures soared Monday, positioning Wall Street toward joining a worldwide rally, after European Union officials approved a $900 billion bailout to stabilize the euro and rescue debt-choked Greece. [More]

Market gains set up CEO pay bonanza

America's top CEOs are set for a once-in-a-lifetime pay bonanza. Most of them got their annual stock compensation early last year when the stock market was at a 12-year low. But stock prices have generally surged ever since. Even with last week's sharp declines, CEOs still have enormous gains on paper. [More]

'Los Suns' spark much-needed intelligent debate

So it is in Arizona, where Los Suns have called out Los Politicos in a statement showdown over that state's new immigration law. [More]

Joe the Plumber is elected to party office in Ohio

Joe the Plumber is plunging into party politics. Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher, who was hailed by Republican John McCain's presidential campaign in 2008, won one of nearly 400 seats on the local Republican Party committee in Ohio's Lucas County. [More]

Sunday, May 9

Man convicted of shooting himself in groin

A Colorado man who claimed he was trying to defend himself from a mugger when he shot himself in the groin has been convicted of illegal discharge of a firearm. [More]

Illegal Immigrant's $145G Parting Gift

Civil rights violation gets illegal immigrant with long rap sheet thousands of dollars — all on the taxpayer's dime. [More]

Man in burning truck drives to fire station

Truck on fire? Forget calling 911. Craig Brown of Carlton just drove a few more blocks to the McMinnville Fire Station when smoke started to billow from under the hood of his pickup. [More]

Cardinal accuses Vatican official of abuse cover-up

Internal Catholic Church bickering over the handling of its sexual abuse scandal has escalated to a new level, with one cardinal accusing another of a cover-up. [More]

Graduation speaker goofs on school name

Florida gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink probably won't be invited back as commencement speaker after getting the University of Central Florida's name wrong. [More]

Woods withdraws from Players

Dressed in his Sunday red shirt, Tiger Woods (FSY) bowed his head and sat in silence in front of his locker. He was supposed to be on the ninth hole at The Players Championship. In another stunning twist for someone whose life used to be so predictable, Woods withdrew suddenly. [More]

Saturday, May 8

Golf fan Tasered, arrested at Players Championship

A 36-year-old man attending the second round of The Players Championship was subdued by a Taser on Friday. [More]

California Principal Apologizes for Forbidding U.S. Flag Shirts on Mexican Holiday

A California high school principal has apologized for telling five students they couldn't wear U.S. flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo, the local superintendent said Friday. [More]

Mosque going up in NYC building damaged on 9/11

In a building damaged by debris from the Sept. 11 airliners that brought down the World Trade Center and soon to become a 13-story mosque, some see the bridging of a cultural divide and an opportunity to serve a burgeoning, peaceful religious population. Others see a painful reminder of the religious extremism that killed their loved ones. [More]

How a bomb suspect almost got away

The TSA has tightened its rules on checking no-fly lists, but the question remains: How did the would-be Times Square bomber manage to get on a plane at all? [More]

3 truckers vanish with $500G in copper

Three truck drivers, showing what appeared to be the right paperwork, drove off with $500,000 worth of copper wire from a Georgia company, police said. [More]

Bill would strip terror suspects of U.S. citizenship

A bill co-sponsored by U.S. Senators Joseph Lieberman and Scott Brown calls for suspected terrorists to be stripped of their U.S. citizenship. [More]

Why the Greeks are so angry

For years they have been encouraged to live beyond their means, taking advantage of the cheap credit on offer since Greece joined the euro in 2001. Now, the rug is being pulled from under their feet. [More]

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