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Sunday, July 18

Idaho man accused of keeping rattlers in apartment

An Idaho man who authorities say had 25 Western rattlesnakes in a five-gallon bucket in his apartment has been issued two misdemeanor citations by the state's Department of Fish and Game. [More]

Porn actors accused of killing Fla. tattoo artist

Jason Andrews was a bisexual Chicago DJ with a British accent, whose chiseled jaw and good looks landed him roles in countless gay porn videos. Amanda Logue was a married, bleach-blond Georgia woman who once owned a lingerie shop, dabbled in prostitution and starred in several X-rated videos herself. [More]

Photo shows result of fireworks ignited in trunk of car

A couple of fireworks salespeople couldn't celebrate July 4th because they were hawking their wares that day, so they decided to celebrate last night on the beach along Gandy Boulevard, fire officials say. [More]

Man believed clowns were attacking home

Police responded early Friday to a call of shots fired at a home in Roberts and found a man apparently hallucinating an attack by clowns. [More]

Tampa police: Burglars used garbage chute to get gold

Tampa police are looking for some smelly burglars who used a garbage chute to break into a jewelry store early this morning. [More]

Accused 'Barefoot Bandit' headed to Wash.

Without saying a word, the teenager accused in a two-year string of sometimes shoeless burglaries and other crimes that helped him gain international notoriety as the "Barefoot Bandit" agreed Friday to return to Washington state to face federal charges. [More]

Tweezers get man in trouble at Gig Harbor pharmacy

A 48-year-old man is facing theft and assault charges over an $8 pair of tweezers even he admitted he didn’t need. [More]

94 charged in Medicare scams totaling $251M

Elderly Russian immigrants lined up to take kickbacks from the backroom of a Brooklyn clinic. Claims flooded in from Miami for HIV treatments that never occurred. One professional patient was named in nearly 4,000 false Medicare claims. [More]

Auctioneer: Daughter will get Lucille Ball awards

An auction house selling Lucille Ball memorabilia says it is returning the actress' lifetime achievement awards to her daughter. [More]

Utah identifies at least 2 state workers allegedly behind list of purported illegal immigrants

Utah officials said Friday they have identified at least two state workers who apparently accessed confidential documents to create a list of 1,300 purported illegal immigrants that was mailed to law enforcement officials and the news media. [More]

Report: Paris Hilton caught with marijuana

Paris Hilton was briefly detained in Corsica after sniffer dogs detected a "quite small" quantity of marijuana in her bag, a French newspaper reported Saturday. [More]

London Cops Mistake Movie Set for Crime Scene

Keystone cops gave permission for a movie gun battle in London - then later declared it a crime scene when a member of the public found bullet casings, The U.K. Sun reported. [More]

Saturday, July 17

Immigrant Deaths in Arizona Desert Soaring in July

The number of deaths among illegal immigrants crossing the Arizona desert from Mexico is soaring so high this month that the medical examiner's office that handles the bodies is using a refrigerated truck to store some of them, the chief examiner said Friday. [More]

Mass. Parents Angry Over Kids Sent Home With 'Fat Reports'

Massachusetts parents are angry and dismayed over a public school policy that sees students getting sent home with “fat letters.” [More]

Texas mayor who killed self had financial troubles

A Dallas area mayor who authorities believe killed herself and her daughter left a note saying the two were still grieving over the 2008 death of their husband and father from cancer, police said Friday. [More]

$787,000 salary for city manager is outrageous, assemblyman says

Outrage is growing over revelations in The Times that the small city of Bell pays its top administrators some of the highest salaries in the nation. [More]

Judge: Law penalizing fake heroes unconstitutional

A law that makes it illegal to lie about being a war hero is unconstitutional because it violates free speech, a federal judge ruled today as he dismissed a case against a Colorado man who claimed he received two military medals. [More]

Lawyer: Lohan staying at substance abuse facility

Lindsay Lohan has moved to a substance abuse facility and signed legal papers hiring celebrity lawyer Robert Shapiro to represent her as she prepares to head to jail for violating probation in a 2007 drug case. [More]

Pa. teacher faked inoperable brain tumor for years, forged papers to take sick leave

Police in central Pennsylvania say a middle school teacher lied for years about having an inoperable brain tumor. [More]

Appeals court upholds Wesley Snipes' sentence

A federal appeals court has denied actor Wesley Snipes' claim that his three-year prison sentence for tax evasion was "unreasonable." [More]

Missing Oregon boy's father wants wife out of home

The father and stepmother of a missing Portland boy have settled their dispute over when she will move out of their house. [More]

Thousands stranded in tour operator collapse

Thousands of vacationers were left stranded Saturday in Greece and Turkey after the financial collapse of a British tour operator. [More]

Idaho tree decorated with shoes since 1940s burns

U.S. Forest Service officials in northern Idaho say the rubber-soled decorations that made the "shoe tree" a beloved Priest River landmark also helped fuel its demise. [More]

French scientists crack secrets of Mona Lisa

The enigmatic smile remains a mystery, but French scientists say they have cracked a few secrets of the "Mona Lisa." French researchers studied seven of the Louvre Museum's Leonardo da Vinci paintings, including the "Mona Lisa," to analyze the master's use of successive ultrathin layers of paint and glaze - a technique that gave his works their dreamy quality. [More]

Short-snouted dogs most likely to die on planes

Bulldog and pug owners, beware: Short-snouted breeds accounted for roughly half the purebred dog deaths on airplanes in the past five years, government data released Friday shows. [More]

Divers find what is thought to be the world's oldest drinkable champagne

A group of divers exploring a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea have found bottles containing what is thought to be the oldest drinkable champagne in the world, made in the late 18th century. [More]

BP oil well cap holds despite pressure anomaly

Engineers probed BP's ruptured Gulf oil well for leaks on Saturday but said a giant cap placed on it two days ago appears to be holding despite puzzling pressure readings. [More]

'Super skimmer' a giant bust in Gulf cleanup

A Taiwanese-owned "super skimmer" sent to help clean up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has been a bust, the U.S. Coast Guard said after tests on the ship. [More]

Friday, July 16

Muslim Mother Who Strangled Daughter Won't Be Jailed

A Canadian judge's decision to free a devout Muslim mother convicted of strangling her 14-year-old daughter with a head scarf has prompted growing outrage from victim's advocates groups. [More]

Mom of 3 accused of molesting 4 teen male friends of daughter

A secretary for the Village of Chicago Ridge is accused of molesting four of her daughter's 14- and 15-year-old male friends and giving them alcohol and marijuana. [More]

Man gets friend to shoot him in bizarre custody case

Dallas police are investigating the bizarre death of a man who they say asked a friend to shoot him so he could blame his injuries on his ex's new boyfriend and gain custody of his son. [More]

CBS producer who blackmailed Letterman up for Emmy

The former CBS News producer jailed for trying to blackmail David Letterman is up for an Emmy award. Robert "Joe" Halderman was nominated Thursday for a News and Documentary Emmy award for his participation in an April 2009 "48 Hours" story about an American exchange student charged with murder in Italy. [More]

Elderly couple dies while trapped in home elevator

When the elevator in their home got stuck between floors, Sherwood and Caroline Wadsworth found themselves trapped with no way to call for help as temperatures rose into the 90s in the closet-sized lift until they finally died from heat exhaustion. [More]

Video shows cop using stun gun on woman

A Lumpkin, Georgia police officer who repeatedly tasered a 57-year-old woman violated police policy but resigned before he could be fired, a city attorney said Thursday. [More]

Lindsay Lohan reported in rehab ahead of jail term

Lindsay Lohan was reported on Thursday to have moved into a sober living facility in Los Angeles, less than a week before she is due to start a 90-day jail term. [More]

Detectives get Gibson tapes; wife says he's no abuser

Detectives investigating Mel Gibson on a possible domestic violence case have received audio recordings from a court handling a child custody matter, authorities said Thursday. [More]

Erin Andrews files lawsuit against stalker, hotels

Sports reporter Erin Andrews has filed a lawsuit alleging the hotels where a peephole stalker secretly videotaped her were negligent, according to a statement from the law firm representing her. [More]

'Barefoot Bandit' is 'remorseful' as court appearance nears, lawyer says

Colton Harris-Moore, the so-called "barefoot bandit," is scheduled to be in a Miami courtroom Friday. [More]

Theft suspect arrested after running out of gas

Wenatchee police say they arrested a 47-year-old Tacoma man for investigation of first-degree theft after he ran out of gas as he was leaving a store where Native American collectibles were stolen. [More]

Ala. man remembers going over Niagara Falls as boy

Fifty years ago, Roger Woodward earned bragging rights as one of the few people to survive a plunge over Niagara Falls. [More]

Estranged aide to John Edwards reaches movie deal

An insider's account of John Edwards' affair and the lengths he went to hide his mistress will be developed into a movie, a former aide to the two-time presidential candidate said Thursday. [More]

Man Pleads Guilty to Using AIDS as Deadly Weapon in Dallas Trial

A man pleaded guilty in a Dallas court Thursday to having unprotected sex with women without telling them he had AIDS, the Dallas Morning News reported. [More]

Commissioner refuses to say how wife paid for $435,000 home

Hillsborough County Commissioner Jim Norman refused to answer questions Thursday about how his wife paid for a $435,000 lakefront home in Arkansas, instead lashing out at his political opponent for raising questions about the home. [More]

NJ man accused of using fake cash to pay bail

Authorities said a New Jersey man charged with shoplifting paid his bail with phony money and returned to demand a refund. The man, 25, was arrested July 7, accused of shoplifting at a clothing store and supermarket in Cinnaminson. [More]

Penthouse owner wants Playboy and Hefner

The owner of Penthouse magazine on Thursday offered to buy rival Playboy Enterprises Inc for $210 million, making a bid that was 13 percent above the buyout proposal from Playboy's iconic founder Hugh Hefner earlier this week. [More]

Pink rushed to hospital after fall during concert

Singer Pink suffered a painful mishap onstage at a Nurnberg, Germany, concert on Thursday. While suspended in a harness, the star fell onto a steel barricade, ending the show immediately. [More]

Actor George Clooney testifies at fraud trial

Actor George Clooney has testified at a fraud trial in Milan and even the judge said it seemed like a Hollywood set. [More]

Goldman's $550 Million Fine: Slap on Wrist?

Goldman Sachs agreed to pay $550 million to settle federal claims that it misled investors about the subprime housing market. [More]

Thursday, July 15

BP says cap has stopped oil flow

BP finally choked off the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico today — 85 days and up to 184 million gallons after the crisis unfolded — then began a tense 48 hours of watching to see whether the capped-off well would hold or blow a new leak [More]

Woman made up carjacking story to cover up that she crashed while having sex

Authorities say a New Jersey woman told them she was carjacked to cover up the fact that her car crashed because she was having sex. [More]

Heirs spar over Lucille Ball auction

Heirs of the late Lucille Ball and her second husband are sparring over the planned auction of some of the couple's prized possessions, including a Rolls Royce and some of the actress' awards. [More]

Texas Mayor Left Ominous Suicide Note, Keys at Front Door

When police arrived at a suburban Dallas mayor's sprawling upscale home, they quickly realized something was very wrong. Rather than attend a City Council meeting, Mayor Jayne Peters had apparently taped an envelope to the door with a key and an ominous note inside. [More]

Woman says she had photo of Stamos with cocaine

A Michigan woman accused of plotting to scam John Stamos out of hundreds of thousands of dollars insisted today she once had a photo of the "Full House" and "ER" star snorting cocaine in Florida six years ago, even though that picture can no longer be found. [More]

Girl, 15, caught stripping at 2nd topless club

An underage girl found dancing at a strip bar earlier this year was caught dancing at another topless club on the same day the first establishment was padlocked, police said Tuesday. [More]

Critics Question Why Obama Administration Doesn't Crack Down on Sanctuary Cities

Now that the Obama administration is suing Arizona over its tough immigration law, some critics are asking why so-called sanctuary cities are getting a pass for ignoring federal immigration law. [More]

House Democrats still fuming over Gibbs comments

House Democratic leaders met with President Barack Obama on Wednesday night to discuss legislative priorities in the run-up to the November mid-term election, but one topic was bypassed - the weekend assessment by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs that Republicans could win back the chamber. [More]

Oregon boy, 16, told detectives he suffocated, raped 5-year-old girl

A teenage boy charged with the rape and murder of a 5-year-old girl told police he suffocated the child after she woke up while he was sexually abusing her, according to a court document. [More]

World's largest breasts may prove fatal for woman

Sheyla Hershey, a Brazilian model, who was able to achieve her goal to have the largest breast in the world is now in the fighting for her life. Her breasts have got staph infection. [More]

Florida Boy 14, Allegedly Kills Man for $4

Police have charged a 14-year-old Florida boy with first degree murder in a robbery worth a mere $4. [More]

Arkansas jailer fired for Playboy pose

Jailing and nude posing do not mix, at least not in Arkansas. That was the message handed down by the Washington County Sheriff's Department, which fired jailer Jessie Lunderby for posing for Playboy. [More]

Roy Rogers' stuffed horse sold to Neb. TV station

A Nebraska cable TV network ponied up $266,500 for Roy Rogers' stuffed and mounted horse, Trigger, at an auction in New York City on Wednesday. [More]

$1M Steven Seagal sex harassment suit dismissed

Court records show a $1 million sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former assistant against Steven Seagal has been dismissed in Los Angeles. [More]

Apple calls press conference on iPhone 4 issue

Apple will host a press conference to discuss the iPhone 4, said a company representative. The meeting will take place at the company's Cupertino campus at 10 a.m. PT on Friday. [More]

Ground Zero diggers uncover hull of 18th century ship

Workers excavating the World Trade Centre site have unearthed the 10-metre hull of a ship believed to have been buried in the 18th century. [More]

Wednesday, July 14

Dog trapped in hot car honks horn again — and again

A veterinarian said a dog trapped in a car on a 90-degree day in eastern Pennsylvania honked the horn until he was rescued. Nancy Soares said the chocolate Labrador was brought to her Macungie Animal Hospital last month after he had been in the car for about an hour. [More]

Mom jailed over sex with 14-year-old son

A woman who pleaded guilty to having sex with the biological son she gave up for adoption and later tracked down on the Internet has been sentenced nine years to 30 years in prison. [More]

14-year-old killed man, bragged about it, sheriff's office says

Like many teens, Harleme "Harley" Larry liked to brag about his latest escapades, Pasco County Sheriff's officials say. [More]

Illegal Immigrants Raped 14-Year-Old Texas Girl at July 4th Party

A pair of illegal immigrants raped a 14-year-old Texas girl at July 4th party in Texas, where the teen was later found sitting naked in a bathtub, police said. [More]

'Barefoot bandit' returned to United States from Bahamas

The "barefoot bandit," teenager Colton Harris-Moore, was taken Tuesday from the Bahamas to Miami to face charges, the FBI said. [More]

Tax-wise, Steinbrenner picked a great year to die

By dying in 2010, the billionaire and long-time New York Yankees owner's wealth avoids the federal estate tax, likely saving his heirs enough money to field an entire team of Alex Rodriguezes. [More]

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston say they're engaged

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston say they're engaged and hope to get married within six weeks in Alaska, an abrupt turnaround for the couple that just months ago was fighting over child support and Johnston's critical comments about the family. [More]

Polanski victim says case should end

The woman who was the teenage victim in the Roman Polanski sex case says he is not a threat to anyone and charges should be dismissed. [More]

Clumsy robber drops gun in lap of victim, who turns it on him

A robbery victim had a force on her side other than police: The force of gravity. One of two people trying to rob a 69-year-old woman in her car Friday night accidentally dropped his handgun into her lap. She grabbed the gun and turned it on the man, chasing him off, South Daytona police said. [More]

Texas Mayor, Teen Daughter Found Shot Dead in Their Home

The mayor of a Dallas-area city and her teenage daughter have been shot dead, according to a city spokeswoman. [More]

ITape Solves iPhone 4 Antenna Troubles

Stuck with one of those non-magical iPhone 4s? Sad that, despite the beautiful retina display, the faster internet speeds, the longer battery life and the 5MP camera, you might experience a drop in signal strength when you hold it wrong. [More]

Tuesday, July 13

List of alleged illegal immigrants mailed in Utah

A list containing the names and personal information of 1,300 purported illegal immigrants has been mailed around Utah, terrifying the state's Hispanic community. [More]

Opponents pack hearing on mosque near ground zero

Dozens of opponents and some supporters of a mosque planned at a building near ground zero attended a raucous hearing Tuesday about whether the building should be designated a city landmark and protected from development. [More]

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner dead at 80

He was baseball's bombastic Boss. He rebuilt the New York Yankees dynasty with sky-high payrolls and accepted nothing less than World Series championships. He fired managers. Rehired them. And fired them again. [More]

NAACP resolution condemns racism in tea party

Leaders of the country's largest civil rights organization accused tea party activists on Tuesday of tolerating bigotry and approved a resolution condemning racism within the political movement. [More]

Man torches car, posts photos on Facebook

A 36-year-old man was arrested on Monday and faces a felony arson charge after he allegedly set a Mercedes-Benz on fire and then posted photos of the burning vehicle on Facebook. The Bangor Daily News said the arrest came two weeks after police found the burning 1982 Mercedes. [More]

Driver pleads guilty to charges related to Arizona news chopper collision that killed 4

A man accused of leading police on a car chase that two news helicopters were covering when they collided and exploded over a Phoenix park has pleaded guilty to several charges related to the 2007 incident. [More]

Lawrence Taylor pleads not guilty to raping girl

Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to an indictment that alleges he had sex with a 16-year-old girl in a New York hotel room. [More]

Boy applies for job, steals from tip jar

Police said two teens were arrested when one of them stole money from the tip jar of a northwestern Indiana ice cream shop just after they put their names on job applications. [More]

Six more policemen charged in Katrina killings

Six more New Orleans police officers have been indicted in connection with the shooting deaths of two people and the wounding of four others who were walking on a bridge after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city in 2005, the Justice Department said on Tuesday. [More]

Michael Jackson fans graffiti his tomb

Fans of the late Michael Jackson have defaced his mausoleum with small messages, tucked behind windows or bushes, expressing how much they miss him, entertainment website said Tuesday. [More]

'Die Hard' director pleads guilty in wiretap case

"Die Hard" director John McTiernan pleaded guilty Monday to lying to FBI agents and a judge during the investigation of Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano in a wiretapping case. [More]

Man who allegedly rammed into nightclub said he planned to kill his sister

After he had rammed his SUV into the front of Visions night club early Tuesday, Keith Rasmussen told police that he had come to Madison from Racine to decapitate his sister, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday. [More]

Monday, July 12

Man arrested after child thrown in traffic

A 21-year-old man Oakland police say threw a toddler in front of a moving car is in custody after being arrested by an off-duty police officer. [More]

Lindsay Lohan Can't Find a New Lawyer, Is Millions in Debt, Sources Say

Lohan also can't find a lawyer who wants her case as clock ticks toward jail date. [More]

What Lindsay Lohan Can Expect in Jail

Lindsay Lohan will soon be trading in her designer duds for a stiff cotton Los Angeles County Jail jumpsuit come her three-month sentence, likely to be served at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California. [More]

Toyota appreciates professor's help, but ...

It's the kind of publicity any university might dream about: An instructor uncovers a possible flaw that's causing some of the world's most popular cars to accelerate suddenly. His ground-breaking work attracts interest from Congress and reporters worldwide. [More]

Student sues for lawyer's promised prize

A Texas law student who took a defense lawyer's $1 million challenge from a "Dateline NBC" interview is suing for the money he claims he is owed. [More]

Debt commission leaders paint gloomy picture

Republican Alan Simpson and Democrat Erskine Bowles told a meeting of the National Governors Association that everything needs to be considered — including curtailing popular tax breaks, such as the home mortgage deduction, and instituting a financial trigger mechanism for gaining Medicare coverage. The nation's total federal debt next year is expected to exceed $14 trillion — about $47,000 for every U.S. resident. [More]

Pa. duck boat radioed tug, got no response

A crew member refusing to talk to federal investigators about a fatal duck boat crash in Philadelphia was piloting the tug that slammed into the duck boat, a Coast Guard official said Monday. [More]

Swiss reject US request for Polanski extradition

Swiss authorities have rejected a US extradition request for director Roman Polanski over a child sex case and the film-maker can go free from house arrest, the justice minister said Monday. [More]

Bunny bid: Hefner offers to buy rest of Playboy

Hugh Hefner wants to buy out the portion of the Playboy empire he doesn't already own in a bet that the iconic brand can still bring in profits even if the ink-on-paper magazine is past its prime. [More]

Consumer Reports won't recommend iPhone 4

The highly regarded publication said its engineers tested three iPhone 4s, and found that complaints by others about the phone's reception are valid. [More]

University of Texas may change dorm name that honors Klansman

A University of Texas at Austin student dormitory named after a man prominent in the Ku Klux Klan in the 1800s may soon have its name changed, university officials said. [More]

Mel Gibson rants posted online

A fresh audio recording in which "Lethal Weapon" star Mel Gibson appears to acknowledge beating his Russian-born girlfriend surfaced Monday, further damaging the Hollywood star's reputation. [More]

Denver driver survives 500-foot drop from road

Authorities say a 33-year-old Denver man suspected of drinking and driving survived after he lost control of his car and it dropped almost 500 feet off the side of a road. [More]

Sunday, July 11

Bahamas police catch 'Barefoot Bandit'

Bahamas police captured a teenage U.S. fugitive on Sunday, bringing to an end the "Barefoot Bandit's" two-year flight from U.S. justice, a senior police official said. [More]

Feds indict founder, director of The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry

The founder and director of The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry and 13 associates are facing federal marijuana charges. [More]

87-year-old Ore. woman dies after hit by stun gun

Phyllis Owens apparently didn't know day from night when she died at 87, an hour after sheriff's deputies closed in on her as she reached for a handgun, an officer said. [More]

Son of NYC mobster Mickey Spillane falls to death

The son of murdered Irish mobster Mickey Spillane tumbled out the window of his sixth-floor apartment in a fatal fall Saturday, police and his uncle said. [More]

Clarence Thomas' Nephew Tasered in Hospital Scuffle

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' epileptic nephew suffered a massive seizure after being beaten and hit with a stun gun during a scuffle at a New Orleans area hospital, his family said. [More]

5 men charged with stealing $200,000 worth of TVs in California freight train heist

Five men were indicted Friday on charges of trying to snatch nearly $200,000 worth of 3-D televisions from a freight train in a nighttime heist captured on video by investigators tailing them in the Southern California desert. [More]

Crane in NYC collapse wasn't anchored as usual, but design was 'sound and safe'

A construction crane that collapsed and killed seven people didn't have a customary anchor to the ground, the engineer who designed it told a court Friday. But "the design was sound and safe," Peter Stroh testified at crane rigger William Rapetti's manslaughter trial. [More]

Roy Rogers auction in NYC offers Trigger's remains

The smell of horses and hay permeated the marble-floored galleries at Christie's in Manhattan Friday as potential bidders previewed items including the preserved remains of movie cowboy Roy Rogers' famous horse Trigger. [More]

Saturday, July 10

Inmate escapes in trash bin, found dead in landfill

A federal inmate who escaped from a downtown El Paso jail by hiding in a trash bin was found crushed to death Friday in a nearby landfill. [More]

NM man set on fire after losing drinking bet

A 47-year-old man's friends set his prosthetic leg on fire after he lost a drinking bet, causing him to suffer severe burns to his buttocks and lower back. [More]

Boy accidentally shoots toddler brother

Los Angeles police say a 9-year-old boy playing with a loaded gun accidentally shot and killed his 2-year-old brother. [More]

Woman jailed for sending text threats to herself

An Orange County woman was sentenced to a year in jail for sending hundreds of threatening text messages — to herself. Prosecutors said Jeanne Mundango Manunga told police her former boyfriend and his sister-in-law were behind the threats. [More]

John McCain ditches his liberal past and turns hard right

When does being a maverick turn into a shameless flip-flopper? Pretty much about now, according to many observers of the long and storied political career of former Republican presidential candidate John McCain. [More]

Soccer Star Arrested in Ex's Gruesome Murder

The former lover of a top Brazilian soccer player was allegedly strangled and fed to dogs, the BBC reported Friday, according to NewsCore. [More]

California police fatally shoot 15-year-old suspected of driving a stolen vehicle

Police in Southern California say officers shot and killed a 15-year-old suspected of driving a stolen vehicle. [More]

Friday, July 9

Poster mocks topless Judd for coal criticism

A topless photo of Ashley Judd emblazoned on a poster that mocks the actress' outspoken opposition to mountaintop removal mining was on display at a coal industry-sponsored golf tournament in Kentucky. [More]

Man sues basketball star LeBron James, alleging he is his father

A Washington lawyer has filed a lawsuit in federal court, claiming he is the father of basketball star LeBron James. [More]

Blago hid in bathroom from budget director

Rod Blagojevich hid in the bathroom, ducked into a back room and left the office early to avoid discussing complex issues with his budget director, his former deputy said Thursday at the ousted governor's corruption trial. [More]

Pastor Yanked From Capitol Over 'Jesus' Prayer

A North Carolina pastor was relieved of his duties as an honorary chaplain of the state house of representatives after he closed a prayer by invoking the name of Jesus. [More]

"Scared" Lindsay Lohan plans to appeal jail term

Lindsay Lohan is "scared to death" about going to jail, and is planning to appeal her 90-day sentence with a new lawyer, her mother Dina Lohan said in an interview. [More]

Dina Lohan now pushing Lindsay's little sister Ali down same path, source says

With Lindsay Lohan either in jail or in rehab for the foreseeable future, "momager" Dina Lohan is in Los Angeles strategizing how she will pay the bills and keep her family's name in the media without her daughter's help. [More]

Microchip leads police to purloined penguin

Kelli the penguin's back home in the Dublin Zoo after pranksters snatched the bird and abandoned her on a city sidewalk. [More]

Russia, U.S. swap 14 in Cold War-style spy exchange

Russia and the United States conducted the biggest spy swap since the Cold War on Friday, trading agents on Vienna airport tarmac in an evocative climax to an espionage drama that had threatened improving ties. [More]

Kenneth Starr sues Scorsese for $600,000

Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese was sued on Thursday for $600,000 for bookkeeping costs and other services provided by jailed financial advisor Kenneth Starr. [More]

Shoplifter: 'Run, ma, run!'

Police in Florida said a mother-son shoplifting team was arrested after the mother left her debit card behind at the Kmart they targeted. [More]

Naomi Campbell to testify at war crimes trial

British supermodel Naomi Campbell will give evidence at the war crimes trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor about a "blood diamond" he allegedly gave her, her spokeswoman said Friday. [More]

Verdict sets stage for what could be explosive sentencing in Calif. transit killing case

The involuntary manslaughter conviction of a white former transit officer in the death of an unarmed black man set the stage for a sentencing that could be just as explosive as the trial depending on how the judge interprets the verdict. [More]

Dontae Morris charged in fourth homicide case

Dontae Rashawn Morris has been charged with first-degree murder – for the fourth time since his release from prison in April. [More]

Actor claims USA stole his idea for "Royal Pains"

Canadian actor Hayden Christensen, who played Anakin Skywalker in the "Star Wars" prequels, is suing USA Network over "Royal Pains," saying the cable network ripped off his idea for a show about a concierge doctor in Malibu who makes house calls to the rich and famous. [More]

'Wonder Woman' actress beats barking dog charge

The actress who played Wonder Woman on TV in the 1970s has deflected a charge that she allowed her dog's barking to disturb neighbors in an upscale Maryland community outside Washington. [More]

Los Angeles police say mom fatally stabbed 10-year-old daughter, then tried to kill self

Los Angeles police say a mother stabbed her 10-year-old daughter several times and tried to kill herself before her husband woke up and disarmed her. The girl died several hours later. [More]

Thursday, July 8

Lindsay Lohan: My F-Word Manicure Was Only a Joke

Lindsay Lohan says her explicit fingernail message was not directed at the judge who sentenced her to 90 days in jail. During her sentencing in court Tuesday showed "F--- U" written on her left middle finger. [photo] [More]

75-year-old woman drives car through liquor store - again

A 75-year-old woman drove her car through the front of an Atlanta liquor store Monday, causing 1,500 bottles of alcohol to shatter, police said. [More]

CNN fires veteran editor for Mideast over Tweet

CNN has fired a senior editor for Middle East news after she published a Twitter message that said she respected a Lebanese Shi'ite cleric branded a terrorist by the United States, U.S. and British media said on Thursday. [More]

Man holds mom hostage because she won't iron his clothes

A 29-year-old Carroll County man apparently expected his mother to iron his clothes for him. And when she wouldn't, he pulled a gun and held her hostage for several hours, police said. [More]

Man robbed after refusing to have sex with woman with bad teeth

Gainesville police said they arrested a woman on a robbery charge after a man claimed negotiations over sex for money broke down when the woman's teeth did not meet his standards. [More]

Texan may be world's luckiest lottery winner

Since 1993, the 63-year-old woman has won four windfalls on the Texas Lottery, each time winning more than $1 million for a total of $20.4 million. [More]

Police: Man took tractor to buy beer

Authorities in Florida said a man pulled over on a stolen tractor told deputies he took the vehicle to make a beer run. [More]

Man who fell 30 feet is 'die-hard Rangers fan'

A baseball fan who fell from the second deck of the Texas Rangers' stadium trying to catch a foul ball Tuesday night was in good spirits Wednesday, said Rangers President Nolan Ryan after he visited the hospitalized man. [More]

Missouri Man Eyed in Abduction Case Dies

A Missouri sex offender who shot himself as police approached to question him about the kidnapping of 4-year-old Alisa Maier has died, according to broadcast reports today. [More]

Agents spoke with California kidnap victim

California parole agents spoke to the woman who was held captive by a convicted rapist for 18 years and bore his two children but never bothered to follow up. [More]

Stolen pill bottles full of M&M's

Police in Oklahoma said a burglar took four pill bottles from a pharmacy, but forward-thinking workers had filled the bottles with M&M's before closing. [More]

Don Johnson wins verdict in 'Nash Bridges' case

A jury has awarded Don Johnson $23.2 million in profits from the TV series "Nash Bridges" and issued rulings that may mean even more money for the actor. [More]

Deal in Works to Free Alleged Russian Spies

The U.S. may soon deport 10 alleged Russian spies and is attempting to "get rid of" their case as quickly as possible, a lawyer for one of the defendants said, as a prisoner swap agreement appeared to emerge that could free a nuclear researcher incarcerated in Russia on charges of spying for the U.S. [More]

Levi Johnston apologizes to Palin family for 'youthful indiscretion'

"Last year, after Bristol and I broke up, I was unhappy and a little angry. Unfortunately, against my better judgment, I publicly said things about the Palins that were not completely true," he tells PEOPLE exclusively. [More]

Michael Moore joins board that oversees Oscars

Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore has been elected to the board of governors that oversees the Oscars. [More]

Former Mich. congressman pleads guilty to obstructing justice in terrorism financing case

A former Michigan congressman accused of accepting stolen funds to lobby on behalf of a charity with alleged ties to terrorism pleaded guilty Wednesday to two charges including obstruction of justice, but prosecutors said more serious charges would likely be dropped. [More]

Python found in school locker

A Massachusetts school custodian said he discovered a 3-foot-long ball python while cleaning out lockers at a high school. [More]

Arizona governor says border meeting won't be held in Phoenix after Mexican governors boycott

Gov. Jan Brewer has called off a September border conference in Phoenix due to Mexican governors' objections to Arizona's tough new immigration enforcement law, though some officials are discussing holding the annual gathering elsewhere. [More]

Barge hits tourist duck boat in Philly; 2 missing

An amphibious sightseeing boat that stalled in the Delaware River was knocked over by an oncoming barge Wednesday, spilling 37 people overboard and leaving two passengers unaccounted for after a frantic rescue effort. [More]

John Edwards' mistress seeks profits from tell-all book

Lawyers for John Edwards' mistress argued Wednesday that she should have some of the profits from a tell-all book written by an aide to the two-time presidential candidate. [More]

Former NASA Director Says Muslim Outreach Push 'Deeply Flawed'

The former head of NASA on Tuesday described as "deeply flawed" the idea that the space exploration agency's priority should be outreach to Muslim countries, after current Administrator Charles Bolden made that assertion in an interview last month. [More]

Man arrested for drunken driving after lawn mower ride on highway

A middle-of-the-night ride on a lawn mower landed one Iowa man in jail. [More]

Scientists find surprises in deep Atlantic Ocean

Scientists from Britain and 16 other nations have just returned from an expedition to explore a never-before-seen area of the ocean floor. Instead of the barren, sparsely inhabited environment some expected to see, scientists brought back pictures of a mysterious world that is teeming with life. [More]

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