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Sunday, August 29

Man killed by propeller at airport

A 30-year-old flight instructor was killed Friday afternoon at a small airport in Boston after he was struck by the propeller of his own plane. [More]

Judge ends former astronaut's probation early

A judge in Orlando has ended former astronaut Lisa Nowak's probation three months early. [More]

Man sues video game maker over addiction

A man in Hawaii is suing a video game developer saying that the game Lineage II was so addictive that he is unable to bathe, dress himself, communicate with others and wake-up during the day. [More]

Doctors look for small tumor, find 56-pounder

Doctors were shocked when they looked into a woman's uterus searching for an orange-size tumor but found something that resembled a giant rock instead. [More]

Daughter of US Ambassador to Thailand dies in balcony fall

The 17-year-old daughter of the US Ambassador to Thailand accidentally fell to her death from the window of an apartment block near the Empire State Building in New York. [More]

Florida woman admits stealing $20,000 for implants

A 29-year-old South Florida woman says she stole someone's identity and rang up $20,000 because she needed to fix defective breast implants. [More]

Police: Driver distracted by sex toy

Officer Ross Gilbert said the driver, Colondra Hamilton, a 36-year-old Downtown resident, was sitting with her pants unzipped and a sex toy in her lap. [More]

Man accused of trashing ATM that ate his card

The ATM ate his debit card. So on the evening of July 10, authorities said, Louis Dotti went about getting it back himself. [More]

Ground Zero Muslim center may get public financing

The Muslim center planned near the site of the World Trade Center attack could qualify for tax-free financing, a spokesman for City Comptroller John Liu said on Friday, and Liu is willing to consider approving the public subsidy. [More]

Crist says he'd have voted for health care, then retracts

In an Orlando television interview, Gov. Charlie Crist told an interviewer he would have voted for the health care reform plan proposed by the Obama administration—a dizzying reversal of his previous position—but then retracted the comment, saying he misspoke. [More]

New Orleans police say feds are investigating posssible orders to shoot looters after Katrina

Federal authorities are investigating allegations that New Orleans police were told after Hurricane Katrina to "take the city back and shoot the looters." [More]

Va. restaurateur known for flashy cars sentenced to 12 years in prison for $53M bank fraud

A Virginia restaurateur has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for a plot that defrauded banks across the country of $53 million. [More]

Drug shipment was no baloney, police say

A hunk of bologna mailed to a home in western Massachusetts delivered cocaine, not cold cuts, police said. [More]

N.J. schools chief fired after Race to the Top gaffe

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced he was firing his education commissioner Friday, days after it was revealed that a simple mistake on an application form might have cost the state a $400 million education grant. [More]

Man sentenced for killing acquaintance who criticized his singing

A California man who stabbed to death an acquaintance for complaining about his singing has been sentenced to 16 years to life in prison. [More]

Co-founder of Islamic charity to face tax fraud and money-laundering charges

The gates are rusted and the American flags are gone from the house on the outskirts of this small tourist town that once served as U.S. headquarters for an Islamic charity that was declared a terrorist organization by the U.S. government. [More]

Saturday, August 28

Parents claim priest got daughter pregnant

A couple secretly videotaped a Roman Catholic priest having sex with their 18-year-old daughter in the basement of their home and are now suing, saying he got her pregnant. [More]

Paris Hilton arrested on cocaine charge

Police arrested Paris Hilton on cocaine possession charges late Friday night after stopping the car she was in on a Las Vegas street, authorities said. [More]

Worker at taxpayer-funded agency in Virginia plays hooky for 12 years

A worker was paid for 12 years without ever showing up for work at a Norfolk, Virginia, agency funded by federal, state and local money, officials say. [More]

Body of Las Vegas woman found in clutter at home

A four-month search for a missing Las Vegas woman came to a ghastly end this week when her husband found her corpse in their home amid a labyrinth of squalor that had been impassable even to search dogs. [More]

Blagojevich trial holdout juror breaks her silence

As attorneys and defendants scanned jurors faces for favorable signs during ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's corruption trial, most couldn't get a read on the pokerfaced grandmother at the far end of the jury box taking meticulous notes. [More]

'Beer belly pageant' canceled

The owner of the California bar says he had to cancel plans for a "beer belly pageant" due to a permit dispute with county officials. [More]

Too little, to late? FDA to inspect large egg farms

The Food and Drug Administration is planning to inspect all of the country's largest egg farms before the end of next year following the massive recall of tainted eggs linked to a salmonella outbreak that has sickened as many as 1,500 people. [More]

Arizona man accused of putting infant son in freezer, charged with child abuse

Police say a suburban Phoenix man accused of putting his infant son in a freezer has been arrested on charges of child abuse. [More]

Guards open fire after major riot at California prison

Guards fired rounds to quell a "major riot" in the main yard of a prison in central California on Friday, a corrections department spokesman said. [More]

Man hunting ghost train killed by real train

Christopher Kaiser, 29, of Charlotte was part of a group hoping to hear the sounds of a ghost train Thursday night on an isolated railroad bridge just outside of Statesville. [More]

Brewer condemns report to UN mentioning Ariz. law

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer demanded Friday that a reference to the state's controversial immigration law be removed from a State Department report to the United Nations' human rights commissioner. [More]

Experts: N.C. emerald largest in U.S.

Experts said a 64-carat emerald discovered by a gem miner in North Carolina is the largest cut emerald ever found in the United States, and could be worth $1.6 million. [More]

Somali: I attacked warship by mistake

A Somali man Friday became the second person convicted in the United States of acts related to high-seas piracy in more than a century, although he wasn't convicted of piracy itself. [More]

Friday, August 27

Woman to stand trial on charge of slicing DiCaprio

A judge ordered a woman to stand trial on a charge of slashing Leonardo DiCaprio's face with glass during a 2005 party. [More]

Manhunt After Deputy Killed Near Ariz. Border

Authorities are using helicopters and tracking dogs in the search for a man who allegedly shot and killed a Utah sheriff's deputy Thursday near the Arizona-Utah border. [More]

Tax officials keep 'Crocodile Dundee' in Australia

Actor Paul Hogan, star of the "Crocodile Dundee" movie trilogy, has been barred from leaving Australia until he pays a disputed tax bill, his lawyer said on Thursday. [More]

Fugitive accused of killing wife, mother-in-law in Calif., putting bodies through staged crash

Eugene Richardson pleaded not guilty about two months after the women's bodies were found in a car that crashed down an embankment near Lakeside. Prosecutors say Richardson killed them before the accident. [More]

Conn. man denies paying boy $1 to swear on video

A man who captured a short video of his 8-year-old neighbor tossing around swear words and posted it online says he never thought it would land him in handcuffs. [More]

NY gov could face charge over World Series tickets

Gov. David Paterson could face a criminal charge over his testimony surrounding tickets he secured last year from the New York Yankees for the opening game of the World Series. [More]

Immigrant Who Voted Illegally on Road to Becoming a U.S. Citizen

Can an immigrant who resides legally in the U.S. on a work visa but who voted illegally in a presidential election year still become a naturalized U.S. citizen? Yes. [More]

Ga. author who claimed to be CIA assassin in book kills self in accidental shooting

To his wife and friends, Roland Haas was a patriotic hero who secretly risked his life for the U.S. government during the Cold War, yet critics denounced him as a "James Bond wannabe" who fabricated a memoir claiming he had been a CIA assassin. [More]

Tiger Woods fires 6-under 65 at Barclays; best round of the year

The Tiger Woods of old showed up Thursday in the first round of The Barclays, the first of four FedExCup playoff events. [More]

Bristol Palin 'Excited' for 'Dancing With the Stars' Gig

Bristol Palin is moving on from her recent breakup from Levi Johnston by hitting the dance floor. Sarah Palin's 19-year-old daughter has officially been cast on season 11 of 'Dancing With the Stars.' [More]

Levi Johnston takes back his apology to Palin

Levi Johnston, the father of Sarah Palin's grandson, says he wishes he hadn't apologized for telling lies about the former Alaska governor. Johnston said 'cause it kind of makes me sound like a liar. [More]

Court allows agents to secretly put GPS trackers on cars

Law enforcement officers may secretly place a GPS device on a person's car without seeking a warrant from a judge, according to a recent federal appeals court ruling in California. [More]

Experts: Drilling ban may not be needed any more

A ban on deepwater drilling may no longer be needed now that the oil industry and the government appear to have developed safer drilling regimes, an expert panel said today in a report to the presidential commission investigating the Gulf oil spill. [More]

Woman Who Put Cat in Bin Says Sorry, but 'It's Just a Cat'

The British woman who became a hate figure for animal lovers everywhere after she was caught tossing a cat into a trash bin today apologized for her anti-feline offense, only hours after telling tabloid The Sun, "I don't know what the fuss is about, it's just a cat." [More]

Oops! Error might have cost N.J. $400 million grant

For anyone who's ever entered the wrong number on a tax return and been denied a refund, or accidentally overtipped, here's some consolation: A silly error on New Jersey's application for the highly competitive Race to the Top education grants might have cost the state $400 million. [More]

Google: 1 million Gmail calls on first day

"Over 1,000,000 calls placed from Gmail in just 24 hours!" Google tweeted Thursday, evidently pleased with the number. [More]

CIA pays many in Karzai administration

The CIA is making payments to a significant number of officials in Afghan President Hamid Karzai's administration, The Washington Post reported on Friday. [More]

LA countersues after city clerk finds only 41 medical pot dispensaries comply with new rules

The Los Angeles city attorney filed a lawsuit Thursday asking a judge to support the city's move to shut down more than 130 medical marijuana shops under a new ordinance. [More]

Thursday, August 26

Golfer disqualified for oversleeping

American golfer and world number six, Jim Furyk, was kicked out of the first FedEx Cup play-off on Wednesday after missing his tee-off time by oversleeping. [More]

Miners' deep motivation: Stay slim or stay in mine

Put on a show. Play cards. Sing. Get exercise. And whatever you do, don't get too fat to squeeze through the escape tunnel. [More]

Secret sexual-harassment cases put Philly housing czar's $350,000 job on line

The Philadelphia Housing Authority's board has learned its lawyers quietly settled at least four sexual-harassment complaints involving housing czar Carl Greene since 2005 — including a recent $250,000 settlement with an interior designer who said Greene demanded sexual favors in exchange for a promotion. [More]

Settlement offered to victims, kin of deadly California rail crash

Commuter rail system Metrolink and its former train operating contractor Connex Railroad are offering to pay a $200 million settlement to victims and families of a deadly 2008 crash, according to a Wednesday filing in the U.S. District Court. [More]

Calif. lawmakers: Repeal federal marriage law

California lawmakers are asking President Barack Obama and Congress to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act, saying it discriminates against same-sex married couples. [More]

Taxi driver stabbed after passenger asks if he's Muslim

A taxi driver is in stable condition Wednesday after allegedly being stabbed by a passenger who apparently asked if he was Muslim before attacking him, a taxi driver union official told CNN. [More]

Karzai aide in corruption probe linked to CIA

An aide to Afghan President Hamid Karzai at the center of a corruption probe is on the CIA payroll, The New York Times reported, citing Afghan and U.S. officials. [More]

Unmanned Navy plane goes off course into restricted airspace near Washington when control lost

An unmanned aircraft went off course during testing and entered restricted airspace near the nation's capital earlier this month, the Navy said Wednesday. [More]

Oregon police say 2 arrested for shoplifting among 60 officers at 'Shop With a Cop' day

Portland Sgt. Pete Simpson says the two gave it some more thought and decided police would be distracted so it would be a good time to steal. [More]

Google plugs free PC-to-phone calling into e-mail

Google Inc. is adding a free e-mail feature that may persuade more people to cut the cords on their landline phones. [More]

Key device in BP disaster wasn't recertified

A critical device at the center of an investigation into the Gulf oil rig explosion didn't undergo a rigorous recertification process in 2005 as required by federal regulators, a worker responsible for maintaining the equipment told investigators Wednesday. [More]

FACT CHECK: Stimulus assessments overly optimistic

The Obama administration claimed this week that $100 billion invested in innovative technologies under the economic stimulus law is "transforming the American economy" by putting the nation on track for technological breakthroughs in health care, energy and transportation. [More]

Nev. man sentenced to 20 years for violently shaking baby whose cries interrupted video game

A man who prosecutors say shook his infant daughter so hard that she suffered massive brain injuries because her cries interrupted his video game has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. [More]

Ex-GOP chair Mehlman tells magazine he's gay

Ken Mehlman, President Bush's campaign manager in 2004 and a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, has told family and associates that he is gay. [More]

Brown Hand Center founder faces domestic dispute charge

The founder of the Brown Hand Center, Michael Brown, was arrested in Houston charged with twisting his wife's arm in a domestic dispute. In television ads, Brown says "In the Brown Hand Center, we'll care for you just as I care for my own family." [More]

Man gets 3 years in federal prison for selling fake cancer drug over Internet

A Canadian man was sentenced Wednesday to nearly three years in federal prison for selling fake cancer drugs over the Internet. [More]

Empire State Building to get new, tall, neighbor

The Empire State Building's owner lost his bid to stop a new skyscraper from rising in the neighborhood when the New York City Council approved zoning and land use changes Wednesday that pave the way for the 1,190-foot tower. [More]

Inspectors confiscate Philadelphia cupcake truck

A kerfuffle over cupcakes in the City of Brotherly Love has dessert lovers sour on Philadelphia's confusing business regulations. [More]

Wednesday, August 25

Man files $38-quadrillion lawsuit

A Utah man is suing a group of would-be property owners for $38 quadrillion. Considering there is only about $24 trillion in circulation around the entire world at any given time, that could prove a difficult number to collect. [More]

N.J. Overhauls Prison Programs After Girl Allegedly Touched by Sex Offender on 'Family Day'

Officials are making changes to family programs in New Jersey's prisons in response to an alleged incident at the state's prison for sex offenders. [More]

DEA wants to hire Ebonics translators

Wanted by the Drug Enforcement Administration: Ebonics translators - the common name for what linguists call African-American English. [More]

Feds find 50 pounds of pot in hollowed-out tombstone

U.S. Customs officials at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport couldn't figure out why anyone would want to send a heavy tombstone from Jamaica all the way across the Atlantic to England. [More]

Ariz. woman misidentified in fatal crash speaks to parents for 1st time as recovery continues

An Arizona woman who was thought to have died in a traffic accident but turned out to be alive after an identity mix-up has spoken to her parents. [More]

Report sparks welfare check on reclusive heiress

After's series of reports last week on the men handling Huguette Clark's half-billion-dollar fortune, at least 140 readers contacted Adult Protective Services, according to Rima Rivera, director of the agency's central intake unit. [More]

Paris Hilton awakes to home intruder bearing knives

A man "holding 2 big knifes" was captured by police after trying to break into Paris Hilton's Los Angeles, California, home Tuesday morning, Hilton said in a Twitter posting. [More]

Fantasia Barrino: Why I attempted suicide

The fallout over Fantasia Barrino's relationship with Antwaun Cook wasn't the only reason the singer felt driven to suicide recently. In fact, her depression dates back to her stint on "American Idol" in 2004, the singer now says. [More]

Trial begins for actress accused of sham marriage

A Mexican-born actress and her musician husband lied about their marriage to immigration officials so she could stay in the U.S., a federal prosecutor told prospective jurors Tuesday. [More]

Judge's order keeps Wesley Snipes out of jail

A federal judge has agreed to keep Wesley Snipes out of prison — for now. [More]

Infant's death from severed catheter at Las Vegas hospital is a homicide, coroner says

Monday's autopsy report shows the infant at Sunrise Children's Hospital suffered severe bleeding when the catheter was severed, causing a fatal lack of oxygen to the brain. [More]

Gotcha! Vacationing family captures thief on camera

The camera of a vacationing New Jersey family who posed for a picture in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol captured more than smiles. It also caught a thief in the act. [More]

NASA gets call to aid trapped miners

Grappling with the fragile psychology of 33 miners trapped half a mile below the Earth's surface for months to come, the Chilean government has sought assistance from NASA. [More]

Apple talks with media giants to rent shows: sources

Apple Inc is in talks with News Corp, Walt Disney and other media conglomerates to rent TV shows to viewers for 99 cents through iTunes, three sources with knowledge of the matter said. [More]

Boy calls 911 for sister hogging computer

The boy dialed the emergency number Monday after he became upset because his six-year-old sister wouldn't let him use the family computer. [More]

Marines don't want to share rooms with gays: general

The overwhelming majority of Marines oppose sharing sleeping quarters with openly serving gays and lesbians, an obstacle if Congress lifts the ban on gays in the U.S. military, the top Marine said on Tuesday. [More]

Walmart greeter turns 100

A Wisconsin Walmart store threw a party to celebrate the birthday of its oldest employee, a 100-year-old woman. [More]

Interview: Woods' ex-wife went 'through hell'

Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren says she has "been through hell" since learning of her husband's infidelity but she never hit him. [More]

SC man made woman his slave for bail money

A South Carolina bail bondsman has been charged with forcing a woman to cook, clean and do sexual favors for him in exchange for getting her out of jail. [More]

FDA to give restaurants more time on calorie counts

U.S. health regulators plan to give restaurant companies more time to comply with new rules that require clear calorie and nutritional information on menus. [More]

Tuesday, August 24

Coroner Rules LPGA Golfer's Death a Suicide

A Nevada coroner has ruled professional golfer Erica Blasberg's death was a suicide. The 25-year-old was found with a plastic bag over her head. [More]

Back to School? Bring Your Own Toilet Paper

Schools across the country are beginning the new school year with shrinking budgets and outsize demands for basic supplies. Schools are now asking kids to bring their own toilet paper and paper towels. [More]

Martin Short's wife dies

Martin Short's wife, Nancy Dolman dies suddenly; medics responded to the home on Saturday but no additional details or cause of death have been released. [More]

Robert Kennedy Jr.'s wife faces new DUI charge

The wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs one month after her license was suspended following her guilty plea to driving while impaired by alcohol, state police said Tuesday. [More]

3-Year-Old Tased as Deputy Tries to Arrest Man in Florida

A 3 year old boy was accidentally shocked Monday after a deputy tried using his taser on a wanted man who was in the vehicle with the boy. [More]

Muslim woman sues Disneyland over headscarf

A Muslim woman is suing Disneyland, accusing the company’s California theme park of discrimination for telling her she could not serve customers if she chose to wear a headscarf. [More]

Muslim Miss USA: Move mosque from ground zero

One of the United States’ most visible Muslim-Americans has taken sides in the debate on whether to build a 13-story community center and mosque near the site of the former World Trade Center in New York City. Lebanese-born, New York-raised Miss USA Rima Fakih said she is against the plan. [More]

Man, shot in head, notices five years later

A Polish man living in Germany went about his business for about five years without noticing he had been shot in the head because he was drunk when it happened. [More]

Bloggers crying foul over Philadelphia business tax

If a blog takes money for advertising, or sells photographs or other goods, it's a business and must pay for a $50/year license — no matter how little it makes — plus taxes on profits. [More]

Man Shot Wife During Training For Robbery Scenarios

revard County authorities said a man accidentally shot his wife in the chest in Cocoa on Sunday morning. [More]

Two cups of water can help you fight the bulge

There's an elixir that needs no prescription, has no side-effects and almost comes for free. Just two cups of water taken before meals can help you win the battle of the bulge, a new clinical trial has confirmed. [More]

Ansel Adams trust sues over garage sale negatives

A group representing Ansel Adams sued a Fresno man Monday for selling prints and posters under the name of the famed nature photographer, the latest salvo in a dispute over glass negatives bought at a garage sale and purported to be Adams' lost work. [More]

Philippine police admit to botching hostage crisis

The Philippines admitted on Tuesday it had bungled a hostage siege in which eight tourists were killed and which piled pressure on President Benigno Aquino to pull the country out of years of poor management and decline. [More]

Empire State Building wants no competition

The owner of the Empire State Building says the height of a proposed tower near the iconic skyscraper would forever alter the skyline of New York City. [More]

Monday, August 23

Tiger Woods, wife officially divorce

The lawyers for Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren said in a statement that the divorce became official Monday at Bay County Circuit Court in Panama City. TMZ reports that Elin is set to receive $100 million from Tiger. [More]

Nail Salon Charges More For Fat Customers

Michelle Fonville said she had been overcharged by $5 for her manicure, pedicure and eyebrow arch. When confronted, salon manager Kim Tran said the surcharge was due to costly repairs of broken chairs by overweight customers. [More]

What money problem? LA unveils $578M school, costliest in the nation

Next month's opening of the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools will have an eye-popping price tag of $578 million, and mark the inauguration of the nation's most expensive public school ever. [More]

Miners found alive will be stuck for months

For 33 men found alive after 17 days trapped deep in a copper and gold mine, the toughest challenge now may be preserving their sanity during the months it may take to carve a tunnel big enough for them to get out. [More]

Inmate says he's still trying to get justice years after conviction was overturned

After Ted White Jr. was wrongfully convicted of molesting his 12-year-old stepdaughter, his parents poured everything they had into clearing their son's name. When he won his freedom after finding out that the detective who led the sex-abuse investigation was his estranged wife's secret lover, White wanted someone to pay. [More]

Bride-to-be hit with DUI

A Washington state woman leaving her bachelorette party early Sunday just hours before her wedding was picked up for drunken driving, police said. [More]

Top 10 Theater Superstitions

Theater Folk are a superstitious lot, and considering the amount of things that can (and do) go wrong in a performance, it’s not surprising that folklore has popped up giving an explanation to these occurrences. [More]

Ohio man arrested for trying to bring pot to grandson in prison

An 85-year-old Ohio man was arrested for trying to smuggle pot to his grandson in prison. [More]

Watch out for Yellowstone bears — they're hungry

Yellowstone's grizzlies are going to be particularly hungry this fall, and that means more dangerous meetings with humans in a year that is already the area's deadliest on record. [More]

4 decapitated bodies hung from bridge in Mexico

The decapitated bodies of four men were hung from a bridge Sunday in this central Mexican city besieged by fighting between two drug lords. [More]

Compensation czar takes charge of $20 billion BP fund

A $20 billion compensation fund for economic victims of the BP Gulf oil spill opens for business on Monday amid accusations that the rules established by its administrator are unfair. [More]

Man run over by own parked car

A strange three-way crash caused one man to be run over by his own parked car and six people to be sent to hospital. [More]

Inmate convicted of attempted murder escapes from Colorado prison

Law officers in northeast Colorado are searching for a 48-year-old inmate convicted of attempted murder who escaped from a maximum security prison. [More]

Woman arrested for allegedly letting 12-year-old drive with 3 other children in vehicle

Authorities say a woman has been charged for allegedly letting a 12-year-old child drive her and her family from Nichols to Iowa City. [More]

Philippine hostage crisis ends, four captives alive

A hostage crisis in the Philippine capital ended on Monday with four captives emerging from a bus alive and the gunman believed to have been killed, according to footage broadcast on television. [More]

Sunday, August 22

Troops: Skipping Christian concert got us punished

The Army said Friday it was investigating a claim that dozens of soldiers who refused to attend a Christian band's concert at a Virginia military base were banished to their barracks and told to clean them up. [More]

Obama doesn't travel light — even on vacation

President Barack Obama had a simple task for his first morning on vacation: shoot over to a Martha's Vineyard bookstore. His SUV, part of a 20-vehicle motorcade, passed through a cordon of Massachusetts State Police motorcycle officers, White House communications trucks, and an ambulance. [More]

Congressional candidate robbed at gunpoint in Florida

A candidate in next week's U.S. congressional primary in Florida was robbed at gunpoint Saturday, according to the North Miami Police Department. [More]

Former Mass. police chief asks judge to drop charges in 8-year-old Conn. boy's Uzi death

A former Massachusetts police chief is asking a judge to dismiss charges he faces in connection with an child's accidental shooting death at a gun show. [More]

Drug traffickers, Mexican police battle within yards of U.S. border

A "major gunbattle" between drug traffickers and Mexican federal police broke out Saturday evening in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, just 30 yards from the U.S. border at El Paso, Texas, causing U.S. authorities to cordon off a section of the city. [More]

Texas School Rejects Lesbian Couple's Daughter

A Texas couple is upset that their daughter was denied admission to a private school. The school says it does not agree with their lesbian lifestyle and therefore the school would not be a good fit her because it does not back her own personal values taught at home. [More]

Shirley Sherrod to meet with ag secretary

Former USDA official Shirley Sherrod says she is meeting with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Tuesday to discuss a new job offer. [More]

Betty White scores Emmy win for `SNL' hosting gig

The Betty White phenomenon keeps getting bigger. White won an Emmy Award for best guest actress in a comedy series for her turn as "Saturday Night Live" host. [More]

A supplier in egg recall has history of violations

Two Iowa farms that together recalled more than half a billion potentially tainted eggs this month share close ties, including suppliers of chickens and feed. [More]

Saturday, August 21

Man jumps to his death at concert

A man jumped at least 20 feet to his death onto the stage of a Northern California concert in front of hundreds of horrified music fans, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office said Friday. [More]

Library of Congress to Pay $250K in Sex Suit

Officials with the Library of Congress have agreed to pay $250,000 to an employee who sued over alleged sexual harassment by the former top law librarian. [More]

Michael Moore praises suspected WikiLeaks source

Michael Moore, the Oscar-winning filmmaker, will contribute $5,000 to help defend the Army private suspected of leaking classified documents to an Internet whistle-blower from serving time in prison. [More]

WikiLeaks founder charged in Sweden with rape

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose whistle-blowing website caused uproar last month with a leak of secret U.S. military files on Afghanistan, has been charged in Sweden with rape and molestation, the National Prosecutor's Office said on Saturday. [More]

Tea Party Crasher Quits Before Getting the Ax

The Oregon teacher who declared his mission to “dismantle and demolish” the Tea Party movement resigned before getting the ax. [More]

Who is watching reclusive heiress's millions?

Does Huguette Clark, the reclusive heiress, know that her Stradivarius violin was sold? Does she know that the IRS was after her for unpaid income taxes? Does she know that her accountant has a felony conviction? [More]

Caddy sees no split with Tiger Woods

Steve Williams doesn't believe his job as Tiger Woods' caddie is under any threat, despite media speculation about their 11-year association and concern over the champion golfer's form. [More]

Police arrested in Mexico mayor's killing

Six city police officers were arrested Friday in the killing of a mayor in northern Mexico, as the country's escalating drug violence targets more public officials. [More]

Ohio Man, 24, Fatally Mauled by Privately-Owned Bear

A bear owned by a man who used to offer people the chance to wrestle the animals mauled its 24-year-old caretaker to death during a feeding on property containing other bears. [More]

Study: Astronauts as weak as 80-year-olds in space

Astronauts can become as weak as 80-year-olds after six months at the International Space Station, according to a new study that raises serious health concerns as NASA contemplates prolonged trips to asteroids and Mars. [More]

Madonna sued for using Material Girl name for her new fashion line

Her name may be synonymous with the term but it's possible that Madonna may not be the quintessential Material Girl after all. L.A. Triumph Inc. has filed a lawsuit against the singer in Los Angeles claiming she stole their 'Material Girl' trademark. [More]

The Worst Celebrity Foot-in-Mouth Moments

First, Jennifer Aniston was under fire for saying that it's OK for women to get pregnant with a "turkey baster." Now, she's said a word that even little kids know not to use. [More]

Tyler says he'll be an 'Idol' judge

A source close to Steven Tyler says the Aerosmith frontman told the source he will be a judge on Fox's "American Idol" next season. [More]

Man gets 22-year prison sentence for killing of speed-camera van operator

A man accused of killing the operator of a speed-camera van parked along a Phoenix freeway has been sentenced to 22 years in prison. [More]

23K workers affected by Gulf oil drill ban

The deepwater drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico costs at least 23,000 jobs, according to a federal document that weighed the economic impact and alternatives to the drilling ban. [More]

Recall expands to more than half a billion eggs

More than a half-billion eggs have been recalled in the nationwide investigation of a salmonella outbreak that Friday expanded to include a second Iowa farm. The outbreak has already sickened more than 1,000 people and the toll of illnesses is expected to increase. [More]

Friday, August 20

Man steals bike to make probation meeting

An Edmonton man admitted Thursday he was late for an appointment with a probation officer, so he stole a bicycle and rode it to the meeting at the west-end police station. [More]

Guard suspended for tackling deaf shoplifting suspect

An alarm sounded when Alejandro Rea walked out of a Hollywood Boulevard clothing store earlier this month, signaling that he may be leaving with merchandise he didn't pay for. [More]

Father braves bear to save daughter, 3

A Dutch man braved an angry bear to save his three-year-old daughter after the girl climbed a fence in a German zoo and tumbled into the animal's pen, police said Thursday. [More]

Woman puts choking bear's life before her own

Patricia Torres of Lake Tomahawk didn't really think twice when she awoke to find a bear choking to death in her yard. She risked her life dislodging a bone from the animal's throat in order to save it. [More]

Big Employers Estimate Health-Care Costs Will Rise 8.9% in 2011

A survey of big employers finds they expect their health-care costs to rise nearly 9% next year and plan to share some of that burden with employees via higher premiums and higher out-of-pocket limits. [More]

Calif. man convicted of torture-murder of daughter found stuffed in freezer

A jury Thursday convicted a 57-year-old man of the torture-murder of his adult daughter, whose body was kept in a freezer for two years. [More]

Navy mulls punishment for lovelorn ex-astronaut

A Navy board of inquiry has recommended that former astronaut Lisa Nowak be separated from the Navy with a less-than-honorable discharge and be busted down in rank from captain to commander. [More]

DUI charge dropped against Indianapolis police officer

A prosecutor said Thursday he is dropping drunken driving charges against an Indianapolis police officer accused in a crash that killed a motorcyclist because the officer's blood test wasn't properly obtained. [More]

Son-in-law tried to sell house

Authorities in Florida said they arrested a man who allegedly tried to sell his wife's parents' home without their permission. [More]

Police arrest man in banana suit

Police in Washington state said they arrested a banana-suited man who allegedly exposed himself in a Wendy's before brandishing a shotgun near a golf course. [More]

$550,000 gold bar from Florida Keys shipwreck stolen

Police say two thieves entered a museum after closing time and stole a gold bar worth about $550,000 that had been recovered from the shipwreck of a Spanish galleon off Florida. [More]

Court: Religious N.C. College Can't Have Police

A prestigious North Carolina private college cannot have police officers with the power to arrest suspects and enforce state law because the school is a religious institution, the state Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday. [More]

A growing number say that Obama is a Muslim

A new poll showed that nearly one in five Americans, or 18 percent, believes Obama is Muslim. That was up from 11 percent who said so in March 2009. [More]

White House says Obama is Christian, prays daily

The White House insisted today that President Barack Obama is a Christian who prays daily as it looked to tamp down growing doubts among Americans about the president's religion. [More]

Obamas begin 10-day vacation in Martha's Vineyard

President Obama and his family begin a weeklong vacation in Martha's Vineyard on Friday - the president's second time on the island off the coast of Massachusetts. [More]

Human trafficker jailed for trying to sell albino man

A Kenyan man has been sentenced to nine years in prison for trying to sell an albino man to witch doctors in Tanzania, local media reported Thursday. [More]

Census: 43 percent of adults are single

There are 96 million people in the United States who have no spouse. That means 43 percent of all Americans over the age of 18 are single, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. [More]

Thursday, August 19

Arizona fugitive and fiancee arrested at campsite

An unattended campfire and a suspicious forest ranger led to the arrest of two of the most wanted fugitives in the U.S., ending a three-week nationwide manhunt that drew hundreds of false sightings, authorities said. [More]

Man ticketed after 'fat and ugly' barb

Police in a Wisconsin town said they issued a $429 ticket to a man who allegedly told a fellow grocery store customer she was "ugly and fat." [More]

Roger Clemens charged with perjury in steroid case

A federal grand jury on Thursday indicted seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens for allegedly lying to Congress about using steroids. [More]

Seattle police say 10-year-old boy shot on bus was victim of own gun, attempted to rob teen

Seattle police say a 10-year-old boy who was shot on a bus turned out to be the victim of his own gun and the aggressor in an attempted robbery. [More]

US spending $16,000 for imam's Mideast tour

American taxpayers will pay the imam behind plans for a mosque near the Manhattan site of the Sept. 11 attacks $3,000 in fees for a three-nation outreach trip to the Middle East that will cost roughly $16,000, the State Department said Wednesday. [More]

Muslim employee: Disney banned her head scarf

A Muslim woman who works as a hostess at a Disneyland restaurant alleged today the theme park would not allow her to appear in front of customers while wearing her head scarf. Her supervisors told her to remove it, work where customers couldn't see her, or go home. [More]

Penis-pump scammers accused of bilking Medicare

An indictment shows two South Florida companies bilked Medicare on penis-pump sales, part of $2 million in bogus billings on medical equipment. [More]

22 States Considering Ariz.-Like Immigration Law

A national lobby, Americans for Legal Immigration, said Wednesday 22 states are now considering versions of the Arizona legislation. [More]

Muslims in Manhattan say they need a place to pray

Muslims in lower Manhattan who have prayed in a crowded basement or in the streets say they are not looking for confrontation with opponents of a new mosque. They simply need the space. [More]

Pelosi Suggests Probe of Funding Sources Behind Opposition to Mosque Near Ground Zero

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is suggesting a coordinated effort is behind the opposition to a proposed mosque and community center near Ground Zero, saying the whole dispute has been "ginned up" for political purposes and she supports a probe into those opponents. [More]

Gov't-ordered review finds crime lab evidence errors in 190 NC cases, including 3 executions

Analysts at North Carolina's crime lab omitted, overstated or falsely reported blood evidence in dozens of cases, including three that ended in executions and another where two men were imprisoned for murdering Michael Jordan's father, according to a scathing review released Wednesday. [More]

Beauty salon owner accused of cheating celebs

The woman who Jennifer Aniston, Cher, Melanie Griffith and other stars have trusted with their skin allegedly couldn't be trusted with their credit cards, according to federal authorities. [More]

School founder admits to sex with boys

An American who founded a Haitian school for boys pleaded guilty to federal charges Wednesday, admitting he traveled to Haiti to engage in sexual conduct with eight minor boys who attended the school, authorities said. [More]

Lindsay Lohan Offered $1 Million For First Post-Jail Interview

OK! magazine has offered Lohan $1 million for the interview, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lohan has reportedly not yet agreed to the deal — she's still receiving treatment at a rehab facility run by UCLA Medical Center — but she will likely be released well before completing the court-ordered 90-day treatment plan. [More]

Cameron Diaz tops list of riskiest celeb searches

If you're looking for Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts or Jessica Biel online, look out! The movie stars top the latest list of the most dangerous celebrities to search for online, according to new research by computer-security software maker McAfee Inc. [More]

Infant skeletons found wrapped in 1930s newspapers

Two infant skeletons wrapped in 1930s newspapers and placed in doctor's bags were found inside an unclaimed steamer trunk by a woman cleaning out the basement of a 1924 building that's being converted to condominiums, authorities said. [More]

Egg recall tied to salmonella grows to 380 million

Hundreds of people have been sickened in a salmonella outbreak linked to eggs in four states and possibly more, health officials said Wednesday as a company dramatically expanded a recall to 380 million eggs. [More]

Lung Cancer Patients Lived Longer With Palliative Care in Study

Patients diagnosed with incurable lung cancer who were given palliative care usually reserved for people close to death had a better quality of life and lived longer than those getting standard treatment, researchers said. [More]

Mexican mayor found dead 3 days after kidnapping

The kidnapped mayor of a northern Mexican town was found dead Wednesday, extending a rash of deadly attacks on political figures in an area besieged by drug gang battles. [More]

Wednesday, August 18

SEC charges New Jersey with securities fraud

U.S. regulators said on Wednesday they charged New Jersey with securities fraud for not disclosing to municipal bond investors that it was underfunding its pensions. [More]

Young will have to change names to escape 'cyber past' warns Google's Eric Schmidt

The private lives of young people are now so well documented on the internet that many will have to change their names on reaching adulthood, Google’s CEO has claimed. [More]

Plastic surgeon was texting in car before fatal crash

Dr. Frank Ryan, plastic surgeon to Heidi Montag and other celebrities, was sending a Twitter message about his border collie just before his fatal car accident, his ex-girlfriend tells PEOPLE. [More]

American Airlines to charge for front seats

The Fort Worth, Texas, airline said Wednesday it's now charging between $19 and $39 for "Express Seats" — those spots in the first few rows of coach that include bulkhead seats. [More]

From skid row to riches to an early grave

Steven Schulman, a homeless man who won a $700,000 judgment after being run over by a semi, was found dead at age 55. Schulman was found dead in his Van Nuys apartment among several empty bottles of malt liquor. [More]

Former Alabama prosecutor arrested on enticement, child porn charges

A former Alabama assistant district attorney who specialized in prosecuting sex crimes against minors is accused of enticing what he thought was a teenage girl online for sexual purposes, authorities said. [More]

New details on HP upheaval as CEO looks ahead

Former Hewlett Packard Co contractor Jodie Fisher alleged that she lost work from the company because she did not have sex with ex-CEO Mark Hurd, a source with knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Tuesday. [More]

Flight attendant takes baby after slap from mother

Police say a Southwest Airlines flight attendant took a baby from her parents on a flight from Dallas to Albuquerque after the mother slapped the crying child. [More]

'Dr. Laura' Schlessinger ends radio show after racial slur controversy

Controversial conservative talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger is ending her long-running radio program. [More]

DNA tests on chess champion's corpse exclude paternity

DNA tests on former chess champion Bobby Fischer's corpse have shown that he was not the father of a Filipino girl, as claimed by his former lover, an attorney involved in the dispute said on Tuesday. [More]

Piracy charges against 6 Somalis thrown out

A judge on Tuesday dismissed piracy charges against six Somali nationals accused of attacking a Navy ship off the coast of Africa, concluding the U.S. government failed to make the case their alleged actions amounted to piracy. [More]

Lou Gehrig May Not Have Had Lou Gehrig’s Disease

A study to be published tomorrow in the Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology contends that Lou Gehrig may not have had Lou Gehrig’s Disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Rather, he (and others of his generation) likely suffered fatal effects from concussions and other repeated head trauma. [More]

Sheriff: Jobless SC mom who 'wanted to be free' suffocated young sons, faked drowning accident

Broke, jobless and berated by her mother for her failings, Shaquan Duley killed her young sons, then strapped their lifeless bodies into their car seats before rolling the vehicle into a South Carolina river in a desperate cover-up attempt, authorities said. [More]

Craigslist suspect wrote fiancee's name in blood

A former medical student accused of killing a masseuse he met through Craigslist scrawled the name of his former fiancee on the wall of his cell — apparently in blood — before committing suicide, authorities said Tuesday. [More]

Fla. Mom Arrested After Posting Facebook Photo of Baby With Bong

A central Florida mom who thought it would be funny to post a picture of her baby with a bong on her Facebook page has been arrested. [More]

'Junk' car sets off bomb scare

A man living in Los Angeles said his beat-up car, which he left parked at a Boston airport's economy lot, was at the center of a bomb scare. [More]

Lindsay Lohan faces grim career options

Getting back to straight civilian life can be tough for anyone trying to leave a jail stint behind. But professional train wreck and sometime-actress Lindsay Lohan has a whole set of unique circumstances to navigate when she walks out of rehab again and tries to make a living. [More]

'Wonder Years' star insists smart is sexy

Danica McKellar is most famous for portraying Winnie Cooper, the childhood sweetheart of series protagonist Kevin Arnold on "The Wonder Years." [More]

Email is too slow and wristwatches are pointless for college freshmen

For most college freshmen starting school this fall, email is passe and wearing a watch on your wrist is, well, unnecessary, according to the Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2014, most of whom were born in 1992. [More]

BP to stop handling most Gulf claims

BP has picked Wednesday as the deadline for accepting claims from people and businesses affected by the Gulf oil disaster. [More]

Tuesday, August 17

Ex-Illinois Governor Blagojevich found guilty on one charge

A jury found former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich guilty of lying to federal investigators in his corruption trial. [More]

Heidi Montag's plastic surgeon dies in Malibu crash

The Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who remade Heidi Montag died when his Jeep plunged off a Malibu highway into the ocean Monday, a California Highway Patrol spokesman said. [More]

Best Buy Takes on Priest for Copyright Violation Over 'God Squad' Mobile

It's God versus the Geeks. A major electronics retailer is threatening legal action against a Wisconsin priest over his "God Squad" vehicle, claiming the logo on the clergyman's Volkswagen Beetle is identical to its own "Geek Squad" design. [More]

JetBlue Guy: Hollywood's most wanted

It was perhaps inevitable that the world's most famous flight attendant would enlist a Hollywood publicist. [More]

Atlanta agrees to pay $4.9 million to family of grandmother shot during botched drug raid

Atlanta has agreed to pay $4.9 million to the family of a 92-year-old woman killed in a botched drug raid. [More]

Salon owner blames power provider for customer's bald head

A trip to the hair salon leaves one customer partially bald. Now owner of the shop and the power provider are in a debate over who is to blame. [More]

Terrorist tapes found under CIA desk

The CIA has tapes of 9/11 plotter Ramzi Binalshibh being interrogated in a secret overseas prison. Discovered under a desk, the recordings could provide an unparalleled look at how foreign governments aided the U.S. in holding and questioning suspected terrorists. [More]

‘Groundhog Day’ for real: Woman is stuck in 1994

Every day Michelle Philpots wakes up in 1994. Due to brain injuries from two accidents, the British woman can recall everything up to that year, but each night forgets the events of the day before. “I want to be back to the normal me and not this shell of a person,” she said Monday. [More]

Professor booted from Starbucks

A New York English professor said she was kicked out of a Starbucks by three police officers because she refused to follow the cafe's ordering rules. [More]

Doctors charged over baby revived in coffin

Mexican prosecutors have filed homicide charges against one doctor and lesser charges against four others in the case of a newborn baby who revived in her coffin after she was mistakenly declared dead. [More]

LA judge orders release of man sentenced to 25 years-to-life for stealing food from church

After 13 years behind bars for trying to break in to a church kitchen to find something to eat, a man who became an example of the harsh sentences allowed by California's three-strikes law has been ordered released from prison. [More]

Survey names America’s favorite burger

According to the latest Fast Food Survey by Zagat, the best burger in America comes from Virginia-based chain Five Guys. But while the regional chain edged out national players in the hamburger category, Dairy Queen rules the Best Milkshakes category, while the best fries still come from McDonald’s. [More]

Former TSA supervisor admits stealing $20,000 of property

A former supervisor for the federal Transportation Security Administration has pleaded guilty to stealing $20,000 worth of jewelry and other items from checked luggage at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. [More]

Mel Gibson crashes Maserati into hill

Mel Gibson crashed his 2008 Maserati into a rocky Malibu hillside Sunday night, but the actor was unhurt, according to a California Highway Patrol spokesman. [More]

Man on mower charged with drunken driving

Authorities in Florida said a man spotted driving his lawn mower in the street late at night was arrested on his fourth drunken driving offense. [More]

California man denies killing daughter found in freezer 2 years after her death

A man accused of torturing and killing his daughter acknowledged in testimony Monday that he kept the 21-year-old's bullet-riddled body in the freezer of his mobine home for two years but claimed he was not responsible for her death. [More]

Drug hitmen kidnap Mexican mayor near U.S. border

Suspected drug hitmen have abducted the mayor of a tourist town near Mexico's northern city of Monterrey in the latest surge in drug violence threatening to undermine industry and scare off investors. [More]

Federal judge says protest ban at funerals unconstitutional

A federal judge Monday ruled that Missouri laws restricting protests near funerals are unconstitutional. [More]

Anna Nicole Smith psychiatrist known as "Dr. No"

A hospital psychiatrist who tried to wean Anna Nicole Smith off prescription drugs acknowledged under defense questioning that her reluctance to medicate patients earned her the nickname "Dr. No." [More]

Suspect in Ohio bank robbery was customer

The FBI says a man arrested in an Ohio bank robbery looked familiar to bank employees. Turns out, he had an account there and was one of their customers. [More]

Craigslist suspect's suicide riles victim's family

Suicides in jail aren't uncommon — but rarely do they involve such high-profile inmates as Craigslist killing suspect Philip Markoff. [More]

Safety Warning Preceded Gulf Rig Blast

Weeks before the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, the crew was warned not to let down its guard in a sternly worded memo from the rig's owner. [More]

Monday, August 16

Body of Girl Who Died in 1962 Stolen From Grave

Authorities in central Pennsylvania are trying to find out who stole from a grave the body of a 9-year-old girl who died almost half a century ago. [More]

California Cities Struggling Under Wave of Corruption

Call it the New Jersey of the West. Recent revelations of exorbitant salaries paid to top officials in the Southern California city of Bell are only the latest developments in a long-running saga of corruption embroiling a string of cities along the Los Angeles River. [More]

When is a divot a bunker? Just ask Dustin Johnson

History will say a dude from Germany beat a guy named Bubba to win the season's final major - and that Tiger Woods didn't. But what we'll remember is Dustin Johnson's gaffe. [More]

How to cheat the tax man in 2010

Want a hot tip about how to make a financial killing this year? Die. [More]

Customers' gas bills smelling like ... gas

The gas bill of some Washington residents stinks - literally - making the gas company happy, because that's what they say they intended as a safety reminder. [More]

22 disease-fighting superfoods

Almonds, black beans and watermelon among age-defying edibles. [More]

Deadly crash stirs off-road racing debate

After eight spectators are killed at the California 200, both avid off-roaders and opponents of the sport criticize the lack of safety precautions. [More]

Race driver who killed 8 apologizes

The driver of a truck that crashed into a crowd of spectators, killing eight, said in a Facebook message late Sunday that he was devastated by the incident. [More]

First Lady's Poll Numbers Drop After Spain Vacation

Michelle Obama may think twice before vacationing in Europe again. [More]

Mass. Man Ties $9,000 Ring to Sand Dollar, Bride-To-Be Drops It In the Ocean

Thousands of dollars washed away as a newly engaged couple learned a tough lesson. A Massachusetts couple's engagement went awry after the bride-to-be dropped the ring into the ocean. [More]

Zsa Zsa Gabor calls in priest for final rites

Zsa Zsa Gabor, the 93-year-old Hollywood star who has been hospitalized due to complications from a broken hip, called a priest into her hospital room Sunday for her final rites, her publicist said. [More]

Another 'Jersey Shore' cast member arrested

Another MTV "Jersey Shore" cast member has been arrested in the New Jersey town where the show is based. [More]

Dina Lohan's 'in fantasy land'

According to sources close to both Dina and Lindsay Lohan, the mother of the long-troubled actress is not facing facts about her daughter's problems or her clearly dysfunctional family life. [More]

Six Things Never to Say at an Auto Dealership

Going to a dealership with hopes of purchasing or leasing a vehicle can be an intimidating process. While not all auto salespeople are out to rip you off, it's good to arm yourself with the right language, and more importantly, what not to say. [More]

Sunday, August 15

Alleged 'Craigslist Killer' commits suicide

The former Boston University medical student accused of murdering a masseuse he contacted through the online classified site Craigslist committed suicide in prison Sunday. [More]

NYC sued over lost high-priced belt buckle

An insurance company is suing New York City over a $187,000 belt buckle one of their clients claimed was lost while he was locked up in jail last year. [More]

Warden Resigns at Ariz. Prison Where 3 Inmates Escaped

A warden and a security official have resigned their posts at an Arizona state prison where three inmates escaped last month, setting off a nationwide search, according to news reports. [More]

Faithful butler inherits $8 million

A Nepalese-born butler who became a celebrity when he was left $8 million by his former employer says he misses his old, simpler life. [More]

Apple manager charged with taking $1 million in kickbacks

A manager at Apple Inc has been charged in California with taking kickbacks he received after leaking corporate secrets to Asian companies that supplied iPhone and iPod accessories, court documents showed. [More]

Online 'sextortion' of teens on the rise

Federal prosecutors and child safety advocates say they're seeing an upswing in cases of online sexual extortion. They say teens who text nude cell phone photos of themselves or show off their bodies on the Internet are being contacted by pornographers who threaten to expose their behavior. [More]

Plastic jar removed from Fla. bear cub's head

A black bear cub in Florida affectionately known as "jarhead" can finally enjoy a good meal. [More]

California City, the metropolis that wasn't

Nathan Mendelsohn, a professor turned developer, believed California City would become the state's next San Fernando Valley. Instead it's a sleepy outpost that exists largely in the imagination. [More]

Ohio toddler found dead in hot car; sister injured

Authorities say two toddlers in northeast Ohio ran from their baby sitters and got stuck inside a hot car, where one died and the other was found barely conscious. [More]

NC man sent to jail after laughing in courtroom

Court is no laughing matter as far as one North Carolina judge is concerned. A Fayetteville man who was waiting for his case to be heard Friday drew the ire of Judge Toni King after starting to laugh in a Cumberland County courtroom. [More]

Robot to expose hidden secrets of pyramid

Following in the footsteps of Howard Carter and Abbot and Costello, a specialized robot will penetrate deeper into the Great Pyramid of Giza than ever before. The robot, part of a years long exploration called the Djedi Project, will explore a shaft inaccessible to a previous robot, unlocking a room that has remain sealed for 4,500 years. [More]

Hundreds kiss in NYC in honor of end of WWII

Hundreds of couples donned sailor hats and nurse's caps and smooched in Times Square on Saturday to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II. [More]

8 dead, 12 hurt at off-road race in Calif. desert

An off-road truck plowed into a crowd and scattered "bodies everywhere" moments after sailing off a jump at a California race Saturday, killing eight people and leaving 12 injured, authorities and witnesses said. [More]

Slain couple's family hopes fugitives caught

Lost in the Bonnie and Clyde tale of Arizona fugitives on the run for two weeks is the grisly slaying of an Oklahoma couple whose bodies were found in a burned-out travel trailer on a remote ranch in eastern New Mexico. [More]

Saturday, August 14

Chicago police sergeant sues for 'BlackBerry Overtime'

Saddled with BlackBerrys, working overtime because of responding to emails off-hours. Now a Chicago police sergeant in Chicago is suing the city for overtime back pay. [More]

Sex offender hired to clean oil spill

A lack of screening of oil spill cleanup workers meant a sex offender got a job, and left him free to rape a colleague according to a Mississippi county sheriff. [More]

Teen enters plea in rape of elderly woman

A second teen has pleaded no contest in the rape of an 89-year-old woman. [More]

Cocaine found in woman's bank deposit

Connecticut authorities said a woman was arrested after she accidentally included a small bag of cocaine with her bank deposit. [More]

Girl says family forced her into prostitution

A 14-year-old girl suspected of prostitution told police her mother and grandmother, both convicted prostitutes, forced her to sell her body to pay their living expenses, prosecutors said on Thursday. [More]

Jose Canseco got evicted and he's tweeting about it

Jose Canseco has taken a break from getting beat up by much smaller guys in "celebrity" boxing matches long enough to post a bunch of tweets about how he got evicted from his apartment today. [More]

Go ahead and argue, it can be good for your health

A little arguing now and then is good for you, if done for the right reasons, a new study suggests. [More]

Police fire on armed businessmen

Houston police said officers fired at two men - one of them armed - believed to be burglars outside of a business, but the two were actually businessmen. [More]

Alaska plane carrying former Sen. Ted Stevens had system to alert pilot of land ahead

The plane that crashed into an Alaskan mountainside and killed former Sen. Ted Stevens and four others was outfitted with an alert system that warned pilots of dangerous terrain. [More]

S. Dakota man dies after donating part of liver to brother

A Colorado hospital said Friday that it has temporarily suspended live donor liver transplants while it investigates the death of a South Dakota man who donated part of his liver to his brother. [More]

Lightning hits boy, 13, at 13:13 on Friday 13th

Friday the 13th proved suitably unlucky for one 13 year-old boy who was struck by lightning before being taken to hospital - at 13:13 on the dreaded date. [More]

JetBlue flight diverted over unruly passenger

A JetBlue Airways flight from Boston to the Dominican Republic had to land in the Washington, D.C., area Friday afternoon because of an unruly passenger, the company and federal officials said. [More]

"Jersey Shore" star Snooki denied name trademark

"Jersey Shore's" Nicole Polizzi lost a legal hold on her famous "Snooki" nickname after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected her trademark application on grounds that a similar character already beat her to the punch. [More]

Calif. 14-year-old, boyfriend charged in her grandparents' fatal stabbings

The 14-year-old granddaughter of a slain Southern California couple and her 21-year-old boyfriend have been charged with murder after authorities tracked them down in Texas. [More]

Obama endorses mosque plan near Ground Zero

President Barack Obama has waded into a bitter controversy over a plan by Muslims to build a mosque just blocks from Ground Zero, endorsing the project on religious freedom grounds. [More]

Congress Can Withhold Funds from ACORN, Federal Court Rules

Congress can continue to withhold federal money from ACORN following a federal appeals panel decision Friday that rejected a lower court's ruling about funding for the community activist group. [More]

50 years of space elevator dreams

When Soviet engineer Yuri Artsutanov came up with his concept for an "electric train to the cosmos" in 1960, he thought it'd take 200 years to turn it into a reality. Fifty years later, the 81-year-old is more optimistic: Now he thinks the first space elevator will rise into the heavens 30 years from now. [More]

Friday, August 13

Democratic Senate nominee indicted on porn charge

South Carolina's Senate nominee Alvin Greene, a political unknown who became the surprise winner of the South Carolina Democratic primary, was indicted Friday by a grand jury on pornography charges. [More]

3 states that offer licenses to illegal immigrants see surge in applications

Carlos Hernandez packed up his family and left Arizona after the state passed its sweeping immigration crackdown. The illegal immigrant's new home outside Seattle offered something Arizona could not: a driver's license. [More]

Mexican woman granted asylum based on domestic abuse claims

A Mexican woman who says she endured beatings and rapes for decades at the hands of her common-law husband has won the right to stay in the United States. Experts say the case makes clear that domestic violence is valid grounds for asylum. [More]

Google Street View captures 'dead girl'

Concerned citizens in St. John's, Worcester, England alerted police after discovering a young girl face down on a street shown on Google Street View. [More]

Did real estate agent play while owner was away?

A Maple Grove couple allege that while they were in England their real estate agent used their home for "sexual escapades." [More]

Diocese bankruptcy judge in Delaware approves start of parish sex abuse trials

The judge in the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington's bankruptcy case has ruled that lawsuits against several of it parishes by alleged victims of priest sex abuse can go to trial later this year. [More]

Dr. Laura apologizes for saying N-word on the air

Talk radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger has issued an apology for saying the N-word several times in an on-air conversation with a caller that she said was "hypersensitive" to racism. [More]

Blind man sues Wienerschnitzel over run-in with tree

All Nathan Reynolds wanted was a hot dog. Instead, as the blind man walked toward a Wienerschnitzel restaurant last year, he got a face full of tree — and severe neck injuries. [More]

Cashless exec gives credit card to beggar

A New York advertising executive gave her American Express Platinum card to a beggar after she realized she had no cash but wanted to help him. [More]

Fla. Pastor Defends Koran Burning Plan

A Florida pastor is speaking out in defense of his congregation’s controversial plan to burn copies of Koran on the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. [More]

Doctors remove pea sprouting in man's lung

The doctor confirmed the good news for Ron Sveden once the mass in his left lung came back from the lab: He didn't have cancer. He had a pea sprouting inside his chest. [More]

Malibu Remains Reportedly Belong to Missing L.A. Woman

Remains found in Malibu this week are those of Mitrice Richardson, a California woman who vanished after being released from sheriff's custody last September, a law enforcement official said Thursday. [More]

Conn. shooter stole empty kegs, cases

The man who fatally shot eight co-workers at a Connecticut beer distributor stole cases of beer and empty kegs worth more than $400, according to court records. [More]

Ex-money manager who faked his own death agrees to plead guilty to securities fraud

A former money manager convicted of trying to fake his own death in a Florida plane crash has agreed to plead guilty to securities fraud charges in Indiana. [More]

Kelsey Grammer's girlfriend pregnant

"Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer's new girlfriend Kayte Walsh, a British flight attendant, is pregnant, according to an interview with the woman's father published in The Daily Mail newspaper. [More]

Repeat Drunken Driver Gets Life in Prison

A Texas judge has sentenced a 52-year-old man to life in prison after the man's ninth conviction for drunken driving. [More]

Embezzler gets 21 years house arrest

A Philadelphia-area woman who admitted stealing almost half a million dollars from her employer has been sentenced to 21 years in the house. [More]

BP May Have Already Plugged Oil Well for Good

Analysis of pressure tests on BP's cemented Gulf of Mexico oil well could indicate today that the damaged well is already plugged for good, and that a relief well won't be needed after all. [More]

Census Bureau Spends $23G on Totem Pole

They tried mailings, launched a multimillion-dollar national ad campaign, hired tens of thousands of people -- they even tried a totem pole. [More]

Facing Ethics Charges, Rep. Waters Points Finger at Bush Administration

Embattled Rep. Maxine Waters on Friday blamed the Bush administration for her ethics problems - saying she had to intervene with the Treasury Department on behalf of minority-owned banks seeking federal bailout funds - including one tied to her husband. [More]

Broward mom sliced 3-year-old's throat

Police say a woman sliced her 3-year-old son's throat with a box cutter and then tried to kill herself in their Hollywood apartment. [More]

Blagojevich jurors tell judge they are stalled

A new message from the jury weighing the fate of Rod Blagojevich provided a few clues today about their deadlock in deliberations, stirring speculation that the panel's struggles could be good news for the disgraced former governor of Illinois. [More]

Lindsay Lohan's mother says actress will move East

Lindsay Lohan's mom says the actress will be moving away from California and back to New York after she gets out of drug rehabilitation. [More]

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