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Monday, September 13

Obama Writes A Children's Book

President Barack Obama has written a book of inspirational stories for children to be released in November. Obama is not the first president to write for young people. Jimmy Carter's "The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer" was published in 1995. [More]

AP analysis on oil spill: Tax dollars at work

The federal government hired a New Orleans man for $18,000 to appraise whether news stories about its actions in the Gulf oil spill were positive or negative for the Obama administration. [More]

Berlusconi to young women: Seek rich guys like me

Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi has opened his big mouth once again - advising young women to follow the money when looking for a partner, saying women like him and "I'm loaded." [More]

Drunken, speeding, texting driver gets 9 years in fatal accident

It wasn't just that 18-year-old Nicole Hoffman was drinking and driving with a blood-alcohol level almost twice the legal limit. Or that she was speeding in excess of 90 mph. Or that she was texting while behind the wheel. [More]

'Underwear Bomber' due in court

A Nigerian man charged with trying to blow up an international flight near Detroit on Christmas is due to return to court for the first time since January. [More]

Thieves Robbed Homes Based On Facebook Posts

Suspects used social networking sites such as Facebook to identify victims who posted online that they would not be home at a certain time. [More]

Mom to seek bond in deaths of boys that authorities say she killed, then put into river

A South Carolina woman accused of killing her two young sons will ask a judge to let her out of jail before her trial. [More]

Ga. Rep. Bishop awarded scholarships to family

A Georgia congressman awarded his stepdaughter, a niece and an aide's future wife college scholarships through the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, making him the second House Democrat known to use the group to steer money to relatives and associates. [More]

Louisiana Federal judge to face impeachment

The U.S. Senate on Monday begins the impeachment trial of federal judge G. Thomas Porteous Jr. - the first such trial since the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton in 1999. [More]

Spill claims 'probably' won't top $20 billion

BP believes compensation claims related to its Gulf of Mexico oil spill will be less than the $20 billion the oil giant has put into an independent claims fund. [More]

Street musician hit man with guitar

Wisconsin police say a street musician apparently upset by criticism of his music bashed a man over the head with his guitar, slammed another person into a wall and wrestled with an officer before being arrested. [More]

Officer involved in deadly shooting being sued

The police officer who shot and killed a Guatemalan immigrant who authorities said was threatening people with a knife is being sued by a man claiming he was unlawfully shot by the officer in 2008. [More]

Health care politics run into economic reality

Fact check: President Barack Obama told voters during the health care debate that an overhaul would bring down fast-rising costs. Now, he's adding some caveats. [More]

Miami Heat Dancer Killed in Crash

A Miami Heat dancer was killed when another vehicle hit the motorcycle she was riding in Fort Lauderdale. [More]

Man gets 4-year sentence for mutilating, killing girl's rabbits at Mass. construction company

A Massachusetts man has been sentenced to four years behind bars after admitting to mutilating and killing five pet rabbits during a break-in at a construction company. [More]

Actor McCarthy of "Body Snatchers" Fame Dies

American actor Kevin McCarthy, who starred as a terror-stricken small-town doctor in the acclaimed 1956 science fiction film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," died on Saturday at age 96. [More]

Rich states should pay for Africa mineral advice: panel

Rich countries should pay for African governments to get advice on negotiating the best deals for exploiting their natural resources, a panel set up by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Monday. [More]

Without a Defibrillator, Chest Compressions Will Suffice

Chest compressions prior to defibrillation are just as good as immediate treatment with an electrical defibrillator for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, according to a new research study. [More]

The top 10 deadliest cancers — and why there's no cure

Cancer is the No. 2 cause of death in Americans, second only to heart disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even when diagnosed early and attacked with the latest treatments, it still has the power to kill. [More]

World’s largest chocolate bar weighs nearly 5 tons

The Guinness Book of World Records certified a 9,702-pound chocolate bar as the world's largest at a ceremony Saturday. It was made by an Armenian factory owner. [More]

In ads, Democrats shy away from own party

Democratic candidates are not extolling their party’s accomplishments, but rather distancing themselves from their party’s agenda. [More]

Sunday, September 12

'40-Year-Old Virgin' actor: I stabbed girlfriend 20 times by mistake

The "40-Year-Old Virgin" actor Shelley Malil testified Thursday he stabbed his girlfriend 20 times when he wrongly thought that she was somebody else going after him. [More]

Cigarettes, electricity on the way to trapped miners

The 33 men have received a power line that will allow them to install electric lights in their shelter 2,300 feet underground, mining officials said Saturday. Officials are also granting the miners' longstanding request for cigarettes. [More]

Pipe that set off Calif. inferno was rated high risk

The section of gas pipeline that ruptured and exploded in a suburban San Francisco neighborhood, killing four and injuring nearly 60 others, was ranked as high risk because it ran through a highly populated area, state and federal authorities said Saturday. [More]

White House Aides Owed More Than $800G in Back Taxes

President Obama might want to audit his own staff as he sets out to close the deficit. Turns out he could shake them down for close to a cool million in back taxes. [More]

Ohio school tells wrong parents kids are absent

An Ohio middle school says human error caused parents to be mistakenly alerted that their fifth- and sixth-graders were absent. [More]

Bicyclist ignores siren, hits squad car

The Webster Parish Sheriff's Office said a bicyclist inching down the center of the road ignored lights and siren and ran into a police car. [More]

Prosecutors won't seek death penalty against officers charged in post-Katrina bridge shootings

The Justice Department says it will not seek the death penalty against four current or former New Orleans police officers charged in deadly shootings on a bridge after Hurricane Katrina. [More]

Coast Guard boat driver haunted by holiday parade crash in Calif. that killed 8-year-old boy

The driver of a Coast Guard boat that slammed into a smaller recreational boat during a holiday parade testified in military court Friday that he is haunted by the memory of an 8-year-old boy who died in the crash. [More]

Mayweather jailed briefly for felony theft charge

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. was jailed briefly Friday on a felony charge after his ex-girlfriend alleged he beat her and stole her cell phone during an argument in front of their three children. [More]

Suspected burglar found after fall through ceiling

A man fell through the ceiling of a Pico Rivera shop on Saturday, landing in the arms of sheriff's deputies who were searching for the suspected burglar of three businesses. [More]

U.S. Poverty on Track to Post Record Gain Under Obama's Watch

The number of people in the U.S. who are in poverty is on track for a record increase on President Obama's watch, with the ranks of working-age poor approaching 1960s levels that led to the national war on poverty. [More]

Bodyguard saves Justin Bieber from arrest

In Justin Bieber's world, throwing water balloons at the cops isn't necessarily a punishable offense. [More]

Pa. students shown X-rated photos in assembly

Officials in a western Pennsylvania school district are apologizing after they say students at a local high school were accidentally shown pornographic pictures during a school assembly. [More]

Rig Workers Had Chance to Prevent Explosion

Workers aboard the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig briefly regained control of BP PLC's ruptured oil well on the night of April 20 and may have come far closer than previously believed to averting the disastrous explosion. [More]

Failed blowout preventer from Gulf spill arrives at NASA facility for analysis

A Coast Guard official says the 300-ton device that failed to stop the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill after a rig exploded has arrived at a NASA facility in Louisiana for analysis. [More]

Saturday, September 11

Angry mom pulls gun on volleyball team

Police said an angry mother believed to be a Metzger Middle School parent pulled a gun and threatened members of a Kirby seventh-grade volleyball team that had just defeated the Metzger team Thursday night. [More]

Victims' relative: Spat began fatal Ky. rampage

A relative of two people killed in an eastern Kentucky rampage says the shootings happened after an argument between the gunman and his wife over how she cooked his eggs. [More]

Fla. man says funny money was protest

A Florida man who claims his phony $20 bills were a protest against President Andrew Jackson's treatment of Indians is going to prison. [More]

Colo. man nabbed in his car and squad car for DUI

A northern Colorado man was quickly arrested twice for DUI: Once while driving his own car, the second time for stealing the police car as he waited to be taken in. [More]

Japan missing more than 230,000 listed centenarians

More than 230,000 Japanese citizens listed in government records as at least 100 years old can't be found and may have died long ago, according to a government survey released Friday. [More]

85 prisoners escape jail on Mexico-U.S. border

Eighty-five prisoners escaped from a jail near the U.S. border on Friday, authorities and media said, the latest prison break underscoring the challenges Mexico faces as it battles powerful drug cartels. [More]

Top models, actors need space (between their teeth)

A gap between the two front teeth is one of the most sought-after physical features at this year's fashion week in New York, says the Wall Street Journal. [More]

Woman killed by riding lawnmower

An Oklahoma woman has been killed by a riding lawnmower. [More]

On 9/11 Anniversary, Enduring Grief and Sharp Division

Solemnity and visible sorrow prevailed at the morning ceremonies at Zuccotti Park, near the site where 2,752 people were killed when two planes flew into the World Trade Center. [More]

Nine years later, Americans remember as president calls for tolerance

Nine Septembers have come and gone and yet, the many days that separate America now from a chilling day in its history did not dull remembrance Saturday. [More]

Lawyer turns to housekeeping to pay bills

An out-of-work New York attorney says she has turned to housekeeping for people who have "always wanted to see a lawyer clean a toilet." [More]

Car loaded with explosives disabled in Mexico

Mexican police used a controlled explosion early on Saturday to eliminate the threat from a car packed with explosives in this violent city near the border with the United States, local officials said. [More]

Cocaine found hidden in flower shipment

A shipment of flowers arriving at Miami International Airport was found to contain hidden bricks of cocaine. [More]

Friday, September 10

Boy in Spiderman pajamas scoots along Ill. highway

Clad in Spiderman pajamas, a 5-year-old southern Illinois boy on a scooter had someplace to be, and he apparently wasn't going to let busy highways stand in his way. [More]

Suspects Allegedly Ate Pizza at House After Fatally Stabbing Boston Deliveryman

Three people accused of stabbing a Domino's Pizza deliveryman to death allegedly drove to a friend's house after the killing and ate the stolen pizza. [More]

St. Petersburg man describes being shot five times as an accident

Police found 31-year-old Antonio Isom bleeding in the back yard of a home early Thursday. He had been shot five times, he told police, but said it was an accident. [More]

Man who blamed cat gets 12.5 years

A Florida man who blamed his cat for downloading child pornography pleaded no contest to 25 felony charges, earning him 12 1/2 years in prison. [More]

Co-owner of missing $1.3 million painting charged with fraud by federal authorities in NY

A con man carried out an "inartful fraud" when he fooled an art collector into thinking they were partners in the $1.1 million purchase of a missing painting but was actually ripping her off, a federal prosecutor said Thursday. [More]

Embryonic stem cell funding allowed — for now

The government may resume funding of embryonic stem cell research for now, an appeals court said Thursday, but the short-term approval may be of little help to research scientists caught in a legal battle that has just begun. [More]

2 men get year in jail for causing 2007 Malibu wildfire that destroyed dozens of homes

Two men have been sentenced to a year in jail each for causing a 2007 Malibu wildfire that destroyed 53 homes, damaged 23 others and forced thousands of evacuations. [More]

California man fatally shot by officers was wielding only cooking spatula, not knife

Police in California say officers feared for their safety when they gunned down a man who turned out to be wielding only a metal spatula when he was shot. [More]

Pilots who faked resumes back in the air

Chinese pilots who had lied about their flying experience have been allowed to return to work after they took remedial action to make up their hours, according to the country's aviation watchdog. [More]

Man Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty After Attacking Pelican That Stole His Fish

A California man was sentenced to community service Wednesday after he admitted to stomping a pelican that tried to steal a fish he had caught. [More]

4 charged in NY with wire fraud conspiracy in $5M Princess Diana Lottery identity theft scheme

New York City prosecutors have charged four men with cheating people by telling them they'd won the bogus $5 Million Princess Diana Lottery. [More]

Woman in police custody after 2 people shot dead, 1 critically wounded at Pa. cookie factory

Police say a woman accused of fatally shooting two co-workers and wounding a third at a Kraft Foods plant in Philadelphia had feuded with her victims. [More]

Pa. Company Accused of Submarine Parts Fraud

A Pennsylvania company that supplied metal and other components for the Navy's Virginia-class submarines faces charges of defrauding the federal government of more than $1 million. [More]

Money adviser to the stars pleads guilty in NYC

A financial adviser to the stars has pleaded guilty in New York City to fraud, admitting he cheated wealthy and elderly clients out of tens of millions of dollars. [More]

Ground Zero Mosque Investor Declines Trump's Buyout Offer

Donald Trump's offer to buy an investor's stake where a mosque is planned near ground zero is falling flat. [More]

Thursday, September 9

Restaurant says no to screaming kids

A North Carolina restaurant said signs reading "Screaming children will not be tolerated" have brought in more customers than they've scared away. [More]

Police officer sentenced to 40 years in prison for raping woman inside substation

A police officer in Rhode Island who raped a woman in an empty police substation has been sentenced to 40 years in prison. [More]

Man steals $9,000 coin, sells it for $167

A rare 18th century coin worth $9,000 was stolen in Vero Beach — but not for long. [More]

Man claimed defibrillator was bomb

Las Vegas authorities said they arrested a man who walked into a casino strapped with a defibrillator he claimed was a bomb. [More]

Man found guilty of kidnapping, burning California woman to death over pound of pot

One of four men accused of kidnapping and burning a California woman to death over a pound of pot has been found guilty of murder. [More]

8 people who didn't evacuate Colorado wildfire unaccounted for

Authorities are searching for eight people who have not been accounted for as a wildfire tore through their neighborhoods this week. [More]

Two arrested for wrestling snake at McDonald's

Two men were arrested after bewildered diners at a McDonald's spotted them wrestling a 5-foot python named Boris in the restaurant parking lot, police said Thursday. [More]

A whole different Playboy channel — for the blind

Suzi Hanks reads Playboy magazine for the articles. And the jokes. And the letters and cartoons. [More]

Snooki fined $500 for annoying N.J. beachgoers

Calling her "a Lindsay Lohan wannabe," a judge fined "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi $500 today and ordered her to perform community service after she pleaded guilty to disturbing others on a beach in July. [More]

Book alleges Paris Hilton had special hiding place for drugs

A tell-all book by a former "Girls Gone Wild" photographer alleges that Paris Hilton once smuggled illegal drugs into Europe using a cigarette box hidden inside her body. [More]

Ex-bodyguard claims Britney ‘savagely hit’ one of her kids

Bodyguard Fernando Flores maintains former boss Britney Spears physically abused her children while he was on the job. [More]

Spears' ex disputes abuse claims

An attorney for Britney Spears' ex-husband called child abuse claims leveled at the singer by a former bodyguard baseless and motivated by money. [More]

Highway deaths fall to lowest level since 1950

The number of people dying on the nation's roads has fallen to its lowest level in six decades, helped by a combination of seat belts, safer cars and tougher enforcement of drunken driving laws. [More]

Piers Morgan to replace Larry King

British TV host Piers Morgan will take over Larry King's prime-time hour with "a candid, in-depth newsmaker interview program" starting in January, CNN announced. [More]

Philippines admits police may have shot some hostages

Philippine investigators admitted for the first time Thursday that police may have shot some of the tourists in a bungled operation that left eight Hong Kong residents dead on a bus in Manila. [More]

Public may not see failed blowout preventer from BP oil well

The public may have seen the last video images of the failed blowout preventer from the BP oil well disaster, as authorities expressed possible security concerns. [More]

Wednesday, September 8

Deputy who arrested Mel Gibson sues department

The Los Angeles sheriff's deputy who arrested Mel Gibson for drunken driving in 2006 sued his department on Tuesday, claiming he has since been ostracized and passed over for promotions by the agency. [More]

Broke — and Building the Most Expensive School in U.S. History

At $578 million — or about $140,000 per student—the 24-acre Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools complex in the Los Angeles school district is the most expensive school ever constructed in U.S. history. The school district is currently running a $640 million deficit and has had to lay off 3,000 teachers in the last two years. [More]

Husband says wife faked cancer for free goodies

Residents of the city of Newburgh, N.Y., are feeling angered — and saddened — over news that they may have fallen for the worst kind of hoax. [More]

90-year-old NY man sentenced for battering wife of nearly 68 years to death with a hammer

A 90-year-old western New York man has been sentenced to 17 1/2 years in prison for battering his wife of nearly 68 years to death with a hammer. [More]

Protesters, police clash over L.A. immigrant death

Protesters on Tuesday night pelted a police station with eggs, rocks and bottles despite Police Chief Charlie Beck's plea for calm earlier in the day and his promise to thoroughly investigate an officer's fatal shooting of a Guatemalan immigrant wielding a knife. [More]

California Highway Patrol: Girlfriend of murder suspect killed during police pursuit

The California Highway Patrol says a murder suspect who led police on a high-speed chase last week strangled his girlfriend during the pursuit. [More]

Stamp Tramp - Miley Cyrus Gets Inked For A Third Time

First it was "Just Breathe" on her chest. Then "Love" on her ear. Now Miley's gotten inked for a third time, and this one is in the most visible place yet — her pinky finger. [More]

Jersey shore bumper sticker disses visitors

First it was Bennies, then Shoobies. Now there's another derogatory nickname for summer tourists who visit the Jersey shore: FOOTs. It's an acronym for "Out Of Towners" preceded by an obscenity. [More]

Snooki due in NJ court on charge of being annoying

Here's the situation: Nicole Polizzi, better known to the world as Snooki from the MTV show "Jersey Shore," faces charges of being criminally annoying. [More]

The Tea Party goes to school

Some Tea Partiers admit mistakes were made. Others are quick to describe the movement's recent efforts in the political arena as not quite ready for prime time. [More]

Attorney for 104-year-old heiress defends his handling of her finances

The attorney for 104-year-old heiress Huguette Clark has responded to an effort by her relatives to oust him as her attorney, ridiculing them as Johnny-come-latelies. [More]

Florida Pastor Determined to Carry Out Quran Burning

A Florida pastor planning a Quran-burning rally on Saturday's 9/11 anniversary came under more pressure today to drop it from White House and religious and military leaders, but the Rev. Terry Jones says he isn't backing down. [More]

Scared kids flee playground after woman terrorized them, police say

Madison police arrested a 37-year-old Madison woman Saturday night after she allegedly terrorized a group of kids on a playground. [More]

Battle lines are drawn over tax cuts for the wealthy

Ahead of President Obama's economic speech later Wednesday in Cleveland, House Republican Leader John Boehner has endorsed a two-year freeze on all tax rates and a cut in government spending to the levels of 2008, before the recession hit. [More]

Tuesday, September 7

Tennessee high school teacher arrested after teens say he held them at gunpoint

Police have accused a high school teacher of holding teenagers at gunpoint after he found them ghost-hunting in a Tennessee graveyard. [More]

Black farmers push for $1.25B payout

The National Black Farmers Association will call Tuesday for the U.S. Senate to fund a historic discrimination case settlement involving minority farmers. [More]

Robbers Pick the Wrong Victim: Off-Duty Cop With Gun

Turns out the person three men tried to rob at a cash machine is a Miami-Dade police officer. [More]

Dutch paper: Van der Sloot admits extortion

Joran van der Sloot admitted in an interview with a Dutch newspaper that he extorted money from the family of Natalee Holloway, but his attorney in a Peruvian murder case suggested Monday that his client's comments may have been mistranslated. [More]

Obama: They talk about me like a dog

President Obama's prepared remarks during a speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Monday were thrown a bit of a curveball when it came to a description of his critics. [d] [More]

Suspicious powder grandma's ashes

Wyoming police said suspicious items in a vehicle included marijuana, drug paraphernalia, prescription drugs, syringes with residue and a grandmother's ashes. [More]

Obama plans big economic push: Too little, too late?

President Barack Obama is rushing to roll out a new economic plan this week, but his fellow Democrats are confronting a difficult question: Is it too little, too late? [More]

Want cheapskates to spend? Hawk gizmos that save

How do you get penny pinchers to spend these days? Pitch products that promise to save them money. [More]

'Skyscraper Man' climbs giant tower in California

A man climbed to the top of a nearly 60-story skyscraper in downtown San Francisco, California, on Monday, where he unfurled a U.S. flag and was promptly detained by police. [More]

Money can buy happiness — but only up to $75,000

People's emotional well-being — happiness — increases along with their income up to about $75,000, researchers report in Tuesday's edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. [More]

No recession here: Election spending sets records

This year's volatile election is bursting with money, setting fundraising and spending records in a high-stakes struggle for control of Congress amid looser but still fuzzy campaign finance rules. [More]

Labor strikes are losing ground

Labor strikes — seen as one of the key bargaining chips unions have had to get good wages and working conditions from employers — may some day end up only in history books. [More]

Homeless Outraged That $1 Menu at San Francisco McDonald's Now 50 Cents More

In San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, a feud over cheap food has escalated into a biting debate on microeconomics and the city's homeless problem. [More]

Paris Hilton: Las Vegas Police Wanted Her Out ASAP

After Paris Hilton was arrested in Sin City last week for alleged cocaine possession, questions arose as to how she was able to get in and out of Clark County Detention Center in just three hours. Authorities say they merely wanted to get the heiress out as fast as possible to avoid any chaos, not to do her any favors. [More]

Monday, September 6

Obama's new Oval Office rug mis-attributes quote

A researcher with The Washington Post says a quote on President Obama's new Oval Office rug mistakenly attributes a famous quote to Rev. Martin Luther King. The quote was actually the work of Theodore Parker, an abolitionist and Transcendentalist thinker. [More]

Giant hay bale crushes Electric Light Orchestra member to death

A giant bale of hay has killed a founding member of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) after it tumbled down a hill and crashed into his van. [More]

Bahamas drops charges in Travolta extortion case

A judge in the Bahamas has dropped charges against two people accused of trying to extort money from John Travolta following the death of his teenage son in the island chain. [More]

Colorado Student Says He Was Told to Remove U.S. Flags

A Colorado high school student wants an explanation from school officials after reportedly being told by security guards to remove American flags from his truck because they might make other students uncomfortable. [More]

Joran Van der Sloot 'Wanted to Get Back at Natalee's Family'

Yes, Joran Van der Sloot extorted money from Natalee Holloway's parents. He did it for revenge. The accused killer of a 21-year-old Peruvian woman and suspect in the Holloway case confessed to taking money from the missing teen's family for revealing the location of Natalee's body. [More]

Woman dies after Clearwater parasailing accident

Alejandra White, 28, was parasailing with her fiancé, Shaun Ladd, when a storm with strong winds came through, said Joelle Castelli, a spokeswoman for Clearwater Public Safety. [More]

Airline CEO: Nix co-pilot, save money

He's already suggested installing coin-operated lavatories and selling standing room on flights, so it may not be surprising that the latest idea from the colorful CEO of Ryanair is once again pushing air travelers' buttons. [More]

Va. woman devours 181 chicken wings in NY contest

The Black Widow of eating contests gobbled up nearly 181 chicken wings in 12 minutes, devouring the national championship record in Buffalo on Sunday. [More]

Sunday, September 5

Nurse's patient is long-lost dad

It was a bittersweet and unlikely reunion. When Wanda Rodriguez, a nurse at a Bronx hospice, went to greet her new patient last week, she was stunned to find her estranged father, Victor Peraza. [More]

Fired, rehired teachers return to classes at troubled RI high school with cautious optimism

Teachers who were fired and ultimately rehired in a dispute that focused national debate over education reform have returned to their classrooms amid hopes that changes they agreed to will help improve student performance at their persistently troubled high school. [More]

Michaele Salahi: I am Baring All for Playboy

Doing everything in her power to grasp onto her fleeting moments of fame, White House crasher Michaele Salahi has reportedly agreed to bare all for men's magazine Playboy. [More]

Mexican judge orders drug lord held 40 more days

A Mexican judge ordered Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez, believed to be one of the country's top drug bosses, held for 40 more days of investigation, the federal prosecutor's office said on Saturday. [More]

Ohio man held family hostage, raped child

Police in Ohio say a father cut his family off from the outside world, sexually abused at least one of his daughters and locked one child in a closet-sized room for a year. [More]

Kanye West says he was a '32 year old child'

Kanye West reached out to fans - and those who hate him - in a string of posts on Twitter this morning, addressing his on-stage interruption of Taylor Swift and remarks made five years ago about former U.S. president George W. Bush. [More]

JetBlue: Flight attendant's big exit was for good

JetBlue Airways says that there will be no second exits for famed flight attendant Steven Slater — who captured the nation's imagination with his profanity-laced loudspeaker tirade and jump down a plane's emergency chute, beer in hand. [More]

Woman gets driver's license on 960th try

A 69-year-old South Korean woman took the driver's test a record 960th times before she finally got her license, a media report said. [More]

Feel Better? Obama says his economic policies halted "bleeding"

President Barack Obama, previewing a big push on the U.S. economy next week, on Saturday defended policies that he said "have stopped the bleeding" and put the middle class on the road to recovery. [More]

Christina Romer's White House days ending

President Obama's chair of the Council of Economic Advisers is set to return to teaching at UC Berkeley in the fall after what, by all accounts, was an exhausting 22 months grappling with the worst economic falling off since the Great Depression, and the fashioning of an $800 billion stimulus program that kept the country out of what Romer, 51, called "my father's depression." [More]

Comedian Robert Schimmel dies at 60

Robert Schimmel, a critically acclaimed comedian who made audiences squirm and then laugh with X-rated explorations of sexuality and vulnerability usually drawn from his own life, has died. [More]

Blowout preventer heads for analysis at NASA facility

Investigators looking into what went wrong in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are a step closer to answers now that a key piece of evidence is secure aboard a ship. [More]

Saturday, September 4

Butts Arrested in Boob Murder Case

Police have arrested a third person in connection with the murder of Samuel Boob. Kermit Butts, 26, of Madisonburg, PA is accused of driving the suspected killer to and from the crime scene on the morning of the killing. [More]

Baby Dies After Hospital Flushed His Body With Alcohol

A baby boy died in an Ohio hospital after medics flushed his system with alcohol instead of saline solution during surgery. [More]

Calif. wildfire started by illegal immigrants

Authorities say a wildfire burning in rural San Diego County was sparked by two illegal immigrants who set a signal fire after they got lost. [More]

Girl, 4, weighed 15 pounds at death

The mother of a 4-year-old girl found dead in her Brooklyn home Thursday morning was charged Friday with second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child, according to police. [More]

Man wins thousands at Calif casino before being followed, run over and killed

Police are searching for two robbers who ran over and killed a man after he won several thousand dollars at a Southern California casino. [More]

U.S. offshore oil fire may delay lift of drill ban

The Obama Administration is likely to stay focused on toughening regulatory oversight of the U.S. offshore oil industry and may push back lifting a ban on deepwater drilling after the latest accident in the Gulf of Mexico, analysts said on Thursday. [More]

Judge: Firm can't fire man for 2 cent theft

Network administrator Oliver Beel lost his job after charging his Segway, a two-wheeled electric vehicle, at work in May 2009. [More]

Backer of NYC mosque gave to Hamas-linked charity

One of the investors in a proposed Islamic center near ground zero is a Long Island medical clinic owner whose expressions of sympathy for Palestinians included a donation to a charity later shut down for links to Hamas. [More]

Love triangle killer gets 27 years in prison

A Florida judge sentenced Rachel Wade, the 20-year-old woman convicted of second-degree murder for fatally stabbing her romantic rival in a fight last year, to 27 years in prison Friday. [More]

First look at Bristol's sexy 'Dancing' costume

Bristol Palin promised her "Dancing With the Stars" costume would be the least risque — but by the looks of her lacy black number, her outfit is anything but! [More]

Adult services censored on Craigslist

Embattled online classified service Craigslist apparently made a change to its website early Saturday, censoring its adult services section. [More]

Cartoon of Mexican flag draws criticism

The sketch created by political cartoonist Daryl Cagle depicts the green, white, and red Mexican flag with a bullet-riddled eagle sprawled in the center of the emblem. [More]

Failed oil valve removed at BP site

The blowout preventer that failed to stop oil from spewing into the Gulf of Mexico was removed from BP’s well yesterday afternoon, a company official said. [More]

Friday, September 3

Doctor admits making pipe bombs that exploded in his apartment

A former Ohio doctor has admitted keeping dozens of pipe bombs that were part of an arsenal seized at his apartment after two explosions. [More]

Paris' not-my-bag claim undone by her Twitpic?

When the heiress was arrested in Las Vegas, she claimed the Chanel purse containing a bindle of cocaine wasn't hers, and a Twitpic she posted in July may be proof she's not telling the truth. [More]

Candidate Indicted for 'Sex Conduct' With Minor

A long-shot Senate candidate who claims he has the support of the Tea Party was indicted on a sex charge this week, an accusation he calls "politically motivated." [More]

Goats rescued after 2 days on 6-inch ledge

Two young goats wandered onto the thin ledge of a railroad bridge and spent nearly two days high above the ground until rescuers in a towering cherry picker plucked them from their perch, hungry but safe. [More]

Jerry Lewis: 'I Would Smack Lindsay Lohan in the Mouth'

"I'd smack her in the mouth if I saw her," Lewis offered the interviewer when asked what he'd do if he saw Lindsay Lohan. "I would smack her in the mouth and be arrested for abusing a woman!" [More]

Calif. man gets death for sexual assault, torture, murder of girlfriend's 5-year-old daughter

A Southern California man has been sentenced to death for sexually assaulting and beating to death his girlfriend's 5-year-old daughter. [More]

LA police ID owner of trunk containing baby bodies

Investigators have identified the owner of a trunk in which the mummified remains of two babies were found, bringing them a step closer to solving the intriguing international mystery. [More]

'Crocodile Dundee' to return to US amid tax fray

Actor Paul Hogan, star of the "Crocodile Dundee" movie trilogy, has been cleared to return home to the United States after he was barred last month from leaving Australia because of a disputed tax bill, his lawyer said Friday. [More]

Teen accidentally texts sheriff to buy pot

General rule of thumb: when looking to buy marijuana, don't text the sheriff. [More]

Discovery Channel hostages were ready to make a break for it when gunman was shot

Police had been negotiating with James Jae Lee for several hours and intended to keep him talking for as long as it took to safely resolve the standoff at the Discovery Channel's headquarters. Inside the lobby, Lee's three hostages had no intention of waiting. [More]

Arizona governor stumbles during debate

It will go down as one of the most painful openings to a political debate in recent memory. [More]

Man, pregnant wife stabbed to death at Calif. beach house while son hid behind couch

A 9-year-old boy ran to get cash from his mother's purse to appease an armed intruder, but when he returned the man was stabbing his parents with a kitchen knife in the bedroom, according to recently released search warrants in the triple murder case. [More]

Explosion on Gulf of Mexico oil platform

An oil platform explosion in the Gulf of Mexico forced the crew to dive into the sea and threatened further damage to waters still recovering from the BP disaster. [More]

Woods takes out $54M mortgage on Fla. estate

Fresh off his divorce, Tiger Woods has taken out a $54.5 million mortgage on his Florida waterfront estate. [More]

Man in Letterman blackmail plot freed from NY jail

The former television producer who tried to blackmail David Letterman was freed Thursday after four months in jail for a plot that put a spotlight on the comic icon's office affairs, city Correction Department records show. [More]

Hundreds of people across the globe could be victims of Phoenix airport thefts

A man who worked at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport was arrested Thursday on suspicion that he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of items from the luggage of passengers in a case that could include hundreds of victims from around the world. [More]

More Dems buck plan to let taxes increase for rich

Congress seems increasingly reluctant to let taxes go up, even on wealthier Americans. [More]

Chaplain killed in Afghanistan is 1st Army clergy killed in action since Vietnam

A chaplain killed in Afghanistan this week was the first Army clergyman killed in action since the Vietnam War, the military said Thursday. [More]

Pizza Deliveryman Killed After Being Lured to Mass. Home

A Domino's Pizza deliveryman was lured to an abandoned home in Massachusetts Wednesday where he was robbed and killed. [More]

Thursday, September 2

NFL cheerleader wins $11 million, sued wrong company

A Cheerleader who thought she had won $11 million in a defamation judgment against a gossip website may have the result nullified because her lawyers sued the wrong company. Instead of suing, her attorney sued an unrelated website called [More]

Miner in Tight Spot as Wife, Mistress Meet

One of the trapped Chilean miners is dreading his rescue after his wife met his secret mistress at the entrance to the San Jose mine. [More]

Older people enjoy reading negative stories about young

Older people like reading negative news stories about their younger counterparts because it boosts their own self-esteem, according to a new study. [More]

Number of illegal immigrants in US now declining

The number of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. has dropped for the first time in two decades — decreasing by 8 percent since 2007, a new study finds. The reasons range from the sour economy to Mexican violence and increased U.S. enforcement that has made it harder to sneak across the border. [More]

Homeless man calls 911 from hot tub, seeks cocoa

A homeless man who called 911 from the hot tub of a suburban Portland home and asked for towels, hot chocolate and a hug got arrested for trespassing instead. [More]

How panhandlers use free credit cards

What would happen if, instead of spare change, you handed a person in need the means to shop for whatever they needed? What would they buy? [More]

Police end hostage drama at Discovery Channel

Police shot and killed a man who took three people hostage, waving a gun and apparently fitted out with explosives, in the headquarters of the Discovery Channel near Washington Wednesday. [More]

Discovery building gunman spoke to NBC News

The man who held three hostages at the Discovery Communications building before he was killed by police Wednesday told NBC News in a brief telephone conversation that he was armed with several bombs he had been working on for as long as a month. Asked how he had learned to make a bomb, the man said that he knew how to weld and read widely but that he also picked up pointers from the TV show “Mythbusters.” [More]

God did not create the universe, says Hawking

God did not create the universe and the "Big Bang" was an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics, the eminent British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking argues in a new book. [More]

Huguette Clark, the reclusive heiress, has signed a will, attorney says

One of the unanswered questions in the saga of Huguette Clark, the reclusive 104-year-old heiress, has been this: Has she signed a will directing who should inherit her wealth, a Montana copper fortune estimated at $500 million? [More]

Irish cardinal will not resign after scandals, he says

Months after the revelation that he helped cover up for one of Ireland's most notoriously abusive priests, the country's top Catholic churchman, Cardinal Sean Brady, says he has "moved on" and will not resign. [More]

John Walker Lindh seeks Ind. prison prayer ruling

American-born Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh and another Muslim inmate have asked a judge to order a federal prison to allow them and other Muslims in their highly restricted cell block to pray as a group, in accordance with their beliefs. [More]

Botox maker to pay $600M to resolve investigation

Allergan Inc., the maker of wrinkle-smoothing Botox, has agreed to pay $600 million to settle a yearslong federal investigation into its marketing of the top-selling, botulin-based drug. [More]

Openly gay character debuts in Archie Comics

The often-quaint world of Archie Comics is set to become a lot more diverse this week. “Veronica” #202, on sale at comic book shops Wednesday, marks the debut of Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character in the publisher’s 71-year history. [More]

Couple charged with stealing from foster child

A Polk County couple faces federal charges of swindling more than $400,000 from a foster child after he received life insurance money. [More]

Adult texters catching up to teens

Grown-ups don't text as much as teens - at least not yet. A new survey suggests they may be catching up. About 72 percent of adult mobile phone users send text messages with their phones, according to a report released Thursday from the Pew Research Center. That's up from 65 percent just a year ago. [More]

Wednesday, September 1

Discovery Channel Gunman Shot, Hostages Safe

The gunman in the Discovery Channel headquarters building has been shot and killed by police who say 3 hostages were able to escape safely, according to The gunman burst into the suburban Washington building about 1 p.m. wearing what seemed to be metallic canisters strapped to his front and back and waving a handgun. [More]

N.Y. man: I lost $1.3M artwork while drunk

Call it the lost art of drinking responsibly: A man entrusted with helping to sell a $1.3 million painting said it disappeared while he was in a drunken haze, according to a lawsuit filed by a co-owner of the canvas. [More]

Thief's escape route lands him in jail

A purse-snatcher's escape went awry Tuesday when he ducked into a building only to realize it was a police station, bemused police officials said. [More]

Obamas redecorate Oval Office

While the president and his family were away on vacation in Martha's Vineyard, workers installed new striped wallpaper, new sofas, reupholstered chairs, new lamps and a coffee table — and a new rug bearing quotes around its borders from famous Americans including John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. [More]

Tow truck driver accused of dragging toddlers

Police say a tow truck driver has been accused of hitting two young children as their mother pushed them across a street in a stroller then dragging the kids under the truck for about a quarter of a mile. [More]

Apple will live stream event - but not on PCs

Apple will be presenting a LIVE video stream of its announcements, but there is a catch: You must be using Apple equipment to watch the stream. Windows users need not apply. [More]

Madison to pay McDonald's $312,000 because of bridge

The city of Madison has endorsed a plan to pay McDonald's more than $300,000 to settle a 2008 lawsuit alleging that a recently constructed pedestrian footbridge has crippled business at an East Side branch of the fast food behemoth. [More]

Man Survives 40-Story Plunge From Apartment Rooftop

A New York City man who plunged 40 stories from the rooftop of an apartment building has survived after crashing onto a parked car. [More]

NYPD officer accused of refusing to help 11-year-old girl dying of asthma attack

The New York Police Department says an officer accused of not helping an 11-year-old girl dying of an asthma attack has been suspended without pay. [More]

Attacker threw acid in Vancouver woman's face

A bizarre attack sent a Vancouver woman to the hospital on Monday and police said they believe her attacker threw some kind of acid in her face. [More]

Generosity of an heiress: four homes for a nurse

Huguette Clark, the reclusive 104-year-old heiress, is known as generous toward those who care for her, including her social secretary, who received a $10 million gift. It's now clear that her longtime nurse has also been a recipient: To her, Clark has given the money to buy four homes for her family. [More]

California bill to ban plastic bags fails

California's Senate has voted down a measure that would have banned plastic bags at grocery stores. [More]

Michael Douglas reveals his cancer has spread

Michael Douglas last night revealed his throat cancer has spread beyond its original tumour and that his illness is more advanced than was first feared. [More]

BP owes back rent, oil spill command center kicked out of La. building

A parish official says a Louisiana oil spill command center is shutting down over a dispute with BP over rent and other expenses. [More]

PGA Tour suspends rule that burned Furyk for being late

PGA Tour players can sleep better now. Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem announced Tuesday the suspension for the rest of the season the pro-am policy that disqualified Jim Furyk from playing in last week's The Barclays. [More]

CEOs lay off thousands, rake in millions

A new report concludes that chief executives of the 50 firms that have laid off the most workers since the onset of the economic crisis in 2008 took home 42 percent more pay in 2009 than their peers at other large U.S. companies. [More]

Hasselhoff acting like 'Dancing' is a dating show

First thing he did was ask his daughters if his pro partner is single, actor tells E! Online. [More]

Tuesday, August 31

Doctor gets stuck in chimney, dies

Police say a California doctor apparently tried to get into the home of the man she had been dating by sliding down the chimney. Her decomposing body was found there days later. [More]

'Crocodile Dundee' says he can't afford back taxes

Actor Paul Hogan, star of the "Crocodile Dundee" movie trilogy, said Tuesday he cannot afford to pay even 10 percent of what the Australian Tax Office says he owes in back taxes. [More]

California man sentenced to 11 life terms, plus 433 years in prison

A California man convicted of attacking six women has been sentenced to 11 life terms, plus 433 years in prison. [More]

Terror plot feared as Dutch detain two on US plane

Two US residents of Yemeni descent have been arrested in Amsterdam after flying in from Chicago and staging what officials fear may have been a dry run for a terror attack. [More]

Man hangs self days after death sentence lifted

A 70-year-old California inmate who had just had his death sentence lifted has hanged himself in his cell less than a week after the reprieve. [More]

Purse, cocaine not hers, Hilton told Vegas police

Paris Hilton had an explanation for police: The rolling papers, $1,300 in cash and several credit cards were hers, but not the purse they were in. [More]

CIA chief Panetta judges food on "Top Chef"

Around a long table in a windowless room, the CIA officials awaited the decision from their director, Leon Panetta. "A little too salty," the CIA chief finally said, giving thumbs down to the dish prepared by a warring team of cooks from the reality TV show "Top Chef." [More]

Rudy Giuliani's daughter due in New York City court in cosmetics shoplifting case

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's (joo-lee-AH'-neez) daughter is scheduled to make her first court appearance since being arrested on a shoplifting charge at a cosmetics store. [More]

Montana takes hard look at its drinking and driving culture

Montana has long had a reputation as a place where you could crack open a beer while driving down the interstate just about as fast as you liked. [More]

Judge: Pa. school district must pay $260,000 to family's lawyer in laptop spying case

A federal judge says a suburban Philadelphia school district embroiled in a laptop spying scandal must pay a family's lawyer about $260,000. [More]

Hunters, Conservationists Square Off Over Lead in Ammunition and Tackle

Hunters and fishermen across the U.S. are battling environmental activists over the use of lead in ammunition and fishing tackle. [More]

LeBron James seeks dismissal of lawsuit over paternity claims

A filing on behalf of basketball superstar LeBron James dismisses as "rank speculation" claims by a Washington lawyer that he is the athlete's biological father, saying the man has "delusions" about alleged family ties. [More]

Fatal bear attack highlights Ohio's lax laws on exotic pets and high number of fatal attacks

The bear that recently killed a caretaker in a Cleveland suburb was the latest example of animal violence in a state that has some of the nation's weakest restrictions on exotic pets and among the highest number of injuries and deaths caused by them. [More]

'Dancing With the Stars' cast unveiled

After weeks of rumors, “Dancing with the Stars” officially unveiled their Season 11 cast during Monday night’s “Bachelor Pad.” [More]

Mexico captures "La Barbie" drug trafficker

Mexico captured major drug trafficker Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez on Monday in a new victory for President Felipe Calderon's high-stakes war on murderous cartels that threatens the country's image among investors and tourists. [More]

NC farm produces emerald shaped into massive gem

An emerald so large it's being compared with the crown jewels of Russian empress Catherine the Great was pulled from a pit near corn rows at a North Carolina farm. [More]

No more delays for Casey Anthony trial, judge says

The judge presiding over the case of Florida murder suspect Casey Anthony warned lawyers Monday to expect long days in her upcoming trial and no more postponements. [More]

Monday, August 30

Clemens heads to DC, this time for court

On this trip to Washington, Roger Clemens will be in a courtroom, not in Congress. His defiant stance is expected to remain the same, even if his statement is much shorter. Something along the lines of, "Not guilty." [More]

Officer Arrested in Online Prostitution Sting

A police sting targeting adult ads on has ended with the arrest of a Nevada police officer on charges of soliciting an undercover police officer for sex. [More]

Injury faker caught on tape, arrested

A New York City woman has been arrested for allegedly faking an injury after a light pole knocked down by a truck missed her, police said. [More]

5-year-old boy found safe after man inadvertently picks up wrong child from Dallas school

A 5-year-old boy was permitted to leave a Love Field-area elementary school with a stranger Tuesday, in a case of mistaken identity that was initially feared to be a child abduction. [More]

BP's internal probe faults its own engineers

BP Plc's internal probe of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has placed some of the blame on mistakes by its engineers while finishing the deep sea oil well, Bloomberg reported, citing a person familiar with the report. [More]

Hitmen kill Mexican mayor in drug war state

Suspected drug hitmen killed the mayor of a small town in northern Mexico on Sunday in a region where two car bombs exploded last week and the bodies of 72 murdered migrant workers were found. [More]

Colorado governor says $9 million in pot fees helping ease $60 million fiscal emergency

Gov. Bill Ritter is using $9 million from medical marijuana registrations to help the state meet a $60 million fiscal emergency. [More]

Arizona police say gunman kills 5, then self

A gunman entered a western Arizona home and fatally shot five people, including the mother of his two children and her new boyfriend, before fleeing with the kids to Southern California where he killed himself, police said Sunday. [More]

Wright criticizes those who think Obama is Muslim

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, President Barack Obama's controversial former pastor, accused people who wrongly believe Obama is Muslim of catering to political enemies during a fiery speech Sunday in Arkansas. [More]

Obama says economy not growing fast enough

President Barack Obama said on Sunday the U.S. economy was expanding, but not quickly enough, and there was no "magic bullet" that will fix its problems. [More]

Obama's timeline has backfired, Afghans say

The Obama administration's plan to start withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in the summer of 2011 is giving a morale boost to the Taliban, Afghan officials said Wednesday, echoing remarks made by a top U.S. military official a day earlier. [More]

Coroner: Martin Short's wife died of natural causes

Martin Short's wife died relatively young - at only 58 - but her death was from natural causes, a coroner official confirms. [More]

Minnesota Mayor Arrested on Drunken-Driving Charge Before Trip to China

A Minnesota mayor is facing drunken-driving charges after he allegedly rear-ended two vehicles in one day before leaving the country on a trip to China, reported. [More]

Mortgage brokers are becoming a vanishing breed

Most of the mortgage brokers that seemed to populate every office building and commercial street in cities nationwide just five years ago have vanished. [More]

5 most common misdiagnoses for men

The scary truth is that sometimes your M.D. is just plain wrong. Take these five common misdiagnoses for men, some of which could lead to facing the knife unnecessarily. A better plan? Protect yourself with the strategies outlined here, and feel better faster. [More]

Police: Burglars left behind sex tape

Police in Washington state said they identified a pair of sex tape-making burglars when the couple left behind their camera. [More]

ESPN makes right move putting reporter's beer deal on ice

ESPN, spokesman Mike Soltys said Tuesday, won't allow college sports reporter Jenn Brown to appear in an announced ad campaign for MillerCoors' Icehouse beer. [More]

Credit card debt at lowest level in eight years

The amount consumers owed on their credit cards dropped to its lowest level in eight years, as cardholders continued to pay off balances in the uncertain economy. [More]

2 of Alaska village's 4 officers fatally shot

A SWAT team and dozens of other law officers surrounded a house in a tiny Alaskan village where a gunman took refuge after he allegedly killed two local lawmen in an ambush, authorities said. [More]

Teen motorcycle racer killed in crash at Indy

The motorcycle racing community mourned the death of a promising 13-year-old rider in a crash at Indianapolis Motor Speedway while defending the youth circuit that allows teens to drive vehicles that can top 120 mph. [More]

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