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Monday, January 24

Talk-Show Queen Oprah Winfrey Reveals a Half-Sister She Didn't Know She Had

Talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey revealed a "bombshell family secret" today, telling her viewers that she recently learned she has a half-sister whom her mother had hidden from her for decades. [More]

Utah trooper strikes woman in head after traffic stop

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper is under investigation after a video showed him punching a woman several times during a traffic stop, a spokesman for the Utah Department of Public Safety said. [More]

Teen stabs man over stinky feet remark

A drunken Washington state teen convicted of stabbing a young man who accused her of having stinky feet must complete a writing assignment while in prison. [More]

Teens arrested for robbing motorists stuck in snow

Three teens accused of robbing motorists stuck in the snow have been caught after — you guessed it — they got stuck in the snow themselves. [More]

Fitness guru Jack LaLanne dies at 96

American fitness guru Jack LaLanne died Sunday afternoon at his home in Morro Bay, California, according to his long-time agent, Rick Hersh. [More]

It's lights out for the incandescent bulb in Calif

The brightest bulb in most homes for more than a century is fading toward darkness this year as California turns out the light on the century-old incandescent. [More]

More advertisers flee controversial 'Skins'

After the Parents Television Council urged a boycott and a federal investigation into the series for possible violations of child pornography laws, advertisers are following in the footsteps of Taco Bell and are pulling their ads from the show. [More]

4 Detroit Police Officers Shot at Precinct

A gunman opened fire inside a Detroit police precinct Sunday, wounding four officers including a commander before police shot and killed him, authorities said. [More]

Is it really dangerous to use a cell phone on a plane?

A U.S. ban on airborne use of cell phones has been in place for 20 years because of concerns transmissions would interfere with cellular networks on the ground. [More]

2 dead, 2 cops hurt in shootout outside Washington state Walmart

Two people were shot dead and two sheriff's deputies were wounded late Sunday afternoon outside a Walmart store in western Washington state, a Kitsap County Sheriff's spokesman said. [More]

Woman who raised stolen NY baby held on NC charge

A North Carolina woman who raised a child stolen 23 years ago from a New York hospital surrendered to authorities on a probation violation charge Sunday, and she was to appear in federal court to face kidnapping charges, the U.S. attorney's office said. [More]

Sunday, January 23

Bar owner to roast bear for Packers-Bears game

A sports bar owner in Minnesota is showing his support for the Green Bay Packers in this weekend's game against the Chicago Bears in a very literal way — by roasting a bear. [More]

Teen gang-rape victim in Calif. settles for $4M

Attorneys say a teenage girl who was gang-raped outside a Northern California high school reached a $4 million settlement with the school district. [More]

Regis Philbin fires agent amid paycut buzz

The Regis Philbin plot is thickening. On Friday, the Los Angeles Times reported that Philbin has fired his agent, Jim Griffin. [More]

NYPD officer mistakenly shoots drug suspect's dad

A drug raid went awry Saturday when a police officer accidentally fired his gun and wounded the suspect's elderly father, authorities said. [More]

Neighbors: Loughner's parents strange, but caring for son

In the two weeks since the mass shooting near Tucson, the parents of suspect Jared Loughner have made only one public statement: They said they were sorry, they didn't understand and they wanted to be left alone. [More]

What's in a Surname?

A new view of the United States based on the distribution of common last names shows centuries of history and echoes some of America's great immigration sagas. To compile this data, geographers at University College London used phone directories to find the predominant surnames in each state. Software then identified the probable provenances of the 181 names that emerged. [More]

Mystery surrounds Idaho winner of $190 million

Holly Lahti burst into the spotlight a week ago in a feel-good story about a single mother who won a $190 million Mega Millions jackpot. Then came the mugshot: a thin young woman with disheveled brown hair, sporting a black eye and cuts and bruises on her face and neck. [More]

Officials: 'Bath salts' are growing drug problem

When Neil Brown got high on dangerous chemicals sold as bath salts, he took his skinning knife and slit his face and stomach repeatedly. Brown survived, but authorities say others haven't been so lucky after snorting, injecting or smoking powders with such innocuous-sounding names as Ivory Wave, Red Dove and Vanilla Sky. [More]

Olbermann and MSNBC: a Failing Relationship

Keith Olbermann's exit from MSNBC appeared abrupt to viewers of his show, but the TV news commentator and his network were involved "in a relationship that's been failing for a long time," an NBC Universal executive said Saturday. [More]

Autopsy finds overdose killed daughter of NC chief

An autopsy has determined the 23-year-old daughter of a North Carolina police chief died from a combination of heroin and cocaine. [More]

Saturday, January 22

Keith Olbermann gives abrupt goodbye to MSNBC show

Keith Olbermann was MSNBC's most popular personality and single-handedly led its transformation to an outspoken, left-leaning cable news network in prime time. Despite that, he often seemed to be walking on a tightrope with his job. Friday night, it snapped. [More]

Deadly CA crashes end with man beaten by a mob

In a bizarre and deadly chain of events, a pedestrian was twice struck by hit-and-run drivers, the woman who came to his aid was also hit, and finally the driver trying to help her was beaten and robbed by a mob, police said Friday. [More]

Student: Teacher's LAPD Husband Threatened Life Over Sex Affair

A Southern California middle school teacher seduced and molested a 14-year-old student in a sexual affair that lasted several months, until the teacher's husband, a Los Angeles police officer, discovered the relationship and threatened to kill the boy, his family claims in a lawsuit. [More]

Calif school eyes accounts of sex by 2nd graders

A second-grade teacher in Northern California was placed on leave while a school and police investigate accounts by students that classmates engaged in oral sex and stripped off some of their clothes during class, officials said Friday. [More]

Passenger punches flight attendant over blocked aisle

A 63-year-old Massachusetts man on a JFK-bound American Airlines flight found his path to the bathroom blocked by a beverage cart early Thursday. His response? He repeatedly kicked and knocked over the cart — and then punched a flight attendant — according to a report in the New York Post. [More]

Police: Business cards led to drug bust

New York police said they arrested two men accused of running a high-end cocaine and marijuana business they advertised with business cards. [More]

Lawsuit: Vegas escort skipped out early

A New York man's lawsuit against a Las Vegas escort service claims the prostitute he hired did not stay with him for the agreed-upon amount of time. [More]

'Kick A Jew Day' Creates Controversy at New York High School

Up to 37 students are facing possible high school suspensions for participating in ‘Kick a Jew Day’ - an incident where members of Vestal, N.Y.’s Jewish community were kicked by their classmates during school hours. [More]

That uproar over 'Skins': A blessing for the show

In a week of TV happenings that included Ricky Gervais going comedically postal at the Golden Globes, Regis Philbin announcing his retirement from his daytime show, and the return of "American Idol," "Skins" soared to most-talked-about status. [More]

Do pets pose another threat to safe driving?

Man's best friend is not a driver's best friend. While lawmakers have been banning drivers from texting or using cell phones, many motorists are riding around with another dangerous risk — their dogs. [More]

US company stops making key death penalty drug

The sole U.S. manufacturer of a key lethal injection drug said Friday it is ending production because of death-penalty opposition overseas — a move that could delay executions across the United States. [More]

Friday, January 21

Mall Worker Who Fell in Fountain Threatens Legal Action, Has Criminal Record

A Pennsylvania woman who fell into a mall fountain while texting and became a YouTube sensation when video of the fall went viral, didn't just towel off - she lawyered up. [More]

Victim's family sues Schwarzenegger over clemency

The parents of a slain college student said Thursday that former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger "messed with the wrong family" by reducing the prison sentence of the son of a political ally. [More]

Chicken parts in ex-wife's house ducts? Lobbyist charged

A longtime lobbyist in the Colorado Legislature was charged Thursday with breaking into his ex-wife's house, placing raw chicken parts in the heating ducts and pouring bleach inside a piano. [More]

Reform the tax code? Yeah, good luck with that

Even the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service says he pays someone to do his taxes. [More]

Abortion doctor charged with 8 murders

A Pennsylvania judge on Thursday ordered held without bail a doctor accused of causing the death of one female patient and killing seven viable babies in illegal abortions at his Philadelphia clinic. [More]

'Don't ask, don't tell' cost tops $50,000 per expulsion, study finds

It cost more than $193 million for the Pentagon to implement the policy of removing gays and lesbians from military service over six years, a study says. [More]

Train cuts car in half — but driver walks away

A motorist fell asleep while his car was stopped on railroad tracks Thursday — but survived uninjured when a Union Pacific cargo train cut his vehicle in half. [More]

Texas man sets record for golf rounds

A Texas man says he has attained his goal of setting a world record by playing 600 rounds of golf in one year. [More]

NJ cook jailed for putting hair in cop's sandwich

A former cook at a New Jersey restaurant is getting 15 days in jail for adding an unwelcome ingredient to a police officer's bagel sandwich. [More]

California boy, 4, snatched from grandmother's arms

Police and the mother of a 4-year-old California boy clung to hope Thursday for the child's safety, days after a man allegedly snatched the pre-schooler from his grandmother's arms then took off. [More]

Ariz. shooting victim recounts judge's heroism

Ron Barber can remember the small details of the Tucson rampage: The gunman, the crackle of gunfire, lying on the ground, wounded, and the weight of a body on him. A week and a half later, Barber found out that it was his good friend John Roll. [More]

Thursday, January 20

Robbery crew steals, snorts cremated ashes

Police said they will search Thursday for what is left of the cremated remains of a man and two dogs that robbers stole from a Florida house and then snorted after mistakenly thinking it was cocaine. [More]

Woman can speak again after voice box transplant

A woman is able to speak again after she had a rare operation to replace her voice box, her doctors said. [More]

America's rudest cities

A new survey ranks the rudest cities in America, and while some of results may be no surprise to you, there are a few curious entries to the top 20. [More]

Jewelry conman picked wrong mark

Police in a Massachusetts town said a man selling fake gold picked the wrong mark when he approached the police chief, who also owns a jewelry store. [More]

Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie in Your Bed Can Kill You

Medical researchers have long shown that contact with pets can often help both the physically and mentally ill. But now, veterinary scientists say sleeping with your pets increases the chances of contracting everything from parasites to the plague. [More]

Giffords' husband grieved after false reports of her death

For about 20 minutes, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' husband broke down in a plane's bathroom after believing incorrect media reports that his wife had been fatally shot at a political event outside a supermarket. [More]

NPR Says It Caused 'Excruciating Pain' by Reporting Gabrielle Giffords' Death

In the immediate aftermath of the Tucson, Ariz., shootings, some media outlets flubbed and incorrectly reported that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the target of the assassination attempt, had died as a result of her injuries. [More]

Giffords able to stand up as she readies for rehab

In the latest milestone in Gabrielle Giffords' recovery from a bullet wound to the brain, the congresswoman stood up and looked out a window even as preparations got under way for a move to Houston, where she'll undergo extensive mental and physical rehabilitation. [More]

Widow, 84, bats burglar with cane

A burglar who was caught by an 84-year-old widow armed with a cane and her 59-year-old daughter has been sentenced to three years in an English prison. [More]

Daughter snatched from hospital reunited with mom 23 years later

23 years later, Joy White is crying tears of joy as the decades-long mystery of her missing daughter reached a happy ending. [More]

Anne Hathaway to play Catwoman in new Batman movie

Anne Hathaway has clawed her way into the latest Batman movie, nabbing the role of Selina Kyle and her alter ego, Catwoman. [More]

Police Segways fall foul of NZ law

Police in a New Zealand town have been forced to resume foot patrols after their futuristic Segway scooters were deemed illegal. [More]

Wednesday, January 19

Mom stabbed in back by 10-year-old

Police in Utah said a 10-year-old boy stabbed his mother in the back after she confronted him about doing his uncompleted chores. [More]

Woman Tasered After Being Mistaken for Robbery Suspect

A 24-year-old California woman says she was Tasered Monday after being mistaken for a robbery suspect. [More]

Student pays fees in 14,000 single dollar bills

A Colorado University student has made a statement about the cost of higher education by paying his tuition fees in cash. [More]

Tucson Video Shows Judge Saving Other Victim

Arizona federal Judge John Roll appears to have died while saving the life of another man during the shooting rampage here on Jan. 8, according to an investigator who has viewed surveillance video from the crime scene. [More]

Maine's New Governor Tells NAACP to 'Kiss My Butt'

Maine's new governor has been in office for less than two weeks, but he's already created a stir after telling the NAACP to "kiss my butt." [More]

Is Berkeley Ready to Pay for Sex-Change Operations?

While the country’s cities and states are cutting employment benefits, Berkeley City Council members will decide Tuesday whether to set aside taxpayer dollars for city workers to get sex-change operations. [More]

Former Swiss banker linked to WikiLeaks goes on trial

Former Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer admitted on Wednesday he sent private client data to tax authorities as he went on trial for breaching bank secrecy, but denied blackmail and a bomb threat against Julius Baer. [More]

Can Woolly Mammoth Be Cloned From Frozen DNA?

They've been extinct for about 10,000 years, but woolly mammoths could be back on Earth in just five years, according to Japanese scientists who plan to use frozen DNA to resurrect the behemoth. [More]

Florida woman accused of slapping a police horse

After spending nearly 12 hours behind bars, accused of slapping a police horse, a Florida woman was happy to be home Monday, but said she still doesn't understand why she was arrested. [More]

Errors lead surgeons to contemplate suicide

The results suggest that these self-destructive thoughts may result from medical errors, job burnout and depression. The study also found that surgeons contemplate suicide at higher rates than the general public. [More]

Regis Philbin's surprise decision to leave 'Live!'

Within moments after Regis Philbin caught viewers off-guard with the news that he'll be leaving his talk show, the guessing game had begun: Who will replace him? [More]

Tuesday, January 18

Family of Dead Mexican Teen Files $25 Million Suit against Border Patrol

The family of a 15-year-old Mexican boy accused of throwing rocks at agents is suing the U.S. Border Patrol for wrongful death and civil rights violations. [More]

Naked tourist disrupts traffic, is tased 3 times

A naked man yelling he was "king of the world" ran into traffic on Big Coppitt Key early Sunday morning. [More]

Whisky bottles home after century on ice

Three bottles of whisky abandoned in the Antarctic ice by British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton more than a century ago have returned home to Scotland. [More]

First Amish Man Charged With Homicide Hangs Himself

An excommunicated Pennsylvania Amish man who brutally killed and disemboweled his wife has committed suicide. Edward Gingerich's death occurred nearly two decades after he became the first Amish man to ever be charged with homicide. [More]

Man accused of punching female meter maid

Chicago police said they arrested a man accused of punching a female parking officer in the face for writing him a ticket. [More]

New York TV executive accused of beheading wife to go on trial

The trial of a New York television executive accused of beheading his wife starts Tuesday. [More]

Fake ER valet nabs expecting mom's car

Police say a fake valet at a Massachusetts emergency room offered to park a pregnant woman's car, then drove away with it. [More]

Thieves Steal $65,000 Worth of Bronze Plaques From War Memorial

Authorities say a thief stole eight bronze plaques - totaling $65,000 - from a foreign war memorial, making off with the only official list of all the deceased veterans who belonged to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6919 in Morningside, Md. [More]

Corrections Officer Accused of Sneaking Pot-Filled Sandwich Into Jail

A Florida corrections officer is accused of cavorting with inmates and attempting to smuggle eight grams of marijuana into a Marion County jail inside a submarine sandwich. [More]

Slow-moving train hits car playing loud music

Police in Montana say a man who was apparently so distracted by loud music that he didn't notice a freight train moving toward him before it struck his car just behind the driver's door. [More]

Regis Philbin says he's retiring from his show

For such a famously excitable guy, Regis Philbin made his big announcement with surprising calm: He's retiring from his show. [More]

Arizona girl's corneas saved vision of 2 kids

Donated corneas from the young girl killed in the Arizona mass shooting have saved the eyesight of two children, the girl's father told The Associated Press on Monday. [More]

Monday, January 17

Nurse Fights for License After Sex With Dying Patient

A nurse who admitted to having sex with a dying patient is fighting to win back her nursing license. [More]

Man sticking by girlfriend who torched his crotch

An Ocala man says he is staying with his girlfriend even after she was arrested for pouring gasoline on his genitals and setting him on fire. [More]

Shooting victim apologizes for 'misplaced outrage' at Tea Party leader

Arizona shooting victim James Eric Fuller sent his apologies Monday for telling a Tea Party leader, "you are dead." [More]

Open postal truck scatters mail for 70 miles

Hundreds of pieces of mail fluttered onto interstates in eastern Missouri Sunday after the back door of a contractor's semi carrying mail for the U.S. Postal Service popped open. [More]

Ex-Swiss banker to hand account files to WikiLeaks

A former Swiss banker will hand over today about 2,000 accounts held in offshore financial centers to allegedly evade taxes. The man says the account holders include "high net worth" celebrities, business leaders and lawmakers from the U.S., Britain and Asia. [More]

For some Detroiters, there's no tax bill

Detroit sent incorrect tax bills to almost 60,000 homeowners, and none at all to thousands more, the city ombudsman says. [More]

Dangerous loners hard to catch before they act

The gunman accused of trying to assassinate Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killing six others, Jared Lee Loughner, was not on any government watch list that might have warned someone not to sell him a gun or caused police to investigate his unstable behavior. [More]

Jared Loughner Trial to Be Moved to San Diego

The trial of Jared Loughner, accused of killing six people and wounding 13 in the assassination attempt on U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, will move to San Diego because of concerns that the 22-year-old suspect won't get a fair trial in traumatized Arizona. [More]

Ariz. shooting victim goes to hospital after arrest

Shooting victim James Eric Fuller,a self-described liberal and military veteran became distraught Saturday, authorities said, when he began ranting at the end of a televised town hall meeting about the tragedy. He took a picture of a local tea party leader and yelled "you're dead" before calling others in the church a bunch of "whores," authorities said. [More]

LA man wakes in closet after car crash

A Los Angeles man says he thought he was dreaming when he woke up in his closet moments after a car crashed into his apartment. [More]

The World's 18 Strangest Movie Sets

In the age of CGI, it's rare for filmmakers to spend a sizable chunk of their budget on an elaborate set. With that, let's take a look at 18 interesting movie sets that span the past 95 years of cinema. [More]

Sunday, January 16

Accused robber charged in own shooting

An alleged lookout shot in a Florida robbery attempt has been charged with shooting himself, authorities say. [More]

Ariz. shooting victim accused of making threat

In an unexpected twist to the Arizona shootings, a man wounded in the attack was arrested and taken for a psychiatric exam after an outburst at a town hall meeting, during which he took a picture of a tea party leader and yelled "you're dead," authorities say. [More]

Wis. Woman Finds $280,000 of Drugs in Vacuum

A Green Bay woman found more than just dirt with her refurbished vacuum cleaner she received for Christmas. She found a load of drugs. [More]

Funeral set for Tuscon victim who shielded wife during shooting

Mourners will honor the life of a retired construction worker who died shielding his wife from a spray of bullets in last weekend's Arizona massacre. [More]

Pantless Man Allegedly Asks Drive-Thru Worker to Hold His 'Whopper'

Would you like some indecent exposure with that? Cops in Colorado say a pantless 52-year-old exposed his genitals to an employee at a Burger King and asked her if she would hold his "whopper." [More]

Thieves love BMW's hottest car at auto show

Two thieves drove away in a brand new $94,000 BMW 750i xDrive Sedan on Wednesday night. [More]

Astronaut hurt in bike accident

Tim Kopra, an astronaut scheduled to be lead spacewalker on space shuttle Discovery next month, was hurt Saturday in a bicycle accident that could impact his space duties. [More]

93-Year-Old Mob Figure Gets 8 Years

John "Sonny" Franzese, a convicted mobster and major figure in New York City's mafia history, was given eight years for extortion, a penalty that could effectively serve as a life sentence for the 93-year-old. [More]

Actress Susannah York dies

British actress Susannah York, one of the most memorable film faces of the 1960s, has died from cancer at age 72, British media reported late on Saturday. [More]

Former Golden Globes publicist sues, claims payola

A former publicist for the organization that runs the Golden Globes sued the group on the eve of its glitzy awards show, claiming it engages in payola schemes for nominations and awards. [More]

Youngest Miss America Crowned

A 17-year-old Nebraskan too young to cast a ballot has captured enough votes to win the Miss America crown, kickstarting her hopes of going to law school and eventually becoming a politician. [More]

Saturday, January 15

Mass. mom accused of killing son by hibachi grill

A woman was arraigned in a Boston hospital bed Friday on accusations that she killed her 8-year-old son and tried to commit suicide by lighting a hibachi grill inside a bedroom in their apartment. [More]

Ex-Cop Acquitted in 8-Year-Old's Uzi Death

A Massachusetts jury today acquitted a former police chief in the death of an 8-year-old Connecticut boy who accidentally killed himself while firing an Uzi submachine gun at a gun show. [More]

Wife of Massachusetts Rep. John Tierney Gets Prison Time on Tax Charges

The wife of Massachusetts Rep. John Tierney has been sentenced to 30 days behind bars for helping to conceal income for her brother, a fugitive indicted for his role in an alleged illegal offshore gambling business. [More]

Schwarzenegger says governorship cost him $200 million

Serving as California governor cost Arnold Schwarzenegger at least $200 million, the bodybuilding star turned actor and politician told a newspaper in his native Austria, insisting "it was more than worth it." [More]

Official: Ariz. shooter posed in G-string with gun

The suspect in the mass shooting in Arizona posed for photos with a gun, dressed only in a bright red G-string, and had the film developed on the eve of the rampage that killed six people and gravely injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, authorities said Friday. [More]

What if he were your kid?

What if he were your kid? You wouldn't raise that kind of kid. You'd know the signs and get help. You'd have spotted it early on and gotten help for him right away. You would've seen the warnings and acted before it became the national tragedy that it did. Good parents don't raise those kinds of kids. [More]

Doctors amputate Zsa Zsa Gabor's right leg

Zsa Zsa Gabor's right leg was amputated Friday in an operation that doctors said was necessary to save her life. [More]

Women should be allowed in combat

Women, who make up some 14 percent of the armed forces, should finally be permitted to serve fully in front-line combat units, a military advisory panel says. [More]

Pilot holds flight for man going to see dying grandson

Time was running out, and Mark Dickinson wasn't sure whether he'd get to see his dying 2-year-old grandson one last time. A long line at Los Angeles International Airport's security checkpoint had kept him from getting to his gate on time. [More]

Professor adds new zodiac sign

A Minnesota astronomy professor set off a wave of zodiac confusion by saying the astrology calendar is wrong and adding a new sign, Ophiuchus, that moves many people to different signs. [More]

Horoscope fans want to keep their signs

Sofia Whitcombe began her day with the startling realization that she might not be exactly who she thought she was. "My whole life, I thought I was a Capricorn," the 25-year-old publicist said. "Now I'm a Sagittarius? [More]

Woman Accused of Stashing Fur Coat in Her Underwear

Those must have been some mighty big knickers. Police in Bloomington, Minn., say a shoplifter snatched a $6,500 fur coat - then hid it between her legs in a pair of barely-there underwear for three days while she was in jail. [More]

Obama administration scraps border fence

The Obama administration on Friday ended a high-tech southern border fence plan that cost taxpayers nearly $1 billion but did little to improve security. Congress ordered the high-tech fence in 2006 amid a clamor over the porous border, but the project yielded only 53 miles of protection. [More]

Republican Party dumps Steele, picks Priebus as chief

Republican Party leaders refused Michael Steele a new term as party chairman on Friday and turned to a low-key insider to erase a $20 million debt and unify Republicans for the 2012 presidential election. [More]

Friday, January 14

Berlusconi probed in prostitution case

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is under investigation for allegedly having sex with a teen-ager, prosecutors in Milan said on Friday. [More]

Sarah Palin's email hacker is imprisoned

David C Kernell, the hacker who broke into Sarah Palin's personal Yahoo email account, is reported to have been sent to jail despite a judge's recommendation that he should not be put behind bars. [More]

Cruise lines flee Southern California ports

Carnival Cruise Lines is pulling the last of its ships out of San Diego, and other cruise operators are departing Southern California because of economic woes and fears over traveling to Mexico. [More]

'Touched by an Angel' star Dye dies at age 47

Actor John Dye, best known for his role in the CBS drama, "Touched By an Angel," died this week in San Francisco, according to his family. [More]

San Francisco students ingest rat poison

Seven San Francisco middle school students should be fine after they ate or otherwise came into contact with rat poison cubes that they mistook for candy, authorities said Thursday. [More]

Tennessee county sued over Ten Commandments plaque

A northeast Tennessee man is suing his county for illegally promoting Christianity, claiming officials rejected his request to post a display on church-state separation in the same courthouse where a Ten Commandments plaque has been displayed for years. [More]

Martha Stewart gets stitches after dog strikes lip

Martha Stewart isn't likely to whisper sweet nothings into her dozing dog's ear anytime again soon. [More]

Wobbly Earth means your horoscope is wrong

If you look to your horoscope for a preview of your day, look again: You're probably following somebody else's supposed fate. Thanks to Earth's wobble, astrological signs are, well, bunk. (Or even more bunk than you might expect.) [More]

Sex offender registry awaits NFL's Lawrence Taylor

Former NFL star Lawrence Taylor admitted in court to paying a 16-year-old runaway for sex as he pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute. [More]

West Texas workers fired at by gunman in Mexico

Authorities say workers who were repairing a road near the U.S.-Mexican border in West Texas were fired upon by an unknown gunman in Mexico. [More]

$190 million winner keeps to herself

An Idaho woman who won $190 million, half the $380 million Mega Millions jackpot, chose to avoid the spotlight, passing on the customary news conference. [More]

Woman recreates da Vinci's 'Last Supper' with lint

A northern Michigan woman has put her own spin on Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" by making a replica out of laundry lint. [More]

Thursday, January 13

Peter Fonda finds dead body in car

Los Angeles police say actor Peter Fonda discovered a dead body in a car and they are investigating the death. [More]

Woman, 80, convicted of $8,900 Calif. jewel theft

An 80-year-old woman who claims to be an international jewel thief with a five-decade career has been convicted of stealing an $8,900 ring from a San Diego store. [More]

Woman sentenced in fake funeral scam

A court in California has sentenced a woman to a two-year federal prison term for staging fake funerals and collecting insurance proceeds, officials said. [More]

Golden-voiced Ohio homeless man headed to rehab

An Ohio homeless man whose silky voice made him a web phenomenon is headed to rehab for alcohol and drug dependency after an appearance on "Dr. Phil," show representatives said Wednesday. [More]

Missing cheerleader's mom: No party at house after she disappeared

Affidavits in the case of a missing 13-year-old Texas girl indicate her mother and live-in boyfriend failed polygraph exams on her whereabouts and they had a New Year's Eve party a few days after she disappeared. [More]

IBM computer taking on 'Jeopardy!' champs for $1M

It's the size of 10 refrigerators, and it swallows encyclopedias whole, but an IBM computer was lacking one thing it needed to battle the greatest champions from the "Jeopardy!" quiz show. It couldn't hit a buzzer. [More]

Loughner's dad feared he was 'out of control,' neighbor says

The father of Arizona massacre suspect Jared Lee Loughner had a front-yard argument with his son the morning of the killings and had told a neighbor the 22-year-old was "out of control," according to neighbors and investigators. [More]

Ex-girlfriend says Tucson shooting suspect changed

An ex-girlfriend of the suspect in Saturday's mass shooting in Tucson says he was a lot different than when they dated six years ago when both were in high school. [More]

'Gabby Opened Her Eyes for the First Time': Obama at Tucson Memorial

President Obama paid tribute on Wednesday to the victims of Saturday's Tucson massacre, calling for a cooling of hot political rhetoric during a memorial service attended by thousands at the University of Arizona. [More]

Bullet to the head can be overcome, survivors say

Nearly two years after he was shot point-blank in the head, Jory Aebly has some advice for Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who doctors say is just beginning to wake up after a bullet tore through her brain. [More]

Obama sees 'rain puddles in heaven' for slain girl

With the tender image of a slain little girl joyfully jumping in "rain puddles in heaven," President Barack Obama sought to calm an ugly political mood sown by an Arizona gun rampage. [More]

Brett Favre's Sister Arrested in Miss. Meth Bust

The arrest of Vikings quarterback Brett Favre's sister during a drug raid in southern Mississippi isn't the first time she's been in trouble with the law. [More]

New judges won't claim villain role on 'Idol'

Now that Simon Cowell is gone, nobody is ready to claim the villain's role on "American Idol." [More]

Cops: Toy salesman admits raping 96 kids

A toy salesman has admitted to raping at least 96 boys, according to Indonesian police. [More]

Wednesday, January 12

Border Patrol Agent Arrested for Harboring Illegals, Including His Dad

A U.S. Border Patrol agent is in custody for allegedly harboring illegal immigrants, including his father, in his San Ysidro, California, home, Fox5 San Diego reported Tuesday. [More]

Ted Williams detained by Los Angeles police after argument

Ted Williams, the now-famous Ohio homeless radio man, got into a heated argument with his daughter Monday night at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa. [More]

Coffee spill scam targets restaurants

A scam artist has sent bogus cleaning bills to pricey New York eateries claiming a waiter spilled coffee on his suit and silk shirt and tie, officials say. [More]

Calif. pot patient convicted in thief's death

A California man who is authorized to grow marijuana under the state's medical marijuana law has been convicted of fatally shooting a man who was trying to steal his pot. [More]

Dutch taxman hunting prostitutes

Workers in the world's oldest profession are about to get a lesson in the harsh reality of Europe's new age of austerity. [More]

Boy Scouts argue perversion files should be secret

An attorney for the Boy Scouts of America told the Oregon Supreme Court on Tuesday that 20 years worth of so-called "perversion files" should be kept secret despite a trial judge's order to open them. [More]

Illinois lawmakers pass 66 percent income tax increase

Illinois lawmakers have approved a politically risky 66 percent income tax increase in an effort to solve a historic budget crisis. [More]

O.J. co-defendant in Vegas heist gets probation

The co-defendant who stood trial with O.J. Simpson in a 2007 armed robbery and kidnapping case was sentenced Tuesday to three years of probation, including nine months of home detention, after taking a plea deal that avoids a retrial of his case. [More]

Vaccine study's author held related patent, medical journal reports

The author of a now-retracted study linking autism to childhood vaccines expected a related medical test to rack up sales of up to $43 million a year, a British medical journal reported Tuesday. [More]

Giffords moves arms, survival odds at '101 pct'

One of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' doctors declared Tuesday she has "a 101 percent chance of surviving," as she made more progress, moving both arms and breathing on her own for the first time — just three days after a bullet shot through her brain. [More]

NPR regrets Giffords death reports, mulls changes

National Public Radio yesterday detailed the chain of events that led the news organization to wrongly report that Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords had died in Saturday’s shooting rampage, and said it is considering new safeguards regarding the deaths of public officials. [More]

Dad pursued Ariz. massacre suspect before shooting

Mysterious black bag in hand, Jared Loughner ran into the desert, his angry father stopping pursuit in his truck. [More]

Tucson suspect's troubles didn't keep him from gun

Jared Loughner had trouble with the law, was rejected by the Army after flunking a drug test and was considered so mentally unstable that he was banned from his college campus, where officials considered him a threat to other students and faculty. [More]

Arizona shooting suspect's family expresses sorrow

The family of the accused gunman in the Arizona shooting spree expressed sorrow on Tuesday over the "heinous events" while the congresswoman who was shot in the head showed signs of improvement. [More]

Lawmakers ban picketing near Tucson funerals

Arizona legislators quickly approved emergency legislation Tuesday to head off picketing by a Topeka, Kan., church near the funeral service for a 9-year-old girl who was killed in the Tucson shootings. [More]

Man shot in genitals, wife arrested

A Kansas City, Mo. woman was arrested after her husband was shot in the genitals. [More]

Scientists discover 'oldest' winery in Armenian cave

Forget France. It turns out, the real birthplace of wine may be in a cave in Armenia. [More]

Actor David Nelson of famous TV family dies at 74

David Nelson, who starred on his parents' popular television show "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet," has died, a family spokesman said. [More]

Tuesday, January 11

Baltimore officer was killed by fellow officers

Baltimore police say that fellow officers fired the gun shots that killed a plainclothes officer during a melee outside a nightclub. [More]

Teacher fired over alleged classroom sex with co-worker

What looked like a scene from a porn flick was really a medical emergency, the naughty teachers at Brooklyn's "Horndog High" told investigators. [More]

Judge rules NYC can release teacher ratings

A judge has ruled that New York City's Department of Education can release performance ratings for 12,000 teachers. [More]

Pa. man crashes into ambulance carrying daughter

Medics say a Pennsylvania man rushing home after his daughter suffered a seizure struck the ambulance carrying the girl, injuring several people. [More]

Suspect in Texas rapes tried to flee before arrest

A suspected serial rapist who Texas authorities believe may be linked to attacks on a dozen elderly women in the past two years fled from two policemen outside a nursing home and wrestled with them for five minutes before finally being subdued, the officers said Monday. [More]

Innocent Man Is Pardoned 73 Years After His Execution

Outgoing Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter has granted a posthumous pardon to Joe Arridy, a mentally disabled man who was executed for murder more than 70 years ago, despite evidence suggesting his innocence. [More]

Mass. man who aimed laser at chopper gets 3 years

A man convicted of shining a laser beam into a police helicopter escorting a gas tanker through Boston Harbor has been sentenced to three years in federal prison. [More]

Funeral pickets to be met by 'angels'

"For something like this to happen in Tucson was a really big shock to us all," she said. "Our nightmare happened when we saw Westboro Baptist Church was going to picket the funerals," Christin Gilmer said. [More]

Could Jared Loughner Escape a Prison Sentence?

Jared Lee Loughner, the 22-year-old suspect charged with the attempted assassination of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in a rampage that killed six people and wounded 13 others, might never see the inside of a prison cell, according to experts. [More]

Mental Health Warnings Preceded Rampage, as Arizona Gunman Likely Went Untreated

If the gunman in Saturday’s mass shooting had sought mental health treatment years ago, doctors could have been able to work out his problems before he allegedly unleashed terror on the crowd outside a Safeway. [More]

Police: Ex-boyfriend dismembered Vegas dancer

The former boyfriend of a slain Las Vegas burlesque dancer is accused of choking her, chopping off her legs, then encasing her naked body in concrete, according to an arrest report released Monday. [More]

31 dead in 4 days in Acapulco

The body of a murdered man was found Monday on the main highway to Acapulco, bringing to 31 the number of people killed in the Pacific resort city over four days. [More]

Judge: `Survivor' winner broke terms of release

Reality TV star Richard Hatch violated the terms of his supervised release by failing to refile his tax returns, a judge ruled Monday, but he said he hadn't decided whether to put the "Survivor" winner back behind bars. He delayed sentencing until he could receive additional arguments. [More]

Michael Douglas says tumor gone, recovery hopeful

Michael Douglas says his tumor is gone and that he may have beaten throat cancer. [More]

Police nab suspected smartphone robber in sting

Police say Brian James Westerfield stole a smartphone from a guy near the Walmart in Nampa. [More]

Monday, January 10

Judge sentences DeLay to 3 years in prison

A judge ordered former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to serve three years in prison Monday for his role in a scheme to illegally funnel corporate money to Texas candidates in 2002. [More]

Wife of White House Aide Found Dead in Burning Car

Ashley Turton, wife of the Obama administration's House of Representatives liaison, Dan Turton, was found dead in a burning car Monday morning, Roll Call and other news outlets are reporting. [More]

Reid Predicts the End of the Tea Party

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid has a message for Tea Party activists who have upended the political landscape in the past two years: Don't quit your day job. [More]

Toxic tower damaged on 9/11 finally coming down

The contaminated bank tower stood shrouded in black netting for years over ground zero, filled with toxic dust and the remains of 9/11 victims. It stayed where it was, not coming down even as the towers at the World Trade Center site slowly began to rise. [More]

Will 75% tax hike fix Illinois budget mess?

Gov. Pat Quinn and his fellow top Democrats are pushing a huge income tax hike largely because the state's budget hole is enormous. [More]

Movie Depicting Hoover Gay Affair Rankles Some in FBI

The bulldog-like mug of J. Edgar Hoover has long been synonymous with the FBI, a world-renowned law enforcement agency forever hyper-sensitive about its public image. Still, Hoover's legend has taken its lumps over the years. [More]

Portuguese model in custody; companion castrated

A male model who had recently been a contestant on a Portuguese reality TV show was taken into police custody hours after his companion, a celebrity Portuguese television journalist, was found castrated and bludgeoned to death in a New York City hotel. [More]

Texas Pastor Accused of Selling Fake IDs to Illegal Immigrants

A Texas minister and an associate are accused of selling fake identification documents to illegal immigrants, MyFoxDallas-Fort Worth reports. [More]

Heros who stopped gunman

When the man stopped to reload, two men tackled him, and Patricia Maisch, 61, restrained his hand as he reached for an ammunition clip, helping stop the attack in a Tucson shopping center that killed six people and wounded 14 others, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. [More]

Fast-acting intern may have saved Giffords' life

A 20-year-old intern to U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords said Sunday he used his hands to apply pressure to a gunshot wound to her head while holding her in his lap. A 61-year-old Tucson woman grabbed the magazine from the gunman, and two men tackled him. [More]

Giffords' brain benefits from benign route of bullet

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords suffered what her doctors on Sunday called a "devastating wound" to her brain in a point-blank shooting, but the bullet's relatively benign trajectory bodes well for her recovery. [More]

9-year-old shooting victim was aspiring politician

At age 9, Christina Taylor Green was already an aspiring politician with hopes of being the first woman to play major league baseball. [More]

Massacre suspect "mentally disturbed," former teacher says

The suspect in the weekend massacre in Arizona was kicked out of an algebra class at a community college in June after repeated interruptions and clearly "needed psychological help," his instructor said Sunday. [More]

Ariz. Rampage Suspect May Seek Unabomber Lawyer

A 22-year-old man described as a social outcast with wild beliefs steeped in mistrust faces a federal court hearing on charges he tried to assassinate Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in a Tucson shooting rampage that left six people dead. [More]

Judge's final actions key to federal charge for his murder

The actions and motivations of U.S. District Court Judge John Roll just before he was shot dead at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords's campaign event in Tucson on Saturday are important for the public narrative about the tragedy, but they're also vital to the federal criminal charge for his murder. [More]

Arizona tragedy gives Congress a moment to pause

The shooting rampage in Arizona seems to have created a reset moment for confrontational politics, as lawmakers reflect on the repercussions of the overheated rhetoric traded on the airwaves and on the campaign trail. [More]

Lawmakers rethink security after Arizona shooting

Lawmakers are weighing the benefit of accessibility with the necessity of security in the aftermath of a shooting at a political meet-and-greet outside an Arizona supermarket. [More]

Actor injured in 'Spider-Man' returns to the show

The actor badly hurt when he tumbled from the stage at the Broadway musical "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" returned to the theater for the first time since his accident, going backstage to wish the castmembers good luck and then watching Friday's performance from the safety of the orchestra seats. [More]

Armed Suspect Leaps to His Death After L.A. Killings

Los Angeles police say a man reportedly killed his wife and daughter at their home, then fled the scene and leapt to his death from a nearby building. [More]

What was hot at this year's Vegas gadget show

Gadgets revealed at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas flop more often than they pop. This year's show, however, delivered many products that are bound to make a difference for years to come. [More]

Sunday, January 9

Charged with beheading wife, NY man to claim abuse

It has been nearly two years since Muzzammil Hassan directed police officers in this serene Buffalo suburb to the decapitated remains of his estranged wife inside the Muslim-oriented television station the couple ran. [More]

Woman charged with robbing dead boyfriend

A Florida woman told police she is so "scatter-brained" she accidentally stuck an extra zero on a check for $100 written on her dead boyfriend's account. [More]

Man wants $45,000 engagement ring back

The man sued for nearly $100,000 in wedding expenses is now suing his ex-bride for the return of a $45,500 ring, court documents in Chicago say. [More]

27 deaths, including 14 decapitated, rock Acapulco

The image of this beach mecca has taken a new hit from Mexico's drug violence, with 27 people killed in less than a day, including 14 men whose bodies were found with their heads chopped off at a shopping center. [More]

Florida Jail Employees Accused of Having Sex With Inmates

Female employees at the main Broward County jail in Florida have been accused of having sex with inmates. [More]

Details of suspect in Ariz. rampage slowly emerge

An initial portrait of the man accused of shooting Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the head in an attack that also killed six people outside a Tucson grocery store slowly began to emerge, as authorities described a young man with a troubled past and neighbors recalled a 22-year-old who often kept to himself. [More]

A look at victims shot in attack on Rep. Giffords

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was believed to be the main target when a gunmen went on a shooting spree that left six dead and at least 13 injured Saturday. Here is a look at some of the victims as they become identified. [More]

Bullet to the brain leaves poor prognosis, expert says

The point-blank shot that sent a bullet through Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' brain will almost certainly leave her with severe disabilities and a prolonged recovery period, a leading head injury expert said Saturday. [More]

Giffords' Astronaut Husband to Command Last Shuttle Flight

Critically wounded congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is married to a man who's even more of a high flier than she is. Mark Kelly is one of NASA's most prominent astronauts and is assigned to command the last scheduled flight of the space shuttle. [More]

Busch heir's once-charmed life takes tragic turn

The scion of St. Louis' richest and most powerful family found his name in the national headlines again last month, once more tainted by scandal. Busch's 27-year-old girlfriend was found dead at his home of unknown causes. Busch told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch she had been taking a sleeping medication called Trazodone and might have accidentally overdosed. Toxicology tests are pending. [More]

Saturday, January 8

Arizona gunman ID'ed as Jared Laughner

People familiar with the investigation tell The Associated Press that the gunman held in the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona and others has been identified as Jared Laughner. The Arizona congresswoman was among six people killed and 12 others wounded at a Tucson grocery store. [More]

Wheelchair user cruises along Conn. highway

The older man cruising along Interstate 95 in Connecticut could have been just another traveler — except that he was in an electric wheelchair, in the breakdown lane, while cars and trucks barreled along a few yards away. [More]

Man arrested after giving name of wanted man

Authorities in Montana say a man who had three outstanding warrants for his arrest gave officers a false name during a traffic stop — but ended up in custody anyway because that man was also wanted. [More]

Cops: Woman raped boy, 13, she met online

A 36-year-old California woman has been arrested on suspicion of child molestation and rape for allegedly flying across the country to have sex with a 13-year-old boy she befriended online, authorities said Friday. [More]

Police seeking transvestite purse-snatcher

Police say they are looking for a transvestite man who allegedly stole a woman's purse in Norcross, Ga. [More]

Pa. neurologist sentenced in $750 child sex sting

A Pennsylvania neurologist who admitted offering to pay $750 for sex with a 10-year-old girl has been sentenced to nearly four years in federal prison. [More]

Court: Texas Can't Stop Gay Divorce

The Texas attorney general can't block a divorce granted to two women who were legally married elsewhere, an appeals court ruled Friday. [More]

Ex-neighbors rob woman on street

A suburban Detroit woman told police three former neighbors approached her while she was walking her dog and robbed her at gunpoint. [More]

History network pulls plug on Kennedy project

A controversial miniseries on the Kennedy family will not air on the History Channel because the completed multimillion dollar project does not fit the "History brand," the network said. [More]

Kardashians sued for $75M over debit card debacle

More than a month after pulling out of a debit card venture that had attracted nothing but negative attention, the company that licensed Kim, Kourtney and Khlo's images has sued the sisters, mom Kris Jenner and their company Dash Dolls for $75 million, claiming they breached their contract by abruptly terminating the deal. [More]

Woman says she lost job because of iPhone glitch

A Somerville woman says she lost her job as a server at a restaurant because of an iPhone glitch on New Year's Day - and she's sent her complaint all the way to the top. [More]

Model Sought After Bloody Hotel Death

Male model is being sought for questioning in New York City after the beaten and castrated body of his companion was found in a bloody Times Square hotel room. [More]

Parcel addressed to Napolitano ignites in DC

A package addressed to the U.S. Homeland Security secretary ignited Friday at a postal facility, and authorities said it was similar to fiery parcels sent to Maryland officials a day earlier by someone complaining about the state's terrorism tip line. [More]

Friday, January 7

Disabled women sexually assaulted

Los Angeles County Sheriff's investigators made a public appeal Thursday in seeking at least four men who were videotaped sexually assaulting at least 10 women who appear to be severely disabled, including women in a care home. [More]

Video of boy's Uzi shooting shown at Mass. trial

Jurors in the trial of a former police chief watched video Thursday of an 8-year-old boy accidentally shooting himself to death with an Uzi submachine gun at a 2008 gun fair, a sight that prompted a collective gasp in the courtroom. [More]

John Edwards to Marry Rielle Hunter?

John Edwards has proposed to his mistress Rielle Hunter, The National Enquirer reported Thursday. A source told the tabloid that the disgraced former senator asked Hunter to marry him shortly after issuing a statement last year admitting that he was the father of her daughter, Frances Quinn. [More]

Friend of John Edwards makes courthouse appearance

A friend and supporter of John Edwards made an appearance Thursday at a federal courthouse where a grand jury is investigating the two-time presidential candidate's finances. [More]

NPR Exec Resigns Over Juan Williams Firing

A senior executive responsible for Juan Williams' departure from NPR has resigned, according to a statement from the company. [More]

Police in Phoenix looking for '$60 Bill Bandit'

Police in the Phoenix area are looking for a bank robbery suspect they've dubbed the "$60 Bill Bandit" because he once asked a teller for $40 and $60 bills. [More]

Will autism fraud report be a vaccine booster?

This week more shame was heaped upon the discredited British researcher whose work gave rise to the childhood-vaccines-cause-autism movement, as a prominent medical journal published a report that the man had faked his data. But will it make a difference? [More]

Homeless Ohio man with velvety voice back with mom

A homeless man whose silky announcing voice has catapulted him to national fame reunited Thursday with his mother, recorded a commercial for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and agreed to do voiceover work for MSNBC. [More]

Ted Williams Mug Shots Released

Mug-shot photos of Ted Williams were published today by the website The Smoking Gun. A six-pack of shots that date back more than two decades, the shots were taken after Williams was arrested on a variety of charges, including forgery, drug possession, theft, robbery and escape, The Smoking Gun reported. [More]

Wife reports bank robbing husband

Florida police said they arrested a bank robbery suspect after his wife recognized his face in a surveillance photo on the news and reported him. [More]

Judge dismisses conviction of Howard K. Stern

A judge Thursday dismissed the drug conspiracy convictions of the late Anna Nicole Smith's boyfriend-lawyer Howard K. Stern and her psychiatrist, allowing only one conviction to remain against the physician and reducing it to a misdemeanor. [More]

Firefighter resigns after lighting co-worker on fire

Jason Leblanc, 44, is charged with lighting fellow firefighter Jack Shumate, 25, on fire during a Christmas party last month. [More]

Shoplifting mom texted daughters

Police in Florida said they arrested a woman who allegedly left her daughters behind at the scene of her attempted shoplifting and texted them while fleeing. [More]

Drunken burglar calls 911 for help

Police in Delaware say a man broke into a house, got drunk and couldn't make his way back outside — so he called 911 for help. [More]

GOP Proposes End To 'Anchor Babies'

Four Republican lawmakers introduced legislation Thursday that would end automatic granting of American citizenship to children born in the United States to illegal immigrants, arguing "birthright citizenship" is an incentive for illegals to race for the U.S. border. [More]

More young people are winding up in nursing homes

Adam Martin doesn't fit in here. No one else in this nursing home wears Air Jordans. No one else has stacks of music videos by 2Pac and Jay-Z. No one else is just 26. [More]

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