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Thursday, October 6

Attention thieves: Watch who is behind you in line

A would-be robber picked the wrong time to steal a jar of money from the counter of a north Florida convenience store. [More]

Fla. lawmaker files bill to repeal ban on 'dwarf tossing'

A Florida state legislator is trying to repeal a ban on "dwarf tossing" that he says is an example of regulatory intrusion by Big Brother government. "All that it does is prevent some dwarfs from getting jobs they would be happy to get." [More]

Suspect's phone left at scene of shooting

Police in Florida said they arrested an alleged gunman who left his cellphone at the scene of the crime. [More]

Man says he thought dead friend was drunk

A man accused of driving around Denver with a dead friend in the back of a car and running up a bar tab on the friend's account says he thought the man was drunk, not deceased. [More]

Grocery worker: I gave out semen-tainted yogurt

A grocery store worker accused of handing out a semen-tainted yogurt sample at an Albuquerque market pleads guilty. [More]

Barber accidentally shot in the butt

Parma barbershop owner Kurt Voelker is recovering from an unusual injury that people do not normally get while working in a barber shop. [More]

Grandma Tosses Toddler off Skywalk Because of Anger, Jury Finds

A jury has convicted a grandmother of murder for tossing her 2-year-old granddaughter from a pedestrian bridge at a shopping mall. [More]

IRS ruling strikes fear in medical marijuana industry

In a crushing blow to the burgeoning medical marijuana industry, the IRS ruled late last week that dispensaries cannot deduct standard business expenses such as payroll, security or rent. [More]

Oprah's biggest on-air mistake? The wagon of fat

In 1988, Oprah Winfrey wheeled out a little red wagon containing 67 pounds of animal fat — the amount of weight she’d then lost — just to show her audience what she’d accomplished. [More]

Wednesday, October 5

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has died

Apple Inc. said the company's co-founder Steve Jobs died Wednesday. He was 56. In a brief statement the company said Jobs died Wednesday after battling pancreatic cancer. [More]

Detroit officer charged in girl's death amid raid

A Detroit police officer was charged Tuesday in the slaying of a 7-year-old girl who was shot to death during a raid on her home that was being shadowed by A&E Network's "The First 48" crime reality cable TV show. [More]

Kutcher's Party Night Exposed

Star magazine has published new photos showing what they describe as Ashton Kutcher’s “cheating ways.” The blurry photos were allegedly shot in the early morning hours of September 24rd, Kutcher’s sixth wedding anniversary with wife Demi Moore, inside the “Two and a Half Men” star’s penthouse suite at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. [More]

Pennsylvania Couple Allegedly Locked Son in Coffin

A Pennsylvania couple faces felony counts of endangering the welfare of a child after they allegedly forced a 7-year-old boy to sleep inside a locked coffin and oftentimes punishing him by placing him in their nearly pitch black basement after warning him about ghosts. [More]

Pizza delivery man turns in pot user

A man who ordered a Papa John's pizza after using medical marijuana got more than he bargained for when the delivery man called police. [More]

Hank Jr. apologizes for Hitler remark

Hank Williams Jr. apologized Tuesday for comparing President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, a remark that prompted controversy and resulted in "Monday Night Football" pulling his popular musical introduction from this week's game. [More]

Fox can't afford 'Simpsons' without big pay cuts

The future of animated TV comedy "The Simpsons" was up in the air on Tuesday after 20th Century Fox Television said it could no longer afford to produce the show without a huge pay cut for its cast. [More]

Woman Pulls Gun on UPS Driver Over Late Package

Police say a woman was arrested in Minnetonka after she pulled a gun on a UPS delivery man because her package was late. [More]

Judge: Terrorist Can Sue Over Prison Restrictions

A man convicted of a 1998 terrorist strike on the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania has won the right to sue the federal government over tight restrictions on his visitors and letter-writing at the federal Supermax prison in southern Colorado. [More]

Circumcision Funding Cuts "Hurt," Doctors Say

State governments looking to save a little money should not reduce funding for circumcisions, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University. Currently, 18 states do not provide Medicaid funding for infant circumcision, and San Francisco has attempted to ban the procedure. [More]

Boss offered prize for predicting firings

An Iowa judge sided with former convenience store workers whose former boss offered prizes to employees who could correctly guess who would be fired next. [More]

Mass. official who performed bra trick resigns

The chairman of the Abington School Committee has resigned just days after performing a magic trick before a meeting shown live on cable television that made it appear as if he removed the bra from fellow board member. [More]

Copter crash victim died on birthday

A woman who died in a helicopter crash in New York's East River was identified as Sonia Marra of Sydney, Australia, and she died on her 40th birthday, authorities said Wednesday. [More]

Greeks protest austerity: 'The rich must pay'

Police fired tear gas at youths in central Athens on Wednesday, where thousands of striking state sector workers marched against cuts the government says are needed. [More]

Harry Reid wants rich tax to fund jobs plan

Millionaires and billionaires should pay more taxes to help fund President Barack Obama's $447 billion jobs program, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid declared on Wednesday. [More]

Michigan homecoming queen kicks winning field goal

Shortly after being named homecoming queen, a Michigan girl gave her fellow high school students another big reason to cheer: Brianna Amat kicked the field goal that proved to be the difference as Pinckney Community High School beat Grand Blanc 9-7 on Friday. [More]

Missing American woman found dead in Italy

Italian police said on Wednesday they had found the body of an American woman missing in Tuscany for three days. [More]

Tuesday, October 4

'Monday Night Football' intro pulled after Hank Williams Jr. comments

For the first time in years, "Monday Night Football" viewers did not hear Hank Williams Jr.'s intro "Are You Ready for Some Football?" after ESPN pulled the song from the broadcast following his analogy to Adolf Hitler in discussing President Barack Obama. [More]

Bus driver allegedly booted crying baby

Oregon's TriMet bus system said it is investigating allegations a woman and her baby were kicked off a bus by a driver upset by the infant's crying. [More]

Call Her Fort Knox? Amanda Could Cash In

As U.S. student flies home, experts say story of her murder conviction, acquittal could net her tens of millions [More]

Prosecutor to appeal Amanda Knox's acquittal

An Italian public prosecutor said Tuesday that he would appeal against the acquittal of American student Amanda Knox for murdering British roommate Meredith Kercher. [More]

19-Year-Old Virginia Man Sentenced to Nearly 97 Years for Robberies

A 19-year-old Virginia man convicted of several crimes related to robberies in Virginia and North Carolina has been sentenced to nearly 97 years in prison. [More]

50 Hottest 50-Somethings

Over-50 is the new under-40. Here the picks for the sexiest Centrum Silver-munching celebs. [More]

ACLU Threatens to Sue Alabama Community Over Jail-or-Church Program

It’s a program that would allow non-violent jail inmates to opt out of a jail sentence if he or she agrees to a weekly monitored church visit. [More]

Obama seeks debt collector proposal

To the dismay of consumer groups and the discomfort of Democrats, President Barack Obama wants Congress to make it easier for private debt collectors to call the cellphones of consumers delinquent on student loans and other billions owed the federal government. [More]

Pa. man knows how salmon feel after bear attack

A Pennsylvania man attacked by a bear inside his home when the animal followed his dog inside has a newfound appreciation for the power of nature after he needed 70 staples and stitches to close the gaping wound on the back of his head. [More]

As farmers markets thrive, so do concerns

Food sold at the 6,000 farmers markets in the U.S. is often perceived as more wholesome than what’s available on grocery shelves, but there is no evidence that it is less prone to cause foodborne illness. In fact, it generally receives less federal and local oversight. [More]

Pennsylvania Boy Pulls Out Teeth After Dad Delays Dentist Visit

A Pennsylvania man has pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment after his teenage son tried to pull out his own teeth because he hadn't been taken to a dentist. [More]

Underwear bomber suspect starts trial with outburst

A Nigerian man accused of trying to bring down an international jetliner with a bomb in his underwear walked into the start of his federal trial Tuesday and declared that a radical Islamic cleric killed by the U.S. military is alive. [More]

Patrol car, ambulance hit in shooting spree

A manhunt has been launched after a highway patrol car, an ambulance and two other vehicles were shot at on highways in San Diego County, NBC News reported. [More]

Chicago to Consider Ban on Texting While Biking

The council's Traffic Safety Committee endorsed the ban Monday. Bicyclists also couldn't talk on cell phones without a hands-free device while riding. The full council is scheduled to consider the ban Wednesday. If approved it would go into effect in November. [More]

10 things only bad managers say

If your manager’s native mode is critical, and if she tosses around compliments like manhole covers, know that there are plenty of other employers who’d be happy to have someone like you in the mix. [More]

Monday, October 3

Teen in coma after filming himself for 'Anderson'

The boy, who was reportedly urged by a producer to "film the crazy stuff [he does]" for Anderson Cooper's new show "Anderson," fell and suffered a serious head injury while he was videotaping himself skateboarding, according to the website Gawker. [More]

Amanda Knox acquitted of murder

American student Amanda Knox, who was convicted by an Italian court for the 2007 murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher, was acquitted today by an appeals court. Knox collapsed in tears after the verdict was read out Monday. [More]

NYC man buys "Rat Island" for $160K

A New York City man said purchasing an island near his property for $160,000 was the culmination of a dream he has had for years. [More]

Woman sues Walmart over 2 cents, wins $100

A Pennsylvania woman was awarded $100 in damages from Walmart over a 2-cent disparity between an item's tagged price and its scanned price. [More]

Don Lapre, TV pitchman accused of fraud, found dead in Arizona jail cell of apparent suicide

Embattled TV pitchman Don Lapre was found dead in his Arizona jail cell on Sunday, just days before his $52 million fraud trail was set to begin, authorities said. [More]

Theater Stagehands in Philadelphia on Strike

About 1,000 theater stagehands in Philadelphia have gone on strike, forcing three theaters to close and all of Saturday's shows to be canceled. Union members are looking for better wages and benefits. [More]

Retired Florida Cop Fatally Shoots Son During Grandchild Dispute

A retired Orlando police officer was due to appear in court Monday on first-degree murder charges after fatally shooting his 21-year-old son during an argument over custody of his grandchild. [More]

Denmark Institutes First-Ever 'Fat Tax'

Even though less than 10% of Denmark's population is considered clinically obese, which is lower that the European average, the country is tackling the ever-worsening issue of obesity by instituting the first-ever “fat tax.” [More]

'Grouch-in-chief' Andy Rooney, 92, signs off from '60 Minutes'

Legendary and curmudgeonly TV commentator Andy Rooney offered his final remarks Sunday on the news show "60 Minutes," capping a career that has spanned more than six decades. [More]

Tiger Woods not one of golf's top 50

Tiger Woods is no longer officially considered one of golf's top 50 players, ending a streak that extended back 15 years. [More]

Judge OKs release of 'inflammatory' Casey Anthony video

Video showing Casey Anthony rocking and hunched over upon hearing remains had been found in the search for her 2-year-old daughter was released Friday, after a Florida judge overturned a decision to seal the footage because it was considered inflammatory. [More]

Sunday, October 2

Former New York Governor's Stepdaughter, Boyfriend Arrested in Domestic Violence Incident

Former New York governor David Paterson's stepdaughter was charged with assault after she allegedly hit her boyfriend with a frying pan and broke a bottle over his head during an argument Saturday. [More]

Many government retirees also get public paychecks

Double-dipping — the well-established practice of public workers collecting government pensions and salaries at the same time — has become a hot topic for lawmakers struggling with strained budgets. [More]

Rocker Gene Simmons marries longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed

After more than two decades together, KISS bassist Gene Simmons has married his longtime girlfriend, according to his publicist. [More]

Spanish judge frees 5 terror suspects

A Spanish judge released from prison Saturday five Algerian men arrested for suspected Islamic terrorist activities, but ordered them to report to authorities twice a month and not leave Spain, according to a copy of the court order viewed by CNN. [More]

700 Arrested After Wall Street Protest on Brooklyn Bridge

New York City police say about 700 protesters have been arrested after they swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge and shut down a lane of traffic for several hours. [More]

Department of Justice Cuts, Reassigns 81 Immigration Prosecutors

With the end of the federal fiscal year on Friday, the temporary funding for 81 immigration-dedicated federal prosecutors has also ended, Justice Department spokeswoman Jessica Smith said in Washington. [More]

Saturday, October 1

Drunk Driving Mom Throws Son Over Fence to Outrun Police

A South Carolina woman was banned from driving and ordered to wear an alcohol and drug monitor after she crashed her car while drunk and then tried to throw her four-year-old son over a fence while fleeing the scene. [More]

Woman guilty of choking Walmart greeter gets jail

A judge in Ohio has sentenced a woman to 15 days in jail for choking a 71-year-old Walmart greeter who asked to see a receipt as the woman left the store. [More]

Plane hits Ferris wheel in Australia; no injuries

An ultra-light plane crashed into a Ferris wheel at a rural festival in eastern Australia on Saturday, trapping two children on the ride and two adults in the aircraft for hours. There were no serious injuries. [More]

White House May Fight More States on Immigration

After suing Arizona and Alabama over their strict immigration laws, the Obama administration is seriously weighing whether to legally challenge similar measures in four other states. On Wednesday, a federal judge refused to block key parts of Alabama’s law that requires public schools to verify the citizenship status of students. [More]

Hispanic students vanish from Alabama schools

Hispanic students have started vanishing from Alabama public schools in the wake of a court ruling that upheld the state's tough new law cracking down on illegal immigration. [More]

2 crashes, 2 missing men, 2 different results

Two separate missing persons cases. Two families wracked with worry for days. Two wrecked cars, nearly on top of each other. One man alive, the other dead. [More]

Mexico City proposes temporary marriage licenses

Mexico City is considering plans to introduce temporary two year marriage licenses to help newly-weds avoid the hassle of divorce by giving them an easy exit strategy. [More]

Wall Street protesters march on police

Protesters who have camped out near Wall Street for two weeks marched Friday on police headquarters in Manhattan over what they viewed as a heavy-handed police response to a previous demonstration. [More]

FAA: 5 flights left from closed Pittsburgh runway

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating how air traffic controllers allowed five planes to take off from a closed runway at Pittsburgh International Airport. [More]

Son of fallen fan throws 1st pitch of playoffs

With 50,000 fans on their feet, many with tears in their eyes, 6-year-old Cooper Stone stood on the pitcher's mound and tossed the ceremonial first pitch of the playoffs to his favorite player, Josh Hamilton. [More]

Friday, September 30

California Woman Dies After Being Struck by Car Driven by Son

Austin police say a 68-year-old woman died after her son intentionally hit her with a car as she was being loaded into an ambulance. [More]

ATF Tells Gun Dealers They Can't Sell to Medical Marijuana Patients

In letter to firearms dealers across the country, federal authorities are being clear that firearms should not be sold to medical marijuana users. [More]

Feds Arrest Dozens in Drug Bust at Boeing Plant

Federal agents raided a Boeing plant that makes military helicopters in suburban Philadelphia on Thursday and charged more than three dozen people with distributing or trying to get prescription drugs, among them powerful painkillers. [More]

Bob Dylan accused of painting plagiarism

The paintings in Bob Dylan's "The Asia Series," which are currently on display at the Gagosian Gallery in Manhattan, have come under fire for their resemblance to widely available pre-existing photographs. [More]

Obama's Uncle Appears in Court for DUI Charge

President Barack Obama's uncle pleaded not guilty in a brief appearance in a Massachusetts court on a drunken driving charge. [More]

$5 Debit Card Fee for a $2 Coffee?

Bank of America Corp plans to charge customers who use their debit cards to make purchases a $5 monthly fee beginning early next year, joining other banks scrambling for new sources of revenue, thanks to the new Dodd-Frank Act's Durbin amendment going in effect October 1. [More]

CEO's memo: Get the milk or get the ax

A PR executive threatened to fire employees for not replacing the office milk. "This is not a empty threat so PLEASE don't test me,” he wrote. [More]

Capitol Police react to Onion satire

Capitol Police were not amused by tweets and an article written by the satirical newspaper The Onion falsely reporting that members of Congress had taken a group of schoolchildren hostage. [More]

NY woman claims man hired her to kill him

A New York woman has been accused of running over a bound man who she says promised her $180,000 if she ended his life. [More]

New York Football Coach Suspended for Taking Team to Cemetery

The coach of a junior varsity football team has been suspended for making his players lie down in a central New York cemetery after a loss in an effort to motivate them. [More]

Mass. terror suspect was asked to leave mosque

A Massachusetts man accused of plotting to fly remote-controlled model planes packed with explosives into the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol was asked to leave a Boston mosque because of his radical views. [More]

Could model airplanes become a terrorist weapon?

Model airplanes are suddenly on the public's radar as potential terrorist weapons. A 26-year-old man from a Boston suburb was arrested Wednesday and accused of plotting to attack the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol with remote-controlled model planes packed with explosives. [More]

Man survives for days after car plunges off cliff

A 67-year-old man who survived for five or six days on leaves and creek water after his car plunged 200 feet off a California mountain road was found by his children, who tracked him down like television detectives. [More]

School official apologizes for bra trick

A Massachusetts school committee chairman apologized for performing a magic trick involving a simulated bra removal at a meeting. [More]

Thursday, September 29

11-Year-Old Massachusetts Girl Hit, Dragged by Truck Driven by Illegal Immigrant

Police say the suspect struck a sixth-grader as she rode her bike Wednesday. The suspect doesn't have a license, is in the country illegally, and has an outstanding warrant for his deportation, according to authorities. [More]

Obama's Uncle Due in Court in Drunk Driving Case

President Barack Obama's uncle is expected to appear in a Massachusetts court on a drunken driving charge today. He was initially held without bail on allegations he violated an order issued nearly two decades ago to return to Kenya. [More]

South Texas Police Chief ‘Accidentally’ Texts Transgender Porn to Constable

A police chief in South Texas admitted to sending transgender porn to a constable, but said it was an "accident." The Primera, Texas Police Chief said he meant to send the porn to his cousin. [More]

TSA Agent Charged With Plotting to Secure Citizenship for 'Husband' Through Sham Marriage

A Transportation Security Administration agent was arrested earlier this week on federal charges for her role in an alleged phony marriage scheme that would secure U.S. citizenship for her alleged spouse. [More]

Defense Contractor Sued for Firing Obese Worker

A Texas worker is suing his employer for firing him because he weighed 680 pounds. [More]

Man shoots self on first date

Police in North Carolina said a couple's first date was interrupted when a man accidentally shot himself in a parking garage. [More]

Ala. police to enforce 'strongest' immigration law

Police in Alabama are getting ready to enforce what is considered by many as the toughest immigration law in the United States. [More]

Man stuck in woodchipper phones partner

A New Zealand man who thought he was about to die after getting stuck in a woodchipping machine's conveyor belt called his partner to say goodbye, local media reported. [More]

Cafe owner makes up with Hilary Swank

A California cafe owner said he was glad actress Hilary Swank didn't have any hard feelings after he asked her to take her dog out of his business. [More]

Man, 26, charged in plot to bomb Pentagon using model airplane

A 26-year-old Massachusetts man with a physics degree was arrested and charged Wednesday with plotting an attack on the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol with a remote-controlled model aircraft, authorities said. [More]

Boomers to blame for broken gov't?

Could it be that the reason our government is broken is because of which generation is running things? [More]

Wednesday, September 28

Police: Pa. couple stole copper to pay for wedding

Police say a western Pennsylvania couple cut down copper wire from 18 utility poles because they needed money to pay for their wedding. [More]

Thieves Make Off With $2.8 Million in Jewelry From Georgia Store

Police are investigating a crime that's being called as one of the largest jewelry heists in metro Atlanta area after thieves made off with more than $2.8 million in loot. [More]

4 Americans get pot from US government

For the past three decades, Uncle Sam has been providing a handful of patients with some of the highest grade marijuana around. The program grew out of a 1976 court settlement that created the country's first legal pot smoker. [More]

'Inherently racist' bake sale sells out

A provocative bake sale designed to satirize affirmative action resulted in no fisticuffs Tuesday, but it did prompt a sellout of 300 cupcakes and some heated debate at the University of California at Berkeley, the bake sale organizer said. [More]

Friended by thousands via messages in a bottle

A Canadian man has tossed more than 4,800 messages in a bottle into the Atlantic Ocean in the past 15 years — and received more than 3,100 replies. [More]

Botched surgery leaves woman with 'uniboob'

The procedure was supposed to be simple - swap out a pair of leaking breast implants for a brand new set. But for one woman this cosmetic "fix" was the start of a plastic surgery nightmare. [More]

'Sister' cons woman out of $2,000 on Facebook

When Edythe Schumacher's sister invited her to chat on Facebook and then touted her on a program that would help her qualify for a government grant, Schumacher decided to give it a go. Only after sending $2,000 to the program director did she realize she'd been scammed by someone who hacked her sister's Facebook account. [More]

Woman Fights for Health Care for Immigrant Husband

A Phoenix woman is fighting to get health care for her husband, an undocumented immigrant who was in the process of obtaining legal status before he suffered brain damage while playing soccer. [More]

Cone or Klan? Costume freezes ice cream biz

The family that runs the ice cream shop is from Puerto Rico, and said it didn't even know what the Klu Klux Klan was until the controversy erupted. [More]

Fair disaster suit tests civil-union benefits

A lawsuit filed by an Illinois woman whose partner was killed in a stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair could test the boundaries of legal benefits of same-sex unions. [More]

NASA says satellite fell in South Pacific

After days of seeming uncertainty, official satellite-watchers announced Tuesday that a dead NASA satellite broke up over the South Pacific, about as far away from large land masses as you can get. [More]

Axelrod: Obama faces 'titanic struggle'

President Barack Obama's chief political adviser on Tuesday conceded that a dark cloud looms over the American economy and Obama's political future, describing the president's road to a second term in the White House as "a titanic struggle." [More]

Expert: Candidates can't offend dog owners

Political parties court many constituency groups but can't afford to offend dog owners - with canines in 40 percent of U.S. households, a pet expert says. [More]

Documentary mistakes video game for real terrorism

A newly aired British documentary claims to have found terrorism footage linking Libya's Colonel Gadhafi and the IRA — but that footage, it turns out, is actually from a video game. [More]

Census: 131,729 gay couples report they're married

Increasingly visible, the number of gay Americans telling the U.S. census they're living with same-sex partners nearly doubled in the past decade, to about 650,000 couples. And more than 130,000 recorded partners as husband or wife. [More]

Andy Rooney exiting '60 Minutes' this Sunday

With 1,096 essays for "60 Minutes" under his belt, Andy Rooney will deliver his 1,097th on Sunday's broadcast. And it will be his last as a regular contributor. [More]

Tuesday, September 27

Airline: 'L Word' star removed for excessive kiss

A lesbian actress who starred in the Showtime cable show "The L Word" says she was escorted off a Southwest Airlines flight for kissing a woman, while the airline says it was excessive and drew customer complaints. [More]

NJ gov shoots down 'Jersey Shore' tax credit

MTV's "Jersey Shore" won't get a New Jersey tax break because Gov. Chris Christie says the show hurts the state's image. Christie on Monday blocked a $420,000 film credit that was approved for the show last week by the state Economic Development Authority. [More]

US praises Saudi reform on women's voting rights

The White House says Saudi Arabia is taking an important step ahead in expanding women's rights by allowing women to vote and run in local elections in 2015. [More]

Saudi Woman to Receive 10 Lashes for Driving Car

Saudi activists say a court has sentenced a Saudi woman with 10 lashes for defying the kingdom's ban on women driving. [More]

Video shows van der Sloot confessing that he killed woman

In a videotaped interrogation with Peruvian police broadcast Monday, Joran van der Sloot admitted that he hit, strangled and ultimately killed a 21-year-old woman last year in his Lima hotel room. [More]

Real Pan Am flight attendants fact-check 'Pan Am'

Overhead Bin asked two former Pan Am flight attendants to watch the premiere episode of 'Pan Am' and tell us if their experiences were anything like those portrayed on-screen. [More]

Driver Who Hit Scottsdale Developer in the Country Illegally

Last Friday, an arrest was made in a hit-and-run crash that took the life of 31-year-old Daniel Pollack, son of real estate investor Michael Pollack. Court documents are shedding some light on the suspect - who was in the country illegally. [More]

Man Suspected of Murdering Young Massachusetts Mom May Be In U.S. Illegally, Police Say

Police say the man who allegedly stabbed a young mother to death inside a Massachusetts apartment complex Monday may be in the country illegally. [More]

Wife of Mexican drug lord gives birth in California

The young wife of Mexico's most wanted drug lord has given birth to twin girls at a hospital in California. Emma Coronel, the 22-year-old wife of multibillionaire Joaquin Guzman, crossed the border in mid-July and delivered her daughters at Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster. [More]

Berlusconi 'stunned' by Catholic bishop's attack

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's center-right government appeared to be in a state of denial and shell-shock on Tuesday after Italy's top Roman Catholic bishop issued a blistering attack against the country's rulers. [More]

Man behind Doritos to take chips to his grave

The man who led the team that invented the Doritos chip will have the chips sprinkled on his grave. His daughter says he would have loved the tribute. [More]

Exploding toilet injures woman at GSA building

A woman is taken to the hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries after a toilet exploded in the General Services Administration building in Washington, officials say. [More]

Monday, September 26

Pay-by-race bake sale at Berkeley

The "Diversity Bake Sale" hosted by the Berkeley College Republicans will sell baked goods to white men for $2, Asian men for $1.50, Latino men for $1, black men for $0.75 and Native American men for $0.25. All women will get $0.25 off those prices. The bake sale is meant to draw attention to pending legislation that would allow California universities to consider race or national origin during the admission process. [More]

Obama Offers Fiery Speech to Congressional Black Caucus

President Obama won accolades from supporters praising his speech to the Congressional Black Caucus Saturday night, saying he has shepherded many laws that have helped blacks, including Wall Street reforms, a settlement for black farmers, and new projects for public housing. [More]

11-Year-Old Shoots Sister While 'Playing CSI' at Indiana Home

A 14-year-old girl was hospitalized after her younger sister shot her in the head while "playing CSI" at their home in Logansport, Ind. [More]

Judge tells offenders to go to jail or church

Go to jail or go to church for a year. That's the unique option being offered to non-violent offenders in a southern Alabama town. [More]

Mexican Woman Killed Because of Web Postings

Woman found decapitated near sign saying she was killed for postings on anti-cartel website, authorities say. [More]

Skunks moved into Fla. couple's home

A Florida couple returned after a month-long visit with their children to find 10 skunks had invaded their home through a window left cracked open. [More]

Cops: Drunken Woman Tries to Rob Store With Toy Gun

A drunken woman tried to rob a Florida convenience store with a toy machine gun early Sunday, the Orlando Sentinel reported. [More]

Many teachers have little or no experience

This school year, millions of American children are sharing more in common than reading, writing and cramming for tests: A teacher with little or no experience. [More]

NYPD Chief: Police Could Take Down Plane if Needed

The chief of the New York Police Department says city police could take down a plane if necessary. [More]

We may hate laugh tracks, but they work

Two new fall TV shows premiering this week, "2 Broke Girls" on CBS and "Whitney" on NBC, are counting on an old-fashioned sitcom standby to help them get chuckles and ratings: the laugh track. Love 'em or hate 'em shows continue to use them because they work, as studies have shown. [More]

Sunday, September 25

Fla. millionaire convicted of murdering wife

A millionaire developer who lived in the same central Florida neighborhood as Tiger Woods and other celebrities was convicted Saturday of murdering his wife in their mansion. [More]

San Francisco Protesters Stage Naked 'Nude-In'

Protesters rally against proposal to require clothes in restaurants and to promote 'acceptance of human body.' [More]

NASA says 'we may never know' where runaway satellite crashed

The mystery of where a runaway research satellite plunged to earth may remain just that unless NASA receives "credible" leads in the next few days as to the whereabouts of the fallen space junk, one of the agency's top scientists says. [More]

Obama tells blacks to 'stop complainin' and fight

In a fiery summons to an important voting block, President Barack Obama told blacks on Saturday to quit crying and complaining and "put on your marching shoes" to follow him into battle for jobs and opportunity. [More]

Senator says OnStar invades privacy

The OnStar automobile communication service used by 6 million Americans maintains its two-way connection with a customer even after the service is discontinued, while reserving the right to sell data from that connection. [More]

No jail for man who faked Winfrey robbery

A Canadian man has been spared a prison term for falsely reporting he had been beaten by thieves who stole his tickets to Oprah Winfrey's farewell gala. [More]

Michael Jackson saw salvation in dangerous drug

Michael Jackson was physically exhausted from a day of grueling rehearsals for his marathon 50-night comeback tour. But his nightly battle with insomnia had just begun. After showering and getting into bed, he called for his "milk," a powerful drug he had been using to escape into unconsciousness. [More]

Saturday, September 24

Dad attacked son over daughter's tattoo

Authorities in Florida said a father attempted to hit his 17-year-old son with his vehicle and a crowbar because he took his sister to get a tattoo. [More]

Open an account, get a free AK-47

A Florida company is giving away free AK-47s to new customers who sign up for its credit-card-processing service. [More]

Groupon deal leaves bus passengers stranded

Some Southern California residents who bought discounted round-trip bus tickets through Groupon and Voice Daily Deals for trips to Las Vegas were left stranded when the buses never showed up. Groupon says it screened the bus company before offering the promotion, and they met their “high quality standards.” How thorough is that screening process? A check of the motor carrier's permit number indicates that the company does not appear to have a valid license. [More]

And the most annoying celebrity is...

PARADE Magazine and Yahoo!'s omg! teamed up on a pop-culture poll, and one of the questions was "which celebrity is the most annoying?" No surprise, the winner was newlywed Kim Kardashian, with 29 percent of the vote, just edging out Charlie Sheen, who earned 27 percent. [More]

NASA satellite falls to Earth; location remains a mystery

Pieces of a defunct satellite that plummeted to Earth have settled, NASA said Saturday morning. [More]

Gay characters take center stage in comic books

Archie’s classmate Kevin Keller is marrying a man. A lesbian Batwoman is fighting crime in Gotham City. Reflecting changes in the real world, gay comic book characters are coming out of the shadows and taking the spotlight. [More]

FBI: $2.1M reward paid in Bulger case

The FBI shelled out $2.1 million for tips that led to the arrest of fugitive James "Whitey" Bulger and his companion, Catherine E. Greig, the agency's Boston office announced Friday. [More]

Solyndra leaders invoke 5th Amendment at hearing

Top executives from a bankrupt California solar energy company are to appear before a congressional hearing investigating their government loan, but they're not expected to say much. [More]

Obama allowing states to opt out of education reform requirements

President Barack Obama announced Friday that states will be allowed to opt out of certain requirements imposed by the controversial No Child Left Behind law. [More]

Obama plan would make small dent in jobless rate

Even if Congress heeds President Barack Obama's demands to "pass this bill right away" and enacts his jobs and tax plan in its entirety, the unemployment rate probably still would hover in nosebleed territory for at least three more years. [More]

L.A. firefighters in hot water over fire trucks in porn

Los Angeles firefighters are under investigation for allegedly taking part in porn movies on the job. [More]

Casey Anthony to pay twice as much for search

A Florida judge has increased the reimbursement costs Casey Anthony must pay to investigators for searching for her missing 2-year-old daughter three years ago. [More]

Friday, September 23

61-Year-Old Teacher Arrested After Punching 15-Year-Old Student

A McKinley High School teacher has been arrested after punching a student in the face during an argument about the student's attempts to go to his locker. [More]

Porn magnate funds $1 million quest to embarrass Perry

Pornographic magazine publisher Larry Flynt offered $1 million on Thursday to anyone with proof of "an illicit sexual liaison" involving leading Republican presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry. [More]

Florida Teacher Who Pleaded Guilty to Having Sex With Boy Asks Judge to Reduce Probation

A former Florida middle school teacher who pleaded guilty to having sex with a 14-year-old student in a high-profile case is reportedly back in court Thursday to ask a judge to reduce her probation. [More]

Dugard sues US over failure to monitor abductor

Jaycee Dugard sued the federal government Thursday for failing to monitor the convicted sex offender who kidnapped her and held her captive for 18 years. [More]

Don't eat Schweddy Balls: Lobby group

An American lobby group wants people to boycott a new Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavour called Schweddy Balls. [More]

Police: Man broke into home to do laundry

Police in Florida said a man arrested on a burglary charge allegedly broke into a home so he could do his laundry. [More]

Natalee Holloway's Mom Wants to Stop Dad From Declaring Her Dead

Dave Holloway is seeking the declaration of death for their daughter, who disappeared in Aruba in 2005 while on a high school graduation trip. [More]

Texas kills fancy last meal requests on death row

The Texas prison system on Thursday abolished the time-honored tradition of offering an opulent last meal to condemned inmates before their executions, saying they would get standard prison fare instead. [More]

Wife sues after husband's brain is removed

The practices of a prestigious medical research institute that studies schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are on trial in Maine, where the organization collected at least 99 brains from organ donors. [More]

Thursday, September 22

Ex-labor chief works 1 day, nets $158,000 city pension

A retired Chicago labor leader has secured a $158,000 public pension — roughly five times greater than what a typical retired public-service worker in the Windy City receives — after spending just one day on the city payroll, local news reports said. Illinois law has allowed him to receive about $1 million from his city pension since 2004 and stands to collect approximately $5 million during his lifetime for that 1 day of "work." [More]

Chicago Man Killed Mother Over Avril Lavigne Concert Tickets

A Chicago man stabbed his mother to death then doused her body in chemicals after she refused to buy him tickets to an Avril Lavigne concert, a jury found. [More]

Man wins dumpling eating contest, then dies

A 77-year-old Ukrainian man won a jar full of sour cream for coming first in a dumpling eating contest and then promptly died, local media reported on Wednesday. [More]

Tim Gunn: Kirstie Alley is Not a Size 4

When Kirstie Alley revealed in an Entertainment Tonight clip that she has lost 100 pounds since being on Dancing with the Stars and is down to a size 4, Tim Gunn raised a perfectly groomed, silver eyebrow. [More]

$16 muffins lead to review of meeting expenses

President Barack Obama on Wednesday ordered federal agencies to review expenses for conferences after an embarrassing report revealed the Justice Department were serving $16 muffins. [More]

Target's blunder with designer continues

Target is a victim of its own success. The discounter drummed up so much hype around its exclusive, limited-time line by upscale Italian designer Missoni that its website crashed and was down most of the day on Sept. 13 when the collection was launched, angering customers. [More]

Southwest Airlines, Feds Investigate Arabic Markings on Planes

Mysterious messages that appeared to be scrawled in Arabic writing on the underbellies of several Southwest Airlines jets were being investigated Wednesday by the airline and the FBI, Los Angeles radio station KNX-1070 reported. [More]

Disgraced pastor Ted Haggard to do 'Wife Swap'

The former president of the National Evangelical Association is set to appear on "Celebrity Wife Swap" with his wife, Gayle, ABC confirmed to People today. [More]

26 pieces of falling satellite likely to survive plunge, NASA says

A satellite whose orbit is degrading is likely to crash back to Earth on Friday, and 26 pieces have a good chance of surviving the heat of re-entry, NASA said. [More]

DA calls police threat 'turning point' in beating

Police officer Manuel Ramos didn't talk to prosecutors who were considering charges against him in the death of a homeless, mentally ill man who died after a violent fight with police — but in the end, according to a district attorney, his own voice may have done him in. [More]

Gore's loose lips let new iPhones slip

Apple is well known for being a tight ship, but apparently one of its board members forgot to batten down the hatches. That would be the most famous member of the board: former U.S. Vice President Al Gore. [More]

Found! Moon rock turns up in Clinton files

The mystery of the lost state moon rock from the Apollo 17 missionwas solved in Arkansas Wednesday — sort of — when an archivist discovered it in former President Bill Clinton's gubernatorial papers. [More]

Wednesday, September 21

Tony Bennett apologizes for 9/11 remarks

Tony Bennett triggered a tsunami of controversy Tuesday by appearing on the Howard Stern show and announcing that Americans were to blame for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. “They flew the plane in, but we caused it. Because we were bombing them and they told us to stop.” [More]

Police: Man stole cab for Wendy's run

Police in Florida said a man charged with stealing a taxicab told officers he took the vehicle because he didn't want to walk to Wendy's. [More]

Man thought police station was casino

Police in Nebraska said a man was taken into protective custody when he drunkenly wandered into a police station thinking it was a casino. [More]

Woman Accused of Stealing Hearse in West Virginia

A West Virginia woman is accused of stealing a hearse containing a body from a funeral home. [More]

Watch a doomed satellite tumble in space

Science editor Alan Boyle's Weblog: When a NASA satellite descends from orbit, will we see it coming? Veteran French astrophotographer Thierry Legault has already spotted it. [More]

Police arrest shoplifting drag queens

Police in Florida said they arrested three men in a group of four accused of dressing like women and shoplifting from multiple fabric stores. [More]

Couple sues after he gets her infected kidney

A Pennsylvania couple is suing a prominent medical center after doctors transplanted the woman’s kidney into her boyfriend’s body despite a test that showed she was infected with hepatitis C. [More]

Man pulls shotgun over hot sauce

Police in Missouri said they arrested a man accused of threatening a Taco Bell employee with a shotgun because he did not receive hot sauce with his meal. [More]

Jellyfish latest blow to Gulf fishermen

Fishermen and shrimpers along the Alabama and Mississippi coasts say their efforts are being hampered by a blanket of jellyfish clogging the waters of the northern Gulf of Mexico. [More]

Tuesday, September 20

Groom dies in ATV accident hours after wedding

A groom was killed in an ATV crash in New York on Saturday night, just hours after getting married in Connecticut. [More]

New Schon Wife Slams Salahi

White House gate crasher Michaele Salahi spent her weekend rocking backstage in Tampa with Journey, waiting to run into the open arms of guitarist Neal Schon - whose new wife teed off on him. [More]

CBS' 'Two and a Half Men' kills Sheen's character

"Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre introduced Ashton Kutcher as a new star of television's most popular comedy on Monday, and gained a measure of revenge against the departed Charlie Sheen in the process. [More]

Biker group mourns 5 who died at charity event

A community of bikers drawn together for charity was reeling Monday after five people died while camping at a Tennessee festival that the group stages to raise money for needy children. [More]

FACT CHECK: Are rich taxed less than secretaries?

President Barack Obama makes it sound as if there are millionaires all over America paying taxes at lower rates than their secretaries. Not even close. This year, households making more than $1 million will pay an average of 29.1 percent of their income in federal taxes, including income taxes and payroll taxes, according to the Tax Policy Center, a Washington think tank. Households making between $50,000 and $75,000 will pay 15 percent of their income in federal taxes. [More]

Obama's Deficit Plan to Target Rich ... And More

It's not just millionaires who'd pay more under President Obama's latest plan to combat the deficit. Air travelers, federal workers, military retirees, wealthier Medicare beneficiaries and people taking out new mortgages are among those who would pay more than $130 billion in government revenues raised through new or increased fees. [More]

Poll: Young people see online slurs as jokes

Is it ever OK to tweet that a girl's a "slut"? How about using an offensive name for gays on Facebook? Or texting a racial slur? Most young people think it's all right when friends are joking around with each other, according to a new poll. [More]

Sperm bank: Redheads need not apply

If you’ve got red hair, don't bother donating sperm at Cryos International, one of the world’s largest sperm banks. The agency's stock of red-headed donor sperm is "about to explode." [More]

Home seller offers $1,000 in booze to buyer

Drink for free at the local watering hole and make it home in seconds. That’s what one Glenview homeowner is offering as a way to set apart her 3-bedroom townhouse in a down real estate market. [More]

Monday, September 19

Father and daughter burned in alleged electrical theft

A father and his teenage daughter were in critical condition after receiving severe burns during an alleged attempt to steal electricity from high-voltage power lines in Inglewood, a police official said. [More]

Obama admin reworked Solyndra loan to favor donor

The Obama administration restructured a half-billion dollar federal loan to a troubled solar energy company in such a way that private investors — including a fundraiser for President Barack Obama — moved ahead of taxpayers for repayment in case of a default, government records show. [More]

Florida Man Accused of Shooting 2 Pastors, Wife

As the congregation bowed their heads and prayed, a former church member stormed into the church and opened fire, shooting and wounding the pastor and associate pastor from behind before he was wrestled to the ground. [More]

N.Y. assistant prosecutor doubled as paid fetishist

A lawyer for the New York state attorney general's office has been suspended after the New York Post inquired about word that she was leading a double life as an S&M dominatrix. [More]

Hero rabbit saves owners from house fire

A pet rabbit is being credited for saving its owners from a house fire in southeastern Alaska before it died of smoke inhalation, fire officials said on Friday. [More]

Crash Kills New York Groom Hours After Wedding

State police say a groom died in a New York accident just hours after his wedding. [More]

6 Things the Film Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Here are a few things that are so terrible that Hollywood has to cover them up. [More]

Sheen wishes 'Men' cast well from Emmy stage

Charlie Sheen came, he saw and he presented. And that was about it. No jokes, no asides, no nothing but earnest support for his former co-workers. [More]

Report: Russian Navigator in Crash Was Drunk

A spokesman for Russia's top investigative body says the navigator of a passenger airline that crashed in June killing 47 people was drunk. [More]

Two dead in Arizona air base stabbing

Police in Glendale, Arizona are investigating the stabbing deaths of a husband and wife who were found dead on the grounds of Luke Air Force Base. [More]

Obama proposes $1.5 trillion in new taxes

President Barack Obama, setting up another clash with Republicans, has proposed $1.5 trillion in new taxes aimed primarily at the wealthy as part of a deficit reduction plan. [More]

Plane in Reno Air Crash Underwent 'Radical' Changes to Compete

The World War II-era plane that plummeted into an air-race crowd like a missile bore little resemblance to its original self. It was rebuilt for speed, if not for stability. [More]

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