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Thursday, December 15

Casket photo sparks Air Force investigation, outrage

A photo of Air Force personnel posing around an open casket holding another airman pretending to be dead is eliciting outrage from military widows and others. [More]

Flight attendants petition to get "30 Rock" off flights

The NBC sitcom "30 Rock" lost some flight attendant fans after actor Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight when he refused to turn off his phone. [More]

MF's Corzine said to know of customer fund misuse

The regulatory arm of CME Group has turned over interviews to the Justice Department that allege former MF Global chief Jon Corzine knew that the now-bankrupt brokerage firm used customer money to lend to a European affiliate, a CME executive said on Tuesday. [More]

Man finds finds way to dial into celeb lifestyle

Bob Gray requested a new phone number when he moved Cleveland to Los Angeles. What he got was the former number of an actor with lots of friends. [More]

FDA cracks down on DIY sperm donor

A California man is vowing to continue his do-it-yourself sperm donor service, despite efforts of federal the health officials to crack down on the free service. [More]

Judge: Lindsay Lohan has 'done well'

Lindsay Lohan's judge apparently is so pleased with how well the actress is complying with her probation requirements in the past six weeks that she's giving her more freedom to travel. [More]

Teen writes death threat to Santa

A British teenager has threatened to kill Santa Claus if she doesn't get what she wants. [More]

Missouri woman gets $6.1 million from unclaimed property

The holidays this year will be especially memorable for a Kansas City woman who has received a state record $6.1 million from a Missouri unclaimed property fund consisting of a single security. [More]

Suit: Shippers caused 14 bomb-sniffing dogs to die

A company that provides dogs to the military to detect hidden bombs claims that 14 of its animals died in a sealed truck container because of negligence. [More]

Nearly Half of American Schools Failed Federal Standards

Nearly half of America's public schools didn't meet federal achievement standards this year, marking the largest failure rate since the much-criticized No Child Left Behind Law took effect a decade ago, according to a national report released Thursday. [More]

Wednesday, December 14

Police say fake bills were simple photocopies

It didn't take special training for workers in South Dakota to spot the fake $20 bills that were being passed off as real money this week. Police say the phony bills were simply low-tech color photocopies. [More]

Purple Heart Ornaments Mistakenly Sent to Deceased

The Marine Corps is apologizing for mistakenly mailing Purple Heart Christmas tree ornaments to about 1,150 deceased Marines and sailors. [More]

Man asks cop: 'Can I have my weed back?'

Defense attorney's argument that marijuana uncovered during a traffic stop could have belonged to a man other than his client unraveled after an officer recalled the suspect asking him: "Can I have my weed back?" [More]

Cop takes wrong turn, drives car up utility pole

A Miami Police officer wasn't injured, but his car may need a little work after he drove it up a utility pole in a single car accident Tuesday morning. [More]

Bidding set to begin on three celebrity auctions

The estates of Rue McClanahan, Orson Welles and Elizabeth Taylor are all opening up their coffers to auctions in December. [More]

Loud TV commercials to leave quietly, thanks to FCC

Within a year, broadcasters and pay-TV providers must comply with FCC rules that turn down the volume. [More]

Record exec shot in Hollywood rampage dies

John Atterberry, a music industry executive who was shot by a rampaging gunman on a Hollywood street on Dec. 9, died on Monday. [More]

Man charged in attack on Simmons site

A Connecticut man affiliated with the Anonymous hacking group was arrested Tuesday on federal charges for an attack on a website belonging to Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, authorities said. [More]

US Mint says goodbye to $1 Presidential coins

Vice President Joseph Biden announced on Tuesday that the U.S. Mint would halt the production of those pesky $1 coins for circulation, because they’re not exactly in demand. [More]

Jackson's hair converted into roulette ball

In today's macabre Michael Jackson news: a gambling website has purchased some of the singer's hair and plans to convert it into a roulette ball. [More]

Blagojevich gets extra month before prison term

Ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich will have one extra month of freedom before he starts a 14-year prison sentence for a series of corruption charges, a federal judge said Tuesday. [More]

Tuesday, December 13

Trump fires himself

Donald Trump says he is pulling out of a Republican presidential debate he wanted to moderate in Iowa. [More]

Driver was texting in Missouri traffic pileup

A 19-year-old driver was texting just before his pickup truck, two school buses and a tractor truck collided in a deadly pileup on an interstate highway in Missouri last year, the National Transportation Safety Board said Monday. [More]

Sheen tweets his personal phone number to the world

That darn Twitter can be kind of complicated. You're a celeb trying to reach out to another celeb, you make one mistake and suddenly you've just painted your own personal phone number all over the universe. [More]

Lowe's pulls 'All-American Muslim' ads

Lowe's has pulled its advertising from the reality TV show "All-American Muslim," which the retail store called a "lightning rod." [More]

Gun in carry-on accidentally fired

A gun detected in a carry-on at a checkpoint at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport was accidentally fired by an investigating officer around 9 a.m. Sunday. [More]

Cops: Marine Stopped Grinch From Stealing Presents

Police in Boston are crediting a 22-year-old Marine with taking down a robbery suspect who broke into a family vehicle full of presents. [More]

American Airlines pilot not smiling after Baldwin spoof

An American Airlines pilot isn’t smiling after Alec Baldwin’s surprise appearance on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. “I was disappointed that it was making light of something that’s fairly serious," said pilot Steve Roach. [More]

'Survivor' star Hatch released from RI prison

Reality television star Richard Hatch has been released from a state prison after serving a nine-month sentence for failing to pay back taxes. [More]

Dog chases Frisbee into Hudson River

New York police said they rescued an Airedale terrier that plunged into the Hudson River while chasing a Frisbee thrown by its owner. [More]

Thieves May Use Keyfob Detector to Steal BMWs

Police in Dobbs Ferry, NY, say thieves stole three BMWs worth a total of $220,000 from a single residence in suburban New York, possibly using push-button starters. [More]

Monday, December 12

Florida man wills $1 million house to Uncle Sam

A South Florida man has willed his historic house worth $1 million to the U.S. government to help eliminate the country's growing debt. [More]

School lends belts to students with saggy pants

Starting this week, students at one South Carolina high school won't get disciplined right away for wearing saggy pants. Instead, school officials will lend them a belt. [More]

Another dog shoots hunter, this time in Florida

This time, a bulldog bumped a Remington .308 and a 78-year-old man was hit in the thigh by the round. [More]

Officials: Calif. parents asked man to beat child

An Irvine couple who suspected their 15-year-old son of smoking turned to a man believed to be relied on in their church to violently discipline children, authorities said. [More]

Friends say Hollywood shooter had tough breakup

Friends and neighbors of a gunman who was shot dead by police as he fired randomly at passing cars on a Hollywood street — critically wounding one man — say he was deeply troubled. [More]

Convicted molester who cast for Hollywood arrested

A convicted child molester who worked under an alias in casting children's movies has been arrested on charges of violating sex-offender registration laws. [More]

Actor Alec Baldwin mocks airline industry in SNL skit

Alec Baldwin dropped in on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend for a skit mocking the airline industry, issuing a fake apology from a pilot who kicked him off an American Airlines flight for playing a smart-phone game before departure. [More]

Sunday, December 11

Arizona Girl Attacked by Police Dog at School

A 15-year-old Arizona high school girl is recovering after being bitten by a police dog that somehow got out of a patrol vehicle. [More]

Witness said he tried to distract Hollywood gunman

"Why don't you come up here?" Christopher Johns yelled down from his apartment window to the gunman on Sunset Boulevard. The shooter yelled back but didn't come up. Minutes later he was shot dead by police. [More]

Jennifer Aniston hottest of all time! Really?

Men's Health magazine has released its list of the hottest women of all time and Jennifer Aniston sits at number one out of 100 women chosen. Raquel Welch, Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears and Madonna round out the top five. [More]

Man Struck and Killed by Elevated Train in Chicago

Police said a man was killed early Saturday in Chicago when he was struck by a train after falling onto elevated train tracks. [More]

NY, California hitting up millionaires, again

Hollywood moguls and Manhattan stock brokers are facing a slap by the Occupy Wall Street movement as California and New York again target high-wage earners to address a continued fiscal crisis in the states. [More]

Ex-trooper gets house arrest for nude dance video

A former Pennsylvania state trooper will be under house arrest with an electronic monitoring bracelet after he admitted sending a webcam video of himself dancing in the nude to an agent posing as a 13-year-old girl. [More]

Police: Women stole neighbor's decorations

Police in Florida said they arrested two women who allegedly took Christmas decorations worth hundreds of dollars from their neighbors. [More]

Fla. man heard yelling on video after being shot

A cell phone video captured the sound of a confrontation between a South Florida man and his mother-in-law and the gunshots she is accused of firing at him, authorities said Saturday. [More]

Saturday, December 10

Calif. prison psychologist accused of faking rape

She split her own lip with a pin, scraped her knuckles with sandpaper and had her friend punch her in the face. Investigators say she even ripped open her blouse, then wet her pants to give the appearance she had been knocked unconscious. But it was all part of what authorities said Friday was an elaborate hoax. [More]

Playboy's Million-Dollar Lohan Spread Hacked

The December issue of Playboy magazine - featuring a nude Lindsay Lohan and due to hit newsstands next week - was leaked online Friday after copies of the photos were either hacked or stolen from the magazine and uploaded to a file-sharing website based in Russia. [More]

Alec Baldwin ticks off Greyhound

American Airlines has already called Alec Baldwin "extremely rude," and now the actor isn't making any friends at Greyhound either. [More]

Wife of convicted Md. politician gets year in jail

The wife of a former Maryland county executive has been sentenced to one year and a day in prison for her role in obstructing an investigation into her husband's corruption. [More]

'MythBusters' won't air cannonball accident

While there's never been a more hyped experiment in the nine-season history of Discovery Channel's "MythBusters," the recent cannonball-through-a-house incident won't make the cut. [More]

Police: 2 Mich. kids used toy gun to steal snacks

Police say two Detroit-area youngsters used a toy gun to rob five of their schoolmates of candy and chips. [More]

Police identify gunman in Virginia Tech murder-suicide

The man who shot dead a campus police officer at Virginia Tech on Thursday before killing himself was a student at a nearby university who had stolen an SUV at gunpoint the day before, officials said. [More]

Jodie Foster's estranged dad sentenced in scam

A judge has sentenced Jodie Foster's estranged father to five years in a Los Angeles jail for bilking more than $100,000 from poor and elderly people in a home-building scheme. [More]

Police: Pa. man fakes mom's obit to get time off

Authorities in northwestern Pennsylvania say a man published an obituary for his living mother in a ploy to get paid bereavement time off from work. [More]

Friday, December 9

Erin Andrews Files $10M Lawsuit Over Peephole Video Incident

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews has filed a new $10 million lawsuit from a 2008 incident in which a man videotaped her in the nude through a peephole in a Nashville hotel room. [More]

Child shot in Texas welfare standoff dies

Authorities say a 12-year-old girl shot by her mother during a standoff at a Texas welfare office has died. [More]

Va. man who spanked women he helped pleads guilty

A Virginia restaurant owner accused of spanking three young women he was helping financially has pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual battery. [More]

Corzine: I don't know where missing MF money is

Former NJ Governor Jon Corzine tells lawmakers he does not know where the millions of dollars missing from MF Global accounts is. He adds that he was stunned when he heard about the missing funds. [More]

4 shot dead in ambulance in Mexican border city

Gunmen attacked an ambulance in this border city Wednesday, killing the driver, two patients and a fourth person in the vehicle, officials said. [More]

Baldwin apologizes to passengers, not airline

Alec Baldwin issued an apology Wednesday to fellow passengers on an American Airlines flight that was delayed by his refusal to stop playing a cellphone game — but stopped short of apologizing to the airline or the flight attendant he later mocked on Twitter. [More]

Fan pays over $485,000 for Beatle's Aston Martin

An Aston Martin once owned by George Harrison sold for $485,000 (310,000 pounds) at auction Wednesday. [More]

Car wrecks killed 32,885 in U.S. last year

32,885 people died on the nation's roadways in 2010 - a number that, while slightly higher than preliminary figures released in April, shows the downward trend in traffic deaths is continuing [More]

Thursday, December 8

Principal out over boy's 'harassment' suspension

The principal who accused a 9-year-old North Carolina boy of sexual harassment for allegedly calling a teacher "cute" has been forced to retire. [More]

Myth confirmed: 'Mythbusters' cannonball hits Dublin home, minivan

One of the zany experiments staged by the "Mythbusters" television show nearly turned into a suburban tragedy Tuesday afternoon in Dublin when the crew fired a homemade cannon toward huge containers of water. [More]

Another Illinois governor (#4) headed for jail since 1970s

Three years after he was arrested outside his Chicago home on federal corruption charges, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich on Wednesday was sentenced to 14 years in prison. [More]

Janitor left gun in preschool classroom

Police say a school janitor in Connecticut has been arrested after leaving his loaded handgun in a preschool classroom. [More]

Afghan woman: I’ll marry man who raped me

“I am obliged to marry him, even though I can’t look at him,” 19-year-old Gulnaz said about the man she claims raped her. When Gulnaz finally got the courage to tell Afghan police what had happened,instead of getting justice, she was accused of adultery and sent to prison. [More]

NYC admits stranded subway riders were forgotten

A transit official has admitted that subway passengers left stranded on a train for hours during last year's blizzard had been forgotten. [More]

Fla. woman found slain under Christmas presents

After a 67-year-old Florida woman was found beaten, strangled and hidden beneath the Christmas presents in her home, authorities charged a younger woman who had been befriended by the victim. [More]

'M*A*S*H' star Harry Morgan dies at 96

Emmy-winning character actor Harry Morgan, whose portrayal of the fatherly Col. Potter on television's "M*A*S*H" highlighted a show business career that included nine other TV series, 50 films and the Broadway stage, died Wednesday. [More]

Mont. man released while awaiting new murder trial

A Montana man who's spent nearly 29 years behind bars has been released on his own recognizance while he awaits a new murder trial, in a case that has been closely watched across the state. [More]

Yahoo wins $627M judgment in alleged lottery scam

The lottery hoax was designed to dupe people into providing sensitive information. [More]

Wednesday, December 7

Tennessee home burns as firefighters watch

A Tennessee couple has lost everything after their home burned to the ground as firefighters watched and did nothing because she does not subscribe to the local fire service. [More]

Couple claimed welfare, lived in $1.2M home

A Seattle chiropractor and his wife live in a $1.2 million waterfront home and have spent the past eight years flying to Moscow, Paris, Israel, Turkey, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. [More]

James Disses Sandra Bullock reports that the tattooed faux outlaw openly dissed ex-wife Sandra Bullock on his new reality show, “American Chopper: The Build Off” by saying, “I became a big shot and married some Hollywood actress and didn’t talk to anybody anymore, so I feel bad.” [More]

FAA chief resigns over drunken driving charge

The top U.S. aviation safety official resigned on Tuesday over a drunken driving charge. [More]

Orland Magic CEO Resigns After Alleged Drunken-Dial

Vander Weide, 50, made the decision to step down just days after making a drunken, early-hour phone plea to Magic superstar Dwight Howard, in the hopes of keeping the dominant big man in Orlando. [More]

Arrests of Illegals on Border Drop to 40-Year-Low

Arrests of illegal immigrants along the U.S. border with Mexico are at the lowest level since the Nixon administration. [More]

Woman Dies After 75 Foot Fall From Queen Mary Ship

A woman who fell some 75 feet into frigid water from the Queen Mary ocean liner in Long Beach Harbor has died at a hospital, California authorities said Tuesday. [More]

Mom Who Shot Kids Was Denied Food Stamps, Officials Say

A Texas woman unable to qualify for food stamps for months walked into a state welfare office with a gun, then shot her two children and killed herself during a seven-hour standoff, officials said Tuesday. [More]

Alec Baldwin kicked off LA flight for playing game

Alec Baldwin says he was kicked off a plane Tuesday at Los Angeles International Airport after having words with a flight attendant over an "addicting" word game he was playing on his cellphone. [More]

N.J. Mayor Resigns Amid Online Escort Sex Scandal

A married New Jersey mayor has resigned his post two months after someone claiming to be a prostitute said on a website he had sex with the mayor at a Newport Beach, Calif., hotel. [More]

Do presidents really age faster than rest of us?

White House wannabes take note: Contrary to the idea that being president speeds up aging, a study shows that many U.S. commanders in chief have actually lived longer than their peers. [More]

New York to raise taxes on the rich. Is it a blueprint for Congress?

In the state that's home to Wall Street, taxes on the rich are about to go up. [More]

Tuesday, December 6

FAA administrator charged with DWI

The head of the Federal Aviation Administration will take a leave of absence after his arrest on a charge of driving while intoxicated in Fairfax, Virginia, officials said Monday. [More]

Martial Arts Fighter Thwarts Mugger in Chicago

A Chicago mugger ended up with two black eyes and a self-inflicted gunshot wound after he inadvertently selected a mixed martial arts fighter as his victim. [with appropriate photo]. [More]

Elvis in the restroom fifty years later

When Elvis met Barbara - In the men's restroom, Elvis Presley's voice is singing. Oddly, his voice is not heard out in the restaurant itself. But in the restroom, the voice is there nonstop. "Are You Lonesome Tonight?", "(Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame". . .the Elvis-in-the-men's-room playlist is rather eclectic. [More]

Former Miss USA arrested on drunk driving charge

A lawyer for ex-Miss USA Rima Fakih says police in the Detroit enclave of Highland Park arrested his client on a drunken driving charge. [More]

Model Survives Being Struck By Propeller

Model Lauren Scruggs was able to respond to voice commands today by moving her arms and legs, less than two days after the 23-year-old walked into the propeller of a small airplane, leaving her body severely mangled. [More]

Lobster tag lost in 'Perfect Storm' hops Atlantic

A tag from a lobster pot that was swept off the New England sea floor two decades ago during what came to be known as "The Perfect Storm" has washed up 3,000 miles away in Ireland. [More]

Monday, December 5

Boy, 9, Suspended from School for Sexual Harassment After Calling Teacher 'Cute'

The boy’s mother said the principal of Brookside Elementary called her after the incident to say the comment was a form of “sexual harassment.” [More]

'Tough' sheriff botched sex-crime cases

The botched sex-crimes investigations have served as an embarrassment to a department whose sheriff is the self-described "America's Toughest Sheriff" and a national hero to conservatives on the immigration issue. [More]

Shoplifted candlelight steak dinner foiled

A Florida man faces theft charges after allegedly trying to walk out of a store with the makings for a candlelight dinner stuffed down his pants, police said. [More]

Police Search for Toddler Allegedly Taken During Detroit Carjacking

Federal and Detroit officials continued to search Sunday for two-year-old Bianca Jones, who was allegedly kidnapped during a carjacking. [More]

Florida Man Charged With Killing Couple With Bat

Authorities say a North Florida man has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder after he told investigators that he beat a couple to death with a baseball bat and then photographed their bodies. [More]

7 months later, mom's remains found at crash site

A forensic anthropology team rappels down a Tennessee cliff carrying brown paper bags holding what are believed to be Gail Palmgren's remains. [More]

Tiger Woods ends 2-year victory drought

Two years after his life and career came crashing down, Tiger Woods is a winner again. [More]

Postal cuts to slow delivery of first-class mail

Facing bankruptcy, the U.S. Postal Service is pushing ahead with unprecedented cuts to first-class mail next spring that will slow delivery and, for the first time in 40 years, eliminate the chance for stamped letters to arrive the next day. [More]

Sunday, December 4

Police relieve actor of his fake gun

San Francisco police thought they'd stopped a robbery. They'd really stopped a TV show. [More]

Man orders prostitute, daughter arrives

A man who called for a prostitute to come to his hotel room said he collapsed to the floor when his daughter showed up. [More]

85-year-old says she was strip searched at JFK

An 85-year-old woman said Saturday that she was injured and humiliated when she was strip searched at an airport after she asked to be patted down instead of going through a body scanner. [More]

85-Year-Old Migrant Smuggler Gets 2 1/2 Years in Prison

An 85-year-old woman who led a female-dominated immigrant smuggling ring was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison Thursday in a case that stands out at a time when larger, more violent organizations along the U.S.-Mexico border have muscled groups like hers aside. [More]

Sheen's ex-wife arrested in Colorado, charged with assault

Brooke Mueller, the ex-wife of actor Charlie Sheen, was arrested early Saturday in Colorado and charged with assault and cocaine possession, police said. [More]

CDC Official Accused of Child Molestation, Bestiality Returns to Work

An official with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who was charged with two counts of child molestation and bestiality for sexual acts involving a 6-year-old has returned to work with the agency. [More]

TSA: Pistol design on purse not allowed

Airport security agents say a replica gun is a replica gun, even if it was just a design on a Florida teenager's purse. [More]

Hong Kong wife wins $154 million divorce settlement

A Hong Kong judge ordered a wealthy real estate mogul to pay his former wife $154 million in one of the city's largest divorce settlements. [More]

More than $100,000 dropped by courier van

Police in Pennsylvania said the back doors of a bank courier van came open in transit, scattering more than $100,000 cash to the winds. [More]

Saturday, December 3

McCready, son found hiding in closet

Country music singer Mindy McCready was hiding in the closet with her son when authorities took the 5-year-old boy into their custody in Arkansas, officials said early Saturday. [More]

Cain: 'I'm suspending my presidential campaign'

"As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul searching, I am suspending my presidential campaign," Cain said at an appearance outside his campaign headquarters in Atlanta. "I am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt caused on me and my family. Not because we are not fighters." [More]

Woman's face catches fire during surgery

It was supposed to be a routine outpatient surgery to remove some growths from Kim Grice’s head. But something went horribly wrong during the Tuesday morning procedure and a flash fire seared Grice’s face and neck. [More]

Larry King: I want to be frozen

"I want to be frozen on the hope that they'll find whatever I died of and bring me back," Larry King told a shocked group of dinner guests gathered at his Beverly Hills home for a party hosted by him and his wife, Shawn. [More]

Rogue 911 Calls? Blame the 'Butt Dial'

It can happen to even the most careful cellphone user: the phantom call, placed accidentally while your phone is bouncing around in your pocket or purse. But the so-called "butt dial" may have another unintended consequence - monopolizing police resources. [More]

'Laugh-In' player Alan Sues dies at 85

Alan Sues, a flamboyant and wacky member of the comic ensemble that made "Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In" a big hit for NBC in the late 1960s, died Thursday at his home in West Hollywood of an apparent heart attack. [More]

Sandusky Accuser Says Police Knew of Dinner Meeting

A lawyer for the alleged victim says a claim by Sandusky's lawyer that the meeting indicates the former coach remained friendly with several accusers is "grotesque." [More]

Reduced charge for polite thief

A Maryland man who took $3,500 from a bank was allowed to enter an Alford plea to a reduced charge due to his politeness during the crime, his lawyer said. [More]

Sears reverses 'sneaky' up-sell policy

After receiving complaints about a 'sneaky' up-sell policy, Sears is changing the way it does business. The retail giant was tacking on pricey service contracts without customers' request. [More]

Woman Claims Psychologist Implanted Horrific Memories

The memories that came flooding back were so horrific that Lisa Nasseff says she tried to kill herself: she had been raped several times, had multiple personalities and took part in satanic rituals involving unthinkable acts. She says she only got better when she realized they weren't real. [More]

News anchor sorry for dashing kids’ Santa dream

Shortly after airing a segment aimed at helping parents curb their kids’ high-budget Christmas expectations, WFLD anchor Robin Robinson recommended telling kids there's no such thing Santa. [More]

White House Could Be Sued Over Solyndra Loan

Members of Congress investigating the $535 million loan guarantee that the Obama administration gave to now-bankrupt solar panel manufacturer Solyndra are considering suing the White House to obtain access to documents relating to the case. [More]

Friday, December 2

Dentist punished patients for bad Yelp reviews, lawsuit claims

A Manhattan dentist who moonlights as an opera singer can’t stand her patients booing her online about her work, a lawsuit charges. [More]

School Apologizes for Christmas Religious Message

A North Carolina school has apologized after a teacher complained about a religious message found inside an Operation Christmas Child project. [More]

Couple Charged With Killing Neighbor With Saw

A judge ruled Wednesday that a couple charged with killing a neighbor whose body was found outside in a box will be jailed without bond until an evidentiary hearing. [More]

Needles found in clothes at Wal-Mart

Three shoppers at an Atlanta-area Wal-Mart have reported finding hypodermic needles hidden in clothing, prompting an investigation by Georgia sheriff officials. [More]

McCready on the Run With Son

Country singer Mindy McCready said Wednesday she probably will not be able to bring her 5-year-old son back to Florida to fulfill a judge's order by Thursday afternoon - because she is nearly seven months pregnant with twins. By not returning as ordered, she risks arrest. [More]

Gable, Young's 'Secret Love Child' Dies at 76

Pennsylvania woman said to have been secret child of actress Loretta Young and then-married Clark Gable. [More]

Cain: I need to talk to my wife

GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain won't decide whether to stay in the race until after he speaks with his wife in person, he told reporters. [More]

Hunter shot in the butt by his own dog

A bird hunter in Utah was shot in the buttocks after his dog stepped on a shotgun laid across the bow of a boat. [More]

Flying squirrel invades New Jersey emergency room

Firefighters were needed stat after a flying squirrel went nuts in a New Jersey hospital's emergency room. [More]

Thursday, December 1

Ex-Colorado Sheriff Accused of Trading Drugs for Sex Sits in Jail Named After Him

A well-known former Colorado sheriff accused of trading drugs in exchange for sex is now sitting in a jail named after him. [More]

Child Molester on the Lam Rescues Connecticut Teen, Police Say

Police say a jogger who saved a suicidal teenager from drowning herself in a Connecticut lake was a convicted child molester on the lam from Georgia. [More]

Couple held without bond in bloody saw slaying

A judge ruled Wednesday that a couple charged with killing a neighbor whose body was found outside in a box will be jailed without bond until an evidentiary hearing. [More]

New Accuser Alleges Sandusky Sexually Abused Him More Than 100 Times

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky sexually abused a young boy more than 100 times after meeting him through The Second Mile charity he founded in 1977, according to a civil lawsuit filed Wednesday. [More]

McCready talks to police; must return son Thursday

Country singer Mindy McCready, who had been reported missing, spoke with Florida authorities Wednesday and is aware of a court order to return her 5-year-old son by Thursday afternoon, police said. [More]

Marilyn Monroe slept here

Back in the days when celebrity was worn with the elegance and grace of diamonds and mink, the Beverly Hills Hotel was where the stars played. W.C. Fields, Humphrey Bogart and the Rat Pack tippled at the bar, Katharine Hepburn did a back flip into the pool in her tennis clothes, and Elizabeth Taylor honeymooned in the bungalows out back - six times. [More]

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