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Monday, February 7

Skunk gives couple wake-up call

A Florida couple received an early wake-up call when they heard something moving around under their bed and discovered a skunk, officials said. [More]

False teeth come back to bite man

California police say they nabbed a man who fled the scene of an accident because he left his false teeth in the stolen car he was driving. [More]

Sex toy ad removed from post office site

Ads for see-through lingerie and sex toys were removed from the Web site of Canada's national postal service after complaints were made in Parliament. [More]

Two arrested over deadly fraternity house shooting

Two men angry over a dispute at an Ohio fraternity house party left the gathering and returned early Sunday, spraying bullets into a crowd and killing a Youngstown State University student who was trying to separate two groups, authorities said. [More]

2 arrested in Ohio student's shooting death

Two men were arrested Sunday in connection with a shooting that left an Ohio university student dead and 11 other people wounded, police said. [More]

NFL brings 400 seat-less fans inside

The NFL says 400 ticketed Super Bowl fans who wound up not having seats are at least inside the stadium. [More]

The Black Eyed Peas underwhelm Super Bowl halftime

The Super Bowl performance was arguably the biggest stage yet for the quirky quartet, whose fusion of pop, dance and hip-hop have made them global superstars. But in the massive Cowboys Arena, the group appeared to be as stiff as frontman's plastic hair hat. [More]

Aguilera Fluffs Her Lines At The Super Bowl

The Green Bay Packers won the NFL Super Bowl but singer Christina Aguilera came up with a less than super perfomance. [More]

Doritos Pug Ad Tops the 2011 USA TODAY Super Bowl Ad Meter Rating

Doritos struck marketing gold Sunday night by using its now-familiar formula for creating best-liked Super Bowl spots: let its customers make them. All its ads were consumer-created, and the winner featured a guy who pays big-time for teasing a hungry pug dog with Doritos. [More]

Motorola Bashes Apple in ‘1984' Superbowl Ad

Motorola ran an ad for its upcoming Xoom tablet during the second quarter of Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, taking a direct swing at Apple, the company behind the iPad that currently dominates the tablet market. [More]

Bank robber hailed getaway cab

Georgia police said they are searching for a bank robber who hailed a getaway cab to evade officers. [More]

The rise and fall of a foreclosure king

During the housing crash, it was good to be a foreclosure king. David Stern was Florida's top foreclosure lawyer, and he lived like an oil sheik. He piled up a collection of trophy properties, glided through town in a fleet of six-figure sports cars and, with his bombshell wife, partied on an ocean cruiser the size of a small hotel. [More]

New Mexico murders still a mystery after 21 years

It happened Feb. 10, 1990, a day that will always be remembered for what quickly became known as the Las Cruces bowling alley massacre, the worst mass murder in the history of this southern New Mexico city. [More]

Sunday, February 6

NY dog dies in fire a month after river rescue

A German shepherd who was pulled from the frigid waters of New York's Hudson River last month after falling off her owner's yacht has died in a fire. [More]

Strip club owner found with $12M cash gets prison

A prominent Chicago-area strip club owner found with $12 million in cash has been sentenced to a year in prison for tax crimes. [More]

Statistician Cracks Secret Code Behind Lottery Tickets

Mohan Srivastava is the man who figured out how to beat a scratch lottery game - and he didn’t even profit from it. [More]

Bellagio heist unfolded like a badly played poker hand

The scenes that led to the Bellagio casino bandit's downfall look less like "Ocean's Eleven" and more like "America's Dumbest Criminals." [More]

Killer of Ark. TV anchor won't be retried for rape

A prosecutor says the man convicted of killing an Arkansas television anchorwoman won't be tried for a second time on a rape charge. [More]

The 7 Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever

Volkswagen's Super Bowl ad has gotten more than 1.7 million views, and it's still days until its official broadcast during the Super Bowl. [More]

Conn. man asks cops about growing pot, is arrested

Police say a Connecticut man called 911 to ask a dispatcher how much trouble he could get into by growing one marijuana plant, then was arrested. [More]

Health care fraud no longer a faceless crime

Medicare and Medicaid scams cost taxpayers more than $60 billion a year, but the average bank holdup is likely to get more attention. Seeking the public's help to catch more than 170 fugitive fraudsters, the government has launched a new health care most-wanted list, with its own website. [More]

Ex-hospital director guilty of sex abuse

A former California state mental hospital director was found guilty Thursday of multiple counts of sexually abusing his adopted son in what prosecutors contend was a pattern of preying on young boys that spanned four decades. [More]

Woman: Father Made No Attempt to Stop Before Hitting 'Westernized' Daughter

A woman who survived being run over by a Jeep driven by an Iraqi immigrant testified in his murder trial Thursday that he ignored her screams for him to stop as he sped across a parking lot toward her and the man's daughter. [More]

Man survives burial under 6 feet of snow

A Vermont man was rescued from a 6-foot snowdrift that buried all of him but his head, state police said. [More]

'Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!' star Tura Satana has died

Actress Tura Satana died yesterday in Reno, Nev., according to the New York Times. Satana appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, including Billy Wilder’s 1963 film Irma la Douce. [More]

Unusual run for doughnut lovers

Dash. Doughnuts. Dash. That's what about 5,500 runners did Saturday for the annual Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, N.C. [More]

Thieves steal $1.5 million worth of condoms

A Japanese rubber company says that nearly 85,000 boxes of its condoms have been stolen in Malaysia. [More]

Saturday, February 5

8 Fla. nurses sentenced for Medicare fraud

Eight South Florida nurses and a patietnt have been sentenced for their role in a $18.7 million Medicare fraud scam. [More]

Man convicted of molestation pulls gun in ND court

Authorities in North Dakota say a man who had just been convicted of two felonies for allegedly molesting a young girl pulled a gun in a courtroom. [More]

Valet took BMW on 180 mph joyride

Police in Montreal said a valet taking a joyride in a BMW was clocked driving 180 mph on a city expressway. [More]

TSA clears way for airport screeners to seek broader union rights

The head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on Friday gave the nation's 40,000-plus airport screeners the opportunity to engage in limited collective bargaining, pressing ahead on a hot-button issue that has separated Republicans and Democrats since the creation of the TSA after the 2001 terrorist attacks. [More]

CA lowrider funeral procession honors Impala owner

She was a cover girl, had a bit part in a popular `70s TV show and was an icon of car culture. "Gypsy Rose," an award-winning Chevy Impala admired for its elaborate floral paint job, was known in the world of cruising lowriders as one of the most tricked-out muscle cars of a generation. [More]

Minnesota Ice Fishermen Catch Scuba Diver on Lake

A pair of ice fishermen thought they had caught a monster fish - but they got an even bigger surprise than they bargained for at the end of the line. [dd] [More]

Fresno, California Is America's 'Drunkest City'

Men’s Health has announced its list of drunkest cities in America and Fresno, Calif. is at the top, USA Today reported. Boston was the least drunk city in America. [More]

Best hangover cure? Plain old coffee and aspirin, study says

Some people swear by bacon. Or Red Bull. Or a big bacon cheeseburger with fries — the greasier the better. Thanks to new research out of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, though, we now know the exact cause of the hangover headache and the Absolut … er … absolute best way to get rid of them. [More]

Your Facebook profile could be one of 250,000 on 'dating' site

To make a point that putting trust in Facebook comes at a price, a media artist and media critic created a "dating" website where they placed 250,000 Facebook profiles — without asking for any permission. [More]

NBC Fires Employee for Posting 'What Is the Internet' Clip

An NBC worker who posted old footage from the "Today" show of the hosts wondering, "What is the Internet anyway?" has been fired, the network confirmed, saying the person had a history of distributing material without permission. [More]

Jamie Oliver reality show dumped from LA schools

Jamie Oliver won't be cooking another course of his reality TV show in Los Angeles schools. The filming permit for the celebrity chef's ABC series "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" was terminated this week, said Los Angeles Unified School District spokesman Robert Alaniz. [More]

Exploding manholes add to wicked winter

Record snowfall is turning the city's mean streets even meaner, with 65 manholes exploding or catching fire since New Years, a utility spokesman said on Friday. [More]

Couples who talk alike are more compatible

A new study shows that couples who have similar speaking styles might actually be more compatible. [More]

Police: Man robs bank a day after getting out of jail

Police say a western Pennsylvania man stole a Jeep and robbed a bank a day after a judge let him out of jail where he had been awaiting trial on charges of assaulting his girlfriend. [More]

Arizona, California Among States With Highest Taxes

As state lawmakers debate how to close their chronically inflated deficits, a new study shows that some parts of the country are already imposing a sales tax that approaches 10 percent. [More]

Friday, February 4

Oops: Kenneth Cole apologizes for Egypt tweet

An epic Twitter FAIL for fashion designer Kenneth Cole on Thursday led him to apologize for a tweet that used the crisis in Cairo to promote his spring line. [More]

Ex-nanny admits spiking sex shop magnate's soup

A former nanny employed by the boss of a chain of British sex shops pleaded guilty Thursday to spiking her employer's soup with windshield washer fluid in an attempt to get the household's chef in trouble. [More]

Man guilty in dragging death of Calif. 1-year-old

Jurors in California convicted a man of driving drunk, killing a baby and injuring her brother after hitting the little red wagon they were riding in behind their parents. [More]

Senate Inquiry: FBI, Army Could Have Prevented Fort Hood Massacre

The FBI and military officials had information that Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Hasan had become radicalized and was a "ticking time bomb," but failed to act on evidence that could have prevented the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, according to a Senate inquiry. [More]

Ex-Enron CEO requests prison leave after son found dead in dorm room

The lawyer for Enron's jailed ex-CEO Jeffrey Skilling said Thursday he has reached out to the federal Bureau of Prisons to request that his client be allowed to attend his son's funeral. [More]

5 Facts About Enron President Jeffrey Skilling's Son

Surge Desk has five facts on the young man whose father's name has become synonymous with the Enron scandal. [More]

Arrest made in $1.5 million Bellagio casino chip heist

A helmeted bandit who escaped the Bellagio with $1.5 million in chips during a daring gunpoint heist returned to the scene of the crime several times before his luck finally ran out, police said Thursday. [More]

Bellagio bandit returned after holdup

The man accused of holding up a posh Las Vegas Strip casino was living large after the heist, gambling away hundreds of thousands of dollars, until he got caught trying to hawk his stolen chips online to poker players, authorities say. [More]

Things You Didn’t Know About Charles Lindbergh

It’s anyone’s guess how one of the world’s most famous people pulled it off – it probably didn’t hurt that Lindbergh was famously camera-shy in his later years – but Lindbergh managed to father an entire secret family in Germany during the 1950s and 1960s. [More]

Charlie Sheen likens himself to Errol Flynn in statement

Like Errol Flynn, who had to put down his sword on occasion, I just want to say, "thank-you." [More]

Charlie Sheen's Ravaged Face Shown in New Photos

Footage from the 36-hour drug and booze-fueled bender that landed Charlie Sheen in the hospital has been released. [More]

Danish cartoonist's attacker jailed for nine years

A Danish court jailed a Somali for nine years on Friday after finding him guilty of attempted terrorism and attempted murder for an axe attack on a cartoonist who caricatured the Prophet Mohammed. [More]

Big Obama donor quits envoy job amid criticism

As a supporter of presidential candidate Barack Obama, Cynthia Stroum was a superstar whose financial backing of the campaign landed her a plum diplomatic posting in Europe. [More]

5 secrets not to keep from your cardiologist

Carolyn Hennecy had a suspicion about what was happening to her when she started having shortness of breath and tension in her left arm and jaw. [More]

Thursday, February 3

Principal shot, killed at Calif. elementary school

A school janitor was arrested Wednesday in the killing of a Northern California elementary school principal who was hailed as a role model for other educators. [More]

Feds end prisoners' bogus tax refunds

A new agreement aims to stop federal prisoners from filing for and collecting millions of dollars in bogus tax refunds from their cells. [More]

Nun Allegedly Lied About Rape to Hide Affair

A nun with a small Christian sect has allegedly confessed that she made up a story about being raped to cover up an affair with a convenience store worker she had sneaked into the convent, the New York Daily News reported. [More]

Groundhogs Lousy at Predictions

Since they began being used to try to predict the length of winter, groundhogs have only guessed right 39 percent of the time. [More]

Hole-in-the-floor ashtray apparently leads to fire

An official in Portland, Ore., says a house fire that caused $30,000 in damage was apparently started by tenants who were using a hole in the floor as an ashtray. [More]

Drunk Charlie Sheen didn't want 911 called, doctor tells dispatcher

Charlie Sheen was "very, very intoxicated, also apparently in a lot of pain" last Thursday morning, according to a 911 call from a doctor who had just talked to the actor. [More]

NH farmer wins early release after gun sentence

A New Hampshire farmer who became a folk hero to gun rights activists after he was imprisoned for brandishing a handgun at a trespasser on his property won early release Wednesday. [More]

Phone customer hears Pizza Hut robbery

Police in California said they were alerted to a pizzeria robbery by a customer who heard the demands for money while placing a phone order. [More]

Charles Manson found with another cell phone

Charles Manson, one of California's most notorious and high-profile inmates, was found with a smuggled cell phone inside his cell at Corcoran State Prison for a second time, a source with California's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation told KCRA. [More]

Census estimates show big gains for US minorities

U.S. racial minorities accounted for roughly 85 percent of the nation's population growth over the last decade — one of the largest shares ever — with Hispanics accounting for much of the gain in many of the states picking up new House seats. [More]

Astronaut's choice: Fly to space or stay with wife

Will he fly or not? There are hints that astronaut Mark Kelly will blast into space in April, as commander of Endeavour's final voyage. [More]

Wednesday, February 2

Mexico: Botox behind bars for reputed drug 'queen'

Bars and barbed wire couldn't keep a reputed Mexican drug cartel "queen" from getting Botox in prison, authorities said Tuesday. [More]

Model pleads not guilty in corkscrew castration

The lawyer for a Portuguese model accused of castrating a celebrity TV journalist with a corkscrew and killing him says he is planning a "vigorous defense." [More]

Mexican car described as 'lazy, feckless, flatulent'

Mexico’s ambassador in London has written a furious letter to BBC bosses to complain about “offensive and xenophobic” comments made by presenters of the popular TV motoring show “Top Gear.” [More]

'Lohan pal returns missing necklace,' reports say

A $5,000 necklace at the center of a police investigation was taken to a Los Angeles police station by an associate of Lindsay Lohan after police earlier sought a search warrant for the troubled starlet's home, the Los Angeles Times reported. [More]

Clinic manager fired after anti-abortion sting

A member of staff at a New Jersey clinic has been fired after an anti-abortion group released undercover video showing operatives posing as a pimp and a prostitute seeking health services. [More]

18 killed while riding on roof of Indian train

Eighteen young job seekers riding on the roof of an overcrowded train were killed when they slammed into a low overhead bridge in northern India, police said Wednesday. [More]

Charlie Sheen Wanted Porn Star to Baby Sit Kids, Porn Star Says

Porn star Kacey Jordan said Charlie Sheen asked her to baby sit the two young daughters he had with actress Denise Richards, Jordan told "Good Morning America." [More]

Survey: Women prefer sex over chocolate

A New York advertising agency said its survey suggests a majority of women would take "great sex" over chocolate but more would prefer money. [More]

'Jihad Jane' terror suspect pleads guilty in Pa.

A suburban woman who was the live-in caretaker for her boyfriend's elderly father calmly told a U.S. judge Tuesday that she had worked feverishly online under the name "Jihad Jane" to support Islamic terrorists and moved overseas to further her plan to kill a Swedish artist who had offended Muslims. [More]

Google: Sting proves Bing copied search results

Microsoft's search engine Bing is copying results from Google, the dominant search engine on the internet, has claimed. [More]

Too big to stop? Obama's overhaul lumbers on

It has too much momentum for one judge to stop it. Most insurers, hospital executives and state officials expect they'll keep carrying out President Barack Obama's health care overhaul even after a federal judge cast its fate in doubt by declaring all of it unconstitutional. [More]

Group releases photos of uncontacted tribe to raise awareness

In an effort to ramp up pressure for Peru to crack down on illegal loggers in its region of the Amazon, an indigenous rights organization has released what it says are photos of an uncontacted tribe in Brazil that is threatened by the logging across the border. [More]

"Dallas" veterans sign on for TNT remake

TNT has lured three original "Dallas" stars to join the cast of its similarly titled pilot, which is an update of the classic series. [More]

Elton John: Billy Joel needs rehab

Elton John says Billy Joel needs to get serious about rehab and "do something better" with his life. John makes the comments about his former touring partner in the Feb. 17 edition of Rolling Stone magazine. He tells the magazine the pair canceled many tours because of Joel's illnesses and "alcoholism." [More]

Tuesday, February 1

Allstate apologizes for Zodiac confusion

Allstate Insurance is apologizing for a study ranking road safety on the basis of Zodiac signs. The Zodiac study had said Virgos were involved in the most road accidents during 2010. [More]

Teen Fined $637 for Foul Language in Classroom

After being ticketed for using bad language in a classroom and failing to appear for a court date, a Dallas teenager must now pay a $637 fine. [More]

NYC mayor conducts gun-sale sting in Arizona

Weeks after the shooting in Tucson, sellers at an Arizona gun show allowed undercover investigators hired by New York City to buy semiautomatic pistols even after they said they probably couldn't pass a background check, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday. [More]

'Two and a Half Men' crew might lose pay with Sheen in rehab

With “Two and a Half Men” on hiatus indefinitely while its star Charlie Sheen is in rehab, a finer point is being made of the financial future of the show. Of specific interest is how the cast and crew of “Men” will get through the unplanned hiatus. [More]

150 years of diet fads and still no quick fix to get skinny

Before there was Dr. Atkins, there was William Banting. He invented the low-carb diet of 1863. Even then Americans were trying out advice that urged fish, mutton or "any meat except pork" for breakfast, lunch and dinner — hold the potatoes, please. [More]

Man locked wife in cellar for 16 years

Police acting on a tip-off found the 64-year-old woman padlocked in a moldy, filth-ridden cellar. [More]

Iran summons American hiker for Feb. 6 trial

Iran has summoned an American woman to return to the country and stand trial on Feb. 6 along with two other Americans still in custody and accused of spying after crossing the border from Iraq, a judiciary spokesman said Monday. [More]

Berry quits film to prepare for custody fight

Halle Berry has pulled out of a film job to prepare for a custody fight over her young daughter. [More]

33 ex-mayors accused of corruption in Mexico

More than 30 former mayors in the Mexican Gulf coast state of Veracruz have been ordered arrested on suspicion of corruption. [More]

World's Oldest Person Dies at 114

A Texas woman cited as the world's oldest person has died at the age of 114. [More]

Doc Runs 'Donations Only' Clinic

Dr. Keith Swanson, 78, decided to forego retirement. Instead, he reopened his small Iowa clinic and opted not to charge 99 percent of his patients. [More]

Monday, January 31

Man checks into jail with joints sewn in underwear

Police said a man checking into jail had 15 marijuana cigarettes sewn into his boxers. [More]

Daughter Detained in Dallas Run-Over Death of Mother

Dallas police have detained a woman in the apparent run-over death of her mother after an argument in their home spilled out into the driveway. [More]

Detroit police: Precinct shooter sexually assaulted teen girl

Before a man went on a shooting rampage inside a Detroit police station, he kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl who escaped hours before the police attack, authorities confirmed Sunday. [More]

Correctional officer in Washington prison is found dead

A female correctional officer at a Washington state prison was strangled and an inmate who told officers he had planned to escape is under investigation, authorities said Sunday. [More]

Letourneau: I wouldn’t want my daughters dating their teacher

It’s been more than 13 years since former Seattle schoolteacher Mary Kay Letourneau made international headlines when it was revealed that she was having a sexual relationship with her 12-year-old student Vili Fualaau — a relationship that netted her a seven-year prison sentence for child rape. [More]

Wounded Man Found in Trunk of Car After Fender Bender

When a blue BMW rear-ended a taxicab in New York City on Wednesday morning, it seemed like a routine traffic accident in a crowded city. [More]

Scientists Find the Tiny 24-Hour Clock in Every Living Thing

Scientists have identified the mechanism that controls the internal 24-hour clock of all forms of life - from us to algae. [More]

Tattoo on penis wins man a car

A German man didn't have to hand over a dime for a new car, but he did have to pay in ink. [More]

Sunday, January 30

Police say mother admits killing teen-aged children for being "mouthy"

A mother in Tampa, Florida has admitted in detail to killing her two teen-aged children, police said. [More]

Fire Chief Ticketed For Helping Injured Woman

Responding to a crash on the Meadowbrook Parkway Wednesday morning, Fire chief James Allen was given a ticket for blocking the right lane of traffic with his department SUV. [More]

Georgia girl died from alcohol poisoning

Police say a 4-year-old who died after being removed from an Alpharetta apartment suffered from extreme alcohol poisoning. [More]

The $5 Million Tax Break

For the next two years, the gift-tax exemption jumps to $5 million from $1 million for individuals and to $10 million from $2 million for couples—meaning people can give away that much without paying a penny in taxes. [More]

Beheading suspect: Wife had my unconditional love

A man accused of beheading his wife after she demanded a divorce told a jury in upstate New York that he had given her "unconditional love" during their marriage. [More]

Looters rip heads off 2 mummies at Egyptian Museum

Looters broke into Cairo's famed Egyptian Museum, ripping the heads off two mummies and damaging about 10 small artifacts before being caught and detained by army soldiers, Egypt's antiquities chief said Saturday. [More]

17 killed after trying to attack police stations

Police on Saturday shot dead 17 people who tried to attack two police stations in the Beni Suef governorate, south of Cairo, Rueters reported quoting witnesses and medical sources. [More]

Saturday, January 29

Charlie Sheen Voluntarily Enters Rehab; 'Two and a Half Men' on Hiatus

After spending Thursday hospitalized for a reported hernia, Charlie Sheen left Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Now, reports that the 45-year-old has checked himself into rehab. [More]

Oklahoma Official Questions Hiring Pregnant Woman

A member of Oklahoma's Board of Education drew heated reaction Thursday after saying a newly hired administrator would be "worthless" as a legislative liaison if she took immediate maternity leave. [More]

Kennedy cousin's lawyer suspended from practice

An attorney who represented Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel in his Connecticut murder trial will be suspended from practicing law while he serves a prison term for failing to pay taxes. [More]

Chaz Bono wants a body like Michael Chiklis

Subject of new documentary would go to sleep at night as little girl praying to wake up as boy. [More]

Obama streaker hoped for $1 million, gets probation

Twenty-four-year-old Juan Rodriguez of Staten Island, N.Y., was arrested on charges of indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and open lewdness after streaking at the October rally before thousands in Philadelphia's Germantown section. [More]

Egyptians rush to save Tut's riches

The situation in Egypt may be grim, but the government and the protesters agree on at least one thing: The golden mask of Tutankhamun and the nation's other ancient treasures must be protected from harm. [More]

Rep. Dennis Kucinich settles olive pit sandwich lawsuit; apologizes to constituents for distraction

Former Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich's bad lunch just got a little easier to swallow. The Democrat Congressman settled a suit against a Capitol Hill cafeteria that he filed after he damaged his tooth biting down on an olive pit in a sandwich wrap in 2008. [More]

Colo. pot grower gets 5 years in federal prison

A suburban Denver pot grower who tried unsuccessfully to set up a federal-state showdown on medical marijuana has been sentenced to five years in federal prison. [More]

Pets poisoned by your pills, group says

Human medications including dropped pills sickened more pets in the United States last year than any other toxin. [More]

Video: Detroit police release tapes of shooting rampage

The Detroit Police Department released disturbing video on Friday of a man who walked into a precinct and opened fire on several officers. NBC's Kevin Tibbles reports. (Nightly News) [More]

Hay dropped to starving horses at Montana ranch

A helicopter airlifted 20 tons of hay, and deputies hauled even more to a sprawling southeastern Montana ranch where hundreds of horses are starving. [More]

Friday, January 28

Spam text kills a suicide bomber, saves hundreds

A spam message wishing a Russian woman happy new year may very well have killed her, and saved hundreds of intended targets. [More]

Woman Accused of Hitting Cop With Sex Toy: 'I Simply Was Defending Myself'

An Illinois woman accused of assaulting a police officer with a sex toy says she only picked up a dildo to protect herself. [More]

Teen mistaken for purse snatcher run over in Conn.

Police in Connecticut say a man ran over a teen boy after he mistook him for someone who snatched his girlfriend's purse. [More]

Porn Stars and 'Briefcase Full of Cocaine' Contribute to Charlie Sheen's Hospitalization, Report Says

According to TMZ, Charlie Sheen had “a briefcase full of cocaine” delivered to his house, and proceeded to use copious amounts amid a 36-hour bender which involved partying with two porn stars and a bevy of other women. [More]

Mom Sentenced to 10 Years for Sex with Daughter's Friends

Suburban Chicago mother Cathleen Miller has been sentenced to ten years in prison for seducing and molesting four teenage boys, who prosecutors say were friends of her 13-year-old daughter. [More]

Prof. urinated on colleague's door

A California State University professor was charged with urinating on a colleague's office door after officials said a hidden camera caught him in the act. [More]

TV Exec Arrested After Drunken Striptease

A Florida TV news executive who resigned from a Boston station after she was carried intoxicated from an airplane has lost another job after being arrested for allegedly acting like a drunken stripper in a swanky Delray Beach restaurant. [More]

Woman claims yogurt sample tasted of semen

Albuquerque police said a supermarket worker accused of handing out a yogurt sample contaminated with semen was arrested on outstanding bench warrants. [More]

For Sale Cheap: House infested with slithering snakes

An Idaho home that has been infested with thousands of snakes for at least five years has been put up for sale for $66,000 less than its estimated market value after the recent owners gave up and walked away. [More]

World Muslim Population Grows Twice as Fast as Others

The global number of Muslims is expected to jump 35 percent in the next 20 years, growing twice as fast as the non-Muslim population, according to a study published today. But Muslims are multiplying at a slower pace than before, and their numbers are expected to level out in the coming decades. [More]

Former TV Cop Facing Hard Time for Fraud

The chips are down for Larry Wilcox. The other cop in the hit TV show "ChiPs" that made Erik Estrada a household name faces two years in prison for securities fraud in Fort Lauderdale later this week, the Sun-Sentinel reports. [More]

Taco Bell Bites Back, Says Its Meat Filling is 88 Percent Real Beef

Taco Bell is firing back at reports that something is amiss in the meat that fills its tacos and burritos. In a strongly worded statement, Taco Bell's president, Greg Creed, took aim at a class-action lawsuit being filed against the fast-food giant over how much actual ground beef said filling contains. [More]

NBC Universal's new logo dumps peacock (pic)

With Comcast officially taking control of NBC Universal this week, the corporate office has unveiled a new company logo. [More]

Will Ferrell Heading Into 'The Office,' but Not Everyone Is Laughing

NBC thinks Will Ferrell is "kind of a big deal." So much so that as "The Office" bids farewell to Steve Carell, the network has locked down Ferrell to send off the Dunder Mifflin branch manager and ease the transition into the program's post-Michael Scott era. [More]

Officer made up story about shooting near high school

A police officer in Los Angeles who claimed he was shot while patrolling near a high school has now been arrested for making up the story, authorities said. [More]

Charlie Sheen hospitalized with abdominal pain

Charlie Sheen's publicist says the actor has been hospitalized with severe abdominal pains. Publicist Stan Rosenfield says Sheen has had a history of hernia problems and that the unidentified woman who made the early morning 911 call on Sheen's behalf. [More]

Icing on the cake

A Florida company is investigating how it paid $10,000 for 9-year-old's cake at auction. [More]

Mom of teen beating victim sues Fla. school board

The mother of a 16-year-old South Florida girl who authorities say was savagely punched and stomped by another teen wearing steel toe boots is suing a school board. [More]

Thursday, January 27

Ex says woman threw his mom's ashes out window

A Florida woman faces charges after her ex-boyfriend accused her of hitting him and throwing his mother's ashes through a window during an argument. [More]

Where Are They Now?

You have probably seen this picture before, with the caption “Would you have invested in this company?” The people in this 1978 portrait were the early staff of Microsoft. [More]

Ex-teacher who ran off with student gets probation

A former teacher who ran off with a male student and pleaded guilty to statutory rape charges was given probation Wednesday by a judge who said he does not see her as a sexual predator. [More]

Ohio Mom Jailed for Lying to Get Her Kids Into a Better School District

An Ohio mom was sentenced last week to 10 days in county jail for falsifying residency records in order to get her two daughters into a better school district. [More]

Kucinich Says Sandwich the Pits, Sues Restaurant

U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich is suing a restaurant company for $150,000 for selling him a sandwich containing an unpitted olive, the suit alleges. [dd] [More]

Male Viewers Find Sexy News Anchors Distracting

Men more likely to watch but less likely to remember what they heard when an attractive woman is delivering the news, Indiana researchers find. [More]

Tennessee hotel rated dirtiest in U.S.

Being labeled the "Dirtiest Hotel in America" isn't sitting well with the head honcho of a historic hotel in Tennessee who has already sent heads rolling. [More]

Calif. girls hospitalized after eating pot cookie

Police in California say two children were hospitalized after eating a marijuana cookie they found on a kitchen counter, and their mother was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment. [More]

$170 million mock city rises at Marine base

A mock city roughly the size of downtown San Diego has risen in a remote Southern California desert to train military forces to fight in urban environments. [More]

Filmmakers towed piano to Miami sandbar

Indie filmmakers Billy and Anais Yeager say they put the grand piano that appeared this week on a sandbar in Miami's Biscayne Bay to protest the city's vanity. [More]

Jimmy Buffett falls off stage at Australia concert

Jimmy Buffett left hospital on Thursday, a day after he fell off a stage at the end of a Sydney concert and was knocked unconscious, Australian television reported. [More]

Zuckerberg's Facebook fan page hacked

A Massachusetts technology consultant said the hacking of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's fan page calls the site's security into question. [More]

Truck stolen with owner sleeping in back

A Denver man who has been living in his pickup truck camper said he was shocked when he woke up to find someone stealing the vehicle with him still inside. [More]

Drug catapult discovered on Mexico border

Drug smugglers used a catapult to fire contraband over the border between Mexico and Arizona, authorities said Wednesday. [More]

Wednesday, January 26

Boyfriend claims rough sex killed 48-year-old woman

The boyfriend of a woman whose body was found stuffed in a cardboard barrel in the back seat of her car at a Delray Beach pizzeria back in October was arrested for her murder Monday after he told police she died during a night of rough sex. [More]

Man sues over inability to 'urinate on demand'

A former public works employee in North Branford said his inability to "urinate on demand" has cost him his job. [More]

Ohio man faces rape charges, other counts after allegedly having sex with dead woman

An Ohio man faces three counts each of rape and criminal deviate conduct after he allegedly had sex with the corpse of a southern Indiana woman.[dd] [More]

Poll: 14 percent would dump their spouse for their pet

Your sweetheart or your pet. Who would you choose to dump if one had to go? Most current pet owners said they would hold on to their spouse or significant other (84 percent), but a sizable 14 percent picked their pet. [More]

Hitler's bodyguard gives up on fan mail

More than 65 years after World War Two, Adolf Hitler’s last surviving bodyguard says that he can no longer respond to the continuous deluge of fan mail he receives from around the world because of his advanced age. [More]

Man fired for wearing Packers tie is offered new job

The Illinois man fired on Monday for wearing a Green Bay Packers tie to work has already been offered another job. [More]

Restaurant nixes African lion tacos

The owner of an Arizona restaurant said he canceled plans to serve tacos with African lion meat after receiving "many threats." [More]

Woman tries to smuggle 44 iPhones - in her stockings

A woman traveling through Israel's Ben-Gurion International Airport was caught with 44 iPhone 4s — in her stockings. The extra bulk and weight made for a most unnatural gait, which keen-eyed customs officials zeroed in on. [More]

Mother Sentenced to 7 Years in U.S. Incest Case

A woman whose husband fathered four babies with one of the couple's daughters was sentenced to seven years in prison Tuesday after pleading guilty last week to child endangerment and hindering prosecution of a felony. [More]

Judge guilty of DUI takes breath tests before work

A Maryland judge who was convicted of drunken driving is taking daily blood-alcohol tests before and during his courtroom work. [More]

Nevada councilwoman found dead faced possible sanctions

A Nevada city councilwoman who faced possible sanctions over a travel expense voucher and public comments was found dead with her husband Tuesday, hours before a City Council meeting that had the issues involving her on its agenda, officials said. [More]

Disabled Man Banned From Driving Wheelchair Tank

British authorities have told a disabled man he cannot use his wheelchair on public streets because he requires a tank license to drive it. [More]

Woman Accused of Mowing Down Cousin After Facebook Feud

A Long Island, New York, woman allegedly mowed down her cousin twice with a minivan after a Facebook-fueled catfight over a man - leaving the victim helpless in the middle of a busy road on a freezing night, sources said. [More]

Case of Missing Pa. District Attorney Baffles Police, Family

Authorities in Pennsylvania have spent nearly six years trying to determine the fate of Ray Frank Gricar, an esteemed district attorney who vanished without a trace. No one knows what happened, but family members are hoping a fresh look at the case could generate new leads. [More]

'Skins' viewership plunges for its second airing

The audience for MTV's racy drama "Skins" plunged to 1.6 million Monday night, a drop-off of more than half from its premiere a week earlier, according to Nielsen Co. ratings. [More]

Where home prices will rise, fall the most in '11

Like the two years proceeding it, 2010 was a tough year for home owners. Foreclosure rates broke 2009’s record-breaking numbers and we can expect even more in 2011. [More]

Tuesday, January 25

'Golden Voice' Ted Williams Ditches Rehab

One month ago, Ted Williams was a homeless man with a "golden voice" living on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. Now, less than two weeks after beginning treatment for drug and alcohol dependency at a center in Texas, Williams has left rehab against medical advice, TMZ reports. [More]

Bad Idea: Filming a Speeding Train Running Over You

An insane person sets up a camera to film a full-speed train passing over him, as he lies flat on the tracks. Now that we're all caught up: Please don't try this at home. [video] [More]

Arizona official's wife pleads guilty in sex case

The wife of an Arizona county supervisor has pleaded guilty in a sexual misconduct case involving a teenage boy. [More]

Attorney Says Death an Accident, Not 'Honor Killing'

An attorney for an Iraqi immigrant accused of killing his daughter because he believed she was too Westernized said the death was an accident caused when he tried to spit on a woman who had helped his daughter. [More]

Car salesman fired for sporting a Packers tie

John Stone said that when he went to work Monday morning at Webb Chevrolet, he decided to wear a Green Bay Packers tie. Little did he know that the seemingly innocent gesture would cost him his job. [More]

Md. mayor settling suit after SWAT shoots his dogs

The mayor of a small town in the Washington suburbs is settling a lawsuit he filed against a Maryland county after his dogs were shot to death during a SWAT team raid at his house. [More]

JFK's Ambulance Sells for $132,000 at Auction

A car collector who wanted to own a "piece of history" has paid $132,000 at auction for the 1963 Pontiac Bonneville ambulance that purportedly carried President John F. Kennedy's body after his assassination. [More]

Alaska teen freezes to death on way home from friend's house

A 14-year-old boy died of exposure while walking home from a friend's house in the southwestern Alaska village of Kipnuk, Alaska State Troopers said. [More]

Man Acquitted In Lawsuit Over Filming The TSA And Not Showing ID

Phil Mocek has been acquitted of charges filed by the TSA after he refused to show TSA officials his ID. [video] [More]

Ill. court throws Emanuel off Chicago ballot

Just days ago, Rahm Emanuel seemed to be steamrolling the entire field of candidates for Chicago mayor. He had millions in the bank, a huge lead in the polls and abundant opportunities to show off his influence, including a meeting with the visiting Chinese president. [More]

Komen for the Cure challenging other charities

It's the sponsor of the most popular run-walk in St. Louis. Now, Komen for the Cure is taking on a new challenge. It's taking legal action against smaller charities that raise money for cancer. [More]

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