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Wednesday, April 27

Wash. jury acquits man of stealing 99-cent hot dog

It took jurors about five minutes to reach their verdict. A juror said someone would "have to be an idiot" not to realize John Richardson simply forgot to pay. [More]

After years of controversy, Obama finally releases his long form birth certificate

It may have been good politics and good TV, but it was becoming a distraction, so Obama finally released his long form birth certificate. [More]

Trump takes credit for birth certificate release

Donald Trump is "proud" of himself for, as he puts it, "getting the president to release his birth certificate." [More]

New Mexico woman killed in attack by 4 dogs

A woman from Truth or Consequences died after being attacked by a pit bull and three pit bull mix dogs while taking a walk in her neighborhood Easter Sunday, New Mexico authorities said. [More]

Police officer who exposed himself fired

An Ohio police sergeant who said he exposed himself to Sears employees to see who would tell him his zipper was down has been fired, police said. [More]

Taco Bell's Got a Legal Beef Over Tossed Lawsuit

The restaurant is demanding an apology from the law firm that brought a recently dismissed lawsuit alleging the fast-food chain misled consumers about the content of its beef - and says it’s even considering legal action against the firm. [More]

Toddler shoots mom dead, his dad says

A toddler shot and killed his mother, the boy's father told South Florida police, who say they will talk to the 2-1/2-year-old. [More]

Florida Man Dies After Cops Stun Him With Taser

Authorities say a Florida Panhandle man died shortly after being stunned by Tallahassee police officers. [More]

Couric confirms she's leaving 'CBS Evening News'

Katie Couric confirmed that she is indeed leaving the ratings-basement "CBS Evening News," less than five years after she became the first woman to lead a network TV evening newscast by herself. [More]

Number of 100-year-olds is booming in US

America's population of centenarians - already the largest in the world - has roughly doubled in the past 20 years to around 72,000 and is projected to at least double again by 2020, perhaps even increase seven-fold, according to the Census Bureau. [More]

Aflac Duck's new voice from Minn. sales manager

Aflac is betting a sales manager from Minnesota has the voice to drive the name "Aflac" into the recesses of your brain and keep it there. [More]

Father gets criticized for NY mother killing kids

Jean Pierre didn't kill his kids. It was their mother, not their father, who took the three little children with her in a suicide plunge into the Hudson River this month. [More]

Missouri Lt. Gov's car stolen, torched

Police in Missouri said an arrest has been made in connection with the theft and destruction of the lieutenant governor's car. [More]

Lohan to Leno: I'll be back with an Oscar!

Lindsay Lohan, whose career has been derailed by drunken driving convictions, probation violations and a shoplifting charge, admitted in an interview with talk show host Jay Leno to "poor decisions in the past" -- but predicted an Oscar is in her future. [More]

Teleprompter inventor Schlafly dies in Conn. at 91

Hubert "Hub" Schlafly, a key member of the team that invented the teleprompter and rescued decades' worth of soap opera actors, newscasters and politicians from the embarrassment of stumbling over their words on live television, has died. [More]

Accused burglars arrested twice in 2 days

Police in Connecticut said two men were arrested while allegedly burglarizing a home one day after they were arrested on suspicion of robbery at another home. [More]

Tuesday, April 26

Kids flip bulldozer at strip mining site

Pennsylvania State Police said two children ages 12 and 9 caused about $150,000 in damage when they used an excavator to flip a bulldozer. [More]

Woman fined $300 for ex-lax cookie prank

A Wisconsin woman accused of giving laxative-laced cookies to her college professor was ordered to pay a $300 fine. [More]

Woman charged in transgender beating

An 18-year-old woman has been charged in an attack on a transgender woman over using a McDonald's restroom in a Baltimore suburb. [More]

The Matrix Dance (Video)

Britain's Got Talent: 28-year-old dancer Razy, originally from Romania, is trying out for Britain's Got Talent with quite a unique act, taking queues from the film The Matrix. [More]

Texas may strip away transgender marriage rights

Two years after Texas became one of the last states to allow transgendered people to use proof of their sex change to get a marriage license, Republican lawmakers are trying to roll back the clock. [More]

Calif. trucker gets 22 years for huge pot haul

A California truck driver has been sentenced to nearly 22 years in prison for hauling nearly 10 tons of marijuana smuggled through a tunnel between the U.S. and Mexico. [More]

Man urinated on cough drops

Police in Florida said they are working to identify a man videotaped urinating on more than 100 packages of cough drops at a Walgreens store. [More]

Lindsay Lohan gets `Tonight Show' ovation

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan can count a "Tonight Show" studio audience among her boosters. [More]

Titanic's unknown child is finally ID'd

When the Titanic sank, it took the lives of 1,497 of the 2,209 people aboard with it. Some bodies were recovered, but names remained elusive. But researchers believe that they have finally resolved the identity of the unknown child —concluding that he was 19-month-old Sidney Leslie Goodwin from England. [More]

Palace guard yanked off royal wedding duty over Facebook posts

A Buckingham Palace guard has been pulled off of royal wedding duty this week because of offensive posts on his Facebook page, the British Ministry of Defence told CNN Monday. [More]

Loose rivets found in plane with hole, NTSB reports

Investigators say they found rivet holes that were too big and appear to be misshapen from wear in a Southwest Airlines jet that peeled open in flight earlier this month. [More]

Couric to make CBS departure official

CBS' high-profile - and very expensive - attempt to juice up its "Evening News" telecast is expected to come to an official end this week. A well-placed source told EW that Katie Couric, 54, will confirm that she's decided to leave the telecast to pursue other opportunities. [More]

Stolen school bus turns up during DWI arrest

A 27-year-old Virginia man was caught driving a stolen Chesapeake school bus while under the influence in New Bern, N.C., officials say. [More]

Getting bumped could earn you $1,300

Last week, the Department of Transportation released a slew of new rules that will affect the air travel experience. One of the more interesting changes? Getting bumped is now going to get you a lot more money than before. [More]

Masked marauder preys on golfers' purses

Authorities have finally discovered the identity of a thief that is stealing purses at a South Florida golf course, and they didn't have to go far to find the bandit. [More]

Monday, April 25

Two Bodies Found in Pile of Horse Manure at Indiana Farm

The bodies of two people were found Sunday in a 15-foot (five-meter) high pile of manure at a horse farm in Gary, Indiana. [More]

The real life models for Classic Pin-Up paintings

A series of comparisons between the classic pinup girls and photos that have served as models for achieving them. [More]

Sheen's 'goddess' dumps him via text message

The now former goddess of Charlie Sheen decided to throw in the towel on her three-way relationship. [More]

Florida Woman Finds 6-Foot Alligator in Bedroom

A Florida homeowner received quite a shock when she returned home on Saturday to find a 6-foot alligator in one of her bedrooms, according to reports from Bay News 9. [More]

Rescuers discover body of trapped Idaho miner

For nine days, miners more than a mile underground burrowed around the clock to reach one of their own caught in a cave-in — never wavering from calling the effort a rescue mission. [More]

So your phone is tracking you? You asked for it

Smartphone users routinely give their devices permission to track where they're going — but the privacy implications of such features have just now hit with full force. [More]

Colo. mall fire suspect was just freed from prison

The man authorities say they suspect of carrying out an apparent attempted bombing at a Colorado shopping mall had been released from prison a week earlier. [More]

Nearly 500 Taliban flee in daring Afghan jailbreak

Almost 500 Taliban prisoners escaped through a tunnel in an audacious overnight jailbreak in south Afghanistan which the president's office on Monday called a security "disaster". [More]

TSA security looks at people who complain about ... TSA security

Don't like the way airport screeners are doing their job? You might not want to complain too much while standing in line. [More]

Sunday, April 24

NYC board: Trump skipped primary voting 21 years

Donald Trump says he's considering running in the primary for the Republican presidential nomination, but the real estate mogul didn't vote in primary elections for more than two decades, according to the New York City Board of Elections. [More]

CIA Cover-Up Alleged in JFK's 'Secret UFO Inquiry'

A story that combines UFO cover-ups with the assassination of John F. Kennedy is a gold mine for conspiracy theorists. And that's just what author William Lester says he uncovered while conducting research for a new book on Kennedy: a memo written by JFK and addressed to the CIA in which the president requests confidential information about UFOs. [More]

Brian Williams, De Niro square off at Tribeca

At the Tribeca Festival, Brian Williams attempted a challenge: interviewing Robert De Niro. Williams sat down with the actor Saturday as part of Tribeca's "Directors Series" talks. De Niro is a famously difficult interview, but Williams was eager for a chance to face-off with a personal idol. [More]

136-carat diamond found in Russia

A spokesman for the Russian Industrial Ministry said workers in a Siberian mine discovered a diamond weighing more than 136 carats. [More]

How Viagra can mess up your marriage

Be careful what you wish for, I think as my husband reaches again for his new toy. Tragically, it's not a Ferrari or the latest Mac laptop — it's his Penis 2.0—the new, pharmaceutically enhanced model. [More]

Debt collectors trolling Facebook

For debt collectors who don't want to play by the rules, social media can be a powerful way to badger someone. [More]

Yahoo plans to keep search records for 18 months

Company reverses its pledge to shorten retention time to 90 days. [More]

Italian-American group slams Vh1's 'Mob Wives'

Reality television producers have found a goldmine in filming the antics of misbehaving Italian-Americans, and VH1’s new series “Mob Wives” is no exception. [More]

Hot dog champ's 'Wall of Fame' pix removed

The Major League Eating Organization said six-time hot dog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi's photo was removed from the New York "Wall of Fame." [More]

Ariz. sheriff seeks votes on 'Mugshot of the Day'

The Arizona sheriff known for dressing inmates in pink underwear and feeding them green baloney is inviting people to choose the most popular jail booking photos posted on his website. [More]

McDonald's in Maryland to Probe Response to Beating

The owner of a McDonald's restaurant in Maryland where a woman was badly beaten says he's investigating the response of his employees after a video of the assault surfaced online. [More]

Skip Produce and Fresh Goods at Bulk Stores like Costco

Bulk Stores like Costco or Sam's Club can be great for getting bulk foods for less, but there are some things you'll almost always pay more for. One of the things you'll want to skip? Fresh foods. [More]

Man seeking job faked being Army general

A man seeking a six-figure job with an Ohio company pretended to be a major general with the Army and listed the Army chief of staff as a reference, federal authorities allege. [More]

TV's changing landscape is washing soaps away

ABC’s surprise twofer announcement last week seemed to confirm that one by one, broadcast networks are giving up on the idea of original scripted drama in the daytime. [More]

Saturday, April 23

Illegal Immigrant Became a Cop in Alaska

For years, the man known as Rafael Espinoza was widely respected as an exemplary police officer who was popular among his peers in Alaska's largest city. Officials say the man illegally stole identity of U.S. citizen to join police, which he has served as part of since 2005. [More]

Naked man arrested in ex-wife's home

Police in Florida said a man arrested for violating an injunction when he trashed his ex-wife's home was found naked inside the residence. [More]

Timing of Sen. Ensign resignation raises questions

The resignation this week by U.S. Sen. John Ensign raised questions about what an ongoing Senate ethics probe has uncovered, while also muddling the field of candidates for congressional seats now held by the GOP headed into a key election year. [More]

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Top Exec Resigns After California Pipeline Blast

Pacific Gas & Electric Corp.'s top executive is stepping down with a $35 million retirement package following a "challenging year" that included a gas pipeline explosion in a San Francisco suburb that killed eight and destroyed 38 homes, the company announced Thursday. [More]

Princeton Professor Kills Self After Losing University Teaching Job, Friend Says

A Princeton University Spanish teacher committed suicide in Chelsea after the Ivy League school failed to renew his contract, a friend said. [More]

Agreement near in sex lawsuit involving Ga. pastor

A judge says a lawsuit involving four young men and the Georgia megachurch pastor they accused of sexual misconduct is near a resolution. [More]

Clerk Says "Just Shoot Me," Robber Runs

The clerk at a sandwich shop told police she challenged an armed robber to shoot her during an attempted robbery Tuesday. [More]

Lindsay Lohan released from jail after posting $75,000 bond

Lindsay Lohan, accused of stealing a necklace, spent five hours in custody before posting a $75,000 bond Friday evening after a judge sentenced her to 120 days in jail for violating her drunk driving probation. [More]

Apple slammed over iPhone, iPad location tracking

Privacy watchdogs are demanding answers from Apple Inc. about why iPhones and iPads are secretly collecting location data on users — records that cellular service providers routinely keep but require a court order to disgorge. [More]

Oops! Real Madrid drops trophy under team bus

Real Madrid waited 18 years to win back the Copa del Rey trophy — only to drop the cup and watch it get crushed under the wheels of a bus. [More]

Father: Daughter's body found, now work begins

Now that the body of a North Carolina teenager has been found after she went missing almost four months ago, her father said Friday that the process of learning what happened to her can really begin. [More]

Judge: Jury can consider stain in trunk of Casey Anthony's car

A Florida judge ruled Thursday that the jury in the upcoming trial of Casey Anthony can consider a stain found in the trunk of the woman's car - where, prosecutors allege, she stashed her dead 2-year-old daughter. [More]

After 67 years, Ala. lawmakers apologize to woman

The Alabama Legislature has officially apologized to an elderly black woman who was raped nearly seven decades ago by a gang of white men as she walked home from church. [More]

Pastor pays $1 bond to get out of jail

A controversial Florida pastor and his associate paid $1 each late Friday after being jailed for initially refusing to post "peace" bonds ahead of a planned protest at a Dearborn, Mich., mosque. [More]

Friday, April 22

Charlie Sheen's police escort investigated in DC

Charlie Sheen is fond of boasting about his "winning" ways, but D.C. authorities are now investigating how he won a high-speed police escort on his way to a show in downtown Washington this week. [More]

Lohan gets jail sentence for probation violation

Several bailiffs led Lindsay Lohan from a Los Angeles courtroom on Friday after a judge who heard evidence against the actress in a theft case sentenced her to 120 days in jail for a probation violation. [More]

Lindsay Lohan theft charge reduced

A judge ruled Friday that the necklace theft case against Lindsay Lohan will go forward to trial, but the felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. [More]

Man gets jail for semen in co-worker's water bottle

A Fullerton man was sentenced to 180 days in jail Friday on two counts of battery for twice secretly depositing his semen in a co-worker's water bottle. [More]

N.J. Transit Worker Fired for Burning Koran Rehired, Compensated for 'Pain and Suffering'

A New Jersey Transit worker fired for burning a copy of the Koran near Ground Zero last September 11 is getting his job back, a paycheck – and an extra $25,000. [More]

Man dies after being shocked with a stun gun

A man causing a disturbance outside a movie theater near Universal Studios died Friday after being handcuffed and shocked with a Taser stun gun, Orlando police said. [More]

Mac vs. PC: The stereotypes may be true

Remember those Apple ads that cast the Mac as a 20-something, self-satisfied hipster while the PC was portrayed by an older, square-looking guy in a brown suit? [More]

Man negotiated with police from bar

Police in Illinois said a man who was believed to be barricaded in his home for several hours was actually talking to police from a bar. [More]

Ohio man challenging law on teasing police dogs

A southwest Ohio man charged with teasing a police dog by barking at it says a city law violates free speech. [More]

Termites eat millions of Indian rupees in bank

It was an all you can eat buffet at the bank. An army of termites munched through 10 million rupees ($222,000) in currency notes stored in a steel chest at a bank, police in northern India said Friday. [More]

Jurors to see Jackson autopsy photos

California Supreme Court Judge Michael Pastor ruled Thursday that two autopsy photos of Michael Jackson can be submitted as evidence during the upcoming trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, a person inside the courtroom told CNN. [More]

Man chases own motorcycle on highway

A San Diego man spotted his prized custom motorcycle on the way home from reporting it stolen and gave chase. [More]

Admitted bomb plotter claimed he was making 'fertility medicine'

A man who admitted a plot to blow up New York City subway stations with bombs planted in backpacks told his uncle that chemicals and other apparent bomb-making elements were "to manufacture a fertility medicine," according to court papers. [More]

BP Eyes Huge Tax Break in Spill

Activists are outraged over BP's plan to reduce its tax bill by almost $13 billion by writing off its losses from Gulf oil spill. [More]

Accused Stalker Sneaks Into Google, Leaves Angry Letter to Co-Founders

A woman accused of stalking a tech CEO allegedly worked her way into Google's offices last month, leaving an angry letter and book for the company's co-founders. [More]

Thursday, April 21

The Scary Reality of a Real-Life Barbie Doll

She stands about six feet tall with a 39" bust, 18" waist, and 33" hips. These are the supposed measurements of Barbie if she were a real person. [More]

Sick grandma dropped in Arctic in botched rescue

A 73-year-old grandmother was fighting for her life in a U.K. hospital after rescuers dropped her into freezing Arctic waters as they attempted to transfer her from a cruise ship. [More]

Boston burglar found stuck at restaurant

Boston police said an accused burglar was found wedged between a floorboard and a freezer at the restaurant he had targeted in a robbery. [More]

6 arrested after Florida teen shot, his body burned in fire pit

Six people were arrested this week and accused of luring a 15-year-old boy to a Florida home, shooting him several times, burning his body in a fire pit and putting the remains into paint cans, authorities said. [More]

Woman stabbed after scolding smoker

A woman was stabbed in the face with a pen on a New York City subway train after she tried to stop a man from lighting a cigarette, police say. [More]

Complaints end goldfish racing at Wash. state bar

The weekly gold fish races at a Tacoma bar are canceled after it received complaints from animal rights activists. [More]

Rodent droppings found on Delta jet

Most air travelers have encountered something gross on board planes at one time or another, like old food crumbs or stained seats. But now comes this: rodent droppings in the cabin. [More]

Peanuts on planes protected by law

Packets of peanuts are in no danger of disappearing completely from airplanes. In a nutshell, there's a law protecting them. [More]

S&P's 'Negative' Debt Outlook Ignored White House Pleas

Even though the White House has publicly downplayed the credit warning issued Monday from a leading agency, Obama administration officials were privately trying in recent weeks to convince Standard & Poor's not to lower its outlook for U.S. debt from "stable" to "negative," Fox News has confirmed. [More]

Former student charged in Rutgers suicide case

A former Rutgers University freshman was indicted Wednesday on bias intimidation and other charges after allegedly using a webcam to spy on a same-sex encounter involving his roommate, who committed suicide shortly afterward. [More]

Family of 14-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Wants Girl's Bully Criminally Charged

The family of a 14-year-old cancer survivor allegedly bullied by one of her peers say they want the student to be held criminally responsible. [More]

Experts Warn iPhone Secretly Tracking You

Security researchers have discovered that the latest operating system powering the iPhone and iPad keeps a log of everywhere you go, recording both the location and time you were there. [More]

Lindsay Lohan to play Junior Gotti's wife

Lindsay Lohan is joining the big screen Gotti family as the wife of John Gotti Jr. in a biopic of one of New York's most infamous families. [More]

MLB takes over operation of Los Angeles Dodgers

Commissioner Bud Selig is taking away control of the Los Angeles Dodgers from owner Frank McCourt, whose troubled finances and unresolved divorce settlement have seemingly paralyzed the once-proud franchise. [More]

Arrest Made in Killing of Student While on Webcam

A 29-year-old man has been charged with the murder of a college student whose frantic boyfriend in China watched though a webcam as she struggled with an attacker, police said Wednesday. [More]

Did Cubs throw 1918 World Series vs Red Sox?

If Chicago has been willing to believe that a cow caused the Great Chicago Fire, maybe it will buy this one: The White Sox got the idea to throw the 1919 World Series after the Cubs did the same thing one year earlier. [More]

Playgirl wants Bachmann's son to pose nude

Playgirl magazine, based in New York, said it is asking the son of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., to pose nude for its pages. [More]

Wednesday, April 20

Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops

The Michigan State Police have a high-tech mobile forensics device that can be used to extract information from cell phones belonging to motorists stopped for minor traffic violations. [More]

Man says escort robbed him while he slept

Police in Illinois say a man told them he fell asleep with an escort in his home and awoke to find his cellphone, laptop and $800 cash among the items missing. [More]

Woman charged $6K to fiance's dad's card

Authorities in Montana said a woman admitted making nearly $6,000 in unauthorized purchases using her fiance's father's credit card. [More]

81-Year Old Beats Armed Home Invader Insensible with Frying Pan, Pitchfork

Armed intruder finds man and woman were armed, too — with a pitchfork and frying pan. [More]

Man takes stolen backhoe on drunken joyride

A 25-year-old Farmington, Conn., man is accused of taking construction equipment on a drunken joyride through his upscale neighborhood, smashing mailboxes and causing a lot of damage. [More]

4-year-old served alcohol at Chicago restaurant

A 4-year-old girl thought she was drinking a chocolate shake last night at a Chili's restaurant on the far South Side, but she was actually served a "Mudslide" - made with vodka, Kahlua, and Bailey's Irish Cream. [More]

Webcam captured student's last moments

Canadian police said they still don't know what caused the death of a student from Beijing who was last seen alive on a webcam by her boyfriend in China, who witnessed her struggling with a man before the camera was abruptly shut off. [More]

Kindergartner brings gun to Texas school, 3 hurt

A kindergartner who brought a loaded gun Tuesday to his Houston elementary school was among three students injured by fragments when it fired after falling from his pocket as he sat down for lunch, officials said. [More]

McDonald's vs. mom in Happy Meal lawsuit

The lawsuit accuses McDonald's of unfairly using toys to lure children into its restaurants. The plaintiff, Monet Parham, a Sacramento, California mother of two, charges that the company's advertising violates California consumer protection laws. [More]

Spy agency reveals invisible ink formula

The document listing formulas used to make German secret ink is written in French and dated June 14, 1918. [More]

NASA, Houston has a problem

Now that the space shuttle program is ending, no other place in the world deserves a retired shuttle more than Houston, Texas. Put simply, this decision should be a no-brainer. [More]

Cheery people die sooner, more longevity secrets

For decades we’ve been told that stress can kill you, that happy people live longer, hours in the gym will keep you healthy. Now researchers have turned this kind of long-cherished conventional wisdom on its head. As it turns out, there’s good stress and bad stress. [More]

#@*! Swearing really is a powerful painkiller, study shows

Next time you stub your toe, go ahead and let those four-letter words fly. Cursing actually does help dull our perception of pain, a new research suggests. [More]

'Blind' man caught driving

Police in Italy said a man who collected about $86,000 in disabilities benefits by claiming to be blind was arrested after he was caught driving. [More]

Man checks in with police, gets arrested

A 24-year-old man who checked in with Greater Sudbury Police on Monday afternoon as part as part of his bail conditions was not only late for his appointment, but he parked in a disabled parking spot and was not supposed to be driving. [More]

Traditional baby names making comeback

Parents in San Antonio say they are opting for more traditional names for reasons such as the child's future employment prospects. [More]

Tuesday, April 19

Baby cut out of pregnant Kentucky woman

A woman used a stun gun to subdue an expectant mother before killing her and cutting the baby boy from her body, a Kentucky State Police investigator testified Tuesday. [More]

Charlie Sheen lost custody battle

Although the court session was closed to the media, reports are that Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's toddler twins will stay with their mother and her family, as agreed on in a March 10 settlement. [More]

Girl, 12, Tried to Knock Over Grocery Store

A young girl is in custody after she attempted to rob a grocery store with a gun that she took from her neighbor. [More]

Air traffic controller caught watching movie

An air traffic controller has been suspended for watching a movie when he was supposed to be monitoring aircraft. [More]

Mo. sheriff accused of dealing meth

One county on the edge of the Missouri Ozarks seemed oddly immune to the scourge of methamphetamine ravaging the state, boasting few meth raids or arrests in recent years. Some residents now think they know why, after a meth bust landed the Carter County sheriff himself in jail. [More]

Lawsuit Questioning Taco Bell's Beef Is Dropped

An Alabama-based law firm said Monday it has withdrawn its class-action lawsuit that sought to force Taco Bell to stop calling the meat it serves "beef." [More]

Porn company is amassing 1-800 numbers

For years, teenagers across the U.S. could call a toll-free hotline if they had embarrassing questions about AIDS and safe sex. Dial the same number now and you get a recording of giggling women offering to talk dirty to you. [More]

Police: Man left campfire for beer run before Austin blazes

A 60-year-old homeless man is facing an arson charge after authorities say he started a campfire to cook eggs and left the hot coals unattended to buy beer before a fire broke out and damaged about a dozen homes. [More]

Calif. teen on trial in 4-year-old boy's drowning

The trial of a California teen accused of molesting and drowning a 4-year-old neighbor boy in a bathtub has begun with an audio tape in which he describes the killing to investigators. [More]

GOP official apologizes for Obama chimp email

A California Republican official who sent out an e-mail picturing President Barack Obama's face on the body of a baby chimpanzee issued an apology late Monday. [More]

Reds pitcher allegedly steals $60 worth of Macy's goods

Reds’ pitcher Mike Leake arrested for stealing $60 worth of stuff from a Macy’s according to reports. [More]

Arizona gov. vetoes presidential 'birther' bill

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Monday vetoed a bill that would have required President Barack Obama and other presidential candidates to prove their U.S. citizenship before their names could appear on the state's ballot. [More]

Obama's tax return: Income down to $1.7 million

President Barack Obama is making less money than he used to, though it's still a lot: He and wife Michelle reported income of $1.73 million last year, mostly from the books he's written, according to his just-filed tax return. That was down from the $5.5 million of a year earlier. [More]

Unlisted number fee a 'privacy penalty'

Who says people won’t pay to protect their privacy? Mark Swartz is one of millions of U.S. consumers who pay dearly every month for the simplest of privacy protections - an unlisted home telephone number. [More]

'Prison Break' star not free from pain of actions

Actor Lane Garrison wants young people to know what life is really like behind bars and that not being able to contact the family of the teen he killed has been extremely difficult. [More]

Which sleep position is healthiest?

Your preferred p.m. pose could be giving you back and neck pain, tummy troubles, even premature wrinkles. Here are the best positions for your body - plus the one you may want to avoid. [More]

Boy, 9, uses CPR to save 2-year-old sister

Tristin Saghin might only be 9 years old, but he knew just what to do after his 2-year-old sister was found floating in her grandmother's swimming pool unconscious Sunday. [More]

Monday, April 18

Duke lacrosse accuser indicted on murder charge

The woman who falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of raping her in 2006 was charged Monday of first-degree murder in the death of her boyfriend. [More]

Girl, 16, survives leap from Golden Gate Bridge

The Fire Department and the U.S. Coast Guard said the girl was in the water for 20 minutes Sunday before being pulled to safety conscious and responsive. [More]

Teen allegedly made dad sign over $100,000 check before killing him

After taping his father to a chair, 19-year-old Matthew Nellessen and three accomplices allegedly forced the Arlington Heights man to sign over a $100,000 check from his retirement fund. [More]

Boy, 6, takes family van, crashes into pickup

Oregon State Police say a 6-year-old told authorities after he crashed his mother's minivan that he had left his home hungry and wanted to go buy food. [More]

FAA issues new rules to keep controllers awake

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Sunday issued new work rules aimed at preventing air traffic controllers from falling asleep on the job during overnight hours. [More]

Belly dancing sinks NYC woman's disability claim

A New York City woman who was getting $850 a month in alimony because she was supposedly disabled and unable to work had her payments slashed after her ex-husband spotted online photos of her belly dancing. Brian McGurk went to court after discovering a blog that showed his 43-year-old ex-wife dancing at a gallery. [More]

400 NYPD Cops Face Charges in Ticket-Fixing Scam

400 NYPD Cops Face Charges in Ticket-Fixing Scam. [More]

Astronauts in space have to file taxes too

For two American astronauts flying in space, perhaps nothing reminds them of their Earthly ties more than tax day. [More]

Top cop quits after 145 found in Mexico grave

The Tamaulipas state governor replaced his public security chief on Sunday after 145 bodies showed up in mass graves in the violent border state in the last two weeks. [More]

Internet Sex Forum Reportedly Wanted 'Revenge' Against Long Island Escort Later Found Murdered

Members of an Internet sex forum orchestrated a “revenge” plot against an escort from Long Island who was one of several people later murdered and dumped in a beach burial ground, the New York Daily News reports. [More]

Hats off to America's most beautiful landmarks

From soaring man-made monuments to jaw-dropping natural landforms, the U.S. has a wealth of beautiful landmarks. [More] to check users in sex offender registry

Singles website said Sunday that it will begin screening its users against the national sex offender registry after a woman filed a lawsuit against the company saying she had been assaulted by someone she met through the popular dating service. [More]

Most small dog owners like pet more than friends

In a new survey, more than half of respondents said their small dog is more important to them than their friends. [More]

Sunday, April 17

$513 million paid in undeserved homebuyer credits

The Internal Revenue Service has paid out more than a half-billion dollars in homebuyer tax credits to people who probably didn't qualify, a government investigator said. [More]

Paul Allen says book not revenge against Gates

Microsoft co-founder defends his new book on Sunday's "60 Minutes," saying it was meant as an important slice of technology history. [More]

Sears sues over 'Die Hard' sex spray

Sears Roebuck and Co. filed a lawsuit in Chicago against the makers of a "sexual enhancement spray" for using its Diehard trademark. [More]

Mailman suspended for defecating in yard on route

A Portland, Ore., mail carrier caught on camera defecating just feet from a home along his route has been suspended, the U.S. Postal Service says. [More]

Woman orders lunch from McDonald's drive-thru instead of pulling over for police

Flashing police lights apparently couldn't stop a Coral Springs woman with a fast-food craving. [More]

Ex-judge reports to prison on drug-related charges

A former federal judge from Georgia who was sentenced to 30 days in prison for drug-related crimes involving a stripper has reported to a federal prison in Oklahoma. [More]

3 online poker houses face fraud charges in NYC

Federal authorities busted the three largest online poker websites in the United States on Friday with charges of bank fraud and illegal gambling against 11 people, accusing them of manipulating banks to process billions of dollars in illegal revenue. [More]

10 Smallest Bars In the World

It's official: Size doesn't matter. At least when it comes to bars, where the make-or-break details aren't the number of stools or the square footage, but how cool the vibe is. [More]

Obama: Congress will compromise, raise debt limit

President Barack Obama, insisting a politically divided government will not risk tanking the world economy, says Congress will once again raise the amount of debt the country can pile up to ensure it has money to pay its bills. [More]

Obama on GOP: 'You want to repeal health care? Go at it'

President Barack Obama gave blunt details of private budget talks with Republicans last week that averted a government shutdown, saying he challenged them to try to repeal his signature healthcare policy. [More]

N.Y. Mom Who Killed Self, 3 Kids Left Dying Message

Lashanda Armstrong made a dying declaration on Facebook just 30 minutes before the fatal plunge, writing, "I'm sorry everyone forgive me please for what I'm gonna do . . . This is it!!!" [More]

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