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Wednesday, June 1

US rep "can't say with certitude" that wiener is not his

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) said today that he did not send a lewd photo to a college student from his Twitter account, but he can’t say “with certitude” whether or not a lewd below-the-belt photo depicted his body. [More]

NJ gov. takes state helicopter to son's ballgame

Criticism came in like fastballs Wednesday over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's use of a state helicopter to fly him and his wife to his son's high school baseball game. [More]

'Handcuffed by policy': Fire crews watch man die

Fire crews and police could only watch after a man waded into San Francisco Bay, stood up to his neck and waited. They wanted to do something, but a policy strictly forbade them from trying to save the 50-year-old, officials said. [More]

Man falls down embankment while urinating

Rescuers in Washington state said a man who was apparently urinating at the side of a road lost his footing and fell down a 30-foot embankment. [More]

Boy crowned prom queen

It was Jake, not Jill, who was crowned prom queen at a Virginia high school. [More]

Elderly apply for Japan 'suicide corps'

Japanese retirees are attempting to diffuse one of the world's worst nuclear meltdowns. They say they are uniquely suited to work at the Fukushima nuclear plant, as their cells divide more slowly than a younger individual. [More]

Florida governor signs welfare drug-screen measure

Saying it is "unfair for Florida taxpayers to subsidize drug addiction," Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday signed legislation requiring adults applying for welfare assistance to undergo drug screening. [More]

NY rep hires lawyer after lewd photo posted online

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner testily fended off questions Tuesday about the lewd photo sent from his Twitter account and has hired a lawyer to help him figure out how to respond. [More]

Palin visits Trump in NYC while on her motor tour

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump exchanged words of admiration Tuesday after a brief meeting at the real estate magnate's penthouse in a Manhattan skyscraper bearing his name. [More]

Van der Sloot lawyer quits over defense strategy

Joran van der Sloot's lawyer has quit defending him against murder allegations in Peru, citing unspecified differences over strategy. [More]

Plane returns after fistfight between passengers

Government and airline officials say a United Airlines plane with 144 people aboard returned to Washington-Dulles International Airport for an emergency landing escorted by two F-16 fighter jets after a fight broke out between passengers. [More]

Woman 'devastated' by NYC officers' rape acquittal

A woman who accused two New York City police officers of rape says she's "devastated and disappointed" they were convicted only of a misdemeanor for official misconduct. But she says public opinion "will be the ultimate verdict." [More]

Edwards, feds arguing if money was donated or gift

Former presidential candidate John Edwards and federal prosecutors are arguing over whether funds used to cover up his extramarital affair were campaign contributions or just gifts from his longtime friends. [More]

'Tequila Party' aims to increase Latino voting bloc

By now, people in the United States and elsewhere in the world are familiar with the Tea Party, but there's a new social movement on the political block - it's called the "Tequila Party," and its leaders say the group is serving as a wake-up call to the Latino voting bloc. [More]

Texas Man Killed After Crashing Car, Stripping Naked and Crashing Car Again

An east Texas man was killed after he crashed his car into another vehicle, climbed on top of his car and stripped naked before getting back inside and plowing the car into a tree. [More]

$25G Bail for Egyptian Businessman in NYC Sex Case

A businessman and former chairman of a major Egyptian bank was being held on $25,000 bail after being charged with sexually abusing a housekeeper at a luxury Manhattan hotel. [More]

Tuesday, May 31

Pair Dressed as Nuns Rob Suburban Chicago Bank

A man and a woman wearing nun masks robbed a bank in suburban Chicago on Sunday, in a scene eerily similar to a Ben Affleck movie. [More]

San Francisco to uphold 'sanctuary city' policy

If the San Francisco sheriff's plan becomes reality, illegal immigrants arrested for petty crimes won't be held in jail longer than necessary, even if U.S. immigration agents may want them detained for possible deportation. [More]

'KKK' confronts Westboro protesters

Protesting members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church were met with an unlikely group of counter-protesters Monday at Arlington Cemetery. [More]

Opera stars, fearing radiation, skip Japan tour

Two of the biggest stars of New York's Metropolitan Opera have bowed out of a Japan tour, citing fears of radioactive contamination and sending the company scrambling to find last-minute stand-ins. [More]

Egyptian charged with sex assault of NY hotel maid

A businessman and former chairman of a major Egyptian bank faces charges of sexually abusing a maid at a luxury Manhattan hotel, just weeks after the arrest of a former International Monetary Fund chief on similar allegations. [More]

10 most expensive sex scandals

As Strauss-Kahn succumbs to house arrest, Schwarzenegger deals with a possible criminal probe, and John Edwards faces indictment, The Daily Beast ranks which sex scandals hit the wallet hardest. [More]

Jellyfish put sting into holiday weekend at some Florida beaches

Hundreds of people trying to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend on Atlantic beaches in central Florida encountered an unwelcome surprise: swarms of purplish, stinging jellyfish. [More]

Party crasher faces 20 years

A California jury convicted a party crasher who pulled a gun only to be disarmed by a partygoer trained in mixed martial arts. [More]

Mexican teacher honored for keeping kids calm during shootout

A preschool teacher in northern Mexico was recognized for her courage after a video that went viral on the Internet showed her calmly leading the class in song as gunshots went off outside, state media reported. [More]

Palin a no-show for fans wanting Gettysburg view

Sarah Palin was a no-show for several hundred supporters, celebrity-watchers and media who turned out in hopes of seeing her at the Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg on Monday. She and her entourage arrived at a hotel outside the town late in the day and spoke to a smaller group of people gathered there. [More]

75 bodies recovered from Air France crash after 2 years

Seventy-five bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of an Air France plane that crashed off the coast of Brazil two years ago, more than doubling the number of remains that have been found, the vice-president of the French victims' association told CNN Tuesday. [More]

Monday, May 30

12-Year-Old Girl Dies When Horse Falls at Rodeo

Authorities say a 12-year-old girl has died a day after a horse fell on her during a rodeo in South Carolina. [More]

Naval Officer Arrested in Wife's Death in New Orleans

New Orleans police say a Navy chief petty officer stationed in Virginia has been arrested and faces charges in the fatal stabbing of his wife - possibly with a pen. [More]

French minister quits over sex harassment case

A junior minister in French President Nicolas Sarkozy's center-right government resigned on Sunday after he was accused of sexual harassment by two women, the government said. [More]

Hackers pirate PBS website, post fake story about Tupac still alive

Online hackers have pirated the PBS website and posted a false story claiming the rapper Tupac Shakur - who has been dead for almost 15 years - is alive and living in New Zealand. [More]

Topless dip in Ohio River ends in arrest

Police say they arrested a homeless woman who allegedly took a topless swim in the Ohio River and then stole some clothes and a sandwich from a riverside home. [More]

Greeks demonstrate against austerity measures

About 30,000 people protested in Athens' central Syntagma square on Sunday evening against the government's tough economic austerity policies. [More]

99 people locked in airport terminal

Having your flight delayed is a hassle, but being locked inside the airport terminal is worse, a Florida man said of the Daytona Beach International Airport. [More]

Shuttle Endeavour gone forever from space station

Endeavour and its crew of six left the International Space Station and headed home to close out NASA's next-to-last shuttle flight, pausing just long enough Monday to perform a victory lap and test equipment for a future interplanetary ship. [More]

Saudi prince: Keep U.S. hooked on oil

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal said he wants oil prices to drop so that the U.S. and Europe don't accelerate efforts to wean themselves off his country's supply. [More]

Germany to close all nuclear plants by 2022

Germany on Monday became the first major industrialised power to agree an end to nuclear power in the wake of the disaster in Japan, with a phase-out due to be completed by 2022. [More]

Sunday, May 29

Women Plunge From Window of Atlanta Hotel; 1 Dead

A 30-year-old woman was killed and another woman seriously injured when they plunged from a hotel window during a party at a midtown Atlanta hotel. [More]

Mysterious fund allows Congress to spend freely, despite earmark ban

The defense bill that just passed the House of Representatives includes a back-door fund that lets individual members of Congress funnel millions of dollars into projects of their choosing. [More]

Boy Fatally Mauled by Family Dog in New York Home

A 4-year-old boy playing with his young brothers in a bedroom was fatally mauled by a family dog that had been feared by neighbors, police said. [More]

Arizona's 'Rock Burglar' Arrested After 337 Heists

One of Arizona's lengthiest crime sprees came to an end Friday when police arrested the "Rock Burglar" who had eluded capture for 17 years. [More]

No good humor in frosty Pa. frozen treat feud

Police are hoping the threat of losing their permits will be enough to thaw the frosty relationship of two Pennsylvania ice cream truck drivers accused of trying to run each other off the road. [More]

Lawyer: Sex lawsuit involving Ga. pastor resolved

Lawsuits brought by four young men who accused a Georgia megachurch pastor of sexual misconduct have been resolved, attorneys for both sides said Thursday, bringing a quiet end to a blockbuster legal complaint that targeted a powerful national religious leader. [More]

Married couples in less than half of US households

Data released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau shows married couples have found themselves in a new position: They're no longer the majority. [More]

Marilyn Monroe photos found at garage sale still a mystery

Photographer Anton Fury's hobby of searching weekend garage sales for collectible toys led him to dozens of apparently unpublished photos of a young Marilyn Monroe. [More]

2011 now deadliest year for tornadoes since 1950

That's based on an assessment of figures from the National Weather Service. City officials in Joplin, Mo., raised the death toll on Saturday from last week's massive twister to 139. That puts the total for the year at 520. [More]

At 84, he's still the 'guardian angel' of Route 66

Angel Delgadillo, 84, has witnessed the rise and fall of America's most historic byway and gets credit for helping it rise again as Historic Route 66. [More]

Saturday, May 28

Barney Frank knocked on his Fannie

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank admitted he helped his ex-lover land a lucrative post with Fannie Mae in the early 1990s while the Newton Democrat was on a committee that regulated the lending giant — but he called questions of a potential ethical conflict “nonsense.” [More]

Joplin receipt turns up 525 miles away

An Indiana couple discovered a receipt that may have blown 525 miles from Joplin, Mo., to their porch — the longest recorded journey of debris from a tornado. [More]

Cops: Slain 'Grandma Bandit' was a man

The elderly-looking gun-toting robber nicknamed “Grandma Bandit,” blamed for a string of heists of several Atlanta-area drugstores, was actually a man, police say. [More]

$500,000 spent on shrimp treadmill study

A Republican senator's report on the National Science Foundation criticizes the group for projects including a $500,000 study involving a shrimp on a treadmill. [More]

Couple caught in high dive tryst

Police in Florida said an officer interrupted a couple having late-night sex on a diving board located more than 30 feet above a public pool. [More]

'Just pure luck': Boy survives 3-story plunge

A 3-year-old boy falls from a three-story building and survives with only minor injuries. [More]

Case unlikely against man who flipped off trooper

The Colorado State Patrol has asked that prosecutors drop a criminal harassment charge against a 35-year-old man accused of displaying his middle finger to a state trooper. [More]

NH man convicted of raping teen church member

A New Hampshire man was found guilty Friday of forcibly raping and impregnating his children's 15-year-old baby sitter, who belonged to the same church, more than a decade ago. [More]

'Taxi,' 'Grease' star Jeff Conaway dies at 60

Jeff Conaway, who starred in the sitcom "Taxi," played swaggering Kenickie in the movie musical "Grease" and publicly battled drug and alcohol addiction on "Celebrity Rehab," died Friday. [More]

Lindsay Lohan settles suit over 2007 highway chase

Lindsay Lohan has settled a lawsuit filed by a woman who was chased by the actress in a pre-dawn pursuit that has haunted the actress in civil and criminal courts for nearly three years. [More]

Crystal Cathedral to file bankruptcy exit plan

The Southern California megachurch founded by one of the nation's pioneering televangelists, the Rev. Robert H. Schuller, on Friday filed a bankruptcy plan that would pull the Crystal Cathedral out of crushing debt by selling its sprawling campus and famous, glass-spired sanctuary to a local real estate investment group for $47 million. [More]

Fortune split 92 years after death

A $110 million fortune is being split by the family of a Michigan lumber baron who demanded his money not be distributed until after his grandchildren died. [More]

Anchor from Blackbeard ship recovered

Dead men tell no tales, but the sea does, as shown Friday when an anchor was recovered from the wreckage of pirate Blackbeard's flagship. [More]

Friday, May 27

Lawyer: Sex lawsuit involving Ga. pastor resolved

Lawsuits brought by four young men who accused a Georgia megachurch pastor of sexual misconduct have been resolved, attorneys for both sides said Thursday, bringing a quiet end to a blockbuster legal complaint that targeted a powerful national religious leader. [More]

Man gets 30 years for abandoning girl, killing mom

A New Jersey man has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for strangling his girlfriend, then abandoning their young daughter at a gas station in Delaware. [More]

Marine never fired on SWAT officers who fatally shot him

A U.S. Marine who died in a flurry of bullets during a drug raid near Tucson never fired on the SWAT team that stormed his house, a report by the Pima County Sheriff's Department shows. [More]

Lindsay Lohan fitted with ankle bracelet, placed under house arrest

Actress Lindsay Lohan was under house arrest early Friday, authorities said, after she turned herself in early to begin a sentence for jewelry theft conviction. [More]

'Loose living' monks being evicted

A Vatican spokesman said about 20 concert-staging Cistercian monks are being evicted from an Italian monastery as part of a crackdown on "loose living." [More]

After 92 years, millionaire miser’s heirs finally split $100M

In a bizarre bequest, Wellington Burt stipulated that no one could inherit his fortune until 21 years after his last grandchild died. Now, after nearly a century, 12 distant (and lucky) descendants are finally divvying up $100 million. [More]

Brace yourself for the summer of sluts

The summer of sluts was kicked off this week when msnbc cable host Ed Schultz, perhaps channeling Dan Aykroyd in his old "Saturday Night Live" debates with Jane Curtin (“Jane, you ignorant slut!”) called conservative radio personality Laura Ingraham a slut. The incident provided an unexpected publicity boost to “Slut Walk” protests. [More]

Ingraham accepts Schultz apology for remark

Radio talk-show host Laura Ingraham says that she accepted the apology of msnbc cable television's Ed Schultz, who called her a vulgar term on his own radio show. [More]

Air France jet plunged at 11,000 feet per minute

An Air France jet carrying 228 people stalled before plunging from 38,000 feet (11,600 meters) and crashing into the Atlantic Ocean in less than four minutes, accident investigators said Friday. [More]

Billions in Waste on Scientific Studies

Scientific studies conducted in the public interest appear to have veered off course, according to a new report that documents government-sponsored research gems such as having shrimp walk on tiny treadmills to measure the impact of sickness on crustaceans. [More]

Union files complaint to stop move of NYC Opera

A union has filed a federal complaint against the troubled New York City Opera, saying the company's plans to move out of Lincoln Center after 45 years undermines the labor rights of the singers, dancers and stage crew members who work for the company. [More]

ACLU to defend man who gave the finger to trooper

A civil liberties group plans to provide free representation to a 35-year-old Colorado man who faces criminal prosecution and a jail sentence for displaying his middle finger to a Colorado State trooper. [More]

Burglar steals beers, sleeps on couch

A Delaware woman woke up to find a burglar who'd been drinking her beer sleeping on her couch, police say. [More]

CIA team allowed to examine bin Laden compound

A CIA team of forensics specialists has been granted permission by the Pakistani government to visit the compound where Osama bin Laden was killed, to search for possibly hidden or buried documents, a U.S. official confirms to CNN. [More]

Thursday, May 26

Msnbc suspends Schultz over Ingraham remark

Ed Schultz has been suspended from msnbc cable television for referring to radio talk show host Laura Ingraham as a "right-wing slut" and "talk slut" on his own radio show. [More]

Edwards' fall: From golden boy to sleazy tabloid tale

John Edwards was once a political golden boy - successful senator from the South, telegenic, rich trial lawyer, but a spokesman for the poor, elected to the U.S. Senate in his first run for public office. [More]

Marine Killed Crossing NYC Street During Fleet Week

Officials say a Marine in New York City for Fleet Week has been struck and killed by a car while crossing the street. [More]

Illinois Lawyer Objects to Buxom Woman at Trial Table

A Chicago lawyer says his opponent in a small claims case is using an unfair tactic by sitting a buxom woman next to him at counsel's table. [More]

Casey Anthony Defense Strategy: Blame Her Dad

Sexual assault. An accidental drowning. A coverup. That is the explosive defense strategy declared before the jury in opening statements in the sensational Casey Anthony first-degree murder trial. [More]

Elizabeth Smart looks to 'beautiful' future

Nine years after being kidnapped, tortured and raped, Elizabeth Smart is ready to start a "beautiful" chapter in her life, helping other child victims who can't speak for themselves or are still missing. [More]

Truck driver blows up 'like a balloon'

A New Zealand truck driver said he is "lucky to be alive" after an air hose became lodged in his buttocks and blew him up "like a balloon." [More]

Photographer swims with jellyfish

Forget dolphins — Saroch Jacobs chose to swim with jellyfish. "It was like I had left earth and gone to some mystical dream place or something," he said. [More]

Man wins $15.1M from blackjack in 6 months

A Pennsylvania businessman credited luck with helping him win a total $15.1 million from New Jersey casinos during a six-month period. [More]

Wednesday, May 25

Fla. man jumps onto gator to save his dog

Doogie the terrier is resting comfortably at a veterinarian's office after surviving an attack by an alligator thanks to quick, courageous action by his owner. [More]

Bombshell accusations in Anthony trial

Prosecutors did not say who they will call to the stand next on Wednesday, a day after explosive testimony and bombshell allegations in the Casey Anthony murder trial. [More]

Grace to be replaced on TV show by Simpson judge

The judge who sentenced O.J. Simpson to prison plans to take over for Nancy Grace on the syndicated television show "Swift Justice." [More]

Man thought Schwarzenegger's son was his

The estranged husband of the woman identified as the mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger's out-of-wedlock son says he just learned the truth about the child's parentage. [More]

CNBC Anchor Mark Haines Dies Unexpectedly

Veteran journalist Mark Haines, a fixture on CNBC for 22 years, died unexpectedly Tuesday evening. He was 65 years old. [More]

Bodybuilders Angry at Arnie

The National Fitness Hall of Fame surveyed members this week to find out whether Schwarzenegger, who was inducted in 2005 for his lifelong contribution to the bodybuilding arena, and just two months ago received the distinguished "Fitness Spokesperson of the Century" Award, should be stripped of those titles. [More]

DOJ green-lights Edwards charges

Sources close to the investigation tell NBC News that the Justice Department has given the green light to bring criminal charges against John Edwards for campaign law violations. [More]

Hand sanitizer can lead to positive alcohol test

Frequent use of alcohol-containing hand sanitizer won't get you drunk, but it may lead you to test positive in a urine test for alcohol consumption, according to a recent study. [More]

Reclusive heiress Huguette Clark dies at 104

Huguette M. Clark, the mysterious copper heiress who became the subject of public fascination and police investigation after a century of life as a recluse, has died at age 104. Investigative reporter Bill Dedman of reports. [More]

Man says he gave up crime for family

A New York crime family member was spared jail after telling the judge he gave up his criminal connections to care for his grandsons. [More]

Driver bans smoking, gets punched

Pennsylvania State Police said they arrested a man accused of punching a driver and grabbing the steering wheel after the motorist refused to let him smoke. [More]

Police on radio scanner apps: That's not a 10-4

If you're one of the millions of smartphone users who've downloaded scanner apps with names like iScanner, PoliceStream and 5-0 Radio Police Scanner, pay attention: You might be breaking the law. [More]

Navy SEALs' Next Mission: Take Out Mickey Mouse

A trademark battle is brewing between Disney and the elite squad that killed Usama bin Laden. [More]

Tuesday, May 24

Casey Anthony's latest story: Caylee drowned in pool

The defense attorney for a Florida mother charged with murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter said Tuesday during opening statements that the girl drowned in the family swimming pool and claimed the toddler's grandparents covered up the accident. [More]

Update: Preacher now says world will end in October

It looks like we still have some time to pack for the fire and brimstone. The California preacher who foretold of the world's end only to see the appointed day pass with no extraordinarily cataclysmic event has revised his apocalyptic prophecy, saying he was off by five months and the Earth actually will be obliterated on Oct. 21. [More]

Woman accused of trying to sell girl's virginity

A Salt Lake City woman has been charged with offering her 13-year-old daughter's virginity to a man in exchange for $10,000. [More]

Black box reveals final minutes of flight 447

Recordings from the black box of Air France flight 447 show that the captain was not in the cockpit when the plane lost speed, according to the German paper Der Spiegel. [More]

Arnie 'Mistress' Lawyers Up

A woman identified by some media as the mother of former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's out-of-wedlock son has hired a Los Angeles law firm. [More]

Lubbock mother allegedly set on fire by son dies

A Lubbock woman died Monday from the burns she sustained two weeks ago when authorities say her son doused her with flammable liquid and set her on fire before trying to sexually assault a teach. [More]

DNA evidence reported to tie Strauss-Kahn to accuser

Evidence from the clothing of a hotel maid matched DNA samples submitted by former IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn who has been charged with sexually assaulting her, media reported on Monday. [More]

Tax cheats among recipients of stimulus money

Thousands of companies that cashed in on President Barack Obama's economic stimulus package owed the government millions in unpaid taxes, congressional investigators have found. [More]

Sarah Palin on the move and under fire

Palin has already had a busy week - she' reportedly moved to Arizona, got her boss mad and has a former aide writing a tell-all book. [More]

Former cop to plead guilty to ID theft

A former Anchorage police officer accused of being an illegal immigrant living under a stolen identity plans to plead guilty to federal charges, according to court documents. [More]

Songwriter left three-page suicide note

Joseph Brooks, the Academy Award-winning songwriter of "You Light Up My Life," who was awaiting trial on rape charges and was found dead in his apartment, committed suicide, the medical examiner's office ruled Monday, citing asphyxia by helium. [More]

Monday, May 23

Oscar-winning composer accused of rape found dead

Joseph Brooks, the Oscar-winning composer of the hit "You Light Up My Life" and who was awaiting trial on rape charges, was found dead in his New York apartment on Sunday having apparently killed himself, police said. [More]

Wife of British Diplomat Plunges to Death in New York City

The wife of a British diplomat has died in an apparent suicide plunge from the roof of her New York City apartment building. [More]

22 injured as elevator plummets 3 stories

Nearly two dozen people were injured when an elevator plummeted three stories in New York City, officials told NBC News. [More]

Police Grow Increasingly Concerned Over Missing Boy After Mother Commits Suicide

Suburban Chicago authorities searching for a 6-year-old boy say that at least one of the steps his mother took before she committed suicide that suggested the boy was safe did not happen. [More]

Tip led to arrest of suspect in Giants fan beating

The Los Angeles police chief says a tip from a parole officer led to the arrest of one of the suspects in the attack on a San Francisco Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium after the rival teams' season opener. [More]

New Jersey Lotto Winner Apparently Leaped to Death

The New Jersey man who authorities believe decapitated himself when he leaped to his death with a rope around his neck had won a $1 million slot jackpot in 2001. [More]

Heavy passenger: Airlines have no right to 'humiliate'

Kenlie Tiggeman has taken the embarrassing and uncomfortable Easter day incident where Southwest Airlines said she was "too fat to fly" and turned the attention on airlines and how they deal with overweight passengers. [More]

Label sues Tim McGraw for breach of contract

Tim McGraw and Curb Records could be headed to court over an unreleased album. The independent record label filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit last week against McGraw, claiming the country superstar failed to provide a fifth and final album that met contractual obligations under their deal by an April deadline. [More]

Police: Bottles of urine found in ice cream truck

Suburban Philadelphia police say a DUI stop involving an ice cream truck led to the discovery of water bottles filled with urine, including one in the freezer where treats are kept. [More]

Hotels pinched by tech-savvy guests

As guests show up equipped with iPhones, iPads and other devices, hotels are learning that they want to do anything but pay for in-room technology. [More]

United apologizes for reusing 9/11 flight numbers

United Airlines apologized Wednesday for briefly restarting use of flight numbers of two planes that crashed after being hijacked by terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001. [More]

'60 Minutes' report: Armstrong encouraged doping

Tyler Hamilton is finally coming clean about doping in the cycling world, and his version of the truth is anything but helpful to the planet's most famous cyclist. [More]

Sunday, May 22

Believers' reactions mixed to unfulfilled doomsday

The hour of the apocalypse came quietly and went the same way — leaving those who believed that Saturday evening would mark the world's end confused, or more faithful, or just philosophical. [More]

Police may have destroyed $8,000

A Pennsylvania police official said his department may have accidentally burned the $8,000 missing from its evidence room. [More]

NY case shows daily dangers faced by hotel maids

Hotel housekeepers say they often feel a twinge of fear when they slide the keycard, turn the door handle and step into a room to clean it. What will they find? [More]

Man returns $45G found in garage of just-purchased home

New homeowners occasionally find the odd item left behind by those who lived there previously. But for one Utah man, the find in his garage didn't require a trip to the dump - he found $45,000. [More]

Man gets wife's ashes back after theft

A Georgia man is still missing jewelry and hunting rifles stolen last weekend, but is overjoyed to have his wife's ashes back, his family says. [More]

Teacher pees in 4th grade class

Police in Georgia said they arrested a substitute teacher who allegedly urinated into a trash can while teaching a fourth-grade class. [More]

NBC Sports head Dick Ebersol resigns

Dick Ebersol helped bring TV viewers "Saturday Night Live" and Olympics that were "plausibly live." Now, in an unexpected move, the powerful TV executive is leaving as head of NBC Sports. [More]

Priest Set on Fire During Mass

A Roman Catholic priest was sprayed with flammable liquid and then set on fire as he said mass at a Lithuanian church, the Herald Sun reports. [More]

Woods to fall out of top 10 in world ranking

For his golf, Tiger Woods is about to fall out of the top 10 in the world for the first time in 14 years. For his star power, he still ranks ahead of any other athlete. [More]

Ohio governor doesn't like pink licenses

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said his recent comments about doing away with the state's pink driver's licenses were made "sort of tongue in cheek." [More]

Schwarzenegger must revamp image once more

For 35 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been carefully crafting his public image, from Austrian bodybuilder and international action star to family man and Republican politician. [More]

Former U.S. congresswoman McKinney speaks on state TV in Libya

A former U.S. congresswoman slammed U.S. policy on Libyan state TV late Saturday and stressed the "last thing we need to do is spend money on death, destruction and war." [More]

Saturday, May 21

Christian Movement Prepares for Doomsday Today

Across the globe, followers of a California preacher's long-publicized message that Judgment Day would arrive Saturday turned to the Bible, the book they believe predicts Earth's destruction on May 21. [More]

No New Zealand Earthquake: Camping Proven False, Again

There has been no New Zealand earthquake – none of the apocalyptical proportion that Harold Camping expected – and he has just been proven a false prophet. Camping said ‘Doomsday’ would begin with an earthquake at 6 p.m. local time in New Zealand. Then, it would roll across the world and strike each country at 6 p.m. local time. [More]

Will Harold Camping Admit His Wrong May 21st Doomsday Prediction?

Harold Camping, 89 years-old, with a $100-million ministry that broadcasts radio in 61 different languages around the world, has just failed. He was so sure about his prediction that he used words like "guaranteed" and "without any shadow of doubt." He has widely promoted it since 2010 with massive advertising campaigns. [More]

Camping Must Have Missed This Verse in the Bible

Matthew 24:36-42  “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father... Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come." [More]

Ohio mom gets life term in baby's microwave death

An Ohio woman convicted of killing her month-old baby daughter in a microwave oven was spared the death penalty and sentenced Friday to life in prison without parole. [More]

Boy, 13, accused of poisoning teacher

A 13-year-old Florida boy is accused of putting a prescription drug into his teacher's coffee to get back at her for yelling at him. [More]

Casey Anthony trial halted after outburst in court

Jury selection in the Casey Anthony trial is halted when a woman in the courtroom yells, "She killed somebody, anyway," at the Orlando woman, accused of killing her daughter. [More]

NY girl, 12, says she was raped at YMCA, had baby

A lawyer for a 12-year-old girl said Friday that she was raped in a YMCA sauna by a day camp counselor, became pregnant and contracted a sexually transmitted disease. [More]

Woman draws sword during argument at Pizza Hut

A Kentucky woman faces first-degree disorderly conduct and menacing charges after police say she took out a sword during an argument at a Pizza Hut. [More]

Acting sexy illegal? Utah law angers escorts

Two escort services have filed a federal lawsuit to halt a Utah solicitation law they fear could lead to the arrest of strippers or escorts who are simply acting sexy. [More]

Man took beer to 'score women'

Authorities in Florida said a man who stole an 18-pack of Bud Light from a 7-Eleven store told deputies he took the beer to help him get women. [More]

Woman accused of trying to sell moon rock

Authorities in Southern California have arrested a woman accused of trying to sell a moon rock for $1.7 million. [More]

Video: Bizarre scene shows teen run over by mom

An Ohio woman is facing serious charges after she ran over her teen daughter in a Sandusky parking lot.'s Al Stirrett reports. ( [More]

'Macho Man' Randy Savage dies in car accident

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Savage, 58, was driving his Jeep Wrangler when veered across a concrete median, through oncoming traffic, and "collided head-on with a tree." [More]

Playboy puts 57 years of articles, nudity online

If you've long harbored tender memories of Miss February 1988 but misplaced your dusty old box of Playboys, take heart. [More]

Tenn. Senate OKs ban on teaching of homosexuality

A bill passed Friday by the Tennessee Senate would forbid public school teachers and students in grades kindergarten through eight from discussing the fact that some people are gay. [More]

Saudi grad student admits killing NY professor

A mentally ill graduate student from Saudi Arabia admitted Friday that he stabbed to death a professor he believed was part of a plot against him, a prosecutor in upstate New York said. [More]

AFL-CIO may reduce support to Democrats

Prominent labor leaders, frustrated that Democrats in Washington aren't aggressively pursuing the union agenda, are threatening to limit their campaign support for Democrats, an act that would hamper the party's bid to regain control of the House next year and keep a majority in the Senate. [More]

Rangers' Boogaard died of alcohol, oxycodone mix

The death of Rangers enforcer Derek Boogaard was an accident, due to a toxic mix of alcohol and the powerful painkiller oxycodone. [More]

Strauss-Kahn tastes freedom under house arrest

Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was spending his first day outside a prison on Saturday after his lawyers posted $6 million bond in the wake of his indictment on sexual assault and attempted rape charges. [More]

Friday, May 20

Mom Claims She Lied About Giving Botox to Her Daughter to Make a Quick Buck

A mom who made international headlines when she claimed to have injected her eight-year-old daughter with Botox now maintains she made the whole story up in return for cash, TMZ reported Thursday. [More]

$200K lifeguard riles Calif. beach city

Anger is growing after shocked beachgoers learned most fulltime lifeguards in Newport Beach, Calif., earn more than $100,000 with some making in excess of $200,000. [More]

Spanking businessman accused of sex assault

Single mothers, former drug addicts and other struggling young women who came to wealthy businessman Henry Allen Fitzsimmons for a chance to climb out of their financial hole knew his help came with a catch. [More]

5 stars who did, and didn't, survive scandals

Is there anyone who doesn't like a juicy celebrity sex scandal? Other than the celebrities embroiled in one, that is. Or their devastated and life-altered loved ones. (Hi, Arnold Schwarzenegger!) [More]

'Kindergarten' sex club case: 6 await freedom

Paperwork is now all that stands in the way of freedom for six adults accused of participating in what prosecutors say was a swinger's club where children were forced to perform sex acts. [More]

Red Tape: IRS snafu means refunds in limbo

An IRS glitch is holding up tax refunds for perhaps thousands of taxpayers for months. [More]

Star sues over 'Law & Order' injury

Actress Rosie Perez claims in a lawsuit filed Wednesday that she was severely injured while taping an episode of "Law & Order Special Victims Unit" in 2009. [More]

Judge tosses unicyclist's lawsuit

A New York judge tossed a unicyclist's lawsuit claiming his rights were violated when he was twice ticketed for riding on the sidewalk. [More]

Schwarzenegger puts acting career on hold

With everyone talking about former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's out-of-wedlock child, the politician abruptly put his Hollywood comeback on hold to sort out his personal life and perhaps prepare for a starring role in a big-budget divorce battle. [More]

Katie Couric ends her run at CBS News

Katie Couric has signed off as "CBS Evening News" anchor after nearly five years. [More]

Thursday, May 19

Strauss-Kahn indicted over alleged sex assault

A grand jury has indicted former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn on charges related to the alleged sexual assault and attempted rape of New York hotel chambermaid, prosecutors said Thursday. [More]

'Taxi' star Jeff Conaway hospitalized in a coma

Jeff Conaway's manager says the former star of "Taxi" and "Grease" is in a coma following a drug overdose, possibly from pain pills. Manager Phil Brock says the 60-year-old actor was found unconscious on May 11. He is hospitalized in critical condition. [More]

Man gets food assistance despite lotto win

A lawyer for a Michigan man who receives food assistance from the state despite a $2 million lottery payout last year said no laws were broken. [More]

Circumcision ban to appear on San Francisco ballot

A group seeking to ban the circumcision of male children in San Francisco has succeeded in getting their controversial measure on the November ballot, meaning voters will be asked to weigh in on what until now has been a private family matter. [More]

Police: Texas Man Left Toddler in Car to Go Shoplifting

A West Texas man is charged with theft, marijuana possession and child abandonment after police say he left his 2-year-old daughter alone in his car while he went into an El Paso department store to steal some DVDs. [More]

Schwarzenegger sons born days apart

Fallout from the revelation that former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child outside his marriage has been "very hard" for him, and the actor "is doing everything he can to take full responsibility to take all of the spotlight off his children and wife," a source said. [More]

NYT: New focus in Schwarzenegger saga

The cul-de-sac where a woman identified as the mother of a child by Arnold Schwarzenegger now lives has become a maelstrom of TV cameras, reporters and onlookers. [More]

Drunk ice cream man had urine in freezer

Police in Pennsylvania said they pulled over an ice cream truck driver accused of drunken driving and discovered a bottle of urine in the vehicle's freezer. [More]

Man fakes violent attack over Oprah tickets

A Canadian man who told police he was robbed of final Oprah show tickets faces a felony charge after admitting he made up the story so he would not disappoint his wife. [More]

Police: Man poured bleach on dead renter

Police in Florida said they arrested a man who discovered the body of his renter and poured bleach on the corpse instead of reporting the find. [More]

Navy names ship after labor activist Cesar Chavez

The U.S. Navy has named one of its newest ships after Mexican-American labor organizer Cesar Chavez, officials said Wednesday. [More]

Feds must stop writing gibberish under new law

The federal government is rolling out a new official language of sorts: plain English. [More]

Crash vaults woman onto garage roof

A woman who was thrown onto a garage roof when she crashed her car was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries, authorities in Wisconsin said. [More]

Texas mom arrested in death of boy found in Maine

A Texas woman whose 6-year-old son was found dead last weekend in Maine stands accused of killing the boy and dumping his body alongside a dirt road where it was discovered, authorities said. [More]

IMF's Strauss-Kahn resigns amid sex charges

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the embattled managing director of International Monetary Fund, has resigned, saying he wanted to devote "all his energy" to battle the sexual assault charges he faces in New York. [More]

Secret Service Tweet Takes Shot at Fox News

The Secret Service's account declared on the social media site: "Had to monitor Fox for a story. Can't. Deal. With. The. Blathering." [More]

Wednesday, May 18

Mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child Revealed

Mildred Patricia Baena is the woman with whom former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a son about 14 years ago, ABC News has learned. [More]

New Jersey Toddler Dies in Vat of Cooking Oil

A three-year-old boy died Tuesday after falling into a vat of cooking oil at a restaurant in southern New Jersey. [More]

Newt Gingrich owed up to $500,000 to Tiffany

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who entered the 2012 presidential race just last Wednesday, is having an epically bad week. He is being stung by a report that he carried up to $500,000 in debt to the Tiffany jewelry company - and may still be carrying it. [More]

Arnold Schwarzenegger 'realizes the terrible mistake he made'

Fallout from the revelation that former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child outside his marriage has been "very hard" for him, and the actor "is doing everything he can to take full responsibility to take all of the spotlight off his children and wife," a source close to Schwarzenegger told CNN. [More]

Love child to tarnish Schwarzenegger legacy

Arnold Schwarzenegger's political legacy in California already was tenuous. He left the governor's office after seven years without making good on his central campaign promise to fix the state's budgeting system, then commuted the manslaughter sentence for the son of a political ally. [More]

Celebs Say Bye To Oprah

Oprah Winfrey wiped away tears as celebrity after celebrity surprised her during a farewell double-episode taping of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" that will precede her finale. [More]

Baby named after Facebook Like button

An Israeli couple said they were inspired by the "Like" button on Facebook when they named their daughter Like. [More]

Proposed naming of Navy ship for Cesar Chavez draws fire, support

Labor organizer Cesar Chavez was always ready for a confrontation. And now the founder of the United Farm Workers, dead since 1993, is in the middle of a ruckus over the U.S. Navy's plans to name a new ship in his honor. [More]

Pump error costs gas station owner $21,000

A computer mistake that led to a California gas station selling premium gas for $1.10 a gallon led to a huge rush of business, the unlucky owner says. [More]

Man Eats 25,000th Big Mac

How many Big Macs have you eaten in your lifetime? Well, a Wisconsin man knows exactly how many of the iconic burgers he’s scarfed down over the years, and the number will probably blow your mind. [More]

IMF chief's accuser goes into hiding

A hotel maid who IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is accused of trying to rape has gone into hiding, and was unaware of his identity until after the alleged attack, her lawyer said. [More]

Jailed IMF chief under pressure to quit

Dominique Strauss-Kahn faced growing pressure to quit as head of the IMF after his arrest on attempted rape charges, and Europe sought to fend off a challenge from developing countries to fill a post it has traditionally held. [More]

Elizabeth Smart Not So Messed Up, Lawyer Argues

The defense attorney for Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper filed a motion Tuesday to spare his client a life sentence, arguing that Smart does not appear to be significantly psychological damaged despite Brian David Mitchell kidnapping and sexual assaulting her, reported. [More]

Jerry Lewis to sign off from Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon

For 45 years, Jerry Lewis and the Muscular Dystrophy Association's annual Labor Day fundraiser have been synonymous, so much so that it's now known as the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, in honor of the comic's tireless efforts. [More]

Coffee may protect men from prostate cancer

Coffee is good for men, according to research released Tuesday from the Harvard School of Public Health. Those who who drink the most coffee — regular or decaffeinated — have the least risk for prostate cancer, especially the deadliest forms of the disease, the study found. [More]

Tuesday, May 17

Starbucks sued for firing a dwarf

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing Starbucks for firing a dwarf who asked for a stool to perform her job as a barista at an El Paso, Texas shop.Starbucks responded by saying the stoll could pose a danger to customers and coworkers. [More]

Texas Teacher Allegedly Had Sex With 5 Students

A suburban North Texas high school teacher has been accused of having sex with five 18-year-old students at her home and was released on bond Monday. [More]

Schwarzenegger reveals he had child with staffer

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has acknowledged that he fathered a child with a member of his household staff, a revelation that apparently prompted wife Maria Shriver to leave the couple's home before they announced their separation last week. [More]

Report: Rick Springfield Threatened to Kill Cop

Rick Springfield threatened to kill a deputy sheriff and the deputy's family the night he was arrested for drunk driving, yet there is no mention of the incident in the arrest report, law enforcement sources tell TMZ. [More]

Rumors swirl that 'Botox mom' has lost custody

The furor over Kerry Campbell, aka Botox Mom, continues with gossip and mom blogs atwitter with reports that Campbell has lost custody of her 8-year-old daughter, Britney. [More]

Congress Moves to Limit Funding for Airport Body Scanners

A House Appropriations Subcommittee has stripped $76 m out of the TSA budget for 2012, designated for the purchase of 275 airport body scanners. [More]

IMF chief jailed on Rikers Island, charged with attempted rape

The head of the powerful International Monetary Fund will spend the next few days in an 11-by-13-foot cell at New York's Rikers Island jail complex - a far cry from the $3,000-a-night luxury suite where he allegedly chased a housekeeping employee naked down a hallway and sexually assaulted her. [More]

Burglar trips, discharges gun in home

Police in North Carolina said an attempted burglar abandoned his plans when he tripped inside the home and discharged his gun. [More]

Court won't hear challenge to 'So help me God'

The Supreme Court is brushing aside an atheist's challenge to religion in government, refusing to hear a complaint about President Barack Obama adding "so help me God" to his inaugural oath of office. [More]

Fox cuts down 'Wanted,' but John Walsh isn't done

You didn't have to watch "America's Most Wanted" to be grateful it's there. For 23 years it has resided on Fox, rallying its audience into a nationwide crime watch from which everyone benefited. [More]

SEALs Knew Raid Was One-Shot Deal

New details on U.S. raid that killed Usama bin Laden reveal that Navy SEALs team knew there was only one chance to nab the Al Qaeda leader in his compound, seen at left, and that the mission almost went horribly wrong, sources say. [More]

Monday, May 16

Trump says no to presidential run

After months of flirting with politics, Donald Trump said Monday he won't run for president, choosing to stick with hosting "The Celebrity Apprentice" over entering the race for the Republican nomination. [More]

Deputy suspended over Burger King beef

A Florida deputy sheriff was suspended after an incident that began when his wife got the wrong order at Burger King, officials said. [More]

Teen allegedly raped, forced to apologize

Jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday in the case of a 15-year-old girl who prosecutors say was raped by a fellow church member and forced to stand before the congregation to apologize for getting pregnant. [More]

Man Lied About Wife's Cancer to Get Money from Employer

New Hampshire police say a man told his employer that his wife was dying of cancer in a scheme to obtain thousands of dollars in financial assistance. [More]

Stranded Oregon Man Kept Diary as He Froze to Death

When the body of Jerry William McDonald was discovered deep in the Oregon woods on a one-lane dirt road pockmarked with holes, the first hint of what led to his death was the Feb. 14 entry on his calendar: "Snowed in." [More]

Sex, lies and the reckless choices of the powerful

There is no shortage of powerful leaders who fell from grace for affairs, prostitutes and groping. Sexual indiscretions have weakened governments and buried political careers on both sides of the Atlantic, today and in ages past. [More]

Ethics Committee refers Ensign case to Justice

Former Sen. John Ensign of Nevada broke federal law, made false statements to the Federal Election Commission and obstructed a Senate Ethics Committee's investigation into his conduct, the panel said Thursday in a scathing report that sent the matter to the Justice Department for possible prosecution. [More]

US businesses reluctant to open in Mexico

Dozens of Mattel Inc. employees were on their way to another day of work making Power Wheels in Mexico's industrial heartland when gunshots erupted around them and a grenade ripped into one of their buses, killing one worker and wounding five. [More]

Tenn. officer appeals firing over confiscated beer

A 19-year veteran of a Tennessee town's police department is appealing his firing after beer confiscated from minors was given to a fellow officer. [More]

Blazing jet makes emergency landing

Terrified passengers aboard a blazing jetliner prayed together before the plane made an emergency landing in Singapore on Monday. [More]

Your co-workers are killing you

The risk of premature death is greatly reduced for people who report high levels of social support at their job, according to a new study published in the May issue of Health Psychology. Workers between the ages of 38 and 43 were mostly likely to be negatively affected. Translation: If you want to live long and prosper, work at a company filled with people you actually like. [More]

Suspect in Bellagio heist charged in other robbery

The 29-year-old man accused in the armed heist of $1.5 million in casino chips from the posh Bellagio resort has been charged in an earlier casino robbery that netted nearly $19,000 in cash. [More]

Sunday, May 15

IMF chief charged with sex assault, rape attempt

IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, widely expected to run for the French presidency in 2012, was charged Sunday with the sexual assault and attempted rape of a New York hotel chambermaid, police said. [More]

Massachusetts Boy Charged With Bringing Toy Gun on Bus

Police say a 9-year-old elementary school student from Palmer, Mass., will be summoned to juvenile court to face charges for bringing a toy handgun on the school bus. [More]

Ex-NBA star sues Las Vegas resort over 'beat down'

Charles Oakley, one of the NBA's all-time tough guys and now a Charlotte Bobcats assistant, has sued a Las Vegas resort over what he calls a May 2010 "gang-style beat down" by security guards who injured him. [More]

Homeless man dies in recycling truck

Police in southwest Ohio say a homeless man was apparently crushed to death in a recycling truck that had picked up material from a shopping center's recycling bin where he had crawled inside and fallen asleep. [More]

Honor killings: Moms accused of slaying 2 brides

Two Muslim mothers have been arrested after allegedly killing their daughters for dishonoring the family by eloping with Hindu men, police in northern India said Sunday [More]

German grandchildren of Nazis delve into past

Most Germans have skirted their own possible family involvement in Nazi atrocities. Now, more than 65 years after the end of Hitler's regime, an increasing number of Germans are trying to pierce the family secrets. [More]

Prank turns costly for school district

It was a prank, but school officials in Troy, Mo., say the swimming pool students built in a high school commons area will cost taxpayers $15,000. [More]

Woman beheaded in store identified

A British woman beheaded in an apparently random supermarket attack in Spain's Canary Islands has been identified as grandmother Jennifer Mills-Westley. [More]

Forgotten Michael Jackson photos could power the world, inventor says

A Los Angeles inventor who photographed Michael Jackson 33 years ago hopes those images will now help launch an electric motor he claims could solve the world's energy problems. [More]

Ohio burglar took empty gumball machine

Police in Ohio are puzzled by a burglar who they say broke into a convenience store and took nothing but an empty gumball machine. [More]

NC sheriff blames cheese for false drug test

An enzyme found in cheese triggered false drug test results that led North Carolina deputies to think a man with 91 pounds of tortilla dough was carrying that much cocaine, the sheriff said. [More]

Saturday, May 14

Mummified Playmate died from heart disease

The Los Angeles County coroner's office has identified a decomposed body found last month in a Benedict Canyon home as actress and 1959 Playboy Playmate Yvette Vickers. [More]

Teachers caught in the act in school classroom

Two high school teachers face disciplinary action after a student caught them in a compromising position on school premises. [More]

Houston Press Compiles Texas' 10 Hottest Female Sex Offenders

The Houston Press has released a list of the “10 Hottest Women on the Texas Sex Offenders List.” [More]

Porn stash found at bin Laden compound

A sizeable stash of pornography was among the items seized when U.S. Navy SEALs raided the Pakistani hideout of Osama bin Laden, almost two weeks ago, U.S. officials say. [More]

Lawsuit filed over death photos

A conservative legal watchdog group has filed the first lawsuit seeking public release of video and photographs of the U.S. military raid and aftermath that left al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden dead. [More]

Boy survives tornado — by hiding in dryer

An 11-year-old boy lived through a tornado that demolished part of his house by hiding in a clothes dryer, according to reports. [More]

Fiance spent week by dead body

A Kansas man told police he spent a week with his fiancee's body praying for a miracle to restore her to life. [More]

Apple approves prostitution-friendly app

Thanks to what appears to be an oversight in Apple's App Store approval process, it'll be possible to hire a prostitute using an iPhone app after June 1. [More]

Don't gamble on penny auction sites

The offers seem irresistible: an iPad 2 for $50, the iPhone 4 for $50 and a whiz-bang SLR for $100.Recently, there has been a rise in penny auction sites touting such deals. They go by names like Quibids and SwipeBid. Unfortunately, too many people learn about the hidden dangers of penny auctions the hard way. [More]

NYC retiree pays for apocalypse ads

A retired New York City transit worker has spent $140,000, which he says is his entire savings, on ads warning bus and subway riders the end is near. [More]

Teachers arrested in protests at Calif. Capitol

More than two dozen California teachers, including the president of the state's largest teachers union, were arrested at the state Capitol Thursday night as part of a protest over education funding in the state budget. [More]

School to naughty kids: No hot lunch for you!

One Pennsylvania school decided to dish out punishment for its students for behaving badly during lunch: No hot meals. [More]

Blinded woman to put acid in attacker's eyes

An Iranian man found guilty of blinding a woman who refused to marry him now will have the same done to him as punishment — and she'll be the one who does it, her lawyer said. [More]

Woman dies as car driven by grandson hit by train

Authorities say an 82-year-old woman died after her grandson drove around a stopped car at an Orangeburg rail crossing and their vehicle was struck by an oncoming train. [More]

Friday, May 13

Jesse James: 'I should have left her'

"I should have did the honorable thing," Jesse James tells CNN's Piers Morgan. "I should have left her, you know? If I wanted to screw around, I should have, you know, ended it." [More]

Ex-Ky sheriff admits to kickbacks; faces prison

A former Kentucky sheriff has pleaded guilty to using his office to take kickbacks, distribute drugs and pay for personal expenses. [More]

Detroit Cop Accused of Sex Acts in Squad Car With Prostitute

A Detroit police officer has been suspended as authorities investigate claims he picked up a transvestite prostitute while on the job, reported Thursday. [More]

Anthony lawyer raises 'sexual abuse' as potential 'mitigating' factor

While questioning prospective jurors, Casey Anthony's defense team hinted Thursday that "a history of sexual abuse" may have explained their client's behavior after she allegedly killed her 2-year-old daughter then failed to alert authorities. [More]

Mob target quick draw practice kills television

A man practicing a quick draw at a life-size poster of Don Michael Corleone accidentally fired, police in Oregon say. The movie mob boss was just winged, but a neighbor's flat screen wasn't so lucky. [More]

Grandma beats burglar with cane

An Illinois grandmother who found a man burglarizing her house confronted him and beat him with her cane, police said. [More]

Fla. judge allegedly takes too many breaks

A Florida judge is in trouble for tardiness, long lunches, holding sessions at inconvenient times like Saturday morning and too many smoking breaks. [More]

Judge OKs extra releases for Ronald Reagan shooter

The man who tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan 30 years ago can make additional unsupervised visits to his mother's house from the psychiatric hospital where he is committed, a judge has ruled. [More]

Scammer calls social worker on Mariah Carey, husband says

New mother Mariah Carey got a hospital visit from a social worker this week, according to her husband, after someone complained that Carey was abusing her newborn twins by consuming alcohol and drugs while breastfeeding. [More]

How bin Laden emailed without being detected

Using intermediaries and inexpensive computer disks, Osama bin Laden managed to send emails while in hiding, without leaving a digital fingerprint for U.S. eavesdroppers to find. [More]

Chuck E. Cheese Sued for Alleged Gambling Games

A San Diego mother is suing Chuck E. Cheese, the favorite pizza chain of kids across the nation, accusing the restaurant of illegal gambling. [More]

Report: Kutcher's 'Men' deal all but signed

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the actor is putting the final touches on a deal to replace Charlie Sheen on the hit sitcom. [More]

IRS may tax gifts to groups active in politics

Advocacy groups have been drawing more scrutiny, from President Obama as well as others, as they have proliferated and funneled vast sums of money in support of campaigns and causes, without having to publicly disclose their donors. [More]

$835 parking ticket leaves woman furious

In Council Bluffs, Iowa, it pays to observe the "No parking on the grass" signs. [More]

Honesty pays 2-to-1 for Texas teen

An honest Texas teenager who thought she had lost out on $2,000 in unclaimed cash she turned in was given double that amount by an anonymous donor. [More]

2 Border Patrol agents killed in Arizona crash

Two Border Patrol agents rushing to help capture some suspected illegal immigrants were killed Thursday when their SUV entered a marked railroad crossing and was struck by a freight train. [More]

Props aplenty in Senate show on big oil tax breaks

The hearing was for verbally flogging oil company CEOs, and no senator bothered to pretend it was about making gasoline prices more affordable or helping the economy recover. Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch set the tone Thursday when he opened with a portrait of a dog sitting on a pony. [More]

NYC cabs to get less annoying horns

Nissan Motors executives say they do not yet know what the gentler horn on the Japanese automaker's next generation New York City taxi will sound like. [More]

Thursday, May 12

Man admits driving 51 miles with wife on van hood

A Northern California man who drove 51 miles with his wife clinging to the hood of his minivan has pleaded guilty and agreed to be sentenced to five years in prison. [More]

Florida Art Teacher Arrested After Punching Student

Authorities say a high school art teacher was arrested after punching a student who called her vulgar names. [More]

Will Smith's double-decker trailer hits road amid NY complaints

Will Smith's tricked-out double-decker trailer was sent packing Wednesday after complaints from residents in the neighborhood where his new film is being shot. [More]

Regulator joins Comcast after she OK'd NBC deal

A top telecommunications regulator who voted to approve Comcast Corp.'s takeover of NBCUniversal in January is leaving to join the company as a lobbyist. [More]

How the oil industry saves $4.4B a year on taxes

Motorists are paying nearly $4 for a gallon of gasoline as the oil industry reaps pre-tax profits that could hit $200 billion this year. This makes another big number hard to take: $4.4 billion. That's how much the industry saves every year through special tax breaks intended to promote domestic drilling. [More]

Ohio autoworker guilty of helping kill 27,900 Jews

A German court sentenced John Demjanjuk to five years in prison on Thursday for his role in the killing of 27,900 Jews at the Nazi death camp Sobibor. [More]

Three arrested in death of mom found in pond

A Maine woman whose body was found in a New Hampshire pond had been lured to a friend's apartment, and ambushed by two men who plotted to steal drugs and money from her, authorities said. [More]

Shutting Out the Kids from the Family Fortune

Want to avoid raising spoiled kids? Consider the Wellington Burt School of Wealthy Parenting. He stated that his fortune would be distributed to the family -- but only 21 years after his grandchildren's death. [More]

Boy's prom invite gets him banned

A Connecticut high school senior who invited a girl to the prom by posting the message on the outside of a school building ended up banned from the dance. [More]

The $1,000 Popscicle

For those who can still afford it, the Marquis Los Cabos resort in Baja California Sur, Mexico is offering a $1,000 popsicle made from 24 ct. gold flakes and Tequilas Premium Clase Azul Ultra, which goes for $1,500 a bottle. [More]

Man dials 911 for beer

Out of beer? It may be an emergency for some, but don't dial 911. [More]

5 cups of coffee a day may cut cancer risk

Coffee may do more than give a caffeine boost — it could also reduce the risk of developing a particular kind of breast cancer, according to a new study. [More]

Man steals $700 of Crest White Strips

A surveillance camera at an Indiana Kroger caught a man stealing $700 worth of teeth whitener. [More]

'America's toughest sheriff' rejects calls to quit

Critics of America's self-proclaimed toughest sheriff on Wednesday called for his resignation amid allegations of corruption, racial profiling and misspending. [More]

$1,600 Andy Warhol work sells for $38.4 million

Andy Warhol's very first self-portrait injected the energy that been missing back into spring art sales Wednesday when it soared to $38.44 million at Christie's post-war and contemporary art auction. [More]

Why gadget makers wield a 'kill switch'

When you buy a video game from Best Buy, you don't give the retailer the right to barge into your house whenever it wants. So why do we give that permission to software companies? [More]

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