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Tuesday, July 12

Casey Anthony Reportedly Plans to Use False Name, Disguises Upon Release From Jail

Casey Anthony will likely wear disguises and live under an assumed name at a secret location after she is released from prison this weekend, the Chicago Sun-Times reports, quoting a source close to her legal team. [More]

No Perjury Charges for Casey Anthony's Mom

A spokeswoman for a prosecutor's office says Casey Anthony's mother will not face perjury charges for testimony during her daughter's murder trial. [More]

Woman arrested for gas mask in post office

A Minnesota post office was closed for hours Monday while authorities worked to ensure a package and duffel bag carried by a woman in a gas mask were harmless. [More]

Police find burglar through dog

Police in Centralia, Wash., say they apprehended a burglary suspect after his dog was found at the scene of the crime. [More]

Protesters angry about police shooting shut down S.F. subway stop

Protesters shut down a San Francisco subway station Monday, angry about a transit police officer shooting a drunk man at a station earlier this month. [More]

Lawyer moves to get rid of courtroom sign

A lawyer says he has a bone to pick about the validity of signs posted above judges' benches in Miami-Dade county courtrooms proclaiming truth is a goal. [More]

'What a miracle': Planes collide in midair, land safely

Two small planes collided in midair along a narrow and treacherous mountain corridor in Alaska in a crash that marked an extraordinarily rare event: No one was injured. [More]

A closer look at Bachmann's past

You’ll never guess what Michele Bachmann, the rabble-rousing, government-bashing idol of America’s tea party movement, used to do for a living ... sue tax scofflaws for the Internal Revenue Service. [More]

Marine's date request gets through to Mila Kunis

Thanks to the power of the Internet, a Marine's YouTube request to go on a date with Mila Kunis got through to the actress. [More]

Casey Anthony Jury Foreman Says Doubt of George Anthony's Testimony Swayed Verdict

The juror, who asked Fox News not to reveal his name, said in an exclusive interview with Greta Van Susteren that the weekslong murder trial in Orlando was a time that he will “never forget.” [More]

Influential brother of Afghan president killed at home

A brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai and one of the most powerful men in southern Afghanistan was shot dead at his home on Tuesday, apparently by a senior and highly trusted bodyguard, officials said. [More]

German store closed for venomous spider

A German supermarket said its doors would remain closed until pest control workers locate and capture a venomous banana spider spotted in the shop. [More]

Whoa, baby! Texas mom delivers 16-pound newborn

A Texas mom expected a big baby, but nothing like this: 16 pounds, 1 ounce. [More]

Bus rider outraged at urinating driver

A Toronto bus passenger was outraged after seeing a bus driver urinate on a subway station, officials say. [More]

Monday, July 11

Oklahoma pharmacist sentenced to life for killing would-be robber

An Oklahoma pharmacist has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole for first-degree murder in the shooting death of a teenager who tried to rob the south Oklahoma City pharmacy where he worked. [More]

Authorities Investigate Stun Gun on JetBlue Plane

Authorities are wondering how a stun gun made it through security and onto a flight that landed at Newark Airport [More]

Illegally strip-searched strippers awarded $195,000

The city of Daytona Beach Shores will pay a $195,000 settlement to four strippers who were illegally strip-searched. [More]

Ohio Father Climbs Into Well to Save 3-Year-Old Son

A man is being credited with saving the life of his three-year-old son after climbing in a well to save him on Friday night. [More]

Verdict brought few answers in Anthony case

Many of the thousands who followed the Casey Anthony trial did not get the guilty verdict they wanted, nor did they learn the truth about what happened to the 2-year-old daughter she was accused of murdering. [More]

Girl, 12, kills self to donate organs to family

A 12-year-old girl killed herself in order to donate her organs to family members, but was cremated before her wishes became known. [More]

Woman Faces Jail Time Over Her Vegetable Garden

A Michigan resident is facing up to 93 days in jail for planting a vegetable garden in her front yard. [More]

Funeral services Monday for fan who died at game

Funeral services will be held Monday for a Texas man who died at a baseball game last week. [More]

Forklift ejects sheriff from Canada home

A Canadian man was charged with assault after he allegedly scooped up a sheriff's car with a forklift and carried it off his property, police said. [More]

City to Pay Wedded Gay Workers to Offset Tax

When the city of Cambridge issues paychecks to its public employees, nearly two dozen workers find a federal tax on their income that their colleagues don't have to pay. [More]

Check in Fido at America's best dog-friendly hotels

Some lucky dogs not only go on vacation, they also get in-room massages, their own seasonal room service menu, and a welcome gift that they can chew on. [More]

It's a boy for Kate Hudson, rocker fiance Bellamy

Kate Hudson is a mom again, and the father is another rocker. Hudson's rep said Sunday that Hudson and fiance Matt Bellamy, singer with the British band Muse, are new parents. [More]

Clemens trial a story of 2 friends turned enemies

Strip away the legalese and the trial of Roger Clemens is a tale of two men: the baseball star and his trainer. The pair rose together to the heights of their professions only to become bitter enemies who destroyed each other's reputations as stand-up family men who were the best at what they did. [More]

Sunday, July 10

Lucky fan grabs Jeter's 3,000 ball, gives it back

Lucky to land the prize, Christian Lopez was happy to give it back to Derek Jeter for season tickets and several other goodies. [More]

New Australian law to make Muslims lift veils

Muslim women would have to remove veils and show their faces to police on request or risk a prison sentence under proposed new laws in Australia's most populous state that have drawn criticism as culturally insensitive. [More]

Rewriting History: Nagin tells very different Katrina story

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin writes in a new memoir that he was the only one to understand how to recover from Hurricane Katrina, and that he endured plots against him and incompetence around him as he set his plan in motion. [More]

Report rips Garrido's probation officers

A report from federal judicial authorities released this week blasted federal probation officers in northern California for their handling of the case of Phillip Garrido, who admitted to kidnapping and sexually assaulting Jaycee Dugard over 18 years. [More]

Strauss-Kahn Reportedly Entered Hotel With 'Girlfriend' Before Maid 'Assault'

Hours before Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegedly sexually assaulted a maid in his Manhattan hotel suite, the Frenchman had an alleged rendezvous in the very same room with a mystery lady identified by sources as his secret "girlfriend" - who also happens to be married, The New York Post reports. [More]

Patti LaBelle's Hairdresser, Bodyguard Charged With Assault

Patti LaBelle’s bodyguard and hairdresser were charged with assault stemming from a March altercation with a West Point cadet. [More]

CBS used fake footage for July 4 fireworks

The CBS broadcast of Boston's Fourth of July fireworks showed rockets bursting over Boston landmarks that viewers say were clearly faked. [More]

Ranger defends bears after man dies

Having spent an hour walking the trails in Yellowstone National Park, Erin Prophet suddenly heard the words that every hiker dreads. [More]

Ex-director of Illinois cemetery sentenced in burial scheme

The former director of a Chicago-area cemetery where hundreds of graves were dug up and resold has pleaded guilty to several charges involving the desecration of human remains. [More]

Betty Ford Helped Pave Road to Recovery for Stars

Long before it became reality show fodder, Betty Ford helped create the original celebrity rehab. [More]

Feds go after baseball, but not bankers?

Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were long considered first ballot Hall of Famers, but the steroids scandal that has dominated baseball since the '90s has destroyed their reputations and could very well keep them out of Cooperstown. [More]

Aging boomers strain cities built for the young

America's cities are beginning to grapple with a fact of life: People are getting old, fast, and they're doing it in communities designed for the sprightly. [More]

Police say wearing video cameras offers protection

Oakland and hundreds of other police departments across the country are equipping officers with tiny body cameras to record anything from a traffic stop to a hot vehicle pursuit to an unfolding violent crime. [More]

Murdoch in Britain as News of the World prints last edition

Britain's News of the World was published for the last time on Sunday after the tabloid was axed amid the phone-hacking scandal, as its owner Rupert Murdoch flew in to take charge of managing the crisis. [More]

Saturday, July 9

Noise Prompts Restaurant to Ban Kids Under 6

Pennsylvania restaurant owner Mike Vuick said there's "nothing wrong with babies, but the fact is you can't control their volume." He said all that screaming and crying disturbs many of his customers. [More]

TSA Employee Stole $50k Worth of Electronics

A former Transportation Security Administration employee was charged with two counts of grand theft for allegedly stealing electronics from luggage, authorities in Florida said Thursday. [More]

Customer jailed after trying to cash bank check

For 28-year-old Ikenna Njoku, what should have been a simple check deposit turned into four days in jail and losing his car and job. [More]

Lucas shuts down 'Star Wars' movie marathon

A group of sci-fi devotees had organized a 13-hour "Star Wars" movie marathon for 200 fans in a bar in Brooklyn last Sunday, but the screening was called off after organizers received a cease-and-desist letter from Lucas' lawyers. The letter cited copyright infringement. [More]

Ohio woman pleads guilty to spraying cops with breast milk

A 30-year-old central Ohio woman pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of spraying sheriff's deputies with breast milk last month. [More]

City settles stripper strip-search suit

A Florida city agreed to pay an $195,000 settlement to four exotic dancers and two female bartenders who claimed they were illegally strip-searched. [More]

Former first lady Betty Ford dies

Betty Ford, the widow of President Gerald Ford and a co-founder of an eponymous addiction center in California, has died at the age of 93. [More]

Casey Anthony refuses jail visit from mom

Casey Anthony, the Florida woman acquitted this week of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008, has rejected a visit from her mother scheduled for Friday evening, a jail official told Reuters. [More]

States weigh 'Caylee's Law' in verdict aftermath

Lawmakers outraged over Casey Anthony's acquittal are proposing so-called Caylee's laws that would allow felony charges against parents who do not quickly report missing children. [More]

Unemployed? Don't count on the military

Friday's government report showing a rise in unemployment shines a light on a new hurdle facing young people in need of work: the military isn't the reliable source of employment that it used to be. The Army and Marine Corps are getting smaller, and now there's a nearly year-long waiting list just to get into boot camp, no matter which branch you want to join. [More]

Wyo. man charged with killing 3 sons, brother

A quiet, agricultural town in central Wyoming is reeling from a shooting spree after a man opened fire inside a mobile home, killing his three sons and a brother and wounding his wife, authorities say. [More]

Amputee ejected from roller coaster, dies

A U.S. Army veteran who lost his legs while deployed in Iraq died after he was thrown from a 200-foot-tall roller coaster at an upstate theme park on Friday. [More]

Pain lingers for Hamilton day after fan's death

Josh Hamilton stood in the outfield Friday night and found himself holding his breath when a ball went into the stands, especially the upper decks. [More]

Friday, July 8

Casey Anthony release pushed back to July 17

Casey Anthony will have 10 more days behind bars to think about her future after authorities in Florida announced Thursday that she would not be released until July 17, four days after the date initially given. [More]

Casey Anthony Writes of Wanting More Children in Jailhouse Letters

Casey Anthony's release from an Orlando jail next week has everyone wondering: What's in store for the Orlando mother who was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter? [More]

Court burns Dillard's over hot dog canning

The Indiana Court of Appeals says a department store wasn't justified in firing a worker who took two leftover hot dogs from a company picnic, so it must pay him unemployment. [More]

Cheating scandal brings school reforms

Atlanta's schools will flag suspicious test scores and achieve a culture of integrity in the wake of a cheating scandal that could lead to criminal charges, officials said Thursday. [More]

Suspect in New York Pharmacy Massacre Called for Jury Duty

A New Yorker facing first-degree murder charges in the shooting of four people at a Long Island pharmacy has been excused from jury duty. [More]

Female traffic judge took pics in men's room

A South Florida traffic court judge is accused of taking cell phone pictures of a man at a men's room urinal, then trying to bite the hand of the officer who arrested her a short time later. [More]

Connecticut Begins Illegal Immigrant In-State Tuition

This will be the first year that illegal immigrant Maria Praeli can consider going to college full-time. [More]

Fan dies after falling from stands at Rangers game

A man attending a Texas Rangers game with his young son died after falling out of the stands and about 20 feet to the ground while trying to catch a baseball tossed his way Thursday night, the Rangers and Arlington fire officials said. [More]

Drunken woman enters home, takes pug

Police in Alaska said a drunken woman broke into a 77-year-old woman's house and walked off with a pug when the homeowner confronted her. [More]

Texas executes Mexican despite White House plea

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to block Texas from executing a Mexican citizen despite a White House-backed appeal that claimed the case could affect other foreigners arrested in the U.S. and Americans in legal trouble abroad. [More]

Why Murdoch is killing News of the World

Closing Britain's highest-selling newspaper, the 168-year-old News of the World, with just three days' notice in the wake of its phone-hacking scandal may feel like a nuclear option. In practice, it makes perfect sense for Rupert Mudoch's News Corporation. [More]

Audio from 123-year-old talking doll 'a pretty big first,' historians say

A recently recovered recording from the first-ever talking doll could also be the first-ever commercial recording, historians said after the audio was posted online by the National Parks Service Wednesday. The 12-second recording of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," captured on a ring-shaped cylinder phonograph, was produced for Thomas Edison. [More]

Man accused of toll-dodging 998 times

Authorities have hit a Staten Island man with nearly $25,000 in fees for allegedly crossing toll bridges nearly 1,000 times without paying. [More]

'All My Children,' 'One Life' will live on online

While daytime classics “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” are still due to get the axe on ABC in the not-too-distant future, the weekday dramas are far from over. [More]

Thursday, July 7

News of the World to close amid hacking scandal

The News of the World, which sells about 2.8 million copies a week, is famed for its celebrity scoops and sex scandals, earning it the nickname, the News of the Screws. [More]

News of the World: The paper that died of shame

For much of the 19th and 20th centuries as News of the World's circulation soared ever higher, its slogan "all human life is there" gave a pretty good idea of the kind of content that made it the best-selling English-language newspaper in the world. [More]

Casey Anthony receives jail time, but will be released next Wednesday

A Florida judge on Thursday sentenced Casey Anthony to four years in jail for lying to police after her daughter disappeared, but said after credit for time served she could be free next Wednesday [developing]. [More]

Texas mulls White House request on execution

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is weighing a request from the White House to delay the upcoming execution of a Mexican national whose case has raised concerns about U.S. treaty violations. [More]

Man in Spongebob pajamas robs store

A man wearing Spongebob Squarepants pajama bottoms and an accomplice robbed a Family Dollar Store in north Harris County, Texas, officials say. [More]

Entenmann's sorry for 'not guilty' tweet

The Pennsylvania makers of Entenmann's cakes apologized for an "insensitive, albeit completely unintentional" Twitter post appearing to evoke Casey Anthony. [More]

Woman cited $100 for using trash can

An 83-year-old New York woman said she was fined and threatened with arrest by a Sanitation Department agent for putting old newspapers in a city trash can. [More]

3 Calif. moms accused of using PTA in Ponzi scheme

Three former PTA mothers used their connection with a suburban elementary school to recruit investors in a phony $14 million get-rich-quick scheme, authorities said Wednesday. [More]

Jose Baez goes from 'Bozo' to courtroom hero

Jose Angel Baez, the workhorse lawyer who won acquittals for Casey Anthony at the most-watched murder trial in years, may be either the best criminal defense attorney in America - or the luckiest. [More]

Prosecutors' rash moves backfire in Anthony, Strauss-Kahn cases

The most important part of criminal law doesn't appear in any statute book or textbook. It's not even a formal "law" at all. It's the concept of prosecutorial discretion, and it is at the heart of our justice system -- as the pursuers of Casey Anthony and Dominique Strauss-Kahn have discovered. [More]

Did 'CSI' effect sway Anthony jury?

Did the "CSI" effect have an influence on the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial? [More]

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton: 'I Can Only Assume ... Jurors Didn't See What I Saw'

There was not a moment during the trial where prosecutor Jeff Ashton entertained the notion that he’d lose the case, “Not until I heard ‘not guilty,’” he said, in an exclusive interview with “I thought it went pretty well.” [More]

Pet shop turns away drunks seeking pups

A New York pet shop said it has instituted a policy of not allowing intoxicated customers to buy puppies. [More]

Gunman shoots 7 after Las Vegas funeral

A gunman who at first appeared to mingle with funeral-goers on Wednesday later sprayed bullets at those paying respects to a man stabbed to death on the Las Vegas strip, police said. [More]

Gold nugget actually from Australia

An Australian prospector said an 8.2-pound gold nugget a California man claimed to have found on his property was actually dug up in Australia in 1987. [More]

SEC looks to outsource leases after botched deal

The Securities and Exchange Commission is in talks to largely hand off its leasing activities after being accused of bungling a real estate deal priced at more than half a billion dollars. [More]

Cutting salt may not help your heart after all

In an analysis that set off a fierce debate over the health effects of salt, researchers said on Wednesday they had found no evidence that small cuts to salt intake reduce the risk of developing heart disease or dying prematurely. [More]

Dog found 1 year later, 2,800 miles away

Pollux, a black lab-mix that vanished from its Montreal family's yard a year ago has turned up 2,800 miles away in Kamloops, British Columbia, officials say. [More]

Wednesday, July 6

California lawmakers pass bill to teach gay history

A bill to require California public schools to teach the historical accomplishments of gay men and lesbians passed the state Legislature on Tuesday in what supporters call a first for the nation. [More]

Charges too harsh in teen's sex-doll prank?

When 18-year-old Tyell Morton put a blow-up sex doll in a bathroom stall on the last day of school, he didn't expect school officials to call a bomb squad or that he'd be facing up to eight years in prison and a possible felony record. [More]

Woman escorted off flight after snapping photo

Miami photographer Sandy DeWitt was reportedly escorted off a US Airways flight from Philadelphia International Airport on Friday after she used her iPhone to snap a photo of an employee's name tag. [More]

Internet explodes over Casey Anthony verdict

When the "not guilty" verdict came down this afternoon the Internet didn't break. It just got angry. Also, funny. At least, if that's your sense of humor. [More]

Casey Anthony could go free after 3 years in jail

A case that involved years of forensic investigation, weeks of often highly technical testimony and untold hours of media analysis turned out to be pretty straightforward for the jurors weighing whether Casey Anthony killed her toddler daughter. [More]

Anthony trial: Lack of evidence or good defense?

Prosecutors proved Casey Anthony was a liar, but convinced the jury of little else. The government failed to establish how 2-year-old Caylee Anthony died and they couldn't find her mother's DNA on the duct tape they said was used to suffocate her. [More]

Anthony lawyers blast cable news after acquittal

No sooner had Casey Anthony been acquitted on charges of killing her daughter than her attorneys lashed out against cable news coverage that they said unfairly cast the verdict as shocking. [More]

Assange beats MasterCard with its own ad

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange recently released a video parody of MasterCard's famous "Priceless" commercials, suggesting that credit card and online payment companies have blocked $15 million from the group — and, perhaps more arrogantly, that Egypt's revolution was thanks to him. [More]

Indiana Man Drives Through Building While Texting

A man who was texting while driving has driven his vehicle through a Richmond business days after an Indiana law banning the practice went into effect. [More]

Sex workers say they will die to save brothels

Nearly seven years after tough laws began driving South Korean prostitutes out of business, sex workers are fighting back, spurred by what they say is an unprecedented campaign of police harassment. [More]

14 men charged in sex assaults of Texas girl

More than a dozen men accused of taking part in a series of sexual assaults on an 11-year-old girl are expected in court Wednesday in a case that has divided and horrified their southeast Texas town. [More]

Massive dust storm sweeps through Phoenix area

A massive dust storm descended on the Phoenix area, drastically reducing visibility and delaying flights as strong winds downed trees and left thousands of residents without power. [More]

Tuesday, July 5

White House Disputes Study Saying Stimulus Cost Taxpayers $278,000 Per Job

The White House on Tuesday sharply disputed a report that uses data from President Obama's economic advisers to claim that jobs created or saved by the stimulus bill cost taxpayers $278,000 each. [More]

Developing: Jury finds Casey Anthony not guilty of murder

For the first time a wide smile came across Casey Anthony's face. She began to smile and laugh as her team surrounded her congratulating her on the verdict. [More]

Space shuttle's legacy: Soaring in orbit and costs

The space shuttle was sold to America as cheap, safe and reliable. It was none of those. It cost $196 billion over 40 years, ended the lives of 14 astronauts and managed to make less than half the flights promised. [More]

Corpus Christi pays $10,000 for a $1,000 part

A Texas city is paying nearly $10,000 to fix a buzzer and light system that lets speakers know when their time is up before the city council. [More]

Hackers falsely claim Obama dead on Fox Twitter feed

Hackers took control of a Twitter account on Monday and sent six false tweets saying that U.S. President Barack Obama had been shot dead, prompting an investigation by the Secret Service. [More]

Escaped snake halts bullet train

A Japanese bullet train has been forced to stop after a large snake was spotted curled up on a passengers' seat. [More]

Finger length linked to penis size

Men: Hold up your right hand. Are your index and ring fingers close to the same size? Congratulations, you're more likely than men with mismatched digits to have a long penis. [More]

Prosecutor to drop Strauss-Kahn charges

U.S. prosecutors will drop sexual assault charges against ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn because of doubts about the credibility of the alleged victim, the New York Post said on Tuesday. [More]

Strauss-Kahn to face sex complaint in France

A lawyer for a 32-year-old French writer says he will file a criminal complaint today against ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn over an alleged sexual assault eight years ago. [More]

Michigan Inmate Sues State Over Prison's Porn Ban

A Michigan inmate is suing Gov. Rick Snyder and the state over his prison's ban on pornographic materials, claiming he is being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, the Detroit News reported. [More]

Rev. Robert Schuller Ousted From His Ministry

Rev. Robert H. Schuller, 84, who began his ministry in an Orange, Calif., drive-in theater more than 50 years ago, was voted off the board of the Crystal Ministries, which has been plagued by financial problems and familial discord, according to the paper. [More]

Monday, July 4

Lifeguards Ignored Son Who Alerted Them to Drowning Woman

A 9-year-old boy told two lifeguards that a woman had not resurfaced after entering the murky waters of a public swimming pool and appearing to struggle, his mother said. [More]

India offers cars for sterilization

Health officials in the Indian state of Rajasthan have conceived a controversial idea to help stem the high population growth there. [More]

Biggest burger record beat

A California man says he smashed the record for the world's biggest burger, creating one that weighed in at 777 pounds, including bun, cheese and condiments. [More]

Michigan Inmate Sues State Over Prison's Porn Ban

A Michigan inmate is suing Gov. Rick Snyder and the state over his prison's ban on pornographic materials, claiming he is being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, the Detroit News reported. [More]

Big turtle stolen from pet store

Thieves stole a 70-pound turtle from a Chicago-area pet store, authorities say. [More]

Sunday, July 3

NY motorcyclist dies on ride protesting helmet law

Police say a motorcyclist participating in a protest ride against helmet laws in upstate New York died after he flipped over the bike's handlebars and hit his head on the pavement. [More]

Convicted Councilwoman Stands to Gain $28,000

A suburban Washington councilwoman who was convicted this week of corruption is planning to remain in office until she is sentenced in October – a move that would allow Leslie Johnson to collect nearly $28,000 more of her taxpayer-funded salary, which is $96,000 a year. [More]

Texan Wins Controversial 'White Man' Scholarship

A controversial non-profit organization announced it has awarded the second of five academic scholarships to a Texas man. Among the criteria: the recipient must be white and male. The group sponsoring it says it's the only scholarship of its kind in the United States, My Fox Dallas-Fort Worth reports. [More]

Authorities Say Florida Man Buried Girlfriend in Backyard

Deputies arrested a Florida man Friday who they say killed his girlfriend and then buried her in his backyard. [More]

Converted van used to suck out gas

Los Angeles police said they arrested a man accused of using a converted van to steal gas from several downtown gas stations. [More]

8 secrets about Disneyland

From how to score a cocktail to where to scatter grandma's ashes, this is your ticket to the real Magic Kingdom. [More]

Hot dog champ eats 20K calories, says MD approves

Hot dog eating champion Joey Chestnut estimates he eats about 20,000 calories in one shot at food competitions, but he says his doctor doesn't mind. [More]

Update: Ex-cop arrested for 1957 killing of girl, 7

Illinois prosecutors charged a former police officer Friday in the 1957 abduction of 7-year-old Maria Ridulph after an ex-girlfriend's discovery of an unused train ticket blew a hole in his alibi. [More]

Saturday, July 2

Maria Shriver Files for Divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Six weeks after Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed he had fathered a child out of wedlock, his wife Maria Shriver filed divorce papers Friday to end their marriage of 25 years. [More]

Biden to Union Members: If You Vote Republican, Don't Ask Me For Any Help

Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged it wasn't a political event, but it still didn't prevent him from sending this warning to Teamsters union members during his address at their annual convention in Las Vegas this past Friday. [More]

Mortgage company trashes home

A Florida man said his mortgage company violated foreclosure laws and trashed his home while he and his wife were away for a few weeks. [More]

Buck Foston's bar sues over liquor license

The New Jersey man seeking to open a bar called Buck Foston's filed a lawsuit accusing his city's mayor of blocking approval of his liquor license. [More]

Man in airport security breach ordered held in LA

A Nigerian American accused of breaching three layers of airport security while getting on a cross-country flight with an expired boarding pass was ordered Friday to remain in federal custody as more questions arose about his intent. [More]

Woman accused of being 'Nun on the Run' robber

A woman has been charged with holding up an Illinois bank dressed as a nun and wearing a mask apparently inspired by the film "The Town," NBC News reported. [More]

Friday, July 1

"Seismic changes" to case against Strauss-Kahn

Law enforcements officials have told The New York Times that the sexual assault case against former International Monetary Fund chairman Dominique Strauss-Kahn could soon collapse because they have uncovered "major holes in the credibility of the housekeeper" who filed the charges. [More]

Texan Wrongly Imprisoned for 18 Years Gets $1.4M

A Texas man imprisoned for nearly two decades for the killings of a grandmother and five children that he didn't commit has received $1.4 million in compensation that the state previously denied. [More]

Man jailed for obscene gesture in Anthony trial

Courtroom cameras captured a 28-year-old waiter extending his middle finger toward a prosecutor during the Casey Anthony murder trial, and the man was promptly sentenced to six days in jail. [More]

Woman Charged for Kissing Preacher at Gay Pride Event

A Bible-waving preacher protesting at a gay pride event in North Carolina turned the other cheek - and got kissed on it by a 74-year-old female gay rights supporter who is now charged with simple assault. [More]

U.S. woman banned from Walmart over coupons

An Idaho woman says she's been banned for life from not one, but all Walmart stores in the U.S., after an argument over coupons. [More]

S.C. man struck by lightning for the sixth time

A South Carolina man was recovering in a hospital after being struck by lightning - for the sixth time. [More]

5-Hour Energy binge lands woman in ER

A 22-year-old woman developed acute hepatitis after consuming 10 bottles of 5-Hour Energy every day for two weeks. [More]

'Polite' burglar breaks into the wrong house

Police said a New Jersey woman who discovered an intruder in her home told them the man said he had "meant to break into" a different house. [More]

Man Turns in Lost Bag Containing $17,000, Is Slapped With $500 Fine

An Illinois man has been ordered to pay a $500 fine for turning in a Chase Bank bag he found containing $17,000 cash - because he falsely reporting to police where he found the bag. [More]

Thursday, June 30

Man spends 15 hours in air-conditioning vent

A 28-year-old Colorado man was rescued dusty but alive after he was trapped nearly 15 hours in an air-conditioning vent after stealing a purse. [More]

Massachusetts Woman's Body May Have Gone Unnoticed in Public Pool for Days

Authorities in Massachusetts are determining if the body of a woman discovered in a public pool Tuesday night went unnoticed in the pool since Sunday. [More]

The high cost of being a bridesmaid

Friends have asked Brianne Bricker to be their bridesmaid so many times, that this summer she finally had to say "no." It's not that the 24-year-old didn't want to be in her friend's wedding, but after spending more than $5,000 on nine weddings over the last two years, she literally just can't afford one more. [More]

Piano meant for public is stolen

A 500-pound, brightly-painted piano placed in a Bronx, N.Y., park for public use has been stolen, a parks department spokeswoman said. [More]

Texas man dumps 4-year-old son by highway

A father abandoned his 4-year-old son along a West Texas highway, and the injured boy spent several hours alone in the dark before a passing motorist picked him up, police said. [More]

Body exhumed to swap dentures

A Tennessee woman said her late husband's body was exhumed to allow funeral home workers to replace his dentures with the correct pair. [More]

Anthony's father breaks down on stand

Casey Anthony's father's suicide note cited unanswered questions about what happened to his granddaughter, undercutting defense claims he covered up her accidental drowning. [More]

Jihadist web forum knocked off Internet

A popular jihadist Internet forum has been knocked off the Internet, and counterterrorism experts say it appears it was hacked. [More]

Will Obama's barbs help or hurt debt talks?

"When they won't see the light," goes the old saying, "make 'em feel the heat." That was the strategy President Obama employed today in his press conference as he skewered Republicans over deficit negotiations. But where will it lead? [More]

To Catch a Predator host who traps sex perverts in TV stings 'caught cheating on his wife'... by hidden cameras

Chris Hansen has found himself on the receiving end of his own hidden camera tactics, after the married NBC anchor was secretly filmed on an illicit date with a blonde television reporter 20 years his junior, according to reports. [More]

Federal officials release college cost comparisons

Looking for a college bargain? Try any of nine University of Puerto Rico campuses, where annual tuition hovers at or below $2,000. [More]

Lohan released from house arrest after 35 days

The actress was freed from house arrest Wednesday, ending a drama-filled 35 days and opening the next chapter in the troubled starlet's efforts to put her court troubles behind her. [More]

Denise Richards adopts a baby girl

The actress, 40, recently adopted a baby girl domestically, her rep confirms to Us Weekly. Richards named her daughter Eloise Joni after her mother, who lost her battle with cancer in 2007. [More]

Justin Timberlake Part of Group Buying MySpace

Justin Timberlake apparently wasn't satisfied with just playing a social media impresario in the movies, so now he's becoming one in real life. [More]

Snacking, not portion size, largely driving U.S. overeating

Over the past several decades Americans have steadily gotten fatter. Although our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are partly to blame, a big reason for our national weight gain is that we're simply eating more. [More]

Wednesday, June 29

Man shoots himself in head during gun safety demonstration

A Sanford man showing off the safety features of his new pistol to a group of friends shot himself dead after pointing the weapon at his head and pulling the trigger without the safety engaged, according to the Lee County Sheriff's Office. [More]

Dad's suicide note is setback for Anthony defense

Casey Anthony's father wrote in a suicide note that he had unanswered questions about what happened to his granddaughter, a revelation that undercuts defense claims that the toddler drowned accidentally and he helped cover it up. [More]

Groupon Deal of the Day: 300,000 Customer Accounts

The customer database of Groupon subsidiary SoSasta was published unsecured and unencrypted on the company's site for long enough to be part of a routine Google index of the site according to Australian security consultant Daniel Grzelak. [More]

Ex-cop admits role in Katrina shootings cover-up

Lt. Michael Lohman knew police had a problem when he arrived at the scene of deadly shootings on a New Orleans bridge after Hurricane Katrina: Officers had shot and killed two people, but no guns were found on any of the victims. [More]

Forgetful cop leaves rifle atop car

The Seattle Police Department is apologizing for an assault rifle left unattended on the back of a patrol car Monday night, and has launched an investigation into the matter. [More]

Petty to Bachmann: Don't use 'American Girl'

Tom Petty doesn't want Michele Bachmann using his 1977 song, "American Girl," in her campaign events, NBC Nightly News reports. [More]

No TSA screeners? Airports may opt out

The TSA has revised the application process for a program that allows airports to opt out of the federal screening program and instead apply to have private companies in charge of the security checkpoint. [More]

San Francisco considers ban on sale of all pets, including fish

San Francisco's Animal Control Commission is recommending that the city ban the sale of all pets, including fish, largely to fight a glut of abandoned animals at shelters and rescue centers. [More]

Man wants to name bar Buck Foston's

A New Jersey man said he has hired a constitutional lawyer for the potential fight over the planned name of his new bar - Buck Foston's. [More]

Can ID theft victims sue? Not yet, it seems

The story of a put-upon Nebraska woman illustrates how in many states there's little recourse for victims of identity theft. [More]

Agency to Pay $1.3M to Transit Shooting Victim's Mom

A San Francisco Bay area transit agency Tuesday agreed to pay $1.3 million to the mother of a 22-year-old unarmed black man who was fatally shot by a white transit officer in 2009. [More]

Tuesday, June 28

Muslim woman sues Abercrombie & Fitch over hijab

A former stockroom worker for Abercrombie & Fitch Co. sued the clothing retailer in federal court Monday, saying she was illegally fired after refusing to remove her Muslim headscarf while on the job. [More]

State to dead man: No need for jury duty

A Massachusetts man facing a criminal complaint for failing to appear for jury duty apparently had a good excuse. He's been dead for five years. [More]

Bearded Mickey Mouse causes stir in Egypt

An Egyptian Christian telecom mogul has angered Islamic hard-liners by posting an online cartoon of Mickey Mouse with a beard and Minnie in a face veil. [More]

The Costs Of War: $20 Billion In Air Conditioning

The amount the U.S. military spends annually on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan: $20.2 billion. That's more than NASA's budget. [More]

Fake soldier bumped to first class

Police in New York said they arrested a man who posed as a U.S. service member to get a free bump to first class on a flight from the Dominican Republic. [More]

Your dog knows a smile looks fetching on you

Since we humans have no tails to wag, our best friends have to look elsewhere for signs we feel happy and friendly. A new study indicates dogs can learn to distinguish a smile, even on the faces of some strangers. [More]

Pam Anderson Sued Over Condo Collapse

Pamela Anderson is being countersued by big-time developer and former boyfriend, Laurence Hallier, for $22.5 million. [More]

Drunken Ohio Woman Accused of Spraying Deputies With Breast Milk

Stephanie Robinette, 30, is charged with domestic violence, assault, obstructing official business, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. [More]

Blagojevich 'stunned' by corruption conviction

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich said he is disappointed and "stunned" after a jury found him guilty on 17 corruption-related charges. [More]

Monday, June 27

TSA forces elderly woman to remove adult diaper

The Transportation Security Administration stood by its security officers after a Florida woman complained that her cancer-stricken, 95-year-old mother was patted down and forced to remove her adult diaper while going through security. [More]

New England Mafia is weakened but still pursued

Some observers say the organized crime landscape that took shape during Bulger's 16 years on the lam — ending with his capture days ago in California — is a shell of its former self, hobbling along with "old men in diapers" at the helm. [More]

Suspect Accused of Beating Giants Fan Starts Prison

Giovanni Ramirez, the main suspect in the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium, was in a state prison near San Diego on Monday as he begins serving a 10-month sentence for violating parole. [More]

No 'him' or 'her'; preschool fights gender bias

From the color and placement of toys to the choice of books, every detail has been carefully planned to make sure the children don't fall into gender stereotypes. [More]

Wisconsin justice says court fight led to choking

A member of the Wisconsin Supreme Court's liberal faction has accused a conservative justice of choking her during an argument in her office earlier this month — a charge he denied. [More]

Wal-Mart plaintiffs seek more time to pursue cases

Attorneys representing women who unsuccessfully sued Wal-Mart Stores Inc for gender discrimination filed a motion on Friday asking a U.S. District Court to freeze the statute of limitations for their complaints against the retailer. [More]

'Thriller' jacket sells for $1.8 million

A famed black-and-red calfskin jacket that Michael Jackson wore in the classic "Thriller" video has sold at auction for $1.8 million. [More]

Neil Patrick Harris announces engagement

Following the New York state senate's passage of the Marriage Equality Bill Friday night, Harris, along with a gaggle of other celebs, took to Twitter to celebrate the news and announce engagements. [More]

Sunday, June 26

Woman bites off attacker’s tongue

A woman fought off a sexual assault by biting off part of her attacker’s tongue, police said. The suspect is hospitalized. [More]

Fullerton Cop Arrested for Stealing iPad at TSA Checkpoint

An off-duty Fullerton police officer was arrested for stealing an Apple iPad at a Miami International Airport TSA checkpoint last month. [More]

Obama's signature: Is it real or is it autopenned?

It's the open secret that nobody in government wants to talk about. Obama took the presidential autopen out of the closet and into a new realm. While traveling in Europe last month, Obama directed his staff in Washington to use an autopen to sign into law an extension of certain Patriot Act powers to fight terrorism. [More]

Rare Billy the Kid photo fetches $2.3M

A 130-year-old photo, billed as the only authenticated picture of legendary outlaw Billy the Kid, sold for $2.3 million at a Denver auction Saturday night. [More]

Mich. plane crash kills survivor of earlier crash

An Indiana doctor killed in a plane crash in northern Michigan had a passion for flying that propelled him back into the cockpit after a crash that killed his wife and two children nearly eight years ago, a colleague and close friend said. [More]

Saturday, June 25

Old West Show Uses Live Bullets, Injures Three Tourists

One of the participants in a mock Old West gun battle in South Dakota fired live ammunition instead of using blanks, wounding three tourists, authorities announced Friday. [More]

Snake escapes at Michigan park

A snake owner said he is trying to find Hudini, the 5-foot boa constrictor that escaped from his backpack while he was napping in a Michigan park. [More]

Homeless man a no-show to pick up inheritance

A homeless man from Utah has failed to show up in New York to claim a sizable inheritance from his brother. [More]

Police: Profs ran site for men to get sex

Two aging professors accused of running a sophisticated prostitution website appeared to have one goal: Create a place where respected men like themselves could go for sex without having to worry about getting busted in street stings, police say. [More]

Apartments use DNA to nab poop-scoop scofflaws

Here's the scoop: Some apartment complexes are using DNA testing on dog doo to find out who's not cleaning up after their pets. [More]

Pop star revealed as computer creation

It has been revealed that a Japanese pop star with thousands of fans is not human, but a computer-generated creation. [More]

Feds Look Into Truck Driver Killed in Fiery Amtrak Crash

Authorities will to look into the driving and medical records of the semitrailer driver who died when his truck slammed into an Amtrak train, killing four passengers and injuring dozens more. [More]

Sitting for hours can shave years off life

The American Cancer Society study finds that women who sit for more than six hours a day were about 40% more likely to die during the course of the study than those who sat fewer than three hours per day. Men were about 20% more likely to die. [More]

In Boston gangster story, a tale of 2 brothers

It has all the hallmarks of a Greek tragedy: two brothers whose lives diverge radically — one into an underworld of crime, the other into the upper echelons of state politics — yet whose fates remain inextricably linked. [More]

$500,000 emerald ring — it's a real treasure

Salvors searching for a sunken 17th-century Spanish galleon said they found a gold and emerald ring with a rectangular cut stone estimated at 10 karats while diving 35 miles west of Key West Thursday. [More]

Nevada gives robo-cars a green light

Last week, the state passed a bill that authorizes the Department of Motor Vehicles to begin drafting rules for "autonomous vehicles" like the ones that Google is building and testing in California. [More]

Proposed California High Speed Rail Route Cuts Through Farms to Protect Birds

The California High Speed Rail Authority is considering a new route for its cross-state system that will literally split farms in two, to avoid a bird sanctuary. [More]

Confederate Submarine Upright for First Time in 150 Years

The first submarine in history to sink an enemy warship is upright for the first time in almost 150 years, revealing a side of its hull not seen since it sank off the South Carolina coast during the Civil War. [More]

When you have to give your pet away

It's been three years, but Ebony Stith still cringes when her daughter Erin asks about their beloved shih tzu. Every time the question arises, Stith patiently explains that Cookie has moved on to a better place -- far, far away. A place called Flint, Michigan. [More]

Friday, June 24

'Columbo' star Peter Falk dies at 83

Actor Peter Falk, known to millions as the rumpled star of television crime drama "Columbo," has died. [More]

Casey Anthony's mom contradicts prosecutors

Surprising prosecutors, the mother of a Florida woman charged with killing her young daughter testified she had conducted Internet searches on chloroform. [More]

Capture of Boston gangster could mean more scandal

If Bulger decides to cut a deal with prosecutors, he could implicate an untold number of local, state and federal law enforcement officials, according to investigators who built a racketeering indictment against Bulger before he fled in 1995. [More]

Man said God told him to break into home

A man who broke into a home and used a fireplace poker to smash statues and a marble table, then took a shower, says God told him to break in, police say. [with happy mug photo] [More]

Google hides Gay Pride rainbow

There's never been an actual Google Doodle in honor of Gay Pride. Instead, during June, a little rainbow pops up next to Google's search bar only when users search for certain "pride-related" terms, including, "gay," "lesbian," "homosexuality," "LGBT," "marriage equality," "bisexual" and "transgender." [More]

Google's top execs refuse to testify at Senate hearing

Senators Herb Kohl, D-Wis., and Michael Lee, R-Utah, won't take 'no' as an acceptable answer from Google's Eric Schmidt and Larry Page. [More]

Victim's missing leg found near crash scene

The missing leg of a pedestrian who was killed in a hit-and-run crash Sunday has been found on the rooftop of a building near the scene of the collision. [More]

5 things not to do on a plane

The summer travel season is barely underway and already we have a suitcase-full of stories about passengers booted from airplanes for being potty-mouthed, improperly dressed or otherwise over-the-line. [More]

New York Pharmacy Shooting Suspect Has Shown 'No Remorse'

A former soldier accused of fatally shooting four people at a New York pharmacy during a robbery for painkillers has shown "no remorse" since his arrest, police said Thursday. [More]

Osama wanted new name for al-Qaida to repair image

As Osama bin Laden watched his terrorist organization get picked apart, he lamented in his final writings that al-Qaida was suffering from a marketing problem. [More]

Accused hotel-room wreckers put photos online

Police arrested six suspects between the ages of 16 and 23 who allegedly wrecked up a hotel room, then put photos of the damage on Twitter. [More]

Tenn. man to be exhumed to retrieve wrong dentures

A Tennessee man's body is being exhumed to remove dentures that belong to another man after a mix-up at a Chattanooga hospital. [More]

Thursday, June 23

FBI arrests mob boss Whitey Bulger in California

Boston mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger was captured near Los Angeles after spending the last 16 years on the run during an epic manhunt that served as a major embarrassment to the FBI and made the fugitive a global sensation as he constantly found a way to elude authorities. [More]

Illinois Teen Dies Trying Save Dog From Being Put Down

An Illinois family remained in shock Thursday after a teenage girl died in a car accident while attempting to save her pet dog from being put down. [More]

Obamacare: Pelosi Prediction Backfires

Back in March 2010, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif,, uttered the now-famous words, "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." Pelosi was talking about the health care law, and it appears she was right about the fact that it was full of unknowns. [More]

Man in port-a-potty tank eludes police

Police in Colorado said a man spotted in the tank of a portable toilet at the Hanuman Yoga Festival escaped capture while "covered in feces." [More]

No charges against bar in Dunn death

Sgt. William La Torre of the Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Enforcement told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the agency investigated and determined there would be no charges against the bar because Dunn did not appear intoxicated during the time he was served two beers and six shots from bar employees over four hours. [More]

Woman arrested for videotaping police from front yard

Police in Rochester, N.Y., arrested a woman who filmed a traffic stop from her front yard and refused an officer’s order to go into her house. [More]

Lindsay Lohan fails alcohol test again, ordered to court

Lindsay Lohan failed a court-ordered alcohol test last week and will have to go before a judge for a probation violation hearing Thursday morning, according to a source close to the case. [More]

Gingrich thought Tiffany credit line was private

GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich misunderstood financial disclosure rules and mistakenly believed he would not have to disclose a large revolving line of credit to Tiffany and Co., current and former campaign advisers tell NBC News. [More]

Census shows whites lose US majority among babies

For the first time, minorities make up a majority of babies in the U.S., part of a sweeping race change and growing age divide between mostly white, older Americans and predominantly minority youths that could reshape government policies. [More]

Police arrest Long Island man in pharmacy killings

Police have arrested Long Island resident David Laffer in the deaths of four people shot inside a pharmacy Sunday morning. [More]

Wednesday, June 22

'Jackass' star drunk in fatal Pa. crash

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn had a blood-alcohol content that was more than twice the legal limit when he and a passenger died in a fiery one-car crash this week. Police say Dunn may have been going as fast as 140 mph when his Porsche veered off the roadway. [More]

Mom accused of killing baby in microwave

Sacramento police have arrested a mother after an investigation found her baby likely died from burns suffered in a microwave oven. [More]

Colo. police say man hid in portable toilet tank

Police in Colorado say a woman who stepped inside a portable toilet at a yoga festival discovered a man hiding in the tank below when she lifted the toilet lid. [More]

Mom kills 5-year-old over broken TV

Prosecutors say a New York City woman beat her 5-year-old son to death because he broke the television while playing a Nintendo Wii video game. [More]

Man robs bank for $1 to get medical care in jail

A Gaston County man robbed a bank and then sat down on the floor to wait for police to arrest him. [More]

Amish man in Indiana arrested, accused of sexting girl, 12

Police in Indiana say they arrested an Amish man who arrived in a horse-drawn buggy for a presumed rendezvous with a 12-year-old girl to whom he had sent sexually explicit cell phone messages. [More]

Jury awards $22,000 in back-seat sex crash

Police say Salem Trad was drunk behind the wheel when his speeding car hit a taxi. Trad says no, he wasn't driving, he was having sex in back. Whatever the case, a jury says he owes the cabby $22,000. [More]

Man Shoots Self in Groin

A Connecticut man is recovering after his gun discharged while he was showing it to his girlfriend, police say. [More]

Roger Ebert derided after 'Jackass' tweet

The popular film critic was hit with a backlash on the Internet from friends and fans of Ryan Dunn, who died in a car crash Monday. [More]

7-Year-Old Driving 50 mph Just Wanted to See His Dad

A 7-year-old Michigan boy barefoot and in pajamas drove a car for 20 miles, sometimes hitting speeds of 50 mph, before finally slowing down and stopping with the help of authorities. [More]

Outrage as chef charges $5.30 for tap water

An Australian chef has received a chilly reception for charging diners for treated tap water and ditching boutique bottled water, which he termed wasteful, for an eco-friendly option. [More]

Texas Mom Spanks Daughter, Loses Custody

A Texas mom has been sentenced to probation and has lost custody of her children for spanking her daughter. [More]

Drunken tow boat captain drives men in circles

A South Florida tow boat captain was drunk when he towed two people whose boat had broken down and drove them around in circles for hours, authorities say. [More]

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