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Saturday, July 30

Apple now has more cash than the U.S. government

Maybe the cash-strapped U.S. government should start selling iPads. According to the latest statement from the U.S. Treasury, the government had an operating cash balance Wednesday of $73.8 billion. That's still a lot of money, but it's less than what Steve Jobs has lying around. [More]

Home invasion robbers posed as FBI agents

Police in Southern California said they were searching for three men who robbed a family of $20,000 by posing as FBI agents. [More]

Cost of Casey Anthony case near $700,000

The Casey Anthony murder investigation and trial cost taxpayers almost $700,000, based on new tallies on Friday from the major agencies involved in the case. [More]

Illinois considers ads on license plates

The Illinois secretary of state's office said it is researching the possibility of boosting revenue by putting corporate logos on license plates. [More]

Mich. woman attacked while feeding bear

A Michigan woman who suffered injuries to her arms, legs and back when she was attacked by a bear belonging to a friend said she is grateful to be alive. [More]

Man exonerated in Giants fan beating speaks out

The man initially identified by police as the primary suspect in the beating of a San Francisco Giants fan at Dodger Stadium, then exonerated after two other men were arrested and charged, spoke out Friday. [More]

Relatives charged in murder of 10-year-old found locked in box

Four members of an Arizona family have been charged with murder in the death of a 10-year-old girl whose body was discovered locked in a box outside her family's house. She had suffocated. [More]

Judges clear air in toilet paper dispute

An appeals court has unrolled its decision in a dispute over toilet paper that involved top-notch lawyers, the deposition of more than a dozen witnesses and some 675,000 pages of documents. [More]

Cops used cell records to link dad to missing girl

Investigators have linked a Bakersfield father to the disappearance of his 8-year-old daughter after tracing his cell phone to the same area where the girl was found, Kern County officials said Friday. [More]

Norway gunman's tale diverges sharply from reality

In the world according to Anders Behring Breivik, a seat on Oslo's city council was once nearly in his grasp — until he was sidelined by a jealous adversary. Nonsense, says the so-called rival, who notes that Breivik attended just five or six party meetings and barely spoke. [More]

Norway Prison: The World's Most Luxurious Prison

It's safe to say that Halden Prison in Norway is nicer than the homes that most people live in, complete with flatscreen televisions, personal shower rooms, wood siding, and even artistic graffiti on its walls. [More]

Friday, July 29

Cop pulling DARE trailer charged with DUI

A police officer is facing drunk driving charges in Washington County, Indiana and the arresting officers say he was carrying a message about drug abuse education at the time. [More]

Navy drops former astronaut Lisa Nowak

Former astronaut Lisa Nowak, who was accused of assaulting a romantic rival in the parking lot of the airport in Orlando, was forced Thursday to retire from the Navy with an "other than honorable" discharge. [More]

Child Dies After Being Locked in Box by Family

Police say 10-year-old girl dies after family members lock her inside box as punishment for taking a popsicle. [More]

Hustler offers Casey Anthony $500,000

If Larry Flynt has his way, Casey Anthony could reintroduce herself - nude - to America on the pages of Hustler magazine, and make well over $500,000 in the process. [More]

Fla. Prosecutors Want Anthony to Pay for Trial Costs

The Florida State Attorney's Office wants Casey Anthony to cover the costs - more than $140,000 -- incurred in relation to her prosecution, according to documents revealed Thursday. [More]

Wis. mayor apologizes for 3-day drinking binge

The mayor of Sheboygan, a self-described alcoholic, admits to drinking, getting in a fight and passing out in a tavern, but says he refuses to step down from his job. [More]

The worst call in baseball history?

A marathon Atlanta Braves–Pittsburgh Pirates game ended controversially after 19 innings of play — and an umpire's seriously questionable call. [with video] [More]

Army: AWOL soldier admits to Fort Hood attack plan

An AWOL infantry soldier caught with weapons and a bomb inside a backpack admitted planning what would have been Fort Hood's second terrorist attack in less than two years, the Army said Thursday. He might have succeeded at carrying it out, police said, if a gun-store clerk hadn't alerted them to the man's suspicious activity. [More]

Trying to picture what $14 trillion looks like

It’s almost impossible to imagine $14.29 trillion, but an infographic from Los Angeles-based designer Oto Godfrey gives it a try, using stacks of virtual $100 bills and comparing them with well-known landmarks. [More]

Man executed in Delaware for killing woman with ax

Delaware carried out its first execution since 2005 early Friday, putting to death a man who was convicted of killing a woman with an ax during a burglary nearly two decades ago. [More]

Leaked iPhone 5 case suggests 'radical' redesign

Another week, another round of iPhone 5 rumors. This time, it's an apparent case for the unreleased phone that has Apple fans buzzing. [More]

It's back to work for Tiger Woods

After missing two majors during an 11-week break to make sure his left leg was fully healed, Tiger Woods announced Thursday evening on Twitter and on his website that he would return next week at the Bridgestone Invitational. [More]

Thursday, July 28

California Good Samaritan Shot While Delivering Food to Homeless

A Good Samaritan in Oakland, Calif., was shot and suffered a life-threatening injury early Wednesday morning as he and his family delivered a fish dinner to a homeless man. [More]

Jeopardy! host injured after chasing burglar in SF

"Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek says he snapped his Achilles tendon while running after a burglar who had stolen cash, a bracelet and other items from his San Francisco hotel room. [More]

Atheist Group Wants 9/11 Cross Removed from Museum

An atheist group has filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent a cross made out of World Trade Center steel beams from going on display at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. [More]

Experts Say Drew Peterson Murder Case in Jeopardy

The high-profile murder case against former suburban Chicago police officer Drew Peterson, accused of killing his third wife, may never make it to trial, experts say, after a court agreed prosecutors shouldn't be allowed to use certain hearsay statements as evidence. [More]

Pesci sues over Gotti biopic role; claims disputed

Joe Pesci claims the makers of a biopic on the Gotti family have made him an offer he can refuse - a lesser part in the movie and a $2 million salary cut. [More]

Milk Board Scraps Plan for PMS Cure Ad Campaign

Milk processor behind the 'Got milk?' ad apologizes after launching a site promoting milk as cure for PMS. [More]

Man Who Posed as Student Gets 3 Years in Prison

Star athlete who posed as teenager to play high school basketball in Texas is sentenced to 3 years in prison. [More]

Golfer Has Clubs, $8G Watch Stolen at Charity Event

Pro golfer Ricky Barnes had his wallet, golf bag, clubs and an $8,000 watch stolen from the trunk of his car at a Chicago area charity tournament, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Wednesday. [More]

Inmates cash in big on jail's phone glitch

Inmate Larry Stone discovered the phone system was mistakenly depositing money into his account, so he took advantage of it, deputies said. [More]

Got $799K? Buy a town in South Dakota

Scenic, South Dakota, might not have much -- a dance hall, a jail and a handful of out-buildings. But it's a town. And most of it could be yours for $799,000. [More]

Wednesday, July 27

Con man Minkow gets 5-year max for $500M fraud

Convicted con man Barry Minkow, in his youth a millionaire carpet cleaning entrepreneur who later reinvented himself as a fraud fighter for the FBI and a church pastor, was sent back to prison Thursday for five years for involvement in a scam that cost homebuilder Lennar Corp. some $580 million in lost stock value. [More]

Half of men would dump woman who got fat

Men are more concerned with their partner's body type than women but they also seem to value family more highly, according to a new survey released on Tuesday. [More]

Arizona Man Killed Girlfriend, Then Lived With Her Decomposing Body for Two Months

An Arizona man killed his girlfriend after finding out she had cheated on him in their bed - then lived with her corpse for two months, police said Tuesday. [More]

Jesse James and Kat Von D split

Jesse James and Kat Von D have called off their engagement and broken up. [More]

CNN's Piers Morgan drawn into hack scandal

Former tabloid editor Piers Morgan faced being drawn into the phone-hacking scandal on Wednesday after an interview surfaced during which he appeared to accept that such practices were tolerated on his watch. [More]

Mexico judge sentences teenage assassin to 3 years

A Mexican judge on Tuesday sentenced a teenage U.S. citizen to three years in prison for homicide, kidnapping and drug and weapons possession. Authorities say the teen confessed to killing four people whose beheaded bodies were found suspended from a bridge. [More]

Woman seeks compensation for sex injury

An Australian government employee is seeking compensation for an injury from a falling light that hit her while she was having sex during a business trip. [More]

Gay couple asked to reverse shirt at Dollywood

A lesbian couple is asking for changes at Dollywood after an employee asked one of the women to turn her T-shirt reading "marriage is so gay" inside-out to avoid offending others on a recent visit to the Tennessee theme park complex. [More]

Dolly Parton: Fanatical Fan Left a Baby on My Doorstep

Country music legend Dolly Parton has revealed in an interview, gaining global attention Wednesday, that a "loony" fan once left a baby on her doorstep. [More]

Ga. mom weighs new trial offer in son's death

A Georgia woman spared jail time for her vehicular homicide conviction in the death of her 4-year-old son, who was struck by a van as the two jaywalked on a busy street, says she's considering the judge's offer of a new trial. [More]

Judge delays release of Casey Anthony juror names

The identities of most of the jurors who served in the Casey Anthony murder trial will remain private until at least Oct. 25, according to a ruling made Tuesday by the judge in the case. [More]

Iconic Ben Franklin Post Office Likely to Shut Down

The Ben Franklin post office in Philadelphia was informed Tuesday that it will likely be shut down, as the U.S. Postal Service attempts to reel in spending by closing thousands of locations across the country. [More]

Tuesday, July 26

Man tries to fix hernia with butter knife

A 63-year-old California man was recovering in the hospital on Tuesday after trying to cut out a hernia from his stomach with a six-inch butter knife, police said. [More]

Calif. 'Dream Act' approved for illegal students

California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Monday a bill allowing illegal immigrants to receive privately funded scholarships to attend the state's public colleges and universities. [More]

United agent accidentally shot at New Orleans airport

A United Airlines employee was shot in the leg at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International airport this morning when a passenger's rifle accidentally discharged. [More]

70-Year-Old Woman Chases Naked Intruder Out of Home

A 70-year-old grandmother says she used a baseball bat to chase a naked intruder out of her Manchester home. [More]

Man survives 3 days in snake-infested manhole

A man who had been missing from his home near Houston, Texas, since Saturday was found alive Monday at the bottom of a 30-foot-deep manhole. [More]

Experts slam forensics used to convict Amanda Knox, ex-boyfriend

Police forensic scientists involved in the Amanda Knox murder case made a series of glaring errors during their investigation, according to court-appointed experts who testified Monday in her appeal. [More]

UAW wants bigger cut of Detroit's newfound profits

To help American carmakers stay in business, autoworkers grudgingly gave up pay raises and some benefits four years ago. [More]

A look at car companies' labor costs

Detroit automakers begin talks with the United Auto Workers union on a four-year contracts starting Monday. Workers want a share of the companies' newfound profits. The companies want total labor costs, including wages and benefits, to be competitive with foreign automakers in the U.S. Here's how the hourly costs compare: [More]

Cop catches baby thrown by kidnap suspect

A Chicago police officer was in the right place at the right time early Monday when he caught a baby thrown to him by a kidnapping suspect, according to a report in a local newspaper. [More]

Morgue workers scatter after man wakes up, yells in fridge

A South African health official says a man awoke to find himself in a morgue fridge — nearly a day after his family thought he had died. [More]

Amy Winehouse autopsy inconclusive

Police say they are awaiting further test results in death of singer, 27. A private family funeral will be held Tuesday, but work on the inquest won't resume until October. [More]

City workers seen at stripper car wash

Denver officials said they are investigating after city workers were spotted at a strip club's car wash and allowed the women to post with their asphalt truck. [More]

Mom, daughter hit lottery 3 times in 20 years

A mother and daughter in the Carolinas have three big lottery wins in the last 20 years between them. [More]

Monday, July 25

Man Stole Ambulance Outside Fire

Phoenix police say a man tried to steal an ambulance left running outside a house fire but he didn't get very far. [More]

Quaids claim corruption keeping them in Canada

Randy Quaid says he would like to return to the United States one day, but he and his wife still fear they are being persecuted by California prosecutors and tabloid media. [More]

Alabama Still Collecting Tax for Confederate Veterans

The last of the more than 60,000 Confederate veterans who came home to Alabama after the Civil War died generations ago, yet residents are still paying a tax that supported the neediest among them. [More]

Los Angeles TSA Officer Indicted on Theft Charges

Federal prosecutors say a Transportation Security Administration officer has been indicted on theft charges related to items that were stolen from luggage at Los Angeles International Airport. [More]

NYC doorman saves a second life in subway

A New York City doorman has heroically pulled a second man to safety from a subway train track, officials say. [More]

3 Groomsmen Among 4 Killed in Wis. Boat Collision

Three groomsmen celebrating a weekend wedding were among four people killed in a boat collision on a Wisconsin river that also left the groom-to-be hospitalized, officials said Sunday. [More]

American has world's best beard

A 26-year-old Olympia, Wash., man took first place in the 2011 World Beard and Mustache Championships "full beard with styled mustache" category, officials say. [More]

The 15 most expensive yachts in the world

There is arguably no greater symbol of wealth than an enormous, gleaming, luxurious yacht. A look at the world's largest. [More]

Family being sued over yard sign

A Bossier, La., homeowners association is suing a couple in an attempt to force them to remove a sign supporting their son's military service from their yard. [More]

Judge: Barking not protected speech

A judge has ruled that barking and hissing are not protected by the First Amendment. [More]

China outraged at train crash response

Nationwide outrage continued Monday in China over the government's response to a deadly bullet train collision last weekend, even as operations resumed on the affected high-speed rail lines. [More]

Man stuck in manhole for 40 minutes

A California man got stuck headfirst in a manhole for about 40 minutes when he tried to retrieve his wallet, police say. [More]

Sunday, July 24

Airlines are taking savings from expired taxes

Airlines are tossing consumers aside and grabbing the benefit of lower federal taxes on travel tickets. [More]

Lawyer: 'Felony stupidity' not a crime

A Florida lawyer for a man who lowered an anchor on a cruise ship while drunk says his client committed "felony stupidity." [More]

Winehouse's mother: 'She seemed out of it'

Amy Winehouse's mother said the singer was not well when they met a day before she died, a British newspaper reported Sunday. The Sunday Mirror quoted Janis Winehouse as saying she believed it was "only a matter of time" before her daughter died. The 27-year-old singer was found dead at her London home on Saturday. [More]

Linda Christian, the first Bond girl, dies at 87

Linda Christian, who married heartthrob Tyrone Power and went on to become the first Bond girl, has died. She did not appear in a film, but rather in the 1954 TV adaptation of "Casino Royale." [More]

Lawyer: 'Cronies' drained Rosa Parks' estate

A lawyer embroiled in a legal battle over the estate of civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks claims two lawyers have nearly depleted her assets. [More]

Connecticut Mom Charged With Forcing Cocaine, Beer on Children

A Connecticut mother is charged with forcing her 4-year-old son to drink beer and giving beer and cocaine to her 10-month-old daughter. [More]

'Spider-Man' villain arrested at Comic-Con

British actor Rhys Ifans, who portrays the villain Lizard in the upcoming Hollywood movie "The Amazing Spider-Man," was arrested and cited for battery at the pop culture gathering Comic-Con Friday evening. [More]

Daunting space task — send astronauts to asteroid

With the space shuttle now history, NASA's next great mission is so audacious, the agency's best minds are wrestling with how to pull it off: Send astronauts to an asteroid in less than 15 years. [More]

Man accused in Norway terror attacks confesses

The man accused of killing at least 93 people in Norway has said he carried out the bombing and mass shooting, authorities said Sunday, as an ashen-faced and openly weeping King Harald V led the nation in mourning. [More]

Saturday, July 23

Singer Amy Winehouse dies at age 27

Amy Winehouse, the beehived soul-jazz diva whose self-destructive habits overshadowed a distinctive musical talent, was found dead Saturday in her London home, police said. [More]

Winehouse just latest musician to die at the same age

In a tragic twist, Amy Winehouse has died at the same young age as so many musicians before her. Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin also died at 27. [More]

Officer issued tickets to the dead

The New York Police Department said investigators discovered an officer had written 36 fraudulent tickets, including some issued to dead people. [More]

San Francisco Considers Legal Protection for Criminals

A legislative proposal in San Francisco seeks to make ex-cons and felons a protected class, along with categories like African-Americans, disabled people, and pregnant women. If passed by city supervisors, landlords and employers would be prohibited from asking applicants about their criminal past. [More]

When life gives you lemons..

A man angry that a car dealership refused to take back a "lemon" van he had purchased, intentionally crashed it into seven parked vehicles, police said on Thursday. [More]

Man charged after gas-soaked wife set ablaze

A woman jumped from a pickup truck traveling at high speed on a Southern California freeway after the driver, her husband, splashed her with gasoline and set her ablaze, authorities said Friday. [More]

Lawyer for accused killer of NY boy quits

Saying his conscience prevented him from continuing, an attorney for the accused murderer of 8-year-old Brooklyn boy Leiby Kletzky has quit the case, a newspaper reported Friday. [More]

Shippers drop $1 million worth of wine

An Australian winemaker said a forklift malfunction by a shipping company resulted in the destruction of 462 cases, more than $1 million worth, of wine. [More]

Schwarzenegger son seriously injured in surfing accident

Christopher Schwarzenegger, the 13-year-old son of former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, was hospitalized after a serious surfing accident in Malibu, California, over the weekend, a source close to the family said. [More]

Facebook Stalker to Register as Sex Offender

A 23-year-old Northern California man who trolled women's Facebook pages searching for clues that allowed him to take over their email accounts and then made nude pictures of them public is expected to be sentenced Friday. [More]

Calif. motorcyclist lands in van back seat, unhurt

A motorcyclist who plowed into a minivan landed unscathed in the back seat, and the driver didn't realize it until he turned into his nearby driveway, authorities said. [More]

Gunman's background puzzles police in Norway

The 32-year-old suspected of massacring at least 80 young people at a summer camp and setting off a bomb in downtown Oslo that killed at least seven is a mystery to investigators: a right-winger with anti-Muslim views but no known links to hardcore extremists. [More]

In 60 days, gays will be allowed to serve openly in the military

A 60-day countdown to the end of the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the U.S. military has begun, President Barack Obama announced Friday. [More]

Woman says outfit got her booted from JetBlue flight

A New York woman has filed a lawsuit against JetBlue alleging that a supervisor demanded to see whether she was wearing shorts underneath a baggy t-shirt. [More]

Walter Reed to close after more than a century

Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the Army's flagship hospital where privates to presidents have gone for care, is closing its doors after more than a century. [More]

FAA funding ends; almost 4,000 at FAA may be furloughed

Almost 4,000 Federal Aviation Administration workers are facing furloughs after Congress adjourned Friday without passing a measure to reauthorize the agency's funding, according to the Transportation Department. A $2.5 billion program providing grants for airport construction projects also will shut down, and thousands of construction jobs could be jeopardized. [More]

Friday, July 22

Hyatt apologizes for turning heatlamps on strikers

Hyatt hotels apologized Friday for an incident in which heat lamps were turned on above workers on strike at a Chicago hotel, when the heat index was already 90 degrees. [More]

McDonald's manager punched customer who had service dog

A Marietta McDonald's manager is accused of punching a mother who brought a service dog and her autistic children into the restaurant. [More]

Washington Cancels Illegal Immigrant Journalist's License

Washington state has canceled the driver's license of a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who publicly said he is an illegal immigrant. [More]

Mich. man finds grenade in storage unit

Firefighters in Michigan said a man turned in a live hand grenade he discovered in a storage unit he won in an auction. [More]

Two New Suspects Arrested in Giants Fan Beating

Two new suspects have been arrested in the beating of a San Francisco Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium and the original suspect may well be exonerated, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press on Thursday. [More]

Florida Man Arrested After FedEx Delivers Cat Food Bag Hiding $30G of Crystal Meth

A Florida man is under arrest after allegedly receiving a FedEx package with $30,000 worth of crystal methamphetamine hidden in a cat food bag. [More]

Fake Apple Store even fools staff

Chinese counterfeiters have had a field-day pumping out knockoffs of Apple Inc's best-selling iPhones and iPads but one appears to have gone a step further - a near flawless fake Apple Store that even employees believe is the real deal. [More]

Tennessee Black Bear Saved From Jar Stuck On Its Head

A black bear is back in the woods in Tennessee after getting help with a problem - a plastic jar stuck on its head. [More]

Alleged Rape by New Mexico Judge Was Videotaped

A court document says a New Mexico prostitute who has accused Albuquerque's top criminal judge of rape made a videotape of the alleged attack. [More]

72 super rich died unnaturally in 8 years

Unnatural deaths, including homicides, claimed the lives of 72 billionaires on mainland China since 2003, a survey said Friday. [More]

When you're losing weight, where does the fat go?

When a person starts losing weight, where does the fat go? And what parts of the body can you expect to see results? [More]

Outrageous hotel perks for pets

Gunny, a devoted Peninsula Beverly Hills guest, often visits the posh hotel, and the staff joyously greets him as he strides along the lobby’s marble floor. Retiring to his room, Gunny finds a specially monogrammed towel beside his bed and sits down to a grilled New York sirloin and scrambled eggs with aged Tillamook cheddar on bone china. And when he needs styling, the hotel’s Rolls Royce shuttles him to the salon. All pretty normal for a 5-star hotel—except Gunny is a dog. [More]

Some Android apps have security leaks

A security firm that reviewed 10,000 Android apps found more than 800 of them were leaking personal data, sending the information to unauthorized servers. [More]

Thursday, July 21

Tiger's ex-caddie shocked to be fired

New Zealand caddie Steve Williams said Thursday he is disappointed and shocked that he was fired by Tiger Woods especially after his loyalty to the golfer during his sex scandal. [More]

NM judge accused of sex assault on prostitute

A state judge in New Mexico is facing charges that he sexually assaulted a prostitute in his home, a crime that police say was videotaped by the victim out of concern for her safety. [More]

Former 'Bond' Girl Dies After Drinking Drain Cleaner

Angela Scoular, a former Bond girl, died after drinking drain cleaner and pouring it over her body, an inquest in London heard Wednesday. [More]

Brother stabbed during cigar fight

Police in Florida said they arrested a man who allegedly stabbed his brother in the shoulder when he was told not to light a cigar inside their apartment. [More]

Clerk tells robber 'this isn't going to happen'

A robber walked away empty-handed from a department store pharmacy, thanks to the gutsy -- and potentially dangerous - actions of a clerk. [More]

Funeral Home License Yanked After Reportedly Cremating Wrong Baby

An Ohio funeral home that cremated the wrong child's body due to a morgue mix-up has had its license suspended for six months. [More]

NYC man indicted on murder charge in child killing

A man was indicted by a grand jury Wednesday on murder and kidnapping charges in the killing and dismemberment of an 8-year-old boy who was abducted off a Brooklyn street last week. [More]

Girl after shark attack: 'I like dolphins way better'

A 6-year-old girl attacked by a shark was in good condition and good spirits at a North Carolina hospital Wednesday, telling her parents: "I hate sharks. I like dolphins way better." [More]

Memphis board: No school until city pays $55 million

In an escalating political battle, the Memphis, Tenn., school board is threatening to delay the start of school year until the City Council forks over $55 million in tax revenue earmarked for education. [More]

Jennifer Lopez paid a million dollars for a wedding gig

Days after announcing their breakup, the "American Idol" judge flew to the Ukraine to perform at a wedding for billionaire Serhiy Taruta's daughter. Arriving at 5 a.m. Tuesday, the 41-year-old superstar will reportedly earn $1 million for the gig. [More]

American placing massive $40 billion jet order

American Airlines, in what it calls the largest order in aviation history, said it will buy at least 460 new jets worth up to $40 billion from aircraft makers Boeing and Airbus. [More]

Wednesday, July 20

Texas Man Afraid of Heights Gets Stuck on Bungee Ride

A suburban Dallas woman's well-meaning attempt to help her future husband overcome his fear of heights went horribly wrong when a bungee ride they were in got stuck 50 feet off the ground for three hours because cables got tangled. [More]

Chrysler Suspends Workers Caught Drinking, Smoking Marijuana on TV

Chrysler Group LLC has suspended nine workers following investigative reports by that caught workers allegedly drinking and smoking marijuana on camera before their shifts at a Michigan plant. [More]

No Felony Charges in TSA Agent Groping Case

Prosecutors said Tuesday that they won't file felony charges against a Colorado woman who is accused of groping a female Transportation Security Administration agent at Phoenix's airport. [More]

Man Arrested in Attack at Iowa Congressman's Farm

Police announced Tuesday that they had arrested one man and issued a warrant for another suspected of being involved in a weekend home invasion at U.S. Rep. Leonard Boswell's farm outside Lamoni. [More]

Completely Useless Signs

It seems anywhere you go, there's a sign telling you what to do. Well, with these signs, it wouldn't make much of a difference whether you obeyed them or not. [More]

Casey Anthony-Themed Dunk Tank Hits Kentucky Fair

Trial-watchers who were frustrated by the acquittal of Casey Anthony might go to a Kentucky fair this week where they can send an impersonator of the Florida mom into a dunk tank. [More]

Piers Morgan defends himself, Murdoch in scandal

After remaining on the sidelines of Britain's phone hacking scandal, Piers Morgan was finally drawn into it, defending himself and his former boss Rupert Murdoch. [More]

Pie thrower no match for Murdoch's 'tiger wife'

Tiger wife. Power vegan. Volleyball player. The spouse of media mogul Rupert Murdoch is no push over. [More]

Former probation officer imprisoned on sex charges

An Oregon man who spent more than 20 years as a federal probation officer has been sentenced to a decade in prison for sexually abusing five women under his supervision. [More]

Policy: Sex abuse by doctors 'profound betrayal'

The nation's largest pediatricians' group has issued its first policy on protecting children from sexual abuse by doctors, citing a recent Delaware case and urging medical facilities to screen employees for previous abuse. [More]

Is Britain more corrupt than it thinks?

Britons love to lecture the world about integrity and the rule of law, but the News of the World phone hacking scandal has laid bare a web of collusion between money, power, media and the police. [More]

Former NY foster child gets back swindled $400k

A former New York foster child swindled out of more than $400,000 in insurance money by his foster parents recovered the money Tuesday, posing for photos alongside an oversized check from Florida authorities as if he had won the lottery. [More]

Tuesday, July 19

Effort to extradite Randy Quaid from Canada fails

A California prosecutor says U.S. officials have rejected a request to seek the extradition of actor Randy Quaid and his wife from Canada to face felony vandalism charges. [More]

Florida teen killed parents with hammer, hosted house party

A Florida teen bludgeoned his parents to death with a hammer, stashed their bodies in a bedroom, then hosted dozens of people for a house party, police said Monday. [More]

Alaska sued in transgender driver's license case

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the state of Alaska on behalf of a transgender woman, alleging that it denied her a driver's license listing her gender as female unless she provided proof that she'd undergone a sex change operation. [More]

Sex Offender Awarded Custody of 3-Year-Old Girl

The family of a 3-year-old Florida girl is outraged after a judge awarded custody to the child's father, who is a registered sex offender. [More]

Woman sells kids on eBay as joke

A Geelong, Australia, woman could lose custody of her children after she tried to sell them on eBay, official say. [More]

Lawyer: Elaborate plans made to keep Anthony safe

Casey Anthony's whereabouts for her first week of freedom were a closely guarded secret Monday, known only to a select few as she tries to start a new life after being acquitted of killing her daughter. One of her lawyers says an elaborate plan was made to protect her from people with "the lynch-mob mentality." [More]

Bounty hunter says he will sue Casey Anthony

A California bounty hunter says he will sue Casey Anthony and her defense attorney Jose Baez for misleading him when he helped search for her young daughter Caylee. [More]

Male heart-attack victims seek help faster if married

Research suggests that marriage is good for your health - especially if you're a man. Married men tend to live longer than their unwed counterparts, they're more likely to see their doctor regularly, and they even have a lower risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke. [More]

Betty White declines Marine's invite to ball

Betty White may have been thankful to receive an invite from a Marine who asked her hand to a military affair, but the 89-year-old actress has had to decline. [More]

Hacking whistle-blower found dead

One of the first journalists to go on the record and allege phone hacking at News of the World was found dead Monday, the British Press Association said. [More]

'Robo-signing' foreclosures haven't gone away

America's leading mortgage lenders vowed in March to end the dubious foreclosure practices that caused a bruising scandal last year. [More]

Pigeon rides ferry every day for 3 years

Crew members of a New York Waterway ferry said the same feral pigeon has ridden the vessel every day for the past three years. [More]

4 kids, mom pulled from burning house were stabbed

A mother and her four young children who were pulled from a burning house on Monday had stab wounds and died, and the father was under police watch. [More]

Bachmann criticizes black farmer settlement

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann pointed to one program in particular Monday when talking about wasteful government spending: a multibillion dollar settlement paid to black farmers, who claim the federal government discriminated against them for decades in awarding loans and other aid. [More]

Loch Ness monster-like beast filmed in Alaska

Alaska may have its own version of the Loch Ness monster, according to prominent cryptozoologists who say a video shows a mysterious marine animal, which they believe is a Cadborosaurus. [More]

Molestation investigation shuts California school

Authorities on Monday shut down a private preschool and elementary school in a Sacramento suburb after an investigation revealed multiple allegations of child molestation. [More]

Woman's home overtaxed for 24 years

An 84-year-old Wisconsin woman said she wants a refund from her city after she discovered she had been overpaying her property taxes for 24 years. [More]

Borders Books, Dead At 40

Borders, unable to find a buyer willing to get it out of bankruptcy, plans to close its remaining 399 stores and go out of business by the end of September. [More]

Monday, July 18

Man sets house ablaze while cremating dog

A Dale City, Va., man accidentally set his house on fire while trying to dispose of the remains of his dead pet dog, officials say. [More]

Respect the verdict, Casey Anthony lawyer says

The lawyer who defended Casey Anthony has reportedly urged people to start "respecting the jury verdict," after she was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, prompting a public outcry. [More]

Casey Anthony lies low on first day of freedom

This is what freedom looks like for Casey Anthony: $537.68 from her jail account, no job, estranged parents, a criminal record, lawsuits pending against her and the hatred of multitudes who think she got away with murder. [More]

Out of this world heist leads to 'Sex on the Moon'

An aspiring astronaut steals a safe full of moon rocks worth millions to impress his girlfriend. [More]

Son, Girlfriend of CEO Die After Incidents at Mansion

The 6-year-old son of a pharmaceutical company executive died Sunday, almost a week after falling down the stairs at his father's historic mansion — the same house where his father's girlfriend was found dead hanging nude from a balcony two days later, the boy's parents said. [More]

Someone donated pot to Goodwill

A Lawrence, Kan., Goodwill donor dropped off some marijuana with other items, officials say. [More]

Hacked business stuck with huge phone bill

A Bellevue, Wash., business was victim of phone hackers, leaving it with a $90,000 bill, officials say. [More]

Sunday, July 17

Strauss-Kahn wife: husband is "a seducer, not a rapist."

Dominique Strauss-Kahn's wife told a friend that he went on a sex binge in New York to let off steam before France's presidential race, according to French media reports Sunday. Anne Sinclair also said the reports that her husband tried to rape a hotel maid were false and that her husband was "a seducer, not a rapist." [More]

Casey Anthony freed from jail, slips from view

Wearing a pink shirt and jeans with $537.68 in her pocket, Casey Anthony is freed from Florida jail 12 days after being acquitted of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee,escorted outside by two sheriff's deputies armed with semi-automatic rifles. [More]

Police: Miss. Woman Shooting at Dog Kills Husband

Police in Mississippi say a woman opened fire on a puppy that had threatened children, but wound up shooting and killing her husband. [More]

2 Men Kidnapped Boy, Glued Mouth Shut in New Hampshire

Police in Manchester, N.H., say two men held a 15-year-old boy at knifepoint, glued his lips shut and burned him while filming the incident with an iPod. [More]

Update: Front-yard garden charges dropped

A lawyer for a Michigan woman charged with a misdemeanor for growing a vegetable garden in her front yard said charges have been dropped "for the time being." [More]

Twin brothers drown in backyard pool

Fire officials say 1-year-old twin brothers have died after falling into a backyard swimming pool at a Northern California home. [More]

Justin Timberlake accepts Marine's invitation to ball

YouTube has made another match for a U.S. Marine looking to score a date to the Marine Corps Ball. [More]

Saturday, July 16

Woman Arrested for Groping TSA Agent at Phoenix Airport

A Colorado woman was arrested Thursday after she groped a female TSA agent at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. [More]

Atlanta schools created culture of cheating, fear

Teachers spent nights huddled in a back room, erasing wrong answers on students' test sheets and filling in the correct bubbles. At another school, struggling students were seated next to higher-performing classmates so they could copy answers. [More]

3 girls busted for illegal lemonade stand

Three girls trying to raise money to go to a waterpark thought that a lemonade stand would do the trick. But then they met the long arm of the law — their local police chief. [More]

Utah Woman Offers Organ Donation, Then Shoots Self

A Utah woman has committed suicide shortly after telling emergency personnel she wanted her organs harvested. [More]

Bus stop moved due to homeless woman's stench

Officials in Honolulu, Hawaii, decided to relocate a bus stop due to the stench of a homeless woman who has lived in a bus shelter for at least seven months. [More]

Body of Millionaire's Girlfriend Found Hanging at Mansion May Be Suicide

The girlfriend of a pharmaceutical company executive was found dead at a historic California mansion, her nude body hanging from a rope on a second-floor balcony with her hands tied behind her back and her feet bound. [More]

Colo. Eyes Regulating Race of Dolls at Day Cares

Day care providers in Colorado may have to meet new rules that would dictate the race of dolls at centers, how much TV kids can watch and time in between meals, making Colorado child care facilities some of the most regulated in the country. [More]

Casey Anthony lookalike attacked in Oklahoma

An Oklahoma woman said a woman crashed into her truck, causing it to flip two and a half times, because she bears a resemblance to Casey Anthony. [More]

NYC Man Fined $2,000 For Not Watering Beehive

Queens resident, Tip Sempliner, was fined $2,000 for not watering his beehive despite the fact that a beehive waterer was mere feet away from the hive. [More]

How to avoid an airport security pat-down

There's no guaranteed method for avoiding a pat-down, but there are steps passengers can take to minimize their odds of being singled out. [More]

Casey Anthony to Appeal Lying Convictions

Casey Anthony has filed a court document that says she will appeal her misdemeanor convictions of lying to law enforcement. [More]

Accused Atlanta teachers get ultimatum

The superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools has ordered that 178 educators allegedly involved in a teaching scandal resign by next Wednesday or face termination proceedings. [More]

Farm Groups Rush to Save Government Subsidies

As President Barack Obama and lawmakers try to negotiate a deficit-reduction deal, they have targeted $30 billion or more in agriculture spending cuts. [More]

$140G Pony Arrives Dead at New York Airport

A $140,000 horse being flown from Belgium to New York's John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport did not make it to the finish line alive, the New York Post reported Saturday. [More]

Friday, July 15

California governor signs bill requiring schools to teach gay history

Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown said Thursday he had signed a bill that will require public schools in the state to teach students about the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. [More]

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony call it quits

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's marriage has hit a sour note: The superstar couple announced Friday they are breaking up. The two married in 2004 and have 3-year-old twins, Max and Emme. [More]

Couple Guilty in Case of Girl Strangled by Python

A central Florida couple has been convicted in the death of a 2-year-old strangled in her crib by a pet python. [More]

Mom dives out 5th-floor window after falling tot

A mother and her 2-year-old child were hospitalized after the toddler fell out of a fifth-floor window in southwest Seattle and she dove out after him. [More]

7 Calif. students arrested, to test deport policy

Seven illegal immigrant students arrested in a Southern California street protest say they're now waiting to see if they'll be deported in a test of the Obama administration's immigration policy. [More]

Attorney: Anthony to take Fifth in defamation case

An attorney for a woman suing Casey Anthony for defamation will argue in court that the Florida mother should be deposed before she's released from jail. [More]

Elderly ignore heat warnings meant for old people

As the nation wilts during an especially brutal summer, warnings have gone out to the elderly to try to stay cool. The problem is, many seniors hear the message but don’t think it applies to them — because they don’t see themselves as old. [More]

$1 Billion in Coins Nobody Wants

The Federal Reserve, according to the ABC report, has told Congress that the presidential coins are “piling up so quickly,” the central bank “will need to spend $650,000 to build a new vault in Dallas to hold them. Shipping the coins to the new secure facility will cost an additional $3 million.” [More]

Elin Nordegren's New Super Rich Boyfriend Doesn't Play Golf

Heartbroken Elin Nordegren has found love again with wealthy American investor Jamie Dingman, the New York Post is reporting. [More]

Police raid NJ home of Calif. art theft suspect

A man accused of stealing a valuable Picasso drawing from a San Francisco gallery had about $500,000 worth of other stolen artwork in his New Jersey apartment, including another Picasso, police said Thursday. [More]

Tiger poachers caught on camera — their own

Two men suspected of killing tigers in Thailand have been arrested, a U.S. conservation group says, and the key evidence turned out to be cell phone images of them with their prizes. [More]

Calif. official wants to create 51st state

A conservative county supervisor in southern California wants to form the 51st state by seceding the region from California, saying the state's problems require "radical" solutions. [More]

North Dakota may not be a state

Back in 1889, North Dakota was carved out of the Dakota Territory and admitted to the Union at the same time as South Dakota. Or so everyone thought. [More]

Sheriff Cuts Free Underwear From Jail's Budget

A Florida sheriff looking to reduce costs has decided to cut free underwear for county jail inmates from the budget. [More]

Thursday, July 14

Judge declares mistrial in Roger Clemens case

The ruling comes in the baseball legend's perjury trial after jurors heard references to statements that the judge had ruled inadmissible except on rebuttal. [More]

Women Arrested For Refusing TSA Search of Children

A 41-year-old Clarksville woman was arrested after Nashville airport authorities say she was belligerent and verbally abusive to security officers, refusing for her daughter to be patted down at a security checkpoint. [More]

Man assaults flight attendant with pretzel

A Utah, man has been charged with assaulting a flight attendant with peanuts and pretzels while aboard a flight, a complaint says. [More]

Suspect allowed to view child porn in Wash. jail

Authorities in Washington state say they're outraged that a former pilot who's already admitted molesting young boys will be allowed to watch videos he made of the abuse while he sits in jail awaiting trial. [More]

Man to spend 35 days with lions

A Ukrainian man said he will attempt to raise money for his mini-zoo by spending 35 days locked in a cage with lions. [More]

From burgers to swearing: Michelle Obama's biggest vices

Michelle Obama recently took some heat for eating a burger and fries, but fast food isn't the first lady's only vice. From swearing to drinking beer, a look at the bad habits FLOTUS just can't break. [More]

New Deportation Case Tests Obama Administration on Gay Marriage

The Obama administration's policies on immigration and gay marriage are being tested in another case of a gay man fighting deportation by citing his marriage to a U.S. citizen. [More]

Former New Mexico Mayor Guilty of Gun Smuggling

The former mayor of a small New Mexico border town has pleaded guilty to charges that he participated in a gun smuggling ring that federal prosecutors said sent hundreds of guns into Mexico, authorities said Wednesday. [More]

Wednesday, July 13

Your Stimulous Dollars at Work: The Cost Of Broadband In Every Rural Home

So how much did it cost per household to extend broadband access to homes currently without it? A whopping $349,234, or significantly more than the cost of a home itself. [More]

California Pays Doctor With No Patients Big Bucks for Mail Room Duty

He once had a psychiatric crisis where he engaged in ‘bizarre, irrational and delusional communications.’ So what does that get you in California, a state struggling with its budget? Mail room duty with a $770,000 payout. [More]

Owner of killer bear chokes to death on sex toy

An exotic-animal owner who made headlines last summer when one of his bears mauled a woman to death has died after apparently choking on a sex toy, authorities said. [More]

Police: Girl Found Dead After Hide-and-Seek Game

Police in Phoenix say the body of a 10-year-old girl was found in a small trunk that she apparently used for a game of hide-and-seek. [More]

Jeter ball returner may owe taxes

Tax experts said the man who gave New York Yankee Derek Jeter his 3,000th-hit ball will likely owe thousands for the luxury seats he received in return. [More]

Should parents lose custody of super obese kids?

Should parents of extremely obese children lose custody for not controlling their kids' weight? A provocative commentary in one of the nation's most distinguished medical journals argues yes, and its authors are joining a quiet chorus of advocates who say the government should be allowed to intervene in extreme cases. [More]

Obama's Corporate Jet Tax Hits Struggling Industry

President Obama aims at corporate fat cats when he calls for a tax increase on companies that own private jets. But he hits an American manufacturing industry that is just starting to show life after years of slumping sales and thousands of job losses. [More]

Bee-hauling truck crash creates a buzz

A semi-trailer truck tipped over along a highway in Idaho, spilling more than 14 million bees and a quantity of honey across the pavement, authorities say. [More]

Marine asked Mila Kunis out as a bet

It may have started as a bet, but Sgt. Scott Moore's YouTube video will end with a famous date. [More]

'Brady Bunch' creator Schwartz dies

Sherwood Schwartz, the legendary producer who created "The Brady Bunch" and "Gilligan's Island" and also wrote their theme songs, is dead at 94, his great-niece reports. [More]

Ariz. lawmaker says pointing gun was inadvertent

A gun-toting Arizona state senator is on the defensive after reports emerged that she pointed her raspberry-pink semi-automatic pistol at a reporter while demonstrating its laser sight during a recent interview. [More]

Sisters sue cemetery over grave mix-up

Evelyn and Hortense Edwards spent two decades visiting what they thought was their mother's grave only to discover it contained the remains of a stranger. [More]

House GOP fails to turn off light bulb standards

House Republicans on Tuesday failed to stop the enactment of new energy-saving standards for light bulbs they portrayed as yet another example of big government interfering in people's lives. [More]

Group seeks to recover expenses in search for Casey Anthony's daughter

A search and rescue group filed a civil suit against Casey Anthony on Tuesday to recover the money the organization spent in an attempt to find her daughter Caylee during the summer and fall of 2008. [More]

News of the World scandal 'terrifying,' Grant says

Wednesday morning on TODAY, actor Hugh Grant spoke with Matt Lauer about the culture of the tabloid press in the U.K. [More]

Dog falls 150 feet and survives

A dog that fell more than 150 feet off a cliff in Washington's Olympic Mountains was rescued after nearly three days and reunited with her owner. [More]

Legal head of Murdoch’s News International quits

Tom Crone, the legal manager at the Rupert Murdoch U.K. newspaper arm fighting widespread hacking allegations, has left the company, a source has told Reuters. [More]

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