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Saturday, September 3

New York Anchorman's Baby, Babysitter Found Dead

Police were Friday investigating how the one-month-old son of a local TV anchorman and his babysitter died in a home on New York's Long Island Thursday night. [More]

Update: Police assisted Apple in search of man's home

Police officials said they helped Apple investigators, who searched a man's home here recently. Two Apple employees searched the home while the officers waited outside, police said. They did not find the item there and declined to file a police report, according to the statement. [More]

Gibson: Feds Want Guitar Woodwork Done by Foreign Labor

After several raids, Gibson Guitar Corp. is claiming the Obama administration wants more of its woodwork done overseas, as a bizarre battle heats up between the government and one of the country's most renowned guitar makers. [More]

Facing voter discontent, lawmakers skip town halls

Facing organized, often raucous confrontations at political events, some members of Congress this summer abandoned the long-time tradition of open meetings with the folks back home. [More]

Police: Woman Committed Suicide at CEO's Mansion

California authorities rule out murder as they say girlfriend of CEO killed herself at his mansion. [More]

Man arrested for allegedly biting python — twice

A snakebite in a north Sacramento neighborhood left the victim seriously hurt, but the injured party isn't whom you'd expect. [More]

Should your pet be in your will?

Thinking about death can feel morbid, but a good game plan is the best way to ensure that pets are protected. Here are a few tips to help you establish a long-term pet care plan. [More]

Friday, September 2

Government Sues Trucking Company for Taking Keys Away From Alcoholic Driver

Citing a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing a trucking company for taking the keys away from an Arkansas driver and eventually firing him after he admitted he was battling alcohol abuse. [More]

Did Apple snoops pose as cops in iPhone hunt?

A story about Apple's hunt for a fresh missing iPhone prototype just got more believable, thanks to a named source who alleges that Apple investigators referred to themselves as cops during a search of his home. [More]

Republican gun raffle in Giffords' county draws criticism

The Republican Party in Representative Gabrielle Giffords' home county is raising eyebrows by raffling off a Glock handgun - the same type of handgun with which Giffords, a Democrat, was shot through the head in January. [More]

Slain British marine leaves friends $163,000 to party in Vegas

A British marine killed in Afghanistan left an unusual bequest in his will: money for his friends to go to Las Vegas for a party. [More]

Hacker gets 6 years in prison for 'sextortion' scheme

A California man was sentenced to six years in prison for hacking into dozens of computers, stealing personal information and demanding naked images from female victims in exchange for not releasing the stolen information. [More]

Professor allegedly led gang, drug ring

A university professor suspected of leading a motorcycle gang and methamphetamine drug ring is wanted for arrest in California, authorities say. [More]

Man sues over shampoo arrest

A man who was jailed for 14 days in Florida when shampoo he brought from Colombia falsely tested positive for cocaine is suing authorities for false arrest. [More]

Anthony case turns to reimbursement

Casey Anthony's attorneys will be in court Friday fighting a motion by prosecutors to have her reimburse the costs of the investigation of her daughter's disappearance and death. Court documents filed by the state attorney's office and law enforcement agencies indicate those costs are more than $350,000. [More]

Robo-signed mortgage docs date back to late 1990s

New York – Counties across the United States are discovering that illegal or questionable mortgage paperwork is far more widespread than first thought, tainting the deeds of tens of thousands of homes dating to the late 1990s. The suspect documents could create legal trouble for homeowners for years. [More]

Van der Sloot Charged With Murder in Peru

Peruvian prosecutors formally charge Joran van der Sloot with murder in last year's killing of university student. [More]

Three hockey enforcers die young in four months, raising questions

It's arguably the toughest job in sports. Hockey enforcers earn the undying devotion of fans - but not much else - for their ability to punch and get punched on skates. They usually bounce from team to team, barely managing to get a contract for a role few can perform well and no one else wants. [More]

'Dancing' execs vote down same-sex pairings

Amidst all of the kerfluffle over the casting of both a gay man (Carson Kressley) and a transgender man (Chaz Bono) in the 13th season of "Dancing With the Stars," an old question has been raised again: Is it time for this top-rated series to allow for same-gender dance partners? [More]

'DWTS' producer: Give Chaz Bono a chance to dance

"Dancing With the Stars" executive producer Conrad Green says despite controversy over the casting of its first transgender contestant, "Dancing" remains a family show and viewers should check out the new season before passing judgment. [More]

11th mysterious foot washes ashore in Vancouver area

A foot encased in a running shoe has washed ashore in an inlet in False Creek, Vancouver, British Columbia. [More]

Obama promises speech will end before kickoff

With President Obama’s address to Congress set for Thursday, September 8 — the same night that the NFL season kicks off — fans were understandably concerned about TV coverage of politics cutting into TV coverage of football. [More]

Grandpa Charged With Forcing Grand Canyon Hikes

A 45-year-old grandfather forced his three young grandsons to hike 18 miles in triple-digit heat at the Grand Canyon and denied them food and water, authorities said. [More]

Defiant Gadhafi claims capital moved

A message purportedly from Moammar Gadhafi says he has moved the Libyan capital to his birthplace of Sirte, days after the nation's new leaders issued a deadline for his forces to surrender. [More]

MRSA: Protect your kid from a superbug

MRSA is a type of staph bacteria that does not respond to commonly used antibiotic treatments. This type of infection has been a problem in hospital settings for many years, but starting around 2000, it began steadily making its way into the lives of otherwise healthy people, especially children, who are not typically at risk for the fast-moving bacteria. As children head back to school, epidemiologists are encouraging parents to be more aware of the drug-resistant strain of staph and how to protect their kids. [More]

Thursday, September 1

Alaska woman punches bear in face, saves dog

A 22-year-old Juneau woman said on Wednesday she punched a black bear in the snout to save her dachshund, Fudge, from being carried off and possibly eaten. [More]

No cash for Minn. boy who made 'miracle' shot

A Minnesota boy who made an incredible hockey shot during a charity event won't collect the $50,000 prize because his twin brother should have taken the shot. [More]

Unemployed man finds $150,000 in his backyard

An Illinois man who went to pick some greens from his backyard discovered something other than broccoli on Monday: $150,000 in his garden. [More]

Police: Suspect claimed to be Sam Elliot

Police in Florida said a man accused of stealing a boat and hitting a gas pump claimed to be Hollywood actor Sam Elliot on his way to a film shoot. [More]

Bravo going ahead with premiere of 'Housewives' despite suicide

The Bravo network said Wednesday it is going ahead with the Labor Day season premiere of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" despite the suicide of a cast member's husband. [More]

Anonymous buyer wants to take Kim Kardashian sex tape offline

An anonymous client wants to buy the Kim Kardashian sex tape from the porn company that owns it so it can be taken off the websites where people now pay to view it, according to a lawyer. [More]

Ark. man in plane spots his home being burglarized

An Arkansas man who wanted to capture aerial photos of his home during his first plane ride instead helped catch two men burglarizing it. [More]

Labor Dept. Agrees to Protect Illegal Workers

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has overseen a number of signed agreements between U.S. agencies and foreign officials pledging to give migrant workers the full protections of U.S. workplace laws -- regardless of their legal status - and she says her department will uphold them. [More]

Man brings grenades to gun buy back

Detroit police conducting a gun buyback event said they gave out cash for 739 guns, but one guy got nothing for a pair of grenades he brought in. [More]

Police: Pennsylvania Man Told Driver to Slow Down, Is Slain

Police in Pennsylvania are searching for a motorist who fatally shot a pedestrian who had yelled at the driver to slow down. [More]

O'Neill's Walk of Fame star in front of shoe store

Ed O'Neill's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is appropriately placed: in front of a DSW shoe store on Hollywood Boulevard. O'Neill earned his fame playing shoe salesman Al Bundy on the long-running sitcom "Married With Children." [More]

NTSB hits pipeline owner, regulators in deadly California blast

A faulty pipe, flawed operations, and inadequate government oversight led to the 2010 Northern California natural gas explosion that killed eight people, federal officials said Tuesday. [More]

Philly DA: On-duty officer raped woman

A Philadelphia police officer was charged with rape Wednesday after allegedly assaulting a woman while on duty, according to the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office. [More]

30-year prof quits over parking shortage

A veteran Canadian professor says he's packed in his job out of frustration that Dalhousie University has 2,000 parking spaces for 20,000 people. [More]

Gibson to pay ex $750K to settle nasty legal fight

The bitter child support and custody battle between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva apparently reached a conclusion, with Gibson agreeing in court Wednesday to pay his ex-girlfriend $750,000 and share time with their young daughter. [More]

Wednesday, August 31

Man With Cable Around Neck Decapitates Self

A Chicago man who quickly accelerated in a sport utility vehicle with a cable around his neck decapitated himself after a domestic dispute in Yorktown, authorities said Tuesday. [More]

Minn. dad who abandoned son arrested in California

A Minnesota father accused of abandoning his 11-year-old son after their home went into foreclosure seemed depressed and desperate for work when he applied for a job, so the owners of a coastal California deli hired him to make sandwiches. [More]

Some U.S. firms paid more to CEOs than taxes

Twenty-five of the 100 highest paid U.S. CEOs earned more last year than their companies paid in federal income tax, a pay study said on Wednesday. It also found many of the companies spent more on lobbying than they did on taxes. [More]

Father charged after throwing crying son overboard on tour boat

A Southern California man allegedly hit his crying 7-year-old son and then threw him off on a tour boat in busy Newport Harbor, Orange County, authorities said Tuesday. [More]

Mom Got Daughter Abortion to Hide Rape

A Houston woman got an abortion for her 12-year-old mentally disabled daughter in an effort to hide evidence that her son sexually assaulted the girl, authorities said. [More]

Infant found dead in grocery restroom

Police in Hendersonville, North Carolina, said Tuesday they were interviewing a man and a woman in connection with the discovery of a days-old infant's body in a grocery store restroom. [More]

Hospital garb harbors nasty bacteria, study says

More than 60 percent of health workers’ uniforms sampled by researchers tested positive for pathogens, including the germs that can cause pneumonia, bloodstream infections and drug-resistant infections such as MRSA. [More]

Recharged and now rich, QB Vick ready for pressure

Michael Vick shared some laughs, and offered up an occasional smile. But for the most part, his Tuesday news conference announcing his new contract was handled the same way he's handled everything since he landed in Philadelphia two years ago. All business. [More]

Justin Bieber crashes his Ferrari

Justin Bieber and his Ferrari are both fine after a fender-bender in Los Angeles. [More]

Tuesday, August 30

Judge dismisses kids' suit against their own mom

Two children who grew up in a $1.5 million house felt their mother did such a bad job of raising them that they wanted her to pay — literally. Last week, an Illinois appeals court judge disagreed with that assessment. [More]

Juror caught trying to 'friend' defendant

A 22-year-old male juror in Texas pleaded guilty to trying to 'friend' the female defendant. Instead of accepting his advances, the woman told her lawyer, who told the judge, who pounded the gavel. [More]

Obama's uncle charged with drunken driving

President Barack Obama's uncle was stopped on suspicion of drunken driving in Massachusetts, told police he planned to arrange bail through the White House and is being held without bail by federal immigration officials. In a court document, ICE said he had an earlier deportation order. [More]

Australian man throws away $50,000 in gold

An Australian man says he accidentally threw out $50,000 worth of his wife's gold jewelry recently in an attempt to fool any would-be robbers. [More]

Golfer mistaken for clown charged with golf-cart DWI

A Massachusetts man whose colorful golf attire was briefly mistaken for a clown outfit has been charged in New York with driving a golf cart while drunk. [More]

The most misused social security number of all time

The most misused SSN of all time was (078-05-1120). In 1938, wallet manufacturer the E. H. Ferree company in Lockport, New York decided to promote its product by showing how a Social Security card would fit into its wallets. A sample card, used for display purposes, was inserted in each wallet. Company Vice President and Treasurer Douglas Patterson thought it would be a clever idea to use the actual SSN of his secretary, Mrs. Hilda Schrader Whitcher. [More]

California Man Accused of Throwing Son Off Cruise Boat

A California man was arrested for investigation of throwing his crying 7-year-old son into the water from a sightseeing cruise boat during an argument that shocked other passengers, authorities said Monday. [More]

Eagles give Vick $100 million deal

Philadelphia, Michael Vick agree to terms on a six-year, $100 million deal. [More]

Are airline pilots forgetting how to fly?

As planes become ever more reliant on automation to navigate crowded skies, safety officials worry there will be more deadly accidents traced to pilots who have lost their hands-on instincts in the air. [More]

Boy trapped in bus after driver forgets him

An eight-year-old boy was inadvertently locked inside a school bus for more than 12 hours on a steamy hot day in the eastern German town of Cottbus after the driver forgot about him, German daily Bild reported on Friday. [More]

22 bizarre college classes offered this semester

1. Sociology of Fame and Lady Gaga. No, you won't get extra credit for wearing sirloin to class. As the syllabus warns, "This is not a course in Lady Gaga but in sociology; and it is not a course about Lady Gaga as much as about the culture of the fame as exemplified by the career of Lady Gaga. [More]

Nancy Grace is reportedly going 'Dancing'

If you thought casting Bristol Palin and Kate Gosselin for previous seasons caused an uproar, the latest casting rumor could bring about yet another frenzy of passionate comments. [More]

Michigan man killed by grizzly in Yellowstone

Wildlife agents were trying to capture a grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park on Monday after it killed a Michigan hiker in the second fatal bear attack this summer at the famed park. [More]

Minnesota Dad Who Abandoned Son Arrested in California

A father accused of abandoning his 11-year-old son in Minnesota has been arrested in California. [More]

Monday, August 29

Lawyers for Dominique Strauss-Kahn Hint at Legal Action Against Hotel Maid

Lawyers for former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn have warned that they could take legal action against the woman who has accused him of sexual assault if her lawyers use underhand methods to defend their client, according to an interview published in the French Sunday newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche. [More]

School superintendent gives up $800k in pay

Some people give back to their community. Then there's Fresno County School Superintendent Larry Powell, who's really giving back. As in $800,000 — what would have been his compensation for the next three years. [More]

4 Women Get Prison for California Beauty Queen Slashing

Four women have pleaded guilty to the carpet-cutter slashing and disfigurement of a former Southern California beauty queen. [More]

Students build 128-square-foot houses

Forget "McMansions," engineering students at Northwestern University in Illinois have designed and are building a 128-square-foot house. [More]

New York City gets back to business after Irene

New York City was slowly getting back to business as usual on Monday after Hurricane Irene but hundreds of thousands of people who normally travel in from the surrounding area faced a hellish commute as flooding knocked out some transit routes. [More]

Lockerbie bomber "at death's door" - again

The Libyan convicted in the 1988 bombing of a U.S.-bound airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland has been found in Tripoli and appears "at death's door," CNN reported on Sunday. [More]

Men found sleeping in caskets

Police in Tennessee said workers at a funeral home called 911 when they discovered two men sleeping in caskets in a storage area. [More]

'Heart attack waiting to happen' isn't always obvious

If you're not overweight, eat pretty well and exercise now and then, you might think you're in good heart health. But doctors say you don't have to look like a heart attack waiting to happen to be one. [More]

Dog swallows $10,000 worth of diamonds

The co-owner of a Georgia jewelry store said $10,000 worth of diamonds that went missing were found in the stomach of a four-legged worker. [More]

Powell says Cheney taking 'cheap shots' in book

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell on Sunday dismissed as "cheap shots" the criticism leveled at him and others in Vice President Dick Cheney's memoir. [More]

Sunday, August 28

Steve Jobs fan runs route done as Apple logo

An Apple fan decided to honor Steve Jobs, and took a different "route" to do so: He ran the equivalent of a half-marathon, about 13 miles, in a route shaped as Apple's corporate logo. [More]

DA: Yogurt store owner put naked employee in box

The owner of a Southern California yogurt shop has been charged with attacking an employee, removing her clothes, binding her with tape and locking her in a box. [More]

Texas 10-Year-Old Victim’s Twin Wanted to Help But Afraid of Punishment

A father and stepmother of twin boys were arrested Wednesday and charged with injury to a child after police said they denied one of the 10-year-old boys, Jonathan James, water over a period of five days as punishment. He died on July 25. [More]

Cell Phone in Woman's Pocket Stops Bullet

A cell phone in the back pocket of a Colorado Springs woman's pants appears to have stopped a bullet. [More]

Police find burglar asleep at crime scene

Police say a Brainerd, Minn., man who was arrested for burglary may have fallen asleep at the scene of the crime. [More]

Man tries to rob bank, gets scolded

Police say a man tried to rob a Boston bank but left with nothing but a scolding from a customer. [More]

Giant rat caught, killed with pitchfork

A city housing worker says he bagged a 3-foot rat with a pitchfork at a New York apartment complex. [More]

Cuban man '24' proud of his 4 extra fingers, toes

They call him "Twenty-Four." Yoandri Hernandez Garrido's nickname comes from the six perfectly formed fingers on each of his hands and the six impeccable toes on each foot. [More]

Science Says Smoke Later If You Smoke At All

Two new studies have found that smokers who tend to take their first cigarette soon after they wake up in the morning may have a higher risk of developing lung and head and neck cancers than smokers who refrain from lighting up right away. [More]

The city that never sleeps takes a nap as Irene nears

New York City closed for business Sunday as hundreds of thousands were forced to evacuate while millions more hunkered down to wait out a massive hurricane. [More]

Before Jobs, Sam Walton and Bill Gates took exits

As CEOs, Sam Walton, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs possessed common traits. They were tireless workers, demanding bosses and sticklers for detail. They were visionaries, too, who reshaped their respective industries. [More]

Saturday, August 27

Producer ordered to pay $3 million in sex case

A Los Angeles jury orders film producer Jon Peters to pay his former assistant more than $3 million after finding she was subjected to sexual harassment and a hostile workplace. [More]

James Bond wins lottery

An Indiana man named James Bond can now enjoy the high-rolling lifestyle of his super-spy namesake after winning a $6.5 million lottery jackpot. [More]

Minnesota Dad Leaves Son Behind in Foreclosed Home

A desperate dad fleeing foreclosure left behind his 11-year-old son a week before they would have been evicted from their home, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Friday. [More]

Defendant identifies job as 'criminal'

A Florida judge said he was shocked when he asked a defendant about his line of work and received the response, "criminal." [More]

Arizona shooting suspect's condition worsens

The man accused in the Arizona shooting rampage kept himself awake for 50 hours straight after an appeals court stopped forced medication. He walked in circles until he developed sores and then declined antibiotics to treat an infected foot. Already thin, he stopped eating and shed nine pounds. [More]

Boy, 12, delivers baby brother

A 12-year-old Canadian boy who delivered his own baby brother when his mother went into labor in the early morning said he learned how from reading books. [More]

World's oldest person turns 115

A Monroe, Ga., woman who Guinness World Records says is the world's oldest person turned 115 Friday and received a plaque from Guinness. [More]

Judge blocks Facebook limits for teachers

A new Missouri law prohibiting teachers from having private online conversations with students suffered a double setback Friday. First a judge blocked it from taking effect because of free speech concerns. Then the governor called for its repeal. [More]

Men in clown makeup rob jewelry store

Denver police said they are searching for two men who donned clown makeup and robbed a jewelry store, but only made off with fake jewels. [More]

Barry Bonds' conviction upheld by judge

Barry Bonds' obstruction of justice conviction has been upheld by a federal judge, who denied the home run king's motion for a new trial or acquittal on the charge. [More]

Friday, August 26

Defense: California Teen Who Shot Gay Classmate Snapped

A teen who shot a gay classmate to death in a school classroom reached an emotional breaking point after weeks of being sexually harassed by the boy, a defense attorney said. [More]

Thief who tripped on baggy pants arrested

Florida authorities said they arrested a thief who tripped over his own baggy pants and dropped his pilfered beer. [More]

Dog mourns at casket of fallen Navy SEAL

Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson lay in a coffin, in front of a tearful audience mourning his death in Afghanistan. Soon an old friend appeared, and like a fellow soldier on a battlefield, his loyal dog refused to leave him behind. [More]

Fired teacher plans return to porn

A Florida man who lost his job as a substitute teacher when officials saw his nude pictures online said he plans to return to pornography as a profession. [More]

Wow, They're the Same Age?

Lifestyle choices, makeup artists and fashion choices can make the difference. [More]

Is Jim Carrey having a midlife crisis?

Jim Carrey’s video mash note to 22-year-old actress Emma Stone has caused such an Internet sensation, mostly because it's assumed that the 49-year-old grandfather is having a very public midlife crisis. The collective verdict: Creepy. [More]

For Trendy Websites, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Once-popular sites watch readership sink — one losing as much as 1M — as many find new favorites. [More]

Photos: Damage to the Washington Monument

The Washington Monument was closed indefinitely as engineers study damage and ways to repair cracks at the top of the capital's iconic structure caused by the 5.8-magnitude earthquake that rattled the East Coast this week. [More]

Police: Pa. newlyweds shoplifted reception food

A couple of Pennsylvania newlyweds are behind bars after police say they were caught shoplifting food from a supermarket for their wedding reception. [More]

Burglar uses semi to steal sex toy

Authorities in Ohio said they are searching for a man accused of stealing a semi truck and crashing it into an adult store to steal an $800 sex toy. [More]

Man Charged in Scoutmaster's Death Wants No Lawyer

The man charged with fatally stabbing a 76-year-old scoutmaster during a hike in northern Indiana told a judge that he wanted nothing done in his defense. [More]

Hidden tunnels, bunkers lie under Gadhafi compound

Beneath the grassy courtyard of Moammar Gadhafi's private compound, long tunnels connect bunkers, command centers and spiral staircases that lead to a luxurious home filled with Gadhafi family photos. [More]

Found at Gadhafi compound: Condoleezza Rice photos

Libyan rebels who took control of Moammar Gadhafi's sprawling compound made a surprising discovery in one of the buildings: a photo album with pictures of Condoleezza Rice. [More]

Millions of US court records bound for shredder

Wrestling with the challenges of documents in the digital age, U.S. officials are destroying millions of paper federal court records to save storage costs - but the effort is raising the ire of some historians, private detectives and others who heavily rely on the files. [More]

Business Leaders Endorse Starbucks CEO's Pledge

More than 100 business leaders back pledge to halt campaign contributions pending a long-term debt solution. [More]

Home of missing Utah woman’s husband searched

Investigators hunted for clues at the home of a missing woman's husband and father-in-law, the same day the father-in-law told NBC News that he had a flirtatious relationship with her. [More]

Texas to Begin Deporting Foreign Convicts

Texas parole officials can soon use a new state law to begin deporting some of the 11,000 foreign citizens who are incarcerated in state prisons. [More]

Poll: 87% in US disapprove of Congress

Americans are plenty angry at Congress in the aftermath of the debt crisis and Republicans could pay the greatest price, a new Associated Press-GfK poll suggests. [More]

World War II vets gather in St. Louis for final reunion

After 66 consecutive years, they've assembled for one final roll call. Members of the Army's 84th Infantry Division are gathering in St. Louis this week for their last annual reunion. Age has taken a toll on this once-hardy group of World War II veterans who fought their way across Hitler's Germany. [More]

Troops photograph every Arlington grave

Night after night this summer, troops from the Army's historic Old Guard have left their immaculately pressed dress blues, white gloves and shiny black boots at home to slip into Arlington National Cemetery in T-shirts and flip-flops to photograph each and every grave with an iPhone. [More]

Death toll at 52 in Mexican casino attack

Rescue workers recovered burned bodies and anxious residents crowded behind yellow police tape Friday waiting to hear if relatives were among the victims of a grisly arson attack on a casino by presumed drug traffickers that killed at least 52 gamblers and employees. [More]

Thursday, August 25

Professor-student affair ends in murder-suicide

An Idaho college professor who alternately referred to himself as a "psychopathic killer" and "the beast" killed himself after fatally shooting a graduate student he had recently dated, police said in newly revealed court documents. [More]

Food-Stamp Fraud Flushes Away Taxpayer Dollars

Feds target scam where food stamp recipients use benefits to purchase bottles then redeem them for cash. [More]

Casey Anthony reports to Florida probation

Casey Anthony, who has stayed out of sight since a jury acquitted her of killing her daughter, reported Wednesday to Florida authorities to begin serving a one-year probation on an unrelated check fraud conviction, officials said. [More]

Woman flips the bird, then flips her car

A Washington state woman who made an obscene gesture at another driver may face criminal charges for causing an accident, police say. [More]

Baby tossed from Calif. hospital has died

A 7-month-old baby boy who was tossed from the fourth floor of a hospital parking structure died Wednesday, the same day his mother made an initial court appearance on charges of attempted murder and felony child abuse, a police spokesman said. [More]

With Jobs out as CEO, Apple looks to the future

Since Steve Jobs' return to Apple Inc. in 1997 as CEO, the company has been on an unparalleled upswing, highlighted by the immense popularity of the iPad and iPhone. [More]

Ky. jury rules against penis amputation patient

A Kentucky truck driver who was wheeled into surgery for a simple circumcision but awoke without part of his penis lost his multimillion-dollar lawsuit Wednesday against the urologist who lopped off a cancer-riddled section of the organ. [More]

Former Cy Young winner Flanagan found dead at home

Mike Flanagan, a former Cy Young winner and part of the Baltimore Orioles' 1983 World Series championship team, has died. He was 59. [More]

Arizona man accused of stuffing snakes in pants

Police say an Arizona man stole several baby albino boa constrictors at a pet store by stuffing them in his pocket. [More]

Redmond O'Neal avoids prison, gets more rehab

Redmond O'Neal narrowly dodged a prison sentence Wednesday after a judge agreed he needed more treatment. [More]

17th person dies at Yosemite National Park

The body of a man identified as Ryan Leeder of Los Gatos, Calif., was found in Yosemite National Park on Tuesday after hikers reported seeing someone fall while climbing Half Dome. [More]

Stocking up on light ahead of bulb phase-out

Starting in January, the traditional 100-watt incandescent bulbs that many Americans look to when lighting their homes will become a hot commodity. Some people are stocking up. [More]

Wednesday, August 24

Woman Who Was Assaulted Settles Lawsuit

A woman who sued after being sexually assaulted by a man she met on the dating website settled her lawsuit on Tuesday when she saw proof that the site screenings its members for sexual predators. [More]

Casey Anthony must serve probation, appeals court rules

Casey Anthony must serve a year of probation after being convicted on check fraud charges, a Florida appeals court ruled Tuesday. [More]

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith deny split

The couple issues a joint statement saying rumors about the end of their 13-year marriage are "completely false" and they are "still together." [More]

Woman convicted of child abuse in hot sauce case

A woman who squirted hot sauce into the mouth of her adopted Russian son for lying about getting in trouble in school has been convicted of misdemeanor child abuse in what prosecutors said was a ploy to get on the "Dr. Phil" TV show. [More]

Kim Sex Tape Sales Skyrocket

Kim Kardashian made a reported $18 million from deals associated with her wedding to basketball player Kris Humphries. And that's not including the cut she gets from the massive increase in visits to the site that sells her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J. [More]

Maine man rides on top of train for 45 miles

Police say a Waldoboro man who road 45 miles atop a Maine Eastern Railroad train told them he climbed onto the train while drinking and fell asleep. [More]

Rev. Al Sharpton officially tapped as MSNBC host

After several weeks in a tryout role, the Rev. Al Sharpton has officially been named host of a weeknight hour on MSNBC. [More]

Owner of landmark Philly cheesesteak stand dies

The owner of a landmark south Philadelphia cheesesteak stand who once told customers to order in English has died. Joey Vento was 71. [More]

DSK's team not worried about civil suit

Lawyers for former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn said they are not worried about a pending civil suit from his accuser after a New York judge dropped criminal charges against him. [More]

Delta Airlines Signs Letter Promising to Not Ask Customers Their Religious Affiliation

Delta Airline denied allegations Tuesday that it currently, or will in the future, ask customers to state their religion before boarding a flight. [More]

No illegal drugs in Winehouse death

Toxicology tests showed there were no illegal substances in British singer Amy Winehouse's system when she died last month aged 27, her spokesman said on Tuesday. [More]

With CIA help, NYPD moves covertly in Muslim areas

In New Brunswick, N.J., a building superintendent opened the door to apartment No. 1076 one balmy Tuesday and discovered an alarming scene: terrorist literature strewn about the table and computer and surveillance equipment set up in the next room. [More]

Pacino, 'Scarface' cast celebrate film's legacy

Al Pacino discussed the making "Scarface" with co-stars Steven Bauer, Robert Loggia and F. Murray Abraham and producer Martin Bregman at a party Tuesday heralding the film's Blu-ray release. [More]

Accused Subway robber regrets dip into tip jar

The man with the knife had already stolen $125 from the cash register at Subway on Monday night, according to police, when he reached into the tip jar. [More]

Tuesday, August 23

Calif. baby tossed from building; mom arrested

Police in Southern California say they've arrested a woman whose 7-month-old son was tossed from the upper level of a parking structure. [More]

Man sells soil from Ohio serial killer's home

An entrepreneur is selling soil from a serial killer's home in Cleveland, outraging victims' families. [More]

Letterman jokes about jihadist website death threat

Never one to miss a joke, even when it involves a threat on his life, David Letterman came armed with punchlines for Monday night's show, the first since a jihadist website urged its American followers to kill the comedian. [More]

Prosecutor says mom punished boy to get on TV

A woman put hot sauce in her adopted 7-year-old son's mouth not to punish the Russian boy for lying but to come up with sensational footage to get on the "Dr. Phil" self-help TV show, a prosecutor argued Monday. [More]

Report: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith separate

In Touch Weekly quotes an insider in an exclusive that says the couple is splitting after 13 years of marriage. [More]

Winslet helped rescue Branson's mother from fire

Academy Award-winning actress Kate Winslet helped rescue Richard Branson's elderly mother from a fire that destroyed his Caribbean home. [More]

Halliburton exec takes a swig of fracking fluid

An energy company executive's sip of fracking fluid at an industry conference this month has been called a demonstration by some and a stunt by others. [More]

Dallas police say man drowned his 2 young sons

Dallas police have arrested a man suspected of drowning his two young sons after abducting them and their mother while they were walking to school. [More]

'Mad Men' actor: 'Be careful' with January Jones

The young man who plays Don Draper and Betty Francis' son, 11-year-old Jared Gilmore, is leaving the show, but he had a few words of advice for whoever is next in line to play Bobby. [More]

Illinois Pulls Health Care Licenses of Sex Offenders

Illinois yanked the licenses 11 of health care workers Monday citing a new law that bars registered sex offenders and people convicted of violent felonies from working in the field. [More]

Ohio cheerleading coach dies in Ind. stage tragedy

A cheerleading coach from Ohio has died from head injuries she suffered when a stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair, making her the seventh fatality in the accident. [More]

Monday, August 22

$490,000 Stimulus Grant Creates ... 2 Jobs

A federal stimulus grant of nearly $500,000 to grow trees and stimulate the economy in Nevada yielded a whopping 2 jobs, according to government statistics. [More]

12-year-old detective tracks down suspects

A 12-year-old Georgia girl investigating a burglary at her late great-grandmother's home said she confronted a suspect, but police have made no arrests. [More]

Casey Anthony is back in Florida

Speaking Sunday on Fox News' "Geraldo at Large," Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, said she's in Florida and will report to a probation office if an appeal fails. [More]

Md. woman killed in crash billed by state

The parents of a woman who died in a car crash in Columbia, Md., received a bill from the state charging them for repairs to a guardrail, officials say. [More]

Wing walker dies after fall at Michigan air show

A stunt wing walker died Sunday after falling about 200 feet at an air show in southeastern Michigan, officials said. Technical Sgt. Dan Heaton, a spokesman at Selfridge Air National Guard Base, said wing walker Todd Green was trying to move from a plane to a helicopter when he fell at the base in Harrison Township, about 20 miles northeast of Detroit. [More]

GRAPHIC: Wing Walker Dies After Fall at Air Show

Warning: Graphic Content [More]

New York Police Officer Accused of Rape Is Engaged, Family Says

The boozy off-duty cop who allegedly flashed his service weapon and raped a woman in upper Manhattan is engaged to be married, it was revealed yesterday as he was arraigned on the disturbing charges. [More]

PETA to launch porn site

In another sensational attempt to draw attention to the plight of animals, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is planning to launch a porn site later this year. [More]

Man pays $1,500 bike fine

A New York City bicyclist fought a ticket for running a red light, lost and was ordered to pay $1,500 in fines, officials say. [More]

Public to Get First Glimpse of MLK Memorial

Tourists and Washingtonians were about to get their first up-close look Monday at the memorial to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. It includes a 30-foot-tall sculpture of King and a 450-foot-long granite wall inscribed with 14 quotations from the civil rights leader. The sheer size of the sculpture of King sets it apart from nearby statues of Jefferson and Lincoln, which are both about 20 feet tall. [More]

Thirsty boy stuck in chimney trying to get drink

An 8-year-old boy desperate for a drink tried to get into a neighbor's home by sliding down the chimney, but got stuck for more than four hours, authorities said. [More]

Senator: Deactivating cellphones can deter theft

New York Sen. Charles Schumer says cellphone carriers can effectively put an end to a spike in phone thefts by deactivating the phones themselves instead of their data storage or SIM cards. [More]

Scout Leader Fatally Stabbed on Indiana Hiking Trip

A 76-year-old man has been stabbed to death while leading Boy Scouts on a hiking trip in northern Indiana, and a suspect who battered his mother and killed a dog near the trail is under arrest, police said. [More]

Deaths reveal a small town's mean streak

For best friends Donna Fairchild and Melanie Giarratana, lunch on Mondays was a time for girl talk and small-town gossip. There was plenty to discuss in late January as the women settled into their seats at The 19th Hole, a hillside restaurant popular with the locals in this resort town some 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas. [More]

Sunday, August 21

NYC Subway Clerk Cuts Power to Prevent Suicide

A New York City subway clerk thwarted a suicide attempt at his Manhattan station by cutting the power to the tracks as a train approached. [More]

Shackled woman in labor wins $200K

An illegal immigrant who this week was awarded $200,000 in a lawsuit against a Tennessee sheriff's office will ask a federal judge to grant her permission to remain in the United States legally, her attorney told CNN. [More]

New York Prosecutors to Ask Court to Dismiss Charges Against Strauss-Kahn

The Manhattan DA's Office will ask a judge to dismiss all charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn when he appears in court Tuesday, the New York Post reported Sunday. [More]

N.J. Senators: Extradite Lockerbie Bomber to U.S.

Two New Jersey senators are demanding that any new Libyan government agree to extradite to the United States the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing two years after he was released from prison to die of cancer. [More]

Inside Donald Trump’s New Boeing 757 Jet

Donald Trump has just purchased a Boeing 757 jet and it features just about every amenity you’d expect from a real estate developer. [More]

Police: Husband Hired Mistress to Kill Wife

A Pakistani-American man whose wife was gunned down while they and their son walked along a quiet suburban New Jersey street plotted the killing and hired his mistress to assassinate his wife, authorities said Friday. [More]

8 charged in alleged $40 million fortune-telling scam

Prosecutors say a family of gypsies amassed $40 million in a fortune-telling scam, warning victims that if they didn't follow their advice, terrible things would happen to them or their loved ones. [More]

McQueen's Porsche Sold

A Porsche once owned by Hollywood legend Steve McQueen has been sold for a record-breaking $1.375 million. [More]

Saturday, August 20

Off-Duty NYPD Officer Arrested on Rape Charge

A teacher walking to work Friday morning was grabbed off a residential street by a drunken off-duty police officer, who walked her several blocks into an apartment building's deserted backyard and raped her, authorities said. [More]

Pa. judge cleared in case of condom-filled acorns

A central Pennsylvania judge who gave two women condom-stuffed acorns is cleared of violating judicial conduct standards. But the court notes that his "preoccupation with acorns is mystifying." [More]

Obama slammed for vacation

After returning late Wednesday night from a three-day campaign bus tour of Middle America, President Obama left Washington once again Thursday afternoon - this time for Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts and a 10-day vacation with his family. [More]

Miami leadership backs university president despite scandal

The chairman of Miami's board of trustees says he is backing university president Donna Shalala despite recent allegations that a booster showered dozens of players with cash, jewelry and hookers. [More]

Casey Anthony's car crushed for scrap

The white Pontiac Sunfire that Florida prosecutors used as evidence in the case against Casey Anthony has been destroyed. [More]

Deal frees 3 men convicted in Cub Scout slayings

Sentenced to die for the terrifying slayings of three Cub Scouts, Damien Echols once came within three weeks of being executed. Released Friday under an unusual plea deal after more than two decades on death row, Echols has co-defendant Jason Baldwin to thank for his freedom — and his life. [More]

New Mexico hero who saved girl says he's illegal

The man who chased down a suspected child abductor and saved a 6-year-old girl from what could have been a horrible fate was honored as a hero Friday. But he is also gaining a new kind of celebrity: as a poster child of sorts for immigration rights in state and national immigration debates. [More]

Strauss-Kahn accuser mulls dropping case for money

Lawyers for the woman who accused former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault have explored a deal in which they would scuttle the criminal case in exchange for a monetary settlement in the civil lawsuit, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. [More]

Prosecutors want another shot at Clemens trial

Prosecutors pursing a perjury conviction against baseball star Roger Clemens acknowledge they made a critical error that ultimately doomed their high-profile trial but asked a judge for another chance to convict the pitching standout of lying about using performance-enhancing drugs. [More]

Iran sentences 2 American men to 8 years in jail

Two American men already held for two years in Tehran have been sentenced to 8 years each in prison on charges of espionage and illegal entry into Iran, state TV reported Saturday. [More]

African Women Campaign Against Rape in 'SlutWalk'

Women draped sexy lingerie over their street clothes as they marched through Cape Town on Saturday, bringing an international campaign against the notion that a woman's appearance can excuse attacks to a country where rape is seen as a national crisis. [More]

Friday, August 19

Convicted child killers expected to be freed

Three men imprisoned for nearly two decades for the brutal murders of three 8-year-old boys in eastern Arkansas could be released from custody as early as Friday. [More]

Travolta's wife: Scientology helped us

While her husband, accomplished pilot John Travolta, may fly through the air with the greatest of ease, Kelly Preston apparently has found a formula for staying grounded. [More]

Car thief drops off kids, poodle

A car thief who inadvertently scooped up a minivan with two kids and a poodle inside dropped the kids — and the car — at their home in Queens after the children scolded him for trying to raid the change tray. [More]

Pastor charged with raping 2 women near church

A South Carolina pastor has been charged with raping two women in a trailer behind his church. [More]

Fred Flintstone? Michigan Man Tries to Use Feet as Brakes — unsuccessfully

The feet of a 24-year-old Detroit-area man fail him as he tries to use them to brake his pickup on a busy street, police say, but he kept on trucking even after hitting four vehicles as he fails to stop for two red lights. [More]

Deen Rips Into Fellow TV Chef

The knives are out for Anthony Bourdain after he blasted fellow TV chef Paula Deen, calling her the “most dangerous person in America.” [More]

Red Tape: Airline sued over cashless cabin policy

A New Jersey man is suing to force airlines to treat cash, and consumers who carry it , with more respect. [More]

Alaska bank employee charged with stealing $4.3M

Federal prosecutors say a 26-year-old bank employee in Anchorage, Alaska, embezzled more than $4 million the old-fashioned way — by carrying it out of the building. [More]

Betty White voted most trusted celebrity in US

Seems like former "Golden Girls" actress Betty White really does have the Midas touch. [More]

'Justin Bieber Way' Street Sign Stolen in Texas

Less than 48 hours after an 11-year-old "mayor for a day" renamed a Texas street in honor of Justin Bieber, a thief swiped the sign, The Dallas Morning News reported Thursday. [More]

Texan picked wrong guy for carjacking: federal agent

Federal prosecutors in McAllen say 27-year-old Jose Antonio Armendariz of Penitas was sentenced Wednesday. [More]

Bravo to delay 'Real Housewives' return

The network will push the Sept. 5 premiere at least one week and possibly longer following the apparent suicide of Russell Armstrong, according to a source close to the show. [More]

Man suspected of NC plane theft arrested by police

Authorities say they have arrested a man they believe had stolen an airplane from a Chapel Hill airport and crashed it before getting away. [More]

GOP: Obama Administration Wants'Backdoor Amnesty' for Illegals

Republicans accused the Obama administration of instituting "backdoor amnesty" after officials announced they would launch a case-by-case review of illegal immigrants slated for deportation in an effort to thin the list and focus resources on kicking out criminals. [More]

Thursday, August 18

David Letterman target of death threat on jihadist website

A jihadist website is urging its American followers to kill comedian David Letterman, saying his tongue deserves to be cut over his remarks about a terror leader, an online intelligence group said. [More]

Ex-NBA ref kills self on day wife's body found

A former NBA referee shot and killed himself in a suburban New Orleans hotel room on the same day his wife was found strangled at their Houston-area home last week, authorities said Wednesday. [More]

Man rams Waffle House to run over his waitress wife

A Florida man tried to run over his wife by driving his truck into a Waffle House where she works as a waitress. [More]

Lawsuit alleges Missouri school expelled girl for making rape claim

A lawsuit filed against a Missouri school district alleges that officials failed to protect a female student from repeated sexual assaults from a male student, and at one point expelled her for reporting the alleged attacks. [More]

Dem Rep to Black Voters: 'Unleash Us' on Obama

Rep. Waters asks black voters struggling with unemployment to give lawmakers go-ahead to attack Obama. [More]

Study: Only 1 in 5 medical malpractice cases pay

Only 1 in 5 malpractice claims against doctors leads to a settlement or other payout, according to the most comprehensive study of these claims in two decades. [More]

Actor Gerard Depardieu reportedly urinated on plane

An airline passenger says her Paris-to-Dublin flight was delayed nearly two hours after celebrated French actor Gerard Depardieu urinated on the plane ahead of takeoff. [More]

3 die of rare brain infection from amoeba in water

Two children and a young man have died this summer from a brain-eating amoeba that lives in water, health officials say. [More]

Secret service agent arrested for DUI in Iowa

A Secret Service agent on assignment in Iowa to help with presidential security has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. [More]

Man riding lawn mower charged with DWI

A 52-year-old man who was riding a lawn mower and caused a crash involving two vehicles has been charged with driving while impaired, North Carolina Highway Patrol troopers say. [More]

War hero turned mobster sentenced to 35 years

Sam Volpendesto began his adult life celebrated as a war hero. Now 87, he is almost certain to die behind bars, derided as a mobster. [More]

Anthony lawyers appeal probation order

Lawyers for Casey Anthony on Wednesday asked a Florida appeals court to overrule an order requiring her to return to Orlando to serve a year's probation on a check-fraud conviction. [More]

U.S. investigating S&P over mortgages

The Justice Department is investigating whether Standard & Poor's improperly rated dozens of mortgage securities in the years before the financial crisis, The New York Times reported on Thursday, citing sources familiar with the matter. [More]

Kevin Federline welcomes fifth child

Kevin Federline is a dad again! The former backup dancer and onetime rapper welcomed his fifth child, daughter Jordan Kay. [More]

Christine O'Donnell walks out of 'Piers Morgan'

The former Delaware U.S. Senate candidate stormed off the set of "Piers Morgan Tonight" Wednesday, apparently objecting to the CNN host's questions about gay marriage. [More]

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