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Wednesday, February 29

Monkees singer Davy Jones dies at 66

An official from the medical examiner's office for Martin County, Florida confirmed with TMZ they received a call from Martin Memorial Hospital informing them that Jones had passed away. [More]

It's Leap Day! You may be working for free

If you’re a salaried employee and you’re slaving away at work today, you may be working for free. Leap years present an odd compensation dilemma for employees who don’t get paid on an hourly basis. [More]

Pentagon admits dumping 9/11 remains in landfill

The Defense Department acknowledges that some remains of victims of the terrorist attacks wound up in the same landfill where it previously dumped remains of service members. [More]

Feds: $375 million health care scam is US' largest

The owner of a Texas-based medical service provider is among seven people indicted in what authorities say is the largest health care fraud scheme in U.S. history. [More]

Apartment complex testing DNA of dog poo

The owners of an Ohio apartment complex said they are using DNA testing to determine the identities of residents who fail to clean up after their dogs. [More]

Woman denies broadcasting dorm kissing video

A former Rutgers student who was charged with invasion of privacy for using a webcam to spy on another student testified Tuesday that the paperwork got it wrong when she was arrested. [More]

Man's Facebook post turned into 'personal lubricant' ad

Nick Bergus' Facebook friends must be pretty darn confused right now. According to a "Sponsored Story" on the social network, their pal is suddenly shilling 55-gallon drums of "personal lubricant." [More]

Yahoo seeking patent windfall from Facebook

Yahoo made more than $1 billion from an earlier patent settlement it reached with Google. [More]

Family back from vacation finds car in bedroom

A Connecticut family has a big mess to clean up after a car crashed into their bedroom while they were away. [More]

Urkel to go 'Dancing With the Stars' this season

Urkel alert! Forget the rumors, forget the speculation and definitely forget all that Tim Tebow talk. The cast list for the 14th season is now known. [More]

Tuesday, February 28

Man cut off friend's hand for insurance money

A Midlands man is in jail accused of working with two other people to defraud an insurance company by intentionally cutting a person's hand off with a pole saw and then filing an insurance claim. [More]

Muggers foiled when one shoots another

Police in New York said an attempted mugging was foiled when one of the alleged attackers shot an alleged accomplice in the leg. [More]

Fire, rain make for bizarre Daytona 500

First, rain led race officials to pull the plug Sunday - the first time in Daytona 500's history. Then, continuing showers led them to re-reschedule the start from noon to Monday evening. When the race finally got underway, a massive fire with 40 laps to go red-flagged it for a couple more hours, pushing the race into a third day. [More]

Danica Patrick finishes 38th in Daytona 500

Danica Patrick got caught in a crash on just the second lap of her Daytona 500 debut Monday, a continuation of a week's worth of troubles at Daytona International Speedway. After her crew made extensive repairs to her car, she got back in the race and finished 38th. [More]

Death of girl, 11, in fight ruled homicide

An 11-year-old girl who died in a fight in Long Beach on Friday suffered blunt force trauma to her head, and her death was ruled a homicide, coroner’s officials said. [More]

Man arrested for crushing car

Authorities in Florida said a man was arrested for repeatedly driving his over-sized van over a car at the Redneck Yacht Club off-road park. [More]

Murdoch pays Charlotte Church nearly $1 million over hacking

The publisher of Rupert Murdoch's News of the World has paid singer Charlotte Church and her family £600,000 ($952,000) to settle a phone-hacking lawsuit, her lawyer said Monday. [More]

'Amazing Race' Death Arrest

The mysterious death of freelance "Amazing Race" producer Jeff Rice has taken yet more strange turns. A cab driver named Moses Kalanzi was arrested in Kampala, Uganda under suspicion of providing Rice and his producer friend, Kathryn Fuller, with the drugs police say killed Rice and critically injured Fuller, the Ugandan newspaper the Monitor reports. [More]

Media Matters Boss' $850G 'Blackmail' Settlement

Media Matters chief David Brock paid a former domestic partner $850,000 after being threatened with damaging information involving the organization’s donors and the IRS – a deal that Brock later characterized as a blackmail payment, according to legal documents. [More]

3 big cats seized from home of Tarzan actor

Steve Sipek was arrested for having two tigers and a leopard without a federal permit and having them as pets. [More]

Plane dumps sewage on couple

A New York state couple said they were outside near Kennedy International Airport when a plane taking off from the hub dropped treated sewage on them. [More]

Sean Young arrested at post-Oscars party

Police say 52-year-old star was placed under citizen's arrest after altercation at the Governor's Ball. [More]

Monday, February 27

Man accused in Secret Service car theft

A homeless man was arrested in Washington, D.C., after he allegedly tried to steal a car that belonged to the Secret Service, police said. [More]

NYC man dies after being hit by train saving 'drunk'

A selfless New York City hero struck by a train while saving a drunk filmmaker who stumbled onto the tracks in January died of his injuries. [More]

Police: Bad cocaine killed 'Amazing Race' producer

An American television producer found dead on a hotel balcony in Uganda last week died after taking contaminated cocaine, police and a private investigator say. [More]

Husband of woman hit by shopping cart suing mall

The husband of a Manhattan real-estate agent left with severe injuries after a shopping cart was dropped on her head from an East Harlem parking garage claims lax security caused the devastating accident. [More]

Razzies say Adam Sandler's worst of the worst

Adam Sandler received 11 Razzie nominations for his work on flicks "Jack and Jill," "Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star" and "Just Go With It." [More]

Son of Robert F. Kennedy charged over clash with nurses

Robert F. Kennedy's son, Douglas, faces misdemeanor charges over an incident at a New York hospital last month in which he knocked down a nurse while holding his newborn son, attorneys for both sides say. [More]

Mother runs down burglary suspect on foot

A mother of three told a would-be burglar outside her parent's Florida home to "run fast" before chasing him down on foot to be arrested by police. [More]

11-year-old Calif. girl dies after fight with classmate

An 11-year-old girl is dead following an after school fight at a Long Beach elementary school, but authorities say they have no immediate plans for arrests. [More]

Man arrested with TV in pants

A Minnesota man was charged for allegedly trying to leave a store with a 19-inch TV in his pants, police said. [More]

Sunday, February 26

Naked man steals fire truck, kills pedestrian

Authorities say a man who was naked stole a fire truck at an apartment complex in South Carolina and sped away, killing a pedestrian who was walking on a sidewalk. [More]

DA: Mass sergeant shoots officer, then kills self

A Massachusetts district attorney says an off-duty sergeant shot a police officer from a nearby town, then returned to the scene and killed himself as authorities closed in. [More]

NASCAR feeling Patrick's impact, even before her biggest race

It's easy to find Danica Patrick at Daytona International Speedway. Just look for the pack of photographers, the whirring of their cameras capturing the every move of NASCAR's newest star. [More]

$5 million suit filed over 1/2 tank of gas

A woman is suing a Detroit financial services company for more than $5 million for keeping a half tank of gas from her car when it was repossessed. [More]

8 reasons why gas will hit $5 a gallon this year

The price of gas is a widely covered news item these days. Oil prices have moved up from $75 a barrel in October of last year to more than $100 a barrel currently. [More]

RFK son arrested in NY maternity unit clash

The son of Robert F. Kennedy is charged with harassment and endangering a child after trying to take his 2-day-old boy from a Westchester maternity unit, NBC New York has learned. [More]

Kentucky police officer's badge stops bullet, saves life

A Louisville Metro Police officer is recovering after being shot responding to a home invasion - and he can thank both his protective vest and his police badge for helping save him. [More]

12 elevators you need to see to believe

Usually, a ride on an elevator involves pushing a button and zoning out until the ding for your floor. Pay attention on these lifts, though, or risk missing out on one of the most thrilling rides of your life. [More]

Saturday, February 25

Robber drops gun, tries to buy it back

An armed man barged into a Florida motel room, scuffled with his victims, and then dropped his gun - only to return later to try to buy back his own firearm for $40. [More]

Pit bull bites boy, 8, on Arizona school bus

A loose pit bull boarded a crowded Phoenix school bus Friday morning and bit an 8-year-old boy and the bus driver. [More]

Girl shot: 9-year-old in jail jumpsuit cries in court

A 9-year-old wearing an orange jail jumpsuit cried as he faced a judge who will determine whether he'll face criminal charges in a school shooting that left a classmate wounded. [More]

Stepmom Arrested in Girl's Death — Then Gives Birth

Alabama woman gives birth hours after arrest in death of 9-year-old stepdaughter, forced to run for hours. [More]

Coroner adjourns inquest into baby's 'dingo death'

A coroner has adjourned the fourth inquest into the death of a baby believed to have been killed by a dingo in central Australia more than 30 years ago. [More]

Volunteers save cities billions, but unions cry foul

With budgets tighter than ever, cities across America are increasingly looking for more free labor. But not everyone is thrilled about the civic spirit. Some unions are pushing back, fearing volunteers are cutting into their territory. [More]

Lawmaker resigns over suggestive texts to prosecutor

A lawmaker says he is resigning after admitting he sent suggestive and harassing texts to a married federal prosecutor. [More]

Ex-cop: I robbed bank to get health care in prison

A former Georgia police officer told a court that he committed a bank robbery because he was facing "severe health problems" and homelessness. [More]

Chelsea Contract Angers NBCers

NBC insiders tell that Clinton is doing a job meant for deserving journalists within the network who have toiled for years, and sometimes decades, in the trenches to get the chance to produce segments and report them on air. [More]

Coach suspended for Facebook slur of Houston

The president of a suburban youth baseball organization has been suspended for posting a racist rant on Facebook regarding the death of singer Whitney Houston. [More]

Ski tragedy: Dutch prince may never wake from coma

Austrian doctors treating the Dutch Prince Johan Friso said Friday that he suffered "massive brain damage" after being buried by an avalanche last week and he may never regain consciousness. [More]

Friday, February 24

Chris Brown accused of 'robbery by snatching'

Miami Beach Police confirm that an incident report was filed and the Florida State Attorney's Office is preparing a warrant for Brown's arrest on suspicion of "robbery by sudden snatching." [More]

Edwards' ex-mistress gets ownership of sex tape

John Edwards' former mistress has settled a lawsuit and won ownership of a purported sex tape of the former presidential candidate during his bid for the White House. [More]

Funeral home: We didn't leak Houston photo

"Whitney was a personal friend to me and my family. We would not do that," says Carolyn Whigham of the New Jersey funeral home that handled the singer's funeral. [More]

Fla. agency returned kids to 'monster' dad

The two children of a Florida man who stabbed his entire family in a Deerfield Beach RV park earlier this month were allowed to return to him and his wife despite a troubled history, according to the Department of Children and Families. [More]

Scammer took in $359M with bogus 'free-trial' offers

A Canadian con artist who made hundreds of millions of dollars selling worthless products on the Internet will need to look for a new line of work. [More]

Mayoral candidate says rival sent topless dancer

A mayoral candidate in a New Mexico border town says video of a topless woman dancing in his office is a setup orchestrated by political rivals who wanted to force him out of the race. [More]

Jolie Does Billy Bob Big Favor

Angelina Jolie wrote the foreword for her ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton's new memoir, "The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts," a rep for HarperCollins confirmed to Us Weekly. [More]

Ala. man acquitted in wife's honeymoon death

A judge has acquitted the man accused of drowning his newlywed wife during a honeymoon diving trip to Australia, ruling that prosecutors failed to present enough evidence of a crime to send the case to jurors. [More]

Man arrested after cooking own burger at Denny's

A 52-year-old Wisconsin man was detained by police after allegedly showing up at a Denny's restaurant in Madison this week and saying he was a new hire from corporate before heading to the kitchen to cook himself a cheeseburger and fries. [More]

No haircut for anti-gay marriage governor

A Santa Fe hairdresser is denying service to the governor of New Mexico because she opposes gay marriage. [More]

Thursday, February 23

Whitney death photo in casket

The National Enquirer took the extraordinary step of running a photo of what they say is Whitney Houston in her open casket prior to her funeral on Saturday. [More]

Bankruptcy judge approves Solyndra bonuses

A Delaware bankruptcy judge has approved close to $370,000 in bonuses for certain employees of Solyndra LLC, a solar panel manufacturer that received a half-billion dollar loan from the federal government before declaring bankruptcy. [More]

Comics trove found in closet fetches $3.5 million

When Michael Rorrer came across 345 comic books in the home of his late great-aunt, he thought they were cool but didn’t think much about their value. On Wednesday, the bulk of the collection got snapped up at an auction for $3.5 million. [More]

Tesla Motors downplays threat of 'brick' problem

Tesla Motors Inc. is downplaying the claim that the engines in its all-electric vehicle lineup could be rendered useless if left for an extended period of time without a charge. [More]

Police: Man threw spaghetti at wife

Police in Arizona said they arrested a man who allegedly threw spaghetti at his wife and broke her cellphone because he didn't like her cooking. [More]

'Seinfeld' Actor Suicide Try

Daniel von Bargen, who played Mr. Kruger in "Seinfeld," is clinging to life in an Ohio hospital after shooting himself in the head Monday morning in a failed suicide attempt. TMZ has the horrifying 911 tape in which he calls for help. [More]

Former Virginia lacrosse player convicted of second-degree murder

A jury on Wednesday evening found a former University of Virginia lacrosse player guilty of second-degree murder in the May 2010 death of his ex-girlfriend. [More]

Purse with $1,800 returned with cash

A New York state woman who tracked down a woman to return a lost purse said the good karma from her deed did not stop her from being hit by a car. [More]

Mine boss charged with fraud after deadly blast

Federal prosecutors have charged the superintendent of a southern West Virginia mine with conspiracy to defraud the federal government. [More]

Wednesday, February 22

Teen falls 46 stories down garbage chute

A 16-year-old boy apparently was doing chores when he fell to his death Chicago high-rise, police said. The boy's body was found in the trash compactor in the basement, police said. [More]

Pizza Hut worker dies trying to protect co-worker

A Pizza Hut employee who was shot Saturday inside one of the chain's stores in Georgia died on Monday from his wounds. [More]

Guests at Houston's hotel want refunds

Evidently, Whitney Houston’s Feb. 11 death at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., was a tad inconvenient for some hotel guests. [More]

Titanic Menu to Be Sold

A menu of the last lunch served to first-class passengers onboard the Titanic is expected to sell for $157,960 at a UK auction. [More]

Monaco prince punched in face in NYC brawl

Monaco's Prince Pierre Casiraghi was punched in the face during a weekend fight at a New York nightclub that landed a local man in court on assault charges, police said on Monday. [More]

New Hampshire man arrested for firing gun into ground while catching suspected burglar

A New Hampshire man who fired his handgun into the ground to scare an alleged burglar he caught crawling out of a neighbor's window is now facing a felony charge - and the same potential prison sentence as the man he stopped. [More]

BBC weatherman utters profanity

A BBC weatherman in Britain has become an Internet star after accidentally uttering a profanity during a weather report. [More]

Paperclips pose security threat to iPhones

Under the right — though easily arranged — circumstances, a simple paperclip could allow someone to circumvent your iPhone's passcode and access your voicemail, contacts, recent call list, and other data. [More]

Five things not to do on airplanes

Every time you get on an airplane, it's a crap shoot. No, I'm not talking about safety but rather the person you'll be sitting next to. All walks of life end up flying at one point or another. Maybe you're stuck sitting next to someone who doesn't quite understand that his actions impact others around him. Or maybe YOU are that person. [More]

Tuesday, February 21

Former prostitute reportedly free to name well-heeled client soon

The clock is reportedly set to expire later this week on a federal gag order threatening a former Massachusetts prostitute with prison if she reveals the name of a married businessman she tried to extort for $1 million. [More]

White teacher sues to use n-word in class

A 48-year-old Chicago public school teacher used the "n-word" as part of a lesson on the perils and pitfalls of racism, and it landed him a five-day suspension from his job. The teacher is fighting back, filing a federal lawsuit against the district and claiming that his civil rights have been violated. [More]

Suspect in wheelchair gets stuck in sand

Florida police say a wheelchair-bound suspect in a robbery was found stuck in sand behind the store. [More]

The 10 richest US presidents

The fortunes of America’s presidents are tied to the economy of their time. George Washington was worth over half a billion in today’s dollars, while other presidents went bankrupt. [More]

Ex-ESPN writer says slur was 'honest mistake'

Former ESPN writer Anthony Federico apologized Monday for writing an offensive headline about basketball sensation Jeremy Lin, calling it "an honest mistake." [More]

Naked girl, 12, found hunting trash for food in Calif.

A teacher’s assistant faces child endangerment charges after her daughter, 12, was found naked and rummaging through trash cans for food. [More]

Boy survives after being born with heart outside body

A Pennsylvania infant has survived after being born with his heart outside of his body, the Daily Mail reported. [More]

9-month-old killed after shots fired into Detroit home

Attackers peppered a house on Detroit's west side with gunshots early Monday, killing a 9-month-old boy, police said. [More]

Monday, February 20

N.M. woman heads to trial for stealing $2 pumpkin

A 23-year-old college student from New Mexico is scheduled to go to trial for allegedly stealing a small pumpkin worth two dollars. [More]

ESPN fires writer of offensive headline about Jeremy Lin

ESPN has fired the employee responsible for writing an offensive headline about basketball sensation Jeremy Lin and suspended an anchor who used the same ethnic slur, the sports network said Sunday. [More]

Mickelson hits into man's shorts, shares lead

Phil Mickelson hit one tree, threaded a shot through five trees and hit a drive that wound up in a spectator’s shorts. [More]

Woman, 20, dies after Florida church shooting

Authorities say a Florida pastor's daughter who was accidentally shot in the head in a church died Saturday at a hospital. [More]

Mass. toy store gets liquor license

A Danvers, Mass., toy store was mistakenly issued a liquor license, meant for the previous occupant of the location, officials said. [More]

Whitney Houston laid to rest

Whitney Houston was laid to rest Sunday in a private ceremony at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, N.J. She was buried next to her father, John Russell Houston, who was interred in 2003. [More]

Sunday, February 19

ESPN apologizes for racist Lin headline

Sports network ESPN apologized on Saturday for an anti-Asian slur, the headline — "Chink in the Armor" — accompanied an online analysis that blamed Jeremy Lin, a Chinese-American, for the Knick's surprising 89-85 loss to the New Orleans Hornets at a sold-out Madison Square Garden on Friday night. [More]

The 50 Most Ridiculous Outfits from New York Fashion Week

It would appear that anybody can be a fashion designer. [More]

Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart gets married

Elizabeth Smart, who was kidnapped at age 14 and held for what she described as "nine months of hell," married her fiance in Hawaii on Saturday, her father says. [More]

Costner delivers poignant eulogy for co-star Houston

A blockbuster movie could not have been scripted better: a woman whose unparalleled voice earned her the kind of single-name recognition that felt like an unbearable burden. [More]

Bobby Brown leaves Houston funeral after a spat

Singer Bobby Brown made a brief and dramatic appearance at ex-wife Whitney Houston's memorial service on Saturday, leaving abruptly after being told that his entourage couldn't sit together, police sources told CNN. [More]

Son wants 98-year-old mom evicted

A Connecticut man attempting to have his 98-year-old mother evicted from her home said he wants her out of the house for her own good. [More]

Ariz. sheriff quits Romney campaign, denies wrongdoing

A sheriff has stepped down as Arizona co-chairman of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign amid allegations of misconduct made by a man with whom he previously had a gay relationship. [More]

Escaped cobra caught on glue trap

A cobra that had been missing since last month after it escaped from its cage in Brownwood, Texas, was found inside the owner's home, police said. [More]

US Airways worker caught in luggage conveyor belts dies

A US Airways employee died Friday after being caught in luggage conveyor belts, officials said. [More]

TSA says it focuses on security, not good looks

Ellen Ferrell thinks that three turns through a body scanner, coupled with comments about her "cute figure," aren't necessary for security at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. [More]

Josh Powell had 400 sex images

Josh Powell had hundreds of images of disturbing cartoon sex and graphic depictions of incest on his home computer, something Utah authorities investigating his wife's disappearance kept private for more than two years. [More]

Saturday, February 18

Naked man walks into Walmart, steals socks

A southeastern Pennsylvania man is behind bars after police say he walked naked into a Philadelphia-area Walmart and stole a pair of socks. [More]

Man drinks 'poison' when verdict is read

Authorities in Florida said a man drank a bottle of liquid he claimed was poison when his guilty verdict was announced. [More]

Woman faked blindness for benefits

Italian police said a woman who collected $309,000 in benefits by claiming to be blind was busted when she was seen window shopping. [More]

Janet Jackson: I saw drugs for first time at 10

It's no secret that child stars often see much more than they should and at too young of an age. This was certainly true for the superstar. [More]

New evidence that Hitler had French love child

New evidence has emerged to support the disputed theory that Adolf Hitler had a secret son in 1918 after an affair with a teenage French mistress. [More]

$6T in phony U.S. bonds seized in Switzerland

Italian police today seized $6 trillion in phony 1934 U.S. bonds that had been kept in bogus Federal Reserve security boxes in Switzerland. [More]

Friday, February 17

Houston's death means millions for Dolly Parton

The country recording artist is the sole writer of one of Houston's biggest hits, “I Will Always Love You,” which will likely bring in millions of dollars from royalties due to a surge in record sales. [More]

Man's vanity plates attract $20,000 in tickets

Twenty-five years ago, Danny White wanted to have a little fun with his vanity plate, a DC license plate that reads “NO-TAGS.” Now, the joke is on him. [More]

Most prison fire victims were not even charged

Most of the more than 300 prisoners burned alive inside an overcrowded prison in Honduras had never been charged or convicted. [More]

Did Food Network chef plagiarize her recipes?

Pastry chef Ann Thornton is feeling more heat in the kitchen than usual in light of allegations that the desserts on her Food Network show were actually based on recipes from other celebrity chefs. [More]

Police officer in Ariz shooting has shot 6 others

Authorities are investigating an Arizona officer's decision to shoot a man holding a baby, as officials point out that the same policeman had been involved in six previous shootings since 2002, five of them fatal. [More]

The states with the largest unionized work forces

Overall union membership in the U.S. increased last year -- the first time it did not decline since 2007. The story gets slightly complicated when comparing union membership in the private sector vs. the public sector. [More]

Nigerian 'underwear bomber' gets life sentence

Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to blow up a Detroit-bound international flight with and underwear bomb on Christmas Day 2009 on behalf of al-Qaida, was sentenced to life in prison without parole Thursday. [More]

Suspected drunk pilot kept off Omaha flight

A Chautauqua Airlines pilot was kept off a flight in Omaha, Nebraska, Thursday morning after he failed a blood-alcohol test, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration said. [More]

Man next to crying child opens plane door on tarmac

A mom with a screaming child wanted a quick getaway from a plane on the tarmac in Vietnam and asked for help. The man next to her obliged by opening the emergency exit and triggering the escape slide. [More]

Shark gulps another shark whole

The photo says it all: an alien-looking shark, adorned with mossy hairs and a flat face, with its mouth agape and a slender bamboo shark headfirst inside. Though not unusual for a shark to snack on another shark, it's not typical behavior. [More]

Thursday, February 16

Man suffers heart attack at 'Heart Attack Grill'

A man suffered a heart attack Saturday after dining at the aptly-named restaurant the ‘Heart Attack Grill’ in Las Vegas. Restaurant owner "Doctor" Jon Basso told FOX5 at first he thought it was a joke after the man ate their 'Triple Bypass' burger. [More]

Electric cigarette explodes in Fla man's mouth

A Florida man trying to kick the smoking habit was puffing on an electronic cigarette when a faulty battery caused it to explode in his mouth, taking out some of his front teeth and a chunk of his tongue and severely burning his face, fire officials said Wednesday. [More]

Man shoots at pit bulls, hits mother

A man accidentally shot his elderly mother while trying to break up fighting pit bulls inside their home in Plantation, Florida, Tuesday night, police said. [More]

Chicago cops nabbed in FBI shakedown sting

Two Chicago police officers, allegedly thinking they were stealing more than $5,000 in cash from a drug courier, were arrested earlier this week after it turned out they were being tracked in an undercover sting. [More]

Man shot dead during argument over Chihuahua

A neighborhood dispute over where a Chihuahua relieved itself leaves one Tacony man dead and his neighbor, a former school police officer, charged with murder. [More]

Missing toddler's mom: Dad bought insurance policy on girl before she disappeared

The mother of a missing Maine toddler said the girl’s father took out a life insurance policy just weeks before she disappeared. [More]

Woman allegedly got paid 12 years for no-show job

Nice work if you can get it. A special grand jury will decide if there’s enough evidence to charge a Virginia woman who, while suspended from her job, continued to collect a paycheck for 12 years, the Virginian-Pilot reported. [More]

Malnourished Wis. girl abused for years

A severely malnourished Wisconsin teenager found walking barefoot in pajamas outside in the cold last week had been forced to stay in an unfinished basement for years and an alarm would sound if she went upstairs, police records say. [More]

Whitney Houston's funeral Saturday will be broadcast

Saturday's funeral for legendary pop singer Whitney Houston is expected to be made available for television and web streaming from the New Jersey church where she grew up, Houston's publicist said Wednesday. [More]

NJ gov strongly defends lowering flags for Houston

Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday strongly defended his decision to have flags lowered to half-staff on Saturday for Whitney Houston, saying he rejects criticism that she "forfeited the good things that she did" because of her struggles with substance abuse. [More]

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