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Saturday, April 24, 2004

· Kournikova sues parents.  After her parents sued her over what they say is their share of a $5 million waterfront home, Anna Kournikova has filed a countersuit in an effort to get her parents' names off the deed.  Read More

· Forgent Corp. Sues Over JPEG Patent.  Forgent Networks said Friday it sued 31 major hardware and software vendors, including Dell and Apple Computers, for allegedly infringing on its claim to an algorithm used in the popular JPEG picture file format.  Read More

· Boy will change schools over cookie threat case.  A sixth-grader who was suspended after allegedly threatening to expose a highly allergic teacher to peanut butter cookies will be allowed to return to class next month at a different school, an official said.  Read More

· Teacher Quits After Girl Thrown Out Window.  A teacher at a Newton County school has resigned after officials say she admitted she told two students to throw a 14-year-old girl from a classroom window.  Read More

· Da Vinci: Inventor of the Car?  The Museum of History and Science in Florence - the heart of Renaissance Italy - unveiled the first "automobile" built based on some of the sketches from da Vinci's famous notebooks.  Read More

· FBI wants to watch you type.  The FBI is trying to convince the government to mandate that providers of broadband, Internet telephony, and instant-messaging services build in backdoors for easy wiretapping.  Read More

· Ohio Priest Charged in Nun's 1980 Killing.  A Roman Catholic priest was charged in the 1980 killing of a nun whose body was found in the chapel of the hospital where he served as chaplain, police said.  Read More

· Public or Private, Airports Still Not Secure.  Three years after President Bush signed legislation federalizing airport security, all airports will be able to return to private baggage screeners, a plan that some officials say is premature considering the long way security still has to go at U.S. airports.  Read More

· Mourners Gather to Remember Dru.  Dru Sjodin's family and friends gathered to remember the slain college student Friday, their cars lining the streets for several blocks around the packed church parking lot.  Read More

· No-carb eating couple booted from buffet.  A couple on a low-carb diet were kicked out of a buffet restaurant after the manager said they'd eaten too much roast beef.  Read More

· Press Asks Judge to End Jackson Gag Order.  The secrecy shrouding this week's grand jury indictment of Michael Jackson was one reason a coalition of news organizations, joined by Jackson's attorney, are petitioning the California Supreme Court to rescind a gag order.  Read More

· Former porn actress leads AIDS fight in industry.  Former porn star Sharon Mitchell lived a "Boogie Nights"-style life of fame and excess, turning out more than 1,000 movies with titles like "Jail Bait" and "Captain Lust and the Pirate Women."  Read More

· '7th Heaven' Actor Jeremy London Arrested.  Jeremy London, who plays an assistant reverend on the WB's "7th Heaven," was arrested after motorists reported seeing him arguing with his girlfriend on the highway, officials said Friday.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Arduous [ar·du·ous] adj.  1. Demanding great effort or labor; difficult: "An arduous undertaking."   2. Testing severely the powers of endurance: "A long, arduous, and exhausting war."  Read More

· Portland to Pay $145K in Arrest Lawsuit.  The city of Portland has agreed to pay $145,000 to an elderly blind woman after police pepper-sprayed and shocked her with a stun gun.  Read More

· Schools That Can Soda Cut Obesity.  School programs discouraging carbonated drinks appear to be effective in reducing obesity among children, a new study suggests — the first research to document that such programs work.  Read More

· Video Company Reportedly To Distribute Hilton Sex Tape.  According to Reuters News Service, the infamous homemade sex tape featuring the Hollywood socialite and her ex-boyfriend that surfaced on the Internet late last year has been bought for distribution in adult video stores.  Read More

· Roofing Firm Works on Wrong House.  A West Virginia woman returned home to find a crew preparing to install a new roof. Problem was, she didn't order one. The crew had the right address, but not the right street. The intended customer was a few houses away on another street.  Read More

Friday, April 23, 2004

· Former NFL Great Pat Tillman Killed in Afghanistan.  'Gave up millions in the NFL to become Elite Army Ranger.'  Former NFL player Pat Tillman was killed in action while serving in the elite Army Rangers on duty in Afghanistan.  Read More

      » Tillman's Former Team Mourns Death.  In a news conference, Cardinals Vice President Michael Bidwell said Tillman reminds everyone what overused terms such as "bravery and courage" really mean.  "This has been a terrible day," Bidwill said. "Pat was a courageous person, and he was strong, determined, and was proud of what he was doing and believed in what he was doing. And that was inspirational."  Read More

· Miami PD Drops Requirements Because Blacks Can't Swim.  The North Miami police department dropped a swimming requirement for applicants, saying they need new officers and want to encourage blacks to sign up.  Read More

· Senate Revives Ban on Taxing Internet.  Sen. John McCain worked Friday to revive a bill banning taxes on Internet connections, a measure that bogged down last year amid worries that state and local governments could lose billions in tax revenue.  Read More

· Some Papers Pull Controversial 'Doonesbury.'  A few newspapers around the country edited Friday's "Doonesbury" comic strip to remove an expletive used by a character injured while fighting in Iraq, and at least two newspapers pulled the strip altogether.  Read More

      » Today's Doonesbury.  'Son of a B*tch!  Read More

· Google Seen Announcing IPO Plan Within Days.  Within days, Internet search firm Google Inc. is expected to announce it will carry out an initial public share offering, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing people familiar with the matter.  Read More

· Martha Stewart bets on furniture.  Martha Stewart's company said Thursday it plans to expand its furniture line, which has been one of the few bright spots for the company as business has suffered on the homemaking icon's legal travails.  Read More

· Ex-'Friends' Staffer's Lawsuit Reinstated.  An appeals court reinstated a sexual and racial harassment lawsuit filed by a woman who says she was subjected to offensive comments while working for the sitcom "Friends."  Read More

· Two more editors resign at USA Today.  A panel of independent journalists retained by USA Today has concluded that shoddy editing standards, fissures in newsroom communication and a "corrosive" atmosphere of fear allowed Jack Kelley, the newspaper's former star foreign correspondent, to fabricate and plagiarize articles for more than a decade.  Read More

· Alleged necrophiliac faces different charges.  In a bizarre twist to a disturbing case, a man who allegedly had sex with the corpse of an elderly woman cannot be charged for the act.  Read More

· 'American Idol' Voting Strikes Sour Note.  Theories flew fast and furious Thursday after the "American Idol" viewer vote went against favorite Jennifer Hudson, ranging from racism to fateful weather to teenage puppy love.  Read More

· High-Tech Sportswear Speeds Olympians.  At the Athens 2004 games this August, athletes in the pool and on the track will resemble superheroes, wearing full-body suits that have been designed by scientists who studied sharks and "Spider-Man."  Read More

· Media boss's Nazi slur.  Porn publisher Richard Desmond, the owner of the Daily Express, brought a business meeting to a standstill yesterday after he goosestepped around a boardroom and accused all Germans of being Nazis.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Eccentric [ec·cen·tric] adj.  1. Departing from a recognized, conventional, or established norm or pattern.  2. n.  One that deviates markedly from an established norm, especially a person of odd or unconventional behavior.  "His eccentricities now extend to never leaving his home.  Read More

· "The Rooster Did It."  A defense attorney whose client is facing cocaine charges has argued that the narcotics were actually in the possession of the suspect's rooster and two hens.  Read More

· Postal Worker Auctions Deliveries on Net.  A postal worker admitted to putting packages up for auction over the Internet after a search of his apartment turned up a hoard of missing deliveries, police said.  Read More

· Gay lovers climb Central Park tree in protest, taunt police.  Two gay lovers - a man in a black dress and a boy in only a pair of shorts - protested their families' lack of understanding for their relationship by climbing a Central Park tree on Thursday, stripping, performing lewd acts in front of onlookers and refusing to come down for hours.  Read More

· Legal costs force down Microsoft profit.  Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, said Thursday its third-quarter profit fell 38 percent because of costs related to its many legal battles.  Read More

· Network Associates Dumps Sniffer, Changes Name.  The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company said it would change its name to McAfee immediately after the sale of the Sniffer product line to Silver Lake Partners and Texas Pacific Group. The deal is valued at $275 million in cash.  Read More

Thursday, April 22, 2004

· Orlando Airport Security Bars Cancer Patient From Plane.  Security workers at Orlando International Airport refused to let a cancer patient board a plane because she no longer looked like her photo ID as a result of her chemo treatments.  Read More

· World's largest luxury liner arrives in N.Y.  The world’s largest cruise ship, the Queen Mary 2, arrived in New York on Thursday, steaming into its Hudson River berth for the first time against the backdrop of a hazy Manhattan skyline.  Read More

· Royal Family Shocked at Dying Diana Photos.  Princess Diana's family said Thursday they were "sickened" by CBS-TV's broadcast of photos of the dying princess taken moments after the crash that killed her.  Read More

· Paul Newman Urges Princeton End Drinking Day.  Actor Paul Newman has appealed to Princeton University to end a campus tradition in which participants binge drink, trying to consume a beer an hour for 24 hours.  Read More

· Will Britney have a Mariah meltdown?  Britney Spears' bizarre behavior only seems to escalate. With the added stress of her The Onyx Hotel tour, some worry the 22-year-old is headed for an emotional breakdown - just like the one Mariah Carey, then 31, notoriously suffered in a NYC hotel in July 2001.  Read More

· Assault victim awarded frat house.  A college student seriously injured in an assault at a fraternity house took his revenge in court. His reward? Ownership of the building.  Read More

· Computers seized in anti-piracy sweep.  Investigators seized 200 computers across the globe to break up online piracy networks that distribute copyrighted music, movies and software, the Justice Department said Thursday.  Read More

· They missed him.  Up to 3,000 people were killed or injured Thursday in a horrific train collision and explosion at a station near the Chinese border just hours after North Korean President Kim Jong Il had visited the same location.  Read More

· Spacey Unveils Plans for Old Vic Theatre.  Just days after faking a London park mugging, Kevin Spacey announced he will direct one play and appear in two others in his first season as artistic director of London's venerable Old Vic Theatre.  Read More

Solier CoffinsWorker Fired Over Photo of Soldiers' Coffins.  A cargo worker whose photograph of flag-draped coffins bearing the remains of U.S. soldiers was published on a newspaper's front page was fired by the military contractor that employed her.

Tami Silicio, 50, was fired Wednesday by Maytag Aircraft Corp. after military officials raised "very specific concerns" related to the photograph, said William L. Silva, Maytag president.  Read More

· U.S. to allow Saddam's party into government.  The White House confirmed Thursday that the administration is moving to change a postwar policy that blocked members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party from Iraqi government and military positions.  Read More

· Will Skilling's night out cost him?  Prosecutors charged Wednesday that former Enron Chief Executive Jeff Skilling broke the terms of his $5 million bond during a bizarre alcohol-fueled fracas in New York earlier this month.  Read More

· 'The million-dollar indecent proposal.'  A wealthy businessman whose marriage was in trouble offered $1 million to buy the wife of a close friend in a bizarre deal reminiscent of the Hollywood film Indecent Proposal, it was claimed in the High Court yesterday.  Read More

· Man falls 18 floors, lives to tell.  A South African man survived an 18-floor plunge from a Cape Town hotel room and was well enough to call out to amazed rescuers, police said Thursday.  Read More

· Anna Kournikova being sued by parents.  Tennis babe Anna Kournikova is being sued for a share of her house — by her parents, claiming they own a big piece of her Miami waterfront mansion.  Read More

· Grand jury indicts Jackson.  A grand jury investigating allegations that pop star Michael Jackson molested a 12-year-old boy indicted him Wednesday. The charges in the indictment were not immediately known.  Read More

      » Michael Jackson News.  Latest news coverage on the Michael Jackson alleged child molestation case.  Read More

· Senator's Wife Charged With Assault.  The wife of a U.S. senator is in trouble with the law.  Wanda Baucus is the wife of Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana and now accused of assaulting a woman at Johnson's Garden Center in Washington.  Read More

· Keith Wins Video of Year at CMT Awards.  Toby Keith took home three awards Wednesday in Country Music Television's Flameworthy Video Music Awards show, including video of the year for his patriotic song "American Soldier."  Read More

· Officials say travel to US down sharply because of post 9/11 entry requirements.  Top Bush administration officials said Wednesday that restrictions on the entry of foreigners have prompted a 30 percent decline in overseas visits to the United States since 2001.  Read More

· Tavern freezer saved lives as tornado raged.  Richard Little headed down to the Millstone Tavern to meet a buddy for a beer, but minutes later he and other patrons were rushing to the basement as tornado sirens wailed outside.  Eight people have died so far in the Utica, Ill. tornado.  Read More

· Living together 'bad for heart.'  After moving in together, women ate more and men exercised less, said study leader Dr Valerie Burke, from the University of Western Australia and the Royal Perth Hospital.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Oxymoron [ox·y·mo·ron]  1. A phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are used together for special effect, for example, “wise fool” or “to make haste slowly.”  Read More

· Camera Shows Man in Alleged Coffee Caper.  A man used a video camera to record his apartment being burglarized, apparently by a neighbor's friend intent only on stealing coffee.  Read More

· Girls Plead Guilty To Spiking Mother's Drink With Pine-Sol.  Two local children pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges of spiking their mother's juice with Pine-Sol.  Read More

· Tests Find Theoretical Data Speed Limit.  If there is an article of faith in computer science, it's that everything can keep getting faster and faster. But scientists say they've discovered an apparent speed limit that will restrict how quickly data can be written onto disks and then retrieved.  Read More

· Woman barely escapes train wreck.  An Indianapolis woman managed to climb out of her sedan just seconds before a freight train with a 392,500-pound engine slammed into the vehicle and dragged it 1,000 feet on the Eastside yesterday morning.  Read More

· Tonya Harding Socks It To `Man Show' Host.  Scandalized skater-turned-boxer Tonya Harding is feeling punchy these days -- especially towards "Man Show" host Doug Stanhope.  Read More

· Ted Turner to Buy N.M. Coal Mine.  Ted Turner is buying the old York Canyon coal mine property near his Vermejo Park Ranch and plans to get involved in the reclamation of the land, Turner's office in Montana announced.  Read More

· Lost: Fuel rod parts from Vermont nuclear plant.  Two pieces of a highly radioactive fuel rod are missing from a Vermont nuclear plant, and engineers planned to search onsite for the nuclear material, officials said Wednesday.  Read More

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

· CBS to Screen Pictures of Dying Diana.  The photographs, never seen before, will show the stricken princess moments after the 1997 car crash in Paris, which led to her death hours later.  Read More

· Sony in Talks to Buy MGM for $5 Billion.  Sony Corp. is in talks to acquire film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. in a cash deal valued at around $5 billion, a source familiar with the talks said Wednesday.  Read More

· Two killed on freeway when idiot leaves dump truck bed up.  Florida highway patrol says two people were killed and one critically injured when the driver of a dump truck poured a load of fill dirt at a construction area on the highway then drove away with the bed of the truck still up.  Read More

· Defense Barred From Kobe Accuser's Medical Records.  The judge in the Kobe Bryant case dealt a blow to the defense on Wednesday by barring access to the medical records of the 19-year-old alleged rape victim.  Read More

· Jackson Cohorts May Face Charges.  Conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges were being considered against several associates of Michael Jackson for allegedly threatening the family of the boy who accused Jackson of child molestation, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.  Read More

· $10 billion for Mom.  According to a National Retail Federation Mother's Day survey, consumers plan to spend an average of $98.64 on a gift for Mom this year, up 1.3 percent from $97.37 last year, while total Mother's Day spending could exceed $10 billion.  Read More

· Fans want to wash Omarosa right out of their hair.  On heels of the news that the hair-care company is considering featuring her in commercials for Herbal Essence, Omarosa haters are bombarding the company with calls and e-mails, as well as organizing a boycott of Clairol products.  Read More

· Censorship in arts 'healthy,' Boone says.  A healthy society needs censorship to survive, 1950s musical icon Pat Boone said yesterday. He added that he would welcome strong content restrictions governing movies and other artistic works.  Read More

· Anthony, Lopez seen here, there.  Have Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony come out of hiding?  In their most public appearance since rumors began that they're dating, Lopez showed up Saturday night at the L.A. premiere of Anthony's new film Man on Fire.  Read More

· Madonna label loses millions.  Madonna's Maverick Records label, home to the Material Girl as well as Alanis Morissette and Michelle Branch, has lost $66 million since 1999, according to recently unsealed court documents filed by its adversary and partner, Warner Music Group.  Read More

· Disney unveils shake-up at ABC.  In a sign of continuing turmoil at Walt Disney, the US entertainment giant on Tuesday announced a sweeping management shake-up at ABC, its troubled television network.  Read More

· Afghans dump team after asylum bid.  Afghanistan has disbanded its national soccer team after nine players disappeared from a training camp in Italy last week, an official said.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Vexatious [vex·a·tious] adj.  1. Full of annoyance or distress; harassed.  2. Causing or creating vexation; annoying. "Her ex-husband put her in a vexatious situation."  Read More

· Man Rockets To World Record.  A man in London with a rocket backpack launched his way into the record books Tuesday after flying 152 feet into the air.  Read More

· Prime-Time Nielsen Ratings.  Prime-time viewership numbers compiled by Nielsen Media Research for April 12-18.  Read More

· USA Today editor retires in wake of reporting scandal.  USA Today Editor Karen Jurgensen retired Tuesday in the wake of an investigation that found evidence of fabrications by former reporter Jack Kelley.  Read More

· FCC's Powell to NAB: Don't ask us to tell.  FCC chairman Michael Powell warned broadcasters to be careful what they wish for on Tuesday, telling the industry's trade group that they do not want the government to define exactly what words or actions are indecent.  Read More

· Man Digs Trench Across Road To Stop Speeders.  A man who had complained about speeders on the rural road in front of his Stark County home decided to take action on his own after a speeding car hit his dog.  Read More

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

· Veterans upset at McDonald's half-staff flags.  McDonald's Chairman and CEO Jim Cantalupo may have introduced the McGriddle and the Adult Happy Meal, but he doesn't deserve to have the American flag fly half-staff following his unexpected death Monday, veteran groups say.  Read More

· Doctor Proposes Pot to Calm Hyper Kids.  As a California pediatrician and 49-year-old mother of two teenage daughters, Claudia Jensen says pot might prove to be the preferred medical treatment for attention deficit disorder — even in adolescents.  Read More

· Guinness Book Co-Founder McWhirter Dead at 78.  Norris McWhirter, co-founder of the Guinness Book of Records, final arbiter on everything from the fastest climb of Mount Everest to the world's longest hot dog, has died. He was 78.  Read More

· Gun found in congressman's carry-on bag.  A U.S. congressman was briefly detained at a Kentucky airport Tuesday after authorities found a loaded gun in his bag at a screening checkpoint, authorities said.  Read More

· Desperate Paris Hilton working on a sexier look.  Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has expressed her disappointment over being voted 38th in a top 100 list of the world's sexiest women.  Read More

· Adult film scare could alter rules.  The HIV outbreak in the San Fernando Valley-based adult film industry last week raised concerns about risky sex practices to an unprecedented level among performers, producers and health experts with some advocating the need for government regulation.  Read More

· TV networks cool on 'Passion.'  Despite being the year's biggest box-office blockbuster so far, "The Passion of the Christ" seems unlikely to find a home on the four biggest broadcast networks.  Read More

· Survey unveils what happens in bedrooms around world.  Malaysians were the most sexually active - 43 percent said they have sex daily in their bedrooms. Malaysia was also the place were people sleep the least - six hours and 36 minutes per night, about half an hour less than the survey's average.  Read More

· The latest war analysis from Jermaine.  Michael Jackson's brother, Jermaine, said Tuesday that Muslims are "the new Negroes in America," and "I don't think it is right for us to go to someone else's country and tell them what to do and how to do it."  Read More

· 'Apprentice' Star Kwame Weighs Job Offers.  The real game has just begun for "The Apprentice" runner-up Kwame Jackson. Any regret over losing a job with Donald Trump to competitor Bill Rancic was quickly salved by a rush of offers and by Jackson's own ambitions to make the most of his reality TV fame.  Read More

· Couple killed, baby survives when tree falls onto parkway.  A large tree fell onto a New York parkway and hit a moving car, killing a couple and injuring a baby girl who was a passenger.  Read More

· Dennis Rodman Pleads No Contest to DUI.  Former NBA star Dennis Rodman pleaded no contest to drunken driving in an October motorcycle crash outside a Las Vegas strip club.  Read More

· Kidman restaurant scare.  Kidman was dining in a top restaurant in New York when a piece of vegetable became lodged in her throat.  A quick-thinking waiter saved Nicole Kidman when she almost choked to death, according to reports.  Read More

· Jailed Rapper Close to $3M Record Deal.  Island Def Jam expects to sign imprisoned rapper Jamal "Shyne" Barrow to a $3 million record contract this week, a source familiar with the negotiations said.  Read More

· City Commissioner gets birthday wish.  A G-string-clad stripper helped Birmingham City Commissioner Tom McDaniel celebrate his 65th birthday with a Wam-Bam Birthday Message Gram in a popular restaurant kitty-corner from Birmingham City Hall and the police department.  Not everyone was amused.  Read More

· Crow to Perform on Airline Flight.  On May 4, Crow is to perform on board a United Airlines flight marking the launch of United's partnership with Sony's new Online Music Service.  Read More

· Priest Sentenced on Molestation Charge.  A priest accused of molesting a teenage boy has pleaded no contest in the case, but argues that he committed the acts in question for spiritual reasons and not sexual gratification, his lawyer said.  Read More

· Dallas Apartment Building Still Home To Cobra.  The search continued for a deadly cobra believed to be living beneath a Dallas apartment building.  The snakes are among the most toxic, most aggressive snakes in the world, according to experts.   Read More

· Amber Alert Issued for 3-Year-Old N.C. Girl.  An Amber alert was issued Tuesday for a 3-year-old girl whose mother said four men abducted her daughter at gunpoint.  Read More

· "It's All Fake."  Regis Philbin thinks "The Apprentice" was fixed - and that troublemaker Omarosa was planted on the show to stir things up.  "I have a sixth sense about these things... that's not to say it doesn't make for great television, it does... unless somebody was paid to accept a role - like Omarosa," Philbin said.  Read More

· Sundae Sticker Shock: Ice Cream Prices Rise.  Gas prices aren't the only ones on the rise as summer approaches.  The National Ice Cream Retailers Association says ice cream prices are going up, too.  Read More

· Ice Cream Mafia?  A Bronx man arrested in last month's brutal turf-war attack on a husband-and-wife team of ice-cream truck operators was indicted for attempted murder yesterday.  Read More

· Mother of Kobe Bryant's accuser speaks.  The mother of Kobe Bryant's accuser spoke publicly for the first time yesterday, saying she was proud of her daughter amid the storm surrounding the high-profile sexual assault case against the NBA star.  Read More

      » Flashback: Accuser's Mother Asks Judge for Speedy Trial.  In her letter to the judge, she states "You are aware of 3 people that have been arrested for threatening her life. She has received literally hundreds of death threats on the phone, in the mail and email. In addition she has received thousands of obscene messages. We are constantly worried about her safety."  Read More

· ‘The Apprentice’ to become The Author.  The winner of “The Apprentice” is close to signing a deal with a major publisher to write a book, sources say. The as-yet untitled tome would not, however, be a tell-all about behind-the-scenes at the hit reality show.   Read More

· Dru Sjodin Confirmed Dead.  As expected, a preliminary autopsy report says a body found near Crookston, Minn., on Saturday was that of Dru Sjodin, and that the University of North Dakota student was murdered, Polk County officials say.  Read More

· Will Trade Passwords For Chocolate.  Almost three quarters of office workers in an impromptu man-on-the-street survey were willing to give up their passwords when offered the bribe of a chocolate bar.  Read More

· Scissors Left in Woman After Surgery.  Eighteen months after colon surgery, a 69-year-old woman in Sydney discovered that surgeons left a pair of scissors in her abdomen.  Read More

· Recording Industry Drops Amnesty Program.  The music industry's trade group has ended a program that offered to prevent people from being sued by recording companies if the downloaders admitted to illegally sharing music online, according to court documents.  Read More

· Teen jailed for attacking Eminem's mother.  A 16-year-old boy has been jailed for more than four years for dragging Eminem’s mother from her car on a Michigan street made famous by the rapper’s movie, 8 Mile.  Read More

· Toolbars Offer More Than Searches.  Search engine toolbars for the Internet Explorer browser have become nearly essential tools online: They can block pop-up ads, alert you to new e-mail, even protect you from scams.  Read More

· Hezbollah's unconventional quiz.  A game show aired by Lebanese militant group Hezbollah's satellite television channel has raised eyebrows.  In "The Mission", which is shown on al-Manar, contestants battle for points which enable them to step towards Jerusalem on a virtual map.  Read More

· Licorice Lawsuit Goes Down the Tubes.  "Warning: Eating a pound of candy a day can cause health problems."  That's apparently the kind of label one woman expected to see on her box of licorice.  Margit Kieske, 48, who consumed nearly one pound of licorice per day, sued the German candy company Haribo for not posting a health warning on boxes of the chewy treats.  Read More

· Girls do porn film to finance high school parties.  26 seniors from two high schools in Oslo are going to participate in a porn film staring Norwegian porn actor Rocco in order to finance their end of the year parties.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Causative [caus·a·tive] adj.  1. Indicative that the subject causes an act to be performed or a condition to come into being.  "An event causative of war."  Read More

· 'Doonesbury' Character Wounded in Iraq.  A main character in the "Doonesbury" comic strip will lose a leg while fighting in Iraq, one of two strips published this week that feature soldiers getting injured in the war.  Read More

· Courtney Love's Ex: Was Kurt Murdered?  A decade after Kurt Cobain supposedly shot himself to death, new allegations are cropping up that the suicide was, in fact, murder.  Read More

· Jackson Wins Case to Shut Down Web Site.  Pop star Michael Jackson has won a legal fight to shut down a pay-per-view Web site operated by a New Jersey man once awarded a warehouse full of Jackson family memorabilia.  Read More

· Lil' Kim Wants Separate Trial in Shooting.  Rapper Lil' Kim, charged with three other suspects in a radio station shooting in 2001, wants a separate trial, her lawyer said Monday. Her lawyer, Mel Sachs, argued that she deserves her own trial because she is not accused of using a weapon, unlike her two co-defendants.  Read More

· Pitt Now Happy He Forced to Quit Smoking for 'Troy.'  Brad Pitt said on Tuesday he reluctantly quit smoking for months of intense physical training to prepare for his role as Greek hero Achilles in the film "Troy" but admitted he was now glad he kicked the habit.  Read More

· Good Wishes for Tony Randall.  Beloved actor, humanitarian, and New York icon Tony Randall has had a rough winter. He'd already been in the hospital for eight weeks when he celebrated his 83rd birthday on February 26. He's still in the hospital.  Read More

Monday, April 19, 2004

· "Girls Gone Wild" founder sues girl for defamation.  "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joseph Francis today filed a $25 million defamation lawsuit against the Texas woman who last month accused him of rape.  Read More

· Spacey Apology In Mugging Incident.  Actor Kevin Spacey apologized Monday for confusion arising from his report to police that he'd been mugged. The Oscar-winning actor made, then retracted, the complaint after a weekend encounter in a London park that left him dazed and bleeding.  Read More

· NBC Anchor Brokaw to Sign Off on December 1.  NBC has confirmed that Dec. 1 will be Tom Brokaw's last day on the job as anchor of the "NBC Nightly News."  Read More

HamburgersMcDonald's CEO Dies at 60.  Jim Cantalupo, chairman and CEO of McDonald's Corp. died early Monday of a sudden and unexpected heart attack in Orlando, Florida, according to company officials.  Read More

· Couple building 19-by-19-foot home.  The real estate ads might describe this home as "cozy."  Neil and Suzanne Ablitt are building a home in Santa Barbara on a lot that's just 20-feet wide and 20-feet deep.  Read More

· Lower-carb Coke introduced.  Coca-Cola Co. said Monday it will launch a soft-drink with half the carbohydrates of traditional colas this summer as the world's largest soft-drink firm looks to capitalize on the low-carb diet craze.  Read More

· 'We Built This City' tops list of worst songs.  "We Built This City" is the single worst single ever produced, according to Blender's ranking of reeking tunes.  Read More

· Fries Under Fire For Cancer Link.  There's no proof the low levels in fries cause cancer in humans. But that hasn't stopped what some are calling a half-baked, only-in-California movement, to put cancer-warning labels on french fries.  Read More

· Penn & Teller Celebrate 30 Years.  It's been 30 years, but Penn & Teller have no intention of pulling a disappearing act. The duo is performing their boisterous, occasionally macabre magic act six days a week at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and are planning a video version of the show.  Read More

· Columbine: Five Years After.  Asked if it has gotten easier with time, Dee Fleming says, "It gets easier, but it still comes back and punches you in the gut sometimes.”  Read More

· More hospitals offer individual rooms.  A growing number of new or renovated hospitals in the U.S. are offering patients the ability to recuperate in private rooms. Besides increased privacy, hospital officials say other benefits to not having wards or semiprivate rooms include less risk of acquiring an infection from another patient and no risk of getting an incompatible roommate.  Read More

· Oklahoma City Bombing Was Taped.  A Secret Service document written shortly after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing described security video footage of the attack and witness testimony that suggested Timothy McVeigh may have had accomplices at the scene.  Read More

· Patriots' Ty Law arrested in Miami Beach.  New England Patriots cornerback Ty Law was arrested after he allegedly led police on a brief foot chase though a popular nightclub district, officials said.  After a short chase, Law told the two officers "not to touch him because he is a professional athlete," according to Miami police.  Read More

· 'Kill Bill' Slays Box-Office Competition.  "Kill Bill - Vol. 2," with Uma Thurman as an ex-assassin continuing her bloody quest for revenge against former colleagues, debuted with $25.6 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.  Read More

· Kurt Cobain's guitar fetches $117,500.  A guitar belonging to the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was auctioned.  Read More

· Jacko Accuser's Testimony 'Shaky.'  The grand jury testimony of the 14-year-old boy accusing Michael Jackson of child molestation was apparently not a success.  Read More

· Angelina's strip pledge.  Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie has vowed to keep stripping until she is 40.  The 28-year-old admitted she would carry on taking her clothes off after that if it was not for her adopted son Maddox.  Read More

· Web hoax has Jacko overdosing on pills.  Fans of pop superstar Michael Jackson were left devastated by false reports the troubled singer had committed suicide, reports.  Read More

· Hurdle Cleared for James Brown Annulment.  A family court judge has dissolved the first marriage of the wife of singer James Brown, clearing the way for an annulment between her and the Godfather of Soul. "I am glad that I can finally feel freed up," said Tomi Rae Brown.  Read More

· New $50 bills.  On Monday, April 26, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing will unveil the new-look $50, the latest in a series of currency redesigns over the past few years. The retoolings are part of a larger government effort to thwart counterfeiters.  Read More

· Reinventing the Yo-Yo.  Got an extra 400 bucks? How about spending it on a yo-yo? A really nice yo-yo, a state-of-the-art, forged-magnesium-alloy, ultralong-spinning yo-yo.  Read More

· Man Dies After Taser Shocks.  A man who was reportedly stripping off his clothes near a convenience store in Orange County, Fla., died after being Tasered by sheriff's deputies.  Read More

· 3 Arrested During `Picnic' With Homeless In Park.  The tape rolled as police made three arrests at the park. All were charged with trespassing after ignoring repeated warnings not to feed the homeless without a permit.  Read More

· Rule may compel Google to open books.  Rampant speculation about a possible public stock offering has turned Google into the most closely watched technology company in the world. Now the Mountain View Internet company may be forced to show its hand.  Read More

· 'Baghdad boil' afflicts U.S. troops.  Staff Sgt. Eric DiVona didn't notice the small bumps on his face and left earlobe until he returned from serving nine months in Iraq.  Read More

· Madonna will be raking in the green in Ireland.  Madonna is looking to play a one-day gig in Ireland, where she will allegedly receive either $7.5 million or 98.5 percent of the box office — whichever is greater.  Read More

· Religious differences cost Madonna a pal.  Has Kabbalah cost Madonna her best friend?  The New York Post reports that the singer has cut all ties with her best pal, actress Debi Mazar, because Mazar won't buy in to the tradition of Jewish mysticism.  Read More

· Missing pregnant woman found dead.  The body of a 29-year-old pregnant woman, abducted when she interrupted a burglary at her mother's Augusta, Georgia, home, was found Sunday, and a suspect was arrested for her death, a sheriff's inspector said.  Read More

· University celebrates Dru's life.  A day after the five-month search for University of North Dakota student Dru Sjodin ended with the discovery of her body, the campus community reacted with a mixture of mourning and relief Sunday.  Read More

      » Dru Sjodin's Hometown Hopes for Justice.  Feelings of anger, fear and pain fueled calls for justice in Dru Sjodin's hometown a day after the body of the University of North Dakota student was discovered in a ravine, marking a heartbreaking end to a five-month search.  Read More

· Man Dies In Crash Weeks After Winning Lottery.  A man has died in a car crash less than three months after winning about $10 million in the state lottery, police in Indiana said.  They say James Craig, 43, died early Saturday when his car hit a utility pole in a rainstorm.  Read More

· Why Trump hired Bill Rancic and the other Apprentices fell by the wayside.  People hire self-images. Trump hires aggressive, smooth and smart young candidates, and he wants an executive whom he can trust to make the right decisions consistently, to think the way Donald Trump thinks.  Read More

· 'Apprentice' cries: No Marosa!  'The Apprentice' may be over, but the cat fighting continues.  In a New York Post report, contestant Ereka Vetrini is publicly questioning why Omarosa Manigault Stallworth is getting all the attention - including a possible shampoo commercial - in the aftermath of the hit reality show.  Read More

· Broadcasters Fight Bono Ruling.  After months of apologizing to Congress and the FCC for Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl breast-baring and other edgy on-air content, many of the country’s media companies have finally decided the feds have gone too far.  Read More

· It's 'TV Turnoff' Week.  TV-Turnoff Network is a national nonprofit organization that encourages children and adults to watch much less television in order to promote healthier lives and communities.  Read More

· Rocco's 'Restaurant' Serving Seconds  Picking up six months later, this season's half-dozen episodes get much spicier as they track Rocco in a real-life battle with his financier, Jeffrey Chodorow.

"We have 22 restaurants," Chodorow tells his corporate staff in an emergency meeting. "Twenty-one of them make money, and one loses money." That would be Rocco's operation. "Yet it's one of our busiest restaurants."  Read More

· Martha Stewart name becomes a liability.  Trademarks are a capital asset - property a company can own to enhance a brand, product or service. An exclusive name or image often increases a product's value.  But the reverse can also be true, as the Martha Stewart case has recently shown.  Read More

· Beckham confessed to affair.  British tabloid press frenzy over the private life of England soccer captain David Beckham raged on with a report on Sunday that he had confessed to his pop star wife Victoria that he did have an affair.  Read More

      » Ex-prostitute says it was 'love at first sight' with Beckham.  The ex-prostitute said: "You know what it is like, you walk into a room and you see someone for the first time and it's not just a stranger, there is sparks, it was like magic, you can't take your eyes off each other," the 29-year-old told Channel Nine's 'A Current Affair' about their first meeting in Singapore.  Read More

· Intelligent perfume dispenser.  Anyone for intelligent perfume? Brit design company PDD has unveiled the prototype of a scent dispenser you place on your body that works to dispense the right amount of scent to suit the environment you are in guaranteeing that you continue to smell, well, gorgeous.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Effusive [ef·fu·sive] adj.  1. Unrestrained or excessive in emotional expression; gushy: "An effusive manner."  2. Profuse; overflowing: "effusive praise."  Read More

· Oklahoma City Bomb Anniversary.  Nine years after the Oklahoma City bombing, survivors and victims' relatives gathered to grieve again while bombing conspirator Terry Nichols hoped to avoid death row for his role in the blast.  Read More

· NORAD had drills of jets as weapons.  In the two years before the Sept. 11 attacks, the North American Aerospace Defense Command conducted exercises simulating what the White House says was unimaginable at the time: hijacked airliners used as weapons to crash into targets and cause mass casualties.  Read More

· 'Al-Qaeda plot would have killed 20,000.'  Terrorists linked to al-Qa'eda were poised to detonate a chemical bomb in the heart of Jordan's capital, Amman, that would have killed 20,000 people and contaminated a large area, it emerged yesterday.  Read More

· Boeing In-Flight Web Plan Gets Airborne.  Delayed after post-Sept. 11 airline turmoil and bumped by its original U.S. patrons, Boeing's Internet service for commercial airplanes is finally getting airborne.  Read More

· Ford Upset by Web Ad Showing Decapitation.  Ford Motor Co. is upset by the release of an Internet advertisement that depicts the decapitation of a computer-animated cat by a power moonroof hatch, saying it didn't authorize the clip.  Read More

· Internet users ditching dial-up.  Two in five Internet users in the United States now have high-speed access at home as telephone companies slash prices to better compete with cable broadband services.  Read More

Sunday, April 18, 2004

· NYU Now a 'meds' school.  A growing number of students at the troubled New York University - where four students have plunged to their deaths in recent months - are getting antidepressant drugs from school psychiatrists, an alarming internal report reveals.  Read More

· CBS, NBC Plan More Series Spinoffs.  Network executives spend much of their time this month in darkened rooms, watching pilots for new shows and guessing which can become hits. Some of the guesswork is gone at CBS and NBC, where additional spinoffs of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "Law & Order" are already penciled in.  Read More

· Time lists 'most influential' people.  Time Magazine has published its list of the 100 "World's Most Influential People," including President George W. Bush, which it called "a radical gambler."  Read More

· Estrogen-Containing Lotion Helps Relieve Hot Flashes.  The lotion, called Estrasorb, was approved by the FDA last fall. It is promoted as a convenient, short-term solution for hot flashes.  Read More

· Where have all the bambini gone?  In apparently child-loving Italy, the birth rate has plunged to the second lowest in the Western world. Now the desperate government is bribing couples with 1,000 euros (about $1,200 U.S.) cash per kid.  Read More

· Wyoming's Teton County is richest in U.S.  Teton County - home of Dick Cheney - has an average adjusted household gross income of $107,694, or 2 percent higher than runner-up Fairfield County, Conn., according to the IRS.  Read More

· 'Greek Wedding' Star Vardalos Does Drag.  Nia Vardalos still has bridal jitters, even though her big-screen wedding went off without a hitch.  Read More

· Medical Mood Ring.  MIT mechanical engineers Harry Asada and Phillip Shaltis have developed a “ring sensor” that monitors the wearer’s temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen level.  Read More

· Mark Cuban blasts 'The Donald.'  Billionaire Mark Cuban's take on Donald Trump, and how Trump's ego made Cuban a much better man.  Read More

· Students in Arizona to Get $50 for an'A.'  A California benefactress is offering every student at Wakefield Middle School in Tucson the chance to earn $50 for every "A" earned in math, reading, science, social studies and writing.  Read More

· Woman Sues Coors Over Son's Death In Accident.  The mother of a 19-year-old killed in a traffic accident is suing Coors Brewing Co., claiming that it promotes underage drinking.  Read More

· Satellite Radio May Be 'Shock Jock' Haven.  If traditional radio decides Howard Stern is too hot to handle, satellite radio is waiting. Even if the prince of "shock jocks" stays where he is, the two nationwide satellite radio companies hope the Stern controversy can help them become the radio equivalent of cable TV - a popular destination for racy, raunchy, unregulated content.  Read More

· Porn Actors Seek Work Despite HIV Scare.  Adult movie actors said they would keep working in the multibillion-dollar industry despite an HIV scare, as more producers joined a voluntary moratorium that has shut down many sets.  Read More

· McEntire to Receive CMT's Cash Award.  It seems a little thing, but it left a big impression on Reba McEntire. Almost 20 years ago, McEntire was staying at a Holiday Inn in the Northeast when the video for her hit song "Whoever's In New England" came on HBO.  Read More

· Bruce Willis looking for ending to new 'Die Hard.'  "Die Hard" star Bruce Willis said that he and producer Joel Silver are conducting an informal contest among pals to come up with a mind-blowing ending for the upcoming version of the action film.  Read More

· Backup astronaut finally gets chance on space station.  After nearly five years of training as a backup, NASA astronaut Mike Fincke received the assignment he'd worked for a lifetime to earn.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Pedantic [pe·dan·tic] adj.  1. Characterized by a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules: "A pedantic attention to details."  Read More

· Putting Search And Search Together.  For a sneak peek at the future of Web search, click over to, an unusual service launched Wednesday by a subsidiary of  Read More

· Celebrity Lawyer Cochran Hospitalized.  High-profile attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr. will temporarily curtail his work while recuperating from an undisclosed neurological condition, his publicist said.  Read More

· Trying to catch the sun.  Hollywood stunt pilot Dan Rudert once had to descend into the pitch-black Grand Canyon while flying a medical mission. No lights. No visuals to guide his path. Just the guarantee of death for all aboard if he made a mistake.  Now he's attempting to snare a space capsule in re-entry.  Read More

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