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BTK Word Puzzle Baffled Police

Did the Cops Botch An Early Clue?

By Jake Easton
R A D O K   N E W S
Posted: March 2, 2005 2:25pm EST
Updated: March 6, 2005 11:23am EST

One of the BTK killer's clues was sent to the ABC affiliate in Wichita on May 5, 2004. It was a word puzzle that provided a series of letters and numbers that was meant to apparently taunt police investigators.  The puzzle (below) remained private, until now.

It is common knowledge that BTK suspect Dennis Rader's job as Park City animal control officer included pet control and catching lost pets.  He also touted his strong record as a serviceman in the Air Force, and often talked of his long-standing employment at ADT Security.

BTK Suspect Dennis RaderBTK suspect Dennis Rader lived at 6220 Independence, in Park City, and while supplying many of his own clues in the puzzle, he may have also been trying to throw off the scent by including the name "Anderson."  Floyd E. Anderson was another alleged killer linked to three murders in Wichita, who died before his trial.

While Rader was considered very early as a 'person of interest,' he was never given a DNA test by Wichita police - even though as many as 4,000 others in the Wichita area did so without a match.

Cops Clueless

As you scan the puzzle (below), it is difficult to comprehend why it took Wichita police almost a year to match Dennis Rader to: "Wichita," Pet," "Officer," OR "Lost Pet," "6,2,2 and 0" (Rader's street address in Park City), "316" (Wichita's area code), "ADT," or "Serviceman."  Other words include: "victim," "fantasies," "details," "strong," and "go for it."

While TabloidColumn researchers continue to examine the BTK puzzle, the following words (highlighted in red) were easily found in less than an hour.

BTK Killer's Word Puzzle

Provided to Police on May 5, 2004

BTK Word Puzzle Baffles Police

In addition to words obviously relating to the case, there is also "Telephone Co."  Wichita Television station KAKE received an envelope from the BTK killer identifying two ID badges - one which appears to be a Southwestern Bell Employee's badge - which might also account for the word, "Fake ID."  "USD 259" appears to represent 'Unified School District 259,' the local school district in Wichita.

Updates: 'RJ' found some more words (highlighted in yellow).  They include: "Insurance," "Wrong Address," "Help," "Build," Remodel," "Sex," "Follow," and "Prowl, while 'JS' found "Cruise", "Plan," "School," "Empty," "A Lot," "Shed," "Real," "Use," "Entry," "Poet," and "Handyman."

We are also still investigating the words "Realtors," and "For Sale" to see how these words relate to the case.  Radok News

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