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February 2004 - Week 2
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Saturday, February 14, 2004

· Vegas 'more popular than Paris' for lovers.  The idea of a Britney Spears-style impromptu wedding has made Las Vegas more popular than Paris for this year's Valentine lovebirds.  Read More

· Gay, lesbian couples line up for Valentine's marriage.  Hundreds of gay and lesbian couples ringed San Francisco's City Hall on Saturday to be married, before a judge hears a challenge Tuesday from two groups opposed to same-sex marriage.  Read More

      » Fla. Same-Sex Couples Declined Marriage Applications.  A small number of gay couples throughout Florida tried unsuccessfully to obtain marriage license applications, part of a nationwide push designed to raise awareness of same-sex unions.  Read More

· A diamond that will certainly impress her.  Astronomers have found a burned out star that has developed into a sparkling diamond that weighs a staggering 10 billion trillion trillion carats and measures 2,500 miles across. [Gift wrapping not included].  Read More

· Man Allegedly Steals Valentine Gifts.  A Bakersfield thief saw baskets brimming with stuffed animals, silk-petaled roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate displayed in a store window. Moved, perhaps, by tender feelings that could not wait for morning, he smashed the window at 3:58 a.m., and ran off with three of the Valentine specials - worth about $110, according to detectives.  Read More

· Atkins report wasn't meant for public.  An Omaha cardiologist accused of inappropriately obtaining a report on the death of diet guru Dr. Robert Atkins said he never misrepresented his position or intended the information to go to the media.  Read More

· Aussie billionaire rescues solo sailor.  A solo Japanese yachtsman was plucked from wild seas in the remote southern Indian ocean on Saturday with the help of a private jet owned by Australia's second-richest person, Richard Pratt.  Read More

· Fleet of London taxis hits S.F. slopes  A British invasion of London taxis will hit San Francisco's hilly streets next week, but don't look for the traditional black vehicles. These quaint cars will be bright orange and covered in advertising.  Read More

· Eminem interested in Jackson's Neverland ranch.  Eminem is reportedly interested in buying Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch in Santa Barbara.  The rapper says he cannot stand another tough Detroit winter and is considering buying the 2,600-acre estate.  Read More

· Phil Spector's Lawyers Refuse to Share Evidence.  Phil Spector's lawyers said Friday they have no obligation to share with the prosecution a piece of evidence discovered after sheriff's detectives left the music producer's mansion after investigating the fatal shooting of an actress.  Read More

· Fighter jet sale on e-bay.  A US fighter jet has been put up for sale on internet auction site e-bay. The retired F-18A Hornet, once flown by the US Navy’s elite Blue Angels, is the only privately owned one in the world.  Read More

· City Penalized For Piping Wastewater Into Homes.  The city of Cape Coral will be penalized $72,000 because its workers mistakenly hooked four homes up to treated wastewater lines instead of drinking water lines.  Read More

· House owner 'unaware' of harbored immigrants.  Russell Young says he thought he was renting his four-bedroom Phoenix home to two landscapers who planned to live in the residence with their wives — until investigators pointed out that more than 150 illegal immigrants were crammed inside the place.   Read More

· Manila Marks Valentine's Day with Kissing Marathon.  The Philippines sealed a world record with a kiss on Saturday after 5,122 couples lined up in the capital to smooch for at least 10 seconds to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Read More

· Pope calls for courtship and chastity on Valentine's Day.  As thoughts turn to romance on Saint Valentine's Day, Pope John Paul II has urged young lovers to become engaged and remain chaste until they are married.  Read More

· No happy Valentine's Day in India.  Hindu nationalists who claim they are fighting against Western cultural influence have threatened to shave young lovers' heads and beat them if they exchange Valentine's Day cards and gifts.  Read More

      » Valentine's Day also banned by Saudis.  Saudi Arabia's religious authorities have ordered Muslims to shun the "pagan" holiday of Valentine's Day so as not to incur God's wrath, the newspaper al-Riyadh reported yesterday.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Pensive [pen·sive] adj.  Deeply, often wistfully or dreamily thoughtful. Expressive of melancholy thoughtfulness.  Read More

· Hackers Break Into Calif. State Server.  Hackers broke into a state agency's server containing the sensitive personal information of tens of thousands of people who work as nannies, butlers, and gardeners, and those who employ them.  Read More

· PETA Has Beef With Town of Slaughterville.  Residents of this central Oklahoma community have a beef over an animal rights group's attempt to raise awareness of animal abuse.  Read More

· Alcohol, lead 'kill brain cells.'  Just two cocktails consumed by a pregnant woman may be enough to kill some of the developing brain cells in the unborn child, leading to neurological problems that can haunt a person for a lifetime, new studies suggest.  Read More

· Dog's pedigree dates back to 6000 BC.  Every dog on the planet can be grouped into 10 fundamental types that date back 8,000 years, according to preliminary findings of an effort to establish the ultimate canine family tree.  Read More

· Profanity, partner's name hidden in leaked Microsoft code.  The chunks of code - riddled with hidden notes and profanity - were posted on numerous file-sharing networks Friday.  Read More

Friday, February 13, 2004

· NBC to air Princess Diana's secret tapes.  More than six years after her death, audio and videotapes Princess Diana secretly recorded during her ill-fated marriage to Prince Charles will get their first public airing next month on NBC, the network said.  Read More

· Bank robber caught having post-heist beer, police say.  The strange sequence of events happened Thursday afternoon, when a borough bank was robbed, touching off a brief manhunt that ended when police nabbed the suspect after he slugged down a cold brew at a Palmer Township bar.  Read More

· Canada condemns "racist" TV show.  Canada's government has condemned a show by U.S. late-night television host Conan O'Brien that insulted people in French-speaking Quebec and seemed to suggest everyone in the province was homosexual.  Read More

· Judge Wants Jackson Case Heard This Year.  The judge in Michael Jackson's child-molestation case said Friday he wants the trial to take place this year, and lawyers predicted they would be ready to go in December.  Read More

· Kiefer Sutherland injured in brawl.  Kiefer Sutherland was injured in a barroom brawl earlier this week, forcing production on his Fox series 24 to be rejiggered to accommodate his absence, a source confirms to TV Guide Online.  Read More

· Boxing Great Joe Frazier Charged With Assault.  Former heavyweight boxing champion Joe Frazier was arrested Friday morning for allegedly assaulting a woman in a domestic dispute, police said.  Read More

· American Airlines apologizes for Christianity remarks.  The chief executive of American Airlines apologized after the pilot of a recent cross-country flight got on the intercom and asked all Christians aboard to raise their hands.  Read More

· Kmart Sues Martha Stewart Firm Over Deal.  Kmart Corp. is accusing Martha Stewart's company of overcharging it for the exclusive rights to sell housewares and other products bearing the domestic maven's name.  Read More

· Muslim U.S. Soldier Charged in Al Qaeda Sting.  A U.S. National Guardsman in Washington state has been charged with trying to pass military secrets to the Islamic militant group al Qaeda after being caught in a sting operation, military officials said.

Ryan G. Anderson is the second Muslim soldier with Fort Lewis connections to be accused of wrongdoing related to the war on terror against Muslim fanatics.  Read More

      » Signs of trouble in letters.  Ryan Anderson had previously published three letters to the editor of The Spokesman-Review.  Read More

· CBS Apologizes for OutKast's Grammy Performance.  CBS apologized Friday to American Indians angered by OutKast's Grammy Awards performance, which featured feathers and war paint.  Read More

· One wild ride for jackpot winner.  Since winning $315M lottery, Jack Whittaker has seen his share of trouble.  Read More

· Mental Health Worker Had Sex With Juvenile.  Officials say a former mental health worker is charged with having sex with a 15-year-old girl under his supervision at an Orange County juvenile treatment center.  Read More

· 'Friends' the most overrated comedy ever.  While well hyped by NBC, "Friends" doesn't hold a candle to the sitcom greats, which range through TV history from the pioneering "I Love Lucy" and "The Honeymooners" to current classics like "Frasier" and "Everybody Loves Raymond."  Read More

· Friday The 13th Unlucky For Women Drivers, Not Men.  According to myth and superstition, Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day, and maybe for good reason.  A recent study found that women have nearly a two-thirds greater chance of getting killed in a wreck on Friday the 13th than on an ordinary Friday.  Read More

· Martha Prosecution to Rest Case.  The government expects to rest its case against Martha Stewart and her former broker next week, and jurors are likely to begin deliberations in the stock-fraud trial sometime in March.  Read More

      » Defense expected to grill FBI agent.  The Martha Stewart trial resumes Friday with an FBI agent back on the witness stand, facing more questions by Stewart's defense team about the reliability of her notes on regulators' meetings with Stewart.  Read More

· Lawyers Return to Court in Jackson Case.  Lawyers return to court Friday to set a date for Jackson's preliminary hearing. Jackson's attorney, Mark Geragos, said the entertainer did not plan to attend Friday's pretrial hearing.  Read More

      » Jackson Manager Denies Singer Has Money Woes - Again.  Michael Jackson's music manager denied a report Thursday that Jackson is in financial trouble and must make a $70 million payment to a lender by Tuesday.  Read More

· Tom Cruise Is Fat?  What do baseball slugger Mark McGwire and actors Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise have in common?  They're all fat, according to the federal government's body mass index (BMI).  Read More

· Carly Simon sings 'You Fly Planes' to Travolta.  Tom Cruise has presented John Travolta with a peanut butter and chocolate aeroplane cake at his surprise 50th birthday party in Mexico.  Simon and Cruise were among 280 of Travolta's friends at the party in Los Cabos organised by Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston and Oprah Winfrey.  Read More

· Brosnan's 007 Licence Revoked.  Pierce Brosnan will not be returning to the role of James Bond. Negotiations finalising Brosnan’s Bond 21 contract are said to have ceased, and the search for the next James Bond is well underway.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Venality [ve·nal·i·ty] n.  1. The condition of being susceptible to bribery or corruption. 2. The use of a position of trust for dishonest gain: "The venality of a corrupt court."  Read More

· Microsoft Windows Source Code Leaks Onto Internet.  Microsoft Corp. said on Thursday that parts of the source code, or software blueprint, for its closely-guarded Windows programs had leaked onto the Internet, possibly exposing its products to hackers and illicit copying.  Read More

· Medical Records Found Trashed In Dumpster.  An investigation found patients' most private information, including financial records, medical charts and lab tests, trashed in an open Dumpster in Titusville, Florida.  Read More

Thursday, February 12, 2004

· $1 million prostitution arrest made in Montana.  A longtime Kalispell, MT businessman was arrested Wednesday and charged with hiring prostitutes, and police say he may have paid women upward of $1 million for sexual relations.  Read More

· Killer-for-hire Web site prompts arrest.  Police arrested a 25-year-old college senior Wednesday on charges of conspiring to murder for operating a killer-for-hire Web site and taking thousands of dollars from his customers.  Read More

· Teen allegedly conned dealer out of new BMW.  A Jersey City high school boy is in custody after allegedly conning an Ohio car dealership into shipping him a $122,000 BMW and delivering it to him at Dickinson High School, officials said.  Read More

· 'Idol' Host to Take Over LA Radio Show.  Ryan Seacrest will soon take over the popular local morning radio program that disc jockey Rick Dees hosted for more than two decades.  Read More

· Eisner's Future In Doubt As Disney Weighs Bid.  A bold bid by cable giant Comcast to buy out The Walt Disney Co. forces the Disney board to make two big decisions: whether to accept the marriage proposal, and, if not, whether to fire embattled chief executive Michael Eisner.  Read More

· Feds Charge Four in Steroids Scheme.  The personal trainer of baseball slugger Barry Bonds, a track coach and top executives of a San Francisco-area nutritional supplements lab were charged Thursday with running an illegal performance-enhancing drug distribution ring.  Read More

· Hillary Clinton makes 'Tough Guy' list.  Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been called many things, but Men's Journal magazine is adding one more description to that list: Tough Guy.   Read More

· It's splitsville for Barbie and Ken.  After 43 years as one of the world's prettiest pairs, the perfect plastic couple is breaking up.  Read More

· Pluto killed in Disney World accident.  A costumed worker dressed as the character Pluto was killed after being run over by a Walt Disney World float during a parade yesterday afternoon.  Read More

· Halle Berry has nicest nose, among other things.  Halle Berry has been picked as the female star with the nicest nose, according to a survey by Waitrose.  Read More

· Mob Charged with Making Mint on Phone Sex Bills.  Mobsters ripped off users of telephone sex lines and dating services to the tune of $200 million in what U.S. officials said was a new method by organized crime families to make money illegally.  Read More

· The Segway: A Bright Idea, But Business Model Wobbles.  Dean Kamen hoped to change the world by inventing his futuristic upright scooter, the Segway. His quest now is more pedestrian: keeping afloat the company that sells his invention.  Read More

· Attention shoppers.  Police say they found 660 pounds of cocaine worth more than $30 million hidden among a truckload of toys headed for Wal-Mart.  Read More

· Harvard approves student sex magazine.  Harvard University has approved a student magazine about sex that will feature art, sex advice and fiction - as well as photographs of undressed Harvard undergraduates.  Read More

· Flap over valet's Sinatra bio.  George Jacobs' best-selling memoir about his years as Frank Sinatra's personal valet might never have been penned if Jacobs didn't owe money to some old friends, says a source close to the publisher.  Read More

· Singer Art Garfunkel Admits to Pot Charge.  Art Garfunkel pleaded guilty to marijuana possession in upstate New York and paid $200 in fines.  Read More

· Courtney Love Skips Two California Criminal Cases.  Rocker Courtney Love on Wednesday left two judges steaming as she skipped hearings in criminal cases pending against her, prompting one judge to issue a bench warrant for her arrest.  Read More

· Stewart Jury Hears Tape of Broker's SEC Interview.  Jurors at the Martha Stewart trial listened Wednesday to a recording in which her stockbroker told investigators he had no advance word of the bad news that sent ImClone Systems stock tumbling.  Read More

· Disney chief's $500m from bid.  Disney chief Michael Eisner, despised in some quarters for the perceived damage he has done to the company, is in line for at least $24 million in cash and would be able to exercise share options worth $500 million if he were ousted as chairman following a successful bid for the company.  Read More

      » Investors Frown on Comcast Bid for Disney.  The cable television giant now faces a daunting task in selling the blockbuster combination - and investors have already indicated the proposed price is too meager.  Read More

      » Time Warner may join mouse hunt.  Time Warner is weighing a possible bid for Walt Disney Co. to counter Comcast's surprise hostile takeover offer for the beleaguered entertainment giant.  Read More

· U.S. to run Lingerie Football League.  A Lingerie Football League is being set up in the U.S. following the success of the Super Bowl's half-time Lingerie Bowl show.  No word yet if Janet Jackson will participate.  Read More

· Grandmother, 58, Admits To 12 Robberies.  Prosecutors call her a "one-grandma crime wave." A 58-year-old grandmother has pleaded guilty to robberies in three states.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Plethora [pleth·o·ra] n.  A superabundance; an excessive amount or number: Upon returning from the trip, she had a plethora of calls to make.  Read More

· Senators Push Two-Year Internet Tax Ban.  U.S. senators opposed to a bill to permanently ban Internet access taxes unveiled rival legislation on Wednesday for a temporary tax moratorium that would not threaten state and local revenues.  Read More

· Extra lifelines worth 'millions.'  ABC finally took the wraps off its revamped version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."  Read More

· Canadian inspectors seize $1 million at border.  Canadian border inspectors Wednesday announced the seizure of more than $1 million in unreported U.S. currency from a truck driver at the Peace Bridge.  Read More

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

· TV Chef Rocco DiSpirito Sued by Investors.  Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito is in a legal food fight with the people who say they financed his television restaurant and who are accusing him of mismanaging the eatery, which they say has lost more than a half million dollars.  Read More

· Jury awards Minnesota man $850,000 after operation on wrong side of brain.  A man who said he developed seizures and other medical problems after a doctor operated on the wrong side of his brain was awarded $850,000 in damages.  Read More

· Yanks tune out as Conan crosses the border.  American talk-show host Conan O'Brien's temporary move to Toronto appears to have been a big hit in Canada last night, but few took notice south of the border.  [or, maybe it's because 99.9% of Conan's American audience thought it was one of the usual Late Night reruns].  Read More

· Army tank confiscated in online auction.  German police seized a 10-ton armored personnel carrier that two men had put up for auction online, authorities said.  Read More

· Arrest warrant for Courtney Love.  A judge has issued an arrest warrant for beleaguered rocker Courtney Love after she failed to attend a court hearing in drug possession charges.  Read More

· Tax-free Internet days numbered.  New York and eighteen other states have added lines on their income tax forms for taxpayers to declare their owed sales tax from Internet and mail-order purchases with out-of-state firms.  Read More

· 75-Foot Buzzer Beater Caught On Tape.  An amazing 75-foot shot at the buzzer that lifted Mount Olive's basketball team to a 108-105 victory over Pfeiffer in a Carolinas-Virginia Athletics Conference men's basketball game was caught on tape.  [with video]  Read More

· Provocative Bush Painting Causes Debate.  An image of President Bush groping the breast of a barely dressed woman in a painting at Lehigh University has sparked debate over the propriety of hanging such a picture in the school's supposedly non-partisan political science department.  Read More

· Oscar Tape Delay Angers Academy.  In a letter to the Academy's membership, the president of the Academy warned that a delay, which has not been used before on an Oscar show, could be the first step on a slippery slope that "introduces a form of censorship."  Read More

· Martha Stewart Judge Denies Mistrial.  The judge in the Martha Stewart case Wednesday refused to grant a mistrial sought by her lawyers who said they were wrongfully barred from arguing that no insider trading took place.  Read More

· Manager Arrested In Theft Of Drugs From Evidence Room.  A former Volusia County Sheriff's Office evidence manager was arrested Wednesday on charges he stole about $500,000 worth of cocaine and marijuana from the agency's evidence compound.  Read More

· A Bad Newsday.  For nearly 10 years, Newsday stole from its advertisers by jacking up circulation numbers to increase the rate the paper charged for ads, a shocking federal racketeering lawsuit alleges.  Read More

· Man Creates Program to Protect Music File-Sharers From Recording Industry.  Wyatt Wasicek was so outraged by the recording industry's legal assault on users of free music-downloading sites that he decided to ride to the rescue. He created a program called AnonX that masks the Internet address of people who use file-sharing programs such as Kazaa.  Read More

· Update: Texas woman now going to trial for selling sex toys.  Joanne Webb is a mother of three, a Baptist, a booster of the town of Burleson, Texas, and a former schoolteacher. She also faces trial for being a smut merchant.  Read More

· Anger over Diana Ross' "lenient" drunk driving sentence.  Two days jail time for US pop diva Diana Ross doesn't spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T for public safety or the justice system, claim residents of a town angered by what is perceived as a lenient drunk-driving sentence for the singer.  Read More

· O’Donnell’s 'salty speech' shocks audience.  O’Donnell spoke after Hillary Clinton, whose speech was very well received, says a source. “How do I follow that?” O’Donnell asked, according to the insider. She then made a Janet Jackson joke: “I know; I’ll take out my right tit. Everyone take out their right tit.”  Read More

· Cable company to pay $54 billion for Mickey Mouse, ABC, and ESPN.  Comcast, the largest U.S. cable television operator, Wednesday launched a stunning proposal to buy Walt Disney in a deal Comcast said would value Disney at $54 billion including debt.  Read More

· Zeta-Jones Joins Cast of 'Ocean's Twelve.'  Catherine Zeta-Jones has joined Julia Roberts in the cast of "Ocean's Twelve.""Now I have two of the most beautiful women in the world in this picture," producer Jerry Weintraub said.  Read More

· Letterman Enjoys Rare Nightly Victory.  David Letterman found some gold again in Dr. Phil, the Beatles, and snowboarder Tara Dakides on Monday night as CBS' "Late Show" reached its highest rating in the top "metered" markets since Feb. 17, 2003.  Read More

Jane Fonda John Kerry Photo of John Kerry with "Hanoi Jane" at anti-war rally enrages many veterans.

A photograph of John Kerry together with Jane Fonda at an anti-Vietnam War rally in 1970 in Pennsylvania has surfaced, angering veterans who say his association with her 34 years ago is a slap in the faces of Vietnam War veterans.

The photograph was taken at a Labor Day rally at Valley Forge, PA, where John Kerry spoke along with activist Jane Fonda.  Read More

· Witness: Martha Had Me Alter Log.  With an investigation looming, Martha Stewart sat down at her assistant's computer and altered a record of a message left by her stockbroker about ImClone Systems stock, the assistant testified Tuesday.  Read More

· Peterson Defense Objecting to Use of GPS Technology.  Defense lawyer Mark Geragos will try to convince the judge in the Scott Peterson double-murder case Wednesday that global positioning technology is inaccurate and unreliable.  Read More

· Laci's Family Calls For A Boycott Of Peterson Movie.  After watching an advance copy of Friday's USA Network's movie, the family of Laci Peterson on Tuesday called for a public boycott of the made-for-TV drama.  Read More

     » Latest news on the Scott Peterson Murder Case.  Full coverage of Scott Peterson's alleged murder of wife Laci.  Read More

· GM recalls 127,000 Chevrolet Corvettes.  General Motors Corp. said Tuesday it will recall about 127,000 Chevrolet Corvettes to correct a problem with the steering column lock - the automaker's third major recall in less than a week.  Read More

Janet Jackson Janet goes way of more flesh.  Janet Jackson is flashing some more flesh. Ignoring the uproar about her Super Bowl spectacle, the singer is pushing ahead with a topless photo on her new CD.  Read More

· The Price of Faith Can Be High.  The U.S. government may fine a Maine man $10,000 for going to church.  Read More

· Anna Nicole a size 6?  The intrepid investigative reporters at the New York Post have some shocking news: The dumb-as-a-hamster blond bombshell ain't as slim as they say she says she is.  Read More

· Atkins' Records Ignite Another Diet Fight.  The debate over Dr. Robert Atkins' popular high-fat, low-carb diet flared posthumously Tuesday when it was learned that Atkins himself was a bloated 258 pounds at his death.  Read More

      » Dr. Atkins' Report from Medical Examiner.  Read More

· NFL, TV Execs to Testify on Capitol Hill about 'Nipplegate.'  A House panel looking into indecency on the airwaves was hearing Wednesday from National Football League Commissioner Paul Tagliabue and Mel Karmazin, president of Viacom - owner of both CBS, which aired Janet Jackson's breast-baring Super Bowl halftime show, and MTV, which produced the show.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Specious [spe·cious] adj.  1. Having the ring of truth or plausibility but actually fallacious: a specious argument.  2. Deceptively attractive.  Read More

· Slobbering Newfoundland Named Top Dog.  Bounding around the ring as if he owned it, a slobbering, black Newfoundland named Josh licked the competition - along with many of his admirers - and won best in show at Westminster on Tuesday night.  Read More

· Girl Dies When Car Drags Her Three Miles.  A girl died after her coat got caught in a car door and she was dragged for about three miles on rural roads.  Read More

· Microsoft Warns of Major Windows Security Flaws.  Microsoft Corp. warned customers Tuesday about unusually serious security problems with its Windows software that could let hackers quietly break into their computers to steal files, delete data or eavesdrop on sensitive information.  Read More

· Kerry wins in South, Clark to quit.  Sen. John Kerry took two victories in southern primaries Tuesday which drove one of his rivals with roots in the South out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.  Read More

· Howard Dean's Campaign Going In The Toilet.  Here's proof that Howard Dean's presidential hopes are going down the toilet: Toilet paper featuring his mug is rolling off the shelves.  Read More

· Swimmer drives shark from water.  A man has survived a shark attack on the New South Wales central coast and then driven himself to seek treatment with the shark still attached to his leg.  Read More

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

· 1,341 Priests Accused of Sex Abuse Since 1950.  The scope of sex abuse accusations against Roman Catholic clergy since 1950 appears to be much greater than previously estimated by victims' groups and the media, an Associated Press review of reports from dioceses has found.  Read More

· High-Profile Cases Shut the Door on Cameras.  Barring cameras from courtrooms where celebrity and other well-known cases are tried is becoming a growing trend — especially in California, where so many of the cases unfold.  Read More

· Bishop Says He Heard Crash But Saw No Pedestrian.  A Roman Catholic Bishop on trial for a fatal hit-and-run accident testified Monday that he heard a loud crash on his car on the night he is accused of killing a pedestrian.  Read More

· Star Witness: Stewart Never Asked Him To Lie.  Martha Stewart's lawyers have finished cross-examining the government's star witness against her.    Read More

· Injured Snowboarder Returns to Letterman.  A champion snowboarder injured doing a stunt for David Letterman's late-night television show returned to the program for an interview, saying she barely remembered the accident.  Read More

· Report: Diet Doctor Atkins Was Obese.  Dr. Robert Atkins, whose popular diet stresses protein-rich meat and cheese over carbohydrates, weighed 258 pounds at his death and had a history of heart disease, according to The Wall Street Journal.  Read More

      » Atkins-Blasting 'Physicians' Committee is a Front Group for PETA.  According to The Center for Consumer Freedom: "Due to water retention ... [Atkins] had a weight that varied between 180 and 195. During his coma, as he deteriorated and his major organs failed, fluid retention and bloating dramatically distorted his body and left him at 258 pounds at the time of his death, a documented weight gain of over 60 pounds."  Read More

· Can't hold 'em down on farm.  Look out, America: Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie will soon be on the road to terrorize you.  Read More

· Woman Drops Billion Dollar Lawsuit Over Boobie Stunt.  Less than a week after filing a class-action lawsuit because of her outrage over Janet Jackson's Super Bowl stunt, Terri Carlin, a Knoxville banker, believes she's made her point.   Read More

· More Warner Waste.  Though Time Warner cost shareholders billions of dollars with its disastrous merger with AOL, the Time Warner chairman is about to move into his swanky $25 million office space considered the priciest in the city.  Read More

· Laci Peterson: The TV Movie.  With the Scott Peterson murder case still in pretrial maneuvering, "The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story," starring Dean Cain, premieres Friday.  Read More

· Oscar de la Renta "Fall" fashions.  A model for designer Oscar de la Renta takes a tumble onto the runway during the presentation of the Oscar de la Renta 2004 Collection in New York [photo].  Read More

· Iron Mike - barely nickel to his name.  After earning $300 million in the ring over the past 20 years, the aging prizefighter had just $5,553 in cash left as of Dec. 31, according to court papers.  Read More

· Pornographer to sell Web address.  The Web site, one of the best examples that the Internet isn't always what it seems, is getting out of the pornography business.  Its owner says he's worried what his preschool-age son might think.  Read More

· NYPD Blue renewed for season 12.  The veteran stars of NYPD Blue fretted that the longtime police drama would get the boot by ABC.  Yesterday, they got a reprieve - and an almost ringing endorsement from the network boss.  Read More

· Woman hits jackpot finding 133-year-old bond.  It had been shuffled between the pages of an old book, stacked in a dark corner of a garage in Anderson, South Carolina.  On its face, it looked to be worth $100, but - at 7 percent annual interest compounded twice a year - it could be worth more than $300,000.   Read More

· Wal-Mart cashier suspicious of customer.  It may have been the handcuffs he was wearing. It may have been the bolt cutters he was buying. It may have been the hour - 4:30 in the morning.  Read More

· La. Official Punished For Racy E-Mail.  A state Senate administrator was stripped of some duties Monday - but kept his job and salary - after an inquiry determined he appeared to have lied about how he dispatched a racy e-mail to hundreds of government workers.  Read More

· Police: Student flunks his murder test.  A top high school student-athlete was ordered to stand trial for allegedly committing a murder just to see if he could outsmart investigators.  Read More

· The IRS wants to give you money.  The IRS reported Monday that there are unclaimed refunds totaling $2.5 billion from tax year 2000 and nearly 2 million people are owed money.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Acerbic [a·cer·bic] adj.  Sharp or biting, as in character or expression: "The director occasionally allowed an acerbic tone to an otherwise subtle dialogue."  Read More

· Woman participating in Eli Lilly drug study hangs self.  Coroner will examine whether an experimental anti-depressant drug played a possible role in the 19-year-old's suicide.  Read More

· Battle over Twin Towers insurance.  A US federal jury has begun hearing a case to decide whether the leaseholder of the World Trade Center can claim insurance for one attack or two.  Read More

· Update: American Airlines pilot's Christian call triggers flight jitters.  An American Airlines pilot terrified passengers when he asked Christians to identify themselves and allegedly went on to call non-Christians "crazy".  Read More

Monday, February 9, 2004

· Martha's Secretary Breaks Down on Stand.  Martha Stewart's secretary broke down in sobs on the witness stand Monday as she described thanking the homemaking mogul for a gift of plum pudding just before relaying a broker's prediction that ImClone Systems stock would drop.  Read More

· Virginity auction ends on net.  An 18-year-old London girl who is selling her virginity on the internet has closed the bidding. According to her website, bidding closed at more than US$15,000, with the winner to be contacted by February 11th.  Read More

· Michael J. Fox Prepares for Return to TV.  The actor, who left "Spin City" in 2000 after he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, guest stars as an inspiring physician in two episodes of the NBC sitcom "Scrubs" beginning this week.  Read More

· California Judges grant stay for convicted axe murderer.
A condemned murderer whose bid for clemency was denied by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger won a stay of execution on Monday, hours before he was to be executed.

Although the killer has been on death row for 19 years, Judge James Browning wrote, "There should be no hurry to execute Cooper."  Read More

· Diana Ross Convicted of DUI.  Diana Ross was convicted of driving under the influence and ordered two days in jail.  Read More

· Restaurant Hostess Wins 'SI' Swimsuit Contest.  Michelle Lombardo may have just seated her last party of four. The 20-year-old restaurant hostess is the winner of Sports Illustrated's nationwide swimsuit issue model search, the magazine announced.  Read More

· Rosie sheds 10 million dollar tears as 'Taboo' goes dark.  Rosie O'Donnell wiped tears away from her face minutes after the final performance of the Broadway musical "Taboo" over the weekend.  Read More

· Movie Popcorn Pioneer Dies.  Samuel M. Rubin, who helped make popcorn the popular snack at movie theaters, died at 85.  Read More

· ABC to end 'NYPD Blue' next season.  ABC is expected to announce Monday that it has completed a deal to renew "NYPD Blue" for a 12th and final season.  Read More

· Peterson Judge Orders Witness List Sealed.  At a hearing Monday, Judge Alfred A. Delucchi told attorneys he wants the jury selection process to begin in two weeks.  Read More

· Martha defense gets crack at key witness.  After a week fending off questions from his former boss' lawyers, the prosecution's key witness against Martha Stewart now must face more barrages — this time from Stewart's camp.  Read More

· Police Uncover Kidnapping at Traffic Stop.  A vehicle and foot chase ended with the surprise discovery by two police officers that they had unknowingly foiled a kidnapping.  Read More

· Grammys hit all the wrong notes.  From singers forgetting their words - to broken microphones, there were lots of problems with the Janet-less Grammys.  Read More

· Beyonce tops with five Grammys.  Young R&B singer Beyonce Knowles and veteran soul crooner Luther Vandross led the 46th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night, and OutKast won three Grammys - including album of the year.  Read More

      » Janet escapade tempers tone of Grammys.  Chalk it up to Janet Jackson's Super Bowl antics, the war in Iraq or the music industry's financial troubles, but the 46th annual Grammy Awards was largely a serious and low-key affair.  Read More

· Deceased Artists Among Top Grammy Winners.  Several deceased artists scored victories Sunday night, including two each by Warren Zevon and June Carter Cash, and one by Cash's husband, Johnny.  Read More

· Bill Clinton Wins a Grammy.  Former U.S. President Bill Clinton won a Grammy Award on Sunday, but not for his famed saxophone playing.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Esoteric [es·o·ter·ic] adj.  1. Difficult to understand; abstruse. 2. Not publicly disclosed; confidential. 3. Of rare, special, or unusual interest:  Her software success was based on an esoteric programming language.  Read More

· Daytona Track Worker Killed by Race Car Going More Than 100 Mph.  A worker at Daytona International Speedway was struck and killed by a paraplegic driver going more than 100 mph during a race for compact cars Sunday.  Read More

· Las Vegas' grim side surfaces monthly.  Every year desperate men and women make the pilgrimage to the gambling capital to kill themselves. More than once a month, a visitor commits suicide here, according to Clark County Coroner records.  Read More

· Eco-friendly body disposal.  Rather than bury or burn bodies after death, a Swedish company has come up with a chilling alternative - freezing them in liquid nitrogen, then using soundwaves to smash the brittle remains into a powder.  Read More

· Afghanistan enjoying bumper crop - of opium.  Afghanistan is now producing nine times the quantity of drugs it did under the Taliban.  Read More

Sunday, February 8, 2004

· Slain Girl's Family Blast Justice System.  For the better part of a decade, the man suspected of killing an 11-year-old girl whose abduction was caught on videotape had been under the supervision of Florida's criminal justice system. But despite his many brushes with the law, Joseph P. Smith never spent long behind bars.  Read More

· Janet-Less Grammys Tonight In L.A.  Although CBS changed its mind and invited Janet Jackson back, she has pulled out of tonight's Grammy Awards after the furor continued when she exposed her breast during the halftime show of last Sunday's Super Bowl.  Read More

      » Janet Rejects CBS Offer.  CBS had said it would allow her to present a tribute to Luther Vandross if Jackson apologized for her appearance on last Sunday's Super Bowl half-time show.  Jackson, after much thought, decided she'd said she was sorry enough already and declined to be on the show.  Read More

· Dean paid $7.2 million to aide's company.  As Howard Dean's presidential campaign tore through the millions it raised last year, nearly a quarter of it went to the company owned in part by his former campaign manager.  Read More

· Sky Clergy.  An American Airlines pilot terrified passengers aboard a Los Angeles-to-New York flight when he asked Christians to identify themselves and then called those who weren't Christian "crazy," witnesses and an airline spokesman said.  Read More

· Roddick clocks record 150-mph serve.  Andy Roddick set the record for the fastest tennis serve in a match by whipping one 150 mph in Davis Cup play.  Read More

· False Domain Info May Mean Jail.  Congress may crack down on businesses and people who provide false information when they register a website, proposing huge fines and extra jail time for those who violate copyright and trademark law.  Read More

· Hollywood and music industry can learn from 'Playboy.'  Thousands of Web sites are putting Playboy magazine's pictures on the Internet - free. And Randy Nicolau, the president of, is loving it.  Read More

      » Ad Opposing Online Music Piracy to Debut on Grammy Show.  The organization best known for bestowing accolades on the music industry at its Grammy Awards will begin airing ads discouraging online music piracy with the awards show's Sunday broadcast.  Read More

· Coach Bobby Knight up to his old tricks.  The psychotic coach, who was exiled to Texas Tech after being run out of Indiana University, had his wrist slapped this week for a bizarre run-in with Chancellor Dr. David Smith.  Read More

· Sonic device protects Nissan inventory from hail.  Nissan Motor Co. incurs millions of dollars a year in hail damage to new cars parked outdoors. So when it looked like hail this week at its Canton, Miss., plant, the factory fired sonic booms into the air to break up the hail before it could reach the ground.  Read More

· Dumb idea award: MP3 players for AK-47s.  A British-based company is selling MP3 players which can be attached to an assault rifle for as little as $480. The "AK-MP3" player is built into the ammunition clip of a Kalashnikov and can be swapped with the real magazine.   Read More

· CNN Says It Overplayed Dean's Iowa Scream.  It probably means little now to Howard Dean, but CNN's top executive believes his network overplayed the infamous clip of Dean's "scream" after the Iowa caucuses.  Read More

· Man Forced To Mow Lawn At Gunpoint Gets 20-Year Prison Sentence.  A convicted burglar sentenced in Calhoun County to 20 years in prison this week as a repeat offender had an unusual run-in with his victim.  Read More

· Jackson stunt piques interest in piercing.  Piercing studios didn't pay for advertising during the Super Bowl, but they still got plenty of exposure.  Read More

· Driver arrested fleeing traffic stop.  Seattle police officers arrested a 25-year-old woman yesterday after she allegedly tried to run one traffic officer down, fled along Interstate 5 and was caught only after she became trapped in traffic and officers dragged her from the car.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Cognitive [cog·ni·tive] adj.  1. Relating to the process of acquiring knowledge by the use of reasoning, intuition, or perception. 2. Having a basis in or reducible to empirical factual knowledge.  Read More

· Fire captain wins discrimination case.  Federal jurors on Friday ordered the city of Mobile to pay more than $250,000 to a white Fire-Rescue Department captain who was passed over for promotion in favor of a black colleague with considerably less seniority.  Read More

· I had a good time at Guantanamo, says inmate.  An Afghan boy whose 14-month detention by US authorities as a terrorist suspect in Cuba prompted an outcry from human rights campaigners said yesterday that he enjoyed his time in the camp.  Read More

· Ping-pong ball avalanches may help prevent real disasters.  A series of experiments, some involving over half a million ping-pong balls and a ski slope, are helping scientists understand the complex physics underlying the most devastating type of mountain disaster - powder snow avalanches.  Read More

· Some disabled visitors upset they can't use Segways at Disney.  The last time Doug Exum went to Walt Disney World, he rented an electric scooter to get around the resort's four theme parks. But he tired of sitting and the scooter cost him $200.  Read More

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