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February 2004 - Week 4
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Sunday, February 29, 2004

· Relative of Missing Family Charged.  A drug and firearm charge was filed Sunday against a relative of a family who disappeared on Valentine's Day while investigators continued their search for the Mississippi couple and their young son.  Read More

· 'Passion' No. 1 at box office.  Mel Gibson turned water into wine at the North American box office as the faithful flocked to watch the writer/director's controversial labor of love, "The Passion of the Christ," over the weekend.  Read More

      » 'Passion' Hauls in $117.5M in Five Days.  Mel Gibson's gamble on "The Passion of the Christ" paid off enormously, riding a storm of religious debate to a $117.5 million haul in its first five days, according to studio estimates Sunday.  Read More

· Windows Could Lose Media Player in Europe.  If Microsoft cannot settle an antitrust case brought by European Union regulators, the company may be ordered to remove Windows Media Player as an integrated feature of the dominant Windows operating system.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Litigious [li·ti·gious] adj.  Of, relating to, or characterized by litigation. Tending to engage in lawsuits.  Read More

· Flint mayor renews offer to use his own funds to pay city's deficit.  Mayor Don Williamson publicly renewed his campaign pledge to plug the city's deficit - currently at $14 million - with money from his own pocket.  Read More

· Woman Reports Neighbor for Disturbingly Loud Sex.  A German woman took her male neighbor to court for noise pollution after he repeatedly kept her awake through half the night and had at least one four-hour sex session, a court spokeswoman said.  Read More

Saturday, February 28, 2004

· Pact brings peace to the Seinfeld cast.  A multimillion-dollar dispute over royalties between Jerry Seinfeld and the three co-stars of his long-running television comedy series has finally been settled, allowing the release of an official DVD collection of the show's 180 episodes, plus newly filmed interviews and other material.  Read More

· Clooney washes cars for dad.  Want your car washed by George Clooney in a toga?  All you have to do is pony up $500 for his father Nick Clooney's congressional campaign.  Read More

· Woman sues after artificial insemination with wrong sperm.  A jury will decide how much money to award a North Carolina woman who was artificially inseminated with "unwashed" sperm from a California company that made her violently ill.  Read More

· Bobby Brown Sentenced to 60 Days in Jail.  Bobby Brown, arrested two months ago for allegedly striking wife Whitney Houston, was sentenced to 60 days in jail for violating his probation.  Read More

· Pentagon Denies Report of Bin Laden Capture.  Pentagon and Pakistani officials on Saturday denied an Iranian state radio report that Usama bin Laden was captured in Pakistan's border region with Afghanistan "a long time ago."  Read More

· Bryant's accuser subpoenaed.  Kobe Bryant's accuser has been subpoenaed by defense attorneys to testify about parts of her sexual history and is scheduled to take the stand for the first time.  Read More

      » Kobe's Accuser to Testify Next Week.  Kobe Bryant's accuser is scheduled to testify next week at a hearing that will help determine whether her sexual history can be used against her during the NBA star's rape trial.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Fallacious [fal·la·cious] adj.  1. Tending to mislead; deceptive: "fallacious testimony."  2. Containing or based on a fallacy: "a fallacious assumption."  Read More

· Jackson Pulled Over While Wearing Mask.  Michael Jackson was pulled over by police and asked to identify himself after shopping at a Wal-Mart while wearing a ski mask.  Read More

· Shocker or Snooze: Oscars Could Go Either Way.  This year's Oscar nominations included a lot of surprises — but can the suspense of who will win bring more viewers back to the telecast?  Read More

· An unlikely qualifier.  A 22-year-old Arizona State University student who doesn't play on the golf team, once won a tournament with purple fingernails, and quit his high school team after two appearances in the state tournament, earned a spot in the Chrysler Classic of Tucson after his mother took the liberty of entering him in the qualifier - without telling him.  Read More

Friday, February 27, 2004

· Martha Judge Throws Out Securities Fraud Charge.  In a huge victory for Martha Stewart, a federal judge on Friday threw out the most serious charge against her in her insider trading case — securities fraud — saying prosecutors had failed to present sufficient evidence to allow the jury to decide the matter.  Read More

· J.K. Rowling, Google Founders Join Forbes List.  "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling and the founders of the Google search engine have landed on Forbes magazine's annual list of billionaires.  Read More

· Infamous Foul Ball Gets Explosive Send-Off In Chicago.  The foul ball that Wrigley Field fan Steve Bartman knocked away from Cubs outfielder Moises Alou during last season's playoffs has been blown up inside a bulletproof tank at Harry Caray's restaurant.  Read More

· Dennis Miller takes a break to tweak format.  Dennis Miller is taking a two-week hiatus from his new CNBC talk show - which is being remade to accomodate an audience while he's gone.   Read More

· Officials Want Airlines To Weigh Passengers.  Federal safety officials want airlines to watch passengers' weight, to have an idea of how much weight is actually on a plane.  Read More

· Stern to Lose $1 Million in Fees From Radio Suspension.  Radio talk show host Howard Stern will lose almost $1 million as a result of Clear Channel Communications Inc.'s decision to suspend his show because of indecent content.  Read More

      » Stern: "I'm being persecuted like Jesus."  Howard Stern railed that he was being persecuted "like Jesus" yesterday after his show was yanked from six major markets around the country.  Read More

· Gibson Laments Judgment of 'Passion.'  Mel Gibson said on Jay Leno Thursday that his film "The Passion of the Christ" was unfairly prejudged for a year before its release.  Read More

· Rolling Stones gather more cash.  The extraordinary earning power of the Rolling Stones was revealed today as they were named the most profitable band on earth.  Read More

· Tyson Pleads Guilty, Avoids Jail.  Tyson agreed to plead guilty to disorderly conduct in a deal that will keep him out of jail.  Read More

· Man Gets Prison For Misleading Domain Names.  A man was sentenced to more than 2 years in prison for registering misleading domain names on the Internet that guided children searching for popular sites like Disneyland to pornography instead.  Read More

· Oscar bites his fingernails over politically active stars.  Hollywood is fretting that outspoken stars could hijack Sunday's Oscars, the scene of frequent political outbursts, to score points ahead of this year's US presidential polls.  Read More

· After the Gold Rush.  For some one-time dot-com rich kids, it's easy come, easier go.  Read More

· Elvis' Granddaughter Debuts as Model.  She wasn't wearing blue suede shoes, but Riley Keough — granddaughter of Elvis Presley, daughter of Lisa Marie Presley — put her best foot forward in her modeling debut.  Read More

· Stubborn man dies in yard after refusing help.  An Orlando man was found lying dead in his yard near his injured wife Thursday after he fell, became stranded and ordered his wife not to get help for three days despite heavy rainstorms, according to authorities.  Read More

· Men have four kidneys, no hangovers.  Two Bosnian brothers who say they can drink as much as they want without feeling drunk have been told they each have a spare set of fully functioning kidneys.  Read More

· Death sentence for Japan cult guru.  Former Japanese doomsday cult leader Shoko Asahara has been found guilty and sentenced to death for masterminding the 1995 nerve gas attack on Tokyo's subways and other crimes.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Circuitous [cir·cu·i·tous] adj.  Being or taking a roundabout, lengthy course: "He took a circuitous route to avoid traffic."  Read More

· Car confirms ID with speed cameras.  Some idiots at Toyota have come up with a wireless onboard system that communicates with the speed camera, and the fine could be deducted from the driver's credit card before he or she even made it home.  Read More

· Scott Peterson May Sell Story.  Scott Peterson is free to sell his story to the movies or make book deals, a judge ruled over the objections of Peterson's slain wife's mother.  Read More

· Fastest stopwatch in the world.  A new ultrafast stopwatch can now measure the speed of atomic processes down to a millionth of a millionth of a millionth of a second.  Read More

· High School Teacher Allegedly Sold Cocaine To Student.  A Graham, NC high school teacher was charged Wednesday with selling cocaine to a 15-year-old student on school grounds and other offenses.  Read More

· Torricelli guilty in hit-and-run fender-bender.  Former U.S. Sen. Robert Torricelli was found guilty Thursday of leaving the scene of a parking lot fender-bender accident last summer.  Read More

· Early morning raid horrifies innocent family.  When armed federal agents raided North Shore homes and arrested a dozen suspected members of two rival crack gangs yesterday morning, they may have stepped on some innocent toes in West Brighton in the process.  Read More

· Smith & Wesson's Chairman Resigns After Criminal History Revealed.  The new chairman of the board of Smith & Wesson's parent company resigned following reports that he committed a string of armed robberies in the 1950s and 1960s.  Read More

Thursday, February 26, 2004

· 'Passion' Nails $26,556,573 on First Day.  Audiences are rushing to see The Passion of the Christ at a record pace. The media frenzy and the religious fervor have contributed to the third biggest Wednesday take ever.   Read More

· Rosie O'Donnell Weds Longtime Girlfriend.  Rosie O'Donnell married her longtime girlfriend Thursday, taking what she called a proud stand for gay civil rights in the city where more than 3,300 other same-sex couples have tied the knot since Feb. 12.  Read More

Rosie Wedding Rosie O'Donnell Blasts Bush on Gay Marriage.  Blasting President Bush for supporting a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriages, Rosie O'Donnell said that the barriers that keep gays from marrying impacted her recent civil suit when her lesbian partner was called to the stand.  Read More

· Columbine Killers No Strangers to Cops.  A report released Thursday on the Columbine High School massacre reveals that police had at least 15 contacts with the two teenage gunmen before their deadly 1999 shooting spree.  Read More

· Howard Stern suspended for indecency.  The nation's largest radio chain has taken shock jock Howard Stern off its stations indefinitely for running afoul of new decency standards, by media group Clear Channel Communications who operate 1200 stations nationwide.   Read More

      » Host ‘Bubba the Love Sponge’ fired.  Radio personality “Bubba the Love Sponge,” who was accused of airing indecent material by federal regulators, has been fired, media group Clear Channel Communications said.  Read More

      » MTV goes right back to its bad sex habits.  Just a few weeks after promising to clean up its act during daytime hours because of Janet Jackson's Super Bowl bra-ha-ha, MTV is baring all again.  Read More

· 'Doonesbury' offers $10,000 for proof Bush served.  The frequently irreverent "Doonesbury" comic strip is offering $10,000 to anyone who can show that President Bush served in the Alabama Air National Guard.  Read More

· Mariah Carey makes comeback debut in New York Beirut.  Mariah Carey made her debut in the Arab world with a concert before thousands of cheering fans in Beirut, Lebanon.  Read More

· Pam Anderson: I Have Retired.  "I don't want to be an actress. I never did want to be an actress," Anderson, 36, told E! News Live last night.  "I have retired."  Read More

· 'Idol' dreams go bust.  A drunk-driving charge has silenced superstar wanna-be Donnie Williams.  Producers of Fox' "American Idol" dropped Williams from the popular reality series last night, less than a week before he was going to get prime-time exposure.  Read More

· Tyson role suits him to a 'T.'  Mike Tyson has been thrown a new career challenge that may suit him to a 'T'. Boxing fan George Clooney has offered bankrupt Tyson a multi-million dollar deal to star in a remake of the hit television series A-Team.  Read More

· Prisoners cash in on state tax credits.  About 200 Georgia prison inmates found a way to make it happen last year. They used the fact that they earned no income to claim low-income tax credits and receive checks averaging $25 from the state.  Read More

· Congress, FCC Deciding How To Handle Net Calls.  You can use voice-over-IP technology to make phone calls on the Internet. But those in charge of the systems don't want to come under the same rules as traditional phone companies.  And those concerns are getting a hearing on Capitol Hill.  Read More

· Apple war with Beatles label heats up again.  Apple Computer Inc. and the Beatles' record company Apple Corps went to court in Britain over who gets to use the fruity name now that the computer company has entered the online music business.  Read More

· Bonds to Wendell: Don't talk through media.  Barry Bonds chastised Colorado reliever Turk Wendell on Wednesday for accusing him of using steroids.  A day after Wendell said it was "clear just seeing his body" that Bonds was taking steroids, the San Francisco Giants slugger said the remark should've been made directly to him - not a reporter.  Read More

· Mayor comes up short, sees Bentley towed away.  North Miami Mayor Joe Celestin drives to the council meeting in his Bentley. But he doesn't get to go home in it after it's towed by creditors.  [hmmm... kinda reminiscent of the guy who goes to Vegas in his $70,000 Jag - and comes home on a $1 million bus].  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Ephemeral [e·phem·er·al] adj.  1. Lasting for a markedly brief time: "The ephemeral nature of slang." 2. Living or lasting only for a day, as with certain plants or insects.  Read More

· 'Fake' diamonds prove harder than the real thing.  Artificial diamonds made from gas have turned out to be surprisingly hard, harder even than natural diamonds, according to Carnegie researchers.  Read More

· Airline loses case over forcing man to sit near smokers.  A Greek airline must pay $1.4 million to the family of an asthmatic Castro Valley doctor who died on a 1998 flight after the crew refused to move him away from the smoking section, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled.  Read More

· Pizza Hut Goes Green With Salad Delivery.  Pizza Hut said today it'll start offering prepackaged, family-size salads for delivery and carryout nationwide.  Read More

· WTC ghoul told cops of haul.  A retired city firefighter accused of stealing items from the wreckage of the World Trade Center bragged to undercover cops that he found a human head, diamonds and gold - but took only "minor things."  Read More

· Third-Grader Suspended For Kiss On Cheek.  A third-grade student in Branson, Missouri, was suspended from school for a playground kiss on the cheek that school officials deemed to be sexual harassment.  Read More

· New cancer pill works wonders.  A new pill that shows potential in the fight against lung cancer is being called a "miracle."  Read More

· Boy George Pays $18,000 in Libel Case.  Pop star Boy George agreed Wednesday to pay $18,000 libel damages for falsely accusing a nightclub secretary of assault.  Read More

· Internet In More Homes Than Cable TV.  More U.S. households now have access to the Internet than to cable television, according to a report by Web researchers.  Statistics firm eMarketer said that nearly 68 percent of homes have an Internet connection; 65.8 percent receive cable television.  Read More

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

· Woman dies of heart attack while watching 'Passion.'  A woman has died of an apparent heart attack while watching the climactic crucifixion scene in "The Passion of the Christ" at a morning showing in Wichita, Kansas.  Read More

· Anthony Pellicano: Private eye to the tabloids.  While everyone knew Anthony Pellicano was PI to the stars, what wasn't known until now, was he had a steady pipeline of information to and from the tabloids, according to secretly recorded telephone conversations.  Read More

· What's happened to Bartman?  Ever since Steve Bartman, 26, issued an apology after deflecting a foul ball that the Cubs' Moises Alou was reaching for during the playoffs at Wrigley Field last October, the Cubs fan has kept a low profile. "He's just waiting for it to go away," a family spokesman said hopefully.  Read More

· Defense for Martha Stewart rests this morning after just one witness.  Martha Stewart's defense rested Wednesday after calling just one witness - a lawyer who was with her the first time she spoke to investigators about her sale of ImClone stock.  Read More

· The Not So Random Coin Toss.  Flipping a coin may not be the fairest way to settle disputes. A statistician found that if a coin is launched exactly the same way, it lands exactly the same way (flipping heads up more often than not, will land heads up... and statistically starting tails up lands tails up).  Read More

· Michael Jackson, ex-wife hire family law judge.  Pop star Michael Jackson and his ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, have hired a retired judge to help them resolve an undisclosed "family law" matter, according to papers filed in a Los Angeles court.  Read More

· Dogs were used to track Peterson.  Authorities used dogs to track Scott Peterson as well as his missing wife, testimony in his double-murder case revealed yesterday.  Read More

· Long-awaited 'Passion' hits screen.  After months of debate, speculation and curiosity, Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ" opens today.  Read More

      » Gibson already working on next thriller: Evel Knievel.  Mel Gibson is one ambitious filmmaker: Before the blood is even dry on the film about the last twelve hours of Jesus Christ's life - he's now doing a movie about daredevil Evel Knievel.  Read More

· Hearing set on sexual history of Bryant accuser.  Kobe Bryant's attorneys will get a chance next week to tell the judge why they should be able to use the accuser's sexual history against her at the NBA star's sexual assault trial.  Read More

· Man believed to be oldest in U.S. dies at age 114.  William Coates, believed to be the oldest man in the United States, died Monday at age 114.  Read More

· Court: 'Got Milk?' campaign illegally milks farmers.  The catchy "Got Milk?" dairy promotion - famous for plastering milk mustaches on celebrity faces - violates the free speech rights of farmers forced to pay for the ads, a federal appeals court ruled yesterday.  Read More

· Recently found photograph looks a lot like van Gogh.  The forehead, the shape and size of the eyes, even individual hairs matched up, making forensic scientists sure he had discovered an original photograph of famed artist Vincent van Gogh.  Read More

· Nugent Admits Fathering Child in Support Dispute.  Ted Nugent has admitted he fathered the 8-year-old son of a Dover woman suing the 1970s rocker for child support and custody, according to her lawyer.  Read More

· 'Sex' co-stars reportedly hate each other.  The "Sex and the City" gals are not bosom buddies like they would want you to think. Well, the two alpha gals, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall, aren't. In fact, they hate each other, according to reports.  Read More

· Martin Lawrence Accused of Hitting Woman.  A woman sued comedian Martin Lawrence for allegedly hitting her in the jaw at a party after she asked him if he'd be interested in attending another party at the Playboy mansion.  Read More

· Showing off the phones of tomorrow.  Trumpeting services like wireless video calls or satellite navigation, mobile phone companies showcased their latest wares on Monday amid hopes the long-awaited shift to "3G" advanced technologies has finally begun.  Read More

· Dallas Mavericks Owner to Give Away $1 Million on Reality Show.  Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will give away $1 million of his own money this summer as the host of an ABC reality series called "The Benefactor."  Read More

· Courtney Love Fires Lawyer; Trial Delayed.  A trial date for one of Courtney Love's two criminal cases was delayed after she told the judge she dismissed her lawyer because he wanted her to plead guilty.  Read More

· Prosecutors: Affair Drove Scott to Kill Laci.  In the first detailed description of their case, prosecutors charge in court filings that Scott Peterson's affair with a massage therapist drove him to murder his pregnant wife.  Read More

      » Earlier Peterson affair alleged by prosecutors.  Scott Peterson had more than one affair, converted his unborn son's nursery into a storage room and lied about his pregnant wife continuing to walk the dog into her third trimester, prosecutors said for the first time in court documents released today.  Read More

· Federal Government Threatens To Shut Down Seminole Casinos.  The tribe was ordered to update some electronic slot machines so that players gamble against other players, not the house, as federal rules require. They were also told to overhaul a discretionary spending plan that gave each council member between $5 million and $10 million a year to spend as he wished.   Read More

· Half of young Americans to get sex diseases.  Half of all young Americans will get a sexually transmitted disease by the age of 25, perhaps because they are ignorant about protection or embarrassed to ask for it, according to several reports.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Non Sequitur [non se·qui·tur] n.  1. A statement that does not follow logically from what preceded it.  2. An inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premises or evidence; an unwarranted conclusion.  [Latin for "It does not follow"].  Read More

· Oscars Best and Worst Moments.  In an industry built on the bedrock of hyperbole, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences can rightfully claim a number of superlatives for its annual awards.  Read More

· Pot package 'mixed up with organs.'  Two people are under arrest for trying to traffick marijuana after a bizarre incident in which they apparently picked up a container holding human organs instead.  Read More

· Anderson's Sex Video Advice For Hilton.  Busty TV babe Pam Anderson rushed to comfort Paris Hilton after the hotel heiress' notorious sex tape with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon was broadcast on the internet.  Read More

· Fat Folks Find Love Online.  A matchmaking website called that caters to the large and love-lorn population claims to be the heavy-hitter in its niche market.  Read More

· Court Backs Mo. Firing Over Racist Remark.  A Missouri appeals court upheld the firing of a teacher who told her eighth-grade class she opposed interracial marriage and believed such couples should be "fixed" to prevent them from having children.  Read More

· Scientists want to be ready to block asteroid from hitting Earth.  The asteroid believed to have wiped out dinosaurs 65 million years ago was rare but hardly unique, say scientists gathered to discuss ways of aggressively defending our planet from another such space rock, including by detonating nukes in space.  Read More

· The cheat e-sheet.  Cell phones with built-in digital cameras and e-mail allow sneaky students to send silent questions and answers to one another right under teachers' noses.  Read More

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

· Stewart Won't Testify at Stock Fraud Trial.  Martha Stewart will not take the stand in her own defense at her stock-fraud trial, her lawyer said Tuesday.  Read More

· Janet Dropped From Lena Horn TV Movie.  The 86-year-old Horne reportedly is angry about Jackson's breast-baring stunt at Super Bowl and pressured ABC to drop Jackson from the project, the trade newspaper Variety reported Tuesday.  Read More

· Teresa Heinz calls herself 'African American.'  First lady-wannabe Teresa Heinz Kerry sometimes describes herself as an "African American," even though she grew up amidst the privileged few in a Town & Country setting in Southern Africa.  Read More

· Peterson Jury Selection Scheduled.  Potential jurors in the Scott Peterson double-murder trial will be questioned about whether they have ever had an extramarital affair or lost a child when selection begins next week.  Read More

      » Lawmakers to Debate Laci and Conner's Law.  The slaying of Laci Peterson has a legacy on Capitol Hill. This week the House will take up a bill in her name that would make it separate federal crimes to injure or kill both a woman and her fetus.  Read More

· Jury Awards Man $39,000 In Death Of Dog.  A man who sued his veterinarian for malpractice was awarded $39,000 for the death of his dog.  Read More

· Firefighters rescue woman from edge of Niagara Falls.  Only 100 feet from the edge of Niagara Falls, rescue teams late Monday afternoon kept a woman from plunging over the Canadian Horseshore Falls and a likely death.  Read More

· With new chief on board, MSNBC needs an identity  MSNBC's well-recognized problem is a lack of a brand identity and high-profile talent in a market where Fox has cornered the feisty, outrageous, maverick persona in the Bill O'Reilly mold and where breaking news and Larry King define CNN.  Read More

· Timberlake Backs Out of Motown Special.  Justin Timberlake has backed out of an agreement to co-host ABC's "Motown 45" special because of a conflict with filming his first movie, Timberlake's spokesman said Tuesday.  Read More

· Moron Takes It to a Whole New Level.  An Arkansas man's parole case hadn't been called — so he went outside the Salem District Court building for a smoke. In plain view of cops and court officers, he whipped out and lit a marijuana cigarette.  Read More

· Eminem's Publisher Sues Apple Over Song.  Rapper Eminem's music publisher is suing Apple Computer Inc., claiming the company used one of the hip-hop superstar's songs in a television advertisement without permission.  Read More

· Six security screeners curious about their brains - or lack thereof - face disciplinary actions for misconduct.  A security screener at Denver International Airport has been reprimanded and several others at airports across the country put on administrative leave for sending their bodies through checkpoint x-ray machines to see what their brains look like.  Read More

· Paris 'directed' sex video.  Reality TV star and celebrity rich girl Paris Hilton directed and helped shoot the notorious sex video starring her and an ex-boyfriend that has surfaced on at least two Internet porn sites, according to documents filed for a Los Angeles court hearing today.  Read More

· FBI 'Drowning' in Information Harvested by Bugs and Wiretaps.  Thanks to the bundle of anti-terrorism measures known as the USA Patriot Act, the FBI is conducting a "record amount" of electronic surveillance, including the use of wiretaps and bugs, according to an FBI spokesman and a Justice Department budget document.  Read More

· Ricki Hangs Up the Mike.  The long-running talk show won't be coming back for a 12th season, sources say.  Read More

· Howard Stern blasts Leno.  Howard Stern tore into Jay Leno for nearly an hour yesterday, blasting him for "ripping off" longtime sidekick "Stuttering John" Melendez.   Read More

· Jacko's trackos going on the block?  The embattled Pariah of Pop may be ready to sell his catalogue of solo hits, we hear. Jackson and his financial advisers are said to be quietly soliciting bids for his Mijac Music.  Read More

· Education Chief Sorry For Calling Teachers' Union Terrorists.  Education Secretary Rod Paige admits it was an "inappropriate choice of words" to call the NEA - the nation's largest teachers' union - a "terrorist organization."   Read More

· Pete Rose a 'beaten man.'  Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt called Pete Rose "a beaten man" and doesn't know whether the career hits leader will gain reinstatement to baseball.  Read More

· Alec Baldwin:  Yes, he's still living in America.  According to last nights A&E Biography, Alex Baldwin said he recalls that when he was younger, "My dad said to me, 'If you were black . . . with your personality,' he said, 'Do you think you would be Martin Luther King, or would you be [Black Panther leader] Eldridge Cleaver?  Read More

      » Flashback - Alec Baldwin & The Dixie Chicks.  After saying he would leave the country if Bush were elected, he is once again in the news by comparing the 2000 presidential elections to the September 11th terrorist attacks.  Read More

· Bill would toughen state drunken driving laws.  Illinois is considering a bill to reduce the state's blood alcohol limit from 0.08 percent to 0.06 percent, making it the lowest in the country.  Read More

· Mom Arrested After Daughter Dies In Flipping SUV.  A mother in Ocoee was arrested on a DUI manslaughter charge Monday night after she flipped her sport utility vehicle seven times in a Target parking lot, leading to the death of her 15-year-old daughter.  Read More

· Witness backs up Stewart's story.  Under questioning from defense lawyer David Apfel, Martha Stewart's business manager backed up Stewart's and former broker Peter Bacanovic's story that they had an agreement to sell ImClone stock at $60.  Read More

      » Bill Cosby Gives Support To Martha Stewart.  Bill Cosby is the latest of Martha Stewart's celebrity friends who have come to her stock fraud trial in New York to show support.  Read More

· When Little Girls Tell Big Lies.  Eric Nordmark spent more than eight months in jail as an accused child molester.  But two days into the trial, one of the girls admitted that their story was a lie concocted as an excuse for getting home late from school.  Read More

· Judge Gives Blake More Time to Find Attorney.  A judge Monday gave actor Robert Blake another week to find a new lawyer after he and his third defense attorney parted ways because of "irreconcilable differences."  Read More

· Peterson Defense Loses Bid.  Scott Peterson's defense lawyers lost a bid Monday to put a judge on the stand to testify about his decision to let investigators tap Peterson's phones.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Capricious [ca·pri·cious] adj.  Characterized by or subject to whim; impulsive and unpredictable. "He's such a capricious boss I never know how he'll react."  Read More

· Bobby Vinton Collapses Onstage.  Singer Bobby Vinton collapsed onstage Sunday night at a performance in central Pennsylvania, but his condition apparently improved backstage and he refused hospitalization, officials said.  Read More

· Heat From Concert Hall Glare Heats Up Condos.  Talk about hot! The glare off the Walt Disney Concert Hall's shimmering stainless steel curves is so bad it is heating up nearby condos at least 15 degrees and forcing owners to crank up their air conditioners.  Read More

· Pistons Fined $200K For Using Ineligible Players.  The NBA Monday announced that the Detroit Pistons have been fined $200,000 for using two ineligible players during their loss to Minnesota.  Read More

· When it comes to search, Google still the king.  Google started off the year as king of the hill among search engines, even as No. 2 Yahoo gears up to reclaim the throne.  Read More

· 'Super Millionaire' Scores Solid Ratings.  The new version of the game show that used to be known as "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" was Sunday night's most popular broadcast show, with 17.5 million viewers, Nielsen Media Research said on Monday.  Read More

· Outspoken sex abuse victim found dead.  Patrick McSorley, who said he had been molested by defrocked priest John Geoghan and was one of the most outspoken Boston clergy sex abuse victims, was found dead early Monday, his lawyer said.  Read More

· Woman Flees Marriage Proposal At NBA Game.  At this weekend's Indiana Pacers-Wizards game, a woman's reaction to a man's marriage proposal stuns an expectant crowd.  Read More

Monday, February 23, 2004

· Bin Laden Top for U.S. Pay-Per-View Execution?  One in five Americans would likely pay to watch a televised execution of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden if he were found guilty and sentenced to death but more than a third said executions should not be televised, a poll released on Monday said.  Read More

· Oscar Ads to Be 'Tasteful.'  "We want the show to reflect, not a stuffiness, but a dignity appropriate for film's highest honor," said Ric Robertson, executive administrator for the motion picture academy, nothing like the raucous Super Bowl free-for-all.  Read More

· Rapist Possibly Entered Home Through Pet Door.  Investigators in Lake County, Florida are searching for a man who may have entered a home through a pet door and raped a 13-year-old girl in her bed.  Read More

· Carrie's 'Sex' necklace has bright future.  When Carrie Bradshaw broke her Russian lover's heart and the necklace he'd given her in the "Sex and the City" finale, the jewelry had a stunt double.  Read More

· Millions of Condoms Seek Optimistic, Busy Owner.  More than three million condoms - available in a range of colors, sizes, types and flavors - will go on sale in South Africa tomorrow.  Read More

· Would-be purse stealer grabs Bible, police say.  Police say a would-be purse-snatcher who tried to strike in an Eastside church parking lot Sunday ended up with a Bible instead - and a group from the congregation in hot pursuit.  Read More

· Witness: Williams Said, 'My God, My Life Is Over.'  A man who was at Jayson Williams' mansion when the retired NBA star fatally shot a limousine driver testified Monday that after hearing the shot, he saw Williams fall to his knees and pound the floor saying "We all gotta say he killed himself."   Read More

· Parents Mourn Daughter Allegedly Killed By Cell Phone Driver.  Larry and Dottie Trimpe have a direct message for people who drive and talk on their cell phones without the use of a hands free device: Don't do it. An innocent life could depend on it.  Read More

· Education Secretary Calls NEA 'Terrorist Organization.'  Education Secretary Rod Paige called the nation's largest teachers union a "terrorist organization" during a private White House meeting with governors on Monday.  Read More

· Critic calls 'Passion' one of the cruelest movies ever.  Mel Gibson's controversial movie, "The Passion of the Christ," got its first critical pan today, a scathing review in The New Yorker that calls it "a sickening death trip."  Read More

      » Andy Rooney on 'Passion.'  Rooney's question to Mel Gibson is: "How many million dollars does it look as if you're going to make off the crucifixion of Christ?"   Read More

· Hooters Air items taken, sold on eBay.  Hooters Air doesn't mind its passengers taking home a few souvenirs, but now travelers are "taking anything that's not nailed down."   Read More

· Stewart Judge Postpones Ruling on Whether to Drop Some Charges.  A federal judge Monday declined to rule on whether she would toss out any of the charges against Martha Stewart and her former stockbroker.  Read More

· Random act of kindness repayed 70 years later.  Ruth Buck never forgot the act of kindness that improved her eyesight.  Read More

· Dem rivals have a 'wealth' of experience.  While John Edwards built his fortune as an ambulance-chasing personal injury attorney, John Kerry got his by saying "I do," marrying the $600 million woman - Teresa Heinz - heiress to the ketchup empire.  Heinz was a big step up from Senator Kerry's first wife - Julia Thorne - whose endowment is reportedly worth only $300 million.  Read More

· Switcheroo: Man sues WNBA for being refused tryout.  A 38 year-old Indianapolis man is suing the Women’s National Basketball Association for the league’s refusal to allow him to tryout for the Indiana Fever, the league’s Indianapolis-based franchise.  Read More

· The Unreality Show.  How real is the reality in "The Apprentice"?  Kinda phony, according to Deborah Young, a reporter who was seen this week renting an apartment in Carroll Gardens.  Read More

      » The Art of Trump's Hair.  The billionaire builder and now TV star of "The Apprentice" let a reporter take a close look at his scalp this week to prove his point - that the flip-flop 'do he has become famous for is all his.  Read More

· Leaked Pentagon report warns climate change may bring famine, war.  A secret report prepared by the Pentagon warns that climate change may lead to global catastrophe costing millions of lives and is a far greater threat than terrorism.  Read More

· Parents of Colorado Football Players Speak Out.  Several dozen parents of University of Colorado football players spoke out in support of the program and their children, saying they were tired of seeing their sons painted with the broad brush of scandal.  Read More

· Controversial Terror Research Lives On.  The government is still financing research to create powerful tools that could mine millions of public and private records for information about terrorists despite an uproar last year over fears it might ensnare innocent Americans.  Read More

· Tiger yuks it up in 'Caddyshack' role.  In an ad for American Express, Tiger Woods will reprise the role of Carl Spackler, Bill Murray's gopher-chasing assistant greenskeeper in the 1980 comedy Caddyshack.  Read More

· U.S. Postal Service OKs Nude Postcards.  Apparently you can add another item to the U.S. Postal Service’s famous “neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night ...” slogan: nudity.  Read More

· Cable TV billionaire giving away fortune.  H.F. "Gerry" Lenfest and his wife, Marguerite, have given away about a third of their $1 billion fortune over the past four years, and they say they want to give it all away before they die.  Read More

· Virginity girl meets five.  A London girl who auctioned her virginity on the internet meets the five top bidders this week.  Read More

· Man rethinks topless cafe.  A Maine businessman who hoped to open a topless coffee bar on Main Street promised to reconsider after residents spoke out against his plans at a town board meeting.  Read More

· Doctor Accused Of Sexually Molesting Two Male Patients.  Sexual molestation allegations have led state regulators to suspend the license of a doctor who once headed the Presidential Advisory Council on AIDS and HIV.  Read More

· Jerry Springer Opera Scoops British Theater Awards.  A foul-mouthed opera about Jerry Springer's lurid talk show has won four of Britain's top theater awards including Best New Musical at the Laurence Olivier Awards on Sunday.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Visceral [vis·cer·al] adj.  1. Instinctual: proceeding from instinct rather than from reasoned thinking or intellect.  "A visceral business decision."  2. Emotional: characterized by or showing crude or elemental emotions.  Read More

· Lewinsky outraged over Kerry 'affair' rumor.  Monica Lewinsky is outraged at the rumor surrounding the woman accused of having an affair with presidential hopeful Senator John Kerry.  Lewinsky also can't understand what the big deal is anyway, saying "We're electing a president, not a priest."  Read More

· O.J. Simpson served with court order.  O.J. Simpson has been ordered to hand over any earnings from a private autograph-signing event to the mother of Ronald Goldman because of a civil verdict that found Simpson liable for his slaying.  Read More

· Italians uncover bogus gay claims.  Italian men have been pretending to be gay to avoid military service.  Several arrests have been made, with one person taken into custody after admitting he paid (US) $3,700 for a "gay" certificate from a local doctor.  Read More

· Girl Scout Cookie Sales Are Going Well Despite The Controversial Call For A Boycott.  This year's annual Girl Scout cookie sale is going well, despite, or perhaps because of calls for a boycott over the local council's sponsorship of Planned Parenthood's "Nobody's Fool Conference" and the groups’ decision to honor Planned Parenthood's executive director.  Read More

· Man arrested for punching deputy at airport.  A former West Virginia football player was arrested Sunday for allegedly punching a sheriff's deputy and yelling obscenities at airline employees at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, officials said.  Read More

· For a Fredericksburg, VA man, beer is dear to his heart.  As the State of Virginia's first beer judge, Lyle C. Brown bubbles about the art of the brew.  Read More

· How 'Sex' changed the face of TV.  With its steamy storylines and frank discussion of sexual relationships, "Sex and the City" quickly became the show everyone loved to talk about.  Read More

Sunday, February 22, 2004

· Fallen angel.  Charlotte Church celebrated her 18th birthday by dancing wildly on tables, getting down and dirty with new boyfriend Kyle Johnson, and falling down drunk outside a London club, according to a report.  Read More

· 'First Dates' Scores Again at Box Office.  Movie-goers have not forgotten "50 First Dates." The Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore romance about a man wooing a memory-challenged woman took in $21 million to remain the top movie for a second weekend, easily fending off a rush of new flicks, according to studio estimates Sunday.  Read More

· SAG announces final awards preview.  Tim Robbins won the Screen Actors Guild award for best supporting actor in the crime thriller "Mystic River" and Renee Zellweger was named best supporting actress for her Civil War drama "Cold Mountain."   Read More

      » Depp, Theron Get SAG Top Acting Honors.  Johnny Depp poached some unexpected plunder at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.  Read More

      » Karl Malden Given Life Achievement SAG.  Seven decades after he left a steady income in the steel mills of Gary, Ind., to try acting, Karl Malden was honored by his colleagues Sunday for a lifetime of memorable roles in film and television.  Read More

· Online bookies threatened by hacker ring.  Online betting is under threat from hackers who are blackmailing internet bookmakers with demands for money.  Read More

· New upscale tabloid planned for London market.  A group of investors plan to target white-collar tabloid consumers who are still looking for the tabloid scoops, but want a more serious read rather than mainstrain gossip found in many London tabloids.  Read More

· Will 'Passion' destroy Mel Gibson.  With the opening of "The Passion of the Christ" this week, Mel Gibson is casting himself in a new role - and the movie industry is wondering if he'll ever work in Hollywood again.  Read More

      » 'Passion' Revives Hope for Dying Language.  An ancient, dying language gets a new life on American movie screens this week. Some linguists, who fear the language spoken by Jesus could vanish within a few decades, hope for a boost from Mel Gibson's new film, "The Passion of the Christ," opening Wednesday in U.S. theaters. It is performed entirely in Aramaic and Latin.  Read More

· The World According to Trump.  Just a decade ago, he was a punch line, a combed-over relic from the decade of greed. But he's back, and bigger than ever, thanks to his new hit reality show 'The Apprentice.'  Read More

· Going in $tyle: How Martha & pal spent the holidays.  As Martha Stewart and her best buddy rang in the 2002 New Year with a $1,000 sea grill dinner party at a luxury beachfront resort in Mexico, they could not have dreamed their friendship was about to be torn apart.  Read More

· It's official:  Nader running for president.  As we reported here two days ago, consumer advocate Ralph Nader officially announced this morning on NBC's Meet The Press, that he is running for president again - more than likely at the expense of Democrats.  Read More

      » Democrat Rips Nader's Decision To Run.  New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said Nader doesn't have any support this time. He says Nader's own friends urged him not to run. Richardson says, "It's all about himself."  Read More

· Television anchor to reveal secret shame.  On Wednesday, "The Early Show" co-anchor Hannah Storm will bare her birthmark for the first time on national TV.  Read More

· Mickey Mouse In Controversial 9/11 Art.  A soft sculpture of Mickey Mouse flying an airplane toward flaming, crying World Trade Center towers has caused a stir at a college art exhibit.  Read More

· Chicago Mother Accused of Pimping 18-Year-Old Daughter.  Chicago police say they have arrested a 42-year-old woman for allegedly acting as a pimp for her 18-year-old daughter.  Read More

· Man Charged With Attacking Orlando Magic's Mascot.  A man who attacked the Orlando Magic mascot was charged Saturday with battery, disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer for putting a chokehold on 'Stuff the Magic Dragon.'  Read More

· Mother Teresa's Successor Robbed In India.  Mother Teresa's successor, Sister Nirmala, was robbed Saturday by highway bandits during a tour of rural areas in eastern India, police said.  Read More

· Controversial Issue.  A West Virginia 6th grader was suspended for bringing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to school.  Read More

· Lawmakers Protest Amish Reality Series.  More than 50 members of Congress want the UPN television network to drop plans for a reality-format series featuring Amish teenagers testing their faith in the big city.  Read More

· Shaquille O'Neal Sued For $5.6 Million By Fla. Promotions Company.  A Tampa Bay promotions company is suing Shaquille O'Neal for more than $5.6 million because the Los Angeles Lakers center allegedly reneged on an agreement to participate in charity events.  Read More

      » FLASHBACK: Shaq sued by motorcycle company for breach of contract.  A north Florida Harley-Davidson dealership is suing Los Angeles Lakers star Shaquille O'Neal for breach of contract, claiming he reneged on the purchase of a custom motorcycle.  The dealership is seeking at least $15,000.  Read More

· Beach Boy Brian makes fans 'Smile.'  Former Beach Boys star Brian Wilson has received glowing reviews after performing his lost masterpiece "Smile" for the first time in public.  Read More

· Poll: Janet Jackson Act Not Federal Case.  Most Americans think the exposure of Janet Jackson's right breast during the Super Bowl halftime show was crass, but not a federal case.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Hubris [hu·bris] n.  1. Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance.  2. A strong belief in a person's own importance: "He was punished for his hubris."  Read More

· Scientists Study How To Keep Brain Awake.  The answers to these and related mysteries about the sleepy brain could lead to improved drugs to help people fall asleep or stay awake. They could help drowsy people find the most effective time to drink coffee or take a nap.  Read More

· Guitarist Suggested Dylan Change His Song.  It takes a lot of guts to tell Bob Dylan to change his song.  But, guitarist Kevin Odegard says he did during the Minneapolis sessions for Dylan's classic 1975 album "Blood on the Tracks."  Read More

· Teacher, her student caught naked in car.  A 30-year-old San Francisco schoolteacher faces lewd conduct charges after being caught naked in a car after school with a 14-year-old Luther Burbank Middle School student, authorities said Friday.  Read More

· Man accused of stealing patrol car with crane.  A Morganton man with questionable intelligence was arrested for stealing a patrol car from a police parking lot using the hydraulic crane on a logging truck, authorities said.  Read More

· Teacher planted pot in boy's locker.  An assistant principal who was trying to get a student expelled admitted planting marijuana in the boy's locker, police said.  Read More

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