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Wednesday, July 7, 2004

· 3 Bodies Found on Sam Donaldson Ranch in N.M.  Three people were found slain on a New Mexico ranch owned by ABC newsman Sam Donaldson, authorities said Wednesday.  Read More

· Peterson testimony turns to gruesome discovery of bodies.  Prosecutors have abruptly changed the direction of their case against Scott Peterson after last week's questioning of witnesses about his affair with Amber Frey.  Read More

· 14-Year-Old Murder Defendant Escapes After Gluing Electronic Monitor To Cat.  A 14-year-old girl under house arrest on charges of murdering her father escaped after cutting an electronic monitoring device off her ankle and gluing it to a cat, authorities said.  Read More

· In name dispute, it's Googles vs. Google.  Internet search giant Google is the target of a trademark complaint filed by the owners of children's Web site  Read More

· Hooked on Phonics fined by FTC.  The makers of the popular reading education program Hooked on Phonics were fined Wednesday by the Federal Trade Commission for sharing private consumer information - including information about children - with outside marketing firms, despite promises made in its privacy policy.  Read More

· Enron Ex-Chief Ken Lay Indicted.  Former Enron Corp. (ENRQ) Chairman and Chief Executive Kenneth Lay, who ran the company as it grew into an energy trading giant then fell into ruins as a symbol of corporate greed, was indicted on Wednesday for his role in the company's collapse, sources said.  Read More

· Britney: Who needs prenup?  Britney Spears says she's marrying for love, not money — and the pop tart is resisting pressure from her parents to force her fiance, dancer Kevin Federline, to sign a prenuptial agreement. Spears, worth $100m, reportedly had to pay for her own $40,000, 5-carat engagement ring, and has put Federline on her permanent payroll as he has no money of his own.  Read More

· French Flock to Anti-Bush 'Fahrenheit.'  France's passion for cinema and the collective antipathy for President Bush made Wednesday's opening here of "Fahrenheit 9/11" a headline event that quickly proved a boon at the box office. But, alas, even Michael Moore could not escape that critical Gallic eye.  Read More

· State clamps down on cold medicines.  Arizona officials revoked the permit allowing a gas station in North Phoenix to sell over-the-counter decongestants after it sold nearly $500,000 worth in the past year. "He sold more pseudoephedrine than he sold gas," says Hal Wand, executive director of the pharmacy board.  Read More

· Portland Archdiocese declares bankruptcy.  The archdiocese of Portland, Oregon, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Tuesday, just as the civil trials of two priests accused of sexual abuse were set to begin.  Read More

· Maria Sharapova: The New Face of Tennis.  Three months ago, when the New Haven Parks and Recreation summer camp program asked Maria Sharapova to appear at its charity tennis event, she was merely a promising young player - one of many.  Read More

· Dead Fla. Woman Has 'Help Me' Carved On Stomach.  Police say when rescuers turned over the body of a woman killed Tuesday morning in a scooter accident, they made a bizarre discovery, according to a report.  Read More

· 'Spider-Man' Tobey Maguire Hates Heights.  "Standing on the edge of a building, looking over the edge - it's so horrible. I hate it," Maguire said Tuesday ahead of the screening. Still, he said, he had no problem swinging over streets on a crane or a rope.  Read More

· Kindergarten painting sold for $75,000.  A kindergarten painting fetched a staggering $75,000 after a bidding war between two rich parents erupted at a school fundraising event  Read More

· Martha's house made many mansions.  Martha Stewart has one child — and many heirs, or at least wannabe heirs. But even aside from the gaggle of would-be domestic divas actively campaigning for her throne, there are scores of designers, decorators, gardeners, cooks, crafters, retailers and fine-living experts who would not be a part of the national culture but for Stewart's all-encompassing influence.  Read More

· 'Beam me up' Scotty has Alzheimer's, agent says.  James M. Doohan, the actor who played Scotty on the '60s "Star Trek" TV series, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, his agent confirmed Tuesday.  Read More

· La. Golf Club Must Let Women Into Men-Only Restaurant.  The Louisiana Supreme Court Tuesday ordered a country club to open its men-only restaurant to women, rejecting claims that members sometimes dine there in the nude.  Read More

· Connery to Pen Autobiography.  HarperCollins announced Monday that it has a deal with the Scottish actor for a memoir to be published in the latter half of 2006. The publisher declined to comment on press reports that Connery had agreed on a six-figure deal.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Gregarious [gre·gar·i·ous] adj.  1. Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable. "She is a gregarious, outgoing person."  Read More

· Celebrities Slippery When It Comes to Age.  It seems the famous are as scared as always of getting old. And publicists, eager to please their clients, still lie to keep their starlets young.  Read More

· Another Internet Explorer flaw found.  A computer science researcher has highlighted the shortcomings of Microsoft's latest patch for its Internet Explorer browser by identifying another way that online vandals could run malicious programs on a Web surfer's computer.  Read More

· Olsen Twins Scrub Milk Mustaches.  Out of "sensitivity to their current situation," the "got milk?" magazine ads featuring twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been retracted.  Read More

· Spammers can be beaten in two years.  The global battle against spammers who use the Internet to disseminate pornography, distribute unsolicited sales pitches and engage in the new menace of "phishing" can be won in two years, officials running a three-day U.N. meeting told a news conference.  Read More

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

· Kirk Douglas' Youngest Son Found Dead.  Oscar-winning actor Kirk Douglas' youngest son, who battled drug and alcohol problems for years, was found dead Tuesday inside a Manhattan apartment building, police said.  Read More

· Marlon Brando cremated.  LATE Hollywood legend Marlon Brando was cremated over the weekend in a private ceremony in Los Angeles attended only by family, his longtime friend Jay Kanter said.  The funeral took place over the weekend in Los Angeles.  Read More

      » Marlon Brando News Coverage.  Latest news on the death of legendary actory Marlon Brando.  Read More

· Kenny Rogers Is the Father of Twin Boys. Singer Kenny Rogers and his wife, Wanda, are the parents of identical twin boys.  Read More

· Ashley Judd Locked Out Naked.  Ashley Judd's love of nature led her to be locked out of her cabin at the Ahwahnee hotel in Yosemite without her clothes. Judd says she leaned outside her door trying to get her yoga mat when the door slammed behind her.  Read More

· Peterson Denied Affair, Witness Testifies.  A day after his wife, Laci, disappeared, Scott Peterson told a state polygraph expert that he was not having an affair and that his marriage was fine, the expert testified Tuesday at Peterson's murder trial.  Read More

· Marlon Brando was a 'monster', claims ex-wife.  He might have been the proverbial Godfather for many, but Hollywood legend Marlon Brando was a monster and a cruel and unforgiving father to his own son, if his ex-wife is to be believed.  Read More

· Tennis babe has 'sugar daddy.'  Wimbledon's latest star Maria Sharapova reportedly has a millionaire mentor who financed her.  "He's like a sugar daddy, but without any sex involved," the London Sun quoted a source as saying.  Read More

· Woman killed in front of police station.  A community college professor was shot to death in front of a police station by her husband, who then committed suicide, police said.  Read More

· Dennis Quaid Ties Knot on Fourth of July.  Actor Dennis Quaid celebrated Independence Day by getting married to Texas real estate agent Kimberly Buffington.  Read More

· Actress Tori Spelling Gets Married.  Actress Tori Spelling, best known for her role as Donna on TV's "Beverly Hills 90210", has married, her publicist said Monday.  Read More

· Peterson Mistress Could Be Key.  Prosecutors spent the bulk of last week portraying Scott Peterson as a lying cheat who maintained a relationship with his mistress even after his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, had vanished.  Read More

· Kerry Picks Edwards to Be Running Mate.  Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry selected former rival John Edwards to be his running mate, picking the smooth-talking Southern populist over more seasoned politicians in hopes of injecting vigor and small-town appeal to the Democratic presidential ticket, The Associated Press learned Tuesday.  Read More

New York Post Names Gephardt as Kerry's VP

oops!  New York Post Names Wrong VP on Cover.  The New York Post featured a cover story that John Kerry had chosen Rep. Richard Gephardt, the veteran congressman from Missouri, to be his running mate.  Kerry actually picked John Edwards.  Read More

· GOP:  Who is John Edwards?  "A disingenuous, unaccomplished liberal and friend to personal injury trial lawyers," according to the GOP.  Read More

· Dem ticket now has a 'wealth' of experience.   While John Edwards built his fortune as an ambulance-chasing personal injury attorney, John Kerry got his by saying "I do," marrying the $600 million woman - Teresa Heinz - heiress to the ketchup empire. Heinz was a big step up from Senator Kerry's first wife - Julia Thorne - whose endowment is reportedly worth only $300 million.

· Nigeria arrests 500 suspected email scammers.  Nigeria's agency against economic and financial crime said Monday that it had detained more than 500 suspects and seized property worth more than $500 million from suspected fraudsters.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Insipid [in·sip·id] adj.  Lacking flavor or zest; not tasty. Lacking qualities that excite, stimulate, or interest; dull.  Read More

· 'Spider-Man 2' Success Astounds Director.  The director of summer blockbuster "Spider-Man 2" is "flabbergasted" by the film's record-breaking success at the box office, but Sam Raimi said that he's too busy writing Part Three to relax and enjoy the victory.  Read More

· Mexican soldiers interrupt funeral of U.S. Marine.  Mexican soldiers carrying automatic weapons interrupted the U.S. Independence Day funeral of a U.S. Marine and demanded that the Marine honor guard give up ceremonial replicas of rifles they carried.  Read More

Monday, July 5, 2004

· 'Spider-Man 2' Tops Holiday Box Office.  "Spider-Man 2" pulled in a record $180 million in its first six days and obliterated other box-office highs over the long Fourth of July weekend.  Read More

· If you get captured, it pays to be Muslim.  A U.S. marine held hostage in Iraq was released, according to a statement purportedly from the Islamic Retaliation Movement, which had previously threatened to behead Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun, said the marine was "returned to his safe base."  Read More

· Wildfire threatens powerful telescope.  Two wildfires on a mountain in the southeast corner of Arizona threatened an observatory that houses the $120 million Large Binocular Telescope, one of the world's most powerful optical instruments.  Read More

· Fireworks, picnics mark Independence Day.  Fireworks lit up the Manhattan skyline and thundered throughout the city as what was billed as the largest pyrotechnic display in the country slathered the Statue of Liberty in bursts of color.  Read More

· Cheney drops doctor over narcotics scandal.  Dick Cheney's office late Sunday confirmed that a personal physician has been removed from the vice president's official medical team in the wake of an article in The New Yorker magazine revealing that the doctor has abused prescription narcotics for years.  Read More

· Record Set for Hot Dog Eating.  When it comes to eating hot dogs, "The Tsunami" still blows everybody away. For the fourth straight year, rail-thin Takeru Kobayashi chewed up the competition at the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating competition Sunday, breaking his own previous world record.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Voluminous [vo·lu·mi·nous] adj.  Having great volume, fullness, size, or number; ample or lengthy in speech or writing: voluminous paperwork.  Read More

· Federer Wins Wimbledon.  Roger Federer overcame Andy Roddick's brute power game Sunday to win his second straight Wimbledon and cement his status as the game's No. 1 player.   Read More

· John McEnroe Serving Up Own Talk Show.  In a cable TV world where a host's ability often seems measured in volume, who better to hire than John McEnroe? You cannot be serious!!! Yes, we are. The former tennis bad boy is now a talk show host, but he's not shouting.  Read More

· Look Out Houston - Piazza Likely to Catch Clemens.  Mike Piazza could get a much different perspective of Roger Clemens in the All-Star game.  Instead of batting against the hard-throwing 41-year-old pitcher, Piazza might be catching his old nemesis.  Read More

Sunday, July 4, 2004

· Brando kin, legitimate or not, begin grab.  One dead movie star. Three ex-wives. As many as 15 legitimate and illegitimate kids.  It's a recipe for the horror that's beginning to brew over Marlon Brando's will.  Read More

      » Marlon Brando News Coverage.  Latest news on the death of legendary actory Marlon Brando.  Read More

· A Kournikova who wins.  Sharapova has Anna's looks and far more tennis success, but don't expect big endorsement deals soon.  From a sponsor's perspective, cutting a deal now would be for her potential, not her current fame, which is still pretty modest. A survey done in April by Marketing Evaluations Inc., the research firm that does the Q ratings used by advertisers to judge an endorser's appeal, found that only 23 percent of sports fans knew who she was.  Read More

· Elizabeth Taylor denies Van Gogh stolen by Nazis.  Screen legend Elizabeth Taylor is fighting a family's claims that a Vincent van Gogh painting she owns was taken from one of their ancestors by Nazis.  Read More

· The scientific flash behind the fireworks.  As you ooh and aah at the dazzling explosions of a fireworks display, there are three things going on that you probably wouldn’t guess: The chemists who made those pyrotechnics designed most of them so they wouldn’t explode, you’re actually seeing nature conserving energy, and most peculiar of all, when things are at their flashiest, you’re actually seeing the fireworks as they’re cooling down.  Read More

· Dr. Atkins killed me, suit says.  From beyond the grave, a woman who died of breast cancer is suing the late diet guru Dr. Robert Atkins for giving her the advice that she says ended up costing her life.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Auspicious [aus·pi·cious] adj.  Marked by success; prosperous.  Suggesting a positive and successful future: "an auspicious time to purchase the stock."  Read More

· Judge horrified at finding a mouse in his beer.  It'll be a long time before Judge Randy Anglen can enjoy a cold bottle of beer.  When he set the bottle on the counter, he heard a "plop" as something dropped from the neck to the bottom of the bottle. When he peered into it, the first thing he saw was a long tail coiling around the inside of the bottle.  Read More

· Is someone watching you?  Scientists have found evidence to suggest we do have a sixth sense and can tell when we are being watched, even through CCTV.  Read More

Saturday, July 3, 2004

· Paris Hilton Snubs Ex-Host Farm Family.  When Entertainment Weekly magazine asked Paris Hilton last month if she kept in touch with the farm family that hosted her during the first season, she replied, "I changed my number."  Read More

· Judge throws out libel suit against Schwarzenegger.  A judge dismissed a libel lawsuit filed against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger by a woman who came forward during last year's recall campaign to accuse the action film star of groping her on a movie set.  Read More

Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova
Russian beauty takes trophy
from Williams in Wimbledon final

Maria Sharapova, 17, is the first Russian to claim the Wimbledon crown and is the third youngest champ after her incredible 6-1, 6-4 victory over Serena Williams.

The 6-foot blonde has a modeling contract, drawing comparisons to Anna Kournikova.

But, unlike Kournikova, Maria can actually win tournaments.  Read More

· Spector Defense Denies Hiding Fingernail.  Lawyers for music legend Phil Spector declared in court Friday that they are not hiding a fingernail from the body of the actress he's accused of killing.  Read More

      » Phil Spector Murder Case.  Latest news coverage on the Spector murder case, and death of Lana Clarkson.  Read More

· Boy Scouts sell lemonade at $250 a glass.  A Boy Scout troop tried to put a dent in a potential $14 million judgment Friday by selling lemonade — at $250 a glass.  Read More

· Midwest Theaters Ban 'Fahrenheit 9/11.'  The president of a company that owns movie theaters in Iowa and Nebraska is refusing to show director Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11."  R.L. Fridley, owner of Des Moines-based Fridley Theatres, says the controversial documentary incites terrorism.  Read More

· Best U.S. airport lounges.  Having access to the right airport lounge can make all the difference between a good business trip and a stressful one. We've all been in a situation where we're rushing to the airport, check in and then feel frustrated by the two-hour wait until boarding time.  Read More

Marlon Brando
The Wild One
· Brando Redefined Acting for a Generation.  The two-time Oscar winner, who died at age 80, popularized the Method style of performing, which stripped away grandiose theatricality in favor of a deeper psychological approach to inhabiting a character.  Read More

      » Love life as big as the legend.  Like everything thing else about him, Marlon Brando's romantic life was large - and so complicated even he had trouble keeping track of his lovers and their offspring.  Read More

      » Screen never was the same.  Though he appeared in only 41 movies over 54 years, and in fewer than a dozen good ones, Marlon Brando's impact on the medium ranks right up there with the advents of color and sound.  Read More

· World's supply of vehicle identification number combinations runs short.  The auto industry's number is almost up.  The 17-digit codes (VIN numbers) that identify the origin, make, model and attributes of cars, trucks, buses and trailers worldwide will be exhausted by the end of the decade.  Read More

· Sole winner in record $290 million lottery.  A single winning ticket was sold in Friday's record $290 million Mega Millions lottery drawing.  The ticket - 10-25-38-39-50 and the Mega Ball 12 - was bought in Massachusetts, said Georgia lottery spokesman J.B. Landroche.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Capricious [ca·pri·cious] adj.  Characterized by or subject to whim; impulsive and unpredictable. "He's such a capricious boss I never know how he'll react."  Read More

Friday, July 2, 2004

· Jeffrey Jones Sex Offender Bust.  The snarling principal from Ferris Bueller's Day Off - and convicted sex offender - Jeffrey Jones was arrested yesterday for failing to inform Florida authorities that he had moved from a temporary residence in Sarasota where he was bunking with his mother.  Read More

· Five People Killed in Plant Shooting.  A shooter killed five people and wounded several others at a Kansas City meatpacking plant Friday afternoon before committing suicide, police said.  Read More

· Glen Campbell's Unique DWI Excuse.  Glen Campbell defends himself against his drunken driving charge, claiming he "wasn't really that drunk," but was "just over-served."  Read More

· Britney prepares to be a stepmother.  Spears' fiance has a two-year-old daughter and another on the way.  Read More

· Crosby Cops Plea.  David Crosby, 62, pleaded guilty in Manhattan to attempted criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree.  Although the charge carries a maximum sentence of four years in prison, the singer was able to get away with paying a $5,000 and a promise of staying out of trouble.  Read More

· Toledo keystone cops raid bar - for smokers.  Toledo police took a break from all the unsolved murders and thefts to ticket five customers for smoking at Lil Sheba's bar.  Read More

Car load of chewing gum to give up smokingChew on This

Valerie Karriman watches as chewing gum spills out of her car Thursday afternoon in Liberty Township. Karriman's boyfriend filled the vehicle with as much gum as he could purchase from Sam's Club in an effort to encourage Karriman to quit smoking. She hasn't smoked in two days.

· Poisoned Soda, Cupcakes Mailed To Kan. Mayor Leads To Charges.  A couple has been accused of trying to kill the mayor of a Kansas City suburb and her husband with poisoned soda and cupcakes sent through the mail.  Read More

· Marlon Brando Dead at 80.  Actor Marlon Brando died Thursday night in Los Angeles, according to local CBS affiliate KPHO in Phoenix this morning.  His lawyer and family members confirm that Brando died at UCLA Medical Center at approximately 6:30pm last night. The cause of death was related to a collapsed lung.  Read More

· DiCaprio: Marrying man or party animal?  The rumored engagement of Leonardo DiCaprio, 29, and supermodel Gisele Bündchen, 23, doesn't seem to be slowing down The Aviator star's partying ways.  Read More

· Confessions of a Teenage Genie?  According to the latest issue of Empire magazine, Lindsay Lohan has been signed to play the lead in “I Dream of Jeannie”, the big-screen adaptation of the ol’ Barbara Eden/Larry Hagman series.  Read More

· Booze good for the bones.  A study of 46 pairs of identical twins, showed the modest drinker had "significantly" denser bones than the one which had little or no alcohol - helping to fight brittle bone disease. The reasons are still unknown.  Read More

Debra Lafave'Debbi Does Tampa' Sex Scandal

More information is coming out about a Tampa, Florida area teacher accused of having sex with a 14-year old student. Provocative photos of 23-year old Debra Lafave taken five years ago have surfaced on the Internet.

The photos came from the pages of Makes And Models magazine. They were brought to light by a morning radio disc jockey in Tampa.  Read More

Debra Lafave Magazine PhotosDebra Lafave Magazine Photos

Debbie Lafave was featured in the first issue of Makes & Models Magazine (May 1999), where she sat on a big-screen television for an advertiser (in magazine photo at right).

· Eminem's ex-wife sentenced to jail.  Eminem's ex-wife was sentenced Wednesday to at least four months in jail for leaving a court-ordered drug treatment program without permission.  Read More

· In Neverland, porn rumors can help.  Police who raided Michael Jackson's Neverland mansion last November are said to have found pornography. But Jackson allies think the X-rated materials could actually help his child-molestation case.  Read More

· Huge jackpot draws would-be millionaires.  When lottery jackpots get to $290 million, the ticket-buying rituals get more elaborate.  Read More

· Fla. Man Suspected Of Making Strip-Search Calls.  Police have identified a Florida Panhandle man suspected of making hoax phone calls to fast food restaurants in Massachusetts and around the country and encouraging management to strip search employees and in at least one case, a customer.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Extemporaneous [ex·tem·po·ra·ne·ous] adj.  1. Unrehearsed. Done or said without advance preparation or thought; impromptu: "An extemporaneous lecture." 2. Prepared in advance but delivered without notes or text: "An extemporaneous speech."  Read More

· On the road with Wynonna Judd.  She may have copped to a drunk driving rap, but that hasn't stopped Wynonna Judd from demanding that promoters provide her with wine and beer during her current concert tour.  Read More

      » More diva demands - from Sharon Stone.  Not only did the pampered prima donna demand the usual multi-million dollar salary but Benjamin Bratt was vetoed as her co-star. Stone also produced a five-page list of conditions covering travel and expenses, dressing facilities, security, on-screen credits, publicity and even the choice of director.  Read More

· Maria from Russia we love.  Tennis babe Maria Sharapova roared into the final of Wimbledon yesterday — proving she’s not only a smasher, but a WINNER.  And her coach brushed aside comparisons to fellow Russian stunner Anna Kournikova, saying: “There's a lot more to Maria.”  Read More

· Girl burned when cell phone catches fire.  A 16-year-old California girl suffered second degree burns Thursday when her cell phone caught fire in her back pocket, according to the Ontario, California Fire Department.  Read More

Thursday, July 1, 2004

· Coed Who Faked Abduction Gets Probation.  Audrey Seiler, the University of Wisconsin-Madison student who faked her abduction, was sentenced Thursday to three years probation after she pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts.  Read More

· NBC embarrassed by Katie's backhand.  NBC's "Today" show was embarrassed Thursday when it aired Katie Couric outside playing badminton while its rivals ABC and CBS showed the first footage of Saddam Hussein's court appearance.  "We made a mistake," said executive producer Tom Touchet. "In retrospect, I'd do it completely differently."    Read More

· Coke's Global Positioning Device Not Welcome In Secure Areas.  A soft-drink company's promotion offering prizes to customers who buy special cans equipped with a global positioning device has raised concerns at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  Read More

· Judge in Jackson Case Seals More Documents.  Intense interest in the Michael Jackson child molestation case led the judge to seal more information from the public and the press Thursday, saying he wanted to avoid media reporting and analysis of evidence.  Read More

· 616,400 Signatures Taken to Saturn.  The signatures of Stewart and Chuck Norris were among 616,400 that were copied onto a DVD and placed aboard the Saturn probe Cassini by The Planetary Society, a group dedicated to advancing space exploration and the search for extraterrestrial life.  Read More

· Bryant prosecutor will take smaller role at August trial.  The Eagle County, Colo., prosecutor who has led the sexual assault case against Kobe Bryant since last summer said yesterday he will not take a prominent role in the NBA star's trial, instead leaving day-to-day responsibilities to his chief deputy and two others.  Read More

· NBA Great Calvin Murphy Indicted on Sex Charges.  A grand jury indicted National Basketball Association Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy on Thursday on charges he sexually molested five of his daughters more than a decade ago.  Read More

· Jury Decides Stealing A Kiss Isn't A Crime.  A computer repairman who kissed a customer during a house call was acquitted of battery Wednesday.  Steven Allen Moyer, 40, said he figured the woman was lonely and might want companionship.  Read More

· Man gets even over wife's lousy cooking.  A man was so sick of his wife's cooking he chucked his dinner in the bin - then blew up her kitchen.  Read More

· 'Spider-Man 2' takes in record $40.5 million on first day.  "Spider-Man 2" took in $40.5 million in its first day, a record debut that positions the film to challenge more box-office highs through the Fourth of July weekend.  Read More

· Spiderman's dad a bank robber.  Spiderman star Tobey Maguire grew up with a real-life criminal — his bank-robbing dad, according to the London SunRead More

· First 'Genuine' Blue Rose Unveiled.  Researchers for the Sunroy company extracted the gene that produces blue pigment in pansies and activated it inside the roses.  Read More

· Podiatrist Accused of Billing Amputees.  A podiatrist has been indicted for allegedly defrauding Medicare by submitting more than $400,000 in false claims, some for treating patients who don't even have feet.  Read More

New $50 Bill· New $50 bill debut set.  The new bill will be released September 28, and has background colors of blue and red, and a waving American flag and a small metallic silver-blue star.

The new bills will be distributed through commercial banks starting on the release date.  Read More

· Bike, wet concrete case waste of time, judge says.  A felony charge of malicious destruction of property against a 9-year-old boy accused of riding his bicycle over wet concrete more than a year ago was dismissed yesterday by a Macomb County, Mich. Family Court judge.  "I'm going to be devoting two or three days to a case where a second-grader drove his scooter over wet cement - that just fries me," Judge Matthew Switalski said.  Read More

· Designer coffins offer a stylish exit.  Coffins shaped like a fish, a giant onion and a Mercedes saloon have gone on show in Berlin in an exhibition on sepulchral culture aimed at reminding Germans they can go out in style.  Read More

· Auction Involving Tony Bennett Goes Awry.  Tony Bennett is demanding that the organizers of a recent concert refund $15,000 to a man who bid that amount in a charity auction, expecting to eat dinner with the singer, Bennett's manager said.  Gary Pusateri placed the winning bid on a package that said it included "dinner with Tony Bennett," but instead was ushered to another table by himself.  Read More

· Britney: 'I'm Not Pregnant.'  In a People report, Britney says "I'm not pregnant. (But) I definitely want to have some kids. I see myself with four or five."  Read More

· Bill Cosby: More harsh words for the black community.  Bill Cosby went off on another tirade against the black community Thursday, telling a room full of activists that too many black men are beating their wives while their children run around not knowing how to read or write.  Read More

· Witness: Peterson Lied About Laci.  The woman who introduced Scott Peterson to his mistress testified Wednesday that when she first met him, Peterson never mentioned he was married and told her he had "lost" his first love.  Read More

· Teen Arrested In Alleged Effort To Bootleg "Spider-Man 2."  A teenager was arrested early Wednesday in a California theater showing "Spider-Man 2" after a projectionist using night vision goggles saw him using a camcorder to make an illegal copy of the superhero sequel.  Read More

· Microsoft provides 'sneak peek' at new search engine.  After many years of speculation, Microsoft/MSN have finally released a preview of their upcoming search technology designed to compete with industry leaders Google and Yahoo.  Read More

      » Experts suggest ditching Microsoft Web browser.  Government cyberdefense experts, along with other computer gurus, are urging users to consider a switch away from Microsoft's widely used Internet Explorer because of new security problems.  Read More

Still Defiant
· In court, Saddam says 'real criminal is Bush.'  A defiant and downcast Saddam Hussein rejected charges against him as he appeared before an Iraqi judge Thursday, telling the court "this is all theater, the real criminal is Bush," according to a report from a pool reporter in the courtroom.  Read More

· Carmen Electra's Nude Career - Naked Wrestling.  Carmen Electra is known for taking her clothes off and now she's helping other women do the same - for the good of sports.  Read More

· Elvis Song Stirs Debate of Rock's Birth.  While Elvis may be universally known as the King of Rock 'n' Roll, some consider it a stretch to anoint him the creator of a genre that mixed blues, R&B, country and even a bit of swing — musical styles that were around long before Elvis.  Read More

· Halle Berry likes her sex toys.  Movie actress Halle Berry has advocated the use of sex toys to add spice to your love life.  The Bond girl has revealed that when she is in a mood to experiment with her sex life, she visits an L.A. store called 'Pleasure Chest' that specializes in sexy lingerie, whips, and rubber products.  Read More

· 'Boston Phoenix' IDs 'Anonymous' CIA Officer.  The active U.S. intelligence officer known only as "Anonymous," who has gained world renown this month as author of an upcoming book called "Imperial Hubris," is actually named Michael Scheuer, according to an article in the Boston Phoenix today by Jason Vest.  Read More

· Detroit joins 2 cities on slave disclosures.  Detroit has followed the lead of two other large cities — Los Angeles and Chicago — in enacting legislation that requires companies seeking contracts with the city to disclose any profits they received from slavery.  Read More

· Stern Back in Markets Where He Was Axed.  Howard Stern's radio show is expanding to nine new markets, including four where his show was taken off the air over indecency concerns.  Read More

· Britney's future: Suzy Homemaker?  Britney Spears is eying a future as a cooking and cleaning "Suzy Homemaker" now that she has found true love after kissing "a bunch of frogs."  Read More

· Bulldozer falls off truck, kills motorist.  A bulldozer fell off a flatbed truck headed south on Highway 47 near Warrenton and landed on a northbound pickup Wednesday, killing the driver instantly, the Missouri Highway Patrol said.  Read More

· Woman Dies After Flipping Car To Avoid Turtle.  A 20-year-old woman who veered her car to avoid a turtle flipped the vehicle several times and died, Florida Highway Patrol officials said.  Read More

· Court: E-mail providers can read messages.  In an online eavesdropping case with potentially profound implications, a federal appeals court ruled it was acceptable for a company that offered e-mail service to surreptitiously track its subscribers’ messages.  Read More

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Quixotic [quix·ot·ic] adj.  1. Idealistic without regard to practicality; impractical. 2. Impulsive: tending to act on whims or impulses.  Read More

· Driving exam ends in accident, no license for woman.  A 70-year-old Fremont woman hit the wall Tuesday in her attempt to renew her driver's license.  Read More

· Domestic violence an 'epidemic' in Texas.  The number of Women in abusive relationships is at an all-time high, announced Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Tuesday as he celebrated the start of a statewide help line with the Texas Council on Family Violence.  Read More

· Time Warner joins bidding war for MGM.  A bidding war has broken out for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, with Time Warner Inc. making a nearly $5 billion offer for the venerable Hollywood studio, according to newspaper reports.  Read More

· Woman Reportedly Puts Ice in Maid's Bra.  A 30-year-old mother of two was jailed for 14 weeks for kicking her maid and putting ice cubes down her underwear in the latest case of maid abuse in Singapore, a local newspaper reported Wednesday.  Read More

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