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Saturday, July 31, 2004

· Statue of Liberty probe.  Congressional investigators are raising concerns about expenses by the Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, including high salaries for the charity's executives and $45,000 a year for a dog to chase geese away on the islands.  Read More

· Indiana Paper Hits Michael Moore for Copyright Infringement.  The Pantagraph daily newspaper in Bloomington, Ind. has sent a letter to Michael Moore, drafted by its lawyer, citing him for copyright infringement, admonishing him for his "unauthorized...misleading" use of the paper in his film "Fahrenheit 9/11," and asking for an apology.  Read More

· Scott Peterson defense attorney seeks public funds.  A California newspaper is reporting Scott Peterson's lawyers want public funds to help pay for his defense against charges he murdered his pregnant wife.The Modesto Bee reports two judges are considering the request, made in Stanislaus County, where the couple lived until Laci Peterson disappeared in late 2002.  Read More

· How far is too far for the sex cops?  Two Hillsborough County, Florida sheriff's detectives working a prostitution case listened on a bugging device as their undercover informant in a nearby motel room got oral sex from a woman he paid $200.  Now the entire sheriff's department wants to sign up for vice.  Read More

· Lies Catch Up to Missing Woman's Husband.  By all accounts, Mark Hacking was fun to be around - a loving husband who wanted to be respected and, like his father, become a doctor. But years of deceptions are catching up to the former nightshift hospital orderly and he has become the focus of the investigation into the disappearance of his wife.  Read More

· Husband's fate after hospital in question.  Tucked away on the fifth floor of University Hospital, Mark Hacking has received psychiatric care since the morning after he reported his wife, Lori, missing 12 days ago. That hospital stay is expected to end soon, according to a hospital official. The question is: Will police let Hacking, the only "person of interest" go home?  Read More

· 'Dukes of Hazzard' Cast Members Reunite.  Fans of "The Dukes of Hazzard" came from as far away as Australia to meet cast members, buy T-shirts and listen to country music at a festival marking the 25th anniversary of the show's first season.  Read More

· Courtney Love seeks plea deal in California drug case.  Two days after being ordered into drug treatment, Courtney Love returned to court to seek a plea bargain to settle the second of four criminal cases the troubled rock star has faced in recent months.  Read More

· RealNetworks Hits Back At Apple Over 'Hacker' Comment.  RealNetworks blasted Apple by saying that consumers - and not Apple - should be the ones choosing what music goes on their iPod.  Read More

· Death of boy who stepped on nail brings $30 million award.  A jury has awarded $30 million to the mother of a 10-year-old boy who died of complications a month after stepping on a nail while hiding Easter eggs.  Read More

· Paris to pal: 'Nick beat me.'  A bruised and battered Paris Hilton is telling pals ex-boyfriend Nick Carter hit her, leaving the ugly marks on her face and arms, according to the New York Post.  Read More

· Colorado Hits New Lows With Kobe Case.  The Kobe Bryant rape case is beginning to look and sound and feel a lot like another high-profile criminal case in Colorado that ended up making everyone who came near it look creepy and inept. From 1996 until just recently, the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation was a low point for the criminal justice system in the state.  Read More

· Tyson flattened in fourth-round knockout.  Mike Tyson saved one more shocking sight for last. Beaten and battered, Tyson laid helplessly along the ropes Friday night, blood flowing down his face. The former baddest man on the planet stared ahead with a look of resignation on his face as his latest comeback - and perhaps his tumultuous career - collapsed with stunning suddenness.   Read More

· Stalking Defense Blames Zeta-Jones.  "Catherine Zeta-Jones has driven Dawnette Knight to attempt suicide and the real blood is on her hands," the stalker's attorney said outside court.  Read More

· The French's secret of not working revealed.  The French electricity board EDF is due to grill an electricity worker, after she published a book showing how to survive in French corporate culture without doing any work.  Read More

· Gas thief ordered wear sign saying 'I was caught...'  A woman who stole $4.52 worth of fuel was ordered to stand outside the gas station Friday wearing a sandwich board sign that declared: "I was caught stealing gas."  Read More

· Art Using Box Cutter Removed From Display At Denver Airport.  Two pieces of art, including a suitcase with a handle made from a box cutter, were removed from Denver International Airport after employees complained.  Read More

· Teen injured at Jackson's ranch.  A 15-year-old boy riding an all-terrain vehicle at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch was hospitalized in good condition after the vehicle flipped.  Read More

· Mom Of Britney's Soon-To-Be Stepkids Gets Reality Show.  The mother of Britney Spears' future stepchildren is getting a reality show. Former "Moesha" star Shar Jackson is reportedly set to be the focus of a new reality show.  Read More

· U.S. Muslim leader admits role in Libya plot.  A prominent American Muslim leader has acknowledged his involvement in an alleged Libyan plot to assassinate Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Pervasive [per·va·sive] adj.  Having the quality or tendency to pervade or permeate: "the pervasive odor of garlic."  Read More

· Zogby Poll Shows Democratic Ticket Up 5 Points.  While the Democratic National Convention was under way, the Republican ticket of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney lost some ground to John Kerry and John Edwards, a poll showed.  Read More

· Gem cabbie may live dream.  The honest cabbie who returned $70,000 worth of rare pearls a fare left in his car is being rewarded with a chance to fulfill a dream. Nestor Sulpico, 46, whose life ambition has been to become a nurse, is being offered a scholarship to attend the Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing.  Read More

· Victoria Gotti Subject of Reality Show.  Mob relations aside, don't mess with Victoria Gotti.  The curvy blonde raises three teenage boys by herself (ex-husband Carmine Agnello is in jail for racketeering and tax evasion) and cooks and cares for their huge Long Island home. She is the author of five books, a columnist at the celebrity publication "Star" and is starting her own magazine, "Red Carpet," where celebrities will write articles about their lives.  Read More

· N.J. Cop Accused Of Shooting Self On Purpose.  A police officer who allegedly staged his own shooting has been charged with misconduct and could face seven years in prison. Union County authorities say Officer Christopher LaFragola, an 18-year veteran , radioed to headquarters that he had been shot, touching off a frantic hunt for a car carrying two suspects that didn't really exist, prosecutors said.   Read More

Friday, July 30, 2004

· Cage Marries Ex-Waitress at 3rd Wedding.  Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage has married for the third time. The "Leaving Las Vegas" star wed 20-year-old Alice Kim on Friday at a private ceremony on a ranch in Northern California.  Read More

· Pope strikes out at feminists.  Pope John Paul II issued a letter saying radical feminism's view of equality "has in reality inspired ideologies which for example call into question the family, in its natural two-parent structure of mother and father, and to make homosexuality and heterosexuality virtually equivalent."  Read More

· Trump Searches Big Apple for 'Apprentice.'  A camouflaged architect, children screaming "You're fired!" and hundreds of business-suited wannabe moguls flocked to the Trump Tower for "The Apprentice 3" auditions Friday.  Read More

· Disney wants Tigger costume changed for pervert trial.  Walt Disney World wants to protect the innocent image of Tigger during an upcoming sexual molestation trial of an employee dressed as the character, and has asked that the orange striped costume be changed for the case.  Read More

· Pee Diddy Buys $10M N.J. Estate.  Hip-hop star and entrepreneur Sean "Pee Diddy" Combs has purchased a 21-room Bergen County mansion for more than $10 million, a publicist for the seller told The Associated Press.  Read More

· Bryant judge apologizes for court's mistakes.  With the parents of the alleged victim in the courtroom, the judge in the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case apologized Friday for court mistakes that led to the release of sealed information.  Read More

· Kid sues city for $5 million over snapple 'disaster.'  A 17-year-old Bronx high-school student wants the city to pay him $5 million because a Snapple vending machine fell on him at school as he shook it.  Read More

· Yankees pitch new stadium proposal.  The New York Yankees have pitched a proposal to city officials to build a new baseball park across the street from Yankee Stadium at a cost of $700 million, officials and media reports said Friday.  Read More

· Miss America Competition: No Talent Required.  The Miss America pageant is pulling the plug on its talent competition, eliminating the amateurish two-minute routines that have come to feature cheesy stunts such as tractor driving and trampoline jumping.  Now the contestants can go back to what they do best - show off their long legs and nice breasts.  Read More

· On-air cursing leaves Democrats red-faced.  After Senator Kerry's speech accepting the Democratic Party's nomination, balloons and confetti were released into the crowd.  DNC convention center director Don Mischer could be heard on CNN in a panic, "Jesus, we need more balloons. I want all balloons to go, goddamn it. No confetti. I want more balloons. What's happening to the balloons? Go balloons... All balloons - where the hell - there's nothing falling!" Mr. Mischer finally exploded, saying: "What the f... are you guys doing up there?!"  Read More

· Unhappy Workers Should Take Prozac.  A campaign worker for President Bush said on Thursday American workers unhappy with low-quality jobs should find new ones - or pop a Prozac to make themselves feel better.  Read More

· People Allegedly Lured Into Stripping By Fake Radio Contest.  A man on home detention lured several people to his home and asked them to remove their clothes by claiming to be calling from a radio show, police said Thursday.  Read More

· PayPal settlement e-mails confuse recipients.  Millions of PayPal users received an e-mail this week offering them a chance to receive a little money just for filling out an online form - and for once, the e-mail wasn't a fake.  Read More

· Amy Fisher Publishing Autobiography.  Amy Fisher, the former gun-toting teen who spent seven years in prison for shooting her lover Joey Buttafuoco's wife in the face, has an autobiography called "If I Knew Then..."  The Long Island lolita's book is expected to be out this fall.  Read More

· Lab: Evidence May Help Solve Hacking Case.  Police did a thorough job of collecting evidence that could prove useful in helping solve the disappearance of Lori Hacking, the head of the state's crime lab said.  Read More

· Wal-Mart workers foil scam.  An elderly woman walked into the Kinston, NC Wal-Mart and asked to send some money to Canada.  The woman working at the wire-transfer counter gave the woman the usual form to fill out. The little old lady filled it out for $25,000 to be sent to Canada. When a Wal-Mart manager was called, she asked the lady why she wanted to send such a large amount. "They told me I would have to send the money to get my prize delivered," the woman said. Asked if she had entered a drawing, the woman said no. But she volunteered, "I went and cleared out my whole bank account." At that point the Wal-Mart employees knew something was up, and the police were summoned.  Read More

· Anna Nicole Smith poses nude to prove her natural weight loss.  To prove her point that she didn't have a gastric-bypass surgery to shed weight, former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith has posed naked for a fashion magazine.  Read More

· Calif. cops question ricin witness.  A California man that police say was a witness to the ricin poisoning of jars of Gerber baby food was interviewed by detectives yesterday. Accompanied by his lawyer, Charles Dewey Cage, 47, presented himself to Irvine, Calif., police yesterday afternoon, about 24 hours after police identified him as a "person of interest" in the case.  Read More

· Trump Hotels loss widens.  Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc. said its quarterly net loss widened as casino competition sharpened, adding that controlling shareholder Donald Trump was making progress in talks to restructure the company.  Read More

· Trump plans high rise luxury hotel-condo tower in Las Vegas.  Donald Trump filed plans Thursday to build what would be the tallest hotel on the Strip. The 64-story hotel-condominium tower would be built on a portion of the Frontier Hotel property, across from the Wynn Las Vegas resort project and next to the Fashion Show Mall, Trump said.  Read More

· Business blogging moving mainstream.  In a sign blogs are moving mainstream, major technology companies, including Microsoft Corp. and International Business Machines Corp.came together at a recent conference to discuss the profit potential of the Web publishing format.  Read More

Victoria's Secret
· Victoria's Secret targets college women.  Victoria's Secret is going to college. The lingerie retailer unveiled the "Pink" line of cotton loungewear and sleepwear targeting 18- to 22-year-olds on Thursday.

At the launch of the fall 2004 collection, model Alessandra Ambrosio shepherded 20 college students, who were selected from a nationwide search to be spokeswomen in university dorms.  Read More

· 'Idol' DeGarmo Falls Onstage.  Singer Diana DeGarmo took a nasty spill during an "American Idol" concert Tuesday in Grand Rapids, Mich.  An RCA Records statement says DeGarmo fell down a long flight of stairs while singing Beyonce Knowles' song "Crazy In Love" during the "American Idols Live" concert.  Read More

· Girl Scouts won't have to break the law anymore.  This week, a new Springdale, AR city ordinance takes effect, legalizing door-to-door sales. Local Girl Scout leaders say they never realized their annual cookie drive had been illegal.  Read More

· Ridge May Step Down.  Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge is considering stepping down after the November election, telling colleagues he is worn out from the massive reorganization of government and needs to earn money in the private sector to put his teenage children through college, officials said.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Innocuous [in·noc·u·ous] adj.  1. Having no ill or adverse effect; harmless.  2. Not likely to offend or provoke to strong emotion; insipid.  Read More

· "Fahrenheit" shown on TV in Cuba.  U.S. director Michael Moore's anti-Bush documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" has been shown on prime time Cuban state-run television after playing to packed cinemas for a week.  Read More

· 1,000-Year-Old Brewery Unearthed.  U.S. researchers have unearthed what they say may be the oldest known brewery in the Andes, a pre-Incan plant at least 1,000 years old that could produce drinks for hundreds of people at one sitting.  Read More

· Missouri police seek identity of torso.  Whoever did this - by removing the head, arms and legs - did it for the obvious reason of concealing her identity," Sheriff Mike Baker said Thursday. "Most homicides don't go to these extremes."  Read More

· Man, 89, cleared in shoplift case.  Shoplifting charges have been dropped against an 89-year-old Venice resident who was accused of walking out of a local store with a box of diarrhea medicine stashed in his pocket.  Read More

· Porn Recruiter Kicked Out Of Job Fair.  Help Wanted: No experience necessary. But nudity and passion required.  Officials of a Hong Kong job fair gave a porno filmmaker the boot. Producer Tommy Wong says he can't understand why the organizers were so embarrassed. He says he was up-front about the jobs he was offering.  Read More

· Florida court rejects transsexual's marriage.  In a case that continues to receive national attention, a Florida Court of Appeal on Friday said that the 1989 marriage between a woman and a transsexual man was not valid because of a state law prohibiting unions between same-sex couples.  Read More

· Atlanta CBS cameraman busted with prostitute.  According to an Atlanta police report, Edward Stephens, a cameraman for CBS 46 in Atlanta, got busted just before 5 a.m. for allegedly trying to get a little something-something from a "well-known" prostitute. An officer watched the thin 19-year-old with the "Daddy's Little Girl" tattoo on her back step into the CBS 46 van that Stephens was driving, according to the report.   Read More

· West Point cadet gets prison time for videotaping women.  The son of a Kentucky judge has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for secretly videotaping female West Point cadets while they were in various stages of undress.  Read More

Thursday, July 29, 2004

· Kobe defense says accuser's payment excessive.  Kobe Bryant’s defense team says the woman accusing him of rape has received nearly $20,000 from a victims’ compensation fund in what it calls a rich incentive to pursue a false claim against the NBA star, according to a court transcript released Thursday.  Read More

· Holes in Krispy Kreme books?  Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. on Thursday said federal regulators are investigating the doughnut chain's repurchase of franchises as well as its recently lowered earnings outlook.  Read More

· Peterson Judge Denies Defense Motions.  A judge on Thursday turned aside a defense effort to derail Scott Peterson's murder trial, rejecting defense motions for a mistrial or outright dismissal of charges on the grounds that an investigator allegedly lied on the witness stand.  Read More

· DNC convention killing Boston-area businesses.  Promises of a Democratic convention windfall now seem as empty as Boston's streets this week to many merchants, restaurants, tourist sites and small businesses.  "Never in the 33 years we've been here have we seen anything like it," said George George, co-owner of the Albany Sandwich Shop, who said his business this week is off by as much as 50 percent. "It's like a snowstorm in the middle of summer, only in a snowstorm we get the plow drivers."  Read More

· Cops doubt the 'missing jogger' theory.  She's been called the "missing jogger" but Lori Hacking may have never gone jogging at all the day she vanished, police said Thursday.  Read More

· Idiot straps a 'quarter stick of dynamite' to bunny.  'Lucky' the rabbit is living up to her name, no thanks to her college-bound owner, who with his friends is accused of taping her to a powerful explosive and tossing her into a Castro Valley, California lake.  Read More

· Affleck needs a new running mate.  Ben Affleck is back on the market. Just seven months after his headline-making split with Jen Lopez, the actor and girlfriend Enza Sambataro have broken up.  Read More

· Man raises stink with neighbors.  Scott Teston is fighting his neighbors whole hog.  When Teston wanted his property rezoned from agriculture to business, his neighbors objected.  So he put 17 pigs in his front yard - and if his rezoning bid is rejected again - Teston says he'll put 500 hogs on his property.  Read More

· Police seek son of vigilante mom.  Eleven years after Ellie Nesler pulled a gun from her purse in a courtroom and gunned down the man accused of molesting her boy, police are hunting for her son -- now wanted for murder.  Read More

· Federal Court OKs Ban on Sale of Sex Toys.  A federal appeals court Wednesday upheld a 1998 Alabama law banning the sale of sex toys in the state, ruling the Constitution doesn't include a right to sexual privacy.  Read More

· Hogzilla, the legend grows.  Around these parts of Georgia, they are calling it Hogzilla: a 12-foot-long wild hog recently killed on a plantation and now quickly becoming a part of local legend.  Read More

· Woman Arrested for Eating in Subway.  A woman said she was unfairly handcuffed and held for three hours by Metro Transit Police in Washington, D.C., after she finished chewing a candy bar at a station.  Read More

· Widower, 80, Pays $10,000 Ransom After His Dog Disappears.  The voice on the phone was mean and demanding: Turn over $10,000 or the dog dies. So Frank Compton, 80, a widower and retired fire warden, withdrew a good part of his savings last week in the hope of getting back his beloved terrier, Sandy.  Read More

· Zeta-Jones Testifies in 'Satanic' Stalker Case.  Catherine Zeta-Jones took the stand Wednesday and read from 19 letters containing death threats written by a woman charged with stalking the Oscar-winning actress.  Read More

· Sealed Kobe Evidence Mistakenly Posted on Web.  Swabs taken from Kobe Bryant during a hospital exam found DNA from the NBA star and the woman accusing him of rape, but none from an unidentified person whose DNA showed up on other evidence in the case, the judge said in a sealed filing mistakenly posted Wednesday on a court Web site.  Read More

· Russia's youngest billionaire acquires British sports car maker.  23-year-old Russian oligarch Nikolai Smolensky is the new owner of the British sports car company TVR. Nikolai Smolensky is the son of the Russian banker Alexander Smolensky.  Read More

· Man Attacked By Alligator Gets Arrested One Day Later.  An 11-foot alligator attacked a man pulling weeds along the shore of Lake Eustis, but the man got loose with a punch to the reptile's nose. After the injury, came the insult: The man was arrested Wednesday on charges of grand theft and failure to return leased property.  Read More

· How Mary-Kate's Image Has Changed  Some worried actress Mary-Kate Olsen's business and image could suffer as she takes time to recover from an eating disorder. But young fans are supporting the teen star and say Olsen's illness has made her seem like a real person they can relate to.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Redact(ed) [re·dact] tr.v.  Edit something: to edit, revise, or delete content in preparation for publication. "Formerly classified documents were redacted so personal information wasn't released to the public."  Read More

· 'Fahrenheit' Screened in Crawford, Texas.  Hundreds of people descended on this one-stoplight town a few miles from President Bush's ranch Wednesday night - some to show their support and some to see a documentary criticizing his administration.  Read More

· Researcher probes appeal of $50-a-cup 'crappuccino.'  The world's most expensive coffee, craved by java junkies around the globe and touted for its mellow flavor and chocolate taste, owes its attributes to the digestive system of a large Indonesian cat, a University of Guelph researcher has found.  Read More

· Playboy Suing UCF Fraternity Over Use Of Logo For Party.  A party that got out of hand is now at the center of a legal battle. Playboy is suing a UCF fraternity. They say Kappa Alpha Psi had no right to use the company's logo and name when promoting a party that the police had to break up.  Read More

· Cosby Defends Remarks on Parenting, Blacks.  Bill Cosby defended his controversial comments on blacks, adding that the music industry is "glorifying the wrong things" as he spoke about parenting and children at a college conference.  Read More

· Man complains twice, ends up in jail each time.  Some people just never learn. Hubert Benjamin Lawrence III of Shreveport might be one of those people. Tuesday afternoon, the 45-year-old walked into state police Troop G headquarters in Bossier City to complain about how Shreveport police treated him last week. Instead, he ended up behind bars. Again.  Read More

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

· Store Clerk May Be One Of Last People To See Missing Jogger.  A clerk at a convenience store near Mark and Lori Hacking's apartment claims the couple came in between 6 and 9 p.m. on the night of July 18.  The pregnant woman was reported missing the next day.  Read More

· Democrat’s biggest money man has mob connections.  Stephen Bing, a wealthy film producer who, with little fanfare, has managed to steer a total of more than $16 million of his money to Democratic candidates.  Democratic Party officials said they knew nothing about the man who law enforcement officials tell ABC News is Bing's friend and business partner — Dominic Montemarano, a New York Mafia figure currently in federal prison.  Read More

Brittney Gregory
· Body Confirmed to Be Missing N.J. Teen.  The unclothed body of 16-year-old Brittney Gregory was found yesterday buried in a wooded area about two miles from her home in central New Jersey.

Jack Fuller, 38, a friend of Brittney's father, has been charged with murder and is jailed on $1 million bail. Fuller has a history of drug and theft-related arrests and was released from prison in April 2003.  Read More

· Teen says he woke up naked on teacher's bed.  Waking up naked and alone on a middle school teacher's bed after a night of heavy marijuana smoking and drinking was as disturbing to the 14-year-old boy as it was disorienting.  But for Justin, who is now 18, the moment became stranger when then 31-year-old teacher Jamie Renee Putman returned to the bedroom and had sex with him, he told a courtroom yesterday.  Read More

· 'Barbershop' Actor Charged With Rape.  Anthony Anderson, the rotund comedic co-star of "Kangaroo Jack" and the original "Barbershop," has been arrested and charged with aggravated rape while shooting a movie.  Read More

· Prostitution sweep nets dozens including DA and newspaper editor.  With apparently no other crime to be concerned with, Odessa, Texas police arrested 61 residents — including prominent attorneys, business owners, a former DA, and a senior editor for the Odessa American (who published the article), who surrendered in a year-long prostitution investigation at taxpayer's expense.  Read More

      » The 'Divorce List.'  The people busted in the silly prostitution investigation by the Odessa, Texas Police Department.  Read More

· Saddam lawyers say he's had a stroke.  Saddam Hussein's defense lawyers say Saddam could die before the trial as a result of a recent stroke.  Read More

· Bob Newhart Bronzed For Posterity.  A statue commemorating comedian Bob Newhart's role as Dr. Robert Hartley on "The Bob Newhart Show" was unveiled Tuesday in downtown Chicago near the office building shown in the TV classic's opening credits.  Read More

· Amazon Product Reviewers To Stop Hiding Behind Fake Names.  After years of letting Internet users anonymously savage or salute everything from books to toasters in online reviews, Inc. is encouraging its customers to put their names where their opinions are.  Read More

· FBI: Tampered Baby Food Contained Poison.  Trace amounts of the deadly poison ricin have been found in at least one jar of baby food that had been tampered with in Irvine, California, the FBI said Wednesday.  Read More

· Going 15 rounds for a date.  For one hour on a recent evening, Tricia Jansen's world was a dimly lit blur of available men.  Seated at a small table in Fox Sports Grill, Jansen experienced 15 First Dates, a new Scottsdale dating service that gives singles a chance to meet 15 members of the opposite sex in three-minute spurts.  Read More

· Marathon sex sessions turn Britney into unhealthy sex addict.  Dr Lillian Glass, a top Hollywood psychologist, has claimed that Britney Spears has become an unhealthy sex addict.  The 'Slave' singer's friends have reportedly revealed that she spends long hours beneath the sheets with her fiance Kevin Federline.  But Glass has reportedly warned Britney that too much of sex is bad news for her health and 'pop star looks.'  Read More

· Man rumored to be Deep Throat dies.  Fred LaRue, a Watergate figure and high-ranking Nixon administration official who was rumored to be Deep Throat, has died of natural causes. He was 75.  Read More

· Dolphins Could Seek Refund From Williams.  Ricky Williams could be forced to give back the Miami Dolphins more than $8 million already paid to him because he retired before the expiration of his contract.  Read More

· Martha:  'Send me to the Big house.'  Martha Stewart says she's willing to go to jail now on one condition - and it's a doozie.  The domestic diva has offered to begin serving ALL of her 10-month sentence at her sprawling mansion in Westchester County, according to three sources familiar with the matter.  Stewart is supposed to serve five months in prison and then five months at home.  Read More

· Low-Carb Diet Math: Does It Add Up?  The low-carbohydrate craze is creating a lot of questions for people watching their waistlines. But how can a low-carb food product label read 3 grams of "net" carbs on the front label and 22 grams of "total" carbs on the back?  Read More

· Bobby Fischer's Deportation Appeal Rejected.  Japanese immigration officials have rejected former world chess champion Bobby Fischer's appeal of their decision to deport him for attempting to travel on an invalid U.S. passport, an adviser to Fischer said.  Read More

· Judge bars DiSpirito from Rocco's.  A New York judge Tuesday barred TV chef Rocco DiSpirito from the site of his reality TV show "The Restaurant," and told his financial backer he could walk away because the place was operating at a loss.  Read More

· Anna Nicole Smith defends fat Kirstie Alley.  Referring to the media's coverage of Alley's increased weight since her days on "Cheers," Smith, a former plus-size model, said "They are just being so mean to her."  Read More

· Jackson Trial Pushed To 2005.  Michael Jackson's child molestation trial has been pushed back to early next year, and is now set to begin January 31.  At a hearing Tuesday, the state alleged Jackson imprisoned a child and the child's family at his ranch and forced them to make a videotape absolving him of molestation claims after a television documentary linked the pop star to an obsession with young boys.  Read More

· Timberlake obtains restraining order.  Justin Timberlake obtained a restraining order against a photographer who allegedly was stalking the pop star, the singer’s publicist said Tuesday.  Read More

· Metabolife Founder Pleads Not Guilty To Lying To FDA.  The founder of Metabolife International has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of lying to the government about the dangers of a popular diet supplement containing ephedra.  Read More

· 'Teacher of The Year' kills her baby, self.  A woman who was honored this spring as teacher of the year killed her 5-week-old daughter and then herself after battling the type of depression that comes with childbirth, officials said.  Read More

· Tom Sizemore Ordered to Appear in Court.  A Superior Court judge on Tuesday ordered actor Tom Sizemore to appear in court Aug. 5 to set another hearing into whether he violated probation after being convicted of abusing ex-girlfriend and former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss.  Read More

· Hilton, Richie Hosting Teen Awards.  The so-called "celebutants" from the Fox reality show, "The Simple Life 2," will host the 2004 Teen Choice Awards, Fox announced Tuesday.  Read More

· Same-sex spouse denied passport under new name.  A man who married his partner of 23 years after gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts is having trouble getting a new passport.  Read More

Bryce Howard
It took a 'Village' to find Bryce Howard.  The red-haired ingénue, 23, makes her big-screen debut Friday in the chiller thriller The Village as Ivy, a blind girl.

And Yes, as you can tell from the photo (right), she is the eldest child of Oscar-winning director Ron Howard. But her royal bloodline aside, stage-trained movie newbie Howard carries nearly the entire film on her petite shoulders.  Read More

      » The Andy Griffith Show - The Real Mayberry.  Interesting facts about The Andy Griffith Show you may not know.  Read More

· Woman smashes up wrong car after argument.  A woman became so furious after an argument with her husband she stormed out of the house armed with a hammer and smashed up his car - before realizing she had vandalized the wrong vehicle.  Read More

· Zeta-Jones to face woman 'stalker.'  Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Oscar-winning actress, is due to come face-to-face in court with a woman accused of stalking and threatening to kill her.  Read More

· Ben Affleck Everywhere at Convention.  Ben Affleck has made so many appearances during the Democratic National Convention, you'd think he was the one running for office.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Specious [spe·cious] adj.  1. Having the ring of truth or plausibility but actually fallacious: a specious argument.  2. Deceptively attractive.  Read More

· CEO pay hikes double.  The CEO's at the nation's largest companies saw their raises more than doubled in 2003 as the median raise handed out by S&P 500 companies to their top executives was 22.18 percent, according to a study by The Corporate Library.  Read More

· Damon plays cycle legend.  Matt Damon is getting himself in shape to play cycling superman Lance Armstrong in an upcoming biopic.  Matt is now in negotiations to play the Tour de France champion in producer Frank Marshall's new project.  Read More

· Return of wallet, $20,000 'a miracle.'  The miracle started early one afternoon when Jody Gardner stopped at a grocery store in Milford, Iowa. Gardner had a lot on her mind, she said, dealing with her father's death.    Read More

· Hospital errors cause 195,000 deaths.  As many as 195,000 people a year could be dying in U.S. hospitals because of easily prevented errors, a company said Tuesday in an estimate that doubles previous figures.  Read More

· Ryan Seacrest's Talk Show Canceled.  The syndicated TV series "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" is going off the air, permanently. Seacrest was unable to turn his visibility as host of Fox's "American Idol" into success for the talk and music show, and low ratings led Twentieth Television to announce the end of production.  Read More

· Russell Simmons wife busted on drug charges.  Rap mogul Russell Simmons was having a great time at the Democratic National Convention yesterday - until we called to ask him about the arrest of his wife, Kimora Lee Simmons, on reckless-driving and drug charges.  Read More

· Potato Derivative Used to Stop Bleeding.  EMT's with a fire department in Salt Lake City are using a novel derivative from a vegetable to save the lives of accident victims. The new FDA approved powder instantly stops traumatic bleeding at the site of wounds.  Read More

· Mystery Creature Lurks In Baltimore County.  A mystery animal is on the loose in Baltimore County and not even the experts can pin down what it is. A Glyndon man found a way to secretly record the beast while it grazed in his yard. For a while it was just lurking in the woods watching the Wroe family until the Wroes started watching it.  Read More

· Song Airlines to give away free i-pods.  Airline promotions are getting curiouser and curiouser. The New York Times reported today that struggling Song Airlines (off-spring of shaky Delta Airlines) is making a splashy grab for attention. Celebrating its musical “ambiance,” the carrier will be giving away free electric guitars, iPods and music downloads; which one you get depends on how many tickets you buy.  Read More

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

· Kobe Judge May Release Secret Case Transcripts.  Under pressure from the U.S. Supreme Court, the judge in the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case indicated Tuesday he may release edited copies of transcripts from a closed-door hearing dealing with the accuser's sex life that were accidentally e-mailed to reporters.  Read More

Lori Hacking
· Cops: 'Rage Killing' in Hacking Home.  Police believe that a "rage killing" took place inside Lori and Mark Hacking's apartment hours before Lori was reported missing.  Authorities also said they believe Lori Hacking was attacked and killed inside the apartment.  Police confirmed that a bloody knife with strands of brown hair on it was among the numerous pieces of evidence they removed from the couple's apartment.  Read More

· "Apprentice" becomes a money pit.  After the first season's success of "The Apprentice," Donald Trump wanted a fat raise. He heard the six actors on the hit comedy "Friends" each took home about $1.5 million an episode so, as the sole star he figured he should get $9 million per show. Still, his program ran an hour and "Friends" just 30 minutes. Mr. Trump bumped the figure to $18 million. "That seemed fair," he says in an interview. "I'm not being totally facetious."  Read More

· Curtain Falls For Siegfried, Roy.  The days of Siegfried and Roy's spectacular stage show are reportedly over.  A spokeswoman says the duo will never return to the stage, following Roy Horn's mauling by a tiger Oct. 3, 2003.  Read More

Courtney Love
· Courtney Love gets 18 months rehab.  Courtney Love was sentenced Tuesday to 18 months in drug rehab, closing one chapter in a troubled saga that began when she was accused of trying to break into her ex-boyfriend's home while high on cocaine.  Judge Patricia Schnegg also ordered Love to refrain from drinking alcohol or being in places that serve it. She also is barred from taking non-prescription drugs.  Read More

· No More Bond for Brosnan.  Irish-born Pierce Brosnan said 2002's "Die Another Day" was his last mission on her majesty's secret service. "Bond is another lifetime behind me," Brosnan said.  Read More

· Jurors Take Field Trip to Peterson Boat.  Jurors took a brief field trip Tuesday to inspect the boat that prosecutors allege Scott Peterson used to dump his pregnant wife's body into San Francisco Bay.  Read More

· Prosecutor says Jackson imprisoned boy, family.  A prosecutor said Tuesday that pop star Michael Jackson enticed a young boy, then imprisoned him and his family and forced them to make a video absolving him of molestation claims.  Read More

· Cops Believe They've Found 16-year-old Girl's Body.  A body believed to be that of missing Brittney Gregory was found buried in a grave in a wooded area Tuesday morning, law enforcement officials said.  Read More

· New Martha Stewart chairman named.  Shaken by the criminal conviction and sentencing of Martha Stewart, the company she founded announced Tuesday it is appointing a new chairman, Thomas C. Siekman, who has served as a director of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  Read More

· Mystery Witness to Take Peterson Stand.  A mystery witness was being flown in from Missouri Tuesday to testify at Scott Peterson's double murder trial.  Read More

Robert Sorrells murder charges
Robert Sorrells
accused of murder
· Veteran actor arrested in shooting death.  Robert Sorrells, a veteran character actor who appeared often on such popular TV Westerns as "Gunsmoke," "Rawhide" and "Bonanza," was arrested for investigation of murder after witnesses told police he walked into a neighborhood bar and shot two patrons, killing one.  Read More

· Brownie Leader: Not Guilty in Cookie Caper.  A former Brownie troop leader has pleaded not guilty to stealing nearly $6,000 that her troop raised selling Girl Scout cookies.  Read More

· The DVD player did it.  In what may be the first trial of its kind in the nation, prosecutors have accused a pickup truck's driver of second-degree murder for watching a movie instead of the road when he crashed head-on into a Jeep that killed two people.  Read More

· Convention Dems not takin' Whoopi.  Don't look for Whoopi Goldberg at the Democratic National Convention: The Kerry-Edwards campaign thinks the comic is still radioactive after her controversial Bush-bashing jokes at a recent fund-raiser.  Read More

· Jackson seeks to delay trial.  Attorneys for pop star Michael Jackson want to push back the start of his trial on child molestation charges by four months, according to court documents filed last week, calling the prosecution's case "an effort to take down a major celebrity."  Read More

· Washington Post Makes Printing Error.  Those who say The Washington Post is out of step with the country just got a new round of ammunition.  The newspaper is printing 10,000 copies a day of a special convention issue that shows a picture of John Kerry and John Edwards, with a banner that reads: "ELECTION 2000."  Read More

· Kerry girl tells all to Ben Affleck.  Despite photos to the contrary, Alexandra Kerry contends that the transparent dress she wore to the Cannes Film Festival was actually quite conservative.

"Because of the dark world of the Internet, I'm told there are now entire Web pages dedicated to my breasts," the 30-year-old actress and filmmaker is quoted as saying. "You gotta love the Internet."  Read More

· A Jibjab showdown.  With something as fun as a cartoon Bush and Kerry hurling musical epithets at one another, you knew lawyers would have to get involved.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Cognitive [cog·ni·tive] adj.  1. Relating to the process of acquiring knowledge by the use of reasoning, intuition, or perception. 2. Having a basis in or reducible to empirical factual knowledge.  Read More

· California's Schwarzenegger, Lawmakers Strike Budget Agreement.  California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders said they've reached agreement on a $103 billion spending plan, breaching an impasse that's held up passage of a budget 27 days into the fiscal year.  Read More

· Argument over wedding ends with car inside store.  An argument between a man and his fiancee is being blamed for a car crashing into a building just south of downtown Houston.  Read More

· Motorola Cell Phones Set to Play ITunes.  Music listeners will soon be able to transfer songs they buy from Apple Computer's iTunes music store to Motorola Inc. cell phones.  Read More

· Lawyer Says Clients Want to Sell Rocco's.  A lawyer for the financial backers of television chef Rocco DiSpirito said they want to sell the restaurant that was developed for his network television show and recoup the money they invested.  Read More

· 'Simpsons' to Feature Gay Wedding.  Someone on "The Simpsons" is coming out of the closet and could get married.  Read More

· Tea helps keep blood pressure down.  The risk of hypertension, a condition that can lead to heart disease and stroke, declined the more green or oolong tea was consumed, a study said.  Read More

· Google says MyDoom virus caused problems.  The No. 1 Internet search engine on Monday was unable to provide search results to a number of Web surfers, probably because of a variant of the MyDoom virus.  Read More

Monday, July 26, 2004

· Oprah gets more than a sandwich in San Luis Obispo.  It was so good, she invested in the restaurant that made it.  After sampling a homemade Chicken sandwich from San Luis Obispo's Art Café and Bakery, she decided to put in a plug for the business - then she decided to buy the restaurant.  "It turns out this was the most expensive sandwich I've ever had," Winfrey said.   Read More

· Peterson jury learns to fish.  Prosecutors in Scott Peterson's murder trial went fishing Monday for answers to questions including how and where someone would catch sturgeon and striped bass in San Francisco Bay.  Read More

· Box office: Halle Berry ended up as roadkill.  Matt Damon enjoyed box office "Supremacy" in North America over the weekend with his new spy thriller, while fellow Oscar-winner Halle Berry ended up as roadkill with her widely panned turn in "Catwoman."  Read More

· Lori Got Upsetting Phone Call.  The focus on Mark Hacking's possible role in the disappearance of his wife tightened Monday with reports that police found a bloody knife in the couple's apartment and Lori Hacking got an upsetting phone call at work three days before she vanished.  Read More

· Mary-Kate Olsen discharged from treatment facility.  Mary-Kate Olsen has been discharged from a treatment facility after a six-week stay, her spokesman said Monday.  Read More

· Spears may be a Kabbalah bride.  The pop star is planning a lavish white wedding for this fall, and a source says Kabbalah bigwigs are urging Spears to make it the first celeb Kabbalah marriage - a controversial, mystical branch of Judaism.  Read More

· Prosecutors Still Planning Trial in Bryant Case.  Prosecutors said Monday they still plan to take NBA star Kobe Bryant to trial on a sexual assault charge, despite a judge's decision that could make it harder to win a conviction.  Read More

· Google IPO Could Be Worth as Much as $3.3 Billion.  Google Inc., the world's No. 1 Web search provider, on Monday said its highly anticipated initial public offering would be worth as much $3.3 billion and could have an initial market capitalization as high as $36.25 billion.  Read More

· Dolly Parton: Nobody's Fool.  At age 58, despite having already sold more than 100 million records, Dolly Parton is nowhere near ready to be put out to pasture. In fact, these days, she’s more likely to buy the pasture.  Read More

· Al-Jazeera Broadcasting From Democratic Convention.  Among the international media covering the Democratic National Convention, one name sticks out: Al-Jazeera, the Arab satellite news channel accused by the Bush administration of anti-U.S. bias.  Read More

· Jennings Puts 'Jeopardy!' Back on the Map.  Ken Jennings has dispatched 76 contestants on the brain-teasing trivia game, making the Utah software engineer the unlikeliest of TV stars and juicing a show that's aired quietly for 30 years.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Pragmatic [prag·mat·ic] adj.  More concerned with practical results than with theories and principles [the CEO used a pragmatic approach to making his business a success].  Read More

· Scientists could make Lincoln be heard again.  In the corner of a California university laboratory, two men are battling against time to perfect a machine that will read old recordings - using special microscopes to scan the grooves - and software that can convert those shapes into sound. Their work could bring history to life.  Read More

· Judge Chips Away At Frito-Lay Ad.  A federal judge ordered Frito-Lay to stop ads that say Chicago potato chip fans prefer Lay's over local rival Jays, saying the snack food giant can't prove the claim.  Read More

· Hearing Set For Teen Seeking To 'Divorce' His Father.  Patrick Holland was 8 years old when his mother was shot to death in their Massachusetts home. His father, Daniel, is serving a life prison sentence for the killing. Patrick wants nothing more to do with Daniel and is trying to terminate the parental rights of his father.  Read More

· Odd Couple.  MTV prankster Tom Green and low brow talk show host Jerry Springer are working on a TV show together. According to "The Hollywood Reporter," the proposed series would be a "week-in-review" program where the two gadflies comment on recent happenings in news and pop culture.  Read More

Sunday, July 25, 2004

· Lance Armstrong: Six times a champion.  Lance Armstrong rode into history Sunday by winning the Tour de France for a record sixth time, an achievement that confirmed him as one of the greatest sportsmen of all time.  Read More

· Kerry's press badges rile Motown with import car.  The journalist credentials distributed by Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry during his visit to Detroit for the 2004 National Urban League Conference has got some people riled.

In deference to Motown’s lifeblood, the badge included a photo of a car. But instead of Detroit iron, the laminated passes worn by press members featured the 100EX — a concept convertible from Rolls-Royce, the British luxury brand owned by BMW.  Read More

· How The Kobe Case Should End.  While the bumbling Eagle County prosecutors continue to lose ground on an already-weak case, here is CBS legal analyst Andrew Cohen's take on the Kobe case - and how Mark Hurlburt should make it end.  Read More

      » Kobe Bryant News.  Latest news coverage on the Kobe Bryant alleged sexual assault case.  Read More

· Bloodstains Found in Hacking Apartment.  Bloodstains have been found all over the apartment of Mark and Lori Hacking, family and investigative sources say.  Read More

· UK's Princess Diana Took Charles for 'Every Penny.'  Britain's Prince Charles was "taken to the cleaners" during his divorce with the late Princess Diana, as she took his entire personal fortune, London's Sunday Telegraph reported today.  Read More

· Viacom To Launch Gay Network.  Logo, the new television network aimed at gays and lesbians, is working with Cher, Alan Cumming and Margaret Cho on new shows and plans two wedding programs.  Read More

· Skunk Gel Repels Drug Users, Prostitutes.  Drug users and prostitutes are turning up their noses at the condemned buildings they once frequented in Richland County, South Carolina. Deputies here have begun using a chemical spray that makes the places smell like a skunk has come calling.  Read More

· Flood victims benefit from mystery lottery winner.  An anonymous benefactor has sent a winning lottery ticket worth US$1,8450,000 to a local government in central Japan to help disaster victims of heavy rain, the local governor said.  Read More

· Baghdad police chief not taking it any more.  Someone shot two of his police officers. Killed one, wounded the other.  So he gathered 650 Iraqi police officers and descended upon a quiet neighborhood in Baghdad. When it was over, he had nearly 100 Kalashnikov assault rifles and three suspects in custody.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Ostentatious [os·ten·ta·tious] adj.  Characterized by or given to pretentiousness.  Read More

· Ashley Judd's Mom Yells As 'De-Lovely' Stalls.  A projector malfunction during a showing of "De-Lovely" prompted the mother of the leading actress to speak up.  Read More

· Hollywood Calls for Silly String Ban.  Hollywood residents and businesspeople tired of being in the silly-string crossfire every Halloween have asked the city to ban the colorful streams of compressed foam.  Read More

· Show Exposes Amish Youth to Hollywood.  Television is not part of the traditional Amish world. But the Amish are now part of television, like it or not.  Read More

Saturday, July 24, 2004

· Judge to allow Kobe accuser's sex history.  In a huge victory for Kobe Bryant’s defense, the judge in the NBA star’s sexual assault case ruled Friday that his accuser’s sex life during the week of their encounter can be used against her at trial.  Read More

· Lucasfilm Unveils New 'Star Wars' Title.  The final "Star Wars" prequel is just "Episode III" no more. Lucasfilm announced its new title Saturday: "Revenge of the Sith."  Read More

· Man 'sleeping' in hospital for 17 hours was dead.  A man was found dead on a couch in a hospital lounge, and a nurse told police that nobody had checked on him for at least 17 hours because he appeared to be asleep.  Read More

· Dustin to the rescue.  Dustin Hoffman and his wife, Lisa, saved the life of a woman who was walking past their beach house in Malibu when a bee stung her on the toe. Lydia Graham, 36, who is allergic to bees, started going into shock.  Read More

· J.K. Rowling Expecting Her Third Child.  "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling said Saturday she is expecting her third child. Rowling, 38, made the announcement on her official Web site.  Read More

· Diocese to pay out $7 million to pervert priest victims.  The Springfield, Mass. Diocese will pay at least $80,000 to each of the 46 people who accused priests of molesting them while they were children under a settlement worth more than $7 million.  Read More

· 'Jeopardy' Phenom Shatters One-Day Record.  Will Ken Jennings ever lose? Not anytime soon. The "Jeopardy!" quiz master won his 38th straight game on Friday, shattering a one-day record by earning $75,000. Now his fans - and foes - have to wait while the show goes on hiatus until September.  Read More

· Curtis see-ya-later.  Leaves wife, baby & radio show to hide from Gotti gang.  Talk-radio tough guy Curtis Sliwa went into hiding yesterday, fearing mobsters hellbent on avenging the indictment of John A. (Junior) Gotti have him in their cross hairs.  Read More

· George Eads to Come Back to 'CSI.'  Actors George Eads and Jorja Fox will both be back on the job next week at "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" after learning a lesson in hardball network politics.  Read More

· Courtney turns herself in to LAPD.  Rock bad girl Courtney Love surrendered to L.A. cops yesterday on an assault rap and posted bail, exactly two weeks after blowing off the court date.  Love, 40, quietly slipped into an LAPD station, where police officers fingerprinted and released her after she posted $150,000 in bail.  Read More

· Dad Confronted Mark Hacking at Hospital.  The father of the man whose wife vanished this week, allegedly as she went out for a jog, said Friday that his son looked him in the eye and denied having anything to do with the disappearance.  Read More

· 1930 Bentley fetches world-record $4.6 million.  A 1930 Bentley Speed Six has fetched a world record price for a car of $4.6 million at an auction, the organiser of the Le Mans Classic race in France said.  Read More

· First victim died a hero on Flight 11.  The man who was likely the first killed in the 9/11 attacks was a veteran Israeli commando and dot-com millionaire who died fighting to stop ringleader Mohamed Atta from taking over his plane.  Read More

· Google's Challenge of 'Froogles' Rejected.  Google Inc.'s right to use the name "Froogle" for its online shopping service came into question Friday when an arbitration panel rejected the company's challenge of a Web site named  Read More

· Sperm donor must pay child support.  A Pennsylvania state appeals court ruled that an agreement between a woman and her sperm donor was invalid, and ordered the man to pay child support for the woman's twins.  Read More

· Paris Hilton and Nick Carter Break Up.  The party's over for Paris Hilton and her Backstreet Boys beau Nick Carter. The couple are no longer together, Hilton's publicist told The Associated Press Friday.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Nexus [nex·us]  A means of connection; a link or tie: The nexus between the mob and gambling.  2. A connected series or group.  3. The core or center.  Read More

· Matt and Ben: Hollywood's Unhappy Ending?  Matt and Ben, Ben and Matt: The childhood friends who rose to Hollywood stardom together are forever linked in the public’s mind — but inevitably one of them has to get top billing on the marquee.  At the moment, Matt Damon gets that privilege.   Read More

· ET first contact 'within 20 years.'  If intelligent life exists elsewhere in our galaxy, advances in computer processing power and radio telescope technology will ensure we detect their transmissions within two decades.  Read More

· ‘Sopranos’ won't be back until 2006.  Hang on to your memories of “The Sopranos.” The acclaimed mob drama won't be back for a long, long time.  An HBO executive says new episodes won’t be ready until sometime in 2006.  Read More

· Update: Woman Attacked By 12-Foot Alligator Dies In Surgery.  A 54-year-old woman attacked by a 12-foot alligator and dragged her into a pond at her home has died from injuries sustained in the attack, according to a report.  Read More

· Garfield Toy Makes Obscene Gesture.  A mother in Florida is outraged over a fast food restaurant's toy that appears to show the character Garfield making an obscene gesture by sticking up his middle finger.  Read More

Friday, July 23, 2004

· Man bought mattress before reporting wife missing.  Around the time Mark Hacking called police to report that his pregnant wife never returned from her morning jog, he was at a furniture store buying a new mattress, according to local news reports.  Read More

      » Jogger's Husband Ran Around Hotel Naked.  Police responded to a complaint at the Chase Suites Hotel, where Mark Hacking was running around naked, according to police.  Read More

· 'Girls Gone Wild' To Seek Reparation For Seized Jet In Florida.  A lawyer for the creator of the "Girls Gone Wild" video series says he will seek up to $1 million in reparations from Bay County after an appeal court ruled against the confiscation of a business jet by sheriff's deputies.  Read More

· Key Martha Witness Gets Wrist Slap.  The former Merrill Lynch employee and prosecution witness who gave Martha Stewart the stock tip that led to her conviction earlier this year on obstruction of justice charges will not go to jail for his role in the affair.  Read More

· Dixie Chick Natalie Maines Has Baby Boy.  Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines gave birth to a baby boy, her second son with husband Adrian Pasdar, the group's Web site announced Friday.  Michael Moore, Jr. Beckett Finn weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces.  Read More

· Safety fears shut down Princess Diana fountain.  Britain's troubled Princess Diana Memorial Fountain has been closed indefinitely after three people slipped on the $6.6 million monument's steps and were taken to hospital.  Read More

· Jennings still winning on ‘Jeopardy.’  Ken Jennings has won almost 10 times more than the show's previous record holder, who won $184,900.  Read More

· JFK Jr. reached out hours before crash.  A close friend of John F. Kennedy Jr. revealed that the doomed man made a poignant call to wish him a happy wedding anniversary just hours before his plane crashed five years ago.  Read More

· Jacko begs Nicole for a date.  Apparently Michael, who is facing child sex charges in the US, wanted Nicole to accompany him to the upcoming MTV Music Awards.  Read More

· Mom says Simpson not the ditz she pretends to be.  With real DD-size breasts, model looks, a five-octave singing range and an IQ that her mother claims to be 160, Jessica Simpson appears to be the girl who has it all.  Read More

· Fox Back on 'CSI,' Eads' Fate Uncertain.  Jorja Fox, the "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" star who was fired for skipping work in a salary dispute, is returning to the hit CBS drama.  Read More

Kirstie Alley hits it big in cable comedy
· Kirstie Alley hits it 'big.'  Former "Cheers" star Kirstie Alley has a new cable comedy loosely based on her life — "Fat Actress."  "They don't give a damn how much I eat or how many men I sleep with, as long as it's on camera," says the Emmy-winning Alley.  Friends of the obese actress, whose transformation from curvaceous TV sex siren to hefty heifer has been well publicized, say the Showtime comedy will star Alley as a fictitious version of herself, like Larry David on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm."  Read More

· Showing off his gun, new cop shoots teen.  A rookie cop accidentally shot his girlfriend's teenage sister while showing off his gun inside a Queens apartment early yesterday, police said.  Read More

· Car dealer arrested on drug charges.  A Largo, Florida used car dealer has been arrested on drug charges after he offered an undercover policewoman some marijuana, Largo police say.  Eugene C. Carr was arrested after a weeklong investigation by Largo police. Authorities, acting on a tip, say they suspected Carr was asking women to perform sex acts in return for discounts on cars.  Read More

· Justin defends lady love.  Justin Timberlake is still in love with Long Beach native Cameron Diaz and he's willing to go to court to prove it.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Contemporaneous [con·tem·po·ra·ne·ous] adj.  Originating, existing, or happening during the same period of time: "The contemporaneous court cases for the two defendants."  Read More

· Ex-husband implicates Marion Jones.  The ex-husband of three-time Olympic champion Marion Jones told federal investigators that Jones was using banned performance-enhancing drugs during the 2000 Games in Sydney where she won five medals, two newspapers reported.  Read More

· Woman puts rare coin in meter.  A South African woman mistakenly plunked a 100-year-old gold coin worth more than $1,000 into a parking meter while shopping without her glasses.  Read More

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