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Monday, June 7, 2004

· 'Harry Potter' Takes Nearly $93 Million.  The boy wizard has worked his biggest box-office spell. "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" charmed audiences to the tune of $92.65 million in its debut weekend, the best results yet for the franchise, according to studio estimates Sunday.  Read More

· Victim's clothing key in Peterson case.  Laci Peterson's friends and family swarmed to her home the night she was reported missing, frantically scouring the neighborhood for clues as to what happened to the woman who was eight months pregnant.  Read More

· Shock at J.Lo's stealth wedding.  Jennifer Lopez's third trip to the altar surprised even her family - and got an apparent blessing yesterday from her ailing former fiance, Ben Affleck.  Read More

· New Kit Claims Would-Be Parents Can Pick Boy Or Girl.  New at-home gender-selection kits claim a 96 percent success rate in determining the sex of a baby without a visit to the doctor.  One item is called GenSelect, and is available online for about $200.  Read More

· Love story to the very end.  Ronald and Nancy Reagan at his 75th birthday celebration, in 1986, during his second term as President. Nancy stayed close by her husband's side in the decade he battled Alzheimer's.  Read More

      » Phrases that defined a career.  Ronald Reagan spent his formative years as a radio announcer and a film actor. Few presidents have demonstrated Reagan’s gift for delivering telling phrases that stuck in the public mind and defined issues in stark, simplified terms. Here is a selection of some of those phrases.  Read More

· Tony Bounces Back in 'Sopranos' Finale.  The somber fifth-season finale of "The Sopranos" aired Sunday night on HBO. Much of the episode, co-written by "Sopranos" creator David Chase, found crisis-beset Tony Soprano increasingly helpless as his life's work, and his life, unraveled.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Demonstrable [de·mon·stra·ble] adj.  1. Capable of being demonstrated or proved: "demonstrable truths."  2. Obvious or apparent: "demonstrable lies."  Read More

· The 'vegetarians' who eat red meat.  Almost a quarter of people who describe themselves as vegetarian sometimes eat red meat, according to new research.  Read More

· Interview twists, turns.  It's not unusual for interviewers to look beyond a resume and face-to-face meeting to find the unspoken clues about your personality. It may be nails bitten down to the quick or shoes that are polished everywhere but the heels.  Read More

· First Enron Trial to Start.  The first Enron criminal trial, over an alleged sham sale of barges, opens Monday with an expected rapid jury-selection process and defense questions about a last-minute revelation of information from the prosecution.  Read More

· Overheated PCs mean hot business for cooling firms.  Powerful microchips are throwing off so much heat that the inside of a personal computer is hotter than Death Valley, helping Taiwan firms specializing in cooling components post sizzling sales.  Read More

Sunday, June 6, 2004

· J.Lo Marries Singer Marc Anthony.  Jennifer Lopez reportedly married Marc Anthony in a small ceremony at her home on Saturday, less than six months after she ended her high-profile engagement to Ben Affleck.  Read More

· Diaz dumps Justin.  Hollywood babe Cameron Diaz has ditched lover Justin Timberlake—because she thinks he's holding back her career.  Read More

· Text Messages May Turn Up in Bryant Case.  A few hours after NBA star Kobe Bryant had sex with a Vail-area hotel worker last summer, the woman exchanged cell phone text messages with a former boyfriend and someone else. What's in those messages could help determine whether the sex was consensual or whether Bryant is guilty of rape as charged. The judge himself said the content may be "highly relevant" to the case.  Read More

· Reagan's Body to Lie in State in Capitol.  The body of former President Ronald Reagan will be flown to Washington on Monday or Tuesday, and will lie in state for two days in the Capitol Building before a state funeral is held at the National Cathedral.  Read More

      » Patti Davis remembers her father.  "Time taught me to appreciate a distant father—and cherish glimpses of an elusive soul," says president Reagan's daughter.  Read More

· School pulls the sheets on prom date with porn star.  Listeners of Friday's Howard Stern radio show who crave details of the arranged prom date between a Weston High School senior and adult film star Tyler Faith will be sorely disappointed when they tune in tomorrow and find the date was canceled.  Read More

· Gynecologist accused of molestation.  Dozens of women have sued a gynecologist, saying he performed unnecessary and painful surgeries, molested them and in some cases raped them in the exam room.  Read More

· Collectors Pay Thousands at Babs Auction.  Collectors took advantage of a rare opportunity Saturday when Barbra Streisand put hundreds of items from her films and personal life on auction to benefit several charities.  Read More

· Girl golfer with the eye of the Tigress.  While Woods smashed down race barriers, Michelle Wie, a schoolgirl from Hawaii who flies to England today for her first European appearance, is promising to do the same in the battle of the sexes.  Read More

· Symbolic gay nups.  Nearly a dozen gay and lesbian couples pledged their love and commitment yesterday in a symbolic marriage ceremony officiated by the mayor of this Detroit suburb.  Read More

· Celebrity Auction Benefits Food Program.  People will be able to bid on a visit with Tom Cruise, the Mini Cooper that Charlize Theron drove in "The Italian Job," and a kiss from Sharon Stone as part of a benefit auction for a program that delivers food to people with AIDS and other serious illnesses.  Read More

· Attempt on Mexico governor's life a hoax.  A reported assassination attempt in March that left a Mexican state governor in the hospital was a hoax, and the governor is accused of hiding the facts, the attorney general's office said  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Plagiarize [pla·gia·rize] v.  1. To use and pass off (the ideas or writings of another) as one's own.  2.To appropriate for use as one's own passages or ideas from another.  Read More

· Comcast Protest in Philly.  Owners doused the lights on many center city skyscrapers Thursday night to protest proposed tax breaks for a new 60-story Comcast Corp. office tower.  Read More

· Supermarkets Look to Automated Checkout.  Supermarket checkout clerks are going the way of the bank teller - available if you want one, avoidable if you don't. Self-checkout machines, which let customers scan, bag and pay for their own groceries, offer shoppers a chance to avoid the lines at the checkout stands.  Read More

Saturday, June 5, 2004

· Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004.  Ronald Wilson Reagan, the most successful conservative American politician of modern times, died Saturday at his California home at age 93.  Read More

· Smarty party comes to end.  Smarty Jones lost his Triple Crown bid and his perfect record when Birdstone upset the popular 3-year-old in Saturday’s Belmont Stakes and toppled his chances to end a record 26-year drought without a winner of thoroughbred racing’s most coveted prize.  Read More

· Judge warns of sanctions in Kobe case.  The judge in the Kobe Bryant sex assault case warned prosecutors Friday they may face sanctions for not following a court order to include a defense witness at any testing of DNA evidence.  Read More

· Berry's ex Halle bent on dough.  He cheated on her. He broke her heart. And now, he's after her money.  Halle Berry's estranged husband, Eric Benet, filed notice that he wants a Los Angeles court to consider revoking the former couple's prenuptial agreement.  Read More

· 15 More Women Sue Hooters Over Alleged Secret Taping.  15 women who allege they were secretly videotaped while changing into skimpy Hooters uniforms during job interviews sued the chain and a former general manager.  Read More

· "Mini-Me" seeks annulment from model.  The diminutive actor best known for playing Mini-Me, the pint-sized look-alike protege of Dr. Evil in the "Austin Powers" movies, has gone to court to challenge the claims of a leggy, blond model that he married her.  Read More

· O.J. says he's too poor to bust killer.  O.J. Simpson says he nixed his pledge to find "the real killer" of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson because he's strapped for cash with two kids in a pricey private school.  Read More

· Bulldozer rampage gunman dead.  A gunman who went on a rampage with a homemade armored bulldozer, demolishing buildings in the small town of Granby, Colorado, has died, apparently after shooting himself, according to a local county official.  Read More

· Ailing WTC cops sue city.  Two NYPD detectives are claiming in a new lawsuit that the city failed to protect them from toxic fumes at Ground Zero and from 9/11 debris at Fresh Kills landfill.  Read More

· Man sentenced for torching lawyers' cars.  A man was sentenced to 24 years in prison, far more than what was called for in sentencing guidelines, for torching the cars of his ex-wife's lawyer and a second attorney.  Read More

· Can't stop the pop-ups.  Google's pop-up blocker, included as part of the Web search engine's popular browser plug-in, "worked fantastically well for about two months, blocking everything," said Haigh, a photographer from the United Kingdom. "Then the odd pop-up started to appear, mainly on highly ad-displaying sites based in the United States."  Read More

· Affleck Hospitalized for Bronchitis.  Ben Affleck missed the London premiere of "Jersey Girl" this week because he was hospitalized in Boston for severe bronchitis, his New York-based publicist confirmed Friday.  Read More

· Paula gets her bling-bling.  Abdul, who was an L.A. Lakers cheerleader and pop star before emerging as the "nice judge" on the popular show, is launching her own jewelry line.  Read More

· Clay Aiken Launches Solo Tour This Summer.  Clay Aiken will go on his first solo tour this summer, performing songs from his album, "Measure of a Man," along with other material.  Read More

· Dying in style.  Australia's 28th richest man went on a $10 million spending spree - only to die weeks later.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Perpetuity [per·pe·tu·i·ty]  1. Time without end; eternity.  2. The quality or condition of being perpetual: "The perpetuity of the Church."  Read More

· Uganda students 'ban' mini-skirts.  Student leaders at a Ugandan university have asked their classmates to stop wearing mini-skirts and tight trousers.  Lecturers were also being distracted by scantily dressed students in the front row.  Read More

· Anti-Porn Pastor Elected Mayor in Texas.  Patrons of the XXX Super Store and the Fantasy Foxx strip club have been getting a souvenir in the mail recently: an I-know-where-you've-been postcard emblazoned with a photo of the customer's car parked outside one of the adult businesses.  Read More

· Black Sabbath to Reunite at Ozzfest.  Black Sabbath will reunite for the ninth annual Ozzfest, which begins July 10 in Hartford.  Read More

· Rock Band Creed Breaks Up After Three Albums.  The spiritually inclined band Creed, whose anthemic hits "Higher" and "With Arms Wide Open" helped them become one of the top-selling rock acts of the past decade, has called it quits.  Read More

Friday, June 4, 2004

· Stepsister describes last sighting of Laci Peterson.  Prosecutors began laying out their case against Scott Peterson with witnesses describing their encounters with his wife, the last day she was seen alive by anyone other than her husband.  Read More

      » Scott Peterson News.  Latest news coverage on the Scott Peterson trial of murdered wife Laci Peterson and son Connor.  Read More

· Judge to Decide Sizemore Lawsuit Specifics.  A judge has agreed to decide whether overtime claims should be part of a lawsuit that alleges actor Tom Sizemore harassed and sexually battered his former personal assistant.  Read More

· Reagan's health deteriorating.  The 93-year-old former president had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease about a decade ago and he began to retreat from public view.  According to sources familiar with the situation, the White House has been told Reagan's death could happen in "weeks or months."  Read More

· O.J. lashes out at Nicole.  O.J. Simpson marked the 10th anniversary of his ex-wife's death with a series of crass and hurtful comments about Nicole Brown Simpson, her family and the accusers of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jackson.  Read More

· Princess Diana's Mother Dies at 68.  Frances Shand Kydd, who had an often turbulent relationship with her late daughter, Princess Diana, died Thursday at her home in Scotland.  Read More

· Update: Fla. Deputy Arrested For False Report About Glass In Burger.  A Pasco County sheriff's deputy has been charged with filing a false police report about planted glass in his McDonald's cheeseburger.  Read More

· Man sues topless club over $130,000 bill.  A Bangladesh diplomat's husband has sued a high-end Manhattan topless club for allegedly adding bogus charges to a bill that totaled nearly $130,000 for drinks and dances.  Read More

· Schwarzenegger sends military jet to pick up ailing legislator.  A military jet staffed with a 15-member medical team swept into Brazil last month on the orders of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to retrieve an ailing state senator from a coastal hospital.  The trip cost California taxpayers $147,187.  Read More

· Many expect crowning glory for Smarty Jones.  Smallish colt will win Belmont on Saturday, become first since Affirmed in 1978 to win Triple Crown.  Read More

· $8M for 9/11 victim.  A 32-year-old West Side woman brutally injured in the 9/11 terrorist attacks has been awarded $8.6 million by the federal Victim Compensation Fund, the largest payment under the program so far.  Read More

· Rollover victim wins $369M verdict.  A jury has ordered Ford Motor Co. to pay nearly $369 million to a woman paralyzed in a rollover accident involving a Ford Explorer, the nation's best-selling sport utility vehicle.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Enigmatic [en·ig·mat·ic] adj.  Of or resembling an enigma; puzzling: "An enigmatic tax form."  Read More

· The bare necessities.  Glamour model Jodie Marsh drew gasps from celebs - and plenty of stares - when she showed up at a showbiz bash wearing next to nothing.  Read More

· 'Torso' killer seeking return of luxury items.  Valerie Pape, a former Scottsdale salon owner convicted of killing her husband in the grisly 2000 "torso murder," has filed a legal claim against Mesa to get back her snakeskin suits, Ralph Lauren umbrella and designer purses.  Read More

· Police say teen got porn with jail money.  Most McHenry County jail inmates use their commissary accounts to buy chips, candy bars and toothpaste.  David A. Regal used his to purchase pornography, according to an indictment issued Thursday by a county grand jury.  Read More

· Cops Dress in Camouflage to Nab Speeders.  Pittsburgh state police are taking to the woods to catch those pesky speeders - dressed in camouflage and armed.  Read More

Thursday, June 3, 2004

· CIA Director Tenet Resigns.  Bush said he met with Tenet on Wednesday night in the White House. Tenet said he was resigning for personal reasons.  Read More

· Boy Collapses at Spelling Bee, Nails Word.  The National Spelling Bee took a scary turn Thursday when a 13-year-old Colorado boy appeared to faint and collapsed on stage, drawing gasps from an audience packed in for the finals. Akshay Buddiga gathered himself after a few seconds, stood up and, to the amazement of the judges, immediately started spelling his word: "alopecoid."  Read More

· Exhibit reveals Houdini's secrets.  The secret of Harry Houdini's signature "Metamorphosis" escape trick is out of the bag.  Read More

· 10 years later:  Greta to do O.J. interview.  It has been ten years now, and Fox News' Greta Van Susteren ("On the Record") will interview O.J. Simpson for the full hour on Monday.  Read More

· 'Ladies Night' Discount Axed in N.J. Bars.  David R. Gillespie said it was not fair for women to get into the Coastline nightclub for free and receive discounted drinks while men paid a $5 cover charge and full price for drinks.  Read More

· Twister: Up close and personal.  A tornado is too close for comfort as Jo Anne Grady of North Platte takes its picture near Gothenburg, Nebraska.  Read More

· Police: No evidence in old abuse claim against Jackson.  Police said Wednesday they found no evidence to support child abuse allegations from the 1980s against singer Michael Jackson.  Read More

· Calif. Schools Sued for Suspending Teen.  An L.A. school district was accused Wednesday of violating the civil rights of a student who was suspended for wearing a T-shirt saying "Homosexuality is Shameful."  Read More

· Update: Jessica Simpson Sues Producer-Promoter.  Singer Jessica Simpson has filed a breach of contract lawsuit claiming a New Jersey producer-promoter owes her $140,000.  Simpson's lawsuit, filed in Manhattan's state Supreme Court, says she agreed to perform for an hour on Oct. 23, 2003, at the Grand Prix of Puerto Rico. She also agreed to wear a T-shirt imprinted with the logo "MOTOROCK," an auto racing company, while filming a music video.  Read More

· Martha Stewart's Childhood Home for Sale.  For sale: three-story Colonial situated in homey bedroom community just 12 miles from New York City. Amenities include mature fig trees planted by Martha Stewart and a holly bush she and her father pruned in the shape of a cone.  Read More

· Test your 'Harry Potter' knowledge.  How well do you know the "Harry Potter" series? See if your memory is magical by testing it on our trivia quiz. Get a perfect score, and you'll win bragging rights and the ability to call yourself a true J.K. Rowling fan.  Read More

· Sad farewell to slain Juilliard student.  Sarah Fox's family and friends remembered the murdered drama student yesterday as a "gift from God" who filled their lives with joy.  Read More

· The Gamblers.  Stakes high for struggling Indiana town hosting Kenny Rogers show.  Read More

· 'Sopranos' to Air Its Season Finale.  "The Sopranos" airs its fifth-season finale Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO (unavailable for preview). Then 10 more episodes in 2005 will close this magnificent saga.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Ravenous [rav·en·ous] adj.  1. Extremely hungry; voracious.  2. Rapacious; predatory.  3. Greedy for gratification: "ravenous for power."  Read More

· Private spaceship set for historic flight.  SpaceShipOne's team has made a date with history for June 21, setting the first full day of summer as launch day for the first piloted spaceflight in a privately developed craft.  Read More

· Lingerie Postcards Get Husbands In Hot Water.  When the proprietor of a new lingerie shop in Portland, Oregon, sent out 10,000 postcards inviting locals to her grand opening, she had no idea of the grief she'd be causing.  Read More

· tobacco giant tests chocolate cigarettes.  Tobacco giant British American Tobacco (BAT) has been testing cigarettes flavoured with substances such as chocolate and wine, a report said today.  Read More

· Man Charged With Ordering Dog To Attack Mailman.  A Bridgeport, Conn. man was arrested Tuesday after police said he allegedly ordered his dog to bite a U.S. Postal Service carrier, who suffered puncture wounds in his leg.  Read More

· $85 million in unclaimed bottle deposits up for grabs.  Beer and soda companies have poured millions into lobbying and campaign contributions in the last three years, in part to block a bill that would seize $85 million they now keep in nickel bottle deposits that go unclaimed.  Read More

· Rewiew: Google's E-Mail Service Flexible.  Google Inc.'s free e-mail service has been derided as an obnoxious privacy invasion that will suck up vast amounts of user data and deposit information into a massive database that never disappears. And that's before it's even officially available.  Read More

June 3, 2004

· Boston junior high sex racket probed.  Boston authorities are probing an alleged junior high prostitution racket, including whether to charge a 13-year-old girl accused of pressuring her mentally impaired friend into turning tricks for as little as $5.  Read More

· Model is shot in the subway.  A gorgeous model and actress who came to New York to make it big on Broadway was wounded yesterday in a mysterious subway shooting that sparked afternoon pandemonium in Times Square, police said.  Read More

· HBO Video Curbs Police Enthusiasm.  A man spent five and a half months in jail on murder charges before his attorney found video footage taken by the show at Dodger Stadium that backs up his client's claims of innocence.  Read More

· Peterson defense calls prosecution case weak.  Scott Peterson's attorney on Wednesday criticized the state case against the former fertilizer salesman, telling jurors that there was no evidence to connect Peterson to the death of his pregnant wife.  Read More

      » Scott Peterson News.  Latest news coverage on the Scott Peterson trial of murdered wife Laci Peterson and son Connor.  Read More

· Enron Traders Caught On Tape.  When a forest fire shut down a major transmission line into California, cutting power supplies and raising prices, Enron energy traders celebratedSteve Hochstein.  "Burn, baby, burn. That's a beautiful thing," a trader sang about the massive fire.  Read More

· Deadly coffee.  "Who would think a coffee mug could be so deadly?" asked David Carter, whose mom was in a packed church van that crashed after the container wedged under the brake pedal - leaving three dead, nine injured and a congregation shattered.  Read More

· Judgment Against 'Pee Diddy' Overturned.  The North Carolina Court of Appeals has overturned a civil judgment ordering rapper Sean "Pee Diddy" Combs to pay $450,000 to a man who claimed he was beaten by bodyguards the rapper had hired.  Read More

· McCartney tried heroin, preferred cocaine  Paul McCartney says he got no thrill from heroin, but found cocaine more to his liking for a time.  Read More

· 'Kojak' killer released from prison.  A man whose lawyer unsuccessfully argued that violent TV shows like "Kojak" led him to murder a neighbor in 1977 was released from prison Tuesday after 27 years and will be deported to his native Costa Rica.  Read More

· Judge Bars Word 'Victim' From Kobe Trial.  In a ruling made public Tuesday, state District Judge Terry Ruckriegle said he agreed with Bryant's lawyers that the term implies guilt and should not be used at trial. He said she must be referred to by name; or in jury instructions, where she must be referred to as "person."  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Contemporaneous [con·tem·po·ra·ne·ous] adj.  Originating, existing, or happening during the same period of time: "The contemporaneous court cases for the two defendants."  Read More

· Playmates without the staples.  When a man finds himself on a circular bed with three Playboy centerfold models, the smile stretching across his face reflects something between bliss and bewilderment.  Read More

· Hung butchers 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game.'  William Hung butchered "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" during the seventh-inning stretch of Sunday's matchup between the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers, much to the delight of 22,225 at SkyDome.  Read More

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

· L.A. Reporter Sues PI Intimidator.  A Los Angeles journalist has sued an imprisoned Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano, and a convicted drug dealer, claiming that the men were part of a harassment campaign that included the illegal wiretapping of her telephone lines and a 2002 death threat.  Read More

· What Are Carbs? Survey Finds Many People Don't Know.  Although low-carb information seems to be everywhere, a new survey finds a lot of people interested in healthy eating don't even know what a carb is.  Read More

· Judge OKs Marc Anthony, Torres Divorce.  A judge approved a divorce Tuesday for Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres.  Read More

· Grand Jury May Hear New Hoffa Information.  Authorities in Michigan will consider going to a grand jury because of new information in the nearly 30-year-old mystery of what happened to famed labor leader Jimmy Hoffa.  Read More

· Saudis let thugs go.  Saudi commandos cut a deal to let Al Qaeda terrorists escape and stage-managed a dramatic "rescue" of dozens of hostages at a luxury housing complex, survivors and witnesses allege.  Read More

· Julia Roberts to Have Twins.  Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts is pregnant with twins, according to People magazine.  Read More

· 'Shrek' leads record Memorial Day weekend.  "Shrek 2" retained the top spot with $92.2 million over the long weekend, fending off the global-catastrophe tale "The Day After Tomorrow," which debuted with $86 million, according to studio estimates Monday.  Read More

· Kwame Jackson Axed As Trump Pageant Judge.  Less than two months after getting fired by Donald Trump on the U.S. reality show "The Apprentice," runner-up Kwame Jackson got the boot again - as a judge for Trump's Miss Universe pageant.  Read More

· Mystery hand falls from sky.  A boat party in an exclusive area of Long Island Sunday night was interrupted - when a severed human hand mysteriously dropped out of the sky onto the deck of a boat, police said yesterday.  Read More

· Insults secretly added to yearbooks.  High School Principal John Stapelfeld condemned as "mean spirited," the rewriting of two senior girls' bios to include derogatory comments that were printed in 250 yearbooks for the graduating class.  Read More

· Hepburn tops beauty list.  Film legend Audrey Hepburn has been named the most naturally beautiful woman of all time by a panel of experts.  Read More

· Pizza man saved by gun, but fired for packin' heat.  A pizza deliveryman won't face charges for fatally shooting a would-be robber several times when he was approached in a high-crime area, but his employer, Pizza Hut, has fired him for violating a company policy against carrying firearms.  Read More

· Finally, a low-carb potato.  Scientists have created a type of potato so low in carbohydrates that it could be used in the Atkins diet.  Read More

· China warns Britney over outfits.  Chinese ministry officials are concerned about the star's sexy image and have asked the concert's Chinese organizers to guarantee she doesn't show too much skin on stage  Read More

· Study shows car drivers pack pounds.  Spending more time behind the wheel - and less time on two feet - is adding inches to waistlines and contributing to the nation's obesity epidemic, a new study concludes.  Read More

· Thieves Steal 325 Flags From Holiday Display.  A Mentor man put a lot time into decorating his front yard with more than 325 American flags for the Memorial Day holiday.  But when Chester Matyjasik woke up Sunday, most of the flags were gone.  Read More

· George Soros putting his fortune behind a new cause: Ousting Bush.  George Soros bet against the dollar and made "the killing of a lifetime." Then he bet against the pound and made a bigger one.  Now Soros, a storied financial and political speculator, says another of his bets is about to pay off: more than $15 million against President Bush.  Read More

· Anti-smoking in cars bill dead in Calif.  Legislation that would empower police to stop vehicles in which a passenger under the age of 19 was smoking has been defeated in California.  Read More

· Sen. Candidate Adds Joke Writer to Staff.  Roy Teicher made it big in the other Hollywood as a joke writer for "The Tonight Show," "Newhart," "Mork & Mindy" and other sitcoms and movies. Now in the city with the same name on the other coast, he's going after an audience that's a little different — Florida voters.  Read More

· World's oldest person dies at 114.  Ramona Trinidad Iglesias Jordan, who at age 114 was recognized as the world's oldest person, has died after a bout with pneumonia, her family said Monday.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Verbose [ver·bose] adj.  Using or containing a great and usually an excessive number of words; wordy.  Read More

· Tech conference offers what's next.  A television sewn into your shirt sleeve. A dashboard screen to monitor the kids in the back seat. A 3-D computer monitor sharp enough to make a hardcore gamer's heart stop - or help a surgeon start one.  Read More

· Fire On The Seattle Monorail.  Fire struck one of Seattle's monorail trains outside the Experience Music Project at the Seattle Center Monday afternoon.  Read More

· Hacking Sparks Need for Complex Passwords.  As more websites demand passwords, scammers are getting more clever about stealing them.  Read More

· Road to poker glory through the Internet.  For the second straight year, an Internet unknown won the famed $5 million World Series of Poker, ravaging a field of professional players on his way to glory and riches.  Read More

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