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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

· Update:  Potato growers say they'll pitch a 'low-carb' spud.  For dieters, potatoes have been scorned, rejected and castigated — the Rodney Dangerfield of vegetables, they get no respect.  Florida growers will be pitching a potato they hope will be a hot one — it claims one-third fewer carbs than the ordinary spud.  Read More

· Mary-Kate Olsen has anorexia.  Mary-Kate Olsen, the brunette half of the Olsen twins entertainment empire, has entered a treatment facility "to seek professional help for a health-related issue," her publicist said Tuesday.  Read More

· Reagan dime off the table.  Of all the ways being considered to honor Ronald Reagan, the push to put his face on the dime - replacing that of Franklin Roosevelt - is "pretty much dead," said Jim LaFemina, press secretary for the U.S. Mint.  Read More

· At Used-Book Stores, Unintended Mysteries Are Often the Best.  A book is a good place to stash personal, valuable, embarrassing stuff. Unless, forgetting all about the stuff, you sell the book to a used book store.  Read More

· Board Upholds R Rating for 'Fahrenheit.'  Michael Moore and his distributors lost their appeal Tuesday to lower the R rating for "Fahrenheit 9/11," his scathing assault on President Bush's actions before and after the Sept. 11 attacks.  Read More

· Friends testify Laci was feeling too sick to exercise pet.  Laci Peterson was in so much discomfort from her pregnancy that four days before she was reported missing she had to be helped to her car following a low-impact yoga class, her instructor testified in court Monday.  Read More

· Man guilty of Super Bowl streak.  A British man who streaked at the Super Bowl has been found guilty of criminal trespass and could be jailed for 180 days.  Read More

· Blind Get Earful of Spam Daily.  Think looking at spam is offensive? Try listening to it.  For the millions of blind and visually impaired Internet users around the world, using text-to-speech software is often the only way to check e-mail. But as the spam problem gets worse, more and more of those users are finding that having their e-mail read aloud can be a minefield.  Read More

· Found: The gun that started a world war.  The Browning pistol that killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand and sparked the crisis leading to the First World War has been discovered gathering dust in a Jesuit community house in Austria.  Read More

· Air America hits sour ratings note.  In addition to ratings in the dumpster - according to the Wall Street Journal - many of the liberal Air America radio investors thought the network had already raised $30 million — when, in fact, only $6 million had been raised before the network launched.  Read More

· Liv Tyler Expecting First Child.  "The Lord of the Rings" star Liv Tyler is pregnant with her first child, People magazine says.  Read More

· Both sides in Kobe Bryant case zeroing in on late August trial.  Attorneys on both sides of the Kobe Bryant sexual assault trial sharply clashed over how to instruct potential jurors in the upcoming trial even as they appeared to agree on an August court date.  Read More

      » Kobe Bryant News.  Latest news coverage on the Kobe Bryant alleged sexual assault case.  Read More

· Private spaceship ride 'mind-blowing,' pilot says.  The man who became the first person to pilot a privately built craft into space called his flight "almost a religious experience" after his safe landing Monday morning.  Read More

· Britney's mom runs over photographer.  Having been forced to cancel her world tour after knee surgery, the singer’s life was further complicated when her 4x4 drove hit a cameraman over the weekend.  Read More

· Di's Butler Brings Show To NYC.  Princess Diana's former butler said Sunday he believes the royal family understands why he wrote a book — and is now mounting a one-man stage show — about his relationship with the princess.  Read More

· Ex-Bon Jovi Bassist Unloads Memorabilia.  Years ago, Alec John Such provided the backbeat as bassist for Bon Jovi. It's been 10 years since he left the band, and he wants to move to a smaller place.  Read More

· al Qaeda cell leader trained with Saudi military.  The man most likely to take over leadership of al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia reportedly trained with the Saudi military and worked as a prison guard before joining Muslim militants in Afghanistan.  Read More

· Florida Woman Dies From Mad Cow Disease.  A 25-year-old woman with the human variant of mad cow disease has died, the first such death in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.  Read More

· Man Stops Deputy For Speeding; Entire Family Ends Up Jailed.  A motorist's decision to stop a deputy for speeding escalated into a series of incidents than ended with his entire family joining him in jail.  Read More

· Ex-wife of GOP Senate candidate alleged sex club forays.  The ex-wife of Jack Ryan, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Illinois, alleged in court papers filed in 2000 that he took her to sex clubs and asked her to engage in sexual activity in front of other patrons.  Read More

· McDonald's Testing Self-Service Kiosks.  McDonald's is testing self-service kiosks around the country where customers can use a push-button system to place their own orders, a move that could eventually become standard at many of its restaurants.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Epicurean [ep·i·cu·re·an] adj.  Devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure, especially to the enjoyment of good food and comfort.  Read More

· Merrill Lynch Fears More Circ Flaps; Advertising Fallout.  Troubled by last week's circulation scandals at Hollinger International's Chicago Sun-Times and the Tribune Co.'s Newsday and Hoy, Merrill Lynch's Lauren Rich Fine released a report today calling into question the reliability of circulation figures for the entire industry. "Our biggest fear," the report said, "is that these two announcements may not be isolated incidents."  Read More

· Martina wins one for ages.  Martina Navratilova serves up victory over 24-year-old Catalina Castano in return to place she left as champion 10 years ago.  Read More

· California Dropout Scores Perfect GED.  A 20-year-old California man who dropped out of high school to care for his ailing father has earned the first perfect GED score the state has seen in the past decade.  State officials say Zachary Olkewicz earned the only perfect score among the 569,000 people who took the GED in California in that period.  Read More

· Family goes on 11,000-mile trip on vegetable oil.  Mali Blotta and David Modersbach were unfazed by rising gas prices when they drove 11,000 miles during a recent family road trip from California to Argentina.  Their 24-year-old station wagon runs on much cheaper fuel: recycled vegetable oil.  Read More

· On TV, nothing's hotter than Vegas, baby.  When MTV came to Las Vegas three years ago, some of the Strip's biggest hotel-casinos refused to host "The Real World."  Read More

Monday, June 21, 2004

· Martha Stewart Meets with Shareholders.  Lifestyle expert Martha Stewart said on Monday she had endured a year fraught with sorrow and missed her job, but that her conviction for lying about a stock sale should not affect her namesake company, according to shareholders at the company's annual meeting.  Read More

· The 'real' killers of JonBenet?  A new British documentary claims to have found compelling evidence pointing to who might have killed JonBenet Ramsey in December 1996.  Read More

· Ben Affleck wins big in major poker championship.  For the first time, a major open tournament was won by a film celebrity. Playing a very strong game throughout, actor Ben Affleck took the championship and $356,400 in first-place prize money.  Read More

· Dog sense of smell may help diagnose disease.  Scientists are training dogs in the hopes that they may one day be able to reliably diagnose certain forms of cancer by smell, and help doctors catch these diseases earlier than conventional diagnostic tools.  Read More

· Success!  Plane Soars Out of Earth's Atmosphere.  Nestled beneath an alien-looking airplane, a rocket plane soared out of Earth's atmosphere Monday in history's first privately financed manned spaceflight, then glided back to an unpowered landing.  Read More

· San Francisco wants non-citizen voting rights.  In a push to get more immigrants involved in their children's education, San Francisco officials want to ask voters in November to give illegal parents the right to vote in school board elections.  Read More

· Wanted: Gilligan, a Skipper too, a millionaire and his wife.  Fans of the '60s sitcom "Gilligan's Island" can mimic the seven castaways' slapstick antics in a new reality show that is recruiting tonight in Newburyport, Massachusetts.  Read More

· Connecticut Gov. Rowland to Resign.  Connecticut Gov. John G. Rowland, the subject of investigations into alleged corruption and facing possible impeachment, will announce his resignation Monday night.  Read More

· Pope singles out 'Esther' for criticism.  Esther, formerly known as Madonna, has come under scrutiny from the Vatican because of her support of Kabbalah. The former Material Girl has become the world’s highest-profile member of the Kabbalah Centre, a controversial offshoot of Judaism.  Read More

· Hotmail bounces Gmail invitations.  Invitations to join Google's free email service, which have become much-desired, have been bounced by MSN Hotmail accounts.  Read More

· Kobe: Waiting For Trial Date.  The Los Angeles Lakers guard is scheduled to return to Eagle today for a two-day hearing, during which the judge could set a date for the trial. One more pretrial hearing is scheduled for late July.  Read More

      » Kobe Bryant News.  Latest news coverage on the Kobe Bryant alleged sexual assault case.  Read More

· Supreme Court: Keeping name private can be a crime.  The Supreme Court ruled Monday that people do not have a constitutional right to refuse to tell police their names.  Read More

· 'Dodgeball' Bombards 'Terminal' in Movie Debut.  Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn buried Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg under a barrage of red rubber balls. Stiller and Vaughn's "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" debuted as the weekend's top movie with $30 million, whipping "The Terminal," which opened at No. 2 with $18.7 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.  Read More

· Update: Tobacco war hits California beaches.  After several Southern California cities, including Los Angeles, prohibited smoking on beaches this spring, a bill is moving through the Legislature to make every stretch of sand along the state's 1,100-mile coastline smoke-free.  Read More

· Mickelson a hit in the Hamptons.  Phil Mickelson is fast becoming the Arnold Palmer of the 2000s, the most popular player in the world. New York seemed to love Phil's style, and when he doubled 17, it was like a death in the family on the course.  Read More

      » Woods no longer great player, nor good guy.  Tiger's attitude, caddie's behavior have cost him goodwill from past.  Read More

· New evidence on Iraq-Al-Qaida.  The commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks has received new information indicating that a senior officer in an elite unit of the security services of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein may have been a member of al-Qaida involved in the planning of the suicide hijackings, panel members said Sunday.  Read More

· Reds' Griffey Hits 500th Homer in Victory.  Ken Griffey Jr. trotted around the bases as if it were just another home run. It was anything but that — Griffey hit a 2-2 fastball from Matt Morris into the right-field stands to lead off the sixth inning Sunday, securing a spot in the record books as the 20th player with 500 homers.  Read More

· Bill's Chelsea fears.  After he came clean about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton was haunted by fears that his daughter, Chelsea, would never forgive him.  "I was afraid that I would lose not only my marriage but my daughter's love and respect as well," the former President said on "60 Minutes" last night.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Aesthetic [aes·thet·ic] adj.  1. Of or concerning the appreciation of beauty or good taste.  2. Characterized by a heightened sensitivity to beauty.  Read More

· McCartney Plays for 50,000 in Russia.  Paul McCartney kicked off his concert Sunday before an estimated crowd of 50,000 in St. Petersburg's Palace Square, making only his second appearance in Russia where fans once had to listen to the outlawed Beatles in secret.  Read More

· Man Claims He Was Tricked to Join Army.  A recent high school graduate is accusing an Army recruiter of tricking him into enlisting once he changed his mind about joining the military.  Ryan Winter, 18, says the recruiter repeatedly assured him before he reported that he would simply have to head to Fort Jackson in South Carolina for a 'brief out-processing procedure.'   Read More

Sunday, June 20, 2004

· Airliner lands at wrong airport.  A Northwest Airlines flight that was headed to Rapid City, South Dakota, landed a few miles off course at Ellsworth Air Force Base. Passengers were told to shut their window shades and not look out of the plane, while the hapless captain was being interrogated for three hours.  Read More

· 'Full House' Star Loughlin Returns to TV.  After a nearly 10-year hiatus, erstwhile "Full House" star Lori Loughlin is back on the small screen.  Read More

· Oregon doctor jailed for billing for sex.  Doctor charged state $5,000 for patient‘s pelvic 'treatments.'  An Oregon doctor, who had sex with a patient and then charged the state about $5,000 for his “treatments,” has been jailed for 60 days and stripped of his license, officials said.  Read More

· NBC Hunts for Experts to Fill Olympics Air.  NBC's staggering plan to broadcast 1,210 hours of the Olympics over six networks this summer left its executives with a real problem. Just where do you find somebody who can talk skillfully and colorfully about badminton? Or handball? Or tae kwon do? The answers came from some unlikely people.  Read More

· Will Smith gets $1.8 million movie trailer.  The 1,100-square-foot "yacht on wheels" is where Smith hangs during downtime on the set of his new action movie, "The Last First Kiss," currently filming on location in New York.  Read More

· Prosecutors seeking Lay indictment.  Federal prosecutors plan to ask a grand jury to indict Ken Lay on charges relating to the last few months he was at the helm of Enron as the company spiralled into its stunning 2001 collapse. The indictments are expected within two weeks.  Read More

· Courtney 'loves' to run naked in apartment.  Rocker Lenny Kravitz is very happy with his neighbour Courtney Love, who has a fetish for running naked in her apartment building. "Exciting neighbour to have. You open the elevator and she's naked in there. The doorman will say, 'She was naked, running through the lobby,'" Kravitz said.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Nepotism [nep·o·tism] n.  Favoritism shown or patronage granted to relatives, as in business.  Read More

· Eric Clapton to auction more prized guitars.  The guitar Eric Clapton used to record the one of his biggest hits, "Cocaine," is going on the auction block to benefit the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center the legendary rock musician founded.  Read More

· Undercover car salesman tells us all the secrets.  Are you afraid of being cheated, ripped off, hoodwinked, suckered or fleeced?  You Should be.  Read More

· $145 million jackpot reflects trend in state lotteries.  This is exactly what state officials had in mind last year when, over the grumbling of many regular players, they made the Lotto Texas game much harder to win.  Read More

Saturday, June 19, 2004

· Blake Lawyers Won't Be Ready for Trial.  Robert Blake's latest lawyer says there is almost no way he'll be prepared to defend the actor on charges of murdering his wife by the Sept. 9 date the case is scheduled to go to trial.  Read More

· Spike Lee Receives Key to Dallas.  For some unknown reason, Filmmaker Spike Lee received a lifetime achievement award and a key to the city of Dallas at the Fourth Annual Lyrical Underground, an event celebrating Black Music Month.  Read More

· Bryant prosecutors quit DNA retesting try.  Prosecutors have abandoned their bid to retest DNA evidence in the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case, accusing the NBA star’s defense team of wasting so much time that to start testing now would delay the trial.  Read More

· Bridge rusts amid debate over color.  Covington Mayor Butch Callery says it's time to end the years-old debate over what color to repaint the Roebling Suspension Bridge. He just wants to see the historic span get a fresh coat.  Read More

· Phil handles course load.  Phil Mickelson is at it again, apparently not satisfied with just the green jacket he won at the Masters. Taking aim at a U.S. Open title in front of New York galleries that have adopted him as their own, Mickelson fired a second-round 66 at uncommonly sultry Shinnecock Hills yesterday.  Read More

· Red-faced officials admit rapper made video in jail.  A best-selling rapper filmed an unauthorized video at the Fulton County Jail while out on work release from another jail, embarrassed county officials said.  Read More

· Ron Jr. hits Bush team.  Ronald Reagan's son harshly criticized the Bush White House for invoking religion and his father's name to justify the Iraq war and scoffed, "They're no Ronald Reagans."  Read More

· Jackson Leaving Lakers, Shaq Asks for a Trade.  Phil Jackson, one of the most successful coaches in NBA history, won't return in that capacity with the Lakers next season, the team said Friday. As that was being announced, a team source told the AP on condition of anonymity that Shaquille O'Neal, a staunch supporter of Jackson, had requested a trade. And as expected, Kobe Bryant became an unrestricted free agent, opting out of his contract.  Read More

· Marshmallow error lands woman in shackles.  A teacher's aide who forgot to put away her marshmallows and hot chocolate at Yellowstone National Park last year was taken from her cruise ship cabin in handcuffs and hauled before a judge, accused of failing to pay the year-old fine.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Cavernous [cav·ern·ous] adj.  Resembling a cavern, as in depth, vastness, or effect: a cavernous yawn; cavernous echoes.  Read More

· Gorilla's amazing leap puzzles zoo experts.  A cheetah could do it. So could a chimpanzee. But no one expected a stocky, knuckle-dragging 340-pound gorilla to leap across a 12-foot-wide moat and a wall that separated him from visitors at the Dallas Zoo.  Read More

Friday, June 18, 2004

· Scumbags kill hostage.  An al-Qaida group said Friday it killed American hostage Paul M. Johnson Jr, posting an Internet message that showed photographs of a beheaded body that appeared to be his  [As usual, no outrage from the Muslim community].  Read More

· Charges Against Winona Ryder Reduced.  The judge in Winona Ryder's shoplifting case reduced her felony convictions to misdemeanors Friday and allowed her to finish probation unsupervised.  Read More

· Watch like Laci's was pawned.  The defense attorney for Scott Peterson - who is accused of killing his pregnant wife and unborn son - produced a pawn ticket in court Thursday showing that someone pawned a watch similar to one belonging to Laci Peterson, seven days after she was reported missing.  Read More

· Esther Prevails In Hiking Spat.  'Esther,' formerly known as Madonna, won her bid Friday to stop walkers from traipsing over large parts of her $16 million country estate in London.  Read More

· Producer Says Aretha Franklin Lip-Synched.  Aretha Franklin's performance of the national anthem before the decisive Game 5 of the NBA Finals was pre-recorded and lip-synched, one of the Queen of Soul's producers said.  Read More

· Kobe defense wins access to text messages.  A judge has granted Kobe Bryant’s attorneys access to cell phone text messages sent among three people — including the woman accusing the NBA star of rape — in the hours after the alleged attack.  Read More

· Book: Clinton Had to Sleep on the Couch.  Bill Clinton says in his new autobiography that his wife looked as if he had punched her in the gut when he finally confessed to his affair with Monica Lewinsky, and he spent at least two months sleeping on the couch after that.  Read More

· 'Hawaii Five-O' Star Honored With Bust.  Six years after his death, "Hawaii Five-O" star Jack Lord is being honored with a bronze bust at one of his favorite walking spots.  Read More

· How the bad guys won.  Chaos and confusion followed the catastrophe.  The commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks yesterday laid bare the failures and foulups after Al Qaeda pierced America's defenses, and played a recording of head hijacker Mohamed Atta's voice for the first time.  Read More

· Private Service Today for Ray Charles.  Stevie Wonder, B.B. King and Willie Nelson are among the stars set to bid farewell to Ray Charles at private ceremony Friday at the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles.  Read More

· Arnie frees record number of jail 'lifers.'  Arnold Schwarzenegger, the California governor who made his name playing movie tough guys, is under attack for freeing a record number of "lifers" from prison.  Read More

· New hacker alert.  Figures published this afternoon showed an astonishing one third of all PCs connected to the internet are infected with hacking software.  Read More

· Man charged with stealing $326,947.61 from Cleveland parking meters.  A Cleveland cashier is accused of stealing $326,947.62 in city parking meter coins while working for the bank that processed the change.  Read More

· Wendy's bets on 'drive-thru' only.  Wendy's is betting on a new store format that will make its fast food even faster by eliminating the dining room altogether.  Read More

· Missouri bans sexy billboards along state highways.  The Show Me State is cracking down on bawdy billboards. Gov. Bob Holden on Thursday signed a bill banning sexually suggestive billboards that promote strip clubs and other adult businesses. The ban applies within one mile of Missouri highways.  Read More

· School Superintendent Criticized After Paying For Employee Strip Show.  Covington, Ky. school superintendent Jack Moreland thought a little strip tease would be a good morale booster for his female employees. He may rethink the idea next year.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Boisterous [bois·ter·ous] adj.  Loud, noisy, and lacking in restraint or discipline.  Read More

· Kelly Ripa Signs $40 million 'Live' Contract.  Kelly Ripa will be a "Live" star for five more years, according to the syndicated TV entertainment show "Extra." Ripa, who landed her co-host role beside Regis Philbin in February 2001, reportedly will be paid about $40 million under her new "Live with Regis and Kelly" contract, or $8 million a year.  Read More

· American Idol Christian Version to Debut.  "Gifted," a Christian version of the popular American Idol TV show, is scheduled to debut in October on Trinity Broadcasting Network, the Costa Mesa, Calif.-based conglomerate that features such well-known evangelists as Benny Hinn.  Read More

· U.S. hip-hop cigarette ads halted.  Tobacco company Brown & Williamson has been ordered to recall thousands of cigarette packets after an advertising campaign was found to target children.  Read More

· Another ‘Bachelor’ romance bites the dust.  Yet another made-for-TV romance has been sacked, as New York Giants quarterback Jesse Palmer and the woman he chose on “The Bachelor” have broken up.  Read More

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