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Monday, May 24, 2004

· Court Dismisses Case Against Oregon Lawyer.  A federal court threw out the case Monday against an American lawyer arrested in connection with the Madrid train bombings, lifting a a cloud of suspicion that has surrounded the attorney since his arrest earlier this month.  Read More

· Idiot traffic plane pilot runs out of fuel.  A KCBS traffic plane made an emergency landing this morning on westbound Interstate 580 near San Fransisco after running out of fuel.  Read More

· Las Vegas Officials Worried About City's Foul Stench.  City officials, fearful that the smells emanating from downtown alleys is hampering the area's economic resurgence, have launched an assault on stench.  Read More

· Michael Moore's lies and fake interviews.  Moore's new movie attacking Bush was given a 20-minute standing ovation at the French Cannes Film Festival, but it turns out that it is based on another Moore fantasy - and his long history of stretching the truth.  Read More

· Google Lifts Secrecy on $2.7 Billion IPO.  Google Inc., whose very name is a metaphor for easy access to information, has lifted a shroud of secrecy on its estimated $2.7 billion initial public offering with an amended filing that said 31 Wall Street firms will help sell the deal.  Read More

· 'Shrek 2' Rakes in $104.3M at Box Office.  It's a humongous "happily ever after" for "Shrek 2." The computer-animated fairy tale satire collected an estimated $104.3 million at the weekend box office, the second-biggest three-day tally in movie history behind 2002's "Spider-Man," which took in $114.8 million.  Read More

· Heart belonged to Daddy.  Hours before little Stephanie Dieudonne fell from a Rye Playland ride to her death, the second-grader carefully drew a giant heart on a crisp piece of white paper. "I love you so much Daddy," she printed in crooked letters. "You are the best Daddy in the world."  Read More

· Simon bashes Britney for being fat.  Simon Cowell has told Britney Spears she needs to tone her body before dancing around in lingerie on her current tour.  Read More

· Comedian gets the last laugh.  A headstone has finally been erected over the grave of the comedian Spike Milligan, two years after his death, with his chosen epitaph: "I told you I was ill."  Read More

· Kirk Douglas, Wife Renew Wedding Vows.  Kirk and Anne Douglas said "I do" for the second time in 50 years at a mansion overlooking downtown LA, renewing the marriage vows the Hollywood couple first took when they eloped to Las Vegas in 1954.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Eponym [ep·o·nym ] n.  A person whose name is or is thought to be the source of the name of something, such as a city, country, or era.  "George Washington is the eponym of Washington DC."  Read More

· Madonna axes Israel gigs.  Death threats have reportedly forced pop superstar Madonna to cancel three shows in Israel.  A series of poison pen letters warned the singer she and her two young children would be killed if she went ahead with the gigs.  Read More

· Michael Jackson loves sucking bottles.  According to The Sun, the troubled star was recently caught sucking a baby bottle along with actor Macaulay Culkin's two-year-old baby brother. "Both were sucking baby bottles. It was not one of my son's he was busy with," Macaulay's dad Kit was quoted saying.  Read More

Sunday, May 23, 2004

· Bar Owners Turn Tables on Underage Drinkers.  A group of San Francisco bar owners is fighting back by taking underage drinkers to court and making them pay for lost wages and profits. The owner of one bar, Amante's, took a 20-year-old woman to small claims court and won a $5,000 judgment after she used a friend's ID to get in, resulting in a $3,000 fine for the bar.  Read More

· Newspapers Carry 'Doonesbury' Cartoon Apology.  Newspapers published an apology and said Sunday's satiric comic strip "Doonesbury" may offend some readers because it depicts a head on a platter, just two weeks after the decapitation of businessman Nicholas Berg in Iraq.  Read More

· DA Seeks to Keep $3M Michael Jackson Bail.  Michael Jackson's prosecutor is opposing a move by the pop singer to reduce his $3 million bail, arguing that he may be planning to flee the country.  Read More

· 'Pee Diddy' to Tackle Politics on MTV Show.  Fresh from his Broadway debut, Sean "Pee Diddy" Combs is heading back to MTV. Only this time, the hip-hop impresario plans to get political. In a new show tentatively called "Project Change," Combs hopes to grill President Bush and likely Democratic nominee John Kerry.  Read More

· Scientists Use Google To Measure Fame vs. Merit.  Singers Michael Jackson (5,570,000 Google hits) and Janet Jackson (3,190,000 hits), and actor Barry Williams (2,400,000 hits) - otherwise known as 'Greg Brady' in the hit 70's television show "The Brady Bunch" - trounce the one scientist who has crossed the million-hit mark: Albert Einstein (1,660,000 hits.)  Read More

· Now, two-thirds of all e-mail is spam.  And in the U.S., spam tops 80 percent mark.  When the amount of unwanted e-mail advertisements flying around the Internet surpassed the number of real e-mails last year, it was regarded as a landmark moment. Since then, things have only gotten worse, anti-spam firms say, and in April, another milestone was passed.  Read More

· Keith Richards Plays Small Gig in Conn.  Blues fans at a small Connecticut club were treated to a surprise performance by Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards. The guitarist jumped on stage at The BoxCar on Friday night for some off-the-cuff music with 89-year-old David Honeyboy Edwards and Rocky Lawrence.  Read More

· Female Circus Performer Suffers Fatal Fall During Show.  Police are investigating the death of a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus performer who fell around 30 feet onto a concrete floor during a show at the Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota.  Read More

· President Bush takes (another) tumble.  President Bush suffered cuts and bruises early Saturday afternoon when he fell while mountain biking on his ranch, White House spokesman Trent Duffy said.  Read More

· 'Schwarzenegger's DNA' No Longer for Sale.  A seller on eBay tried to auction off a cough drop that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger allegedly used, then tossed into a trash can — listing the item under the heading "Schwarzenegger's DNA."  Read More

· Deadly Paris airport roof collapse.  As many as six people were killed and three others injured when a massive section of a vaulted ceiling collapsed at a new passenger terminal at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport, officials said.  Read More

· Scientific breakthrough: the blue rose.  It is the "Holy Grail" of horticulture and soon it could make the perfect present for Mother's Day: scientists have found a way to produce a blue rose  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Gothic [Goth·ic] adj.  1. Relating to an architectural style reflecting the influence of the medieval Gothic.  2. Relating to a style of fiction characterized by the use of desolate or remote settings and macabre, mysterious, or violent incidents.  Read More

· Bloomberg passing out millions to no-show union workers.  The Bloomberg administration is shelling out millions of taxpayer dollars a year to hundreds of essential municipal workers who've been awarded no-show jobs.  Read More

· Maria Shriver Talks Politics on Jay Leno.  President Schwarzenegger Maria Shriver said Friday she supports a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow people born outside the United States - like her husband, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger - to run for president.  Read More

· 'Fahrenheit 9/11' wins top honor at Cannes.  American filmmaker Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11,” a scathing indictment of White House actions after the Sept. 11 attacks, won the top prize Saturday at the Cannes Film Festival.  Read More

Saturday, May 22, 2004

· Jenna Bush skips own graduation.  President Bush wasn't the only one who skipped the pomp and circumstance of his daughter's graduation from the University of Texas on Saturday. Jenna Bush did not participate either.  Read More

· Sprinter Marion Jones leaps to a win in the long jump.  Jones, who insists she’s able to focus on training and competing despite a cloud cast by the BALCO steroid investigation, was timed in a wind-aided 10.99 seconds in the 100, and took the long jump with a wind-aided leap of 23 feet, 4¾ inches.  Read More

· Bill Cosby Responds to Media Criticism.  Bill Cosby says that media rumors that he has abandoned the African American lower economic community are grossly exaggerated. A report in the "Reliable Source" column of the Washington Post left out an important piece of information from Cosby's remarks at the 50th anniversary of Brown V. Board of Education organized by the NAACP.  Read More

· DeGeneres, Brady among Daytime Emmy winners.  Ellen DeGeneres' program won best talk show Friday in its rookie year, but Wayne Brady won the Daytime Emmy award as best talk show host even though his program has been canceled.  Read More

· Half of big winner's assets frozen.  After picking up his $30-million jackpot from the Super 7 lottery last month, Ray Sobeski enjoyed the kind of financial freedom that most people can only dream of: He cancelled his credit cards, bought $28-million worth of GICs, put $640,000 in a cash account, bought a series of airline tickets and wrote substantial checks to a few close friends.  Read More

· An inkling of hope.  Larry Stewart, an ink expert with the Secret Service, was charged with perjury for allegedly lying on teh witness stand at the trial of Martha Stewart.

One of the key prosecution witnesses in the Martha Stewart trial was charged yesterday with perjuring himself while on the witness stand - a stunning development that could undermine the diva's conviction for lying to the government.  Read More

· Judge Rejects Man's Claim Against Britney.  Pop singer Britney Spears has been removed as defendant from a lawsuit filed by a Japanese man under a court order to stay away from her.  Read More

· Mystery call in jeweler's slay.  Just hours before he was executed, jeweler Eduard Nektalov got a mysterious call that his family and police believe is the key to his slaying.  Read More

· Klugman, Family and Friends Say Goodbye to Tony Randall.  Those who came for the traditional Jewish service punctuated by heartfelt eulogies included Walter Cronkite with wife Betsy; plus Kitty Carlisle Hart, Judd Hirsch, James Naughton, Len Cariou, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, two former New York mayors -- David Dinkins and Rudy Giuliani -- as well as Marian Seldes, Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson, Jerry Stiller and Ann Meara, Steve Buscemi, and, of course, Randall's great friend and acting partner since 1970, Jack Klugman.  Read More

· Tiny California town sold for $1.2m.  This tiny northern California town, which sparked an eBay bidding war nearly two years ago, has finally been sold - this time for real.  Read More

· Reporters Subpoenaed in CIA Leak.  Tim Russert, host of NBC's "Meet the Press," and Time reporter Matthew Cooper were subpoenaed by a special prosecutor. NBC said in a statement that it would fight the subpoena, as did a lawyer for Time.  Read More

· Mayor Ken Slams 'Idiot' Parents.  Parents who use four-wheel drive vehicles to take their children to city schools were tonight branded “idiots” by London Mayor Ken Livingstone.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Insidious [in·sid·i·ous] adj.  1. Working or spreading harmfully in a subtle or stealthy manner: insidious rumors; an insidious disease.  2. Beguiling but harmful; alluring: insidious pleasures.  Read More

· Slay at Shaq's.  A housekeeper cleaning Shaquille O'Neal's palatial Houston-area home was fatally stabbed yesterday and police arrested the worker's teenage son.  Read More

· Estee Lauder to Sell Pee Diddy Fragrance.  The cosmetics company is planning to create and market a new line of fragrances under the rapper's Sean John name.  Read More

· Oregon Prisoners Must Pay for Jail Stay.  First, Sheriff Tim Evinger eliminated ketchup, salt, coffee and pepper at the jail, a move he says saved an instant $30,000 a year in runaway beverage and condiment costs. Now, Evinger has decided to start charging inmates $60 a day to cover the costs of their stay behind bars.  Read More

· SWAT Called To Home With No One Inside.  What began as an assumed standoff ended peacefully Friday after a SWAT team was called to the Florida home for what it believed was a domestic disturbance.  Read More

· Va. Museum to Return Painting Nazis Stole.  A painting Nazis stole from an Austrian Jew more than a half-century ago soon will be returned to its original owner's sole heir.  Read More

· Hero whisks pregnant woman from tracks.  A subway "Superman" jumped onto the tracks and saved a pregnant woman who had fainted and fallen to the deadly rails in Queens yesterday morning, witnesses said.  Read More

Friday, May 21, 2004

· Jayson Williams to Face Retrial.  Former NBA star Jayson Williams will be retried on reckless manslaughter charges in the death of a limousine driver two years ago, a prosecutor said Friday.  Read More

· Close Call:  Ex-Soviet Officer Honored for Prudence.  A retired Soviet military officer was honored Friday for averting a potential nuclear war in 1983 by ignoring an alarm that said the United States had launched a ballistic missile, a U.S.-based peace association said on its Web site.  Read More

· Moody's Upgrades California, Citing Recovery.  As an endorsement of the steps made by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a leading Wall Street ratings agency on Friday raised California's credit rating - the first such upgrade in four years and a move that promised to bring down the state's borrowing costs on $44 billion in debt.  Read More

· As Cos tells it, we ain't learnt nothin' yet.  Bill Cosby was anything but politically correct in his remarks at a Constitution Hall bash in Washington commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision. To everyone's astonishment, laughter and applause, Cosby mocked everything from urban fashion to black spending and speaking habits.  Read More

· Google Names More Firms to Underwrite IPO.  Google Inc., the world's No. 1 Web search provider, on Friday named additional underwriters to manage its previously announced initial public offering of as much as $2.7 billion of Class A common stock.  Read More

· Postal Service To Ride With NASCAR.  As its contract with the U.S. Pro Cycling Team lead by five-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong runs out at the end of the year, the agency has taken on an associate sponsorship of a NASCAR team: The No. 27 car owned by Brewco Motor Sports and driven by Johnny Sautter. "This sponsorship will be for the remaining races in the 2004 NASCAR Busch series," Joyce Carrier, director of Public Affairs.  Read More

· Secret Service Agent Charged With Perjury in Stewart Trial.  Federal authorities Friday charged a national ink expert who works at the Secret Service from the Martha Stewart trial with perjury, accusing him of giving false testimony.  Read More

      » Stewart's Lawyers Say Case Undermined.  Defense lawyers for Martha Stewart said on Friday that perjury charges against a Secret Service laboratory director who testified against the celebrity homemaker along with questions about a juror undermined the prosecution of Stewart and her former broker.  Read More

· Perjury Charge For Stewart Trial Witness.  In an embarrassing blow to federal investigators, a Secret Service official has been charged with perjury in connection with his testimony during the Martha Stewart trial. [Court Filing]Read More

      » Martha Stewart News.  Latest news coverage of the Martha Stewart conviction and upcoming sentencing.  Read More

· California Teachers Helped Students Cheat.  At least 75 California teachers helped students cheat on standardized exams since a new testing program began five years ago, according to a newspaper report citing state documents.  Read More

· Helen Hunt Gives Birth.  The 40-year-old actress gave birth in Los Angeles Thursday night to a daughter, named McKenna, People magazine reported Friday on its Web site. This is the couple's first child.  Read More

· Shock Rock.  Madonna - who opens the tour on Monday in L.A. - doesn't skip a beat in making sure the $1 million-plus production is her most outrageous yet, complete with an electric chair, nearly nude pregnant women and plenty of lesbian love, according to reports out of London yesterday.  Read More

· Artist to pay big for split with porn gal.  Pop artist Jeffrey Koons has to pay his lawyers $2 million — including fees for watching his ex-wife's porn, a Manhattan judge has ruled.  Read More

· Mysterious Liberty nickel with colourful past fetches $3 million at auction.  A 1913 Liberty Head nickel that was minted under mysterious circumstances, owned by royalty and celebrated in an episode of TV's Hawaii Five-O was sold Thursday for $3 million US.  Read More

· Gates backs blogs for businesses.  In a speech to an audience of chief executives, Mr Gates said the regularly updated journals, or blogs, could be a good way for firms to tell customers, staff and partners what they are doing.  Read More

· Calif. to Ban Teens From Tanning Booths.  A state famous for tanned bodies and year-round sunshine would be the nation's first to ban teenagers from artificial tanning booths if a bill passed Thursday by the state Assembly becomes law.  Read More

· After repeatedly selling baby on Net, woman pleads guilty.  A British woman pleaded guilty Friday to selling her unborn baby to two couples over the Internet and arranging for a third to buy it as well.  Read More

· At home with Gene Simmons.  Onstage with his band KISS, Gene Simmons is a larger-than-life rocker, with startling black-and-white makeup, high-voltage frizzy black hair, and menacingly tall platform shoes. But, behind the front doors of his 16,500-square foot Beverly Hills mansion, Simmons is a dedicated father of two (Nick, 15, and Sophine, 11) and a savvy businessman who has parlayed his rock-star status into a lavish and laid-back lifestyle.  Read More

· N.Y. Lawyer Fined for Barking at Witness.  A lawyer who barked like a dog at a witness during a deposition has been fined $8,500 for misconduct and harassment of opponents.  Read More

· Woman's Conviction For Trying To Poison Boss Overturned.  A Florida state appeals court says a Miami woman cannot be convicted of attempting to poison her boss simply because there is no such crime.  Read More

· Two People Separately Claim Abandoned Girl.  A 3-year-old girl whose identity had been a mystery since she was abandoned early this month has been claimed separately by two people claiming to be her mother and her father, a state official said Thursday.  Read More

· Slaughter on 6th Ave.  A Diamond District merchant linked to a money-laundering scheme was shot and killed execution-style in the busy heart of midtown last night, police said.   Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Axiom [ax·i·om] n.  1. An established rule, principle, or law.  2. A self-evident or universally recognized truth; a maxim  3. A self-evident principle or one that is accepted as true without proof as the basis for argument.  Read More

· Lawsuit Accuses Playboy Of Age Discrimination.  A veteran editor who was fired from Playboy filed a lawsuit against the magazine claiming age discrimination. The former editor worked for Playboy for more than 30 years and was let go over what it calls a "difference in sensibility and a duplication of skill sets."   Read More

· Reformed E-Mail Spammer Testifies He May Relapse.  A junk e-mailer said on Thursday he had cleaned up his act to comply with a new anti-spam law, but might resort to illegal tactics if his messages continue to be blocked.  Read More

· Compromise Reached on S.C. Tattoo Ban.  South Carolina is close to removing its ban on tattoos after a legislative conference committee agreed to a compromise bill Thursday.  Many states outlawed tattooing in the 1960s, but South Carolina and Oklahoma are the only states to continue the ban today.  Read More

· McDonald's Targeted in Two Bomb Plots.  McDonald's was targeted in bomb plots Thursday in Turkey and Italy, with a small bomb damaging cars in a parking lot in Istanbul and firefighters defusing two explosives outside an outlet in Rome.  Read More

· Boy, 8, darts into traffic, trapped under car.  Without even pausing to think about the situation or assess possible alternatives, four Glendale firefighters saved a young boy's life by lifting a 3,000-pound vehicle off of him, relying on their instincts.  Read More

Thursday, May 20, 2004

· Kmart Lends Fashion To The Stars.  Stars of five shows on the WB television network will sport clothes from Kmart's revamped apparel lines next season as part of the retailer's strategy to set itself apart from ever-expanding competitors.  Read More

· Former Airplane drummer struggles with hard times.  The onetime drummer for the Jefferson Airplane lost virtually everything he owned - his gold albums, his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame award, all the posters he saved, his extensive photo and film archive including all the Super 8 home movies he took during the early days of the Airplane. The Red Cross found him a hotel room.  Read More

· 'Psycho' Shower Scene Named Best Movie Death.  In the gore stakes, Janet Leigh's shower scene in "Psycho" is the "best movie death" of all time, according to a critics' poll published.  Read More

· 'Mirror' boss becomes first man to gobble $1,000 omlette.  The US Editor of London Mirror, Anthony Harwood, is the first man to eat the world's most expensive omlette worth $1,000.  Read More

· Johnny Cash Items to Be Sold at Auction.  One piece at a time, Johnny Cash's guitars, banjos, handwritten lyrics, photographs, vintage black leather clothing, Grammy awards and other belongings will be auctioned this fall by Sotheby's.  Read More

· Jack's a friend to the end.  As soon as Jack Nicholson, 67, heard that an old buddy "only had a few weeks to live," says a source, "he jumped on a plane" from L.A. to New York - though it was his own birthday - so that he could spend time with his pal at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital.  Read More

· Fantasia, Diana in 'American Idol' Final.  Jasmine Trias was voted off "American Idol" after a longer journey than some thought she deserved, leaving Fantasia Barrino and Diana DeGarmo to sing off in next week's two-hour finale.  Read More

· Brad Pitt says he has four years of superstardom left.  Brad Pitt, fresh from his starring role in the swords-and-sandals epic "Troy", said his days as a Hollywood demi-god are numbered, in an interview with a German magazine.  Read More

· Sheriff drives Cadillac seized from drug dealer.  You may have seen Columbia County Sheriff Steve Rowe rolling down the road in his Escalade and asked why the county purchased a Cadillac after laying off employees last fall and while facing tighter and tighter budget constraints.  "It's not a toy - it's my way of showing people that I'm going to take what you get by selling drugs," he commented.  Read More

· Topless tab tops $28,000.  A Manhattan insurance executive was handed an eye-popping $28,000 bill after hours of Champagne-fueled frolicking at the East Side strip club Scores.  Read More

· Families Heckle Giuliani at 9/11 Hearing.  Outraged relatives of World Trade Center victims heckled former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani on Wednesday as their hopes that he would be grilled by the Sept. 11 commission faded in the face of gentle questioning and effusive praise from panel members.  Read More

· Picasso worth $3 million missing.  French police are investigating the disappearance of a painting by Pablo Picasso valued at $3 million from a warehouse owned by Paris' Pompidou Center, police said Wednesday.  Read More

· Firefighters Arrested, Suspected Of Arson At $1.5M Home.  Two firefighters and a former firefighter have been arrested in Phoenix for allegedly setting a blaze that destroyed a newly built suburban home.  Read More

· Prosecutor dismisses charges of candy theft.  Prosecutors agreed Wednesday to dismiss charges against a Northwestern student who was arrested earlier this month after eating two or three pieces of candy from an Evanston, Illinois convenience store.  Read More

· Leno Asks if Laura Bush Is Tough.  Jay Leno pressed Laura Bush on his show Wednesday: Who would win if she duked it out with Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of Democratic rival John Kerry?  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Stipend [sti·pend] n.  A fixed amount of money paid at regular intervals as a salary or to cover living expenses.  Read More

· Bill Cosby: Blacks can't speak English.  In the presence of NAACP President Kweisi Mfume and other African-American leaders, comedian Bill Cosby took aim at blacks who don't take responsibility for their economic status, blame police for incarcerations and teach their kids poor speaking habits.  Read More

· Airline to give free tickets for being nice.  Airlines have offered more legroom, televisions and even martinis on flights to draw customers in a highly competitive market. In the latest unusual effort, Delta's low-fare carrier, Song, will give free tickets to passengers who are nice to one another.  Read More

· Hooters waitresses to buoy U.S. troops' spirits.  "Hooters Girl" Angela Lanza wants to do something to lift the morale of GIs - so she's joining a USO tour.  Read More

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

· Company Recalls 5 Million Pounds of Raw Almonds.  A California company is recalling 5 million pounds of raw almonds sold nationwide after the Food and Drug Administration received seven reports of food poisoning.  Read More

· Another blow to Martha, Inc.  In another blow to the Martha Stewart brand name, Kmart has recalled 588 boxes of Martha Stewart Everyday Safety Matches due to a fire hazard, according to federal regulators.  Read More

· Students Charged for Taping Teacher.  Five high school seniors in Missouri have been charged with assault for allegedly trying to tape a teacher to a chair.  Read More

· Brando to play Brando in "Brando."  Reclusive actor Marlon Brando is in final negotiations to star as himself in "Brando and Brando", a low-budget movie about disenfranchisement and broken spirits.  Read More

· Online groceries quietly grow.  After the spectacular crashes of big-name Internet grocers in the late 1990s, the dream of a grand new wave of online food stores appeared to fizzle.  Read More

· CBS Adds Five New Series With Familiar Stars.  CBS is offering Rob Lowe as a doctor, Jason Alexander as a sportswriter and John Goodman as a family patriarch in new series that will debut this fall.  Read More

· ABC Appoints Vargas to Replace Walters.  ABC News on Tuesday appointed Elizabeth Vargas to replace Barbara Walters as co-host of the newsmagazine "20/20," and hired British celebrity interviewer Martin Bashir for the show.  Read More

· Randy Johnson pitches perfect game.  Arizona's Randy Johnson became the oldest pitcher in major league history to throw a perfect game, retiring all 27 hitters to lead the Diamondbacks over the Atlanta Braves 2-0 Tuesday night.  Read More

· Low-carb dieters lose weight faster.  Low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets such as the popular Atkins Diet lead to faster weight loss in the short term and greater improvements in blood fat levels compared with conventional, low-fat diets, according to two new reports.  However, one of the studies suggests that a low-carbohydrate regimen may be harder to maintain beyond six months.  Read More

· Osbournes Among Elite Getting New Bentley.  Car-crazed celebrities are getting behind the wheel of the hottest vehicle in years to sweep into the driveways of the well-heeled. "I've arrived! I finally am the owner of the most luxurious car in the world, my brand new Bentley," Sharon Osbourne cooed as she examined her new Bentley in the driveway of the couple's Beverly Hills estate.  Read More

· Cell switch rules go nationwide May 24.  Starting next week, millions of people in small cities and rural areas will be able to take advantage of federal rules allowing cellular users to keep their phone numbers when switching to new wireless carriers.  Read More

· Branson looking for 'reverse of Trump.'  IT's not "The Apprentice" or anything like it, says bil lionaire tycoon Richard Branson of his new jet-setting reality show that's in the works for Fox.

"I want a lot of the reverse of what Trump was looking for," Branson, the global adventurer, entrepreneur and founder/chairman of the Virgin group of companies told The Post yesterday about what qualities he'll be seeking in the candidates for his tentatively titled, "The Billionaire: Branson's Quest for the Best."  Read More

· Cameron's sole desire.  Cameron Diaz has been hot and heavy with hunky Justin Timberlake for more than a year, but she'd be just as happy without him.  "I live alone," says Diaz, who again gives voice to Princess Fiona in "Shrek 2," opening tomorrow.  "I love living alone," she added.  Read More

· Tony Blair hit during Commons protest.  Mr. Blair was speaking during his weekly half-hour appearance in the Commons when a projectile filled with purple powder hit him on his back.  MPs were immediately evacuated. Early tests suggest the powder was "benign" and not dangerous.  Read More

· Fireman arrested in Net kid-sex sting.  A Brooklyn firefighter was arrested yesterday for allegedly steaming up the Internet, trying to lure what he thought was a 14-year-old girl into having sex, authorities said.  Read More

· Madonna Fans Spend Big to Rock Out Live.  There's a reason she's called the Material Girl. If you want to see Madonna up close in concert on her "Re-Invention Tour" this summer, it'll cost you $300 for the best seats.  Read More

· Billy Joel Signs Book Publishing Deal.  First the Material Girl, now the Piano Man. Billy Joel has agreed to write two children's books for Scholastic, the U.S. publisher of the "Harry Potter" novels.  'Baby you can crash my car,' is the tentative title.  Read More

· Kerry, Nader to meet Wednesday.  John Kerry will meet Wednesday afternoon with independent candidate Ralph Nader and make his case for uniting Democrats behind the effort to defeat President Bush, Democratic officials said.  Read More

· Giuliani to Testify Before 9/11 Panel.  Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, whose steady, reassuring presence after the Sept. 11 attacks led some to dub him "America's mayor," was no stranger to prickly public confrontation during his years as head of City Hall.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Egregious [e·gre·gious] adj.  Conspicuously bad or offensive. "The judge's conduct was egregious."  Read More

· Jennings beats Brokaw.  ABC's Peter Jennings has bested NBC's Tom Brokaw in head-to-head competition for the second consecutive week.  Read More

· Giant rats trained to sniff out land mines.  Just about every method of detecting land mines has a drawback. Metal detectors cannot tell a mine from a tenpenny nail. Armored bulldozers work well only on level ground. Mine-sniffing dogs get bored, and if they make mistakes, they get blown up.  Read More

· Doors To 7 H.S. Buildings Superglued Shut.  The doors to seven buildings at Deland, Fla. High School were superglued shut Monday in an apparent end-of-year prank.  Read More

· Talking toilet orders German men to sit down.  A German inventor who developed a gadget that berates men if they try to use the toilet standing up has sold more than 1.6 million devices, his business manager says.  Read More

· Hundreds left stranded after fuel-gauge failures.  As though paying almost $2 per gallon wasn't bad enough, fuel-tank sensors have been failing throughout Louisville on different makes and years of cars burning different brands of gasoline.  Read More

· Calif. Bill Requires 'Spyware' Notice.  Consumers would have to be told before information-reporting "spyware" was added to their computers if legislation approved Tuesday by the California Senate becomes law. The measure by Sen. Kevin Murray, a Democrat, was sent to the Assembly by a 36-2 vote.  Read More

· Pint-Sized Chefs Get Cookin.'  A growing number of cooking schools, grocery chains and restaurants are offering classes and culinary summer camps for little ones. And a school just for kids called Viva the Chef, established last year in New Jersey, will soon open duplicates in 27 states across the country.   Read More

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

· Martha Stewart TV Show on Hiatus for Next Season.  Martha Stewart's home decorating and cooking show will be suspended for the coming season because she is awaiting sentencing after being convicted in a questionable stock sale.  Read More

· Man Wins $1.3M Jackpot at Tahoe Casino.  A Fremont, Calif., man said he was down to his 75 cents when Lady Luck intervened at a Lake Tahoe casino.  Kurt Kitajima walked away with a $1.3 million jackpot from the Lakeside Inn and Casino at Stateline.  Read More

· Rocket Launcher Found Near Atlanta Train Station.  A military rocket launcher was found Tuesday near a rail-transit station just outside Atlanta.  The shoulder-held launcher was found by transit employees around 2 p.m., according to transit authorities.  Read More

· The life and times of a UPS driver.  Bill Sender, a 42-year UPS veteran with a stellar driving record, used to service Beverly Hills.  "Peggy Lee was very nice, very friendly. Randolph Scott, he was friendly. James Stewart, friendly. They didn't treat you just like a guy who was delivering something and not worth saying hello to," Sender said.  Not everyone, he said, was nice. "A couple of unfriendlies would be Barbra Streisand and Liza Minelli."  Read More

· Day One:  More Than 1,000 Gay Couples Seek Licenses.  More than 1,000 gay couples sought applications for marriage licenses on the first day Massachusetts became the first state to allow same-sex couples to legally wed, a survey of the largest cities and towns in the state by The Associated Press showed.  Read More

· Fallon Signs Off 'Saturday Night Live.'  Say goodbye to Jimmy Fallon on "Saturday Night Live." Fallon has announced that he was leaving the comedy show at the end of his "Weekend Update" segment with Tina Fey on Saturday, the show's last original episode of the season.  Read More

· Ga. school's announcement tape switched with porn.  Some Chamblee High School students expecting to see the usual morning announcements instead glimpsed a hard-core prank Tuesday morning.  Read More

· U.S. Flag May Be Removed From Colorado Peak.  A U.S. flag erected at 13,000 feet as a memorial to victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks may be removed, U.S. Forest officials said.  Read More

· Flashback:  The U.S. Forest Service Says "No Flags" in National Forest Areas.  The U.S. Forest Service sent out letters to California residents leasing forestry land, saying they must immediately remove flagpoles flying the American flag.  Read More

· Can ‘Star Wars: Episode III’ be saved?  Fire Lucas, fire Christensen and resurrect Ed Wood from the grave.  Read More

· Fidel Castro can live to 140, doctor says.  Fidel Castro's doctor denied rumours that the president's health was ailing, saying today the 77-year-old leader is in excellent health and claiming he can live at least 140 years.  Read More

· New York cabbie drops off woman, then rapes her.  A taxi driver raped a 25-year-old woman inside her lower Manhattan apartment after picking her up on an upper West Side street corner, police said yesterday.  Read More

· ABC going to extremes.  Among the new shows introduced by the Mickey Mouse channel this year will be the edgy family hour "Life as We Know It" (formerly "Doing It"), the "American Beauty"-esque sudser "Desperate Housewives" and the long-in-the-works "Wife Swap."  Read More

· 'Odd Couple' actor Tony Randall dies at 84.  Randall, the comic actor known for playing lovably prissy characters, has died.  Read More

· Lawsuit alleges ESPN pirated minor league statistics.  The Computer Information Network, which does business as The Sports Network and, accused ESPN of "flagrant and brazen" theft of score updates and box scores by using the network's password-protected computer server.  Read More

· Tests Confirm Sarin in Iraqi Artillery Shell.  Tests on an artillery shell that blew up in Iraq on Saturday confirm that it did contain an estimated three or four liters of the deadly nerve agent sarin, Defense Department officials said.  Read More

· Dance Legend June Taylor Dies.  June Taylor, the Emmy Award-winning choreographer for Jackie Gleason's television variety show and later the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, died Monday. She was 86.  Read More

· Pacino, D'Angelo Settle Family Feud.  Say hello to Al Pacino's little friend - an agreement ending his bitter court clash with former flame Beverly D'Angelo  Read More

· Five cities in race for 2012 Olympic Games.  The International Olympic Committee has named a shortlist of five cities - London, Madrid, Moscow, New York and Paris - as possible hosts for the 2012 Olympics.  Read More

· Pierce Brosnan Turns 51 in Mexico City.  Pierce Brosnan celebrated his 51st birthday in Mexico City, raising a glass of tequila and cutting a cake with journalists covering his latest film, "The Matador."  Read More

· $3.5 Million Stradivarius Recovered.  The 1684 cello, valued at $3.5 million, was recovered over the weekend, but no arrests have been made, said Officer Eduardo Funes, a police spokesman.  Read More

· 9/11 panel cites N.Y. rescue flaws.  Rescuers on Sept. 11 were forced to make rapid-fire, life-and-death decisions based on incomplete communications, according to a new report by the federal commission investigating the attacks.  Read More

· Jerry Orbach Signs Off After 12 Years on 'Law & Order.'  Det. Lennie Briscoe turns in his badge on tomorrow's "Law & Order" after 12 years - but both he and the only man who's played him, Jerry Orbach, will return for a new "L&O" spinoff.  Read More

· Canada turns up heat on frozen pizza.  Over the past few years Canada and the United States have argued about bilateral trade in such high-profile commodities as wheat, softwood lumber, cattle and hogs. Now it's frozen self-rising pizza.  Read More

· Mariah: Singing a Tune of Self Destruct?  It was only three short years ago that Mariah Carey's career was in the toilet. But she seems to have forgotten that. Last week, Carey fired her longtime publicist, Cindi Berger, of powerhouse firm PMK HBH, because she reportedly held her responsible for a stupid, unchecked gossip item that ran in a local newspaper.  Read More

· Plane drunk is jailed.  A drunken airline passenger who asked a man to "step outside" for a fight during a flight was jailed for three months yesterday.  Read More

· No more 'Whoopi' at NBC.  NBC has canceled Whoopi Goldberg's eponymous sitcom, starring a multicultural cast and set in Manhattan, the New York Daily News reported Monday.  Read More

· Woods must realize he's slumping.  Watching Tiger Woods the last two weekends has been inspiring, distressing and mystifying to golf fans. The more Woods plays his heart out in narrow defeats, the more obvious it becomes that his golf swing is a wreck.  Read More

· Ohio business closes one year after president Bush's speech.  Ironically, it was a little more than a year ago when President George W. Bush visited Timken's world headquarters heralding his tax cut and job creation plan. Now this very company's job cuts will be a major blow to the economy in Canton.  Read More

· 200 Illegal Immigrants Found In Los Angeles Home.  Police believe smugglers were using the single-story home as a "drop house." These are houses used to hold immigrants until smugglers have been fully paid, usually by relatives or friends in the United States.  Read More

· Bono Says FCC Has Taught Him Lesson.  Bono was careful not to say anything off-color during his commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania. "The FCC has taught me a lesson," the 44-year-old rocker said Monday, referring to the Federal Communications Commission's declaration that an expletive he used on last year's Golden Globe Awards broadcast was indecent and profane.  Read More

· French 35-hour week 'a disaster.'  The French government yesterday described the 35-hour working week as a financial disaster that was costing the state billions of dollars and promised to reform the system despite fierce union opposition.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Secular [sec·u·lar] adj.  1. Worldly rather than spiritual.  2. Not specifically relating to religion or to a religious body: "A secular book."  Read More

· James Dean Museum Opens in Indiana.  A museum chronicling the short life of actor James Dean has opened along Interstate 69 in a spot its curator hopes can attract more fans of the "Rebel Without a Cause" star.  Read More

· Golfer Killed by Lightning On Florida Course.  A golfer was killed by lightning Monday on a Lee County course, officials said.  The man, whose name has not been released, was hit around 3:30 p.m. on the seventh tee at the Heritage Palms Golf and Country Club, Fort Myers police said.  Read More

· Scientist Says He Knows Why Earth Wobbles.  A Reno scientist and his team of researchers have uncovered the mystery of why the Earth wobbles on its axis as it spins through space. Geoff Blewitt, a geophysicist at the University of Nevada, Reno, said the discovery provides scientists with another means to determine whether Earth is undergoing global warming.  Read More

· NBC's 'Restaurant' off the menu.  Just three episodes into the season, the ratings-short reality show The Restaurant has been yanked from the schedule until the all-important May sweeps period is over.  Read More

· Man making his own energy.  A homeowner has turned a river on his property into an energy source which generates enough that Connecticut Light and Power gives him a check every month.  Read More

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