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Monday, May 31, 2004

· Frankin works for free to save Air America radio.  The fledgling talk-radio network has replaced five top executives, been taken off the air in two of its top three markets and lost several crucial producers. By late April, current and former executives said last week, the company was perilously close to running out of money. It has since received an infusion of cash, though it has not disclosed how much or from whom.  Read More

· Letterman team wins Indianapolis 500.  For David Letterman, watching the team that he co-owns with Bobby Rahal win the Indianapolis 500 was the latest example of how some of the best things in his life have happened since he turned 52.  Read More

      » Indy 500 Brings Out the Celebrities.  Actor Morgan Freeman drove the pace car. Pop star Jessica Simpson sang the national anthem. Television host David Letterman co-owns the team that had the winning driver, Buddy Rice.  Read More

· Peterson Murder Trial Set to Begin Tomorrow.  With Scott Peterson's trial set to begin in earnest Tuesday, prosecutors have shown no murder weapon, no cause of death and no direct evidence that flatly proves Peterson killed his pregnant wife, Laci.  Read More

· St. Louis axes Smash Mouth band.  Smash Mouth, the pop act that was supposed to deliver a hipper, younger crowd to Fair St. Louis, has been booted from the July 4 lineup. Fair officials dropped the act after lead singer Steve Harwell offended employees of Enterprise Rent-a-Car at a corporate party in Orlando.  Read More

· Madonna copied erotic ideas.  Madonna has been forced to pay $638,000 after copying ideas from a well-known artist without permission in one of her videos.  Read More

      » Madonna plots net sex film.  Madonna is planning to make a film about the British girl who sold her virginity on the internet to pay her university fees.  Read More

· Boots made for backin' Bush.  Nancy Sinatra may wear boots made for walking, but she rode to the White House yesterday on the back of a motorcycle.  The daughter of Frank Sinatra was part of a delegation of Rolling Thunder officials and others who met President Bush near the South Portico of the White House.  Read More

· Gas plumps state coffers.  Your pain at the gas pump is the state's gain.  Soaring gasoline prices are expected to enrich state tax coffers by $200 million this fiscal year - in New York alone.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Erudite [er·u·dite] adj.  Deep, extensive learning.  Read More

· Homeless Man Foiled In Attempt To Ship Himself.  A homeless man living in Boston who absolutely, positively had to be in the Cape Verde Islands tried shipping himself there -- but the plan was thwarted by a friend.  Read More

· Many Wireless Networks Lack Security.  With a laptop perched in the passenger seat of his Toyota 4Runner and a special antenna on the roof, Mike Outmesguine ventured off to sniff out wireless networks between Los Angeles and San Francisco. He got a big whiff of insecurity.  Read More

Sunday, May 30, 2004

· 'Shrek 2' Sees Even More Green at Box Office.  According to studio estimates issued on Sunday, the cartoon sequel sold about $73.1 million worth of tickets, while "The Day After Tomorrow" opened with $70 million. Far off in the distance, "Troy" slipped one place to No. 3 with $11.5 million, while the Kate Hudson domestic comedy "Raising Helen" opened with a modest $11.2 million.  Read More

· NBC Defends 'Dateline' Entertainment Shows.  Want to get an NBC executive's blood boiling? Just suggest that "Dateline NBC" may have besmirched its reputation with its series of shows about the network's entertainment fare.  Read More

· Missing: A Laptop of DEA Informants.  The Federal keystone cops are frantically trying to determine what happened to a missing laptop computer that contains sensitive data on as many as 100 Drug Enforcement Administration investigations around the country, including a wealth of information about many of the agency's confidential informants.  Read More

· Lightning strike kills golfer.  A lightning strike at a Denver golf course driving range Saturday killed a man and injured his 16-year-old son, a fire department spokeswoman said.  Read More

· Wedding bells to peal for S.F.'s badge buddies of porn.  Those two San Francisco law enforcement types who found themselves in hot water after appearing in a porn video will soon be getting hitched ... but without the handcuffs.  Read More

· Scientologists Settle 1995 Death Lawsuit.  The Church of Scientology settled a lawsuit that accused staff members of allowing a member of the church to become severely dehydrated and die.  Read More

· Kerry Intern Tells of Aides' Sex Inquisition.  The woman falsely rumored to have had an affair with John Kerry reveals in a bombshell account to be published next week that she was grilled by Kerry aides who were panicking that the story was about to derail his presidential campaign.   Read More

· Omaha Family Of Supreme Court Justice Told To Remove Flag.  The father-in-law of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been told he should not fly his American flag off the balcony of his apartment at an Omaha retirement community.  Read More

· Judge Busted for Possible Cocaine Possession.  A chief judge was arrested Saturday for alleged drunken driving and possession of a controlled substance after being stopped near a DWI checkpoint, police said.  Read More

· Sex performance 'makeover' show is new BBC boss's parting gift to Channel 4.  Mark Thompson, the new director-general of the BBC, is leaving a controversial legacy behind him as he leaves his old as chief executive of Channel 4. He has approved a series in which couples will be filmed having sex, with their performance assessed by experts.  Read More

· Teen suspended 45 days over prescribed cold pill.  Because of a zero-tolerance drug policy, a 13-year-old boy has been suspended from school for 45 days for giving a cousin a cold pill - even though it had been prescribed for both children.  Read More

· Woman Gets Fake $20 From ATM.  Bank Wouldn't Exchange Fake Bill For Real One.  "Basically, they told me it was my $20, my tough luck (and) that I was an unfortunate victim of fraud," Betty Weiss said.  Read More

· Ford Returning To Space.  Harrison Ford will be going back into outer space for Godspeed, an upcoming SF thriller under the guidance of James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment, Variety reported. Cameron will produce the film, which was written by Ryne Douglas Pearson (Mercury Rising). The project does not yet have a director or a studio.  Read More

· Smell While You Surf: Burgundy Web Site Hopes to Offer Virtual Tour With Wine Aromas.  Taking an online tour of the vineyards and wine cellars of Burgundy may not be limited to just sights and sounds in the future. A trade group plans to offer the smells of Burgundy through its Web site as well.  Read More

· Hollywood Sues Retailer for Piracy.  Two Hollywood movie studios have sued an online retailer, accusing Technology One of defiantly selling DVD-copying software previously barred by two federal courts.  Read More

· Re-Arrest in Missing Coed Case.  'Person of interest' has prior arrests for stealing womens' underwear.  Read More

· Judge: Homosexual Isn't Libelous Term.  Stating that someone is homosexual does not libel or slander them, particularly in light of new court decisions granting gays more rights, a federal judge has ruled.  Read More

· Pat Benetar to Hawk Hearing-Aid Batteries.  Energizer Holdings Inc. is appealing to the rock 'n' roll sensibilities of baby boomers by enlisting 1980s rocker Pat Benatar to boost sales of hearing-aid batteries.  Read More

· Future of Visual Gadgets Rolled Out.  A television sewn into your shirt sleeve. A dashboard screen to monitor the kids in the back seat. A 3-D computer monitor sharp enough to make a hardcore gamer's heart stop - or help a surgeon start one. The gizmo-packed exhibition hall at the Society for Information Display's international symposium offers a tantalizing vision of what's to come.  Read More

· Watergate figure Archibald Cox dies at 92.  Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor fired by President Nixon for refusing to curtail his Watergate investigation, died Saturday at his home, his daughter said.  Read More

· California Gets Cellular Bill of Rights.  The California Public Utility Commission approved the first cellular customer Bill of Rights in the US, but the Governor disapproves.  Read More

· Sudsy brouhaha to court: Miller sues Bud Light.  Miller Brewing Company filed a lawsuit in Milwaukee District Court Friday against Anheuser-Busch, claiming the rival beer-maker defaced its products and "engaged in false or misleading advertising activities."  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Tempestuous [tem·pes·tu·ous] adj.  Tumultuous; stormy: "A tempestuous relationship."  Read More

· Gallery Owner Attacked for Iraq Abuse Art.  A San Francisco gallery owner bears a painful reminder of the nation's unresolved anguish over the incidents at the Abu Ghraib prison - a black eye delivered by an unknown assailant who apparently objected to a painting that depicts U.S. soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners.  Read More

· Moore Spoke With Berg Months Before Death.  In an unused interview shot for Michael Moore's latest film, the American who was beheaded in Iraq said he was concerned about security there as he prepared to seek work as an independent businessman, his family said Saturday.  Read More

· Man, girl, survive explosion.  A vacuum cleaner hung from a tree, clothes were strewn on rooftops, and a man sat on a couch where the livingroom used to be after a house exploded Saturday morning.  Read More

· 'Simple Life' Fans Get Ready to Return to Paris.  Poor Paris Hilton goes from begging to being trampled by a horse on the long-awaited sequel to "The Simple Life."  Read More

Saturday, May 29, 2004

· Army finds Tillman likely killed by friendly fire.  U.S. Army Cpl. Pat Tillman, the former professional football player killed last month in Afghanistan, probably died from friendly fire, a Pentagon source said Saturday.  Read More

· State settles suit with workers forced to do 9 minutes of unpaid work.  Nine minutes of unpaid work a day for four years equals a proposed $7.2 million settlement for prison guards and other Washington state workers who were required to do such tasks as checking equipment before their shifts began.  Read More

· American Airlines Flight Attendant Charged In Bomb Threat.  An American Airlines flight attendant who told authorities she found a note saying there was a bomb in a jet's cargo hold was charged Friday for writing the threatening letter, which caused the plane to be diverted.  Read More

· Museum Brings Hollywood to Chicago.  Visitors to the Museum of Science and Industry's new exhibit on moviemaking can see such Hollywood relics as the scruffed bomber jacket worn by Harrison Ford in the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" trilogy and the harpoon gun used to spear the shark in "Jaws."  Read More

· Two arrested in children slayings.  Two young men were arrested on murder charges Friday in the gruesome slayings of three younger relatives in an apartment. One was beheaded with a butcher knife, the others were nearly decapitated, police said.  Read More

· Minn. Cracks Down on Underpriced Gasoline.  Under Gov. Jesse Ventura, the state adopted a law in 2001 that prohibits gas stations from selling gas without taking a minimum profit. These days, they must charge at least 8 cents per gallon, plus taxes, more than they paid for it.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Attrition [at·tri·tion] n.  1. A gradual, natural reduction in membership or personnel, as through retirement, resignation, or death.  2. A gradual diminution in number or strength.  Read More

· 'Idol' Fantasia Barrino to Record Single.  After the adrenaline rush of the show and the media blitz after her big win, Barrino said Friday she needs a little rest. Once that's out of the way, the 19-year-old plans to hit the studio to record her first single, "I Believe," and start working on her debut album.  Read More

· 'Smart bullet' reports back wirelessly.  A "smart bullet" that can be fired at a target and then wirelessly transmit back useful information has been developed by US researchers.  Read More

· Students Barred From Graduation For Cross-Dressing Prank.  A group of Ohio high school seniors were told they can't participate in the commencement ceremony because of a prank  Read More

· Vital signs found in boy thought dead.  A hospital worker preparing a drowned 2-year-old for a funeral home noticed the boy was breathing - more than an hour after he had been pronounced dead.  Read More

Friday, May 28, 2004

· Detroit House Searched for Clues in Hoffa Case.  Authorities in Detroit searched a home Friday looking for clues into the greatest murder mystery in U.S. history — what really happened to Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa.  Read More

· Pope Worries About 'Soulless' U.S. Life.  Pope John Paul II - who continues to be tolerant of his child molestor priests - warned several U.S. bishops Friday that American society is in danger of turning against spirituality in favor of materialistic desires, giving way to a "soulless vision of life."  Read More

· Ashcroft forgets to tell Homeland Security Dept. of security threat.  The Homeland Security Department was surprised by the announcement Wednesday by Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller that a terrorist attack was increasingly likely in the coming months, officials said.   Read More

· Radcliffe Suspects Potter Will Die.  Harry Potter may never grow up. Daniel Radcliffe, who stars as the daring schoolboy wizard, said Friday that Harry may die in the last book of J.K. Rowling's magical series.  Read More

· Peterson Jurors Open to Death Penalty.  The 12 jurors selected for Scott Peterson's murder trial all said they would be willing to sentence the former fertilizer salesman to death if they convict him of killing his wife and the couple's fetus.  Read More

· Barbra Streisand Must Pay $177,000.  Barbra Streisand must pay $177,000 in legal fees incurred by an amateur photographer who fended off a $10 million lawsuit over aerial photographs he took showing her Malibu estate.  Read More

· Hollywood Mystery Man 'Rance' Has Internet Abuzz.  He skewers Hollywood and the cult of celebrity on an anonymous Web log that has spawned a cult following. He claims to be an A-list actor, writing under a pseudonym, but admits he may not be believed.  Read More

· Bassist Simmons Denies Anti-Muslim Remarks.  Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, who sparked outrage in Australia after making comments seen as anti-Muslim, said he was speaking only of "extremists" and that his remarks were taken out of context.  Read More

· Jackson Trial Tentatively Set for Sept. 13.  The judge in the Michael Jackson molestation case set a tentative trial date of Sept. 13 and heard arguments on whether to reduce the pop star's bail but didn't issue an immediate ruling.  Read More

· Teary mom in custody fight slams 'Heartless' legal system.  A Manhattan mom will have to bid a heartrending goodbye to her little twin daughters in four days after an appeals judge paved the way yesterday for the children to be turned over to their wealthy father.  Former Playboy model Bridget Marks vowed to battle to the end to keep President Casino Inc. executive John Aylsworth from getting custody of the 4-year-old girls.  Read More

· 'Buffalo Spammer' Sentenced to 3-1/2 to 7 Years.  A New York state man who sent out millions of "spam" e-mails was sentenced to 3-1/2 to seven years in prison, the state attorney general's office said on Thursday.  Read More

· School Secretary Accused Of Sending Dirty Pictures To Students.  Karolyn Disterhaft, 31, is charged with three counts of causing a child to view sexually explicit material. She's also accused of buying beer and tobacco for two teenagers.  Read More

· Boobgate case dropped.  Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl halftime show may be a lot of things, but it's apparently not worth $5,000.  Read More

· Kid thrown out of game - because he's too good.  The Brooklyn sixth-grader, nicknamed The Rocket, was recently yanked off the mound and banned from pitching against the St. Athanasius Youth League team - all because he's too good.  Read More

· '60 Minutes' in a hurry.  Don Hewitt, the mastermind behind "60 Minutes" is al- ready plotting his next move: local mini-versions of his signature show called "30 Minutes."  Read More

· California adopts cell phone 'bill of rights.'  California on Thursday became the first state in the nation to adopt consumer protections for cell phone customers, after a four-year tussle with the industry.  Read More

· Wrong 'Bozo' Inducted Into Clown Hall of Fame.  For years, entertainer Larry Harmon claimed to have created Bozo and to have been the original silly clown. But after some investigation, the International Clown Hall of Fame found that Capitol Records executive Alan Livingston actually created Bozo for recordings in 1946.  Read More

· The grandson of TV’s Captain Kangaroo summits Everest.  The grandson of TV’s Captain Kangaroo, 22-year-old Middlebury College student Britton Keeshan became the youngest person in history to complete the Seven Summits by climbing the tallest peak on seven continents.  Read More

· Judge Orders Convicted Killer's Mouth Taped Shut In Court.  A Daytona Beach man who was convicted of fatally beating a retired banker even though another man confessed to the crime had his mouth taped during his sentencing hearing after he repeatedly said "I didn't do it."  Read More

· 9/11 panelist to Rudy: 'sorry.'  A week after saying that communication failures between the Police and Fire departments on 9/11 were "not worthy of the boy scouts," 9/11 commission member John Lehman apologized in person to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani this week.  Read More

· Jackson Team Wants $3M Bail Reduced.  Michael Jackson's defense team wants his $3 million bail reduced, saying it is excessive and violates Santa Barbara County standards for bail on child molestation and conspiracy charges.  Read More

· Turning 111 on a Beer a Day.  The oldest man in Germany, celebrated his 111th birthday on Thursday. The secret of his longevity? Avoid exercise and drink lots of beer.   Read More

· Le Monde Admits Bush Did Not Lie About Saddam's WMD.  The French newspaper Le Monde then promptly proceeded to bury the story at the bottom of page 32.  Read More

· Penn. Man Accused of Killing for $20.  A man was arrested and charged with strangling his aunt with a phone cord and stabbing her boyfriend to death because she wouldn't give him $20 to buy crack cocaine, police said.  Read More

· Ten professions not likely to be outsourced.  CEOs, surgeons, pilots among white-collar jobs staying put.  Read More

· A 'Sly' dig at The Times.  Richard Dreyfuss is gloating - and with good reason.  Seven weeks after New York Times theater critic Ben Brantley administered a severe thrashing to the Dreyfuss-led revival of "Sly Fox," the Larry Gelbart comedy at the Ethel Barrymore, the show is taking in nearly $400,000 a week.  Read More

· Fox Drops Show Accused Of Being Homophobic.  Fox Television has dropped plans to air a controversial two-hour reality show where two straight men were to be shown competing for a $50,000 prize by trying to fool people - including their close friends - into thinking they're gay.  Read More

· Russian billionaire in jail.  A preliminary hearing into fraud and tax evasion charges against Russia's richest man, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, has being adjourned for a week without setting a trial date.  Read More

· Cleavage in TV ad ruled to be exploitative and degrading.  The use of sex appeal in a television commercial which used cleavage to sell underarm deodorant was exploitative and degrading, the Advertising Standards Board has said.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Salient [sa·li·ent] adj.  1. Strikingly conspicuous; prominent.  "A salient argument."  Read More

· Exxon Mobil chief deflects blame.  Exxon Mobil Chairman Lee Raymond said that no matter how high gasoline prices may be at the pump, oil companies like Exxon take no more than 3 to 5 cents per gallon in profit.  Read More

· Elite cop busted in grope of girl, 12.  A member of the NYPD's elite terrorism task force has been charged with groping a 12-year-old girl in Westchester County, officials said yesterday.  Read More

· A Fiery Death for Dinosaurs?.  In the first few hours after a giant asteroid crashed into the coast of Mexico nearly 65 million years ago, the Earth's atmosphere became so hot that it quickly incinerated any unprotected life on land, according to a new report by a team of American geophysicists and geologists.  Read More

· Three Maryland Kids Found Decapitated.  The children's mother found their bodies when she arrived home late Thursday afternoon, police spokeswoman Nicole Monroe said. The children were all under the age of 10, she said.  Read More

· Southwest offers buyout program.  Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines on Thursday said it offered voluntary buyout packages to most of its employees as the industry struggles to battle high fuel prices.  Read More

Thursday, May 27, 2004

· Boston Cardinal rewarded for sex abuse scandal.  Pope John Paul II on Thursday gave Cardinal Bernard F. Law an official position in Rome, naming the former Boston archbishop who resigned in the sex abuse scandal as head of a basilica.  Read More

· Sarah Jessica Parker Signs With Gap.  Sarah Jessica Parker, who wore designer clothes on HBO's "Sex and the City" for six seasons, has agreed to represent the Gap in a marketing campaign that will debut in August.  Read More

· Brothers Gibb Say the Bee Gees Are Done.  Barry and Robin Gibb, who went to Buckingham Palace to be honored Thursday, said the Bee Gees died with their brother, Maurice.  Read More

· Defense Claims DNA Proof Against Kobe Accuser.  Attorneys for basketball star Kobe Bryant (search) will state in court on Thursday that they have DNA evidence proving that the woman accusing their client of rape had sex with someone else in the hours following the alleged incident.  Read More

      » Kobe gets good news on eve of court appearance.  Sources close to the Kobe Bryant case are confirming that the prosecution's own lab has found scientific evidence that could prove that the alleged victim lied to detectives about having sex with another man after her encounter with Bryant.  Read More

· 'American Idol' winner celebrates.  Summertime promises to be sweet indeed for Fantasia Barrino, the newly crowned "American Idol."  Read More

      » North Carolina Town Cheers 'Idol' Winner.  North Carolina has raised its second "American Idol" - a teenager with a voice that made her TV judges reach for the thesaurus.  Read More

· Dieter Sues Atkins Estate and Company.  A 53-year-old man sued the estate of Dr. Robert Atkins and the company that promotes his diet yesterday. The suit says following the Atkins diet for two years raised the man's cholesterol so much that his arteries became clogged and required a medical procedure to open them.  Read More

· Toby Keith Big Winner at ACM Awards.  Toby Keith, often snubbed by the Academy of Country Music, was a quadruple winner at Wednesday night's annual awards as entertainer of the year and male vocalist and for his album "Shock 'n Y'All" and the video "Beer for My Horses" with Willie Nelson.  Read More

· Meet Mrs. Millionaire.  Attention Kmart shoppers: There's a millionairess in Aisle 3. But good luck spotting her. The new book "Millionaire Women Next Door: The Many Journeys of Successful American Businesswomen" paints a surprising portrait of America's well-heeled woman — who, on average, never pays more than $139 for a pair of shoes.  Read More

· Halle: 'Give me a baby and I'm yours.'  Film stunner Halle Berry has told how she might offer her body to any date who is prepared to father her child. The Catwoman star, 37, split recently from cheating hubby Eric Benet — but remains desperate for a baby.  Read More

· Madonna's Wardrobe Malfunctions in New Tour.  That's evident from these exclusive photos of her costumes for the "Re-Invention" concert tour, which kicked off Monday night in Los Angeles.  Read More

· Kissinger Tape Reveals Beleaguered Secretary.  As his presidency unraveled, Richard Nixon was too "loaded" to take an urgent call during the Arab-Israeli war and joked darkly about bombing Congress during impeachment hearings, according to transcripts of foreign policy chief Henry Kissinger's phone calls.  Read More

· U.S. movie actor is 'Afghan prince'.  A Hollywood actor who starred in horror film Dawn Of The Dead has found he is prince of the Afghan province of Ghor.  Read More

· Dad Charged for Not Using Enough Sunblock.  A New Jersey man was charged with child abuse for not applying enough sunblock to his mentally disabled 12-year-old for a day at the beach, leaving the boy with severe burns, authorities said.  Read More

· Wedding bells turn to sirens.  A wedding celebration at the Renaissance Bedford Hotel Saturday night ended in a brawl between police officers, the groom, the groom's father and the best man.  Three Bedford police officers and members of the wedding party were taken to the hospital and treated for injuries.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Egalitarian [e·gal·i·tar·i·an] adj.  Affirming, promoting, or characterized by belief in equal political, economic, social, and civil rights for all people.  Read More

· New York bans used panties.  In the latest act of sanitising New York's mean streets, lawmakers want to rid the city of a scourge most people are not even aware of - previously worn lingerie being sold as new merchandise.  Read More

· Man gets 7 months for secret taping.  A Milwaukee man convicted of secretly videotaping seven women while they showered and used the bathroom will spend seven months at the House of Correction and three years on probation.  Read More

· Jacko's Lawyers Seek Documents, Tapes.  Michael Jackson's lawyers claim prosecutors in the child molestation case are dragging their feet in giving the defense access to interviews with dozens of witnesses and hundreds of items seized in raids.  Read More

· 'Rocco, We made a mistake.'  NBC says it screwed up by pulling "The Restaurant" off the air too early. The series, a follow-up on last summer's hit about restaurant-owner Rocco DiSpirito's travails opening up a new eatery in the Flat Iron district, was yanked after just three episodes earlier this month.  Read More

· Sleepy drivers 'like drunks.'  Tired motorists are as dangerous as drunk drivers, according to a new report.  Read More

· Nouveau Beach.  THIS summer, there are more ways than ever to go broke in the Hamptons. From $500 sneakers to $1,000-ahead dinners to $16,500-a-weekend house rentals, the East End will be a millionaire’s paradise this season.  Read More

· Minn. City to Become Internet 'Hot Spot.'  The Wireless Fidelity network will blanket virtually every home, business and city office with broadband-grade bandwidth - that is, super-fast access to the Internet without a hard-wired connection.  Read More

· Avril flips, MTV isn't happy.  Avril Lavigne, who calls her new CD "Under My Skin," knows how to get under other people's skin.  The New York Daily News is reporting that producers of MTV's "Total Request Live" cut short the 19-year-old rocker's performance after she flipped the bird while on the air.  Read More

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

· Actress Taylor in Nazi art battle.  Screen legend Elizabeth Taylor has sued the family of a victim of Nazi rule in Germany as part of a legal battle to hold on to a precious Van Gogh painting that she claims is rightfully hers.  Read More

· Cattrall Declines 'Sex and the City' Film.  Kim Cattrall said she didn't want any more "Sex and the City," so that means her co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis won't be getting any either.  Read More

· Law on Pizza Purity a Mouthful.  It may be too early to talk about Pizza Police, but Italian legislators have drafted a law - eight articles and six sub-clauses of it - laying down rules to protect real Neapolitan pizza.  Read More

· Bill Cosby & The Flap That Wasn't.  Despite a few comments that apparently hit home to some in the black community, surprisingly there was not much outrage to some of Cosby's comments such as:

"With names like Shaniqua, Taliqua and Mohammed and all of that crap, and all of them are in jail. Brown versus the Board of Education is no longer the white person's problem. We have got to take the neighborhood back... They are standing on the corner and they can't speak English."  Read More

· 'Hunting for Bambi' creator admits Nevada videos were fake.  The "Hunting for Bambi" creator, who gained national attention last year while promoting the sale of paintball hunts of nude women in the southern Nevada desert, has admitted the whole thing was a scam.  Read More

· Cage-Presley divorce finally final.  Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley took nearly a year and a half to end a marriage that lasted less than four months.  Read More

· Assault Charge Against Richard Simmons Dropped.  An assault charge against the 55-year-old exercise guru has been dropped. He had been accused of slapping a six-foot-two, 250-pound ultimate cage fighter, in retaliation for a sarcastic remark.  Read More

· Hero gave own life to save others.  A New Yorker who died saving two other Marines by covering an Iraqi grenade with his helmet and blunting the blast with his body has been nominated for a Congressional Medal of Honor.  Read More

· Diana or Fantasia? 'Idol' voters dialing in.  The governor of Georgia amassed hundreds of friends and fans of Diana DeGarmo at the governor's mansion Tuesday to support the "American Idol" finalist, but it may not be enough: The last night of the singing contest belonged to her competitor, Fantasia Barrino.  Read More

· Rosie O'Donnell to Start New Magazine.  O'Donnell is working on a prototype for a magazine that will target gay families.  Read More

· Coed hunt ends.  Mystery turned to tragedy when volunteer searchers combing an upper Manhattan park found the naked body of a woman believed to be a missing Juilliard student.  Read More

· Doctorow Booed After Anti-Bush Speech.  Author E.L. Doctorow, who penned "Ragtime" and "City of God," was stunned when his commencement address at Hofstra University was booed by some students angry at his criticism of President Bush.  Read More

· Colorado reportedly to keep Barnett.  University of Colorado President Betsy Hoffman plans to reinstate suspended football coach Gary Barnett, and no other changes in athletics personnel are planned, the Rocky Mountain News reported in Wednesday’s editions.  Read More

· Al Qaeda eying attack this summer.  Al Qaeda operatives or their terror allies may have infiltrated the U.S. with plans to launch a major attack this summer officials warned yesterday.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Prolific [pro·lif·ic] adj.  Producing abundant works or results: "A prolific writer."  Read More

· Author E-mails her death wish.  The author of the best-selling novel "The Last Samurai" was reported missing from her Staten Island apartment yesterday after she sent out an E-mail saying she was going to kill herself, friends said.  Read More

· Daley says Kerry went too far with joke about Bush's fall.  Chicago Mayor Daley scolded Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry Tuesday for making a wisecrack about the bicycle accident that scraped the face, hands and knees of President Bush.  Read More

· Strip clubs' naked ambition to oust Bush.  The interests of the morality-toting Bush administration are not exactly in harmony with those of the United States' 4,000-odd strip clubs. And now the clubs are doing something about it, by registering their patrons to vote in between floor shows and agitating openly to boot the President out of the White House in November.  Read More

· Bank holdup suspect arrested after using cab for escape.  He did not take the money and run. This bank robber held the loot and waited while a bank employee called him a taxi.  Read More

· Courtney Love pleads guilty to drug charge.  Courtney Love pleaded guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor count of being under the influence of a controlled substance and agreed to enter a drug rehabilitation program.  Read More

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

· Judge Kicked Off Bench for Drunkenness.  A judge was kicked off the bench Tuesday for flagrant and repeated drunkenness while on it.  Read More

· Bank of America exec takes $25 million in severance.  After less than two months on the job, Bank of America Corp.'s president announced plans to resign next month, and he'll take a $25 million severance package with him.  He said in a statement that he is resigning to pursue "new challenges."  Read More

· SF Cops Caught Performing in Porn Video.  Two San Francisco officers have been caught in compromising positions. A hardcore porn video shows an SFPD officer having a sexual encounter with the female institutional police officer from the Sheriff's Department.  Read More

· Bryant's lawyers suggest bias in investigation.  A defense lawyer asked a judge Monday to approve expert witnesses he said will show that the investigation of rape charges against Kobe Bryant was shoddy enough to suggest bias against the NBA star.  Read More

· Simpson Beats Spears To Daisy Duke Role.  Britney Spears's hopes of landing the role of Daisy Duke in the forthcoming movie version of The Dukes Of Hazzard have been dashed - after bosses handed it to Jessica Simpson.  Read More

· Update: Kerry Gets Google-Bombed.  With the Democratic presidential nomination clinched, John Kerry was bound to get Google-bombed.  An effort by conservative bloggers has pushed the candidate's campaign website to the top of the result list when the word "waffles" is typed into Google. But Kerry's campaign is trying to capitalize on the prank.  Read More

· Rail Scare Linked to Sleepy Worker, Not Terror.  A motion sensor found on Philadelphia rail tracks that raised concern about possible terrorism was planted by an employee hoping to be warned of approaching bosses while he slept on the job, officials said on Monday.  Read More

· 'American Bandstand' Coming Back to TV.  "American Bandstand" is coming back with a new twist, courtesy of the producer of "American Idol."  A revamped version, from original producer-host Dick Clark and "American Idol" creator Simon Fuller, will turn the show's trademark dancing into a regular competition.  Read More

· 'Sex bracelet' girl kicked out of school.  A 11-year-old Queens fifth-grader was booted from her Catholic elementary school for blowing the whistle on a bizarre sex-bracelets game.  Read More

· Granny outwits robber.  A car bandit faces charges after he stole a handicapped Long Island grandmother's Chevy, then called her to apologize - and offered to sell the vehicle back to her, cops said yesterday.  Read More

· Bank Robber Caught Kissing Money On Camera.  A bank robber wasn't hiding from surveillance cameras. In fact, police say the bank robber, dressed in a bright Hawaiian shirt, even kissed the cash before he took off. Detectives in two Central Florida counties believe he's connected to at least two bank robberies last week.  Read More

· McDonald's to offer DVD rentals in Denver.  Automatic kiosks will feature the most popular 30 to 40 DVD titles, which will rent for $1 per night without any membership or late fees, the company said.  Read More

· Attorney: New Evidence Will Clear Peterson.  Defense attorney Mark Geragos, citing misconduct, is seeking sanctions against the prosecution in Peterson's double-murder trial, set to start June 1. Peterson is accused of killing his pregnant wife, Laci, and their fetus on or around Dec. 24, 2002.

"Just last week the prosecution turned over reports disclosing an interview with a witness who saw Laci Peterson being pulled into a van by at least two men. This eyewitness, who has been a sworn peace officer, has apparently been known to the prosecution since December of 2002 yet he was only interviewed within the last week," the motion states.  Read More

· Online cigarette sales hurting stores.  Convenience stores are losing customers to online cigarette vendors, having seen their 60 percent share of sales slowly go up in smoke.  Read More

· Baseball's weird injuries.  Sammy Sosa was plenty embarrassed last week when he was forced to admit that the back injury that put him on the disabled list came from violent sneezing.  Read More

· Jacko's Dad Hires 'Extra Pair of Eyes' in Court.  Michael Jackson's father, Joseph, has hired a lawyer to be his "extra pair of eyes" keeping track of the child molestation case against his son, according to a statement issued on the father's behalf Monday.  Read More

Word of The Day by WordThink

Caveat [ca·ve·at] n.  1. A warning or proviso: something said as a warning, caution, or qualification.  Read More

· Cisco Unveils Long-Awaited `core' Router.  Cisco Systems Inc. unveiled a long-awaited router for directing traffic at the heart of the Internet, aiming to recapture market share lost to rivals.  The refrigerator-sized Carrier Router System-1, announced Tuesday, can transfer the entire collection of the U.S. Library of Congress in 4.6 seconds, according to Cisco.  Read More

· Hard Drives In Cell Phones Talked Up By Chipmakers.  Cellular phones are poised to take yet another step in silicon integration by packing hard-disk drives into their electronics. At least three companies are at some stage of exploring such designs, though several sources expressed doubts about when and at what pace hard disks will appear in cell phones.  Read More

· Man arrested for shooting photo under woman's skirt.  A Mineola man was arrested after taking a snapshot under a woman's skirt as she rode up an escalator in the Roosevelt Field Mall on Sunday, Nassau County police said.  Third Squad detectives said Scott D. Lyons, 31, of 366 Herricks Rd., had been standing behind an unidentified woman who was wearing a short skirt at about 3:30 p.m. when he placed a compact digital camera under the garment and took a picture.  Read More

· 'Devil' man killed wife and two sons over her smoking.  A hotelier who became obsessed with the devil murdered his wife and two of their children because she would not give up smoking, a court heard yesterday.  Read More

· Snoop Dogg to Get Divorce.  The rapper/actor has filed for divorce from Shante Broadus, according to papers filed with Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday. They have been married since 1997 and have three children: Corde, 9; Cordell, 7; and Cori, 4. He is seeking joint custody.  Read More

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