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August 2003
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· Bad Luck:  Man dies before receiving winning lottery prize.  Francisco Sabanero Rodriguez died of a heart attack "several weeks" before the 1.5 million peso (US$150,000) prize was announced on Wednesday night by the Reader's Digest in Mexico.  Read More

· Woman loves what Toyota did for her.  As the buyer of the 5 millionth Toyota in the company’s Southeast United States region, Petty gets the $25,000 car for free.  Read More

· Priest charged in teen's death.  Besides the manslaughter count, Rev. Henry Krawczyk, 50, was charged with six counts of furnishing alcohol to minors and one count of reckless endangerment.

Authorities said the priest had been accused of providing alcohol to underage people in the past.  Read More

· Pee Diddy to sport $3 million diamond.  During Thursday's broadcast of the MTV Video Music Awards, you'll see rap, rock and soul stars dripping in diamonds and gold.  Read More

· Jacko plans $2,500-per-person fest at Neverland.  Like a real-life Willy Wonka, Michael Jackson has announced plans to open his carnival-style Neverland Ranch estate to 500 guests.  Read More

· Nebraska Bookstore offers free beer with purchase of textbooks.  "We're certainly not opposed to giveaways, but from an NU Directions' perspective, we have a concern about the environment," said Linda Major, director of the program that for nearly five years has tried to curb heavy drinking.  Read More

· Mom strips at son's birthday party.  Patricia Johnson, 34, was charged by police with four counts each of indecent exposure, corruption of minors and furnishing alcohol to minors, nine counts of indecent assault and six counts of reckless endangerment.  Read More

· Man who changed name to Santa dies.  Robert Rion officially changed his name after decades of playing Santa, and since he was 6 feet tall and 300 pounds with a long, white beard, the name fit.  Read More

· Astologers:  Mars, not Islamic militants, to blame for Bombay blasts.  While Indian authorities blamed Islamic militants for car bombings in Bombay that killed 52 people, astrologers are convinced the culprit was Mars.  Read More

· FLASHBACK:  Largest scientific study proves Astrology is bunk.  Its central claim - that our human characteristics are moulded by the influence of the Sun, Moon and planets at the time of our birth - appears to have been debunked once and for all and beyond doubt by the most thorough scientific study ever made into it.  Read More

· Whitney irate during husband's arrest.  Whitney Houston angrily confronted officers as her husband, Bobby Brown, was arrested outside a seafood restaurant, police said.  Read More

· Romano pitches in to make cast happy.  Patricia Heaton, Peter Boyle, Doris Roberts and Brad Garrett will all be getting millions more dollars because of the generosity of Ray Romano and others.  Read More

· Geoghan Slay Suspect a Cold-Hearted Killer.  Psychiatrist's handwritten notes on killer: "Expects to go to Satan and await the arrival of his enemies," the report then quotes him as saying, "I'll wait with a fork for them to come down too! ... I'll die before I serve a life sentence!"  Read More

· Sprint promoting drug use?  Sprint's new phone book features an opium-bearing poppy on its cover.  Sprint spokeswoman Darcy Miller said the picture was chosen for "its color and attractiveness," and has stopped its distribution.  Read More

· BlackBerry Reveals Bank's Secrets.  The eBay ad read "BlackBerry RIM sold AS IS!" So a Seattle computer consultant bought the wireless device for just $15.50.  After replacing the battery, the man turned it on to discover more than 200 internal company e-mails from financial services firm Morgan Stanley and a database of more than 1,000 names and other information.  Read More

· Former Beauty Queen Accused of Fraud.  The federal government sued a former beauty queen Monday, claiming she fraudulently collected more than $190,000 in Social Security disability benefits, even while she was competing in pageants.  Read More

· Prison Guards Describe Pedophile Priest's Death.  Prison officers on Monday described how defrocked priest and convicted child molester John Geoghan was bound, strangled and beaten to death while the door of his cell was jammed shut and guards were distracted.  Read More

· Fox Drops Franken Lawsuit.  "It's time to return Al Franken to the obscurity that he's normally accustomed to," Fox News spokeswoman Irena Steffen said.  Read More

· Coke 're-paints' Himalayas yellow.  Soft drink giants Coca Cola and Pepsi, slammed last week over the painting of their logos on Himalayan rocks, are facing fresh condemnation over efforts to remove the ads.  Read More

· Many shirking call to jury duty.  A common explanation from those who fail to show is that they never saw the summons.  The only way to confirm whether an individual actually received his or her order would be to send it certified, but at a cost of more than $4 per mailing, it would not be cost-effective.  Read More

· Blake Under House Arrest Attends Church Services.  Murder suspect Robert Blake is under house arrest, but that hasn't stopped him from going to church.  "After you've been in a cement box for eleven months and get out, everything is a hit, I don't need to go any place."  Read More

· American athlete 'laying down on the job.'  American Jon Drummond held the race up by close to an hour when he refused to leave the track after he and Jamaican Asafa Powell were disqualified under the IAAF's contentious new false start rule which was introduced at the start of this year.   Read More

· Church expects clearance in death.  Members of a small church where an 8-year-old autistic boy died during a prayer session gathered Sunday at the home of their pastor, who said he was confident no church members or staff would be charged for smothering the kid.  Read More

· Scott Peterson Admitted Involvement in Laci's Disappearance to Amber Frey.  Accused killer Scott Peterson admitted to girlfriend Amber Frey that he was involved in the disappearance of his 8-months-pregnant wife before changing his story.  Read More

· One Less Catholic Pervert Priest to Sexually Abuse Kids.  John Geoghan, former priest at the center of Boston archdiocese's sex abuse scandal, was attacked in prison and later died at the hospital, according to officials.  Read More

· Actor arrested after using real bullets in scene.  An actor in an action scene apparently was handed a gun with real bullets rather than blanks, causing him to shoot and kill another actor, authorities said.  Read More

· Bobby Brown Arrested on Probation Violation.  Singer Bobby Brown was arrested on a probation violation while dining with his wife, Grammy winner Whitney Houston, police said.  Read More

· Don Johnson to sue Germany over customs report.  A lawyer for Don Johnson said he's preparing a damages claim against the German Finance Ministry over an incident in which customs officials found documents listing transactions totaling $8 billion in a car in which the actor was traveling.  Read More

· E-Mail Worm Sobig.F Began on Porn Newsgroup-Expert.  The FBI subpoenaed an Arizona Internet service provider to trace the culprit behind a fast-spreading e-mail virus that security experts said may have first been posted to an adult pictures Internet site.  Read More

· Iowa Man Charged With Threatening to Kill Kobe Accuser.  A University of Iowa student was charged with threatening to kill the woman accusing NBA star Kobe Bryant of sexual assault.  Read More

· Even as an unknown, Sean Connery was still a draw.  Now 67 years old, the retired secondary school art teacher was stunned when she realised what had been gathering dust in her attic for decades - drawings of then model Sean Connery posing virtually naked.  Read More

· Judge throws out 'fair and balanced' case.  A federal judge, saying, "This is an easy case," Friday ruled against Fox News in its lawsuit asserting that a new book by liberal satirist Al Franken violates their trademarked slogan, "fair and balanced."  Read More

· Microsoft Is Using Linux To Protect Its Own Web Site.  Microsoft has made a big deal out of asserting that Linux is not fit for enterprise. But Microsoft itself is using Linux to help protect its servers against denial-of-service attacks.  Read More

· Third time not a charm for Brazilian space program.  An explosion on Friday destroyed a Brazilian rocket due for blast off in coming days and killed 19 people at its jungle launch site, ending Brazil's third attempt to fulfill a long-held dream of becoming a space power.  Read More

· Ted Nugent sues town over canceled concert.  Officials for the Muskegon Summer Celebration canceled Nugent's appearance after the Motor City Madman did an interview with two Denver disc jockeys in which the DJs say he used slurs when referring to Asians and blacks.  Read More

· He Let His Millions Do the Talking.  The old man spent decades chasing children off his farm, shotgun in hand, watching little legs spin like windmills into the distance.  Then, at age 87, he died of a stroke and bequeathed his entire estate - worth more than $11 million - to create a youth sports park on his 68-acre farm.  Read More

· Peterson changes position on camera issue.  Scott Peterson wants cameras in the courtroom for his preliminary hearing next month.  Read More

· New Twist In Virus Attacks Expected Friday.  The SoBig.F e-mail virus that clogged inboxes this week with returned-mail messages may be planning to download software onto infected machines Friday afternoon.  Read More

· Woman wins damages in hotel bed mix-up.  Rachelle Shaner said she was sound asleep in a comfortable bed at a downtown Orlando luxury hotel when she awoke to find a drunken stranger stripped down to his underwear kissing and fondling her.  Read More

· Dane disappointed by porn date.  Danish Kim Jensen, 26, bought a night with porn star and California Governor wannabe, Mary Carey for $5,000, but the date was not quite what he had been hoping for.  Read More

· Man files for divorce after wife won't share lottery winnings.  Connie Parker hit a $25 million Lotto jackpot this year and then the 74-year-old Melville woman hit the road, her estranged husband said yesterday.  Read More

· Bonny Lee Bakley murder to become movie.  Larry Thompson, Executive Producer and Founder of the Larry Thompson Organization, has secured the exclusive rights to the Bonny Lee Bakley story from Margerry Bakley, the sister of the murdered wife of actor Robert Blake.  Read More

· Robert Blake due in court on Halloween.  Superior Court Judge Darlene Schempp agreed with the October date, which will give attorneys more time to sort through documents and file needed court motions.  Blake, 69, didn't say anything during the 10-minute hearing.  Read More

· Garbage men fired for having sex in truck with hooker.  Two city of Rochester sanitation employees were terminated after an investigation concluded they had sex with a prostitute in a garbage truck while on duty.  Read More

· Band, Club Fined for Deadly Fire.  Six months after a deadly nightclub fire, the club's owners and a rock band were fined nearly $100,000 on Wednesday by the federal agency that regulates workplace safety.  Read More

· Post Office Halts "Operation A.C."  After collecting and shipping more than 400 air conditioners to U-S troops sweltering in Iraq's desert heat, a Bear-area mother is being told by the Postal Service to cease the shipments.   Read More

· Elizabeth Smart's parents sign book, movie deals.  A two-hour CBS television movie about Elizabeth Smart's nine-month kidnapping is expected to be aired in November.  Read More

· Judge Agrees to Unseal Kobe's Arrest Warrant.  A judge agreed Thursday to unseal the arrest warrant in the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case but rejected a media request to see other court records that could detail what happened in his hotel suite.  Read More

· Bodies of Laci Peterson, unborn son to be released to family.  The bodies have been held at the Contra Costa County Coroner's office since washing ashore in April along the San Francisco Bay.  Read More

· Celebrity Dog-walker makes $150,000.  Annie Lever, 46, is a professional dog walker who earns $150K a year — enough to buy a Brentwood condominium and a Steinway piano.  "I still wake up, look at my place and say, 'This is the house the dogs bought me.'  Read More

· Cop's Appearance on 'Queer Eye' Questioned.  A Port Authority police officer who went on national television for a style makeover is under some scrutiny for allowing his uniform to make an appearance - on somebody else.  Read More

· Gigli drops to 63rd place.  Average box office is down to $256 per theater after only three weeks.  Read More

· Airline sends callers to wrong number - a sex line.  United Airlines customers who responded by phone to a special offer Tuesday were mistakenly directed to a phone-sex line.  Read More

· Stars keep quiet on Arnold's run.  Clint Eastwood is too busy to come to the phone. Hollywood's liberal cheerleader Barbra Streisand has no comment. No chatter yet from outspoken Hollywood conservatives Tom Selleck, Mary Hart or Pat Sajak.  Read More

· Woman hurt after mobile bursts in flames.  A 33-year-old Dutch woman has sustained slight face and neck burns after her mobile phone burst into flames, the Amsterdam police say.  Read More

· Jacko Plans Neverland 'Open House' to Raise Money.  Michael Jackson, the self-titled King of Pop, is getting ready to open his Neverland Ranch to strangers, albeit for a price.  Read More

· New Computer Virus Clogs E-Mail Inboxes.  A new strain of one of the most virulent e-mail viruses ever spread quickly worldwide Tuesday morning, causing fresh annoyance to users worn out by last week's outbreak of the Blaster worm.  Read More

· Iraq's Governing Council received warning of truck bombing a week ago.  Iraq's 25-member interim Governing Council received intelligence on August 14 that a truck bombing was imminent in the capital, council member Ahmad Chalabi, head of the Iraqi National Congress, said.  Read More

· Armored car spill means money grab on freeway.  An eastbound armored truck somehow lost its load Tuesday night, sending money into the wind.  Read More

· Teacher works as hooker during summer.  What did you do during your summer vacation? Police in Oakland charge a Bezerkely teacher is turning tricks while school is out.  Read More

· 80's star sues company that didn't pay for work he didn't do.  Former "CHiPs" star Erik Estrada has sued a movie production company for $75,000, claiming it reneged on paying him when it decided against making a proposed movie.  Read More

· $5,000 nets date with porn-star recall candidate.  Porn star Mary Carey has a novel way to raise money for her gubernatorial campaign - she's offering to go out on dinner date with anyone contributing five grand or more.  Read More

· Authorities Say at Least Two W.Va. Victims Were Targeted.  Investigators backed away Wednesday from a "random sniper" theory behind three murders outside convenience stores last week, saying at least two of the victims were deliberately targeted.  Read More

· Valedictorian settles suit against district.  Blair Hornstine, whose court battle to be her high school's sole valedictorian ended up throwing her life in turmoil, settled her differences with the Moorestown School District yesterday to the tune of $60,000 - all but $15,000 to pay her lawyers.  Read More

· Tampa Police Eliminate Controversial Facial-Recognition System.  Tampa police have scrapped their controversial security camera system that scanned city streets for criminals, citing its failure over two years to recognize anyone wanted by authorities.  Read More

· While a Citizen Directed Traffic... NYPD Fool is Writing Tickets.  While some city workers struggled to protect New Yorkers in the midst of the blackout, an NYPD traffic agent wrote summonses even as private citizens directed traffic at a busy intersection yards away.  Read More

· Mother faces manslaughter charge.  Three-year-old Brianna Cordell died sweltering in a closed car, while her mother was engrossed in a computer fantasy-game, according to police.  Read More

· Bride arrested for disorderly conduct.  Proving that some people should remain single, one bride's honeymoon suite turned out to be a jail cell at the South Windsor police department.  Read More

· 'Beverly Hillbillies' casino in works.  Nearly four years after his dreams for a Jethro’s Beverly Hillbillies casino fizzled in Reno, actor Max Baer Jr. is planning a $54 million resort in a former Wal-Mart store a half-hour’s drive away in Nevada’s capital city.  Read More

· Largest scientific study proves Astrology is bunk.  Its central claim - that our human characteristics are moulded by the influence of the Sun, Moon and planets at the time of our birth - appears to have been debunked once and for all and beyond doubt by the most thorough scientific study ever made into it.  Read More

· Woman identifies ring lost in tip jar.  Diamond band left at a Starbucks got mixed in with change in her purse, she says.  Read More

· Sabotage Cannot Be Ruled Out in Blackout.  Although government and energy-industry officials have continued to state that Thursday's massive power blackout was not an act of terrorism, they are unable to rule out the possibility that a computer hacker plunged 50 million people into darkness.  Read More

· No Cameras Allowed in Peterson Preliminary Hearing.  Cameras will not be allowed in the preliminary hearing for Scott Peterson's double murder trial, a judge ruled.  Read More

· Cybill Shepherd 'made out passionately' with Gray Davis.  Shepherd says she met Davis in Hawaii 36 years ago when she was on vacation and he was working in a travel agency, and she became smitten.  Read More

· Maurice Gibb Leaves Widow More Than $2 Million.  The will of Bee Gees member Maurice Gibb leaves his widow more than $2 million, their six homes and all ownership in copyrights and musical compositions.  Read More

· NH Student Arrested in 'Jack the Snipper' Case.  Police are calling a University of New Hampshire student a "person of interest" in the "Jack the Snipper" case, two weeks after he was caught looking inside an apartment window.  Read More

· 'Freddy Vs. Jason' Thrills U.S. Moviegoers.  Corpses littered the weekend box office in North America, but this time they weren't the remains of overhyped, costly flops.  Read More

· The Smoking Gun joins high-caliber media.  The Smoking Gun, the scrappy Web site known for documenting the bad behavior of famous folks, is aiming well beyond the Internet.  Read More

· Terminator 4 Could Go Ahead Without Schwarzenegger.  Arnold Schwarzenegger may have to say "Hasta la vista" to his role as Terminator if he becomes California's governor, but Terminator 3's producer said he could make another of the blockbuster films without him.  Read More

· Peterson Defense Team Trying to Fill Gaps in Argument.  Scott Peterson's defense team is trying to fill some major holes in their case as they try to build their argument that a third party was responsible for the death of Laci Peterson.  Read More

· Rat Pack's ring-a-ding- ding captured on film.  Get ready for a Rat Pack attack. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. resurface this fall in restored footage of a rare benefit concert in St. Louis that was beamed live via closed circuit to several movie theaters on June 20, 1965.  Read More

· Motorcyclist Dies in Collision With Congressman.  Rep. Bill Janklow was driving a car that collided with a motorcycle at a rural intersection, killing its rider, state officials said.  Read More

· R&B Songwriter Ed Townsend Dies of Heart Attack.  Rhythm-and-blues songsmith Ed Townsend, who wrote the 1958 hit "For Your Love" and worked with soul legend Marvin Gaye, has died after heart failure, his family said on Saturday. He was 74.  Read More

· You've Got Mail:  $1 million in Dope!  SOMEBODY sent Universal Records - home to Eminem, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Thalia and U2 - $1 million worth of marijuana in the mail.  Read More

· Fox wakes up morning TV.  In the ever-changing world of television news — one day you're a peacock, next day a feather duster — and with cable viewership rising fast, Fox and Friends' success in just five years is remarkable: It is trouncing its cable competition, CNN's American Morning and MSNBC's Imus in The Morning.  Read More

· Man accidently shoots six at his birthday party.  oops!  A Norwegian has accidentally shot and wounded six of his friends at a surprise party to celebrate his 40th birthday, police say.  Read More

· Baylor Coach Told Players to Lie About Dennehy.  Dave Bliss, the former Baylor basketball coach forced out last week amid the growing scandal surrounding the death of star player Patrick Dennehy, not only ordered players to lie to investigators probing the case, but went as far as to write scripts for them, detailing exactly what they should say.  Read More

· Texas Democratic Senators Remain in New Mexico.  With Democratic lawmakers refusing to end their self-imposed exile, Republicans are considering a new piece of arm-twisting: Yanking the rebels' parking spaces, cell phones and other privileges.  Read More

· Dancer Sues Enquirer Over Affleck Sex Stories.  Antonella Santini, the exotic dancer featured in salacious National Enquirer stories that purported to detail a sexual encounter she had with actress Jennifer Lopez' fiance, Ben Affleck, has sued the tabloid, saying she never had sex with the "Gigli" actor.  Read More

· Cities Slowly Climb Back From Blackout of 2003.  Major cities in the northern U.S. and Canada were slowly emerging from the worst blackout in American history Friday morning as power trickled back to the crippled region.  Read More

· Blackout Hits Parts of Eastern U.S.  A massive power outage swept across swaths of the eastern United States and Canada on Thursday, leaving sections of New York City, Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto without electricity, witnesses said.  Read More

· Brittany Murphy comes clean about Ashton's manhood.  Ashton Kutcher's ex on fling with Demi: "I suppose the crux of their relationship basically means to him that age doesn't matter and to her that size doesn't matter."  Read More

· Media, Public Allowed at Peterson Preliminary Hearing  The media and the public will be allowed in the preliminary hearing for the Scott Peterson double-murder trial, a judge ruled Thursday, but the decision about cameras in the courtroom will be made another day.  Read More

· Hollywood's Version Of Caller Waiting.  If you ever find yourself wondering, perhaps while watching late-night television reruns or idly clipping your toenails, whatever happened to former Hulk Lou Ferrigno or former child actor Todd Bridges, puzzle no longer. It turns out they're waiting to hear from you.  Read More

· Kobe's 911 Call Sought Medical Aid for His Wife.  The 911 call Kobe Bryant made the day before he surrendered to police on a sexual assault charge was for medical assistance for his wife, city documents showed.  Read More

· Millionaire Arianna Huffington Paid $772 in taxes.  TV commentator and author Arianna Huffington, who launched her campaign for governor with criticism of "fat cats" who fail to shoulder a fair share of taxes, paid no individual state income tax and just $771 in federal taxes during the last two years, her tax returns show.  Read More

· NBC grants 'Just Shoot Me' its wish.  After a confusing series of time and night changes and unplanned breaks, the sitcom will whimper out of its seventh and final season Saturday — in the dead of August reruns.  Read More

· 'Man traps' gobble bank robbers.  Anthony McClain was clutching $1,760 and just steps from a clean getaway last week when he became the second Pennsylvania bank robber in 10 days to be gobbled up by a security system dubbed the ''man trap,'' FBI agents said.  Read More

· King-sized payday for director.  Universal will pay "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson $20 million to helm a remake of "King Kong," one of the largest deals ever made with a director.  Read More

· Driver charged after beer can hits trooper's car.  Littering isn't normally a felony offense in Tennessee, but a Westmoreland man faces two felony charges after police say he tossed a can of Budweiser out his car window, striking the windshield of a Tennessee Highway Patrol car.  Read More

· Alec Baldwin sued by ex-business partner.  Alec Baldwin's former business partner is suing him, claiming the actor owes her $125,000 of his earnings from a recent television movie.  Read More

· 'Raymond' co-star demands raise.  Brad Garrett, who plays Raymond's brother on "Everybody Loves Raymond," wants a raise, and reportedly doesn't plan to return to work until he gets it.  Read More

· Rocco Riff:  'The Restaurant' Cited by Health Department.  Rocco DiSpirito's trendy Italian restaurant has new fodder for its reality television series: a health department citation for "evidence of live flies" and greasy spoons.  Read More

· White supremacist group distributes racist fliers in Eagle, site of Bryant case.  Racist fliers were scattered Tuesday on lawns and windshields in the town where Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is to go on trial on sexual assault charges.  Read More

· Jagger, Doors Included in 'Worst Music' List.  Blender magazine has named the "50 Worst Artists in Music History" - and the list is bound to infuriate pop fans, because along with expected names like Celine Dion and Vanilla Ice are legends like The Doors and Mick Jagger.  Read More

· Ted Williams’ DNA missing.  Ted Williams was decapitated by surgeons at the cryonics company where his body is suspended in liquid nitrogen, and several samples of his DNA are missing.  Read More

· Penthouse Publisher Files for Bankruptcy.  The publisher of the racy adult magazine Penthouse, said it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection so it can restructure its operations and debt.  Read More

· Marine dies 3 hours after return from Iraq.  Three hours after he returned home from Iraq, a New Hampshire Marine reservist collapsed and died of a heart attack.  Read More

· Affleck admits 'Gigli' silly.  Ben Affleck confirmed yesterday what a legion of moviegoers already know: his flick "Gigli" with wife-to-be (?!) Jennifer Lopez is a real stinker.  Read More

· Bridegroom in space, bride on earth but they get... married.  One of the most unusual weddings in history has taken place as planned with the groom orbiting the Earth and the bride on the ground in Texas, USA.  Read More

· Peterson Defense Team Examines Bodies.  Scott Peterson's defense team sent experts Monday to examine the remains of Laci Peterson and her unborn son.  Read More

· Peterson rented private mailbox Dec. 23.  The Postal Service has turned over to prosecutors an application that Scott Peterson filled out in connection with his rental of a private mailbox on Dec. 23, according to a source familiar with the application.  Read More

· Cameron and Justin: The New Demi and Ashton?  He's bedded Britney Spears and gotten "in sync" with a stable of other young ladies, but now Justin Timberlake may have found his Mrs. Robinson — Cameron Diaz, who is eight years his senior.   Read More

· Calif. woman living in motel wins jackpot.  Patricia Frierson moved into a motel because she could no longer afford her townhome. Now she's got $91 million for some new digs.   Read More

· Comic turns tables on telemarketers.  Comic asks one telemarketer to wait a moment while he sees who is at the door. Listeners then hear Christmas carolers, followed by a series of shotgun blasts and murderous shrieks.  Read More

· Too many chances for Costner, Travolta, and Sharon Stone.  Giving someone a second chance is nice, but Hollywood continues to dole out million-dollar opportunities to once heavy-hitting actors who're long since past their primes.  Read More

· Geraldo Rivera marries for 5th time.  The fifth time could be the charm for Geraldo Rivera.  The TV personality, whose four previous marriages ended in divorce, tied the knot again Sunday.  Read More

· Fox Sues Humorist Al Franken Over Slogan.  Fox News Channel has sued liberal humorist Al Franken and the Penguin Group to stop them from using the phrase "fair and balanced" in the title of his upcoming book.  Read More

· Accident cancels Justin-Christina show.  Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake took an unexpected night off Saturday. Their sold-out show in Atlantic City was canceled after sound and lighting equipment fell while being raised to the ceiling.  Read More

· Ask Jeeves: Butler Didn't Do It.  In its first major marketing push in two years, Ask Jeeves is touting its search prowess in a $6 million campaign consisting of billboard and magazine ads that exclude the butler that serves as the company's mascot.  Read More

· It Was a Good Deed Never Forgiven.  Lives were shattered after DMV mistakenly revealed the woman who reported elderly friend's poor driving.  Read More

· Entertainer Gregory Hines Dies of Cancer.  Tony Award winner Gregory Hines, the tap-dancing actor who started on Broadway and in movies including "White Nights" and "Running Scared," has died, his publicist says. He was 57.  Read More

· Club Manager, Girlfriend Accused of Stealing Powerball Winner's Money.  The manager of a strip club and his girlfriend were arrested Thursday for allegedly drugging a Powerball jackpot winner and stealing $545,000 of the winner's money.  Read More

· Busted For Pot In Government Car.  A bittersweet homecoming for Tijuana printers Francisco Rivera and Alfonso Calderon: sweet, for their release from Mexico's most hellish prison, bitter, because they were falsely imprisoned as drug runners after buying a car from the U.S. Marshals loaded with hidden marijuana.  Read More

· Peterson rejected deal in January.  Prosecutors offered Scott Peterson a deal to spare his life within weeks of his wife's disappearance - if he led them to her body, they would not seek the death penalty against him.  Read More

· 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.  The point of the game is that Kevin Bacon is the center of the movie universe, and everyone can be linked back to him.  Read More

· West Nile Cases Triple in One Week.  The number of West Nile virus cases has tripled to at least 164 since last week and will likely break last year's record, a top federal health official said Thursday in the latest warning about the rapid advance of the mosquito-borne disease.  Read More

· Original G.I. Joe sells for $200,000.  His face may be battle-weary, but the 1963 G.I. Joe prototype is no longer an auction-block refugee, an auction house said.  Read More

· Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Run!  Arnold Schwarzenegger announced on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno that he will run for Governor of California.  Read More

· Bryant Makes Court Appearance on Sexual Assault Charge.  Amid a media frenzy, Kobe Bryant, the NBA superstar accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old hotel worker, made his first appearance in court.  Read More

· Ruben Receiving Kickbacks?  America's Idol might not have behaved so honorably.  Hip-hop clothing maker 205 Flava Inc. claims it secretly paid Ruben Studdard to wear their oversized jerseys on America Idol, in violation the show's rules.   Read More

· J.Lo dumps Ben.  JENNIFER Lopez has reportedly dumped fiance Ben Affleck a week after he spent more than $1 million on her birthday.  Read More

· Remains of Three Babies Possibly Found in Inherited Trunks.  A couple looking through old trunks inherited from the woman's mother found what appeared to be the remains of three babies, authorities said.  Read More

· SPAMMER proves there IS an idiot born every minute.  A fluke revealed that, over a four-week period, some 6,000 people responded to e-mail ads and placed orders for the company's Pinacle herbal supplement. Most customers ordered two bottles of the pills at a price of $50 per bottle.  Read More

· Duane 'Dog' Chapman Denied Luster Bail Money.  The bounty hunter who captured convicted rapist Andrew Luster won't receive any of the $1 million bail the fugitive cosmetics heir forfeited when he vanished during his trial, a judge ruled.  Read More

· Lindbergh's Love Letters Gave Away Affair?  A German woman who says she is the illegitimate daughter of Charles Lindbergh has said she only found out his identity after stumbling on more than 100 love letters from the legendary aviator, and confronting her mother.  Read More

· Gossipy tongues wag over Ben, J-Lo.  Affleck's visit to a Vancouver strip club on July 17, the same night their cozy Dateline interview aired, is the talk of the celeb gossip world.  Read More

· Judge Rules Florida Can't Prosecute Drunk Pilots.  The state cannot prosecute two America West pilots who were fired for taking the controls of their jetliner after a night of heavy drinking, a federal judge ruled.  Read More

· Secret document could shake up Catholic church.  "It explains how it is that you can have an internal church trial, in which you can never convict a priest. The thing is rigged."  Read More

· TV Exec Buys Carly Simon's 'Vain' Secret.  Singer-songwriter Carly Simon is about to reveal the mystery subject of her classic song "You're So Vain" to somebody - but it's coming at a hefty price.  Dick Ebersol, the president of NBC Sports, paid $50,000 at an auction Monday night to benefit various charities on Martha's Vineyard.  Read More

· Trouble in paradise for J-Lo.  Lopez went to dinner at Koi with 15 pals, including rapper Q-Tip, and then to Shelter, where "they rang up a $9,000 bar tab" in the VIP room," a source said.  "Jennifer kept talking about the 'drama, drama, drama,' and told several people she was single before hitting the dance floor for the rest of the night. She was not wearing the engagement ring."   Read More

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