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December 2003
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· Kobe Prosecution Gains JonBenet Investigator.  Prosecutors in the sexual assault case against NBA star Kobe Bryant are being helped by a respected investigator who recently was hired to help solve the JonBenet Ramsey slaying.  Read More

· Think nobody is stupid enough to fall for the Nigerian e-mail scam?  A 73-year-old retired electronics specialist sold all his stock, got a second mortgage and hocked his two cars - giving the Nigerians more than $300,000 - every dollar he and his wife had.   Read More

· One more person that threw away the fruitcake.  A fossilezed fruitcake that is an estimated 125 years old - an artifact of holiday cheer - is expected to make its debut on Jay Leno.  Read More

· Saddam's 'rat hole' to be sent to U.S.  The concrete bunker where Saddam Hussein was found will be shipped to America — as a monument to his capture.   Read More

· Scary even for Hugh Grant.  While filming a movie in Thailand, Hugh Grant was in a Bangkok bar and chased by dozens of hookers trying to grab his crotch.  Read More

· Russians offer 'Honeymoon in Space.'  Despite banning marriages in space, Russia is offering newlyweds the chance to swap Venice or the Niagara Falls for a cosmic honeymoon romance by buying a 40-million-dollar ticket to space, officials said   Read More

· 7.5 cents of every dollar spent went to Wal-Mart.  Although an American success story, Wal-Mart's relentless pressure can crush the companies it does business with and force them to send jobs overseas.  Read More

· Roy Horn Returns to Las Vegas for Christmas.  Illusionist Roy Horn of "Siegfried & Roy" returned to his home to continue his rehabilitation under the care of a team of doctors.  Read More

· Martha Stewart bemoans "saddest holiday ever."  Style icon Martha Stewart has bemoaned her legal troubles and upcoming trial for an insider trading scandal in a rare television interview.  Read More

· Nation's Threat Level Rises to Orange.  The government on Sunday raised the national threat level to orange, indicating a high risk of terrorist attack, and said threat indicators are "perhaps greater now than at any point" since Sept. 11, 2001, with strikes possible during the holidays.  Read More

· Diana was pregnant at time of her death, says top policeman.  A senior police source in France has told The Independent on Sunday that Diana, Princess of Wales, was pregnant at the time of her death following a road accident in Paris six years ago.  Read More

· Laci's Mom Files Lawsuits Against Scott.  Laci Peterson's mother filed two wrongful death lawsuits Friday against her son-in-law that include her harshest public comments to date about the man accused of killing her pregnant daughter.  Read More

· Al Gore's Son Arrested for Pot Possession.  The son of former vice president and 2000 Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore has been charged with marijuana possession.  Read More

· Medical Records at Heart of Kobe Hearing.  If Kobe Bryant's defense attorneys get their way, people close to his accuser could be forced to testify about what the 19-year-old woman has said regarding her medical condition and prescription drugs.  Read More

· Woman taking driver's test crashes into DMV.  A 92-year-old woman who wanted to take a written driving test crashed her vehicle into a Utah Department of Public Safety building, police said.  Read More

· Nine Counts:  Formal Charges Filed Against Jackson.  Child molestation charges were officially filed against pop superstar Michael Jackson Thursday at Santa Barbara County Superior Court in Santa Maria, Calif.  Read More

· Corruption claim governor says he was called by God.  The governor of the strait-laced New England state of Connecticut has rejected calls for his resignation over corruption allegations, saying he is in direct contact with God.  Read More

· He's Ba-aaak!  Joey Buttafuoco Arrested for Insurance Fraud.  Joey Buttafuoco, whose affair with a teenager led to his wife's shooting in New York, was arrested Wednesday and charged with insurance fraud for allegedly making phony repair estimates at his auto body shop.  Read More

· Coroner:  Diana death inquest held in January.  The first official public hearing into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed is to be held next month.  Read More

· '60 Minutes' gets a second wind.  At a time when many shows are losing audience, "60 Minutes" is hot again.  And it's doing so with stories aimed at younger viewers, a change that has provided a dose of ratings Viagra.  Read More

· 9/11 Chairman: Attack Was Preventable.  For the first time, the chairman of the independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks is saying publicly that 9/11 could have and should have been prevented.  Read More

· Signal jammers saved President Musharraf.  Special security equipment installed in vehicles in the motorcade of President Pervez Musharraf saved his life when a bridge was blown up just after he crossed it.  Read More

· Sex Offenders Get Federal Money for College.  Some of the worst sexual predators in Florida are taking college courses and U.S. taxpayers are picking up the tab.  Read More

· Inmates accused of bilking newspapers.  Three Texas prisoners bilked hundreds of newspapers and magazines out of more than $8,000, by demanding that the publications give them refunds for subscriptions they never had.  Read More

· Albright says Bush holding bin Laden for political purposes.  Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said she wondered whether the Bush administration is holding Usama bin Laden captive, waiting to break him out at the best political moment.  Read More

· One Stupid Camera Thief.  Two shoplifters took more than $2,000 in digital cameras from a Wal-Mart and left one behind with a picture of one of crooks still on it.  Read More

· Fur flies over flier: PETA targets ‘Nutcracker’ kids.  Animal rights advocates have prepared fliers to hand out to small children at performances of "The Nutcracker" in the next few weeks, saying "Your Mommy Kills Animals" to youngsters whose mothers are wearing fur.  Read More

· Bank teller wouldn't take robber's note.  A man walked into a bank handed a teller a note saying that he was robbing the bank.  The teller "picked it up, balled it up and threw it back at him," according to police.  Read More

· Football player to pay $30k for cellphone call.  New Orleans Saints receiver Joe Horn was fined $30,000 by the NFL on Tuesday for making a choreographed cell-phone call in the end zone to celebrate a touchdown.  Read More

· Re-Enactment of Wright Bros. Flight Fails.  An attempt Wednesday to re-create the Wright brothers' first flight exactly a century later didn't go off as planned.  Read More

· 'Bullet-proof' concoction proves deadly for doctor.  A wacky patient shot and killed an even wackier Nigerian doctor who was testing the potency of an anti-bullet charm the herbalist had prepared for him, police said.  Read More

· Wynonna Judd Gets Community Service for DUI.  Country singer Wynonna Judd will lose her driver's license for one year and must perform 200 hours of community service after she pleaded guilty Tuesday to drunken driving.  Read More

· Reality Stars: How They Spent Their Winnings.  Us Weekly caught up with several winners of different reality shows - from "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" to "Joe Millionaire" to "Big Brother 3" and more - and found out how these winners spent their loot.  Read More

· 'Racist' Justin sued.  Justin Timberlake is being sued for $9.6 million by his former tour manager who has accused the Rock Your Body singer of racial abuse  Read More

· Gym members sweat over camera phones.  New cellphones have captured the imagination of consumers in the US this year.  So discreet are these cameras, it is possible to take a shot of almost anyone, anywhere and any time, without them knowing.  Read More

· Saddam betrayed by his wife.  Saddam Hussein was captured in a filthy underground hole because of the demands of the one woman he still trusted.  The second of his four wives, she may now receive the $25 million bounty.  Read More

· Hollywood hasbeen Alec Baldwin writes to Pope over animal cruelty.  Alec Baldwin has appealed to Pope John Paul II asking him to condemn "shocking cruelty" to animals, according to PETA.  Read More

· Vatican slams handling of Saddam.  A top Roman Catholic official has attacked the way Saddam Hussein was treated by his US captors, saying he had been dealt with like an animal.  Read More

· Are You Grammatically Incorrect?  Even the most educated among us are occasionally stumped by a grammatical puzzler. Here’s a chance to show your old English teacher that you learned a thing or two about grammar and usage.   Read More

· 'Santa' Robs Bank.  A bearded man in a red, fur-lined Santa suit and hat showed a handgun and demanded money from a bank teller Monday, police said. He made off with an undetermined amount of cash.  "I'm sure he was a little more menacing than your average Santa at the mall," said state police Trooper Steve Barto.  Read More

· Rush's drug use has Palm Beach in tizzy.  In a town where there are enough Jaguars to open a game preserve, there are many residents that aren't happy with the negative publicity Rush Limbaugh has brought this rich and private community.  Read More

· Baggage screeners find gunpowder in bag, let man board flight.  A man who packed gunpowder and a fuse in his bags was allowed to board his flight when airport security officials accepted his explanation that the unusual materials were used for his harmless hobby of shooting golf balls out of cannons.  Read More

· Winona Ryder praised by judge for not stealing anything lately.  Winona Ryder was commended by a judge Monday for abiding by the rules of her probation in her shoplifting case.  Read More

· City Government Run Amuck!  A Pennsylvania family has lost their last imminent domain fight to save its 48-acre horse farm from being turned into a golf course and bowling alley.  Read More

· Saddam knocks Jesus off magazine.  Saddam Hussein knocked Jesus Christ off the cover of Time this weekend as the magazine - and its main weekly rival Newsweek - both reworked their latest issues following the former Iraqi leader's capture.  Read More

· Allentown, PA Loses 15,000 Tax Bills.  The city sent late notices to thousands of residents who never got their tax bills in the first place.  Read More

· Meth smuggled in greeting card.  A woman soaked paper with methamphetamine, fashioned it to look like a greeting card and sent it to a federal jail inmate who then cut it into pieces for sale to other inmates, investigators said.  Read More

· Saddam 'could be executed on the 1st of July.'  Saddam Hussein could be tried “in the next few weeks” and could be executed if convicted, an Iraqi Governing Council member said.  Read More

· Thurmond's Family 'Acknowledges' Black Woman's Claim as Daughter.  The late Sen. Strom Thurmond's family acknowledges a California woman's claim that she is his illegitimate mixed-race daughter. Her lawyer said the statement brought her "a sigh of relief."  Read More

· Microsoft Powerpoint fingered in space shuttle crash.  NASA became over-reliant on using Powerpoint, which has been determined to be one reason for the Columbia space shuttle crash.  Read More

· ACLU stops Santa.  The ACLU has successfully stopped Santa from visiting public schools in Baldwin, Kan., because his presence constitutes "illegal proselytizing" by the school.  Read More

· Nicole wants J.Lo's rear end.  Nicole Kidman said she would love to have a bottom like J.Lo's.  The star said she dreamt of having Lopez's curves instead of her own boyish figure.  Read More

· Nicholson's 'Something's Gotta Give' Tops Box Office.  Love among older adults conquered the box office as Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton's romance "Something's Gotta Give" debuted in the top spot.  Read More

· Firm Unveils Gun That Fires Around Corners.  U.S. forces have already begun training with it and U.S. SWAT and police teams have expressed interest in purchasing it, Amos Golan, the device's developer.  Read More

· Arnie's home town plans 80ft Terminator statue.  A plan to build an 80ft statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator guise in his home town has been revived despite the actor regarding it as a waste of money.  Read More

· Singer Lauryn Hill Blasts Church at Vatican Concert.  American singer Lauryn Hill, from a stage used by the Pope, shocked Catholic officials by saying "God has been a witness to the corruption, exploitation and [sexual] abuses by the clergy."  Read More

· 'Black day' for Palestinians.  Saddam Hussein's capture stops the funding of $25,000 each he gave to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.  Read More

· Saddam caught with cache of guns and money.  Saddam was found in an eight-foot hole where authorities confiscated two AK-47 assault rifles, a pistol, and $750,000 in (US) $100 bills.  Read More

· How much is $750,000 in $100 bills?  Saddam's stash of cash would stack 30" high and weigh in at 15 pounds!  Read More

· Iraqi Information Minister denies Hussein's capture?  Kuwaitis, jubilant at the capture of arch-foe Saddam Hussein, were having fun sending each other mobile text messages of fake denials from the former Iraqi information minister - and supreme wacko - Mohammad Said al-Sahhaf.  Read More

· Murderer's escape ends in snafu.  Convicted murderer Larry Hentz and his wife, Elizabeth, were smart enough to mastermind his escape from prison, drive cross country with stolen license plates and dye their hair.  BUT when they checked in at a California motel, his wife used her real name.  Read More

· Spector's Attorneys Still Claiming Evidence Of Suicide.  Despite the recent murder charges, attorneys for music producer and murder suspect Phil Spector released a statement Saturday saying there is evidence that his alleged victim, actress Lana Clarkson, killed herself.  Read More

· Big Holiday Bonuses for Shoe Plant Workers.  Employees at San Antonio Shoe were gathered together and told they would each get $1,000 - then their boss said "$1,000 for each year they worked."  That's when the tears started flowing for many who have worked there for more than two decades.  Read More

· Judge bars flu bug from courtroom.  Crime is not the only thing Circuit Judge Gloria Bahakel is fighting from the bench. She's also tough on the flu.  A sign taped to the Jefferson County judge's courtroom door warns that anyone with a cold, cough or flu-like symptoms should not enter.  Read More

· Slain Prosecutor Struggled Before Death.  Jonathan Luna did not go down without a fight. Law enforcement officials said they discovered blood from a second person in the car of the assistant U.S. attorney, whose body was found in a creek in rural Pa.  Read More

· DA wants to buy Scott Peterson's truck.  Prosecutors told Scott Peterson yesterday they want to buy his truck and use it as evidence that he killed wife Laci Peterson and their unborn son Conner.  Read More

· Oprah turns the tables - Invites Letterman on her show.  Letterman had been begging Winfrey to appear on the CBS "Late Show," which she said she wouldn't do again because she felt uncomfortable during her previous two appearances.  Read More

· Barney Fife's .38 Revolver Sells for $8,000 at Auction.  Don Knotts' police revolver from The Andy Griffith Show (CBS 1960-68) - a Colt .38 Special police revolver - was sold on eBay for $8,000.  Deputy Barney Fife, played by Knotts - was the only gun-carrying police officer in the town of Mayberry.  Read More

· Mayberry Revealed.  A behind the scenes look at The Andy Griffith Show, and the REAL town of Mayberry.  Read More

· Man found shot to death on 'X' marking JFK assassination.  A man was found dead on the "X" in Dallas that marks the spot where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated 40 years ago.  Read More

· Iowa judge OKs lesbian divorce.  A district judge in Sioux City has approved a divorce for two lesbians, even though Iowa doesn't recognize gay marriages.  Read More

· Mich. Factory Taxes $15 Holiday Bonus.  Hourly workers at Tower Automotive received $15 gift cards redeemable at a grocery store before Thanksgiving. The company then decided to tax the cards by taking out $5.51 from the workers' next paychecks.  Read More

· DA's understatement of the year.  "This is two guys who were friends and the one guy is being extremely stupid - putting a gun up to his friend's head and pulling the trigger was reckless."  Read More

· Italians urged to switch off TVs.  Television networks in Italy are facing a nationwide weekend walkout - not by staff, but by unhappy viewers.  Read More

· Working replica of Wright Flyer nearly impossible.  One hundred years later, some of the nation's most experienced pilots and craftsmen are struggling to replicate the Wright brother's feat.  Read More

· Ozzy's security guard saved his life.  Ozzy Osbourne was brought back to life by a security guard following his quad bike accident, his wife Sharon revealed last night.   Read More

· Microsoft to cut swastikas from software.  Microsoft said that its latest version of Office software inadvertently contained a font featuring two swastikas, and said it would offer tools to remove and replace the offending characters from the program.  Read More

· Peterson Defense to File for Change of Venue.  Defense attorneys for Scott Peterson said Friday they'll file a change of venue motion Monday in the double murder case.  Read More

· The Sheriff's Department's “decal controversy” is sticking around.  It all surrounds a patrol car, which carried a message some found offensive. The car decal said, "We'll Kick Your Ass."  Read More

· Michael Jackson's Brother Claims Singer Was Mistreated In Custody.  Jermaine Jackson told MSNBC in an interview broadcast Thursday that his brother has proof that "he was very much mistreated." He declined to give specifics, saying only, "The pictures will show you everything."  Read More

· Woman claims Phil Spector forced sex at gunpoint.  Los Angeles Sheriff's officers want to question a New York woman who claims record producer Phil Spector once forced her at gunpoint to perform oral sex.  Read More

· 'Will & Grace' Producers Sue NBC.  The executive producers of "Will & Grace" have sued NBC and its production studio, alleging the network conspired to keep the sitcom's price down to reduce the producers' share of the profits.  Read More

· Stones' Jagger now 'Sir Mick.'  The singer of the vintage rock band for the past four decades received the knighthood - endowed by a light sword touch on each shoulder - from Prince Charles.  Read More

· NASA invites Travolta on space flight.  Nasa has made a remarkable plea to Hollywood actor John Travolta, asking him to be the first celebrity in space.  Travolta, already a qualified pilot, is reportedly considering the offer.  Read More

· Heroic Time Magazine reporter saves three colleagues in Iraq.  A Time magazine reporter in Iraq lost his hand but saved himself and three others when he threw out a hand grenade lobbed into their Humvee.  Read More

· At 80, Bob Barker is still in the game.  Bob Barker has learned a thing or two about putting people at ease in 32 years hosting his hit daytime game show, CBS's The Price Is Right.  Read More

· Smithsonian Wrongs Wrights ... Again.  The Smithsonian Institution is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first flight.  The tribute is ironic as the Smithsonian spent 28 years denying the Wrights credit for the first flight in favor of promoting the dubious legacy of one of its own.  Read More

· Letterman Invites Winfrey To 'Super Bowl Of Love.'  Letterman's latest effort to end the feud between the talk show titans was an invitation, issued on the air Wednesday, to come on his show for an "hour of healing."  Read More

· Computer Crimes Unit Makes First Arrests in Va.  Two North Carolina men were the first people charged under Virginia's anti-spam law, authorities said Thursday.  Each face four felony counts of using fraudulent means to transmit unsolicited bulk e-mail.  Read More

· Web school teaches porn site how-to.  There's money to be made in the online porn business, and Michael Hayes of says he can help you cash in.  Read More

· Judge jails modern-day Jesse James.  Bank robber caught, described as "probably the most prolific bank robber in history," a source told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "We believe he's robbed more banks that any other man. He's right up there with Jesse James and Pretty Boy Floyd."  Read More

· Trendy Bracelets at the Heart of 'Sex' Controversy.  Orange, red, blue, black — they're just thin, rubbery bracelets that come in a rainbow of colors, but they're causing quite a stir.  In some parts of the country, they're calling them "sex bracelets" — with various colors supposedly representing promises to perform sex acts in a game called "Snap."  Read More

· Cashier Cashes in on $25,000 Rejected Lotto Ticket.  Courtesy counts in dealing with customers, but it also has paid off for a supermarket cashier who says a rude customer was refused a ticket that the cashier ended up buying.  Read More

· Feds Keep DA In Dark About Celebrity Investigator's Probe.  Federal agents are keeping District Attorney Steve Cooley in the dark about their wiretapping probe targeting former celebrity private eye Anthony Pellicano.  Read More

· Bryant Lawyers Subpoena Accuser's Mom.  Defense lawyers have subpoenaed the mother of a 19-year-old woman who accused Kobe Bryant of sexual assault to appear at a hearing to examine whether the defense should see the accuser's medical records.  Read More

· Courtney Love takes a break from rehab to hit the Nightclubs.  Though Courtney Love's supposedly enrolled in a live-in rehab facility, the singer stepped out for some L.A. club-hopping, even popping up onstage to play with a local band.  Read More

· Police say cell camera took upskirt photos.  A man has been charged with using a cellular telephone camera to take electronic photographs up a woman's skirt.  Read More

· Bobby Brown Charged With Battery.  Singer Bobby Brown was charged with battery Wednesday, three days after he allegedly hit his wife, singer and actress Whitney Houston.  Read More

· Beyonce, R. Kelly Win Big at 2003 Billboard Awards.  R&B dominated Wednesday's 2003 Billboard Music Awards, as sultry singer Beyonce and crooner R. Kelly each earned four awards.  Read More

· Grisly scene at site of Phil Spector murder.  Court records show that authorities found broken teeth and the body of an actress shot in the mouth when they came to record producer Phil Spector's home after a 911 call.  Read More

· AOL makes a date for online matchups.  America Online is expected to charge into the exploding online dating market with its own service that leverages its massive base of instant-messaging users.  Read More

· Bobby Flees After Fight With Whitney.  Officers arrived at Whitney Houston's home and found Houston with a cut upper lip and a bruised cheek, Police spokesman Kurtis Young said.  Houston told officers that Brown hit her in the face during an argument, then left for the airport.  Read More

· Woman Crashes While Phoning Radio Show.  A woman who was on her cell phone discussing the Michael Jackson case on a radio call-in show was hurt when her sport utility vehicle was hit from behind.  Read More

· Leaked memo boosts Jackson defence.  Months before Michael Jackson was arrested on allegations of child molestation, Los Angeles county child welfare investigators decided there was no reason to believe the boy involved in the case had been abused.  Read More

· Schwarzenegger: I Know Nothing About Libel Claim.  Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't know anything about a libel lawsuit filed by a woman who alleged he sexually harassed her, claiming his staff falsely suggested in an e-mail that she was a convicted felon, the California governor said.  Read More

· 3 Charged In Deadly R.I. Nightclub Fire.  The owners of the nightclub where 100 people were killed in a fire last February were indicted on involuntary manslaughter charges Tuesday along with the tour manager for the heavy metal band whose pyrotechnics ignited the blaze.  Read More

· Glen Campbell Pleads Not Guilty.  Glen Campbell pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a felony aggravated assault charge stemming from an incident with a police officer after an alleged hit-and-run collision near his Phoenix home.  Read More

· Police, Child Welfare Probers Concluded Sex Abuse Charges "Unfounded."  A confidential investigation by Los Angeles police and child welfare officials concluded earlier this year that allegations Michael Jackson sexually abused a cancer-stricken boy were "unfounded," according to an internal government memo.  Read More

· Thief grabs Playboy painting by Vargas.  The pinup, a one-of-a-kind watercolor of a nude done for Playboy in 1960, was on sale for $75,000, according to gallery owner Tony Pernicone.  Read More

· Ozzy Osbourne Undergoes Emergency Surgery After Accident.  Osbourne broke his collarbone, six ribs and a vertebra in his neck, by riding his all-terrain vehicle. He was in surgery Monday evening at an undisclosed English hospital.  Read More

· Forcing Kids To Eat Veggies Can Traumatize Them For Life.  "Don't try to forcefeed your child. Most children outgrow food fears over time," advises pediatrician Dr. Sally Milesas. "As their tastes change, what is 'yucky' today could be 'yummy' tomorrow.  Read More

· NRA Looking to Buy News Station.  Hoping to spend as much as it wants on next year's elections, the National Rifle Association is looking to buy a television or radio station and declare that it should be treated as a news organization, exempt from spending limits in the campaign finance law.  Read More

· Police face a new kind of stick-up.  Criminals are turning the tables on police by making crude versions of road spikes and hurling them in the path of pursuit cars.  Read More

· Congressman convicted of manslaughter.  Rep. Bill Janklow is facing a possible jail term and the end of his political career after a jury on Monday convicted the congressman of all charges in the traffic death of a motorcyclist.  Read More

· Schwarzenegger sued for Libel.  A Los Angeles woman who came forward during the California gubernatorial campaign to accuse Arnold Schwarzenegger of previous instances of sexual harassment today sued the Hollywood star, claiming that he, an aide, and his campaign smeared her as a convicted felon.  Read More

· Strange twist in slain prosecutor case.  Investigators are looking into a credit card Jonathan Luna held without his wife's knowledge and into postings of messages by someone who went by the name of Jonathan Luna at Web sites where people advertise for female sex partners.  Read More

· Bill Maher uncharacteristically turns the tables - on Hillary.  The Bush-bashing comic stunned some of Hollywood's most powerful liberals by joking about Bill Clinton's sexual indiscretions at a benefit honoring Sen. Hillary Clinton.  "Maher began bringing up 'Bill Clinton's blow jobs' - with Hillary sitting right there in front of him eating her chicken."  Read More

· Ozzy Osbourne says he was 'wiped out on pills.'  Rock star Ozzy Osbourne said he was "wiped out" on prescription medications when he gave his stupefied performances on his recent hit reality television show.  Read More

· Naming of Muslim football teams sparks protest.  Irvine, CA - Wackos that planned a Muslim football tournament in the U.S. have run into controversy after naming their teams Intifada, Soldiers of Allah and MujahideenRead More

· After Seven Years, Jennycam Shuts Down.  Jennifer Ringley, more famous as the woman behind Jennicam, became an Internet curiosity and a quasi-celebrity in the early days of the Web by putting up cameras around her apartment and letting anyone on the Internet tune in at any hour for a $15 annual subscription.  Read More

· Molesting priest beaten to death.  A retired Roman Catholic priest who admitted molesting three altar boys in 1995 was found beaten to death at his home, police said.  Read More

· Mark Geragos:  King of Tabloid Lawyers.  Never before in the post-O.J. age of celebrity lawyers, it appears, has a single attorney juggled two of the nation’s biggest cases at the same time.  Read More

· Jacks Baack!  An Interview with Jack Nicholson.  "Because of the oddness of what appeals to me," Nicholson jokes, "I've once again mismanaged myself into the pinnacle of my career."  Read More

· Women having toe surgery to fit into designer heels.  With vanity always in fashion and shoes reaching iconic cultural status, women are having parts of their toes lopped off to fit into the latest Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos.  Read More

· Paris Hilton Nearly Upstages Al Sharpton on 'SNL.'  Presidential candidate Al Sharpton portrayed lawyer Johnnie Cochran, a sushi salesman and one of the three wise men searching for Jesus during his host stint on "Saturday Night Live."  Read More

· Farm Boy Carrying Torch for Paris Hilton.  Paris Hilton, the airhead star of Fox's reality series "The Simple Life," fell hard for 18-year-old Arkansas kid Trae Lindley.  Their small-town affair - to be aired nationally - led to Lindley's split-up with his high-school sweetheart.  Read More

· John Kerry blasts Bush with F-word.  In a shocking interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the despondent Kerry said "I voted for what I thought was best for the country... Did I expect George Bush to f*ck it up as badly as he did? I don't think anybody did."  Read More

· French video game outrages WTC victims.  Families of Sept. 11 victims are outraged by a French Internet video game in which players shoot down passenger jets before they hit the World Trade Center towers.  Read More

· Student bringing Advil to school results in expulsion.  A Louisina school board voted unanimously to uphold a one-year expulsion of a high school student who brought an over-the-counter pain reliever to school.  Read More

· Blake Attorneys Submit List of 670 Witnesses.  Robert Blake's lawyer on Friday submitted a list of 670 possible witnesses the defense may call to testify in the actor's trial on charges of murdering his wife.  Read More

· After Growing Pains, Rimes Controls Career.  At 21, LeAnn Rimes has already been in the music business for nine years, and only now does she feel in control of her career.  Read More

· Secret Service listening to Eminem lyrics for threat to president.  A Secret Service spokesman said, "We are aware of the lyrics, and we are in the process of determining what action, if any, should be taken." Making a threat against the president is a federal crime, and the Secret Service is known for seriously investigating such incidents.  Read More

· Abercrombie & Fitch doesn't like ugly salespeople?  Two ex-managers for a clothing chain accused of discrimination say corporate representatives of the chain, Abercrombie & Fitch, routinely had them reduce the hours of less attractive salespeople.  Read More

· 29 of 30 lost $100 bills returned to owner.  Thirty $100 bills fell out of Jennifer Walterscheit's purse the other day, and they were blowing all over Greendale's village center.  Kiss that $3,000 goodbye, right?  Not even close. As of Thursday, all but one of the bills had been returned to her.  Read More

· County employee dupes bosses with 'jury-duty' leave.  Investigators say Todd Lorin Nelson saw it as an opportunity for six months of paid vacation, courtesy of the taxpayers of Miami-Dade County.  He collected $17,388.47 in pay during that time.   Read More

· No Moore Mary.  Mary Tyler Moore has quit Neil Simon's new play, "Rose's Dilemma," after getting a "brutal" letter from the playwright attacking her for not knowing her lines.  Read More

· Motorist gets vehicle registered online during traffic stop.  In less time than it took a North Brunswick patrolman to write a ticket for an unregistered vehicle, the driver got his car registered online Thursday.  Read More

· 'Alcohol shrinks the brain.'  Middle-aged men and women who consume just a few alcoholic drinks a week may be shrinking their brains, scientists revealed today.  Previous research has shown a link between chronic alcohol abuse and brain shrinkage, leading to impaired mental ability.   Read More

· Princess Di's Ex-Lover's Lawsuit Against Fox News Tossed.  A judge dismissed a $1 million claim by Princess Diana's former lover James Hewitt against Fox News for breach of contract and let stand the network's counterclaim that he violated their secrecy agreement.  Read More

· Orbitz CEO Could Cash in Big if IPO Flops.  Orbitz CEO Jeffrey Katz could profit handsomely from a cushion in his pay package that increases as the company's shares decline.  Read More

· Bogus Dictionary Lands Tourists In Trouble.  A Japanese-to-English phrase book with incorrect definitions for every phrase is stirring up trouble.  For instance, when the Japanese think they're asking 'Can you direct me to the rest room?' the book actually has them saying, 'Excuse me, may I caress your buttocks?'  Read More

· Mom Sues School to Allow Nativity Scene.  Andrea Skoros sued the New York City public school system after being told her kids' Nativity scene could not be a part of the holiday display although a Hanukkah menorah and the star and crescent representing Islam could be exhibited.  Read More

· Accident Prone?  'Trampled' Wal-Mart Shopper Has History Of Injury Claims.  Woman Has Filed 16 Previous Claims, 9 At Wal-Mart Stores.  Read More

· Jibe at Jacko on Amazon.  Shocked Michael Jackson fans trying to buy his Number Ones album at internet giant Amazon were urged to get a book called Thank Heaven For Little Boys, according to the London Sun.   Read More

· Affleck:  Our Sex is Boring.  Hollywood star Ben Affleck has admitted that he and fiancee Jennifer Lopez have a boring sex life.  The 31-year-old actor said: "You'd be bored by my sex life now! It's like ten minutes - it's completely routine.  Read More

· Mayo Mauler Gets Beefy Sentence.  A woman who ran down a McDonald's restaurant manager after she didn't get mayonnaise on her cheeseburger was sentenced to 10 years in prison for aggravated assault.  Read More

· Prosecutors: Limbaugh Engaged in 'Doctor Shopping.'  Investigators who raided the offices of Rush Limbaugh's doctors said in search warrants filed Thursday that the conservative radio commentator engaged in illegal drug use and "doctor shopping" for prescription painkillers.  Read More

· 8-year-old accused of fondling classmates.  An 8-year-old boy accused of fondling four female classmates will be the youngest participant in Wayne County's sex offender rehabilitation program, prosecutors said.  Read More

· Man Jailed 33 Years For $140 TV Theft.  A man who stole a television set 33 years ago is waiting to find out if he'll finally get paroled.  Junior Allen has been serving a life sentence for a second-degree burglary conviction in 1970. He stole a $140 television from a North Carolina home.   Read More

· Strange names among the top Grammy nominees.  What ever happened to Ray Charles, Perry Como, Ella Fitzgerald, and Tony Bennett?  Now it's Beyonce, Jay-Z, Zevon, Evanescence, 50 Cent, and OutKast named for the 46th annual Grammys.  Read More

· Feeling Lucky?  Plug in your personal 'lucky numbers' to determine if you would have won the California Super Lotto anytime over the past three years.  Read More

· Mother of all defeats, Britney more hated than Saddam.  What with the tantrums and falling record sales, things are going from bad to worse for Britney Spears, who now tops the chart for having more hate websites dedicated to her than either George W Bush or Saddam Hussein.  Read More

· Queens, NY Police give out ticket when child's balloon popped on street.  "I couldn't believe it," the child's father said. "It was just a normal-size party balloon and it was an accident. You'd make more noise closing the door of a police car."  Read More

· Nicole Kidman shouldn't count on marrying Lenny Kravitz.  According to Page Six, the rocker has confessed to pals he isn't really in love with Kidman, and is spending a lot of time with her partly because her fame helps raise his profile and sell records.  Read More

· Music Industry Targets Even Computer-Less.  Among the RIAA's recent targets is retiree Ernest Brenot, 79, of Ridgefield, Wash., who wrote in a handwritten note to a federal judge that he does not own a computer nor can he operate one.  Read More

· Marriage changes everything, Tiger.  All the No. 1 golf wannabes just saw a light at the end of the Tiger domination tunnel. If they can't slow him down, they're hoping that his hot swedish model wife-to-be can.  Read More

· Absence of Formal Charges Against Michael Jackson May Point to a Weakening of the Case.  Two weeks after the arrest of Michael Jackson on felony child molesting charges, the case against him may have hit some snags.  Read More

· Barbra Streisand Loses Court Case.  Los Angeles judge today threw out Barbra Streisand's $10 million suit against a California environmental group that posted a photo of the singer's cliffside Malibu estate on its web site.  Babs is also expected to pay the legal fees of the defendants.  Read More

· Peterson Pleads Not Guilty at Arraignment as Expected.  Wednesday's hearing, which lasted under an hour, proved victorious for the defense team on two issues: Peterson's pickup truck was ordered returned to him and he was given back $15,000 that was being held  Read More

· U.S. Arab Population Is Surging.  The Arab population in the United States has nearly doubled in the past two decades.  Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are expected to run for the U.S. Presidency on the 2008 Muslim ticket.  Read More

· PETA Billboard Depicts Virgin Mary Cradling Chicken Carcass.  A billboard in Providence, R.I., is urging people to go vegetarian with the Virgin Mary cradling a chick carcass.  Read More

· Celebrity Tongues.  From Angelina Jolie - to Anna Kournikova, there's a tongue for every occassion..  Read More

· Gwyneth Paltrow Pregnant With Boyfriend's Child.  Gwyneth Paltrow and boyfriend Chris Martin are expecting their first child next summer, her publicist said.  Read More

· Tiger disgusted at engagement hassle.  Tiger Woods blasted the owner of the South African game reserve where he proposed to Swedish model Elin Nordegren in a column on his website, saying he was disgusted at the way he was exploited.  Read More

· Government inspectors love sex stores.  There were about 4,000 complaints and inquiries related to collection agencies, but only 8 complaints regarding video stores.  Guess which industry received 1600 visits from inspectors?  Read More

· Hollywood Boulevard's Price of Fame.  Having a star on the legendary Walk of Fame isn't cheap.  The stars who want to be memorialized on the Walk must pay $15,000 before all the digging and hoopla begins.  Read More

· Nigerian diplomats forget national anthem.  At least three Nigerian diplomats in line for top ambassadorial posts failed the simple test of remembering how to sing the west African country's anthem, or reciting its pledge, parliamentary officials said.

- Fortunately, these diplomats were named to top posts at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, where they can assist in the transfer of US $25 million into your bank account via email.   Read More

· Internet sales soar over Thanksgiving weekend.  Shoppers logged onto the Internet in large numbers during an unusually early and robust start to the holiday season.  Forrester Research estimated that online sales from Thanksgiving weekend to Christmas will increase 42% over a year ago to $12.2 billion.  Read More

· Creative defense for R. Kelly?  Alleged pedophile R. Kelly is one inventive guy. The 36-year-old R&B singer is under indictment on child porn charges in Florida, and it is now alleged he will argue that some unknown conspirators digitally dropped him into the raunchy video.  Read More

· Secrets and Thighs.  A history of celebrity sex tapes, real and fake, from Joan Crawford to Paris Hilton.  Read More

· Proudly Made in USA China:  Ford to Buy $1 Billion in Car Parts.   Ford Chairman Bill Ford Jr. said the company expects to use about $1 billion in automotive parts made in China in 2004.  Read More

 November 2003 News Archives.  More...

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