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July 2003
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· Finally:  NASCAR ends donations to Jesse Jackson.  NASCAR has paid a total of $250,000 to an affiliate organization of the black advocacy group in recent years. But a person familiar with NASCAR's internal decisions confirmed that the racing organization has not paid Jackson's group any money in 2003 and doesn't plan to.  Read More

· Toddler left behind after day care field trip.  A Gary toddler was left behind at a park by his day care. Da'Trell Williams, 2, was found wandering by himself at a Highland, Ind. park about two hours after his fieldtrip had ended.  Read More

· Man facing theft charges for spending bank-account windfall.  A 50-year-old Utah man who found an extra half-million dollars in his bank account is behind bars for spending nearly half of it.  Read More

· Oops! Man rams wrong car, thinking it was his wife's.  A man repeatedly slammed his van into a car he thought belonged to his estranged wife, but the destroyed car turned out to be her neighbor's.  Read More

· Jay Leno slated for 'Queer Eye' makeover.  Major marketers are ogling placement deals on the breakout hit Queer Eye for the Straight Guy even as NBC plots an Aug. 14 special in which the show's gay fashion team will make over Jay Leno.  Read More

· Woman locked daughter in trunk during prison visit.  A woman who locked her 3-year-old daughter in the trunk of a car while she visited her husband in prison has been charged with endangerment.  Read More

· Schools chief fails must-pass test.  Superintendent of Schools Wilfredo T. Laboy, who recently put two dozen teachers on unpaid leave for failing a basic English proficiency test, has himself flunked a required literacy test three times.  Read More

· Suspected Burglar Tries to Buy Freedom.  An alleged burglar tried to buy his way out of trouble when Charles Lee caught him in his mother's home.  The man, trapped in the house about 4 a.m. Tuesday, offered Lee a $100 bill to let him go. The bill sported a picture of President Bush.  Read More

· Woods' errant shot injures fan.  "It was hard to focus on the next shot when the guy is lying there bleeding," Woods said.  Read More

· Why Anonymity is Gone For Kobe Bryant's Accuser.  After NBA star Kobe Bryant was formally charged with Class 3 felony sexual assault, it was assumed that there would be a presumption of innocence for Bryant, and an expectation of anonymity for the alleged victim.  That soon changed.  Read More

· Kobe Bryant wins male athlete honor at Teen Choice Awards.  In a rare public appearance since he was accused of rape, basketball star Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa attended the 2003 Teen Choice Awards, where he was picked as the favorite male athlete.  Read More

· Telemarketers shift to door-to-door.  Anticipating the Oct. 1 deadline when the registry takes effect, some firms are stepping up their calls. Still others are trying new - or, in the case of door-to-door salesmen, old-fashioned - ways of reaching customers.  Read More

· Malaysia building half a bridge.  The Malaysian Government has unveiled a novel solution to an ongoing dispute with Singapore over road links between the two countries.  Read More

· Kobe Bryant Called 911 Day Before Turning Himself In.  Kobe Bryant called 911 the day before he surrendered to police on a sexual assault accusation, and medics later treated a female at his home, officials said.  Read More

· Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Replaced.  Was best-selling author Tom Clancy pressured to drop his franchise character from his newest thriller because of ageism?  And is he writing his own books?  Read More

· The Greatest Mistakes of All Time.  Coca-Cola and chocolate chip cookies were mistakes - or at least unexpected delights. And yellow sticky notes were the result of a failure. Here's what happened.  Read More

· Investigator In Bryant Case Named In Racial Profiling Lawsuit.  "I think this is explosive evidence, and I am shocked that in fact the authorities in Eagle County had this individual, these people, involved in this case because again, this (shows) shades of Mark Fuhrman and the OJ Simpson case," a legal expert said.  Read More

· Lawyers argue over Bryant files.  Media attorney Chris Beall, who represents NBC, The Denver Post and the Los Angeles Times, said that after an arrest and charges are filed, there is a practice in Colorado to open those records to public access.  "That's the default position," said Beall. "The public has a right to know what its government is up to."   Read More

· "Ghoul pools" betting on celebrity deaths.  FOR MANY OF us, it was a sad day when Bob Hope died. For Mike Konczewski, it was another step toward payday.  "Bob Hope was worth six points," he said. "It would've been more, but a lot of us were expecting him to die for years."  Read More

· Web of lies and deceit surround woman accused in missing child hoax.  Wacko had previously made other crank calls, reported false fire alarms, writen bad checks, made a bomb threat and used stolen credit cards.  Read More

· Affleck to sue tabloid on lap-dance story?  An unsettled Ben Affleck is threatening to sue the National Enquirer for saying he spent a night in a lap-dancing club before heading back to fellow actor Christian Slater's Vancouver house with a host of eager strippers.  Read More

· Hormel Fights to Defend Spam Name.  Hormel Foods has a message for a Seattle software company: Stop, in the name of Spam!  The canned-meat company filed two legal challenges with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to try to stop a junk e-mail blocking software called 'SpamArrest' from using the name Spam.  Read More

· US tourists take France off menu.  The number of American visitors plunged by up to 80 per cent in the first half of 2003.  Read More

· Watergate `bagman' refutes claim that Nixon ordered break-in.  Fred Larue, one of the central characters in the Watergate scandal, disputes recent accounts that President Richard Nixon ordered the Watergate break-in.  Read More

· 'Weapons of Mass Distraction' Ad Gets OK.  An advertisement for budget airline EasyJet featuring a picture of a woman's breasts in a bikini top with a headline "Discover weapons of mass distraction" was not offensive, Britain's advertising watchdog said.  Read More

· Rolling Stones promotes tourism in Toronto.  Hundreds of thousands of revelers gathered Wednesday at a star-studded outdoor bash — aimed at showing Toronto is free of SARS and ready to rock.  Read More

· Phil Spector Case Will Be Delayed  Sheriff's detectives will not be ready to present a case against music producer Phil Spector at his scheduled court date next week, nearly six months after an actress was shot to death in his mansion, the lead investigator said.  Read More

· Sam Phillips, Music Pioneer Who Discovered Elvis, Dies at 80.  Record producer Sam Phillips, who discovered Elvis Presley and helped usher in the rock 'n' roll revolution, died Wednesday  Read More

· Liza said to be eating her sorrows away - again.  There's nothing like a stint on the sofa with a quart of double-chocolate fudge to soothe the pain of a broken heart. And who knows better than a former heavyweight, Liza Minnelli?  Read More

· Hepburn Leaves Land for Public Use.  Four acres of beachfront property near Katharine Hepburn's home will become protected land for public use, according to the late actress' will.  Read More

· Dotson says Dennehy betrayed him.  Former Baylor basketball player Carlton Dotson, charged with murder in the shooting death of teammate Patrick Dennehy, said he acted in self-defense.  A preliminary autopsy indicates he was shot several times in the head.  Read More

· New way to find chri$tianity.  Baptist Church will pay white people to attend services during August to increase the diversity of its congregation.  Bishop Fred Caldwell said he will pay $5 per hour for Sunday services and $10 an hour for the Thursday service.  Read More

· World's worst beers.  If you ever wondered, here's the fifty worst beers in the world.  Read More

· Random Security.  Random searches at airports would catch more terrorists than the current system of passenger profiling.  Read More

· Man jailed for opening plane door.  A DRUNK airline passenger who hit a flight attendant and opened the door of a packed US jet as it prepared to take off was today fined $5,000 and jailed for six months.  Read More

· Kobe Bryant, Alleged Victim Had Contact But Sex Wasn’t Consensual.  Sources said the alleged victim was in Bryant's room for less than half an hour. There was some consensual sexual activity between Bryant and his accuser, but the woman says she did not consent to intercourse.  Read More

· Rape law says you can change mind DURING sex.  Under this new Illinois law, if someone says "no" at any time - the other person must stop or it becomes rape.  (There was no word on whether this applies only to BAD lovers).  Read More

· Unusual way to announce a celebrity divorce.  James Brown decided not to wait until the onset of litigation against his wife Tomi, so he took an ad out in VarietyRead More

· If governor wins, taxpayers may reimburse him.  If Gov. Gray Davis survives the Oct. 7 recall election, the state constitution leaves open the possibility that taxpayers might have to reimburse him tens of millions of dollars for his campaign expenses, legal experts said.  Read More

· Judge Warns Against Naming the Accuser of Kobe Bryant.  The judge hearing sexual assault charges against the Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant issued an unorthodox order yesterday intended to protect the identity of Mr. Bryant's accuser.  Read More

· Having problems with your VCR Clock?  Although appearing to be a bad link - LOOK CLOSELY - as it offers several practical uses for your flashing VCR Clock.  Read More

· Tiger Woods drops Nike driver despite endorsements.  Woods, who began using a Nike driver 18 months ago, ditched it in favor of a Titleist.  Read More

· Defendant blames alcohol test on burritos; judge wants recipe.  A man accused of violating his work release by having alcohol on his breath says it was all in the burritos.  Read More

· Rob Lowe: 'West Wing' just 'wasn't for me.'  Lowe was the cast's biggest star when the series premiered in 1999, but later was eclipsed by Martin Sheen, who plays President Josiah Bartlett.  Read More

· Texas Democrats on the run again.  Eleven of 12 Democratic Texas state senators abruptly left the state Capitol this afternoon and headed for New Mexico after learning that Gov. Rick Perry was about to call a second special session on congressional redistricting.  Read More

· Child using the "F" word to principal at school.  After being disciplined, the kid then sues the school based on freedom of speech.  His parents must be so proud.  Read More

· Mark Twain:  There are lies, damn lies and statistics.  According to Twain, statistics can be misleading and sometimes deliberately distorting.  Read More

· Patrick Dennehy's Body Identified.  Medical examiners say body found near Waco Friday is that of Baylor basketball player missing since June 19.  Read More

· Kansas IS flatter than a pancake.  A recently published study by scientists say "Simply put, our results show that Kansas is considerably flatter than a pancake."  Read More

· Telemarketers Sue Over Do-Not-Call List.  Telemarketers are suing over the call-blocking service for consumers that the industry says will devastate business and cost up to two million jobs.  Read More

· Bank customer tackles robbery suspect.  Andrew Green watched helplessly as one bank robbery unfolded last month. This time, he'd had enough.  Read More

· Tax Dollars at Work:  NY City to Open High School for Gays.  The city is opening a full-fledged high school for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students - the first of its kind in the nation.  Read More

· U.C. Berkeley blasts republican students.  Among the traits attributed to conservatives are “fear and aggression”, “resistance to change”, “tolerance for inequality”, and less “integrative complexity” than their liberal counterparts.  Read More

· 'Deep Throat' - Nixon Nemesis Finally Revealed.  Attempting to solve one of America's greatest political mysteries, student investigators at the University of Illinois have concluded the true identity of 'Deep Throat' who broke the Watergate scandal wide open.  Read More

· Nixon Ordered Watergate Break-In.  Coming forward three decades after Watergate, a former top aide to President Nixon now contends that Nixon ordered the break-in that would lead to his resignation.  Read More

· Judge orders nuns to prison.  The nuns broke into a missile site to protest the U.S. nuclear arsenal.  Read More

· Bryant's accuser overdosed twice.  The woman accusing Kobe Bryant of sexual assault overdosed twice in the past five months, according to police reports and witness accounts.  Read More

· Judge Slaps Gag Order on Kobe Bryant Case.  After revelations that Kobe Bryant's accuser was hospitalized last winter for mental health reasons, a judge issued a gag order on attorneys, witness and others involved in the sexual assault case, seeking to quell rumors and reports that could affect a trial.  Read More

· Nudist selling nude kid videos.  The former president of the nudist group that sponsored a controversial summer camp for teenagers runs a business that sells videos featuring young nude girls.  Read More

· Our nosiness in Bryant case fuels frenzy.  Now all of America will know what she looks like. Her face is splashed on the front of the Globe.  Read More

· Bank robber hired limo as getaway car.  San Francisco police charge that Rick Beal used a limo as his getaway car after pulling a bank stick-up.  Read More

· Hunting Bambi paintball video was a hoax.  A promoter who offered to take men on "Hunting for Bambi" safaris in which they could hunt down naked young women with paintball guns admits that it was a hoax.  Read More

· Jerry Lewis and Marilyn Monroe?  According to Jerry Lewis, Marilyn Monroe could never have fooled around with the late President John F. Kennedy or Frank Sinatra - because she was too busy spending time with him.  Read More

· College friends question accuser.  In addition to explaining the overdose at her dorm, one college resident said the accuser bragged about her sexual encounters, including one with a celebrity look-alike while she auditioned last year in Texas for the popular TV show “American Idol.”   Read More

· Returning runaway dog nets man $10,000.  One little doggie is safely back home and the man who brought it back is a lot richer.  The man picked up the dog after two cars nearly hit her.  Read More

· Officials: Bryant Accuser Was Hospitalized.  UNC Police Chief Terry Urista said "An officer determined she was a danger to herself," he said. "It's classified as a mental health issue."  Read More

· Kobe is no idiot - Buys wife $4 million ring.  Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant gave his wife Vanessa a $4 million ring a few days after admitting that he committed adultery with a 19-year-old Colorado woman who has accused him of sexually assaulting her.  Read More

· Woman wrongly ID'd in Bryant case.  The family of an Eagle woman wrongly identified on the Internet as Kobe Bryant's alleged victim has hired an attorney, hoping to snuff the "wildfire" spread of her photo.  Read More

· Radio Talk-Show Host Names Kobe Bryant's Accuser.  Tom Leykis, host of a radio talk-show based in Los Angeles and aimed mostly at young men, began using Katelyn Faber's name on the air and told Reuters that he has no plans to stop.  "We're told that rape is violence, not sex, and if that's true there's no reason she should feel shame or embarrassment," Leykis said, adding that he felt it unfair to name Bryant but not his accuser.  Read More

· Kobe trial will make O.J. look tame.  They better start putting up tents around the Eagle County Courthouse because the circus is coming to town. If America thought the O.J. Simpson trial was the theatre of the absurd, wait until they finish watching Kobe vs. The Cheerleader. Instead of Court TV, this mess may end up on the Spice Channel.  Read More

· Kobe Bryant's defense team well-regarded, familiar with high-profile cases.  Kobe Bryant's legal dream team consists of two low-profile attorneys with a client list ranging from JonBenet Ramsey's father to retired Avalanche goalie Patrick Roy and writer Hunter S. Thompson.  Read More

· Second thoughts hit star's accuser.  The young woman who has accused basketball star Kobe Bryant of sexually assaulting her has had second thoughts about reporting the alleged crime, a close friend said.  "She just didn't think that it was going to get this big," said Brigitte Lowry, who characterized herself as a best friend of the 19-year-old Eagle woman.  Read More

· Radio Talk-Show Host Names Kobe Bryant's Accuser.  Tom Leykis, host of a radio talk-show based in Los Angeles and aimed mostly at young men, began using Katelyn Faber's name on the air and told Reuters that he has no plans to stop.  "We're told that rape is violence, not sex, and if that's true there's no reason she should feel shame or embarrassment," Leykis said, adding that he felt it unfair to name Bryant but not his accuser.  Read More

· Kobe Case:  Alleged victim ‘bragged’ about situation at party.  The 19-year-old woman who accused Kobe Bryant of sexually assaulting her attended a party just days before charges were filed against Bryant and appeared to be in a good mood and “bragging” about the incident, several teen-agers at the party told NBC News.  The party's host, Steve Evancho, said the victim described Kobe Bryant’s anatomy when asked about it at the party.  Read More

· Stars in her eyes.  The teenager who said she was assaulted by Kobe Bryant was described by friends yesterday as a celebrity chaser who had gone through a rough time in the weeks before the incident.  Read More

· Roommate of Missing Baylor Athlete Arrested, Charged With Murder.  Texas police say the prime suspect in the alleged murder of basketball player Patrick Dennehyhas confessed to killing his friend and roommate - but Carlton Dotson denies he admitted he killed his teammate and hid his body.  Read More

· Celebrity changes dynamic of the Bryant case.  Her privacy, which was nearly impossible to protect in a town of 3,000 residents and one main public high school, is gone.  Her name - first, middle and last - is on the Internet. So are her home address, her e-mail address, her phone number, her family's property records and two color photographs of her with her high school dance team and at the prom.  Read More

· Kobe's accuser recently OD'd on drugs.  The Colorado woman who has accused Kobe Bryant of sexual assault overdosed on pills and was rushed to a hospital two months before the alleged incident with Bryant, one of her close friends told the Orange County Register.  Read More

· Bryant case likely to be 'very ugly.'  Investigators for Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert's office likely will look into Bryant's sexual history, while the defense team likely will dig into the alleged victim's past.  Read More

· No anonymity for Bryant's alleged victim.  The tall 19-year-old blond had hoped her voice would be her conduit to fame.  Instead, a sexual assault accusation against basketball superstar Kobe Bryant has propelled her into the spotlight - at least in this community of 3,700 people.  Read More

· Kobe scores spin win.  Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant -- appearing vulnerable, remorseful and most of all innocent -- pleaded his case to America in what lawyers and spin doctors Saturday called a brilliantly orchestrated opening salvo in his battle against sexual assault charges.  Read More

· Tearful Kobe Bryant says he's innocent of sexual assault charge.  His voice quavering, his eyes wet with tears, Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant clutched his wife's hand tightly and declared that he did not sexually assault a 19-year-old woman at a Colorado resort.  Read More

· W. Va. County Spruces Up for Lynch's Homecoming.  Foodland can't keep its $5 Jessica Lynch T-shirts in stock. Subway is adding an extra sandwich maker for the week. And lines are already forming at this town's only gas station.  Read More

· Man's signature offends DMV.  Charles Weinstein's signature is more legible than many - it is just that it appears to be upside down.  Read More

· Cops Come Up Empty in Hoffa Search.  Authorities dug under a backyard pool in a residential neighborhood Wednesday in search of clues to the disappearance of ex-Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa but came up empty after an eight-hour search.  Read More

· Lawyer has fun when he's given ex-governor's phone number.  Fielding wrong number calls on your cell phone can be a severe annoyance ... usually.  But when the errant calls are for Illinois' embattled former governor, it can be a hoot, says a Chicago lawyer with a very unusual cell phone tale.  Read More

· Vegas 'Game' Has Men Hunting Nude Women.  A new Las Vegas game gets thrill-seekers out of the casinos and into the great wide open — to shoot naked women with paintball guns.  Read More

· Scantily-clad tourists clash with Vatican rules.  With temperatures soaring, tempers are flaring as the Vatican's dress police turn back tourists in shorts and bare shoulders trying to get into St. Peter's Basilica.  Read More

· Car Plows Into Crowded Santa Monica Farmers Market.  An elderly man drove several blocks through a crowded farmers market, killing nine people and injuring up to 45 pedestrians, 14 critically.  Read More

· Did McConaughey 'feel up' 'SNL' actress?  Matthew McConaughey is at the center of a new scandal in America after comedienne Rachel Dratch accused him of feeling her up as part of a TV comedy skit.  Read More

· Actress Sharon Stone to Appear on The Practice.  Sharon Stone will appear on three episodes of the ABC legal drama The Practice this fall.  Read More

· Cable news challenges networks for ad dollars.  Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather and Peter Jennings — the leading men of network TV news — are locked in battle with the rising stars of cable news for viewers. Behind the scenes, their shows are in an equally intense fight for ad dollars.  Read More

· Diaz in battle over topless photos.  "Charlie's Angels" babe Cameron Diaz is launching an extortion case against a photographer who took topless photos of her when she was a struggling model.  Read More

· Kobe's accuser's name released.  Albeit misspelled, the 19-year-old alleged victim's name released.  Her name is reportedly Katelyn Faber, an Eagle, Colorado resident.  Read More

· Death Becomes Them.  Kicking the bucket can be like hitting the jackpot in Hollywood — celebrities are getting fat paychecks from the grave.  Read More

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