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September 2003
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· Do your part to let the judge know how you feel about his ruling against the national telemarketing Do-Not-Call list.
(he won't mind - he apparently likes unsolicited calls).

The Honorable Lee R. West
Senior United States District Judge

Western District of Oklahoma
U.S. Courthouse
200 N.W. Fourth St. Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Rm 3001, Courtroom 303, Third Floor
Chambers Telephone: 405-609-5140
Chambers Facsimile: 405-609-5151  Read More

· Federal Court Rules Against Do-Not-Call List.  Hold the phone - the national do-not-call list could be in some legal trouble.  The Honorable Lee R. West has ruled that the Federal Trade Commission overstepped its authority when it created a national do-not-call list against telemarketers.  Read More

· Calif. enacts nation's toughest anti-spam bill.  Imposing fines of up to $1 million, the new legislation targets not only the firms that package and send spam to consumers, but also the companies whose products and services are being advertised.  Read More

· Scott Peterson Defense Team May Change.  Individuals close to Scott Peterson tell Fox News there are discussions going on about possibly diminishing the role of lead attorney Mark Geragos.  Read More

· Steroid tests rise - baseball home runs fall.   Baseball’s biggest sluggers look as if they’ve lost a little pop in their bats. For the first full season since 1993, it appears neither Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa nor any of the game’s top power hitters will reach 50 home runs.  Read More

· Airline defends 'young, pretty' policy.  Passengers want to be served by "young, demure and pretty stewardesses" a top Malaysian Airlines official said in defence of the grounding of female cabin crew aged over 40, according to a new report.  Read More

· Jen and Ben can now shoot each other.  Ben and J-Lo were seen at the courthouse together, but apparently it was for a gun license, not a marriage license.  Read More

· Iraq Meets Texas in Jessica Lynch TV Movie.  The NBC movie is based on accounts of the story found in the media and on the Pentagon report on the ambush.  Read More

· Leno Hosts the Calif. Recall Losers.  Weeks after helping Arnold Schwarzenegger launch his gubernatorial bid, late night TV host Jay Leno on Monday made good on his pledge to give equal time to California's lesser known recall candidates, turning their quest for attention into a theater of the absurd.  [Photo]  Read More

· UPDATE:  JetBlue Sued For Disclosing Passenger Info.  A group of passengers has sued JetBlue Airways Corp. for passing their personal information to a Defense Department contractor.  The suit follows JetBlue's acknowledgment last week that, in violation of its own privacy policy, it had given out information on about 5 million passengers.  Read More

· Army Admits Using JetBlue Data.  Millions of JetBlue passenger records were used in a military effort whose methods closely resemble those employed in the notorious Terrorism Information Awareness program, the Army confirmed.  Read More

· California Recall Circus Back On.  Federal appeals court reinstates California's Oct. 7 recall election, overturning ruling by three-judge panel.  Read More

· Man Charged With Soliciting Murder of Kobe's Accuser.  Prosecutors charged a Swiss bodybuilder Monday with solicitation of murder for allegedly offering to kill the woman who accused Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant of rape.  Read More

· Woman arrested for cruise ship threats sentenced to two years.  A California woman who pleaded guilty to planting notes threatening to kill Americans aboard a Hawaii-bound cruise ship, forcing the ship to be diverted, was sentenced Monday to two years in federal prison.  Read More

· Schwarzenegger Backs the Rock in Film.  In the new Hollywood action flick "The Rundown," the California gubernatorial hopeful walks by the pro-wrestling superstar's character and advises him to have fun - a symbolic passing of the action-hero torch.  Read More

· Death of Actress in Spector Case a Homicide.  The February shooting death of an actress at the home of record producer Phil Spector was ruled a homicide Monday by the coroner's office.  Read More

· High School Club for Caucasians stirs up NAACP.  Her logic was simple: If there is a Black Student Union for African Americans, a Latinos Unidos for Latin Americans and an ALOHA Club for Asian Americans, then why is there such a big problem having a Caucasian Club at her school?  Read More

· New York plans smoking ban in your own car.  Smoking even in the privacy of your own car could be banned under one of at least five state bills introduced in the past year to limit where a person can light up.  Read More

· Chicks to break with country scene.  Violinist Martie Maguire told Spiegel magazine: "We don't feel part of the country scene any longer, it can't be our home any more," adding her disappointment that other country singers didn't back them up in their criticism of George W Bush's politics on Iraq.  Read More

· Calif. Candidates to Appear on Leno.  Jay Leno's jokes about the California recall are sure to get huge laughs on his "Tonight Show" Monday, when he'll be joined by 90 candidates.  Read More

· Shark doesn't ignore idiot practicing yoga.  A 350lb bull shark attacked a man convinced yoga would protect him from one of nature's most dangerous predators. The shark's razor-sharp teeth tore a chunk out of the idiot's leg as he stood in waters off a Bahamian beach that had been heavily baited with fish parts.  Read More

· JetBlue Announces New Services - Snitch for the Pentagon.  JetBlue Airways has apologized for disclosing 5 million of its passenger records to a Pentagon contractor, raising fears among privacy advocates that the incident may be linked to a controversial passenger-screening system the government plans to launch next summer.  Read More

· Peterson talked of a kidnap, witness.  A Fresno County Jail inmate under a polygraph test, says accused murderer Scott Peterson broached the idea of kidnapping his wife while meeting with two members of a neo-Nazi gang about a month before a pregnant Laci Peterson disappeared.  Read More

· Police conclude Spector shot actress.  Police investigating the death of actress Lana Clarkson say they have concluded that legendary record producer Phil Spector was responsible for her shooting. They have submitted their findings to prosecutors.  Read More

· Man Arrested for Allegedly Plotting to Murder Kobe's Accuser.  Authorities arrested a Swiss bodybuilding coach they said made a $3 million offer to kill the woman who has accused Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant of sexual assault.  Read More

· Students wear garbage bags after breaking dress code.  When two sixth-graders showed up to the Bronx Preparatory Charter School wearing jeans instead of their uniforms, Principal Marina Bernard Damiba created makeshift skirts out of garbage bags and made the two wear them to class.  Read More

· Bill Gates is still the richest American.  Microsoft's Bill Gates personified the trend toward increasing wealth, adding a respectable $3 billion to last year's $43 billion.  Read More

· Waitress returns $2,000 to tourist.  When Haley Cassidy found an envelope on the floor at a Hannibal restaurant, she didn't think much of it - until she looked inside and found $2,000 in cash.  Read More

· Driver's test goes bad.  The 81-year-old has failed her driver’s test five times in the past. During the sixth time yesterday, while backing out of a handicap parking spot with the driver's examiner, the woman went a few yards too far and went over a steep embankment into the McIntyre River.  [how 'bout a 3-strikes law?]   Read More

· Blaine's Stunt Prompts Anti-U.S. Displays in Britain.  If there's no such thing as bad publicity, then magician David Blaine's stunt of starving himself in a clear plastic box in London has been a smashing success.  Read More

· REAL LOSER:  Man Fails in Uncontested School Board Race.  Carl Miner of Blytheville, Arkansas has gotten a very important lesson on why voters should go to the polls.  Miner was on Tuesday's ballot, unopposed for a school board seat in south Mississippi County.  No one voted for him - not even the candidate himself!  Read More

· Pastor arrested crossing border with girl in car trunk.  An Illinois youth pastor faces sex and pornography charges after customs agents found a 16-year-old girl in the trunk of his car as he tried to cross into Canada.  Read More

· How to get away with a hit and run, and a DUI charge...
Be Rutgers president.
  Rutgers President Richard L. McCormick's eyes were "extremely glassy," "a strong odor of alcohol" was on his breath and he was "unstable when he walked and stood," according to the Rutgers' police report, which was released by university officials.  No charges were filed.  Read More

· AT&T CEO knows the frustrations of having a cellphone.  AT&T CEO Dave Dorman says "I can't use AT&T Wireless at home without going and standing on the driveway, which at times can be inconvenient."  Read More

· Government spends $53 million to promote new $20 bill you'll use anyway.  The Department of the Treasury will spend $53 million over the next five years on a public relations campaign to market the new money, and it has signed up a few of Hollywood's leading image makers to do the job.  Read More

· Another Woman Sues A Former UW Football Player.  Attornies for the alleged victims say the university knew or should have known the player was a danger because "student athletes commit a disproportionate number of sexual assaults on university campuses."  Read More

· McDonalds Tests Adult Happy Meals.  Instead of a burger and a toy, it will include a salad, an exercise booklet and a small pedometer to encourage people to walk more to maintain good health.  Read More

· Show stays, will kill off Ritter character.  ABC's "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter" will continue despite star John Ritter's death and will show the TV family coping with his character's loss, the network said Tuesday.  Read More

· AOL to be dropped from corporate name.  Media conglomerate AOL Time Warner plans to drop "AOL" from its corporate name thursday.  Read More

· Cops Raid Wrong Home, Taser Man.  County sheriff's deputies seeking a person on outstanding warrants broke down the door to the wrong home and then jolted a man with a Taser in front of his wife and child.  Read More

· Man prepares for hurricane; burns house down.  A man preparing for Hurricane Isabel burned down his home when the electrical generator he was testing malfunctioned and caught fire, sending flames and gutting his one-story home.  Read More

· Slot machine cheat bilked casinos with ingenious gadgets.  Authorities have anointed him one of the best, a master inventor who conspired with an elite group of thieves to steal millions from casino slot machines.  Read More

· Playboy wants Wal-Mart women.  If you're a female cashier or a corporate officer at Wal-Mart, age 18 and over, and not afraid to shed your inhibitions in front of the camera, Playboy wants you.  Read More

· ABC wins interview with Jessica Lynch.  ABC News' Diane Sawyer was chosen Monday for the first television news interview with Jessica Lynch, considered the year's most highly sought-after broadcast "get."  Read More

· HP execs get reward for red ink.  What does a company bleeding red ink in the cutthroat PC industry do with spare cash that it nets from laying off its employees and outsourcing the jobs to India?  Buy TWO $30 million Gulfstream V private jets, of course.  Read More

· Groundswell of sympathy for starving illusionist.  Yesterday was Blaine's ninth day of self-imposed starvation, an experiment he is calling his toughest endurance feat yet. He has 35 days to go until he can leave his Perspex cell where he has only a diary, some Wet-Ones and an endless supply of water to entertain him.  Read More

· World's smallest dictionary.  ONE of the world's smallest dictionaries has returned to its Australian makers more than 110 years after it was printed.  The Smallest English Dictionary in the World measures about 1" in length.  Read More

· Appeals Court Postpones Oct. 7 Calif. Recall Vote.  The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled that the vote can't proceed as scheduled - because some of the votes would be cast using outdated punch-card ballot machines.  Read More

· MIT Students Break the Bank in Las Vegas.  In Las Vegas, the house always wins — unless you're a math whiz from MIT.  The students realized that blackjack was the only beatable game in casino gambling — and beat it they did. By the 1990s, the team — whose membership rotated over the years — was making regular trips to Las Vegas and winning $millionsRead More

· BenLo are NoMore.  They said it wouldn't last - and it didn't.  Tinseltown's most overexposed twosome, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, have split up on what was to have been their star-studded wedding day in Santa Barbara, People magazine reports.  Read More

· 12 Injured In Fight For $10K Launched Into Mall Crowd.  Twelve people were injured at a shopping mall as hundreds jostled and fought over almost $10,000 being launched into the air by a real estate investor.  Read More

· Oldest Williams sister fatally shot in L.A. ghetto.  Yetunde Price, the eldest sister and personal assistant to tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, was fatally shot early Sunday, a publicist for Serena Williams told CNN.  Read More

· Taco Bell Dog Bill Hiked By $11.8M.  A federal judge has ordered Taco Bell to pay an extra $11.8 million in interest to two men who claim the chain stole their idea for an ad campaign featuring a talking Chihuahua.  Read More

· George Harrison's guitar auctioned for $434,750.  A guitar belonging to late George Harrison during the Beatles' last public performance was sold for $434,750 in a public auction.  Read More

· Brain beats all computers.  Forecasters who predicted that computers are poised to become more powerful than the human brain have got it hopelessly wrong.  Read More

· TV's new $1 billion give-a-way.  A monkey could give away $1 billion dollars, in a live, two-hour broadcast originating from Orlando, Fla., with Drew Carey as host.  Kendall the chimpanzee stars as "Mr. Moneybags" in the WB's "Pepsi Play For A Billion."  Read More

· John Ritter Inspired Colleagues, Friends.  John Ritter, the sitcom star who died suddenly of an undetected heart problem, is being remembered by colleagues as an inspiration for his ability to coax big laughs out of pratfalls and punchlines.  Read More

· Ahnold happy... California Man Arrested in Hummer Arson Case.  Federal agents arrested a 25-year-old member of a co-op dedicated to peace and environmentalism in connection with arson fires and vandalism that did $1 million in damage to a Hummer dealership.  Read More

· Police issue surveillance shot of bank customer.  Charleston police hoped a surveillance camera photo would help investigators catch a man who robbed a Wachovia bank branch in June. The problem was that the photo they released was of a customer, not the robber.  Read More

· Better AIDS Treatment Boosts Risky Sex.  Advances in the treatment of AIDS are contributing to higher levels of unsafe sex among intravenous drug users in Baltimore, with many users reporting they've "grown tired of engaging in safer sex."  Read More

· DJ, music networks offer to pay girl's settlement.  Several Internet music services and a disc jockey have offered to reimburse a New York woman who paid $2,000 to settle charges that her 12-year-old daughter illegally copied music online.  Read More

· Homeowner faces foreclosure for flying U.S. flag.  Defiant flag flier George Andres once again is facing the prospect of losing his Jupiter home after a Palm Beach County judge ruled Wednesday that his homeowners association could go forward with a foreclosure sale next month to collect legal fees.  Read More

· Actor John Ritter Dies at Age 54.  John Ritter, whose portrayal of the bumbling but lovable Jack Tripper helped make the madcap comedy series "Three's Company" a smash hit in the 1970s, has died, his publicist and longtime assistant said Friday. He was 54.  Read More

· Country Music Legend Johnny Cash Dies at 71.  Johnny Cash, the gravel-voiced icon of American music known worldwide as "The Man in Black," has died at the age of 71.  Read More

· Woman files ‘peep show’ lawsuit against Abercrombie and Fitch.  A 20-year-old Midland woman has filed a civil lawsuit against Abercrombie and Fitch, saying a manager and employee of the store took pictures of her while she changed in a dressing room.  Read More

· Lopez puts marriage on hold after visit to her 'mystic adviser.'  A visit to her spiritual guide could have prompted Lopez's last minute postponement of her third trip down the aisle.  Read More

· Bail in Diaz Photo Case Set at $250,000.  A photographer accused of trying to extort $3.3 million from Cameron Diaz for pictures taken before she became famous must stay jailed or pay a high bail amount.  Read More

· Brad Pitt's 'Troy' May Need Horseload of Cash.  "Troy," the gazillion-dollar epic which stars Brad Pitt as Achilles, the original heel, needs a Trojan horse full of investors.  Read More

· Disney tourist wins $668,000 for hot coffee spilled in lap.  A tourist from South Florida who had a pot of 180-degree coffee spilled into his lap while at a Disney character breakfast has been awarded $668,000 by an Orange County jury.  Read More

· Chong's Bongs Get Him Sentenced to Nine Months in Prison.  Tommy Chong, who played one half of the dope-smoking duo in the Cheech and Chong movies, was sentenced to nine months in federal prison and fined $20,000 Thursday for selling bongs and other drug paraphernalia over the Internet.  Read More

· Amy Fisher ties the knot.  Somebody has made an honest woman of the Long Island Lolita.  Amy Fisher - who gained fame as a teenager for shooting the wife of her older lover, Joey Buttafuoco - has tied the knot.  Read More

· Lawyers defend one-third cut of $85M.  Attorneys in the Catholic Church sexual abuse settlement yesterday defended their one-third share of the $85 million accord, saying "we certainly didn't make money on it."  Read More

· Chance to buy a bit of Concorde.  Concorde fans with as little as US $22 to spend may be able to snap up a piece of history in Paris next month.  Read More

· Prosecutor's expose alleged victim in Kobe case.  Prosecutors prepping for a preliminary hearing in the Kobe Bryant rape case plan to present a videotaped interview with the alleged victim and photographs of the 19-year-old woman's injuries.  Read More

· Schwarzenegger Takes Campaign to 'Oprah.'  Arnold Schwarzenegger, who announced his campaign for governor on Jay Leno's "Tonight" show, is getting more national air time courtesy of Oprah Winfrey.  Read More

· Scary:  Customs Fails to Detect Depleted Uranium — Again.  For a second year, U.S. government screeners have failed to detect a shipment of depleted uranium in a container sent by ABCNEWS from overseas as part of a test of security at American ports.  Read More

· Challenge leads to teen's deadly brain injury.  A teenager who challenged a schoolmate to hit him in the head with a skateboard died Wednesday after being removed from life-support.  Read More

· Man hit by train charged with DUI.  A 48-year-old Smyrna man was charged Tuesday with driving under the influence after police said he drove his lawn tractor across railroad tracks and was hit by a 21-car freight train.  Read More

· Surprise Lopez wedding postponed.  AS CELEBRITY REPORTERS from around the globe prepared to trek to the Santa Barbara area this weekend to stake out the ceremony, word trickled down Wednesday that Ben and J.Lo — a romantic phenomenon the gossip columnists have dubbed “Bennifer” — have decided to delay the event.  Read More

· Black Hole Strikes Deepest Musical Note Ever.  Astronomers have detected the deepest note ever generated in the cosmos, a B-flat flying through space like a ripple on an invisible pond. No human will actually hear the note, because it is 57 octaves below the keys in the middle of a piano.  Read More

· Music industry hails $2,000 win over child.  Mitch Bainwol, the RIAA's chairman and chief executive officer, heralded Brianna's settlement as "the first of [Monday's] announced lawsuits" and added that "this case illustrates parents' need to be aware of what their children are doing on their computers."  Read More

· Don't bother Cameron Diaz for an autograph!  The 31-year-old star of the Charlie's Angels films:  "She might be an Angel for Charlie, but Cameron is nothing short of a witch ... when it comes to signing autographs."  Read More

· Workers drop $239 million satellite.  A nearly completed, $239 million weather satellite toppled to the floor as it was being moved at a Lockheed Martin plant and was seriously damaged.  Read More

· Live grenade found in NY.  Police and emergency crews were called to the scene when a live grenade was found Tuesday afternoon in Colonie. David Rubino was trimming some bushes in his neighbor's backyard off Van Buren Avenue when he found the device.  Read More

· One man cleared in pizza man case.  Investigators have questioned and cleared one man seen acting suspiciously on the day that a pizza deliveryman died in a bomb blast after robbing a bank but are continuing to seek a second person, it was reported Wednesday.  Read More

· Payment as phony as, well, a $200 bill.  Police are searching for a man who paid for $150 in groceries at a Food Lion grocery store with a $200 bill. The man walked out of the store with his groceries and $50 in change before the fake bill was discovered.  Read More

· Girl, 12, Settles Piracy Suit for $2,000.  A 12-year-old girl in New York who was among the first to be sued by the record industry for sharing music over the Internet is off the hook after her mother agreed to pay $2,000 to settle the lawsuit, apologizing and admitting that her daughter's actions violated U.S. copyright laws.  Read More

· Man charged with offering woman tires for sex.  An employee of a tire dealership in Athens has been arrested on charges that he offered tires to a woman in exchange for sex.  Read More

· CDC-Funded Sex Ed Programs Draw Fire.  Taxpayer funds are being used for school sexuality education programs that target children as young as 9 years old with lessons on masturbation, condom use and homosexuality.  Read More

· J-Lo and Ben have a cheating clause.  JENNIFER Lopez has insisted on a "no-cheating" prenuptial agreement with fiance Ben Affleck after he spent a night with strippers.  Read More

· Christina upset that Britney is trying to be a bigger slut than she is.  Raunchy singer Christina Aguilera has angrily confronted pop princess Britney Spears over their controversial kisses with Madonna.  Read More

· Spoke too soon:  Dixie Chicks pick on Schwarzenegger.  Emily Robison, currently touring Europe with the rest of the band, has now said: "He is a great film star. But I find his idea to run for governor absolutely insane."  She told German paper Abendzeitung: "America should be governed by people who have a clue."  Read More

· (Yesterday)  Dixie Chicks sing for a change.  Instead of Natalie Maines using her big mouth to slam the President, the Chick's latest European tour seems to be focused on their music instead of political rhetoric.  Read More

· Kobe's alleged victim subpoenaed for hearing.  Prosecutors plan a counterstrike against Kobe Bryant's attorneys, who are trying to force the basketball star's alleged sexual assault victim to testify at his preliminary hearing Oct. 9.  Read More

· 12 year-old girl among 261 sued by record industry.  A shy Manhattan schoolgirl who gets a kick out of nursery songs and TV themes was among 261 people sued yesterday for downloading music from the Internet.  Read More

· Magician David Blaine pelted with eggs.  Everybody's favorite magician is being treated like a human piñata as he hangs suspended over the Thames in a Plexiglas coffin for what he says will be 44 days without food.  Read More

· FBI: Pizza man probably not alone.  The FBI said Monday the pizza deliveryman who robbed an Erie, Pa., bank with a bomb locked around his neck probably was not acting alone - but it was unclear whether he was involved in the plot or was its victim.  Read More

· No cameras in court for Bryant's prelim.  There will be no cameras in the courtroom for Kobe Bryant's preliminary hearing, an Eagle County Court judge ruled Monday.  Read More

· Mark Wahlberg Becomes Dad on Same Day Sister Dies.  Actor Mark Wahlberg and his longtime girlfriend, model Rhea Durham, became the parents of a baby girl on the same day one of his sisters died at a Boston area hospital.  Read More

· Toymaker Sues Paramount Over 'Dickie Roberts.'  Wham-O Inc.'s famous outdoor water toy, Slip 'N Slide, figures prominently in Paramount Pictures' newly released film comedy starring David Spade, but the toy maker is not amused.  Read More

· New Peach-Colored $20 Bills to Make Debut.  The new peach-hued U.S. $20 bill will be introduced at U.S. banks and businesses Oct. 9, officials plan to announce today.  Read More

· California Crowd Hostile to Schwarzenegger's Wife.  A crowd at a mall in California's capital greeted Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife Maria Shriver with hostility on Monday as she made her first solo appearance in the unpredictable gubernatorial campaign.  Read More

· Spoke too soon:  Dixie Chicks pick on Schwarzenegger.  Emily Robison, currently touring Europe with the rest of the band, has now said: "He is a great film star. But I find his idea to run for governor absolutely insane."  She told German paper Abendzeitung: "America should be governed by people who have a clue.  Read More

· Dixie Chicks sing for a change.  Instead of Natalie Maines using her big mouth to slam the President, the Chick's latest European tour seems to be focused on their music for a change.  Read More

· Child molester gets Oscar.  Roman Polanski, who won best director at the Oscars for The Pianist, has received his award - directly from Harrison Ford in France.  Read More

· Guantanamo inmates will talk for burgers.  American interrogators here have come up with a few new weapons as they try to pry loose the secrets of prisoners captured on the battlefields of Afghanistan.  "It could be cupcakes, it could be Twinkies, it could even be a McDonald's hamburger," says Warrant Officer James Kluck.  Read More

· Dope-Seeking Teens Call Cops by Mistake.  Two teens accused of searching for a marijuana dealer dialed the ultimate wrong number - they called the Mower County Sheriff's cell phone.  Read More

· Botswana holds pageant for HIV-Positive contestants.  Donning both shimmering evening gowns and traditional Botswana costumes, 14 women competed in a beauty pageant for HIV positive women.  Read More

· A little VCR Clock humor.  Did you know a typical VCR clock flashes more than 86,000 times every day — over 30 million times a year?  [Look closely, or you'll miss it!]  Read More

· Google celebrates fifth birthday.  Back then, Google had just four employees, its search system was still being refined and it was handling little more than 10,000 queries per day.  Read More

· This is the law ... hello!  Indian judges hoping to make an example of a man by jailing him for not switching off his mobile telephone in court got a rude awakening when a policeman's cellphone rang just as they were passing out the punishment.  Read More

· Lawyer: New Evidence Will Clear Skakel.  A defense lawyer for convicted killer Michael Skakel said Saturday her client will seek a new trial based on what attorneys say is new evidence they believe will clear the Kennedy cousin in the 1975 beating death of Martha Moxley.  Read More

· Rare Tape of WTC Attack Surfaces.  The only videotape known to have captured both planes slamming into the World Trade Center, and only the second image of the first strike, has surfaced days before the second anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.  Read More

· Papa John's fills soldier's unusual order: 40 pizzas to Iraq.  The company's research and development team devised special packaging to insure that the pizzas would arrive at their destination without spoilage.  Read More

· Librarians don't like doll's 'shushing.'  Librarians are up in arms over a librarian action figure that moves its index finger to its lips in a shushing fashion.  Read More

· Diff’rent Strokes Syndrome - David Spade’s Dickie Roberts Lampoons Troubled Ex-Child Stars.  Everybody talks about the so-called Diff'rent Strokes Syndrome — and certainly the kids from that show have had their problems. But how then do you explain Oscar-winning director Ron Howard?  Read More

· Fla. Telemarketer Sued for Violating 'Do Not Call' List.  State officials have sued a Sarasota investment company and its owner for allegedly violating Florida's "Do Not Call" list, seeking penalties of up to $730,000.  Read More

· Jackass warning:  Don't stick firecrackers in dark areas.
A 26-year-old Australian man suffered a fractured pelvis and severe burns when a firecracker exploded between the cheeks of his buttocks.  Read More

· Lance Armstrong, Wife to Divorce.  Five-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and his wife have separated and are working on divorce settlement.  Read More

· IRS workers poor on tax law advice.  IRS employees at tax help centers gave correct answers to just 57 percent of tax law questions asked by Treasury Department investigators posing as taxpayers.  Read More

· Ronald's Happy:  Judge Throws Out Obesity Suit Against McDonalds.  A federal judge on Thursday threw out a revised lawsuit against McDonald's Corp . that accused the fast food restaurant of using misleading advertising to lure children into eating unhealthy foods that make them fat.  Read More

· Deliveryman had walking cane-gun.  A cane-shaped device capable of firing like a gun was found in the possession of a Pennsylvania pizza deliveryman who was killed by a bomb clamped around his neck, a source confirmed  Read More

· Chicago's finest.  Chicago police Detective Janice R. Govern was walking into a Dominick's store to buy some water when two people warned her about a robbery inside.

But all she did was tell a security guard in the store and motion for someone to call 911 - then continued shopping, police investigators say. When officers showed up, she was still standing in the check-out line.  Read More

· 7-Foot Python Gets Loose In UPS Truck.  A 7-foot python that was improperly shipped to New Jersey on a UPS truck escaped from its box Wednesday and slithered around the vehicle before it was captured, officials said.  Read More

· 'Girls Gone Wild' Filmed at Least 35 Minors in Florida.  The "Girls Gone Wild" staff filmed at least 35 girls exposing themselves during spring break in the Panama City Beach area, prosecutors said.  Read More

· Global Rich List: Where Do You Rank?  Just when you started feeling down and out, you may find that you are actually one of the top 10% of the richest people in the world!  Read More

· New California Governor's mansion may be a teepee.
Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, the only prominent Democrat running to replace Gov. Gray Davis in the recall election, nearly doubled his war chest Tuesday with a controversial $2 million pledge from a powerful Indian tribe flush with casino profits.  Read More

amphibious carThe amphibious Aquada
is part speedboat, part car.

The $385,000 car was designed to reach speeds of 100 mph on land, it can switch to cruising on water within seconds.  Read More

· Ever wonder how much a cloud weighs?  About 100 Elephants.  "The water in a small cumulus cloud weighs about 550 tons," the scientist said. Or if you want to convert it to something that might be a little more meaningful, "about 100 elephants."   Read More

· Will Scientology Celebs Sign 'Spiritual' Contract?  The wording of the agreement is shocking, to say the least.  If a member of the church becomes what we might call "mentally incompetent," he automatically agrees to be placed in the care of Scientology counselors, potentially barring family, friends or anyone else from interceding, including doctors and psychiatrists.  Read More

· Stripes are back in style in U.S. jails.  Striped jail uniforms are becoming more common because authorities think solid orange uniforms are too easily confused with clothes worn by trendy teens or highway and electrical workers.  Read More

· Diaz Breaks Nose in Surfing Accident.  $40 million woman, Cameron Diaz said she broke her nose Saturday - her 31st birthday - during a surfing mishap off Waikiki Beach.  Read More

· Born in U.S.A.? Not in Miami.  Florida's Miami-Dade county is the only county in the country where more than half the residents are foreign-born, according to a U.S. Census Bureau survey released today.  Read More

· Paper Apologizes for Spears-Madonna Photo.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution apologized to readers Monday for using a picture of Britney Spears kissing Madonna on the front page.  Read More

· Johnny Depp Says U.S. Is Like a Stupid Puppy.  Hollywood star Johnny Depp said on Wednesday the United States was a stupid, aggressive puppy and he would not live there until the political climate changed.  Read More

· Jessica Lynch's $1 million Story - Too thin to read?  The new book, "I Am a Soldier, Too: The Jessica Lynch Story," is due on bookstore shelves by mid-November, but many are expecting a pretty thin book if the Pentagon's version of Jessica's capture - and her resulting amnesia - is to be believed.  Read More

· Bryant's Lawyers Ask for Accuser's Medical Records.  Kobe Bryant's lawyers have subpoenaed a Colorado hospital to see his accuser's medical records - the first indication they might make her mental health an issue if the sexual assault case against the basketball star goes to trial.  Read More

· TV's New 'Whoopi' Takes on Race, Terror and Bush.  Whoopi Goldberg's new NBC sitcom features an Iranian immigrant unhinged by terror alerts, a conservative black lawyer with a hip-hop-talking white girlfriend and jokes about President Bush mispronouncing "nuclear."  Read More

· Student claims moving violation: College kid says she was locked in van.  The brouhaha started when the movers pulled up to her new apartment yesterday morning, with their truck full of her furniture, and demanded $600 before they would unload it - $150 more than the written contract they had agreed to.  Read More

· Prosecutors to use DNA against Peterson in delayed preliminary hearing.  Prosecutors plan to use DNA to link Scott Peterson to the murder of his wife and unborn son, but they will have to wait seven more weeks to do so.  Read More

· Peterson Preliminary Hearing Delayed.  The Scott Peterson preliminary hearing has been delayed almost six weeks until Oct. 20 to give the defense more time to review evidence.  Read More

· Feud Erupts Over Laci Peterson's Funeral.  In an exchange of emails, the mother of Scott Peterson - who is accused of killing his wife and unborn child - begged Laci Peterson's mother to delay the funeral of her daughter-in-law and unborn grandchild. Those pleas were ignored, igniting a bitter dispute between the two families.

Jackie Peterson wrote: "We are writing with an appeal to your heart... we ask you to postpone the service until such times Scott is exonerated and we all join together as a family to mourn your daughter, Scott's wife, our and yours grandson and Scott's son who has been taken from all of us so cruelly."   Read More

· Horses can't dance!  Some idiot decided to ride his horse through an area where people were dancing.  In the congestion, the horse stepped on a woman's leg - breaking her ankle - and people near her responded by striking the man and pulling him off the horse, police said.  It just kept getting worse from there, said Police Chief Donald Shaw. "It just turned into a melee."  Read More

· Stars Rewarded for Behaving Badly.  When most people skip work too often, they have their pay docked, or worse, get fired. But in Tinseltown, actors can get richer off ditching work.  Read More

· Iowa Student Faces Federal Court Hearing for Allegedly Threatening Kobe's Accuser.  A college student arrested on a charge of threatening Kobe Bryant's accuser is a "sports fanatic" who had been drinking all day at a golf tournament, a friend says.  Read More

· Panel Gives Pierce Brosnan Rights to Domain Name.  James Bond star Pierce Brosnan has won control of the Internet name in a ruling by a United Nations panel.  Read More

· Hollywood Celebrities Keep Mum on California Recall.  Celebrities, even those who normally aren't shy about speaking out when it comes to politics, have so far kept quiet about the highest-profile movie star to enter a California governor's race since Ronald Reagan.  Read More

· Action Star Charles Bronson Dies at 81.  Charles Bronson, the Pennsylvania coal miner who drifted into films as a villain and became a hard-faced action star, notably in the popular "Death Wish" vengeance movies, has died.  Read More

· The Toyota that can park itself.  A car that can park itself without the driver having to touch the steering wheel, said by maker Toyota to be a world first, has gone on sale.  Read More

· Investigators Probe Bizarre Bomb Death of Pizza Deliveryman.  A pizza deliveryman told police he had been forced to rob a bank and asked authorities to help him minutes before a bomb strapped to his chest exploded and killed him.  Read More

· Co-worker of Pa. bank robber found dead.  A friend and co-worker of a pizza deliveryman who robbed a bank then died when a bomb strapped to his body exploded was found dead at his home Sunday.  Read More

· Capitol Dome May Be Home to Hookers.  The Capitol Dome is the grandest feature of the Washington, D.C., skyline, and beneath that dome lies an awe-inspiring work of art called "The Apotheosis of George Washington".  Read More

· NASA Plans Light Craft for Space Travel.  In just five years, astronauts may journey to the International Space Station in a stripped-down four-seater instead of the mammoth — and aging — space shuttle. In effect, NASA hopes to commute to orbit in a sleek sedan instead of an 18-wheeler.  Read More

· Undergarments fly during Tom Jones concert.  Tom Jones’ fans are still throwing their bras and panties, but their arms aren’t quite what they used to be.  Read More

· Pittsburgh Steelers' All-Pro Linebacker Shot Outside Bar.  Gunfire outside a bar after a college football game left one man dead and wounded five other people - including Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter.  Read More

· Ouch!  Driver racks up 2 DWI charges in single night.  A Raleigh man was arrested twice Friday morning on charges of drunken driving - once after an accident and again three hours later after returning to his car and driving it away from where it was parked.  Read More

· Laci Peterson, Son Laid to Rest.  About 250 people gathered on a sunny Friday afternoon for the private ceremony at Burwood Cemetery in Escalon, Calif.  Read More

· Probe into Diana's death set to finally start.  Hearings will be held in Britain into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, it was revealed on Friday, six years after a car crash killed the couple in Paris.  Read More

· Hacker Suspect Bragged of Exploits.  Jason Lee Parson, the 18-year-old Minnesotan who was arrested Friday in connection with the Blaster worm, bragged of his exploits on his own Web site.  Read More

· FBI agent pays fine in hotel shooting.  An FBI agent who fired two rounds into a walk-in cooler at a Strip hotel in May has paid the Barbary Coast $12,517 for the damage and paid a $105 fine after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge, authorities said.  Read More

· Fast food customer dials 9-1-1 over condiment charge.  Lula Brown spent almost $10 on food and I wanted some BBQ sauce. When she was told she would have to pay extra for it - she called the police.  Read More

· Fed burglar causes no trouble.  A level-headed 81-year-old woman surprised a burglar entering through her bathroom window. Two hours later the intruder left well-fed and could later be picked up by police.  Read More

· Laci's Baby Was Born, Then Slain.  Disturbing new evidence in the Laci Peterson murder case suggests she gave birth to son Conner — who was alive before he was killed and his body trussed in a plastic bag, it was reported.  Read More

· Video Music Awards Celebrate 20 Years of Trash.  Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera writhed on stage wearing bridal veils and singing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” as a tribute to the past at the 20th annual MTV Video Music Awards, Thursday.  Read More

· Cameron Diaz Named Highest-Paid Actress in Hollywood.  Cameron Diaz has been named the highest-paid actress in Hollywood - raking in an astounding $41 million in the year 2001 alone.  Read More

· "Neighbor from hell" goes to court as hate crime.  Steve Hallock has called the police and code enforcement officers dozens of times complaining about such things as his neighbor's wind chimes being too loud and her failing to pick up her dog's droppings.  Read More

· Tanning operator arrested in secret videotaping.  A man accused of secretly videotaping women in a Scottsdale tanning salon was arrested Wednesday in Las Vegas on a tip.  Read More

· Dead man walking was live man faking.  A man who missed a court hearing in Washington County appeared to have a good excuse — until authorities realized his obituary was a fake.  Read More

· Police dog captures suspect for 4th time.  Don't try telling William Allan Repp Jr. that a dog is man's best friend. He's been sniffed out four times by the same cop canine.  Read More

· Gas costs bank $100,000.   Flatulence started a staff conflict that ended up costing the Swedish national bank USD $100,000 in compensation.  Read More

· MTV Awards - Another excuse to get dressed up.  The entertainment world is overwhelmed with awards shows. There are the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and Tonys; the People's Choice Awards, American Music Awards and the Golden Globes; the ESPYs, Razzies and Doozies.   Read More

· Airline Settles With Wellstone Crash Victims' Families.  Family members of the late Sen. Paul Wellstone and five other passengers killed in an October plane crash have reached a $25 million insurance settlement with the air charter company that operated the flight.  Read More

 August 2003 News Archives.  More...

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