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World's Largest Digital Photo

A Staggering 2.5 GigaPixels!

By Jake Easton
R A D O K   N E W S
Posted: December 2, 2004 11:40am EST
Updated: December 15, 2006 6:18am EST

A Netherlands company has produced the largest digital panoramic photo in the world. So, what do we mean by large? After all, modern consumer cameras can easily take a picture with 5 million pixels. Well, we are talking about a photo of completely different dimensions. One with 2.5 billion pixels - that's 500 times more pixels than most of the best consumer cameras on the market today.

If the photo (below) were printed, it would measure 22 feet by 9 feet (300 dpi).

The Worlds Largest Digital Photograph

Take The Challenge

If you have some time on your hands (and we mean a lot of it!), we have located two girls that are standing somewhere in this massive photograph.  Using the powerful zoom control, look for the girls (photo below left), using the zoom and direction control as outlined in the image (below right).

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Click Here to Find The Girls!
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Technical details

Facts and figures about the gigapixel image:

· Number of pixels in final image: 2,487,227,305 (2.5 gigapixel)
· Final image file format: 24-bit colour bitmap
· Final image file size: 7.5 GBytes
· Number of source images: 600
· Number of pixels in source images: 3,537,408,000 (600 images * 3008*1960)
· Lens focal length: 400 mm (equivalent to 600 mm on a 35 mm camera)
· Aperture: F22, Shutter speed: 1/100, ISO: 125
· Horizontal field of view of final image: 93 degrees
· Time required to capture component images: 1 hour and 12 minutes
· Time required to match overlapping images: 20 hours
· Time required to optimise project: 4 hours
· Time required to compose the image: 3 full days using 5 high-end PCs
· Time required to blend seams / correct misalignments / finalize image: 2 days

Photo development by TNO Communications, The Netherlands.

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