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Food Packaging Scams

Nature Sweet's Cherubs(tm) Tomatos

Posted Saturday, September 9, 2006

While virtually every food product contains an accurate measurement of the content's weight, many of us determine the amount of a product we're buying by simply looking at the product through its packaging.

Nature Sweet has gone out of its way to fool the public on its Cherubs tomatos, as the photos show below.

Here we see very attractive packaging for some tomatos

Packaging Deception

The side view shows the contents and handy transparent lid

Packaging Deception

Packaging Deception

A solid bottom confirms no plastic injected bubble, and four holes on the bottom section's sides clearly show the tomatos fill the base - or do they?

Packaging Deception

The packaging scam starts to raise its ugly head

Packaging Deception

With the top removed, the large bubble is exposed

Packaging Deception

The bottom tray with bubble integrated in mold

Packaging Deception

Another view of the bottom that is solid, adding to the deception

Packaging Deception

With the bubble removed, 10 to 12 additional tomatos will easily fit in the container's base.

Conclusion:  Nature Sweet's Cherubs tomato packaging makes it impossible to visually determine the actual amount of tomatos in the package.

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