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The Tabloid Challenge...

Tabloid Quiz dated December 1, 2003
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Are You A News Junkie?

1. Who is Phil Spector accused of murdering?
Liane Clark
Lena Roberts
Lana Clarkson

2. What is the name of Kobe Bryant's accuser?
Kathy Hurlbert
Katelyn Faber
Kristy Philbin

3. What is the name of Laci Peterson's unborn baby?

4. What was hidden on Michael Jackson's private jet?
Video Recorder
Young Boy

5. Al Gore joined the advisory board of what kind of company?"
Home Builder
Porn Magazine
Waterless Urinal

6. What does John Travolta have at home in his garage?
Volkswagon Bug
Gun Collection
Boeing 707 Jet

7. What is Pamela Anderson likely to eat?
T-bone Steak
Chicken Leg
Lettuce Salad

8. Who will replace Tom Brokaw after he retires from NBC News?
Matt Lauer
Brian Williams
Stone Philips

9. Magician David Blain performed his starvation stunt where?
New York

10. Who is the latest to come out with a clothing line?
Scott Peterson
Gary Coleman
Smith & Wesson

11. What does Rodney Dangerfield want to do before he dies?
Write a Will
Clone Himself

12. What is Ted Nugent likely to keep under his pillow?
A Guitar Pick
A Gun
His Black Book

13. Who is Amber Frey's attorney?
Johnny Cochran
Gloria Allred
Mark Geragos

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Correct answers:

ScoreHow You Rated
100%Perfect!  You are probably following too much tabloid news.
92%Very Good!  You are pretty darn sharp!
85%Above Average!  Keep reading TabloidColumn.
77%Average.  This is the average viewer results.
69%Below Average.  You need to read a lot more TabloidColumn.
62%Poor.  Time to bookmark TabloidColumn and stay current!
54% or lessYou Flunk!  You must be living in a cave.

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